The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 13, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Styg OJntarin Argtia
GEO. K. AIKEN, Editor and Publisher
Published Thursdays at Ontario, Oregon.
ind entered at the Ontario poll office fol
iMtribution as 2nd class matter.
It is hard to pick up a newspaper tins.
days wit h reading of a general strike" thai
is threatened for some city, either here of
abroad. Thai which has centered the Inter
ests of the people of this section of enure fl
the OUtbuni in Seattle.
What does this all mean I Is the ttmv
tnre of American Instritutionn hreakin
down f These are sonic of the quest ion -that
sober-minded citizens are asking them
Out here in the oen of mi auricult lira I
and thoroiv American community, for from
industrial activity, it is hard to believe thai
any great number of Americans will be
swept off their feel by the teachings of Bol-
shevism, orother foreign political nostrum -
Hut it is time to awaken to the fad thai W(
an people have been trifling too long wit !
our vaunted security and If we wish to rc
serve our Representative government thai
we be prepared to tiuht its enemies here at
Bolshevism Is class movement, an
anarchist movement, it is socialism carried
to its logical conclusion, the annihilatoii of
government by law. The tanner who toda.i
denounces the acts of the Seattle Bolshevist
lead by Rikowskv who threaten to take over
industries of that great city, are merely o
trig U) step farther than that proposed llj
Twonley and his Ndii Part i an leaders. The
only difference is in the methods employed,
At the same time business and profes
mono! men, who have stood idly by and per
inittcd unfair tactics to be eiuplov ed toward
the farmer or the laboring man, who have
permitted eonsienceless politicann to run the
affairs of state had better awaken to the fa.i
thai such conditions an- responsible in par;
for the troubles that are now disturbing the
peaee and prosperity of this country.
This is representative government. The
essence of Americanism Is a square deal, and
an e(iial opportunity before the law fo
every man to achieve our basic ideal of Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
If this ideal is worth anything, it i
worth protecting, And if it is worth pr ,
tecting it is worthy of the unwavering sup
port of every citizen.
' '.
The members of the High School lade!
company received generous praise from the
Colonel John Leader following his review of
their maneuvers last Friday afternoon. Tht
hoys will undoubtedly iheerish his words of
approbation, and strive to merit further ap
proval in years to come.
Among the other sentiments which tin
Colonel admirably expressed was this, on
which even citisen ma well pender: "With
teli cojiipaies like this that I have watched
today, I would gladly receive the Bolshevik!
from Seattle should they attempt to march
on Oregon."
At another juncture in his address to
the cadets oloiiel Leader Midi
"I am pleased to say to you that this i .
the best drilled Hiiih School coninam thai
Hi has been ni privilege to inspect. Volt
have a high duty to perform, then' can hi
none higher than that a man he trained and
willing to protect the government of the
American people."
These words coming form one who ha -
given a quarter of a centnrj to soldiering in
many lands and has served in helping Ore
uoii perform a noble part in the world war,
in which he early gave his all until wounds
incapacitated him, should be indeed a sonic
of joy to the oung men of the company and
a cause fur pride on the coniinunitv which
has long taken pride in the cadet company,
Ontairo' s City Council will uol loiter al
many of its sessions If it solves all the prob
lenis which arc before it at the present time,
and others thai arc bound to arise before
every meeting.
Aside from the water problem which is
a job in itself, the 1 1 y government is far d
with the realization that to collect the dog
taxes, to compel indilTeVeiit citizens to keep
their lots and alleys clean, to enforce the
regulations in other respects, and incidental
ly to combat the emboldened boot legger, i
a program that will tax its constructive
statesmanship, as well as its financial re
While the council realizes that it lias n
hard .job before it there is no faltering in
tackling the problem, and that is half of tic
battle itself. It is the temporsing with con
ditions by many city governments that maki
enforcement of regulations hard. Once
tin public realizes that a city adniiinstia
tioll means business, and is playing no favor
ites there is a general compliance with n ;t
ouablc regulations.
iHlllliiifllffffflAffiJII Kii. yr i
m m i r.... i
t UVroriM 1.1, Uf
h-J ttoiwlu
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is geared to a lovhandout standard
that just lavishes smokehappiness on
every man game enough to make a bee line for a
tidy red tin and a jimmy pipe old or new !
Get it straight that what vou've hankered for in
pipe or cigarette makin's smokes you'll find aplenty
in P. A. That's because P. A. has the quality.'
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You just lay back like a regular fellow and puff to beat
the cards and wonder why in samhill you didn't nail a
section in the P. A. smokepasture longer than you care
to remember back I
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mouttnti top that kttpt tht toAunu m tuch ptrftct lonjilion.
R. J. Reynold Tobacco Co., Wintton-Salem, N. C
ThlH department Ih an open
Forum for the dlHCUHKion of
problems of the hcIiuoI and the
home, and Ih under Hie dlrei I
Ion of the Ontario I'arent-Tench-era'
aRHOClatloii. Your Id BM
welcome Kindly leuve wrltd-n
artlcloH at the Argim nlTl, DO
forn Tuenday of MM li week
"I'luy h; the logical deniiuul Ol
mith. ami the Ihi or girl hOM
phi life Ik Htlinteil puKWPH on Inl.i
adult life handicapped for the Hlrnic
glen tn MM
I'lnv Ih In Itself an eilui iilion, nm
thai SW to (he child Mtrengll.
health. fttortBMa, uggrc ivetn
"iin:ii'i' belter than thene It pave,
the way for a higher standard nl
morali thU we could obtain In anv
nl her way
ThlH Is greatCd t . ,,n hy most pi'i
pie. and I hone who were hIow to in
knowledge Hie henellt of supervised
well equipped play-grounds li 11 v
been pondering the uueHllon llltOt
UiIh war hrol out the fart that hu
main of llieir MM who all, nut pa
I he physical examinations, eould have
I If their liodlen had been prop
erly eared fOf during thOM curl
hi hool yearH
Home nl llM parents s.iv "We
have no objMtlM I" our children
playing, lei them play " Then
Ml are of the Hume mind In fart
they fairly drive them out of their
mint! motive building with lh( In
junction. "Hun and play "
Two minute after they have been
thiii ordered nut. n urn h.'i . retuii
ami want to go hark to (licit n I
tn .It fur (hi i lie play period
What In wrong'' l,et ITN) Mil
Ml ask litniielf lli'it iuenllon Ha he
i lOl grounds al I .it
And If Unit parent shonl I
pass during the play period. MtlW
the iiuliiiikerH leaning again tl
liulldlng or standing on (he icntril
walk, watching 11 tie game thai
Hie griiiiini afford, and know that
eoiy '.oul tliere wishcK he hit.
playing. '
AIho look over the Library or lllg'i
S, hool lawn, ami If by ehanee tlieri
are any little folk there on the gran
I where they have been told positive
ly that they should not gu i hiiiII
atul think, "The youngnlerH mire
take to grass " Then look bark at
the tirade yard again
When Willie or JoIiiih , OUM holm-
With Ills b:nk rnvererj with mini
dim i blame him think of the
I .-, srhniil anl. w nhiiiii ,-, tl 1 1
iiienl and remliid M.i.r,elcs thai
Ills MMClM riiilld hnve been dove!
nped his energy expanib d '
chinning himself mi an In.n h..
I who h wusn t there I II
thrown on nature, and used nature'
iiieihiid. I'lie survival of (he IttMl
'I'he girlK III the gr.idi are liavin
siime nl their needs met In their
1 1 training classes a nn
the llnard nl Kdilialhui i . Irving nut
thh. veal And II IhiTe Is ally ilulll.'
en ling III any patnm mind as to
the henellcilll results of tills move I let hllll go over tn the ha e
Ml of the High Si liool anv d.o l
(lie week from Iwn (III llnee ami
walcli the gills
While (lie I'hysicul Dlreelor '
ilolug great work and using largel.
the play spirit in her mirk, Inriiial
gymnastics can never uci oinpliahs fo.
children I lie w hide smiled 0M
action Imin then mint: I .otn itn
Which tliey Wllllld receUe Hum pliv
oil ,i well equipped pluv ground
liKAlii: I KM IIKK
What i In you Hunk '
Ale lull sallslled Willi the sllhj.. i.
now being taught in our s, -liools "
What . liange wuiild yuu siig.t1
It uil linoe ideus nil Hie ab.,e
wrile eiui upininiis lur tin- column
l.oST due livet i it Muff on
mad lietween Vule and Ontariu 01
Oiitaiki and rayelle Kinder ple.n
uotity liny Ueavis, W eiser, Idulu .
anil re, cue reward It'll 14
I l.AN'H OKKliK A I' l.i'.
liecember ::nili I y 1 s
NOTICR Is hereby given l(av
luond ' llarland nl Ontario, Oregon
who. on June 5 1 1 1 . ll, made II. mo
stead Kntry. No , fur SW',
SW ', , M tl, SivSK', NW '.SK',
W ', of K4 NK1, KW 14, SI .
NW i, . Se, 14 and N'W g NWIi I
L'4, I'own.ship 17 South, ltunge 4 " j
W illainelte Meridian, lias tile, I
notice of Intention tu make Kin.-l
Three Vear ITooi. i,, i tahlish claim
0 Hie land above described, MtON
Keglsier and Iteceiver 1 S Land Ol
io I .it Vale. Oregon, un the 4th da.
nf Kebruary, 11
(,'laimaiit names as withe---,
licrge C Uavis. James Muv. Juhn
Klliutt, f Heckmali, all uf Ontariu.
The Red Shield reamery Company,
16081610 Western Ave., Seattle,
TuyK Highest Market Price for Butter
fat delivered Seattle, as the market
stands today.
Tell Your Neighbors
Checks and Cans Returned Promptly,!
1: no huiger neiessari to gu Int., t,(, details
.i. .rlldng the practical merlin of the Ford car
every buily knows all alni'H The 1'nlversal Car'
How II g atul i. im I y after day and ywar af
ler year at an opeiatliu- MSMM M small that It's
unnd.iliil This a.lviriisemetit Is to urge pron
MtUft bajTWI t0 place e: ders wltlioul (inlay an the has produced OOBdltlOBI whl, h may Inlerler"
with nnrmal pnnlintioe la a lord car whm
m.ii can get MM We il ke good care uf your or
der get y mil Kind 0 on soon as poHglble
titid give Hie besl in al'ei .mi.i- hen reiiilrei!
UtlllK HAVtta, Manager
Shorty yets a
hunch from
the. Captain
"When you get such
real lasting tobuccu
hutisfiiciion from a
small chew," suys
the Captuin, "it
can't cost tiny more
to clicw this class of
Good taato, amaller
cliew,longcr life is what
makes Genuine Grave
ly cost less to chew than
ordinary plug.
H rut It:
fur kttilrl urn ihtmtml ptmf.
Peyton Brand
Plug packed in pouch.
How Gould He Do It?
A certain well-to-do YOUDjJ business BMUI
tailed ut a bank the other dav and asked fol
a loan of $500.00. Thr hanker prouipth
ti-ok his personal note for the amount.
Why could he do tins i- Simply because
SS a young man he coiiunenced doing hu
mess thru the hank. He had learned earlv
in life that the hank could help him in nianv
ways and the hanker learned that this
young man was a sticker and could be de
pended upon. In fact each had learned to
stay by the other. Young men, there is a
lesson n this for you. Start now doing row
husiness thru a good bank like ours. Stav
by us and we will stav by v.,u.
First National Bank