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tttartu i&rgtts
The Ontario Democrat
NO. 7
ROOM'K ntltlu Tlos Dlsi-
litHTs ii w I. CUOUM o-
nm i'ou otbh int-
-1 I din thins Held fader 'n '..iv
Which IIimIiiips NiiinIxT of Illicit
op to IteM in Place of Mm Oorj
liiV It.illoiing Is i.iui.i
In place of Hip uhuuI prefuoclor
voting on l In- pun oi n lew inure ivu
InnilciwilPTH. there wire spirited il
. tlou mi i Matey for position
i In. Im.iril ui illnvlorn of Hie BBVerai
Irrigation illHlrli-tH of Milleui -
ly. Kspochilly won thin line In Hi
of tho Wiirmsprlnt,". u .
uf tin- Payette-Oregon H0
In Hip Wiiriin piliiK pii Mi ii ii'
. avo rlHP to evidence of In
, I v , . p. irt ol lllltIM' I:
Ol HIM llllllloV. HITS, HlO II. v III
surgency was about ill Ml n
puiiiip. Humoru have it Unit Hi'
I of diss il Infliction IS ih I
af Iho board to exceed 10
iiuinilii by stockholders in praseal
dttataa to Uociarc iBsMOdlatelj i l
what thoy arc to ih.irgc for w.itpi I
under tho now yHtcin Tim hoai I
MM Hint this run not In tea I
until Hip work Ih i iiniplitpil Md IB
' ilplprmliipil tnul iippiii il hm'iI a.'
. iirnli'ly. no It Ii aald
Anyway, whalpvpr tho cauao, a iih '
: Ml.. caini.ili'.n wiim wugud In whip
i W. Mullcll. Dli'k lluArmoinl m
l.hi, ii I I, M 'ipi.iin wore tho i mull, I
bim oi tho oppuMtion to Hip board
. ii illdatPK, Itox MaritilH. Mm RM
. II .md ' rn McLaughlin ,
An l'.. . gll of IM liallMtllig III"
''resui "'. won uvar tlta oppoattlon
uikliiK tw i uf Hip throo dlroctora, nnd
loxtng tho third hy the nurrow innr
Kin of thro vote.
In the fjrat dlHtrl.'i .MtT.auglill:i
,i.r...Hp, fAMgafgtM ! II bj I DMf
inmiu won vver IIuhhpII hi Hip BMOB
hy to Hj while III Hie Hilr.l
triit ManiuU ilifpuipil MoJI " '
i,i 1 1
l'a)(4lf-iregoii slope
l'p on Dead Ox Flit Interem cent
ernl In Hi election of dlrcctoru fin
ii,,. I'uw'tti -or.'Kon slope Irrigation
dlutrlit. There were nine
dldalea for the three plarea and Ih.
election wu aplrlted The follow. In
were I. , t .1 A. A. OMrMMi Kalph
Itndaera. Jonon Hrown The otlui
pundldateH were CbM I. Inn. L '
"I'ulhertMon. Geo W I.ulllf. Iota
ilurtchl, und Mr Coatx
No OfeMMl la )he'.
There were no contest In Ih" OtT
Imp district and Uie following wi r.
elected: T W (Taggett, Huh !
teiH and Dr. J J Sarazin
Wlllou Alil.i
I Hope und W J l'iniip.v ''
ajaotte atMttera of Um wniow Altei
district The other director the Ar
aaj Bgala1 not leurn.
Hip pIocUdiih lata year were the
first under the 191? law whhli n
IMOM the number of dlreiors from
five to three und permit-' tag dis
tricts to divide the territory into
thre picciiu'lts, or to eleit at I
as they please
County Judge E. 11. Test, tola
phoned from Vale this moraine ih.r
he had called a meeting of Hi" com
tnittee which wus uppointeil to b
Hip Owyhee Project, to bj ball si
the Commerciul club room., in tin
turlo Saturday evening at I o'clock
He Huld that the Vale commute
would be present at that time and
urged that all who were interested
cither directly or merely as well
wisners lor mis seciion oi me cuuu-
' ttueua'
lll.llVIMlhll IM llUH.H.i.M
wishers lor this section of Hi-
llecause of illness earlier in the
teaaoa which Interfered with pum
ions programs and as u matter of
"lit and future precaution tic
women of the Music club have aban
doned their programs for this season
mMPLNTH KM I li:i t.ooiis
W Willi I Hi:i litoss uu
Ontario Chaptei it C Is
hImiii mi iih siiin i of knlted
1 1, i" pat lallj ui wii
Knlttafa who iiiiM' .ui;. of Um i
oonpli ted are urged to bring
iiii'in in i in- win k room hi thai
shlpuiPiil m ii I ' iiiiiiIp ill MM
'i in' aorkera hi tin' room ui"
il"' ulillK lillli' to cnlnlllplloll ol
p.'i l.i linn; ami refugee garments
Tilt' work rooms arc open Mm
day, Wcilimwla.i mid Krldliy af
ternoons mi. I nil w liu i mi BO
y tin 'ii mi 1 1 ; . I ii. ;i isj In
this needed work
Tlio Mm war Ih over IIhh a
mill n gipnl dMl Of work in Ii
iIiiih . mill Hip officer mill wnr!
H hip iii:i'iitly ii'ipii', liim tlic
In i of nil who pan assist
lamps I! IriiHlilt i.r Jordan iillev
Puts Siipi'inp h uedllcr Died of
Wlllllllls lllT IVlllP Mils
Oaf I out. t. ... ..Tll'l I..
to plaM upini tin.' Bervloa Hug
of a r.imii i hi tar which akaagM
n blM n gold Ih that In Hip li'im Mrs
Jortea Valloy, ate roan
.inn... vhlet tkaff inn lam
I'.nwlck paM M OetOBOf Ith, tho
tlu family Jn I roeotTi I Both i
IiIh death llil
Voiiiik 1'i'iiulih , MOM was II' 1" I
B llh Hi" M ii.iHv lint on MmIhI
iiiiii or wouniw laffarad noatb'i nun
in Hip ArRMini.' i.-i;i,ni
whil" i in' poasi oldlar bim all
wim not known In (Miiurlo the ni"in
ban of IiIh taaiUj .i"- pm ihrtar, mi
Rob I'piiwI. I. I 1 1 1 mi Hi-
I.i' al IiIkIi Hi'linol mid tlvln yoar Ii n
aaibafi of the pablle kAooI taoulty
s r vino n viiiiv ti. Ki.i'.i ra
in i ii i um i in: m: v i i;
At Hi.- .ililinul tui'i'linr ol Hi" ' 'II
inrlo N ullonul Um. i l 01 por.iilou I.pKI
hiN .-. i, I'M, bi lile paHnliiK i i
the past year'H work. Hip stockholder)
lor lii" iipw i ii I
Blaatabj . '
.;nui. C it ftal "ii T J !!'
I '. 1 1 1 lll.irknl.: TIip dm i loi '
. ,i ii," WJowtai offloari J i
iiim knii.. pi Ulan fri''
,. . p , loot i I I. BWaStHli
. i. .- pi.- hi.-iit, i'ii IBM! saahlar;
i' c. Dofrooa. and Knrl r.
iii.iic.iiiiiK tin- irowlai
Of this k.'CHmii iiip i"pi i" of the In
stltatloa show iImI Um ii vai
i In Its history Hmih I rofj rtM
llarrj louu. Upturns I'loin
To II.- Assoiluleii In Venluie
IliiililniK IteliiK Henomlcil.
Alinolllliemi'lll Is 111. lie I III: weeli
ttal UM Huston Cufo v. ill open uudei
,i n. Ig muuugi'liu.'iit BSSl 1 l.ursdny
rhi.j BunagomMt iii
M. u, ll"ii and Rial
Kong, ull of , horn ba b0M tlil
I in lor some lime.
I. airy ftaf hM BOOB BOOM I lrom
UM city fag two eai i while he wa
engaged iu Um raatouraiil bu
111 Kiihiu tt IIP ri'lUlliuu i i-i we.'i
and orBunlzt'd the now in
mm i" lake mif Um BmIod
This OMk rpMtti Md !
itb .,!.- baollj aagMod la raaoratlnj
the builduiB which will be tbOTOl)
bverhuuled ami pin ill i '
Khapn I mi UM 're of the tra
ns well as the local puiuii
AWl VI Ml.riiSi; POMPOM I.
Qmiag M Hie fact IhBl no MOTUM
.. ... ...... A .1 .1 i.i....llliL'
I'OUIll I'" .'.fCUICil in" ., ... ...-- m
t the OatariO-NyaM Irrigation com
puny which wc.rf schcdul d I
to (AMI ' I I"' In um 1"
thus U Pimm' ot Ontario, is also
ill with the flu at the present.
Law an IhatM) WTRaoea m with i in
or thseiil in iinj Noetic. I iivr
Sptlli'il I lui ol Court ( mi.
llllilllllIU ( II Use
Tin- laaaarj tana of Um niHtrict
Court riinip in mi nhrupt pikI wIipii
Judgp DaltM Wggs niljourni'il Ho
sessions on TaOOtey The 001 iri
billing raUHPK of whlrh tlmri' vii-
nan) lacloded Hip follow inn i aw(
ol ninny iittortiPyH; IHiipsh of
niiinnrnilH wltnesson and IIIIuiiiiIn.
Mttlamaal or p"inlinR uptiipnipnt ol
i.i inn i botwaaa lit i-nnt i nm of point
lii II union lpliruui M
(Hip Important annoiini OBMl prtOl
to niljoiirnmi'iil Ml Hint of iiotMnn
the cam1 of John llnnlon who nhoi Hi.
ninlrht Attnrney l( W Hwnalpr, Tuph
I wpi'k
p Mum K.iikI Itiinil llltri
run li.i-isl lit Moiilaiin I mill
iiiiiii tT.MM I Mii-ldpin-
Hon Nnnipil
TbS largOSt iBdlvldUul uleol ranel,
piopPity louipl.'lPd III lllltario i.i
limp w.ih H.ul by whi.'li Hi,,
WHIIaiiiH of Hun.'. Montana pi.iup la
to pimHPHHloli of the 2400 BON IMI
Marraj riinili M Hurnt river
Tho proport) ni sold by Um Rath
or ford llron , 11 K and Murk, who
limp owned Um ranch for bill a IV
The ranch whlrh comprises; l'Imi'
serss la one of the bent Htock pro
lea in Baatara Ontoa, Tim aot
rated In M.illniii coUlit, but jusl OTOi
in-line in con... j. map
from Um raaoh ommi Uih amy
Mr. Williams expecls to hrlim u Ida
Iiiiiii Ii of stock In"" Mnuuiiin lOgaUl
or with slock pan baaad In this sec
tion to UM rancli He will tul.e p., -
,i al mih"
The Senior ChMB aajrtj BI Um home
of Miss i. mil" iiixks lust Taajatej
STSalai ill whii lluisn w tin SttMMd
i.''il llinl they hud pnJo,'d Hip
let imu -uie "iitPiiiiK the high
school. Kiuii member ol Hip cla.
hroi their pictures at tho request of
the euiei'tulniiinnt coiumlltee and
these furnished great amusement for
pM-i i one liMiititlful refreshments
ware served In the wee sum' hours
line M nimknlie feature of the even
ing wus thut no low "i sjaosnieii a.
tcinptci to in. -ilk up the gathartag
The girls of the l'lissical I ruining
club enlertulned tloir friends In th"
high school al an old fashioned hard
tune purty Friday evening In the gpm
naiutn Taffy pullliiK and ohl i
lolled dam es torineil Hie am n "lii. m
f (h(, t.w.iin! All declared the
aariJ a (..I'P'ii sttoooss and the lavltad
ure eugerly awaiting the tim.
when iiiitutioii. will h" isiied for
I'oughmun who lormerly at
Mated sahool la PorUaad Mrollod la
UM I''" hmali chf ,.-. Men
Win l.u k Minlic, w ho ail, Mid" I
school ut Yule lui fOOl and M M I
recenll winkcil in AltcliI Shoe store,
ruslt-ned his position and ha
'akin up school work with the S,,pl.
iinore class.
All the teachers ure now buck after treatment for his thumb which he in
i., I of 'I" i" being absent on B j jured by running a piece of BtMl I
. .unit of Hi" llu During M lt
ili.-nc Mis, Mii Ilinghani look I qj lls i,.M , ,,. bagfllal lusl
, hurB' Of bgg Domestic Scipih " btelyaajj a'tef being u putii'iit aorg f"i
Art Claj some time
Uegardlug the llu siluution as BM j Mrs A T Christlunsen and bub.
uaotad wilh alietidam i- in C"
Supt DO (.oris that only on"
olU o, ,,w. Motoro tal M UslMBM
r (;iI has pupiu , Khooi ,,
'" '"' '"I""1 "' ,his """",i"" wlM
Z-m.-, lu ,,prove
muu voi, oh. situ nk a ,as orguuu
..... o . .V.
..I Ml liicieii" elMBM in Hie grail"
achools, the name of the BfgaajMtlM
being the Modern Heulth Crusadirs
This was done under the direction of
1 ( Continued on page 2 )
IIihIpi I Iiiiiiiii of lniu,nlloii Colli-
ioIiiin', In IImmiii IIIIui.i 4 'oio-
jfgaMI (.hIIukIipi on lrrl((a-
lion onniiiilp mill Law.
Ur InIoiik.
MiilliPiir niiiniy HolonH. SeiiHtor
JiiIIpii A Hurley nnd Keprenentntlv
I'. J (lallnsher dri-w lortunntp imu
tnlttpp iiNNlKiiments iircordltm to ;m
ateaoaaiaatfl from teloai
teaator ffarloy is ehatman of ii,p
, Senutp h Irrls'itlon CommlttM, sad Oil
the IliRhway ponimltipp. Itpprpspn
atlve CnlliiRher Ih b ineinlipr of the
MoiiHP lommittop on IrrlRHtlou nnd la
ii niPinlipr of the ioiiiiiiIIIpp H It
vIhIoii of H'p l.awx
II" id" HhIciiIiik to M aide ad
dri'sr. ol (ioMTiioi Witliypomlip lln
ISRlHluture has ratified Hip rfattoaal
I'rohlhltlon AiiiPiidiiipnt and Klarted
nillon toward curhlnR Hie I W V
and llnlilipvlkl pIpiiipiiIh in thl
iii'.iiimii oi i uf ury aiiiioioiio'ii i
w.i ioMMirn:i: NAMKD Ti
III i.r itniisr OWYHRK rito.u i i
Upoi'Kp lIuiitlllK i urtey ol 'Vale l.u I
week named the loinmlttpp to rppii
Mem Hint I'Miiiiiiiniity In the united of-
lui t in iiihnni Hi M 1 1 Ml ""i "
II, (IwiIipp proji'ct for wlili-h in". I
In k nun held Tteatel nlRhl of Iiih)
tt,,,,K l""' "' ""lar.o. i no fan
niiipp iii.nip.i is wupii.t.
(!"" McKlilKhl. A UNA Q I
WUdtatal and Ml Clltl
IllXllltlls Hilt nUM IN Till VIS
As a gurnerer f fines I'ollce JuiIkp
(' M SteuniH broke records In n
iiiiim ilurliiK 1 !' I s In ii In- 12 BlOathJ
jiihi punseii Um OHj Traaaary aai
"in I. -lied by UM muiii of li(7. received
thru the fines route uh coiuIucipiI bi
I the Judge This surpasses ths r
,- M,.(for,, tt ,-ity several times Im-.
,, ,lou 0llir ,)llt (,. , imiUmM
,ul, ,lis ,,lH ,ore lawless churucleii
for the number Of cases heard hy I'm
respeitlve police Judges w m..n
times greater In Mediord than in 0b
tarlo linn h lions per Bffaaj were
greater here, perhaps wtiil" the iimm
age levy per aaraM convicted lui"
was considerably higher, us tin
tIKKU Kits Wll Mill TOltH
ill liltM AIUi l. t HUM V
Ail oi the tormer glrBOtOI
reelected at the annual PMBtBBl of
(In l-irst National Hank corporal mil
on Tuesday, ; I which the offtoan
reported the lggest e.ns huslliess
In the hlatoii af UM hMl under
its present management. f
rectors are: A I. fockruin. H Ii
Co,k rum. Mtb Kttu t'ockrum. -t. H
Cockriim mid iiiMin: Turnhull
The old Mllliei. A I. rockiuili,
president ; T Tumbull. Vice liesl
dent; II H ClMBTBBI. aaahlori 0 W
IMatt, Atst. Cashier wen- reelciteil
ami it m Parry was al a alaotte
i aul cashier.
Lloyd 1'ennlngion was able to re
turn to his home in Vale last 'linn
day after iccclttug tu-utment tof M
Injured unkle
Mr. und Mrs Half) ROI MM Of V..I
are the happy parents of u baa) daOfb
ter born Thuisduy Junuury 0
0, ii H.iini arai raaotvM al Um
pitul Kriduy to receive medical trcal
ment for Illness.
P Holland returned to his bOOM
iu Krultlund last week ufter receiving
daughter returned to their honm in
Ontario Tuesduy.
Mrs. Arthua Price, who was u i. In
ii,,,.,,, putlent here, left the same da
r"' f '"'""' '"
Melvin Herry of Welser. MOtbS
naiieiii. is ueiiniK uiouk iiiiu uno
. - r
will he able to relurn there in a lew
f Plilllips, whose Iioiim i Bl
I Coeur d'Aleii'', was admitted Taaatel
'at tim iuolution IimshIimI III with the
-v "
Ml I.TIPl.t: Ofl It K HOI HIM
aMa H aaeaog in holding
down n hundi' of offlooa Ontario
I'TH u i anil iilal lor Hip lone 'h
tnncp championship. To thi liM
or Um ArgiiH Boailaatae Claj M
Stenrm wiiiis,. iiuiilllli'iil inns are
Hip following cii ItocMiil'i .
Police Judgp. WiiIpi Colli'ii.u
Sipcial I'olh Pinun, I'nltPil Si
idinmlHsloinr. ami al Hiiiph Is
SecrPtary of the OtatasOfl lal
If Judgp St"iirns took to wrli
inc the Hlgnlficant InlttulM BftOI
his nmiip. KngllHh fiishlon this
would he alphabetical result
C. M. StcnrtiH. C. Ii I , ; W
c : p . r 0 . this la a I
Impnlng array. Is It not'
Will lUlse teaM ItPieillie Hut Hie
I'rltlilpul lib lei I h lo I'loleil
I.m.mI Dogs nnd tiii Itlil ol
I n'IS,H (Iiii-h.
An)ium who pohhi'nhch a good deg:
Bad 'Iiiph mivthlng for It, and H'.i per
cont of dog owners, are in thai
B III he willing for ltn protection to on
courage sny movement Hint i
Its purpose tho riding of tho city of
useless canines, believes Mayor It W
Acting on that belief he bus In
troduced Into the city c until a res
olution which revives heretofore , ,
Istlng dog lawH, and provide among
other things for the payuieni of a tax
on every dog In the city The rule
Is going (o be three dollars tor m.ib
and five for females.
Hefore this ordinance hi mum ii
fnctlve sufficient notice will be given
owners of dogs of no soJm get
rid of them
Will Hiii III si Tnu
"Kvery year, nearlv, in tin pi no
Dntarlo has mi epidemic of dog pels
onlng," asld the Msyor, "usuiill) It Is
the valuable dogs, the dogs that sunn
oue prizes that are the victims, up
patently of the spite thut BOOMOBlS
bus ul the curs that Invest Ho- gftl
and keep folks uwuke nights with
their howls If these uulniuls were
gotten rid id there would lie iii, in
centive for the poisoner, I believe,
und I bat la the best protection that
can be given for the useful sheep dog.
the valuable huutlng dog and tin
prised pet of a futility.
"Anyone wim owns Milch u dog is,
or should be willing to pay tor the
privilege I um Willing myself, und I
liuve nearly ulwuys owned u dog. In
fm t I will buy Iho first tag for mv
dog." f
At the Episcopal rectory of Payette
Saturday afternoon occurred the wed
ding ot Miss Margaret Dunbar, eldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs Duvld Dun
bgf who reside Southwest ol the ttty,
and Clinton f iiow, son af Mrs. K.
W. Trow of Santa Harbur.i, CallfOf
nla, who resided hero until rfOMtl
Miss Helen and Ralph Dunbar, brotl
er and sister of the bride, wen- UM
i.i id, i and groom sm.iii Mr a-il
Mrs. Trow are welknowu iu Oatarifl
mid liolh have been prouiiiieiil in
lodge circles aa well as oilo-i aotlvtl
les. Mrs. Trow gfOB M woiiiauhood
here hoving graduated fnnn the MMgl
high school, tollowlng which she
taught for sometime l.ust year she
was Worthy Mutrou Of Star Chapter
(i I S.
Mr. Trow cume to liuiario win
parents several years ago follow o.
his graduation from the liiln l
Minnesota Agricultural Collafg
Puul He was aKricullurisi for ih
Oregon Wisli in ColOBtMtlOB 00
any und officer of Advanci nnnl It
rigulion ioinpan und the iiutuiio Ad
vaiicciin'iil compaiiv prior to lis Mtrj
into the army lust spiiug He m
lered tho engineer seni" md ;i
attending the Knginecr Ol
Training cuuip wiien M ni aViaahai
ed from the army lust umnlli Ha II
at present Muster of Maria Ud
!' ft A. M , having gate BMOlOd I
that office for the set olid linn- II-
is one of the churler BtaBtbOrg Of UM
. ui t luh and I taken nn
aotlvd inteii t in etvli sffali
Alice Hrudy udds to long list of
stage und lllui success with utirlni;
triumph lu Her ttileut Sacrifice"
DURING six LONO months sim i:
IVaTVKR iimmim:d Mfl
Idem ii billion or lloily as Hint of
I rank M. (.rinin t'onipli'tc Per.
puts I iilfi lulu no Do u bl I unir
il Hn-vlcc 1piI WpiIiipsiIh) ftrr
n.. .oi I i .on MpIIimiII'-I Cliurcb.
The fnlth which Mr and Mm D 0
OrtfflB tall for sl long tunulhs of an
guiHli, following the drowning of
their Hon I'm iik. on July 21. thai the
body won I urd-
pil Monday afternoon Al Hint time
Mr Urlffln was untitled that a group
of boys' had locstod tho emaiinted re
main uf n buy on the liankM of Snake
river a few rmlH from the point where
the Malheur rlni .iiIith the larger
h( renin
II" B7l BI I" ih"
w here be had boon PrOOOdOd h l'i
It u I'm. nor, who had beoiv
Milted of the discovery previously
on viewing the body Mr. Urlffln at
once dei lured it that nf his sou. The
Idontlllputlon was loni'.niipd by the
remnants ot a pair of overalls thai
tho hoy won- n the fatal HWlinlng
party, which were still upon pm
of Hip bod) Idki'wisp the father
was ubp to identify the teeth as those
of Ills son.
liie I.n.l i iik of the body "nded a
search which Um members of the
i.unih ooattaaod aaciMilafrti for
many weeks following the drOWatSft.
and which I ln renewed repeatedly
iliice lu UM iindvliiu hope that the
waters would lurroatet their vlctltn
lu this smirch man; people
aaslstaiic, divnr'H iiilt was sent
for end brol hero from Montpeller.
Idaho, and V. W Hill IIHuIp "
di'iPiitM Into the -.wlft runni.. Ml
nut. without results The river wan
dragged and boat i .rtles scan
the ahore foi mllw II I
Um ii.idv
RgfO DfMOMg lb"l
iiic ho,l was first seen by a part
ot hoys Frank Van I'etten. Dick Ad
am und Milo Wright, who on S I
.l.u ulteruooii were huiitliik- ni Ci"
low lands mar the mouth of UM Mal
heur They did not lurry Ioiik ' In
N UfOtO tlndr hud but report"! it t"
their purcnts on laadaj aftoraooa
1 . .in Piiieii .md i I Dickaou
weiii to the si en" i investigate mil
"iiiilliined the bins report. They lu
turn untitled Coioin r Puyne who was
unable to go to view the Md) until
Monday afternoon It was then licit
the Hriffln fatiilh was i. oi. hod
1'iiin'iai .iv i . sore bald . i
day ufternoon from the Methodla
lsc,iial church. Id v Win l.u . "Ulb"
"tfli nliiiK The pall I" il
n from meliibers of the I i
clasa lu High School who were class
mutes of tin- In Hi. in. mm
gataoJ bisl v
Crank ililllin diowned while)
wiiniiilng Willi n group ol
July It, two mlhs up the river fron
the point where the body wus found-
Itiuk to be OpeuiMl This Wi.-k In Can
Held IllllldlllK 11) A. 1.. MrlKilvi II
anil buries A. . Hmitli.
Out ii lo vvill have a m a
of enterl. lining III "Il I lii - BiBl
roller k.iiiii' rink will h" OpagB
Sitturday night lu the Can Ibid hull,
i Idaho .iv,
mi. i'iie iiianugor.s of the new ii
ItltUtlM BOMrdlM " auliouiicemofj
which appears glMWbeie in llii.s i'
sue will he Couniilinan A. L. M
, Dowell and haxlM A. A. Smith p
The building is being prepur
for i - stators aod tta 'km
joipected to uriivo touinriow fret
Salt l.'ik" und everything will
ready tor I he (in'.ud Opening San
day evening