The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 11, 1918, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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war ontajuo Atiam otnauo ojumon, twiimmt. summ , iei
gmygegehejierjggi 4 ' -fjftf4
y v
To fee.
To fe
To f -.
To kr
To ma
war '
ago erlilag fro the r. and we fee.
ll Mr duty to Inpreoe upon the Amer
MM people ik feet IM1 they Mould
uMvnr ir eoMtrt fceed to larger
MUiiri. that ma uooTf M Offf
to of tha Af.Htj) cOMIrtaa with IbT
thlaga neraiury ta (heir itiitenan'
Jlr if o doubt lk( Um people uf
Oteat Britain and tha Allied otuntrlei
r Baking untold Mcrlftrei, more
Uatl ijiM-tra realised '
ef . "VJhiii lad Maa( Abread
"In 1914 France produced It per
Mot or her normal eonaumplinn ol
wheat. In 1817 bar prmliH Hon war
only 41 jit r cant. After ilnhullng lu
mount nereiiry for leed. It n aa
limited that the Mf production aoulil
b but one third of Prance ill. It
bVult be renii'mheted. too, tliat Franc
hat Iwa.ya figured bar need on I
different baili than oura. Tha Prom I
people have nerer waatad rood, rami
fluently Krime'i normal eonanmiitlon
bat baaa prertli ally Identical with he:
actual oeceeeltlei Tha ration of tfee
French aoldiara baa twlc baan ml
and tin' aoldler'i ration la never loa
red until tha danger at horn froi.
food ahortagr la critical, t'artalii re
porta have i.' n brought to thla mini
twy that I here la planty of meat In
Wane. Theie raporta original it In
tha fart that at ona Has it waa necea
ary, berauae of tha lack uf gaadjg, to
laugktar larga quantltlaa of hr dairy
cattla. Tb Immvdlata raault waa c.
temporary glut of raat. but tb final
raault la I hat today rVance la on a
mem riiilon of oik' pound a Both, In
lading bona fli-ah."
Monte Di Valbella Ctttmtf by
Allied Forces and Many
Prisoners Taken.
It a Up to Ua
"Oermant I war of atartalloti la i
rhalleni Mi al Ol all to Muerlru I .iiiliiieliallon I'
"Agalnal II anil luat for Ml
Ami-rliae bwrBOM la to aatahllah Ho
eiMlrly of nallonP Agalnal deatriit
Hon. America a aim la healing Agalnat
aatrv. America'! Idaal la ierlie
"Wi cannot aurpaaa tha tlaadfaal
!. l Hr'ia n. tha courage af Italy
tha exaltation of r'raaro
"Wr i annoi eirel tha Alllaa la hara
lam in rmliiraac. la larHtud Uut
fori In battl. though It mat ba d
flat, elll not b a (rait aa tbelra
"We caa hop ta contribute moal In
U.r comaiou caua from our larg i
raaourcaa To rail deiperale pri
ration. America caa aupply food
"(lit lug up wbaat la a Mill thin:
couiparad lo tkalr daatk alruggla ll
l. ,li our aoldiara ara pleadi.' -karlug.
A mil Iklag rat wa caa do It
with graataaaa ef iptrtt upperttagj
oui army aad addlag wkola kaariil
aerilre to buaaelty. It la la America
poarr lo dfat foreier tha paaaloa of
i ouuurat
Now la tb hour a taallag Wbaat
II Ibt I.
Rom Itallak fortial aupported by
hilled troopl attacked Auatro Hun
garian poiltloni on tha Italian moun
tain rnnit and captured Monte IH Val
ball after a bitter alruggl. The
Italian wr office announce! tbat more
than Mm xuatro-liuugarlaiii were ta
kea prliuner.
Strong enemy counter attack! were
repulied by the fire of the Italian In
fantry artillery and machine nun.
Tha text or tha official ifatement
On tha Ailago plateau, where our
heroic reilitance oo June 14 cruahed
Ih Impetui or preponderant enemy
torcaa and where In dally acta of brav
ary Italian troopl hive become united
In action and In glory wltb the Brltlab
and Krench alllii. fighting waa re
Mwad "At dawn our troopi auitalned bf
an lntnr artillery fir and aupported
h aorllaa reaolulely carried out by
their Hlllei. attacked Monte DI Val
lla Biol Kg r r i ,i. .. after a bitter
truitgle. In creating it from tin- en
Large enemy tnaaaea were
laiiin lied lo i (iiinler altack. Imt were'
reimlaed In out Infmilrs gag dOCtm
a'' 'I In i um I'lilriitlnni of artlller ami
machine gun lire from airplane!. The
noalthm carrlcil waa victoriously held
by ua.
"Twenli . nffieera anil TH
oldiera of other ranka, helnngliig to
four dlffarenl dJtrtalMg, were made
prlaunrr. raniinn. Irene h mortara and
miinerniia maililne gum were rap
Give tha Children Milk.
Milk la on uf the meet laiMrtaai
loud Winn Ike auaaaa raa poi
aar Kar ike ia-r aaurlehaacai
uf lha child, ll i aMoiately ladiapau
rabla aad il ua abauld b kepi up in
the diet aa loug aa paaa4ble Nel auh
duel It euuialu all Ike eaaeallal fuuil
linania In lb neat available fern
tar read) dlgaallaa. bul ike recaai
cli uilfie iiiaivieri ahaw II lu be
I'lclill) rtik la eerlaia paaallai ptsp
ertlea thai aluu reader grawlk Mg
It la aot enough 4o take off your kai
to tha fia; lak off yaur coat aim
roll up your Hli.-iaa. aad kamng aia.l'
IboM prrparailiiua do aeaaaihiua ua
ful for Am, ilia aad ker agmae
4 I
Wrelmiinary Werk Began May
r, ity.
Feed Cenirel Act paaaed Augual
If, 1117.
WMKAT KXfORT laiaea Jul)
Ketisated aurpiui far eipart,
11 ( !iki buibeU
Actual aklpuieiiia lu Juaa, 111.
u wov MbMM
im kxfiii: ra
Urdlaari rat uu ta two mil
lion pouBil luoathly
l.aigaal tiagl utunth Iku ar
l' uii.uwu iba
fiiHe. KXi'OMia
Ordinal iai lllHM Iba
l.aiaeat aieaih thla year SM.
mi vim ika
PKH K or Kl.ulK iMlaneeeo
on year ago. 114 71 a. barral
I i'reaaul pile t ll Mr Barrel
iku I w ki.i.s ikeiwrcu larai
heat aad flour mad
.i ,i i
(Hi iar ago tha diftereaee
aa I M
l'raai date tha dlfforaaaa la
14 eale
l. i.KNklHAU Ta Ua farmer
an lag in Market. IT par oeal
atorv I baa laat auaaaei ta
the houaewife hoping la mar
i U par tiaal laaa than laat
And the Aineo have boon M
I'arla. Houlhweat of Solaaoni
rreiieh lrooia In an attack m r a
from of four and a half mil from
the aoutb of Amhleny lo Ih eail of
lloulgoherl i allured (ierniau iioaltlnna
ami at aoine ,olula aihum e, I tin Ir
line (o a ileplh of a mil ami a iiiarlrr.
ggtfg Ih Krench official niiiiiiiimeH
(Tench iinopa alao carried oul an1
operation on Ih front aoulheaat of
Auiirua b) uieana ol ahlih Ihelr llnea ,
war iiIk I in legOMil U ooil anil
the 4 i Wiiinl. the air office an
nniiiu U
With tb army In Kra
i ,' kai i "' i ml i i c.
aat uf Hn hi iii Nieppa got
llkhl v ami ii iii ' 'i il kiioi k. a hru 1 1 . -Imiihli
.ii,,.. foraaril In a aurprlae
aiiaik aliiiia a from of more than
Hilar Bggg ami Inn lul Hie alaolvd
arav I nalnl aoldiara back to an li
Bg ileplh of l Mm iirdi.
The ofreuilie waa at a point where
the eiiemt Ihrual III hinleat lu Ik
Mamlefa hallle lu ( florl In cap
line lb foleal ahlCi wolllil have
opened hla way to llaaeurouck, u."
capture of which could hate enlalled
the Hrlllah retirement from FBfM
' America Spenaing About t&O.OOO.OOO
E ach Day te Carry an the War.
ailiiugtoii The goriiiunl Bat
linlal i limed lie hooka for ih fiacal
tear Hie Ural roll Haeal year In the
In the aoirrnmeul tinamial hialury
i the year will go down a a period of
eipana kardli di earned of a decade
ago More Ihan HMM I'O la lha
ailual initial aluce lull I. Ill,' In
aieei ih miiliiiudr of big bllla imi
deui lo Hi eoiidie I uf ih war. la
pea' i time ibe gtnruniai apanl l
than II IMiO nun (inn auuuall)
V ill lln- adiltluni ,il die J .SfvTMHMi.
i'i" A inch Hie gineriiiiieiil apeul in
(In dun mniillii- ni ar preceding
tk flaoaJ veai'. Hi war a coal in
linn . In dale haa been l.llw'mm
ar Mitt niea mi diain ahmil f n .
oil. inn. m ta) Irmii (lie nation a nliic
U. Attitude Toward Slav Defined
WoehtagtUHi Qarmoji ami tuainau
IgaUlla 1 1 I'lenelltlug Hie f Tilled
Hialea aa favoring Hie treedtnu B In
laud with' i 'or hai happeui
to the (lectin Slinake aud (he Jugo
Slav generalh led Secratar) Lauaiug
tu laaue a maieineiii daflnllel) au
aoiiilfiiiK thai the poaliioii of the
American guteruuieut ll that all
brauckea id Hie Slav race gMMli
completely freed from Ueruiau and
Auxrtau rule
Wackera Deny Profiteering
Chicago .Sharp retorta were made
by lepreanuiatu of Armour A corn
vtorria it eniupany aad Swin 4
c.impaey deulug Tiara of profit
earing made In the report af federal
trade commlMion lnvaaugaiora ot
Men's and Young Men's
Hand Tailored Suits
This exceptional price and make represents
very little advance over the price of a year or
two ago when wool and labor costs were but
a small proportion of what ihey are today.
Palm Beach Suits
High Art Make
They areythe Ideal, Economical Summer Suit for All Men.
At $12.50
We show Hk'h Art Palm Beach Suit in nv.Q.
pagne, Gray uud Tan.
Extra Trouwra at $4.60 and $6.00 a pair to
Our complete lines and latent styles at $5 and $6 are taking better than ever.
Mian lluby KVnal'ck of loid.i.i
.ill i lialilng with lrltiida liere at
S ii linrmau and Job Doapti.i i
iiiiiiiiu ill.- luft of Ilia until
Oiuatiu where the)' had tteon on liu.i
aaw luattera
ilia Belle Uroeo and ohiltli n
trum W eiai-r are Malting with Mia
h ar. Kreal Tekt.Joy :ui.,i
and V'red (Iramae i.peni tin- Knurl.
Ill IWlllf.
Mlaa l-la Hui-kner ho haa ht-i-u
Itulta II) fur aoine time Ik huh ulilr i ,
ba out tr'-n quaraaUua.
Mr. aad Mr. 1. J Oiehion, Mri.
Jeoootte Bvane. and their father aad
mother Mr. and Mra ' mtmuia
Uroeo a mother aud (other Mi un.l , uiotorvd to Iloioe today is .Mr Dick
Mra White eon i car tu apend (hi Kuurtli
... nnil-uiT waa In i.
k'.ll 1 . . 'uiri- liii'
wig ; ', "" ,irM ..
week atteudiug to K
Mra Wm Kelld. .
ii u. . """ uaughir.-
Mto. I.ydia and Mr nd Mrs y.
oung and children .....l .....
air ...j u iiuer mi),
Mr. aud Mra. f J. lMMtUk ,..
Bl Y W 8.B
1iroak liiuii...i
f'erhaui you bajM . .. '
- ""'i iihiUKIii uf
"ku' 'h,"d'-- in .a,.k";
ire in the matter of the
'"'"I li you Mill drluk ati ibg"
eat raw f ruitO IH
take loti oi outdoor exerciae, you ma
be ulil. iv fin ualljr to orercm
'ii.-lv lu the iiieautime uae the n
wild aud gentle laiatirue .suoag.
and taihartiog take too mWlfl
water out of the uelem and Ota
had matter
Tahlela are auay aud f loagoat to U
and moat agreeable In affe.
iheni a trUU