The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 05, 1920, Page 2, Image 2

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TheOntariv Argus
O. K. AIKEN. Editor and Publisher
Published Thursdays at Ontario,
Oregon, and entered at the Ontario
post offlco for distribution as 2nd
class matter.
Itll.NWMINO Till! HTItKliTH,
Ontario In to Imvo Km street ro
naincd In a systematic niannor.
Tlinro Is iniicli to lio said In favor of
tho proposal when hnlf tlio members
of tlio council themselves admit that
I liny do not know on what street they
Ontario Ih not n Inrgo city, to lie
.tiro, but It In ono of clinnKlnc, popu
lation nnil tlio convrnlrnr" of that
portion of tlio citizen Ih worthy of
roriHldnrntlon. Then, too, It will noon
lio necessary to Imvo a system of flro
nlamiH so that when tlio flro slRnnl Ih
xoumlod tho ponllloti of tlio flro will
lio known.
During tho rccont tinfortunnto fuel
epidemic tho fttol administration
learned that only n small portion of
tho citizens worn fntultlar with thdlr
street nddross, they nlinoHt uniformly
liiHtructcd tho ndmlnlstrntor by say
litf; thoy "lived two blockH from So-nnd-Ko,"
ami If Bo-and-8n wan well
known tho place mli;ht bo found
mildly, If not, tlino ntid efforts wero
needed to Kct romiltR, nnd tlmo wns
an Important element then.
An Ontario Rrows of course tho
situation will bo worse, nrguo those
who favor tho chaiiKO, and It Ih there-
foro hotter to mako tho chiiiiRo'now
whllo comparatively easy, than to
wait until It Ih oven mora OMcntlal.
Of cotirsa Htiolt ehniiRo prosupposos
t lifTt tho now system wilt bo ho slmplo
that It will ho oaHlly remembered, at
leant ho far hh Uh cardinal fvaturcH.
and with that much of n Marl It will
bo no much onnlor to locato n Klvon
Tho ArRiiH bollovos that onco tho
Idea Ih grouped thnt thin will rosult,
tho not to tho ontlro HatlHfactlou of
ovnryono, nor to tho oxcIuhIoii of all
difficulty. I'or cxamplo when wo
Imvo mall delivery sorvlco, which tho
city Ih entitled to Imvo right now,
how often will tho iltvlnloim B. W., .V.
K H. !:. or N. W. bo omitted or for
gotten, mid thiiH brine about tho con
dition imuKht to ImprovoT
Then thoro In tho nttachmnnt
which a fow havo for old names and
tho diwlro to net away from too
rlKld a doHlKnatlon an 1'lrst avenue,
Second nvonuo, etc., which nro com
'mon to ovory city nnd town, and
therefore luck novolty.
Wo don't know how greatly at
tached to tho nninim of ItlchnrilHon,
Morfltt, KIiik ami Virtue nro tho rosl
dentH of tho oily; nor do ,wo know
oxnully what ouch of thorn contrib
uted to Its material or nodal pro
lireiMi, that they hIiouM bo IIiiih hon
ored, however In nnmlni; streets for
hiii'Iijiioii or women In n memorial
that oiiKht not bo lightly thrown
Hlilo If n iiwhou for Uh ronflrmment
existed In tho first place.
Tho ArgUK Iiiih no objection of IIh
own to (ho proponed now system,
hho IIiIh, that Oregon street hIiouIiI
not ho dhiinged If Idaho Ih not. Those
street could each bo used nt tho
dividing line Kant and Wont, North
iiud Month, IIiIh nould not offect the
prnpiwod elinnun nnd would leave the
HrHttt with other than u mere nuiin'c
IchI nppellatlou.
xi:v ni:iAKTiiti: iv
Swift .V Company Ak Tlml Position
Ho Made Clear to Argus llenil.
eis Iteciignl70 Prejudice of
Public Opinion.
It npiipim thnt tho editorial wan
CHICAro, January IS.HKilltor
Tho Argun, Ontario, Oregon. Pom
Mr: In a recent Issuo of your pnpsr
editorial eommont was uiado on the
recent tuxrcomont botwoen tho At
torney Uenornl of tho Unltoil Stale
and oncb of tho larger parkors, In
cluding B'.rlft ft Cajnpnny.
It appparn that tho odllorlnl wan
written on Information contained In
WnBhltiKton dispatcher and without
tnklng Jnto nrcount tho HtntetuonlH
made by both pnrtlo to tho ngreo-
Tho matter agreed upon represent
a now doparturo In cooporntlon be
tween corpornto Industry and tho
government. Ah It Ih a slncoro do
Hlro on tho part of tho paekorH to nld
In directing public thought to whole
hearted conBldcrntlon of constructlvo
efforts In rendJUHtmcnt to normnl
condltloiiH, tho ngreoment dosorvo
unprojudlccd nnnlyHln and consldorn-tlon.
A fow editor rofor to thin njjrco-
mont ns a "Hiirrcndor" on tho part
of tho pnekorn, nnd Intlmnto that tho
latter mut hnvo boon guilty or they
would not hnvo rompromlHod. Swift
& Company entered tltln ngreoment,
not heonuHo of any fear of nn nil
vorso decision In tho courts, for
thoro linn boon no vlolntlon of tho
law, but becnttHO wo renllod that a
docp-rnotcd fear had boon dovoloped
I in tho public mind ngalnnt ono or
ganization' or small group' hand
ling mnny lino of competing food
product; and, wo realized that oven
If wo worn acquitted by tho court
nftor n long and costly proceeding,
till fnvorablo declHlon would do lit
tle to counteract this prejudlco nnd
blind fear In tho public mind.
Tho follorhi statement, Issued
on I)ocomher 20th by Mr. I,. R
Swift, presldont of Swift k Company,
cltnrly stntos tho motlvi that actuat
ed Swift & Company to beconiV a
party to tho ngreement:
"Ourlng tho next fow ila the
nowspnpors will, through ctllJorlnt
ctprosslon, Interpret for tholr read
er tho Hlgnlflcniico, both uh to enuso
and oflecl, or tho recently nnnoi.niid
ngrenient between tho attorney en
rul Atid tho packing concern.
"I lopo that a Btntoment of our
motive In onterlng HiIh ngreoment
will bo of Intnrost to you.
"Although It I truo that wo hnvo
ngreod to sell our Inlorosts In Mock
ynrds, I want to emphatically nssort
that our principal reason for being
Interested In Htnck yard ha been to
Improve tho facilities for tho proper
mnrkotlng nnd handling of live stock,
and that ownership In Hitch ynrds
hn not been uhci! it n mcniiH of
manipulating prlcoH, or obtaining un
fair profit. I havo publicly nn
nounccd that wo Hhould bo willing to
part with our Interests In stock
I ynrds If arrangements could bo mnib
to continue their efficient operation.
"Ah for our willingness to stop
handling canned good nnd n fow
othor commndltloH ordinarily sold by
wholosalo grocers, I want to cinipha
hIzo tho fnct thnt thoro havo boon
ample economic rensnns for our
handling those products, In that wo
hnvo tho distributing machinery to
got thoso goodn from producer to
consumor In most direct nnd econ
omical fashion.
"Wo bollovo that eventually tho
public would havo coma to realize
tho soundness of our position, but
been u ho of tho spirit of unrest and
iiilHundorHtnndlng wo nro glnd to
mnko miiiio sacrifices nnd enncos
hIoiih. I bollovo that It Ih Just uh
necessary to mnko hucIi sacrifices
during tho uncurtain perold of re
construction no It was during tho
"Let mo " direct attention to tho
fact that tho decreo to which wo
havo agreed to submit In no way
finds us guilty of combination In re
straint of trndo, or of any other
Illegal practlco. Under no condi
tion would I hnvo consented to hucIi
a solution If tho decreo wero to
chnrgo uh with guilt.
"For this reason, enjoining us
from combining In restraint of
trndo will In no way affect our oper
ation, because wo oro nn Indepen
dent unit In open competition with
tho othor largo packers nnd with
hundreilB of smaller ones. Tho de
creo In till respect will merely
strengthen existing laws, which wo
nro following to tho letter.
"With thoso thoughts In mind, I
trust thnt you will nppreclato tho
fnct that our position I In no way nn
admission thnt wo. havo been guilty
of anything economically, legally, or
morally wrong, nnd that wo have
mndo thl concession with tho sin-
mm linnn tbnt It Will lieltl to OW-
!cnmo tho suspicion which still lurks
In tho mliiilH of mnny people."
Your rondors, no doubt, .wlU ap
preciate getting theso fnctH from tho
column of your paper. Wo shall np
preclnto your cooperation In pre
senting thin communication to Uinm
May wo havo n marked ropy of your
Isfliio In which It npear.?
Very truly your,
Per I., I). l. Wold,
Manager Commercial Kcsenrch '
l.'Olt SAM-: Knitting mnchlno. In
quire Mrs. Kmlowi first lioitiir.
wet of Nnzarlno church. 203-7-tf
WANTKI) TO I1UY Ono good work
horse Would consldor tenia If
n bnrgnln. Thomas W. Clngott,
Ontario. 212 it
Announcing Change of
of The Fordson Tractors
Monday, February 2, the agency for the Fordson Tractor,
which was formerly with two other firms in the county,
was transferred to me. The same service will be main
tained by me on "fie Fordson Tractors as on Ford Cars.
I.lko Ilaii(Uo'n ghost, tho question
or Irrigation for Ontario's lawns
rlso to plague tho city Council, Just
when Uh shadow apparently Iiiih dls
upptHtrod for another season.
Knrh visit of tho spectre, however.
kIvom It morn form and body ho that
nro long perhaps It will form n cor
poroul shape nnd u tnnglblo bold can
bo Kraspml and tho body thrown once
for nil.
It has long boon tho position or
Uiom) who Imvo ronlly glton tho mat
tor serious thot thnt no system which
(hiiiiiqoU tho olty nnd country usora
wilt bo satisfactory to both; but tho
proposition wlilah tho Kast Sldn
ranchers mnko has merits that should
not bo passod without duo consldor
ntlon. A similar proposition, or
rather tho d I root purchase by tho pity
of tho lllvorsldo Irrigation systoni
would solve tho prnblom In that sec
tion of tho city north of Idaho
Among tho other nuggostlons mndo
for solving tho problem is tbnt which
would tun tho waste water of the
Owyhee ditch until Into In tho sum
mer whon thnt wnsto water Is low.
This was dono by tho residents In tlo
southwest section of tho olty Inst
summer successfully It Is tho cheap
est solution nnd might bo resorted to,
If no other moans can bo dovlsod.
Dut this one thing Is necessary
whatever tho solution determined
upon must bo In tho hands of tho
City Council as n taxing body with
necessary powor to enforce collection
nnd to so spread tho assessment thnt
tho vacant property In tho city limits
will bo mndo to pay Its share of tho
The Fordson lightens farm work
IT means something to lighten
the farm work these days when
help is so scarce. That is
where you will find the Fordson
a worth-while investment.
A four-cylinder engine, a spe
cially designed washer to purify the
air that goe? into the carburetor,
and a kerosene burner that's the
Fordson. '
Own One of Your Own
solved loy
Millmade Ready-Cut Homes
By ordering a mill-inndo Home you SAVE TIAfTC
unci MONEY.
Oct an absolute double constructed Home, made
of first grrnlo material throughout; Hardware, J'uint,
and all mill work furnisliod with a complete net of
A largo number of designs to select from. Al
ways glad to show you.
Call GO-W
H. L. POORMAN, Agent Ontario, Oregon.
Top Repairirig...o
We make a specialty of tins braneli of the
ford Owners....
Have your top recovered with plate glass in rear
curtain. '
Prices Reasonable
Seguine Auto Co....
Oldest Garage in Malheur County
Established 1910
, to-
1 Tho Ultimate Aim of our ' '
Be sure you have an
Oliver No. 7 Plow for your Fordson
Be sure you have the best plow to go with your
tractor, the plow that is designed for it. The Oliver
answers every requirement that you will make of your
tractor plow. It is strong and durable. Buries all
weeds at the bottom of the furrow; turns a uniform fur
row at all times; plows clear to the end of the field; k
controlled from the driver's seat on the tractor.
Come in and see it and we'll tell you many mors
Ontario, Oregon
V. B. STAPLES, Prop.
Tho Ultimate Aim of our
Establishment is to treat every
'person with equal courtesy. To
consider each detail of sufficient
importance to demand perfect
A home-like Chapel with
Modern necessities installed to
conduct services that demand
perfect attention.
Modern Chapel and Funeral
. Directors at your services
Kmbnlmer'a License Kmbalmer'a License
No. 300. No. 233.
Ontario Furniture
7 Company
I- lf (jijt i