The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 20, 1919, Page 6, Image 6

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Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
. M jA i
Nyal Remedies
Letters From Malheur County
Boys Who Served' Over There" I
The following letter w received
by Mr. A. K. Johnson week or ho
ago from her brother Uvt. 0, T. John
hoo who I with the 23rd Knglneers
In Prance:
Aunbrevllle, Prance.
Thla letter leavoa me fine and dan
dy. I do not know how long I will
be here; a fellow cannot tell what
the army will do, we may move In a
few daya and then attain It may be
montha. Bo you aee we Just have to
welt patiently We are all anilous
to get home. Tho people need not
worry about their boya staying li.
Franc after they are discharged. All
I hare met are very anilous to got
home. Thoae of ua who havo been
fortunate enough to live thru huh
war are going to be real patrlotlr
men. Thla army lire In a foreign
country aure makea a man long for
the home land. After I om settled
again you won't aee me once a year
and that will be Juat going to the
county fair.
I etpect in a few daya to go on my
furlough to Nloe, a leave area for the
aoldler boya. It will be a long cold
ride some of the way, we will ride
In bos car. At nice It la warm and
I aspect to have a good time there
I have a friend who la going with me
Ha la a good man we can look after
each otbar. t aspect ot see Gordon
Shaffer while on thla trip 1 have
bad aavaral lettera from him Me la
with tba 21at Knglneera and lan't for
from hare. I haven't met a peraon
from home I know. I get kind of
lonesome to aee a familiar fare again
It la funny to hear the boya here.
You will aee a fellow open hie letter
from hln girl and then atari to awear
lag and then laughing They have
probably aent them a (ew hundred
franca of old lace or aoiue other
Prench aouvenlr and then their girl
haa married a alacker One of our
frlenda received an Invitation to hla
girl a wadding It la happening
pretty regular over here Think of
it, I haven't apoken over a doxan
worda to an Kngllah apeaklng woman
In ovar a yaar.
Wa have been on fronta where
there was no Y. M. 0 A 'a to cpak
of, only a few run by men. The Itei
Croes la the greateut of them ull and
a wonderful organisation They
have helped the fellow who needed
it the moat.
Well. I muat cloae for to day
Truatlng thla lettre will reach you
and that it will find you all well, I
Your aoldler brother In Khaki.
Pvt. Tlioa Q John-i.
Prom Uermauy cornea the letter
which Kuiinnt Johnaon wrote to htn
parents on learning of hla brother'
death lu the great drive:
Henldehern, Uermauy, lite, is
Dear folka at heme:
I will writs you a few lines togeth
er thla time aa I havent much writ
ing paper. I received your letter a
couple of daya ago telling of Klbert'.i
death. I bated to hear It so bad
I was so In hopes that we could come
back borne together 1 am away
over here In Uermauy and have no
chanoe of finding anything out
about It. I do not even know what
front he was on. I am more ansloua
to gat back now.
Wa huve been ou the march since
tba tOth of November, mopping only
a few daya to real a couple of time
Wa are at rest now for a couple of
days or so We weut thru Alaace
Ixirralne. Luxemburg uud are now
well Into Germany Will soon reach
our destinstlon. The 40th Division
undoubtedly waa broken up and put
Into a replacement camp to fill out
those that had been in the Hues. That
la the way they have been doing.
Well, I gueas that wn will have o
stand It as best wn can. I want to go
back with you as soon aa I ran for I
know that you need me now.
I spoko to the captain yesterday
about going home right away and he
aald that he could get me transferred
to an 8. O. H Camp (Service of Sup
ply) and I would catch a boat and go
back sooner. lie aald that he would
take it up with the commanding of
ficer and get nu) a quicker route than
that. He ...hi he thot that I had
done my part over horn and hp would
do all he could. Captain Fuller In
his name and he came serosa with
the company and was gassed and wax
away for a while.
I expect we will all he hack by
spring anyway but It seems a long
time to atay away. You wanted to
know If I needed any money. 1
draw ray lent pay In June. That
leaves me six week's pay coining
counting this month. I have had
plenty of money all the time and still
have a little left I do not care If
I get paid now until I get In the
Statoa and than I will draw U. S.
money again. The reaaon 1 didn't
get my pay whan I got back waa be
course I couldn't alga the payroll
until the books were atralgntenei
out. It seems they dropped my
name from the roster.
I will have to close now.
Goodbye and answer soon
Your son,
Adenau, Germany, Dec SI
Dear Mether:
Kverythlng Is coming slong sll
right ovcer here In Gerrasny but I
cannot tell how soon it will be he
fore the 4th Division returns home
as no one knows It was one of the
picked divisions in Prance to go on
thla expedition In to Germany to do
guard duty And It la considered an
honor to be able to come over here.
Wa left a little lowu called Vert
urtey In Prance on November 20th,
and reached thU piece In abunt S4
days. I should Judge e marched
about 2i0 miles or more We came
thru Assaca-Iorranlne, Luxemburg,
and on Into Germany coming down
the Moselle Kiver 1 think he will
go from here to Coblens unless or
ders are changed. Captain Puller
haa gone back to Prance to go to
achool for a while and then he ex
pecta to return to Company I. If we
were atill here He put In a re
commendation for me to come home
but It was revoked at headquarters
until further ordera aa no soldelra
are being dlacharged in the A K. P.,
only In the atates.
There la quite a bit of talk of ua
l. lug on the Hat bouud for home by
the fifteenth of January and we may
If we gat relieved. When peace la
signed and not before, tho. There
are two or three divlaiona ahead of
ua and several following up behind
Wa ail belong to what is known eg
The Army of Occupation.
Some days on the march aa far as
forty kilometers After a long daya
hike with full packa ou our backa a
few ot the men had to fall out and
ware aent back to S. O S camps In
Well, we had a pretty good i'hri-i
mas here There ia a large recrea
tion hall and a Y. M. C. A coming
There is a lied Crohn room here now
with several Hed Cross girls. They
serve eandwltches to the aoldlera now
of eveuiuga and everythtug Is free of
charge. We are Minted iu all the
' I PSia
German houana In spare rooms and
have lights, chairs and Area all fur
nished The cooks made some candy any
tbey cooked a good supper and we all
ate together In the haanmnnt of a
church on ChristmiiH night. Then
after aupper we all went to the re
creation hall and had a band concert,
a program and servlcea by the chap
lain. It snowed about two Inches ho
It was a realAmerican Christmas, ov
er serosa the seaa.
We landed In Ilrnst on the 13rd or
May, stopping there about four days
Then we entrained there for the
British front, staying there for about
10 daya, and our ordera were chang
ed and wc went back to the Sol
alonea and Chateau Thierry fronts
It waa there wn first went Into tho
linos on July IS when the big offen
sive started
I have not benn uble to learn any
thing about Klbert but I know that
he waa In the big drive that Htartcd
about Soptember 2.V Well, do not
be surprised If I come home in a
month or two. I hopo to be hac!
by the flrat nf February, anyway.
Goodbye. KMMKTT
I ' -ass
III II I. II 8 In the Spad mono
plane We lime heon as near as 1"
miles from the front with our field
fllil and as far back as 40, so the only
danger we were In was from the drop
ping of bombs and there sure was
gobs nf them up North.
We hove been In the Third Pursuit
Group Hlnce last Auguat. There an1
four aero squadrons and one pant
squadron In a Group. Lieut Col.
Thaw wax In command of the Group
but since the armistice waa signed he
has left.
I am afraid they will keep In the
army until my time la up, since I
algned up for the full enlistment, bnl
then. It won't be so tough If I can
hold my rank with A. M.
Will It King who was In Outturn
lui.i week sent the Argus tho following.
Interesting letter written b) llul'ir
Dinwiddle, of Jordnn Valley who
well known in Ontario since he iil
lemli'il the Ontario schools vevernl
yours ago.
"This being 'fathers' day' here In
Prance, I will take this opportunity of
writing. The censor has 'eased up .
too, so I can toll where all wc'o Ihm'ii
That Is a lengthy article In Itself
"To start with, we sailed from llo
beken, N. J . January .11 1918 hy wn'.
of Halifax, whore we were three clii'H
on the boat thin was just after Hie
explosion- -landed in Liverpool, Knit
land, February Hi; same day took n
train. You can Imagine a dinkey Kng
llsh train, for Ttnmsey, where we wore
from February 17 to March 2 W
wore then scheduled for Frum Wt
wont by wuy of Southampton to Fnl It -tiine,
a famous summer resort, and
took the boat across the Kngllsh clian
nel to Ilologne, France. Arrived
about 6 bolls March I, IB 18; stayed
overnight iinil next day continued ot
our Journey to Dunkirk, the town of
horrible nights', March 4, llM.s. on
the Plunders front. The squadron
split Into fights, and wo were sent Ml
Join tho fifth It N. A. 8., then on the
St qulntin front, March 10, 1918, lp
If flight, via Ilologne, Calais, Aplln
Court to I'orronne, March la, hy wav
of truck to Mons
Kverythlng was lonely here with
the fifth It N A. 8. until unexpected
ly one afternoon, March 21, Frltx
started his big drive and wiih coming
from St. Qulntin, miles per hour! Wn
were In another 'famous retreat from
minis', the next atop being Hoye, be
tween Milieus and St. Quentin, ami
there we lasted abuot four daya, and
forced to retire again, March 26 1918
arriving at llertangle, five mill's from
Amiens, that night, two mllea or leas,
(Continued on Page 8)
In letters written his parents, Mr
and Mrs. Ward Canlleld and hla broth
er Lieut Fred Canfleld. Clifford Cnn
field who Is with the fumous Lafa)
ette Squadron tells of tho desire of
tho men of the A. E P. to get home
again. Ills letters follew:
Krres, Prance, January 1
A merry Christmas and Happy New
Year to all of the family. We are
eating our traveling rations lately
and have not had a very good Chris'
mas and New Year's dinner. We got
some cocoa and sugar from the Hed
Cross last night and made some
fudge candy. We ate It all last
night so that the rats would not get
any and as a result moat of tho boy
are alck today.
We turned In our aeroplanes a few
weeks ago and have been drilling
lately Kverythlug looka aa If wt
might get ordera to go home before
long. Some of the boys have been
reduced from the ranks to go I
so you need not be surprised if 1
come home the sums way
Am aendlng you a couple of snap
) ahola taken Just after the armiatlce
waa signed I had charge of ih
plane I received It about the first
of September. It Is a Spad mono
plane with a HO II I' lllapann Sui.i
motor. My pilot got a German
plane with it during the Argon no
How la the winter at home this
year? It haa been raining hare every
day or go since September. We had
a little snow Christmas Kve We
hava not bad a real cold day yet hut
think It Will come soon
Your son.
103 Aaro Sqdn . Lafayette Bacadrllle
atxW !
ML. IP JsjBT 'tf'' 0 ' xaov a&aafL fata
xaJoViBP JtisM iM. xooT
Jof tar $A- TaW RHaf a-XftsP .
Here Now!
Dear brother Pred:
I received your letter yesterday,
and was fry glad to get It. We are
Just hanging around here at present
waiting for orders to go home. The
prospects look good, too.
They gave all of us crew chiefs an
examination the other day for A. M.
The exam was pretty easy and I mud
a rather good grade In it. So I am
now an A M I spent four mouths
In Paris ou Hlapaula Suitu motors
and then weut to ieeadouu for a
month and then came to the front In
February. We took over the l..i
fayette Kacadrllle from the French
Our equadron was attached to the
French army until July. We were
In Flames for ubout a month and
left Just before the big drive for
Peris. Then we went around Dunk
erque and the Kngllah Channel until
July and then we came down and
Joined the American army at Toul.
We had the 180 Hlapanoa flrat but
aluce the summer we have had the
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