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I f& I fm
The Ontario Democrat
NO. 41
LflfVl 1
John Hal-tang of Hnifan Ma.b Kiain
ptc nf hy Patriotic ( l(l.n of the
Houor-wlnnlnK t '..miiiunlt) IN Ta
ken to Vale Whrrr Mr repent and
Hu) !....." Coliimuiilt) Aroiixfsl
John Harttog, a rancher near Hr
ffan was the guest at patriotic Liberty
Bend pk.l; staged ot thai town laid
Friday evening. He came to the par
ty on a apccfal Invitation extended hy
group of cltlxcna who called at hi
home after ha had gone to bed.
HarUut waa solicited by a com
mitter of Hrogan oitlaen Friday after
noon during their Liberty lumd drive
and he re fussed to discuss the matter
with them, until one Of their number
auggeated that If lie continued to act
In that way IiIh motive might be mis
construed This arouaed hla Ire anil
he demanded an explanation, saying:
"What do you mean- Do you think
1 am a pro-UermanT"
"We will have to draw our own as
elusions for we know you can afford
to buy bonda."
This proved to much for Harttog.
(or he then declared that ho woul.l
buy no bonda. He weal furtln.r than
that. He declared: "I dout know
tl. at we have a government." and fin
ally aald, "I dont know that the kg
of the Cnlted Hla ten are worth any
thing any how."
The committee then lot lilm I'wt '
when the people altout town leaned
of tte Incident during tha evening J
they determined to nrlnc llsruog to1
n accounting
A party waa soon organised which
at once proceeded to the llarts
ranch where they found lilm In bed j
Seeing the determination of tin- nun
who called on bin llartxog. wig a
large part of his clothing. ac. ompat
led them to Hrogan Barouta tht
salon stopped at a ranch iimix l
where a pair of overalls we secured ;
for the shivering man. Hy this
liatxog had begun to repent and wasjbe lil uk, ,.hl,ri, of ,, wr ot nlr
willing, when Brogan waa reaohed to I nallo111, hi stortegl
subscribe what the committee thot he.
ought, bat the men would uot enter
his name on the Urogau roles.
Some of the more ardent -plriu
wanted to administer a eoat of tar aud
feathers, but the i
vulled and the crowd was swtlefled by
haarina many preaent tell Harlaog In
plain KngllNli. Juki wnai niey iuui o. ,
hint, and also of the determluailon to
Mini him over to the County aui
itios for further action
.riff Brown .ommui
with and he instructed the urogan
man to bring tbe reoalcltrant .'Mien
lo Vale the next day by it time he,
h.d urn a new IlKlit aud wa a an-1
,lou t mself ao that with i
- n ii,o nart of the
lllliv wiw.wm w" ... r---
uff ha subscribed for a $100 I
and prouitased to be good in the fut
ure. Thar tha matter waa dropped
J. A Kennedy and Tom I-ogan of
tbe Hrogan oho were tu
Ontario Saturday and reported the In
,,i declared that the people in the
dieirlct have loug been lncoBsed
at llartiogs attitude which haa been
anything but loyal He ha never so
far aa la known, even taken out a mem
liendup In ihe Had t'roait; and
known to have secured more than hla
allotment of sugar 'The peope
re have decided that su.
will not be tolerated la iuua-
Uy and si "g haa been o
the. moat reaiateni ofteuders It waa
time that an example be set.
are any more like htm in G
ir there
Mruguxa aaakoa Mo..
A, , i the .ouu
m'b record of '
over auhacrlptl.
the Pourfh Liberty Usb With i
quota subaci
log $.8o0 were rocalvae.
man Kennedy paid diet met eomylt
Principal Evtnit ef the Week
Briefly Sketched tor Infor
mation of Our Reader.
With a student body of more than
1000, the Oregon Agricultural college
opened Monday for the fall aemealer.
The Sherman county aae lasment
rolls for tbls year show an aeeeaeed
valuation of 11.76.ltv. Last J-r It
umounted to $6,153,140.
Clearings of Portland banks for the
week ending Saturday totaled $30,
61M06.S1. compared with $16,002.
072.7$ for the corresponding week of
laat year.
Conrad V. Olson, of Portland, waa
appointed associate Justice of the su
preme court by Governor Wlthycembe
to fill the vacancy caused by tbe death
of Justice Frank A Moore.
Burning out five brldgeo. a forest
fire east of Gates atopped traffic on
the Basle i n and Albany Detroit branch
of the Southern Pacific. It required
nve days to restore the line
Tbe Food administration has author-
ised District Representative Houaer.
at Portland, to grant inudiriiaUons of
the j.iu storage rule so aa to permit
storage of grain up to six months
J. 1J. lirnwa, who was certified aa
the nominee of tbe National party for
representative In congreaa for the
third district, has filed notice of his
withdrawal with Secretary of Stats
The state board of control haa ap
pnluied Mrs C T. Moorse, of Salem,
aa sup' t of the Oregon acbeol
mind Mrs Mooree Is the wid
ow of the late superintendent of the
The Oregon Poultrynien's aseocta-
....... . .
tlun will mot a fund to provld for
labeling egge produced by members of
tne association, tnersny guaranteeing
vhvii iuaiif wnrs mry pic ipiaaaw vs
Use market.
Twenty-els yeere of houerable and
faithful service to tbe state of Oregon
on tbe supremo bench came to a cloee
when Justice Frank A. Moore died
at Salem after a long lllneea. He waa
74 years old
Dugald I'aninbnM, of Kugene, hi ought
aim kg town In
au automobile and sold It for $MV.
op wee 246 pounds of pepper
mint oil, which be ralaed and distilled
on his place north or Kugeae.
Tbe Hood Klver Irrigation district
has made application to the atale Irri
gation securities commission to have
$167,000 in bouds sertrTlad BMkM the
slate law. Tha purpose Is to refund
an outstanding lesne. and reduce lanes
1i Joeeph Schafer, profaeaor of his
tory at tbe I'nlverslty of Oregon and
dtan at tbe sumasar school of the agjj
versll) has left for Waablngton. whei
i he Medftord Irrigation iilmiict bond
mIIi . I iii 146 Miica tor to
'.- agalust bouds In the uiu or
.'ion or the work
jon the i i. proje
::u.uiiii aorva or ihe ueht farm land In
j the b.uit or the valley,
Through Joint action of the
council and the chamber or ...
a cleanup campaign waa Inaugurated
in North Beud and Monday every reel
lty cleaned bla premises
and the streets adjacent ui bis prop
erty of all rubbish had accumulated
In response lo represent aiioun sul
pjltted by aWnatar MrNary in behalf
of Oregon
Wool adim
w aronring mills, the
aid that Ofiajao
pioducire are free to have their aool
aeeared In Oregon It they ao deatir
under regulatloaa adopted by the gov
The Oregoa state fair last week was
g record breaking . i push Ion In many
waa He.. ng weather ear-
rounded the state show from start to
finish. On Thbi .idauoe rec
ords of fair history were smashed
hen more than 64,000 people entered
the grounds.
ergeaut Major Frauk I lirut .
tbs list Canadians who assist ed !
in in tbe campaign by making ad-
at Broga and t'ake aad in
I al (he Itainhow mine, where'
Ihe., Weut g
Hrugau Ut b
i James Mmnvi - listed t
i f or $fo0 aad who bought 7,004)
aiaktgg him Hie largest
dividual subscribe in tbs oaoot
far reported la tbe third lose
, lag-ait aubeerlber waa a restdeo'
n Valley.
W. K. Ttiompaon Hit. MarmhaJ
With Whl.k.i Bottle Marahaa
Hhoota Thrice Halt Kails to
Hit Hla Owarrr
W. E. Thompson cobbler used a per
fectly good bottle of whisky, worth at
current bootlegger orlcea, at least $8
as a weapon of attack upon Marshal
Marlon Jones, last Friday night when
the Marahal attempted to arrest him
for having the liquor In his possession
According to the Marshal's story of
the affray, he saw Thompson walking
north on Oregon street with two tery
auspicious looking bulges under hla
coat. He followed him until he over
took the erstwhile shoe man by the
Modern Oarage, there he demanded
the boose. He got, nut not as he nun
oted. Instead of quietly sorrow-
, derlna the Honor. Thotnoaon nailed
I w - w ,
one of the bottles from his pocket and I have the preliminary work completed
hit the officer over the bridge of hlsL, ,n ronMrucon ,, , r,hed as
,,. hrulnlng thst member snd for'W)0n ,, ,, Mw,r plD- (,,, to ,r.
the. time being blinding him. lrVl. ,,rk w) hr ftntahod In a
The marshsl of course resent, this ' ,)r, , , ,, ,u a,:,de will be j
attack and retaliated by open I Be. up a L. mo(,r0y equipped as any part of
fusllade on the retreating jBomp- ,0ntsrlo With the completion of I
son. The first sho went p. hnd' .,, ngtm practically all
on nccnunt or the people on e street
... . . .-
the officer had to with hold hla rare
until he chaaed his Quarry Into the
open street near the Kroeealn bargee
shop. Again he missed his man, knd
again the fear of hitting an Inoooant
hy-etander prevented fnrthar nee of
the official artillery Hy this time
Thompson had reached the nelghhoi
hod of his shop, which the Marshal
thot he had entered But he found
Instead that he had gone thru the va
cant room of the thrfl Fellows building
Ju,t ,,, h dlswovered this to be tbe
cmM ,n marahal asw his man going
ou, ,. hrll door am loog , last alHN
.i hi... Whether thai hit or not the
, ar done not know for that wee the
last aeon of Thompson. A warrant
was issued for hla arrest on Haiurdsv
and the or ridels expect to apprehend
lilm In s Mhort time
. BUY W.B.B.- -
I.AHT Ml OK HilMlts Itol Ml
Friends here of Harley McCulougli,
who waa one of the popular burksro
at the fair regret ed to learn of the ac
cidental shooting at Welaer last Sat
urday, in which he Is said to have flr
the shot that killed John C t'hesnut.
cousin of Til Aslier of this i
I Mrt'ulloiiKh according to ihe ae
Icoontx of the In. Ideiil, wan p
patlng In the Wild Weal parade suit
like other riders was firing what he
un blank cartrldgea. when) OO
which he U thot to have tired strurk
Chrsnut who waa standing on the side
walk watching the procession he
nul died early this week, nud MrCul
lough la being held for maniaughtrr
The r ninth
of national war
lioi lo "ut five
ut yeavr. Oat a
frirj.UB anai euro.
L dafei. BBSsnBelJBwaSWaJPir- " 1;
AaT aaxejal anw. v.,
kdiaf &M anflana&flu- J& - . '-'L&mi i. . . , Iw-f alnTTI
I I, .-it l.uii, i the first :leiu on tin
in making that pi.Jge
nation b reeonrcao are ggioss. Too 60611 taw of the
.uevu ttoBeiiils oa our eoovertuvg g gbaro of
Fount) 1 abort Baadg. NoUiUuj mora
The loan stiunld be euboeribtid tbo firot day ssd overgub-
aeoad da
Hu Libert? Hotb Uoa't bo Turtle
Worm oa Hawtalde Improvesneat Will
Star at Once Total Figure In.
clBKlkag lateral gJW.OOO
Whole tit j Obt
The last large section of Ontario
wblh now has nc sewerage will be thor
ol ymodern within a few months The
contract for the onst ruction of the
EasteMe sewerage system waa lot at a
special meeting of the City ' itincll
last Monday evening to Chaa. H. Hel
mer, who has Just completed the con
struction of the new water syatem.
The amount named In his bid was
Two other bids were effered: thst
of the J. A. Hnsklnn Co for $$1,000
and that of the V S I'lumblng
Hasting Company for $$$.000
Mr Helmer will start his crews al
..w . . j-..- .a -
I " " w law uay ! vaiivvip w
.,. ...,.. ii.,i .m, ..,..... .,)
i '
a modern water system. There re
mslns but a few small laterals to be
built to have the entlie city covered.
but w.e.s.
A meesage from Mint Faye Clark,
county superintendent of schools, re
county superintendent of schools, re
ceived today tells of hoaor won by
Malheur county boys and girls at the
State Pair at Salem. The county's
booth wpei second In tha Eastern Ore
sWn ivion;i.o i nompaon woo aec-
ond la gardenina: Kuby Bradley of
Owyhee was rirtti In baking and kii
genU I'ralt. alai of the Owyhee won
second In aewlng.
For Sale: Three room house, barn
aad aeven lota. Coat $1,000. Will
aell for $606, on reaaonable terms
Inquire t K W. Swagler Adv 4 llf
but .aa.
MAI.HKt It ( ot N It HOt HUM
OK IM II K.t l flt4.INI
A telogrem was received Toaoday
morning by James Battens who Hie.
between Vale and Ontario, healing
the and a.ews of the death of hla son.
I. man. which oocured Monday nfter-
noon in the base hospital In Virginia
The cause of death whs given aa In
fluenaa. The body will be brol Woat
and will takt place al oil
home of the family In Prairie City
Btawe he entered the navythe daceaa
ed young man waa a mechanic on t lie
battleship Miaaourt.
Us all tor oar dollars our
our giuaority god eriiatiieao
OriVe Now Under Way Ex
ceeds Anything Seen Since
First Marne Battle.
Parle The allied sdvanos on four
sectors from the North Sea to the
Meuae continue and important strate
gical points are being taken from the
Germans by the French. British, Amer
ican and Belgian ferree.
Not since the first battle of thn
Marne haa there keen an attack to
compare In extent with tbe present
operatlona The new thrust of the
Anglo-Belgian armies waa a complete
surprise to thi Oermsns and la aneet
log with marked auccean.
tin the Champagne-Vardua front the
armies of Ueoerals Qouraud and Mr
grtt'are progressing steadily. Tbe
French and American force have cap
lured strong positions Blnee the be
ginning in' the attack In this section
General Gouraud has broken the re
sistance of II German divisions.
General Mangin's army perfon
master stroke in tbe capture of Port
Malmaison. and tbls succeaa la expect
ed to lead to the oaplure ot tbe entire
Chimin lies Dames ridge.
French. Iirltlsb snd American and
Belgian troops In three days bare cap
tured 40,000 prisoners and 200 guns.
It la estimated here. Since July 1$
the allies have captured 100,060 pris
oners. I 10.000 machine guna
aud en luautltiee of material.
Tbls A 'ake into account the
operations In Macedonia and Palestine.
The American army operating on
tha Champagne front baa captured
Brleulles - Bur - Meuae and Komagne.
weet of that town on the outskirts of
the'forrst of Homagne, and the attack
lw progressing favorably.
With the American Forces North of
8t gueiitln American divisions hnl
llantly attacked on a (tout of severs!
Ilea In conjunction wltk the British.
Al nightfall they were reported to
have galued their objectlvea only hy
aheer might and aft. r killing large
umbers of the enemy.
The resistance encountered by the
American troops was ss strong an
anything offered by the Oci roans for
many weeks. The Americans, aa well
ililiish. were held up at many
places from tlms to time by machine
i uii fire In some pieces tbls opposl
Hon was overcome by flanking opera
tions aud In others quickly organised
stunning pari lea rushed the enemy
aad silenced him.
It wss 6 o'clock In the morning
when the Americans alth the British
on their left snd right flanks "shoved
i. n frogs the I liudentiurg outpost line,
about X0O0 yards west of tbe St guns
tin canal. After a short "crash" bar
rage the infantry, preceded by a large
mm, l'. i.r tanks, started advancing
thtougli the hase.
Aft.r hard fighting the troop
. nnal and scrambled across aa
tbe bairuge swept ou ahead of th. m
The fciouud over which tin- AoMri
tuns pasted waa littered with German
dead and the same waa true or stana
sections ol ihe front DOSf progress
was reported virtually everywhere.
Other Towns Also Taksn In Drive
Agalnat I una.
attack bstwecv
Ypres and I Hi nun le the lielKlaas gap
.ode, it aas nfficlally sn
! pounced. The aWsglgas hove also ig
ken Zerram, Stadcnberg. Pggoght
, and pall of W
gsjooohoke I his m bus an ad...
several miles
The llelglan and Krlllsb armies g
ana in heavy flglii.i..'
- rlandem mi tbe M
MesslBse v , im ka is rld
been .x . npi. u aud il..
been defeated la efforts to defend u
atiaroaches to the Kiver l.ya.
Ill V W 8
Hill irTOKM VISITS (Jim Bt T
Ml lit tl. II M v ill -
hUcept for mmui' isle gardiu truck
and some he? the heavy rein and lie 1
storm that visited Ontario Ibis after
Booa did no real damage During tbe
storm which lasted fur a half l.oa
git, a half lgeb in dlutueter f. II
sheeik co . i round
W II II JI BAl.tM l en in T HAB
I'ublicltr Will b Given the Names of
Thae Men Who Kail to HliKrt
Government With Tlielr Mnaei Ac
('ortllng to lninictlon of HtatO
Chairman OMtklughain
While Malheur Is sate In the Fourth
Liberty Loan drive and will make Ita
quota, Ontario and Vale are proving
-.tumbling blocks ror a speedy fin
ish of the work.
(itiiarhi BM apprcxlmstoly $10'..-
I its $110,000 quota; while Vale
$56,000 of Its uuota of $80,000.
balance of the county la over the
top and the aum total of all the county
rlpllons Is I3KI.O0O. The tolsl
to he ralsd In th county Is $418,000.
to hn rrhid In th county la $411,000.
The font that the county aa a whole hi
so near the total of It h quota la dg
the fact that llriignii. NpgOg and 0
districts have ao largely over-aub-
cillied their allotments, for together
OaUrlo and Vale are $40,000 abort of
their mark.
Throe precincts, Crowley, McDermlt
snd Itockvllle have not boon liesr.l
from, but J It. Black shy, coeaty chair
man Is rsrtsln that they will go
their quotas So when Vale in. On
tsrlo make good the entire county will
have reached Ita allotment hy a aafe
To make good Ontario s portion I
dove has been set t.n u.xt Tueadav
.her 6 By that time the local
. oininlttue under tbe dlrooUog of Its
chairman. Frank Itadnr will coiiip
checking Ihe list of suhaorlbers and
will know who Is missing For a
time this weak volunteer auli'u'Npi.
were resolved al a rale (hat gave rise
to the hope that no riv woul be nc
ary to make a rive and Ontario would
liavn ihe honoi or iietng a too per
rent volunteer rnminiiiilty Uui this
hope was dlsalpaled when s i
msn rat i for substantial am.
lOOgtS up lo the murk set for lln m
Whaa they sii.i Iptlons
,-.l -im In Hie J'i '
of lliu committee tli ran I ilr
an i in i im.h i t pi i.i ii it
The following In liio
Ihoeit rcceite.i .'.Uoe
Ihlng th ..ora-
ling i hose who either auh
Mill. He
o evude tr.kinn ihclr gg
ajrt o i."
It ev cowmlltee tn names of
any rttltrm who. t '"
so. have . im
a,l Ilk' OUI ' l'1
log h'H fair ... '""
ne Natlou
nxiige. i bo dot
to o l.h duo I
t.i I'
a tn
Ull 'letit lo
luty of th
i.. i
. ill
nt ihoaa v
smcksrs aBl
b th..'
teresta of tl
bers of i d
i .inn. I! or D the
B i .
l.urvlew .
H ggs leglsteiud, ou
n,n who
r who h ' ' -'
.man voters who bavs
chang. d their names Sli