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amino amoi omtamo omoon tbtucdat, nut in, itu nrn?i"m-"T-r'
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Bergt. David K. Putnam, of Newton.
Mm., reported to hava downed flva
Oarman alrptanaa In on day.
limno Kalian and allied Iroopa In
Albania and Macedonia have succeed
il In in rfrrllnp a alngle frniil extend
lug from the Adriatic ana to Satnnlki
on the i Ki'an . a disianre of some
i'fiit mile, according to Ihe laical re
imrts published here.
Briiisli moiiilors and Itillau dtlroy
ra are cooperating with the Italian
Iroopa which are penetrating IdIo the
heart nf Albania.
ili' French and Italian Id Albania
bate carried thlr llnea steadily north
wsrd The town of Herat, the moat
Important polal In aoullieru Albania.
haa lalleo It la reported large quaii
tie of auppllea were destroyed by the
retreating Auitrlana.
Official report indicate that the ail
auce of the French and Italian la
raaablng lurlbar and further eaet Into
the iiiiniiilalua and toward the rear of
the Hulgailan poeltlnna around Mon
Mil Serbian poaltlou neai that rlh
hate been raagul) attacked by Ibe
Bulgarians, who. after gaining it mo
neuter fool bold nn the Serbian
Irencbea, ware driten MM
Five American airplane which went
on a in. mli. ii( eipedlltou bare fallad
to return Meuaral rrhiug baa re
ported. .
Hunch airmen bruught 4102 boatlir
mi hmer diiwo during the year andlug
Jnlt I. the British pre bureau an
Bounced During tb same period lb
111 li ih lost 1IW plane
i '. upatlon uf Herat and Ibe capture
of iiuauiltlea of war material and
asset petaoaar b the adWanerag Ital
Ian arm) la Albania, war aaaouaced
la an official dispatch from Home
British troop la Met-edoata eeee
lag! have itarled aa oparatlon againai
tb teuiuaic alHaa which duel
.Op wtaard aioag Ibe bettlefront and
eteutiiall) on (or m with lb iiiuhii
ful .lilts that U being carried out by ,
Ibe Irraarh and Italians la Albania. !
retolt ef Auatrlao troop in Serb:
la repotted from Italian sources. The I
agiiliat waa suppressed only after ,
bard fighting Athra report a aiaillai
siate r sflalr In a Turklak garrison
In Aaia Minor, wbare it la aald Uwam
officer war murdered by Turkish
In Albania tb Preucb and llallaus
are glvtag the enamy ao real, prrsslag
Ml dailv. mile altar mile, and
rapturing strategic position and vll
lag Tb lataat French affteial com
auunlcatiou kow that the I
troops bate taken lb tlllagee of
Narta and (Jramahl. which bring tneli
astern flauk appreciably nearer Lak
i arid.
ftiiacli Family Bought Oarman Band
New York The Husrb femilt. of St.
Luutr. bought lluoutmu worth of the
tierma war bond which tbe govern
laent believe war sold lu thia gJB
tr fur propagaada and for the pur
(baa uf the New York Kvaiag Mall
aad other naaepepor. aoidiu to
a aiatruieai taaued b Alfred I. Hang
r. deputy atat aitoree) general
Baekan Lead In Farm Laane.
Viaahiagten .luu loan b) tkr
farm loan bask aggregated 11.141.410
briuglug the total lent to farmers
aim e organnalioa of the ayateai to
flVD il.'.OOO. The Hpokaae bank made
tbe largest galu with 1..'4-'U00. Oth
era were Omaha lu4 0. and Herke
ley, lal . Hff,
tartbguake Felt at Katreka, Cal.
kurek lal. Au earthquake shock
jf dtalinct tesmii) wa fall bar i
4 W o clock tfiibdat sltariuiou II wa
ed to have beeg tb moat piouoaacad
dleUfuui.v ar ie4t bar Ho
4kB wa d .
Power to Take Over Telegraph
and Telephone Lines Given
to President.
Waahtagton. Congress haa granted
PreeMent Wllaon'a request for author
Ity to take oer and operate telegraph,
telephone, cable and radio llaoa
By a toM ol 46 to lg (be minority
all republican the eenale adopted,
without amendnant, the bouae reaolu
tlon granting auch power for the pe
rtod of the war.
All attempt to amend or modify tbe
admlnlatratlon meaaure, wbleh paaaed
the houae July I by a trot of 211 to
4, war defeated.
Amendment by Soaatnr Waleon. of
Indiana, to except telephone and
pre wire from the reaolutlou war
defeated. respectively, 41 to 20 and
It to 11. An amendment by Senator
fibre, of Oklahoma, democrat, to limit
action regarding telephone to long
dlaUnce wire wa voted down, while
an amendment by Senator Reed, of
I Mlsaourl. dealgnad to Inaur imn
atrletad public uaa of facllltlaa. wag
twice rejected
Opposition to the meaiure wag baaed
largely on the contention that no mill
lary neceaalty bad been abown and on
objection to what waa termed a fur
ther atep toward government owner
ahlp and aoclallam.
Waahlngton. - - Congraaa started It
u miner taratlun Monday. Uadar the
arraugemenl. only a few mmbr wtll :
remain to attend the perfunctory eee
alona twice sach weab.
Tba vacation plan. It la undaralood.
baa tba aanrtloa of Frwaldent WUaoa.
who called upon ooagraa laet week to
defer holiday plaaa to oaart tba tola i
graph reaolulloa.
The three-day plan waa adopted ba- j
cause of tb consUtuttoael provlalon
again! loager receaaoa by altbar '
bona without tbb coaaeat of tb otbar
I aad alao bocaua congr lachalcally
remain In session prepared for aSy
margancy action.
la arraaglng for a mldaummar aca
tloa. a formal unanimous consent
agreement waa entered Into by tb
aaaat to defer until August It further ,
oaatdaratlon of tb 111 000 000 amor
gear) lood grodiu tlou bill, coatamlog :
tae amanameai ror none dry war
lima prohibition, effacm New Year
Field Marehal bald to Hava gue
eaesktad t Itrek ef Apoplexy.
Ametardam The ileatb ef Field
Marshal von H'Ddeiibiirg la aannuncad
In La Nouvallaa, a Ftem h language
awapapar publlabed at The Hague.
Von lllndenbiirg death, which re
auMed from voageailoa of the brain, t
aid to bate occurred after a stormt
Interview with tba Uernian aaiperor at
grant kad quarter al Mp The
peror ami tin field merabal are d
nlarad to ka had aerioue dlffruw
ef opinion rrolug the (Isruiau ef
fnale toward Pari
Tb nolo I lalervWw between Vn
Hldnburg and Kmperoi Wtlliaai
took place oa May It, !. Nouvellv
aaya. II waa followed by an apoplectic
Tbe aewapapar It lofermatlou
waa obtained "from good aoureee lu
tb occupied dlatrkrl of Helgium
China re Build brilaa.
Waabtagtoa (blaa baa been added
to tba list of natives building mer
baui ablpa lo help dtai Uarmauy
1be skipping board haa awarded to
tbe fblaaaa goterameat yard at
Shanghai ooatratla for four targe vea
aaia of lV.OwO ton each, and took op
lloaa for tba building of M.ooO mre
Haiti Oeclar War en Hun.
Port au Priuc, Haiti. Tb couacll
of stale, actlag la accerdaac with the
leglalallve power glvea It aader tbe
uaw lialtlaa coaatltutlon, ba unaai
moualy voted tbe deciaiaUea of war
upon Uarmauy deauaudrd by Ibe prai
deal of lb republic
boa r-Board Created.
Maehlngtea To equalise Ibe price
of augar to tbe conaumer la the face
of prospects for aa lacreaae due lo a
lhrwalud shortage and to sac ur bet
ter distribution. President Wllaou ere
atisd tb sugar equalisation board, un
recouimendatlou of Food Admlnistra
lor Hoover.
AIM Owe U. g. Bia Billkan
Waablnglou tireat Hrilala baa
granted an addiuoual civdll ef 1TK,
uoe.oeo b) Ibr treasury deperlmaal.
luakm the tuial lueu to her la data,
l JU mv ussy aad Ibe let I ursdM IB
C. M. ejjpWAB I
Charlea M. Schwab. Emergency
Flt director. gansral, who I on a
tour of Inapection of Pacific coaat
OVER 1,100,000 U.S.
Waahlngton. American troops titer
aeaa and on ahlpbnard en unit, have
paaaed the 1.1 00, linn mark, according
to a statement of General March, chief
of ataff Thia lepteaaul an lutrcaae
ol more than 00.000 alnca laat wk.
Three army corps of from X26.0OO to
2(0,000 men each have bean definitely
urganlied from American dlvlalous in
Major General Hunter Liggett, com
manding the 411 (the bunaeti dlvla
iou, national guard, baa bn detailed
aa temporary commander of the first
run gang Commander for tb aac
ond and third have not yal been dealg
The Ik dlvlalona comprising the
corps, couslatlng of four regular, nine
national guard and five national armt
dlrlalooal units, probably will com
pose the first army which, with sup
pleinriilal aim) troops auch aa heavy
artillery, will total a million man
Inatead of one field army on Janu
ait I. lain, aa orlgiusllt planned. II
now appears probable that two auch
aimiea will be operating In France lit
that date, hacked by full American
built and maintain- d supply lines The
great projri t of establishing the inci
lean a rm v aa tb
right flank of the
bailie hue will then be within light
Many Natlona Participate In Celebre
tien of Baatile Day in Fran.
Paris lleroea dlstlugiilsbed dinn.
tb war In all the entente allied ar
ml participated In a monater parade
lb rough the street of Paris lu cele
biation of Hasllle day uiil. n
Iroopa from lb first and aecond dltls
loas recently riled In army orders
repreaeuied the Culled Slates sunt
iue ileiai'hmeiil look part III Hie cap
lure of I'antlguy. other were at I'ha
teau Thierry
All Ibe Auiernan ualia had ben in
Franc more than a year Tb Amen
rau expeditionary force ware sho
ered with flowers by Prancb girl
The parade waa reviewed by Preat
dent I'oim aie. who waa accoutpaulv I
lit Ueuaral Perahlng. Tb Auemau
occupied second place lo Ihe culnmn
Tobacco Ration Peaaibl in America.
WasliiiiKton tlovernaieul control
of tbe tobacco Induatry may result
from the heavy requirement of Ihe
allies and the American military
forces a broud Kaitonltig of the linn
Iran population la balleved IB be a
Wheat Veto Buetainad.
Waahlngton Ihe house sustained
President VV llson a vlu uf tb agri
cultural bill. A inollou to pass Hie
measure uter the veto waa defeated
la T.
Oaia No. 1 white feed. $41 7. U I
Barley Siaudaid feed. I I c i ion
Corn Whole fifi crack. I I7.
Hay Timothy . 141 per nu,: alfalfa
$L'a io
Butter- -I'reauie.-y. tj- p , II,
Kgg Itam h tHi p. do n.
Potaloea Horbanka. Ji .
hundred, uew, 3'44a'v. pel :
Poultry Hen. H
ivi !:. duck, young. IBt
Butter -Creamery. 4c per lb
Egg Kaucb 44c per doaeu
Poultry Hen, heavy, dreesed
light Ibe; batdJeea, 4e; ra
dreeaed. Mk. diasaua. live 10c. dr
Every Provision Made for
- Vamtf SdMter Boys
Tbat Undo Sam leaves nothing un
provided for the cogafort and care of
the boya in tbn great National Army
la the view of the situation of Theo
dore Moore, who writes of life as
seen from the detention camp where
the boys war vaclnated and med
ically cared for are being assign -
ed to companies
Klhert Johnson write telling of
his expected transfer to the Mexican
border, and James Mel). Koe given
an Interesting view of life aa an
array baker in Camp Kearney
in a letter to Mrs. ('. M rinnr-y
Theodore Moore gives the following
optimistic view of life ss a seldier:
July II, mi. Dear Mrs Pltinov
I am a real soldier now and can say
that it Is sure a great life. I haven't
felt the need of single article yet.
Uncle flam is a wonderful provider
This la a large alty, thousands of
men are qunrtered here of all clasavs
of society and I believe it la the
cleanest, healthiest place in Mm
world. We have not had uu uncom
fortably warm day since we have
been here. There have been close to
one hundred thousand men turned
out at thia emtio and only one rase of
typhoid fever and Hint was bfrwBfht
In from outside The whole m
are hasSd upon system nud discipline
There is nothing left to mirk out for
.Itself Allowance Is marie and BN
Tided for every emergency In pliiln
iIm we are almoltiiclv g right
land well taken rare of.
Our iiiarntlne will lie lifted In I
I few daya and then we will he gUowwd
'Saturday and Sunday off slid inn go
in Seattle or Taroma
Tb moat appreciated way the
I home folk can help ua Is to write to
jus Heading letters has never been
Known to bore anyone In the rm.
If we are made to feel the BBBM
folka are Interested In ua and anxloux
for our welfare, we will he sure to be
'bark again
Sincerely yours,
American Ijike, July I. 1111.
Dear Mother and Father: I will"
writ you a few Hue this afternoon
to let you know that I tun lining to
lite Meticim tint. i.i
v i ire already
.to go now We ure going to . aiup
Kearney, i'hIIi It Is below lais
Angeles and near the ocean
I wish 1 could hate stayed here
awhile longer Only one mote week
and I could hate had a pass to I'ort
land Mm I can I go sut where no .
We hail some very strict einln..
lions this morning I passed with I
good grade.
Vg may nol atari for "Sutiiewbere"
until hi, in, lime lii the night mid
then again we may uol start null
1 received the sweeter this Ba M
I think Ii Is a nlii one I am going
to keep the two of them awhile u
are allowed u Red I n. -weuler I
one from home, to. If tte me bjgg
Well, I will iry ami MM t,,u knm.
when we are going. Some any we gfg
gg east hilt I (llillk tte ute glllllk to
i amp Kearnet. aa a 111 was piu-icd
oil the liiillillll board to lo i,
ferred to Callloi ui.i
1 will ilo i lor lliie lime,
tills fitnli- tun ajl well laflta ol lo"
and Ileal wishus to ull
llskn . I It.- suit. laaaWl
Camp Ke.illley, Calif Inn
'Mr. (Juerln, Dear Kriend I
your letter the day bei. id it
and wus glad to hear from you, I
am well Hid hope title lllol
os im il, I ii in masting bread now,
or trying to. si I am I'
how I like my Job lllie I Bg M '
'thing I don't like g Ho- night worl .
they do all lite, baking nl Bight, and It
I hard to get any sleep thin ihe da)
on an oiuii ol' Hie nol-.- anil h.iii
re put tins' up a tie Baking
eohool but I don I know !,-
Will gel to go lo it III Hot I hi hi'.
1 1 1,11 lit.
sua duly hui no me knows w in n I
.- Ihe ,t..t Hiev are ilrltln--
i:..- in a. i
oi ig Ho"
haw i
l would
todld III I
,,e may i " "'
today :!'' trag i '
her a.. Wat! " ban
mil torn
o.l.l to,
. ,p t pl... le.l ( l
are two big HiOttlere. a rolli i
.katlBg nuk. ptnil halli ud a n
town right in lip
where we 0BB go wlien off duty v
can get off etery riatuula noon, Bel
back at 1 I Sandst night i'h
boys go lo San IllHgo I
IbbTOB t liei-n I but am go I
'dov.ii Samrday II I gei off 1'
only II milea from hare. I wlah that
you were here to e the town with
me. We sure would have some fun
together I have got a couple of
latter from Ray since I have been
here. I aaw float Island, where in
wa In training, when we stopped at
Oakland when we were coming from
Camp Lewis.
With best regards to all.
Your friend,
JAS. Mel). ROE
III Bakery to.
(The rest of thia Interesting letter
will he finished next week, as spure
dones not permit Its completion
BUY W.S.8.
VV'.ir.l U'.tu tiw,&lwa.l I.mvk t... MbbJ. '
,t wa t. mm tnw.iiu IIDin UJ IIITTIIlin
this week of the death of Lloyd Rob
luson In an auto accident near Drew
hey. The young man wa on his way
homo from Burns driving his own
car when the accident ocurred While
running at a high rate he crossed a
small bridge when the force of speed
caused the car to turn turtle, plunlnii
the driver under II and killing him
nstantly The accident took plate
foiir miles beyond Drnwaey, where hi
home was.
Although lie had never lived Ir
Ontario Mr Kohlnson waa well known
among the mi miner people of the . m .
to whom his death came as a greit
- III V W 8.8.
ii l.eeity. an attorney irom mi
yon illy wa In Ontario Friday and
left the iievt day for Vale w'tere in
mid 'lime legal bu-ilness mVlere to
attend to.
P Mbd0bM4y jiajg
Hot Weather Relief
Cool, Healthful Drinks
i " i i
FF.KLINtl O K T I N I) I It Till:
ooo r
. i i . I i I r, I IVn i i i i i i i c r
r m m, w m-m -mm -m-m m -m-
Own an
Automatic Washer
In order thai you may hava
t hee tfiHt automatic devlcee
have arrangad a
Special Sale
During tin- next few nreeka ;inJ oni' eaj u-ims
durinf thia cHmpakn onlj enaWk ou to buy
tii.Aiiioin;itic Washti-out ol what you save III
washing eacli w.t
Two Valuable Books Free
Twocompl te books ol f'o i -11111, ;.-
and Dry Cleaning. IVesenl th ail ut . officu
;ilitl v't tln-c.
Remom !
A payment of r tn Elactric
Washer tt) your hoiTM I ith for
twelve inoir.ii in '
Idaho Power Co. i
Canvas bag between Payetta aaai
Ontario. Monday morning. Coataigoj
lady' and man's wearing dtmaral.
Reward. Return to aVn fmg
rooming house. Il-tt
BUY W.8.O.-
Laaae Back Kellajawd.
For a lame back apply Chambwr
laln'a Liniment twice a day and aat-
aage the muscles of the beck oyer tax
aeat of pain thoroughly at aach appli
cation. Dreamland
Sunilat, Jul)' II,
HHKIil, SAM I .'
tiullt Wolll i.
I'm In- News.
Monday, Jnlt -.:.
t''mil Me ,i h.
Kiurth KpUmle "Hhuw ol Hate.'
I'eaxl TA hit...
TueMlay. July kM.
I'eQt! Htlanil.
Matt A Jeff In "Mslierlrss
M iilm-Mliii . July 114.
itiiui (.in Knipajr.
Ilrat ricloitrnpli.
T1iui--iIm) . Jul) kU).
1 VSHIVF aVlaUnr.'
Mac Marsh.
KihIm) uU K-amJU), Jut) 'JO unit 27.
" liAMI of PROMIHB."
Illlll. Illlike
b'm t omnlt .
wi ty I 11.VI.I.-II -
ge)aaBaagBBgBBBBBgB )
Br 17. d