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The Ontario Democrat
NO. 42
vi utto AND m limn niw m-
CJ Ouvlnimn
Krank Kader ami j
How Balance Will
Come Willi. ml
lrlvi wKJuuiM will
He KM) i . -iu Voluntary.
Dragging alowly, apparently hinder-
d aomewhat by the "Peace" stone i
In the ilHlly pa pen. Ontario I still
17.000 from lt 1111,000 Fourth
liberty Loan qutoa.
Malheur county, however, la aafely
rithln reach of Iti 1417.000 mark
villi M Derm 1 1 l he only precinct yi
hear from. In the previous loan
Irlve McDermlt subscriptions have
til gone to Wlnnemwecn, Nevada, but
County Chairman, J. It. Hlackaby ha
that a portion of that subeerlb-
by Malheur realdeea near the Ne -
lada line will be anting, where It
donga, here In Malhenr county
Prank Rader. local abalrmen and
in committee worked from p. in.
landay afternoon Uttl p. m. that
light checking r the pledge with
Ike rating card and foend teat a
lumber of the potential aubeerlbera
tbl dlatriat have net yet pladgd
Ihelr further faith hi the government
iy sahscrlblng to the K-aetn Ubertp
in. Among the mlaatng card
i ere tboae of men rated tor rainy
irge aubacrlptlona, which If they ar
Ived will practically complete the
Ihurlcts qutoa.
Among the corporation! repreeent
k! here which placed subscriptions
thru Ontario banks was the Hiand-
krd oil .oiupany (or 15.000 the East
ern Oregon i-ssa company, me vm
kon Lit Insurance company thru Its
lent H. C. Scheppell. the Nation!
Itscult Company, and the arent
I median and tb American Alliance
lis last named subecrlptlon has not
an received but a wire reclvd hyj,,,, imittn thanking Mr. Kleael
P. Taylor, local agent IndJeatee
tiat th company will apportion a
rt of Ita 13,276.000 purchase to
m-h city In Mcr It Is rapmawnted.
Th local oommlttee haa been
tan hliig th returns of subscriptiona
sly and seeing thst thr district
gradually approaching Us qutoa
iith volunteer subscriptions In hop-
list it will not be necessary to stage
drive. For that reason the drive
landed for Tuesday was called off
id now the committee want to have
hitarlo district listed as oue of IM
immunities that raised Its quota by
rely subscriptions on the cltlsen
The committee Is also determined
report to the State Council of le
inse all ilelenquenle.
dees la hatgltoli to Preeont
Assastsd sVjr Mshirvi of
Htgti Krhool Karulty Krlday
Kvewtssx Oetuhsr IN
The Parent-fTearlxera' nnwciaiton
II hold an evening session Krlday
ilng October 18 when (be Jnt
gllsb class will present a playlet
trodudag folk dances and folk
I. That pa-t of the program U
charge of Mrs. K. H Taylor, who
had charge of the Hugllsb depart
tt stair school opeaed
Miss Vlotorlt rilsnks. of the fsiMjiy
other members will alee eontrlb
aumbers on the program
the feetere of th gathering will
address delivered hy W. W
ou the snblact "The Imnort
ef t'o-onnrntkfn and Correla-
f th School and the lion
lanlat In the defraying of ex
of the aaeoctalhya during the
It her small admittance re
eunrge or a silver wUegrtes
I'recsedlng the 0To-
wUI br a bur'taes
('II No. 1110, five limited service
men will be entrained during the to v
(ley period beginning October 14th
(or Vancouver Har.-aiks Vancouver.
V.irh., Spruce Production Division.
The following named registrant will
reKrt to thl board on October M'li
at a. m.
Jacob Peter Hill. Jr , Ontario, Ore
gon; I. lord Kennetl' Johnson. Qrwal
Pall, Mont., 307-5th 81. 8. W ; Wil
liam Munro, Oranlti , Oregon, Clo
fiyi.d Bros.; Marti.i c.irnellua Holt
en, Belllnghum, Wash.. 1108 Don
ovan Ave.; James (')lnton Starry,
Vala, Oregon, R. F. 1)
Two additional call for recruit for
1 army service have been Issued thin
wee. Call 1470 require four men
to report for aervlce at Fort Mac
Arthur. California. They will re
pot for Induction Into the army at
Vale on Monday October Zl at a. m.
The menordered to report In thli call
ar: Leroy Lee Hull of Olenns Kerry.
toano; jonn iiooertson or rony farm
i". yers. si. jonns, urr. ana
Rddle J. Powell of Nyss
On the aarae day according to call
147 J the following five men will be
Induced Into the army and sent to i
Fort Hteven. Ore.: Willing Wood
son Jackson, K. F. D. 3, Walaer; Roy
K. Gorton, Csshlon, Oklahoma; Cecil
oren Vllea, R. F. D. t. Parma. Idaho.
Walter Bonaparte
Yardlay, Wetner.
J. Hinton, Imn-
Idaho and Walter
buy was.
Fred J. RasMd Make nm naa (affrr
to Uncle mm Rut When Trjid
how Arcadia Orov Cam la
lo tteijen, Offer la KeJeilrU
a It ho It was offered to llm I Bam
frM , Ua timber could serve the a-
t0na cause, the precious grove of
black locust st Arcadia will not be
cut for when lb government ship
plug officials learned how the grove
j came Into being the patriotic offer of
Fred I. Kleael was rejected. i J
Wentworth district supervisor for the
lulled State Shipping Board, Km
ergency Fleet Corporation declared In
tha situation doe
not warrant
Hag such a grove.
The story of the effort on the part
of the government to secure the trees
waa told In tha Ogden 'Examiner .
,n1 Ua rMU(, wll he good news to
,,, p,, f ,),( section, to whom
nm eu,tu, of (lle grove would be a
aeraoaal loss for hundred of resident
of ,n, ouon annually anloy Ua
shade. The Kxamlner tell the storv
jaa follews:
Having received au Inquiry from
the I ulted Stat shipping board yes
terday a lo the price he would t
'for a thr acre grov of black locust
tree on his ranch sear Arcadia. Ore
gon, Fred J. Kleael of Ogden Imme
diately responded that while he con
sidered the grove prloelea and It was
cot for sal. "If th government needs
tt for ship construction it U a differ
ent matter and I gladly lander It for
audi use free of charge. '
The tree not only form a apUndld
shelter for cattle during storm.
! oat her. serve a a wind break for
farm property and general shade dur
ing th season but from the grov
utilised by people for picnic purposes
In th summer month. For thirty
year the tree hav bean carefully
nurtured in the desert, it having takea
(bat loug lo develop them. The letter
received yesterday morning by the
Ogden man follews:
"We understand that you have
about three acre of black lotuxt
tree near Aredate, Oregon The ma
terlal ia badly needed at this time for
the mjgufnotnr of tree nails used In
wood ship construction and If you
care to dispose of thee tree or aay
number of them, w woeld be glad to
have you write stating price and when
materiel eould be obtained "
'.its letter, Mr Kissel responded
aa follows, wrltlag to 1. J Westworth
district supervisor of th V. 8. ship
ping beard, l'ortisad, Oregon
"Replying to your fever of th 4tu
Instant, woeld nay that th small
grove ef sleek ioanst tree which w
have on onr farm at Arcadia fct the
creation nf thirty yenr work in the
(CoaUnesd on Fngs . )
Iff UMD unDK mhuf
Bcren MoHtlee Kngaged In Work for
Army and Navy liilte In ("a
('iiwio for Fund Needed
Will Hlmillfy Work
Those institutions which are fur
nishing our soldiers and sailors with
.... si. ... -. ., -
vuii ui iiiv lumiurin n iiwhiii mrm
nearly out of funds, declares, W. W
Wood. Chairman of the united war
work drive for Malheur county, In an
nouncing the coming of that effort
for next month. t
He further explains In a commun
ication to the Argus how the drive la
planned. He says:
"Seven sc cities have been united
for this drive, they ere: the Y. M. C.
A., the Y. M. C. A., the K of V . It
Salvation Arrajr, the Jewish Welfore
Board, the American Library Board
and the War Camp Community Ser
vice. The total amount to be raised
In the nation I about 1170. 000. 000
The quota for Malheur county haa not
been announced.
"Having bee,n appolntokl County
Chairman, while 11. C. Batatham will
be chairman for the Vale district, we
ask the public to aaslst u In every
way poaelbl. Committee will be
appointed to take charge of the work
In every precinct In the county.
When the cotnmlttee receive
their appointment, thee should
promptly organise and plan their
work. The State Chairman announ
ce that he I planning an Intensive
advertising and apeaklng campaign
Tha data of thla campaign and the
amount of our quota will be announ
ced In a few days When the time
comes let us all pull together and
put Malheur county over the top With
a rush.
Present tire Fen fnlokralinsi H
Here Haeday Hervrw (ban Uoed
Farpoae Hhows How (satanto
rwets Concerning Hsss
Ontario got excited lst Sunday
morning ovr th "Peace" stories in
th daly papers, ard proceeded to
have n mluia.ur pane panada and
celebration. Hat even In the excite
ment Ontario did not lo It sense of
proportions when tt cam tlm for
pIIam Mwa want 1a Its fssllss Iasb.H
. k. .
the Kaiser and hla Crew In clear cut
telegram to tha While House which
declared emphatically that, "and on
conditional surrender" Is the only
point from which to start pen dis
Short talk were made at the cali
bration, if a liberal tin of that be
justified, by Mayor W. F Homan. who
presided and by County Chairman J.
It Hlackaby of the Liberty Loan com-
iiifllM Hull. fc .lai'lsre.l
that thl. wM not th tlm. to P' " ' R'Dh B J"; "'""
peace, but to continue working for whom worked ,.,, the ranch with ,im
IV lillil.le II K Stewart. J K
completion or Ontario quota or tin-
Fourth Liberty Loan, and ,r
allied armies, and to the Jaadars of
th. government to mak. po. ,.:
Following the, addree it was
determined to convey to Washington
Ontario's sentiments regarding the
u- aiaaaa .hi. ait . u.i.. .
-d I. .1.. . ,.( assk.ll, nreilsal.
again., entering negotiation, whl.h
th rot Oerman government
gathered volume from the Pacific to
(be Atlantic cua.t.
Med (toss fhavtar Junteir OsmsIs on
in tkreVr ,leH Or-
khsve uax. Haa
Anntker Bed Croa atlotuiuut wa
BOgktletrsI thl week whew the oom f
mluae ennaistlng ef Mr. 1- Adam.
Mrs. J B. Blarkaby and Mr
Peterson necked tbe big tilpmnt of
linen requested for Bed Crow hos-
As in ail lb other driven tor i
oriel Ike people rn hrggjUg
Pi fiTHiUf1 fliDUMDnin
Red (Toe Chapter ami Anxlllarlo.
lnlte In Manifesting Keeling
Kor Nurerers In Belgium and
Northern France
That the call for clothing fir tin-
IifWifils nf llanlg. iim mrA nf Vurl Kern
r r " ""
r niii-f'
met a ready reeponne from the
peopl of Ontario, Nysea, Adrian, Mb!
lett. Boulevard, Valley View, Dead Ox
Plat may be Judged by the fact that
the local committee last week packed
anil shipped 17 huge boxes, contain
ing IISS, (fa groaa weight
of 3351 pounds, according to the
report prepared by the committee.
The allotment .'or this section was
but 3,000 pounds, which was more
than filled. The committee reports
that the garments sNit forward this
time were superior in every way to
those shipped following the first drive
many of th Individual piece being
of exceptional value.
In the preparation of the hlg ship
ment the committee had the generous
co-operation of a number of cltliens:
Aubrey Howard cleaned at leaat 600
pounds of clothing, and William Tay
lor assisted In th nam work. It. W
Jones had over 300 pounds of gar
ments laundered. Special assistance
In parking and draytng waa given by
Nathan Alexander, F. O. Hill, Frank
Brlttlngham and Henry Ortffln. All
of the above
voluntarily contrlhuleH
their sarvlce
BUT W.8.8
t. D. HaaaethsJ Baipleaaa) an Berwick
Wood Kastrh Held t'ndea- Iln ml
l-W AUaafded skMalUnns
mmm mmmmm house when Mrs. Tl arrived there
thla morning It was top) inm
Charged with havlaraald: "Thla lsiThr m hurn, ,,, .,, mr,rywiirrr
a rich mans war;' "We have ao bus-
Held,10 B thw wr-" nd ' ""''
we are cleaning up th Kalserlsiu In
Germany. We had better clean up the
Kaiaerlsm over here;" D. I). Hams
thai, a ranch hand who baa been em
ployed at the B. B. Wood ranches for
nearly a yenr wa placed under arrest
by 8. F. Pane, deputy United States
Marshal. Monday afternoon. II was
glvsn a hearing before United Stale
Commissioner. 0. M. Stearns. Moiuls
evening and Tuesday,
thai waa held for appearance In th"
Federal Court He waa given his lib
erty on the poatlng of a 1X50 cash
' '. ' .
bond. Thla was furnished
Th hearings wer more or laen In
(formal W. W Wood appeared for
'the defendant and W R. Lee on be
half of lh local Couucll of Defense,
examined the wltnesaea for the gni
The allaged utterance wer said o
have been made on August 14, 1 IM.
In th presence of J C Dun. an au I
hi on,M. H. Duncan, and again l'i
" "Id"
"""" "" "
" "d "" ,"'',f ,,',, ""
badleve him a disloyal . Itlxen ami tha
d b ood 1-""u" d "
lndUtrlou eiUangv
i " ' ,ll 'I'aptrr furillsl.eil
nir share of the
; "nmnt Ju.t ssn, forward, which rr
-.k.a. till all n klHlAfLI
preeenis a.x.ui sw wui.. ... ....-..-
there were the following
0 sheets, 43 napkins. M
kerchiefs, 170 hath towels and 110 1
far towels
Th alloiineui of refugee garments,
lotallns 414 ilreaae ere forwai
irceiill) unit thl Icavea Mtj
tor .i.nkliiK- i finished ami
the local ( huptrr will liave ri
iv order given it n.
el Inn
A. i
McDowell aaad J. M. hV
Mi neiiklhh Mnrke i
in OMlartu Males to
Be Twice Monthly.
Wktb the sjnawiag of
in I ininiai
les hits doc while
Joe Bcholes, who has charge of the
signals along the O. 8. L In thla ter
ritory I carrying bruise on hi face
that give the pparance of a lively
fight Th appearance are deceiv
ing for Joe' trouble Is due to the fact
that he hit a dog on the railroad
track while running his gasoline
peeder. That Mr. Scholes was not
more seriously Injured, he attributes
purely to luck. However dog tres
passing on te right-of-way have lost
one friend for Joe I "off n dogs for
i , nijY VSR , ,
K. H. Te.l Home RurKlartewl lly (are.
lean Individual Who Hc4m Him
self to Pie ami Npllla Many
While V. II Teat was oul of iln
city Wednesday night Mrs. Teat went
to spend the night st Met home of her fact that no petitions nre circulated
nn. (i II Teat and thus an excellent 'and no Individuals filed their inlen
opporl unity waa affonUr a leisurely Hon of running for the offices prior
burglar to get away with several val- to the date of closing such filings,
uablea left In th house with th (ounty Clerk, accord Ins lo
Tha Jlmmv man took hie lime Aft-1 the laws, which require that all iiiun-
. nr rum Imi r lit - Ihrii mil f Kan ilrawara
" - ..,...
In the lulu..- he selected Iravalln
bag with It contents, a aavlnga bank the Stat and Congressional of fids'
with Its nick las and dlmee and a fw are elected.
other valuables, bul scorned three When the Mayor, W. F. Homau
watches that lie had evidently ex- learned from County Clerk Moody
amlaed that no uomlnallons had heeu mails
After getting all he wanted lo take
way ha iinn ee.led to heap himself
to what there was lo eat in the lie
box. where he found among other
gs pie. which he evidently en
Th visitor hss not a tidy Individ
ual, Judging bv tha appearance of th.
for Mr nurRr ,, darknea.
'rather than ibe light
, Tta .... ,lrd r- -. hoswabreal.
Ing that has oecured In the North ml
of th city In reent weeks sml ihi
similarity of the work .lone leads the
officials to believe thai someone who
knows of the movements of rssldaut
al4 ,w.r r ,,,r ,hsnce ,,
ing the work
lax-al VI..I. -km Ws - I.. VI. i
.-lent Html- I ililai viicm
lasral I'i-miii Vacka Ksierienci
Hut mr (.ainr.
Ontario High School football
I mi in will mil n the a rnl I run . i-ason
her I'rldsy atii-inooii in a Iwiile wit I
Its old rival 'he l-ui.-ii.- Hath Sehool
' "..
n hi lie
for two teams of wis
I wen, were tliry repreasatlng Ontario
an. I I'syelte in s rolitesl would flgiii
Howi-m r ihe Kami- iht h.
for neither team lis
perleuie The local tram t"
haa the dg l!gMl in weight lm-
inane ii. pra ucaiiv enureiy oi in"-
who hair nut played neiore in--
kre a willing, game huiii-h, ami Hi"
inn make up for Ihe .l.n. -ieuc in tl
CarlJacotiseii of I'syelte and A P
KlSUlaon nf Ontario will lie the oi
In kail I lie followiuii Is ihe llu. HP
which Ontario will present in in
game: i;iihert Dean, fb; Cody Bailor, rh:
in. ill.- Walter, Ik; Dartell iiowswr. o;
Kldun ateneV ""'
i Uad.lun I- .
Henry Kn
j eruon Duller, r
Salae company, it appealed for a
time thst Oatarlo was lo lose It ea
tabUbd monthly selss but this will
not he th on. Instead It wll hnv
wnil monthly ssla ia plan of
iily salsa
Thus becatu known tbl week sml iua I in Nauipa
wben A I. M lloweli of thla tt snu nt I W .h
J M Hwaaaon of Payett oom plted Dr H H. Whltnay Is about aguln
srrangemeals for th ssu.blUka.aai after anvera aiiaik of ion1ltti
of the otarksi here kbere they will' 4k
hole a sale am seek aenond and H. D Dormaii was ...
lonrtl. Saturday el sat-h meath
miMi to ovkrbk;':
.i ROM.
i its i.m woo i ii i
Mayor and Hlx ( ouni Itmeii anil City
Tveaaurvr to lie Helerted for Term
of Tvtu lain Kuril Is Matter of
On Monday O. to her II a caucus of
the votera of th.- city of Ontario
will be held at the city Mall foi 0M
purpose, of nominating a completo
municipal ticket
Thla cauous is held lines use of the
l.ln.1 ..fflau al, . I I Waa lllaa.l mt I . aa
,.,,., aiaaa -.. .. ...
General Election in November when
I he aeugl.t advia as to means of pre
venting lane In tha election of of
finals anil waa Instructed that At
,iorny Uenerel Browu had ruled Hit
nominal loea for eily officials rulght
ihi made on isperat ballot from that
uaed for State and County officials.
Thla he reported to th city Council
let It sweat" u Mondsy svonlng
With thl vnu open th City
Council ueiermlnvd to ceil for nom
inating caucus to be held Mondsy
.br 31. Ah thst caucus noni
Inallona will be made for Mayor, six
coancllman and s Hy treasurer.
-men elected will serve for two year,
under th new law
According lo their expressed stsi.
'men la at various times none of lb
present off hlsls as v. i w llali
trsssursr. dsalrea re-elecllou ao that
Ontario mat sc h roniplate change In
Ita city government unless some nf
the present Incumbents can be
vailed unon to serve.
There ngejnji in he no mad scriiiiibl
fur Ihe offi.ei- ,.ii I I .MI .i..ih.
hs a case of the lob" hontiiiK for men
to holil I lie-in rslher MM for ma
hunting tha Jobs
in W4U
I .i - i. i i..lni lb. Ma I
On Trndri as IihIh I
llrliltiis i ill.. Have
I ..Urn lino tin t.i
train ' uniiiiu run ' n pa la Hi
III K l .ill I. - . i Weill
ling al'u.i 1 o clock lie tnlsaod
Ilia fireu'Rii, a losing 11111 in
ipeoa. The en okd bail,
mi II.. i. ( niln
before be hail l
down i oal, and hi ' '
I'll.- Kali.
backed up um I
ed where the rnnng i-an h-i I.. si
been seen sen tr- of him
louid be found A search a
tuted wlilch istfil all day -nut
rt i - BOM . I ill-
Has had fallen lei
Hie only theory U i
in his total disappear
is that he lost Ills fooiius ng
coal pile while Ihe engine B -tug
il.n bridge sad had (allni k4 Ho
liver and drowned
rttiu.paon Is den. r I bed us I.HHK S4
year of ge, short of stature and ul
lighl oiiiiplesloii H was marrl -d
hnaga th first of th wsh by win