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NO. 10.
mi:f.ting will hi: hkld at
Master of Idaho Htnlo Grange (n Dis
cus ltanehrrV Problem1 Many
lH'iil Speakr-rn (in Prngrnin Pro
giimi l''nr Wmk In Ho Adopted.
Itauclicra In tlio vicinity of Cnlro
will Join tlm procession of thoso In
tlm county who Imvo nlromly iindcr
tnkmi tliu formation of fnrm bureau.
Tlio mooting for tlio launching of tlio
Cnlro program In rcIiciIuIoiI for Bat
unlay night at tlio Urango llnll.
At tlio Cairo nicotinic tlio ranchers
will luivo tlio plonsuro of henrlng nn
o'ddress on farm problems by V, W.
,I)enl, Master ot tlio hlnlio Slnt'i
(Irnngo. Resides Mr. Dcnl tliora wilt
bo n nurnbor of local Rpcakorn to ills
cuiiM vnrlous phases of work In
which tlio rnnchorM urn Intorcstcd.
Included In tlio program, too, Is an
nddresH by V. V. Iltckox, tompornry
clnilrnian of tlio Mulliour County
Kami llurenu, who ban boon uctlvoly
Interested In tlio progroxH ot tlio
work In tlio Adrian Hcctlou wlioro ho
lived until ho recontly mavod back to
tlio boulevard, southeast of tlio city.
That tlio Cairo mooting will bo ono
largely attondod Ih cortuln, for tlioru
In to bo u blK food at tlio hall and J.
J. Kcogan, chalrniau ot that commit
tee, Ih hUHlly engaged now In pro
parliiR for tlio crowd.
At thlH mooting too thoro will bo a
IiusIuohh session at which tlm chtilr
niuii for tlio various iiectlanR of tlm
work will bo appointed.
l'ilnnoro District or Company will
Hi Uitest Irrigation Organla-
Hun Homer Utley HeniN
New Organization.
At n meeting ot ranchorH from tlio
territory Just Gust ot Ontario alone
tlio Snnko river, hold at tlio city Hall
Inst nlnlit thoru was formed tlio Fulr
mora Irrigation company or initia
tion dUtrlct, and at that tlmo It was
uvldout that many ot tlio Wilson
ditch mors will loavo that eystom.
Tlio men present havo not do
tormlucd whothor they will form tin
Irrigation district or Incorporuta as a
company. That question thoy will
tnka up with tholr attorney at onco.
What tho rancliors waut Is action,
and wuter. Thoy plan on construct
ing a pumping system and to orect
their plant on tlio slto of tlio City's
plant nnd run tholr principal lino up
tlio right-of-way of tlio city system.
Homer Utloy was electod as tem
porary head of tlio organization with
tlio following directors, John Martin,
and I). I-.' Hull. Theso men are
busily engaged now In lining up tlio
ranchers who woro not prosont at tlio
mooting and to put In ardor all the
preliminary work.
Plana and specifications for the
new system wero discussed at the
meeting last night but tlio ordor for
the pumps and plpo was jiot mado
until deflnito form of tlio organiza
tion could bo determined upon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. P. Homan enter
tained last Saturday evening at tlio
homo on what was South Virtuo
street, now the corner of Third St.
8. W. nnd Seventh avenuo S. W. Thoy
had for their guests, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Rader, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mc
Uulloch, Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Drano,
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Van Potton, Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Fortler, Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Wood and Mr. nnd Mrs. L.
Adam, Fivo hundred was played
and refreshments served.
Mrs. F. J. Clemo was 111 , for sev
eral days this week and recovered In
time to caro for Mr. Clomo, who was
111 Tuesday.
civic imphovkmfat contiost
Tho First Nntlonnl Hunk Civic
Improvement content for $80 In
gold wilt start qn March 1 In
stead ot April 1 tiB It was origin
ally Intended. This linn been
determined In order Hint tlio
full bcnefitH ot an early start
can bo Bccitrcd.
Already tltcro linn boon a
mnrked Interest In tho coming
contest nnd applications havo
been mndo for entry blanks.
Thoso who deHlro to compete for'
tho honors and for tho prlzo
should Iobo no tlmo, but make
tholr applications to Secretary
F. Lesllo Ilody at tho Commer
cial club rooms at once. No np
plications wilt bo listed nftor
March 1,
Slnco It Is a matter of Im
provement tho JuiIrch wlll.vlaw
all tlm places entered nn March
1, nnd during tlm summer as
woll oh at tho close of tho con
tost, SollRinnn'ri Photo man
will tako pIcturcH of tho entries
nnd tho progress will bo thus re
corded. IS
FolkN on letter Demi Ov, Opposite
Wolscr, (let .Into .Line .Willi
Growing Mnti'mcnt Over ('nun-
ty llnnrlierH Hnjiiy Feed.
Sponsored by tho Ladles' Progress
club, a mcotltiR of tho fnrmorn of tlio
Rlvordnlo section, opposite Wolser
on Doad Ox Flnt'wiH hold on Insi
Friday ovcnltiR. I.. I. Purcoll of Wei-
ser gnvo a very intoronting tnik in
which lm described tho fornmtlon of
tho Washington county, Idaho, Farm
Huroau and told of IIh work In Im
proving tho crops, livestock nnd noils
of tho county and of IIh value In pro
noting friendship, understanding
and knowledge, nmnuj,'. young and
old thriiout tho county.
Ml us Cushmnn, county club lender
In Washington county, gnvo u very
Interesting talk in which she describ
ed tho work o,f tho Jujilor Farm Hu
rra u In which tho bnyn nnd girls are
enrolled for tho purposo of carrying
on cnlt and pig club work, household
projects and nthor things which will
train them nnd Intorort thorn I
practical things of (ho couutr- anil
fit them for Icndorshlp.
Mr. Stono of Wolser spoko lir!."ly
of tho work of training "tlm groit.'.t
crop ot nil," tlio boys nnd girls. Ho
said that ft great mistake was mmlr
whonovor calf club work resulted In
It lolng tho boy's calf but dadV cow.
Tho ladles then nerved refresh
ments, after which tho'qiiostlon of
organization was taken up and dis
cussed, A motion to organize car
ried unanimously nftor which a com
mittee on plan of work and nomina
tions reported. After discussion '
tho proposed projects Jlio roport v us
ndoptod. The project upon win '
work will bo done mid the c .:..!.
teemon chosen follew:
Marketing, F. Orlffcn: Lheatnek
Improvement, W. 1). Patch; Soil 1.4
provemont and Irrigation, R. R
Rocord; Pent and DIsenBo Control
C. II. Spiced; Crop Improvement, S
8. Hill; Community Ilottcrmonts, R,
J. Patch.
0. a. Leuhrs has started to move
tho W. W. Roso rosldonco which lie
purchased some tlmo slnco, from Its
presont location on tlio Fast side to
his ranch on tho bill Just wost of tho
Fair Grounds.
Iloforo tlm big residence reaches
Its new homo Mr. I.uohrs will havo
completed a basement ror tho house
and prepared for an addition to bo
added which will glvo him ono of the
most modern residences in this sec
tion. Among tlio ambitions which
Mr. Luehrs has for tho houso Is n
bowling alloy In tho basement, n bil
liard room, and right at the start
ample room for a small gymnasium.
Resides this thoro will bo ample
room for cellar, furnace
laundry in the basement,
ent ranch houso will bo
Into a packing plant for
crop. Another building
room and
Tho pros
converted his apple
that Mr.
Luehrs Is, to erect this summer Is a
spacious banT-on the. hillside so that
It will bo a two-story structure with
one floof"nelov tho ranch levol
Counter Proposal For Cue or Win in
xpiliiKM Witter to lie Inxestlgulcil
Send l)ileKnHiiu to Caldwell lr
ligation McellnK IVbriinry HI.
For tlio steonth tlmo tho Comnior-
rlnt club mombera dlscusficd Irriga
tion nt tho meeting Inst night. This
tlmo thorn wero numerous soIuIIiiiih
presented for consideration nnd what
Ih bollovcd to bo real progreiw was
Two propositions woro selected for
consideration further, tho!
to build a low protwuro xystom In
Rlvorsldo; nnd tho purchnso of water
from tlm WnrmsprlngH IrrlRntlon
district. City Kngltieor C. A. Krntr.
was Instructed to prepare figure on
building ot the Hystom, while tho
following commlttco was Instructed
to tnlto the matter up with tho
WnrmsprlngH board nnd to Invostl-
gnto tho reuslhlllty of that propmal;
II. II. Tunny. W. J. Plnnoy, R. M.
(Irolg, I)r. R. S. Fortnor mid I). M.
'I'll Is conclusion howover was not
ronched until nftor niimeroiiH pro
posiils wero coiiMldered nnd thoroly
discussed Among tliu propositions
prosented to tho meeting weru the
follewing: Joining with tlm ranch
orH on tho oast sldo of town nnd tho
erection of n low pronmiro system at
tho prosont municipal pumping
plant; tho pumping of water from
tlm Mulliour dralungo ditch; tho
taking of water from tho Owyhee
wnsto ditch. Ono argument nftor
another caiiHOd tho dropping of ouch
of theso nnd tho final concentration
on tho two mentioned above.
Would llulld Many Slgim
A communication from the Parma
Commercial club asking the city to
Join with Pnrnm in prp?; ' dlroel
I nit pcoplo on tlio John Day 1 Ighwuy
and over on tho Idaho roa 1 to the
two towus'wus UKid and nftr some
dliiousslnn on signs about tho city In
general tlio matter wns referred to u
special committee consisting; of 0. K.
Aiken, I.. II. ttlrsch nnd II. II Tunny
for consideration. This coumltteo
will report to tho ryixt regular moot
ing of tho club.
Would' AilwrtUo fit)
Whllo thl.-) matte:- was tin. lor dis
cussion Hurr' I) Cool rum bu (Rested
tho placing of an lllumlnntl d sign
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lliillnt Sent to MemlHTH Asking Pur
Nominations Another llallot
Also ICnclositl ,hkM For Kug-
Hex) Inns For New
Veur'H Work,
An Innovation In tho manner of
oloctlng n board of directors tor tho
Commorclal club was mado this
year. Instead of a muss meeting to
olect directors each mombor Iiiih boon
furnished with a ballot and u self
nddrossed envelope. Tho envelope
bears this message, "Not to bo open
ed until February 18."
On another ballot tho members aro
asked to mako suggestions as to
what thoy Jiollovo to bo the most Im
portant problem tho club should da
voto Its energies to solvo during the
coming year.
Still another Innovation Is mado
In a plodgo that will bo roqulrcd of
directors, tlio substance of which Is
that tho men electod agrco U devote
all the tlmo they can spare from their
own buslnes to advancing tho ob
jects of tho club and to ugreo that
absence from threo meotlngs without
excuso shall constitute their resigna
tion from tho board.
coitpoitatio limits hividp.d in
four suctions with o. s. l.
tracks and idaho av-
knur as dividing
1,1 MM.
Vtlllon I'm- Pitting Wlmt Wmm Vlr
tuo Street Ari'i'ptcdj Hearing Call
ril For t'liluii Oil Company Ghcn
Permit to Krt'rt TiiukN.
Ontarlo'H streets woro rc-haptlHcd
by tho City Council nt Kb regular
monthly hchhIoii hold Monday even
ing. Tho city wnH divided according
to tlm new nlnti presented by City
Knglneor O, A. Krntz nnd favorably
acted upon by tho council, Into four
Rsctlnns, doslgnatod au North Fast;
North West; South Rast nnd South
West. In ench of these illstrlclH tlm
streets running north and south will
bo called streets, whllo thoso running
oast nnd wost will bo called uvonues.
AH will bo designated thus, First
nvenuo or street, N. R 8. R. or N. W.
or R. W. ns the oase may bo.
Tho dividing lines ns ncceptod by
tho Council lire tho 0. 8. I., railroad
track and Idaho avenuo. Thus
everything oast of tlm track nnd
north of Idaho avenue wilt bo tlm
N. R.; west ot tho track nnd north
of Idaho will ho X. W.; south of
Malm and wost of tho track will ho
8. W. and south of Idaho nnd cast
of tho track 8. R.
Orogon street then will disappear
and tho stonm will be located upon
First strout 8. W. or N. W. nnd tho
names of tho ploueors Richardson,
Morfltt. Virtuo, Klnte will disappear
from tlm records.
Tho change was made nfler the
ir.omborH of tho Council admitted
that tho prosont system Ih unintelli
gible to the stranger and that thoy
themselves, ninny of them, did not
know tho n a in oh of tho streelH on
which thoy llvo. Tim now system, It
was argued, will also facilitate tlm
operation of a tiro alarm system nnd
will bo of'nintrlnl nsulstanco In locat
ing n given nddroM In tlm city.
Accept PnvliiK Petition
Tlm petition of tlm citizen property
owners on what was Virtuo streot
but I now Third stroct 8. W.. wns
arcopted and nntlco of hoarlng of re
monstrances was set for Monday,
February 1C.
Tim contraot for iho construction
of sowor district No.-10 wns lot to tho
Warren Construction compaiv for
10078.00 or $1100 loss than tho first
offer mado when tho bids wero re
jected nt a previous meeting.
Union Oil Company to Come
'Tho Council acted favorably on tlm
roquost of tlio Union Oil company to
erect tanks and nn nil station on
block 152, which Is opposltn tho slto
of the Standard Oil company's plant
n First streot, N W , or Oregon
stroot and tho right of way of tho
O 8, h,
It. II, Itostle Siipei'liiteiiilent of Com.
puny, Returns' to City to Put
Plant In Sluipo For Woik
When Weuther Permit.
As soon as weather conditions per
mit tho Warren Coimtrurtlou com
pany Is ready to start work paving
Ontario's streets in the nrlgltiul pav
ing district.
R. II. llostlo who Is superinten
dent of tho work, returned Mnndu)
from California, whore he spent tho
winter and has already started to
put tho plant In ordor. This can be
done, says Mr. Roitlc, In n week or
ton days It necattsary so that when
tho weather nettle ths work can
One of tho first thlnge Mr. Roitlc
did was to securo now offlcog for the
company by renting space In. tlio Wil
son bulldlm;
Contractors nro hereto ro
niovu tlio oil derrick and tho
equipment with which tho now
famous Ontnrlo Oil Well was
drilled, nnd which lias been a
landmark In tho city slnco itn
construction cloven years ago.
In that oil woll and derrick
Ontario spent real monoy. It
was Ontnrlo money, monoy Hint
local pcoplo staked In their faith
In tho prcsonco of oil beneath
tho Htirfnto. At Hint oil woll oc
curred tho big explosion which
throw flamcH over tho top of tho
dorrlck, and which burned for
dnyn and brought nu ond to tlm
most perslRtont effort to bring
In n woll hero.
Sovcrnl uttomptH havo been
mndo to rovlvo Intorcst In tho
woll nnd In oil lands hero with
out success , until flnnlly tlm
lloyor Urns, rompnny which pur
chased tlio equipment from tho
old company determined to ac
cept ono of tho many offers Hint
linvo boon mndo for It.
I'rogrcsM nn tlm Construction of Old
Ori'Kon Trull Reported Con-
(inctoi-H near Cnlro Forced
to Suspend Operation".
R. II. Rnldock, division engineer
for tho Stnto Illghwny commlmdon
for tlm division which Include! Raker
Grant, Malheur iiuil Ilnruoy countlos
was In Ontario Monday for consulta
tion with RiiRlneor J. F. Joyce who
Is In charge of tho construction of
tho John Day Highway hotweeu Cnlro
and Nyssn. . ,
Mr. Unblock Is Just getting ac
quainted with tho work In this sec
tion tlio ho has been hero onco or
twice before. Ho said, too, that lm ex
pects to bo hero more often when tho
weather pormlts greater activity.
This week thoro is not u grout deal
of work going on In thq district on
account of tho soft conditions of tlm
roads. Work was suspended on tlm
Cnlro-Nysoa soctlon nnd Knglneor
Joyco Is mnklng uso ot tho lull to pro
paro plans and specifications for flm
brldRo to bo erected over tlm Rmlsou
wnsto way.
Mr. Unblock reported that work on
tlm Oregon Trail Is shaping Itself so
Hint vIsIouh of n completed road
from Ontario to Poudlii'ou nro Just
ified, tho tlio actual nc, npllshmeut
may tako another year.
Already tho road Ih complotn from
Pendleton to Knmola, or will bo In
tlm summer. From Kuuioln to Ln
(Irando will bo built this year; from
Lagrando to Hot Lake was built last
year, and surfaced part way. Thul
will bo finished this spring,. From
Tolahassot to Uniting tho route Ih be
ing surveyed now, from IIuIikm to
llttkor tho road Is uudor contract for
grading and gravel, and Is half
From Raker to Huntington no
work has boon dono, nor hag tho
routo been survived but It Is ex
pected that tho survey will ho order
ed nt an early mooting of the com
mission. From Huntington to On
tnrlo tho survey Is under way now
with tho ongluoore working from
Wolsor nt tho prosont tlmo. ,
Mrs. W. J. Gnlarnoau, mother of
fivo children, tho eldest but 13 yonrs
died at tho family homo In tho North
west section of tlio city Monday fol
lowing an nxtouded lllnow. Mm
(Jalamoati had boon 111 for some time
but when tho flu oomu she rould not
coutluuo tho struggle Mitccewifully.
Funornl services woro held today
from tho Raptlst church, Itev. C. 11
IHom officiating.
Geneva Ryors was born In Mis
souri 34 years ago uud was married
to William J. nulurnomi nt West
Martinburg, N. Y., on January 21.
1904. To them fivo children, threo
boys and two girls, wore born and all
survive Iter, as doeti hor father In
Now York.
Tho family oumo to Ontario to live
last September, when Mr. Gularnoau
secured work horn at his trade of
hkpuhl1can col'ntv commit
thi: mi:n mhkt at valh to.
day to fill oct com-
mittf.i3; to
iii: aski'.d to aid
With SntnrlPN or tlm County onlelals
No Jongi'i- Attracttic ltntli I'mtliw
Will Find Citmtldiitfs Hind to
Tho political pot hns begun to
simmer. Tho first meeting of what
Is bollovcd will bo nu Interesting
cnnipalgn wan hold tills aftornoou nt
Vale, when n number of tho Repub
llcnn county precinct committeemen
mot to tnlk over tlm situation.
According to n phono mou;i'
front tho county sent the committee
men comploted tho county committee
In precincts wlioro no commlttco man
was solcctcd and decided to cull u
general meeting of the entire com
mlttco to bo hold In Ontario on the
afternoon of Fobrunry 22. '
Ak Women lo Help
Tho commlttco nlso has asked Hint
tlm ropuhllcnn women of tlm County
name a woman committee member
for enoh proslnct and perfect u
woman's auxiliary. This will bo
something now In tlm political life
of Malheur cijiinty.
Whllo tho committeemen nt Vale
did not discuss It, thoro hns been cou-
sldornblo enlk ot holding n banquet
In Ontnrlo nt whloh tlmo n Republl
can club may bo formed, It tho men
present so desire.
DciuiKTiitN Not Sleeping
Whllo thl) Republicans have made
tlm first start In tlm campaign there
Ih no lack of Intorost among tlm dem
ocratic lendors, tho thoy havo not un
nouncod plans, as yot.
Ono tiling Hint Ih worrying both
parties, inoro or Icsh, In how to fill
out tholr county tickets, fur tho Jobs
nro no longer sought for nn they onco
wero. Tho salnrlos pntd nro so
small comparatively that fow men
can bo found who will seek the of
fices. Usually tlm DeomcrntH have
found no troublo lit filling their
county ticket but tho londorn are
frank tu tholr Htatnmont that thin
will bo a hard taBk this year.
With tho republican organization
getting under wny howover It will bo
but n mntter of n fow days now ho
foro tlm democrntlo onmpalgn Ih
under wny,
Jamex Duncan Rt'tuineil lo Ronril
For Twentieth Term John Itii)
For TMenty-MMMind Old Piob-
lem of Stop Debated Again.
All who of n fight Hint wnnwl for
four days, during tlm nnniial moating
In tho year 1807, wiih heard nt Hit1
gathering of thoOwyhen Dlleh stock
holders on Monday afturnoon. Tlm
fight wag that for tho placing of
BtopH liKtho main onunl In the upHr
end nt tho ditch so that roneliem on
high lands might secure wuter with
out pumping. A lu tho oaea two
decades ago tho proponents of the
stops lost.
Tho now effort to hoIvh tho prob
lem wag made by Thus. V. ClHtfolt.
who Introduced it resolution permit
ting u change In tlm by-lnwa go that
this could bo dono. When tho vote
was lost the ranchorH on the South
oiyl wore badly disappointed. JiiiIkIuh
by tho stntomoutH made by gomu of
Tlm contention of thoee who op
posed tho move was that the flow of
water would bo go retarded Hint tliu
land on tho north end of the system
would not bo wired for, and tlmt If
onco started thoru would bo repeated
roquegt for wheels and sUq that
tho oannl would bo ruined.
Old Tliucis Retuni
Tho oloctlou for dlnutom of tho
board which preceded this vote wuh
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