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NO. 3.r)
general manager fred it.
jones lays cahk ok local
system hefohe memiiers
of commercial cluil
following luncheon
Club Member Ask for Data for Fur
thcr Consideration Gcncrnl Rise
In Operating Cost Ilnsls of Request
History of Company He view oil
at Length.
Frod II. Jones, general manager
of tho Malheur Home Telephone com
pnny, appeared before tho members
of tho Commercial club last night
to auk that tho club enter no object
Ions to a request which tho coin puny
Is to mnko for Increased rates In this
Mr. Jones declared that when a
similar roquest hud been Hindu to tho
Vulo Chamber of Commorco thnt body
had dcclsrod Us willingness to stand
for n rcasonablo Incronso, provided
tho company's plan of ollmlnntlug
tho manager's position at Vulo was
not actod upon,
Tho hlMtory of tho telephone bus
iness lu Ontario and tho surrounding
territory waif skotched by Mr. Jonos
who declared that upon tho book vnt
no of tho tolophoun system which Is
placed at $90,000 no dividends had
over been paid. In fact ha said that
tho systom had novor mado deprecia
tion charges.
Frwi Kervlre Must Go.
According to tho outlook at present
thoro is every indication that tho
practlco of giving freo toll scrvlcn to
Frultland. and Nyssa. wllt'hnvo to bo
ahaudonod, said Mr.. Jones, for tho
compuny cau not stand It; also ho
said that tho Public Service commiss
ion would not npprovo such n prac
tlco, especially between Ontario and
Nyssa. Botwocn Ontario and Fruit
land, that bo'ng an intor-stato con
nection ho said tho stato authorities
lackod Jurisdiction. Thoro will bo
no chargu betwoon Frultland and
Ontario however until thoro la a
chargo between Frultland and Pay
otto. Old Contract Kvfrrrtxl to.
Mr, Jones roforrod to tho contract
which was cntored Into betweon tho
old Ontario Independent company
and tho Malheur Home Tolophono
company by which tho Indopondont
systom was purchased. In this con
tract certain things wero agreed to,
including tho freo tolls to Nyssa and
Frultland. It was Mr. Jones' conten
tion that slnco tho Oregon Railroad
commission as it was then callod was
authorized prior to the making of
that contract tho provisions regard
ing rates Is Invalid and Illegal,
Mr. Jones asked tho club members
to Investigate the statements ho had
mado concerning tho earnings of tho
company its cost of operation and
other data avallablo In tho offlco of
Public Servlco comm'stflon at Salem.
W. F. Homan and B. C. Van Pet
ten questioned Mr. Jones concomlng
numorous statements ho mado dur
ing tho evening to bring out addi
tional Information. Mr, Homan also
told how tho salo of the Independent
company was negotiated and tho un
derstandings agreed to at that time.
The club finally determined to sook
Information from tho Public Service
commission ami to study tho same and
.havo Mr. Jones present at a meeting
to bo held at an early date.
Hack from what he declares to be
ono of tho finest trips he over made,
J. W. McCulloch arrived homo Mon
day after an extended stay in Port
land and Tacoma, While In tho vi
cinity of the City of Destiny, Mr. Mc
Culloch, with Captain Robert Duncan,
whom ho vlsltod at Camp Lewis mado
the premier trip of the Sound region,
up Mt. Tacoma to Paradise Valley.
"I havo heard men tell about flow
era blooming in the snow, but thot
they wero drawing a long bow," said
Mr. McCulloch, In tolling of the sights
seen on tho big mountain, "but thero
they wero in Paradise Valley, as
beautiful as ono could picture. Next
summer I want to take tho wholo
family there to enjoy tho trip as I
record mieaking price
What is doclnrod to bo tho
hlghbnt prlco paid for farm
land In this section was report-
ed thin week in tho salo of 1G
ncroit In tho Ontario Advimco-
ment tracts by John Dunphy to
Hurbank Clay who camo lioro
recently from tho Interior. Mr.
Clay paid Mr. Dunphy $10,000
for thu 15 acres, or ICC0.00 por
Itoccntly other sales liavo
been mado In tho neighborhood
of $400 .or small pieces, whllo
larger ranches ! avo been trniiH-
forrod at $2G0 to $300, hut thoro '
havo been nono that approached
tho prlco paid for tho Dunphy
Contractu Mado During the Week
Vary from ijll.1 to $18 Per Ton,
With MeiiMUviiiciitx From Kept.
1,1 to Xotoiubcr I.
That hay prices nro holding their
own this week is Indicated by tho
reports of sales mado. In fact gen
erally speaking tho prlco has shown
rising toudoncios lu soctlons, whllo
in some of tho other portions of tho
valloy no chiingo has been noted,
That tho samo buyers nro paying
different rates Indicate that thoy aro
taking tho hay at tho ranchers' tig
uros, tho quality, too, Is being con
sidered and soma of thu buyers nro
Indicating that thoy wilt not pay ai
much for fox-tall as they will for
Tho highest prlco reported during
tho woek was that paid for thu crop
of the Nowmnn-Tost-arolg ranch near
Nyuxa which sold Tuesday for $18
per ton. J. A. Hulcy wus tho pur
chaser. Quality of hay and excep
tional fcodlng facilities counted, It
Is said In making this prlco.
John Wood paid tho second high
prlco, $10 for 400 tons, whllo nu
morous sales at $1C wore recorded,
among thorn being tho salo by J. L,
Million of Luco station.
Another foaturo of tho buying h
that soveral of tho purchasos mado
havo been by mon who coutomplato
baling and shipping to othor soctlbns.
This Is tho first ttmo In which such
purchases havo boon made so early
in tho soason.
Thru its nttornoy Edward Tread
woll, tho Pacific Ltvo Stock company,
owners of the Warmsprlngs Ilesorvolr
slto havo fllod an action In tho federal
court In Portland t enjoin tho Warm-
springs Irrigation District from pro
ceeding with work on tho Warm
springs Dam.
Tho ordor was mado roturnablo
next Monday. In tho meantime- suit
was filed hero In tho Circuit Court of
Malheur county to condemn tho land
by tho Hoard of Directors of the
Warmsprlngs systom. Mr. Treadwell
Is expected to arrivo In Ontario to
morrow, when tho matter may bo ad-
Justed so that work may proceed.
competitors at annual fair
will receive rigger a-
waiids than ever hefohe
merchants committee
gets results
Moro than $."MlO Worth of Merchan
dise will Supplement CiinIi Prize
Gltcn by Fair Hoard Wldo Va
riety of Prizes Offered,
Moro prizes and of greater vnluo
havo been offered an special premiums
for tho Annual Mulhoiir Coun
ty Fair, which takos plaro Huptombcr
0, 10, 11 and 12; than havo boon of
fered at nny of Its predecessors,
In all, moro than $S00 worth of
imorchaudlso prizes will ntigniont to
'tho long list of Premiums given by
1 tho Fair Hoard.
Theso special premiums worn so
licltod by a commlttco consisting of
I). M. Tnggart, O. II. Graham and
H. W. llowland who mi,t with n gen
erous response from tho luminous men
of tho city. Then tho lllg Rend mer
cantile company and tho Citizens
Lumber company of Adriilu added
prizes voluntarily, and thu Vognn
Canity company of Portland contrib
uted to tho list which Includes uvory
firm in Ontario and many Individuals
not engaged In business hut who nro
boostors for ,Uio Fair.
In tho premium hook this year tho
special premiums nro nil listed by
departments lit tho bank of thu book
whoro contestants can find them read
ily. With tho Increaso In cash prizes by
tho board, together with tho vpoclnl
promluniH nmplo Inducement Is of
fered to ovoryono lu tho county to
enter products for competition. In
fact already thoro linvo boon many
calls for premium hooks on tho part
of men, women and children who nro
planning on getting Into tho compe
tition so that thoro scorns assurance
that lively contosts will mark ovory
Two Cows and Dojj Dlo on Dead Ox
Flat Victims of Dlxeusc Itaucher
Contracts Dlhensu but U Expected
To llecovcr.
Anthrax, ono of the most drcadod
diseases which attacks cattlo has
mado its appoaranco In Malheur coun
ty during tho past wcok. Already It
Is known to havo rosulted In tho death
of two cows and a dog oil Dead Ox
Flat, and to havo attack ono man,
Pearl Crane a, rancher living flvo
miles northwest of Ontario on tho
Dead Ox Flat. Crane Is oxpectcd to
recovor, howovor,
Tho first knowledge of tho pros-
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Iir'llgimtloii Meetings on Upper Owy
heo l'resago Interesting Session nl
Director's Meeting Here on Satin'-
day Hay Officials of tho Company.
Tho first prosecution for violating
tho regulations of Doputy Htnto Water
Master, A. L. Sproulo, who now linn
chargo of tho distribution of tho
wator of tho Owyhca Ditch took plnco
last Saturday at Vale. Dick Oroot,
who fonts tho Mrs. Mlnnlo I). Steven
ranch was taken before Justico of
tho Poaco Itobort D. Lytlo and lined
$3G and sentenced to 30 days In Jul),
Tho Jail seutonco was suspended on
drool's promise to obscrva tho laws
in tho future
Whllo tho monoy flno was small,
hud Oroot succocdod lu taking all tho
wator ho contomptatcd, yet It wns high
for tho amount ho was able to steal,
for ho hud opened tho hood gnto du
ring Frlduy night, but had only been
able to secure tho additional wntur
for ouo hour.
Ranchers RIm-iinn Hltiiatlon.
According to reports that havo
been coming to town during tho past
wook thoro will bo a stormy session
of tho board of directors of tho Owy-
hco Ditch at tho regular monthly
meeting here Saturday.
Mootlngs havo boon hold, so It Is
said, almost ovory night, by fanners
living on the uppor end of tho ditch.
What action tliooo men will tako it
not known, but that they nro thoroly
0t of sympathy with tho attempt to
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Carter Houso mid Fnrloy Rooms
Raided nnd Proprietors TaW-n In
to Tolls Ouo Man Caught
Plead Guilty and Is Fined
For tho socond tlmo In tho past
yoar tho Cartar Houso and tho Far
ley Rooms woro vlsltod by officers.
Tho latost visitation which took placo
about 10 o'clock last night resulted
In tho urrost at tho Cartor Houso of
Sylva and nort Lewis, proprietors,
and Henry Worth. At tho Farloy
Rooms, Mrs. Mario Drlscoll, propri
etress, was nrrostod. All woro
chargod with soiling liquor.
Immediate trial was had of Henry
Worth boforo Judge C. M. Stearns
who fined him $250 aftor ho onterod
a plea of guilty. Tho othor defend
ants determined to str.nd trial boforo
a Jury. Their caeca wilt bo hoard
The raid was mado by Marshal II.
C. Farmer with tho assistance of some
special deputies.
A special mooting of tho Fair
Doard has boon called for noxt
Tuesday ovonlng, at which It is
desired that tho business men
of Ontario bo prcsout In n body.
Thorn will bo many Important
questions up for consideration
concomlng which tho board do-
sires tho opinions of tho bust-
nosii men.
Among othor questions to bo
discussed Is that of early clos-
Ing of bUBiuoss houses during
tho Fair, tho uniform system of
decorations and other features
that will add to tho appoaranco
of tho city during tho stay of
visitors hero,
Commercial Club Asks School Itonnl
to DIniiiNn School During County
Fair Touch' Xc-riml And
Kids Want to Attend.
Ily n unanimous voto tho members
of tho Commercial club Wednesday
ovonlng asked tho School Hoard to
abandon Its plan of holding school
during Fair wcok, and this should for
all tlmo win tho undying gratitude
of Juvoiillo Ontnrlo. It was not oven
a closo voto.
II. II. Tunny, president of tlio Fair
Hoard called tho club's attention to
tho rumor that tho Hoard of Educa
tion Intended to keep school open dur
ing tho Fair and oxplalnod tho ne
cessity of having tho nsslstanco of
tho tcachors who havo always cared
for tho records during ovory Fnlr
wook. Ho said that tho Fair could
hardly run without them. P. J, Qall-
uglier gavo volco to similar sontl-
Judgo W. W. Wood, said that ho
was tho mombor of tho school board
who wanted school to run, but that
ho was not hldo bound In his opinion
and that if tho citizens gonornlly nnd
tho club mombors wanted tho schools
to closo during tho Fair ho would
not object.
Aftor E. C. Van Po'tten, and E. U.
Conklln championed tho causo of tho
boys and girls, and Incidentally tho
Fair board, a motion passod unan
imously requesting tho Hoard of Ed
ucation to closo tho schools during th
John Laird McDonald, Sydney, N.
S. W. was tho way his name appeared
on tho rogtstor at tho Mooro, Follow
ing It appeared tho following signa
ture: II. C. Retinor,' Auckland, Now
Tho travelers trim tho Antlpodos,
It was learned, camo to America to
soil their products. Mr McDonald al
so stopped In Ontario on Ills way to
Now York and thonco to Scotland, to
look Into tho affairs of the estate of
his brother who died hero last winter
of tho flu. Whllo hero ho arranged
for tho erection of a head stono ovor
his brother's grave.
Mr Rentier whom Mr. McDonald
described qs an "orchardlst" is also
tho inventor of a new gas carburetor
which he Is taking to tho nutomobllo
capital of the world, Detroit Mich,
"I am wlll'ng to tell you," said Mr
McDonald, "that I llko America. I
like the people and am particularly
Impressed by tho civility with which
a stranger is received..
"Yes wo aro having some what tho
same troubles In Australia that you
are having hero In repatriating the re
turned toldler. The cost of living Is
lower with us than It la over horo.tho.
We stilt have a largo-part of tho 1017
wheat crop as well as (ho 1918. Ills
selling at $1.25 per hundred compar
ed with $2.20 ovor here. Wo also
havo a largo surplus of wool as well as
cattle products which wo will ship to
tho world markets now that wo can
secure cargo space.
"I havo como to America to sell you
leather goods. I believe that I am
tho first Australian traveling man to
como horo to sell the product of an
Australian factory."
Mr. McDonald left Wednesday for
New York. While he was In the city
he spent a great deal of his time with
JobnAVood for whom his brother bad
worked before his death.
Shortllno Wiintn Paving to Stop at
Wcstrall on Colorado nnd nt Alley
on Washington street Garbago
Question Puzzle Repair Side
walks. I
With tho dismissal of Frank Sto
woll as wator superintendent and tho
appointment of Vorno Chambors as
his successor, tho City Council at a
mooting Tuesday ovonlng continued
1U shako-tip of employees In Its ef
fort to trocuro greater offlcloncy.
At tho snmo tlmo tho Council ac
cepted tho proposition of Henry Cas
iday to run tho pumps at tho plant
nlono for $1C0 por month, tho no
doflnlto tlmo limit, on this trrango
mont was mado ponding action on
tho plan to erocl a renldonco at tho
pumping station for tho uso of tho
pump man. Offers to run tho pump
ing plant for $100 per month If giv
en houso rent, heat nnd II3I1L havo
boon rocolvod by tho Council and
whllo considering It, tho prosont pro
gram will bo followed.
To lncroaso tho efficiency and re
duco tho cost It lu proposod to In
stall alarms to notify tho pump man
when the tank on tho tower Is filled,
and nlso whon tho power goes off.
W.Hh theso nrrangomonttf mado it Is
bollovcd that ono man can oporato
thu pumps nnd filters without diffi
culty. Kovcrnl Engineers Want Job.
That tho city wilt havo no dif
ficulty lu securing engineering ser
vice was indlcatod by tho number of
applications on tllo for tho position.
A. O. Kratz, ono of tho assistant
city onglnoerrt of Portland wan tho
most favored ono on tho list, and
Councilman II. ll,Cockrura who will
bo In Portland this wook was instruct
od to sco him and if satisfactory or
rangomonts can bo mado to employ
Railroad Wants Changes
City Recordor C. M. Stearns re
ported to tho Council that tho offi
cials of tho Shortllao object to tho
paving of tho right-of-way on Colo
rado avenuo, slnco tho district moroly
gooa to tho oast rail, nnd also objects
to tho paving of Washington stroot
from ilia alloy to tho frolght station.
It Is their claim that Washington
stroot from tho alloy to right-of-way
was vacttod years ago nnd Is tho com
pany's privato property.
Tho company has no objoctlon to
tho rest cf the paving program save
on California ivtroot from the alley
to tho riglit-of-wny, Tho Council
Instructed tho Recorder to endeavor
to compromise tho matter by with
drawing tho paving between the
tracks ou Colorado and on California
from tho alley eastward, If In turn
itlio company wilt pavo Washington
street to tho freight station, and
clean up the cinder pile on tho stub
end of California,
Instructions woro issued for the
repair of a number of cross walks,
and a general discussion of tho gar
bage question was Indulged In. The
street commissioner It was held need
not collect tho waste paper from al
leys in tho business district, and that
the business men for the tlmo being
at least must dispose of this trash
Out to see all the West, even if it
takes two years to do It, Mr. and Mrs.
D. M. Boats and family of Dakota
City, Nebraska, arrived recently at
the homo of Mr, Doala' brother, P.
M. Doals, of Dead Ox Flat where they
will remain for several weeks. Thev
came Just in tlmo to assist Mr. Doals
harvest his second crop of hay.
After spending some time hero Mr.
and Mrs. Doals will drtvo on thru tho
Northwest and later will go to Cal
ifornia, When they havo finished
their trip thoy may return to Nebras
ka to reside, or having fallen in love
with tho West thru their long sojourn
they will return; perhaps to the
Snako River valley.
-at-Tr-anew" "rssr