The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 11, 1918, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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paa . ,.i . JL
POtl BALM Good paying business!
lib a good Ford truck, for $160
No mora capital boommit; no m
nirlantt needed. Phono 80-w, On
tarlo, P. O. Bos MS. al-tf
Loot On brown salt com, on
cemetery road to Cairo, Sunday
morning. Notify J. P. Bill. Nrsa,
Or tUt
Commercial Creamery Go.
Cash buyersof Cream and Produce
Place: South of Post Office, Ontario, Oregon
Your Best Market for Cream, Egg, Poultry of all kinds
Two saddle horses. On aorral, 8
year old f aiding, aUnda II bands,
brandod a lasy "Ham on r)(lt
inoulder. One pinto, rod and white
bono, glaaa oyo. black man aad tall,
brandod ffjMB on left stifle. Pindar
receives fSS roward. A. MeWll
llams, OnUrlo, Or.; phone 160 SI
BUY W.S.8.
FlvfUroom house cloao In; nlca
lawn unci shrub, lot of shade. Ap
olr J. W. Brhloes. Phone 87-m. 25
BUY W.8.8.
Poll 8ALE A fine driving or
saddle horse and good huggy. $70
takes both. R. J. Dlrknon. Ontario.
Oregon. 28-lt
Principal Events tf the Week
rlefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Reader.
Further r--.iM,-t ion in stock of Wast
Coast lumber mills by 13.818X184 faot
la raportad In Iba bullet In of the Waat
Coast sssoelallon. Tba exoees of ship-
mante over production during the post Heover't Nopet Alt Exceeded
flee weeks aggregate 61.17(317 fast
The Ford Model T One-Ton Truck Chassis, $880
r. o. b. Detroit, has boon thoroughly to-tod for mors
than two years. It Is sold you now In the assured
confidence that It will meet your requirement aad
upectatlona Tbo regular Ford frame, only larger
ind li eerier, the regular Ford motor with direct
driven stem near, wheel base of 114 inches and
will torn Inside a 48-foot circle. It has all the
ilmpllclty of the Ford car, all the economy In oper-"'"-
tad maintenance. Com lu ad we'll give you
further dcollt.
nfsutn f I I BaaasaBw
iikuh COUNTY.
Lester E. Purrell, plaintiff, va. Krilth
M. Purcell. defendsnt.
To Edith M. Pureed, defendant:
OKEOON, you are hereby required to
appear and anawer the complaint In
the above entitled court and cause, on
Of before the expiration of tho time
prescribed In the order for publica
tion to-wlt: on or before the expira
tion of alx weeks from the date of the
first publication of thin summons,
and It you fall to anawer for want
thereof, tho plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded In the
complaint, namely for a decree of ab
aoluta divorce forever dissolving the
bonds of matrimony heretofore and
now existing between plaintiff and
'?nt, and for the care and cus
tody of Clara I. Purrell and Humuol
c. Purrell. minor children af pnin
llff and defendant .This summons la
aervlod upon you by publcallon there
of for six consecutive weeks In the
Ontsrlo Argus, a weekly newapaper
published In and of general circula
tion In Malheur County, Oregon,
under and by virtue of an order of
the Hon. Italton Biggs, Circuit Judge
of the Ninth Judicial OUtrlet of the
State of Oregon. Dated si chambers
at Ontario. Oregon, the llth day of
March. 1811.
Date of first publication, June IT.
Date of last publication. August X,
C. Mr OONAtiil.i.
Attorney for plaintiff.
Residing at Ontario, Oregon
Save Food Now
Itjis your patriotic duty to
see that every bit of food
you buy is eaten, for
Food will win the war
Ice will save food
You can not keep milk sweet or meat and
vegetables from spoiling without
We deliver good, pure ice. The water from
this ice can be used. It is pure. Remember
too that we buy Cream, Eggs and Poultry
and pay cash when you deliver the goods.
Ontario Ice (SColdStorage
The I.en eonnty war hoard Dae re
commended that the rounty rourt pur
chase aide arma for 7f deputy sheriff
Deatruetlon of the Johnaon sawmill
at Co(iillle by fire threw 40 men out
of employment and raused a loaa of
Knur aerlons flrea which were burn
Ins near the Klamath national forest
have been extlnglllahed and two others
are under control
Salea of white flour may be resumed
by Oregon dealers beginning Friday,
July S. under permlion granted by
the food administration
1 I lllrkarda waa allot ., ml Instant
ly killed by hla divorced wife on the
Klckards ranch, eaat of The Dalles
Mrs. lllrkarda uaed a rifle.
Oregon ranka fourth among the
Stslea In the percentage of physicians
furnlahed to the medical reaerve rorpa
of the Cnlled Hums army and navy.
A eenaua of North Hend i nmpbteii
recently by s directory eonrern shoes
sn Increaae In tin population of more
than I B00 during the laat two years.
Dealgnsted aprure ramp under gov
ernment supervision are to work 10
hourn a cIh during July to meet an
aakafpaajgf need for airplane material.
The Aatorla arhool board received a
letter from the rapltal lssui-e com
mlttee of Washing on declining to
authorise the proposed SUB. 000 laaue
of school dlatrlH bond for new aehool
The rrsnberry marabea In the vicin
ity of Aatorla are now In full bloom.
Oldtlmn cranberry growers admit that
ih have never aeen anything like
the bloom on the marehea that la aeen
thla year.
The eleventh annual convention of
th- Dragon Chiropractic association
will be held Thuraday. Friday and
Saturday, July 4. & and 8. at Portland,
with delegatea present from all MM
floss of the state.
All men In attendance at the aummer
school of the Unlveralty of Oregon will
he required to take part In a trark
moat to be held on Klncald field on
the afternoon of July 4 The contest
will be between companies.
In. Itttla village of Harbor which
nestled on ill.- soul I-, hiiI.- of Hi- i In UM
river In Curry count). Is reported In
have been practically wiped out by a
fire which atarted In the C. A O log
ging camp In the neighborhood
Approximately 100. or 10 per Sgajj of
the 1000 selected men aent to Camp
l,ewls from Oregon under the last call
are being turned bark by the cxamln
era as "rejects." The percentage has
rlaen so high that draft leadere are In
fltate Fuel Admlnlatrator Fred J
Holmes hss announced that tba govern
ment will not curtail supplies of fuel
oil to stsamrrs snd railroads of the
northwest About onr-hslf of tin- oil
consumed In Oregon Is said to go to,
those two classes of users
The flrsi completed Initiative pot I
tlon providing for repeal of lawa of
the last legislature fixing cnmpenss
Hon for publication of legal notice
and requiring advertisement of delin
quant taxee In newspapers were filed
with the secretary of state
The Lebanon Canning company baa
just completed s 11000 addition It) the
plant In l-ebaiioii and hat.- added about
1804)8 In new machinery and equipment
which will shorn double the capacity
of tin plant lot handling fruit and
vegetables for Banning purpose.
A apt u i n io ill. iiuiiiifactun- and uae
' with Ii5 per rent sub
t 1 1 ut and Tl wheal flour, on
the pit 1 1 ol hnkei I hold .toil res
taurant men of i In state for the sum
'iter Is authorised in notifications sent
fjflJB the slat' food administration
lb.- state highway eooiiulssioii has
from the government
that It bus approved the projeci for
grading sis iniiea of the highway be-
l ' t. ton and Telocaeei, on the old
Oregon Trail This Is a poet road
The estlinsted cost I $30,808.
I'luhihitioiiista of Oregon, aaaembled
In coa veot Ion at Portland fetal ui day.
aith J. P Newell aa chairman aad
Mra Adah Wallace I'nruh aa aeere
ndoiaad the Candida. of Oawald
and has served to make a Mg hate la
surplus stocks.
Further Increase of strset railway
fares In Portland, to 7 or 8 cents, may
be forecast by an agreement reached
by the Portland Railway, Light Pow
er company, -and Ita employee, to sub
m It the Issue of Inrressed wage, de
manded by the carmen, to the national
war labor board
R. Rtannard. of Curry county, waa
given the democratic nomination for
repreeentotlve from Coo and Curry,
and R. J Moore, of Newberg. the demo
cratic nomination for repreaentatlve
from Tillamook and Yamhill counties.
Neeaarhetile Neowlte at led of Pesjs)
AdmlnteteeMeo'e Fire. Ysar Proves
Valuator? Bywltiv Was Ns Mistake That People Will Ceo
txnwe Patriotic Ceneocvatien Kfferte
Is Pslt st Wsshlngton.
W. fl. Ayer, Federal Food Adminis
trator for Oregon, earnestly dlrenta
attention to some excerpts from a re
eent official summary, at the end of
Ha first years work, of the lulled
atatee Food Administration's aims,
methods aad reaulta. These Wcaratj
are given belew:
Whan the I' H good Adm'.' 'stra
in a drawing held hv Beeretary Olrotl u umdm,Mk .-, -, , mmtylnm
to break tie between the men
The Oregon public set let coinmlsalon
wired Senator MrNary aaklng lilm to
urge thai a repreaent at Ix- of Hie atate
commission he placed on tl"
fi eight traffic commission A shipper.
It waa asserted, would only represent
one locality while a eommlaaloner
would repreaent an entire atate.
The Ijine county court will at once
place, on th. principal highways of the
county, signs warning tourists and
others that they will be proaeciited If
weed the speed limit Of 2B mites
an hour with automobile II Is deter
mined by Hie court io prevent wear of
the roads through cxreaeive speeding
If It Is possible to curb tba speed
Out or a total of 846 an lil-nt report
Of lo the stale Industrial accident com
mission for the week ending June 17.
seven were fatal, aa follewa: A. Welaen
field. Aatorla. shipbuilding. T J Hat).
Portland, shipbuilding. John F Casey.
Tskllma. mining: II V Ilea, Portland,
shipbuilding: Oscar Cornelius. Ilrlgh
mn. lumbering. MS Morlns
Captain M K Williams. Meulenant
J W. Knocker and 41 members of tbe
Oregon atate military police are In
Pendleton. The entire company will
remain for about two weeka, under
going a course of
pn pare them for duty whan the
and mobilising Amnrbas food P8
sources, there were three method of
approach possible In handling tho
problem, these methods of SoatTOi be
ing rationing, high prices and volun
tary effort
The Three Systems.
"The introduction of rationing Into
thla country would have resulted In
aa Inevitable reaction. It would alaa
mean a tremendous expenditure On
the basis of the rationing ayatem
adopted by European countries for
certain staple foods. It would require
84,800,000 a year for the printing ot
the necessary ration cards. It would
demand one official for every 1,484)
families to take tare of distribution
under thla ayatem. In fad on the
European baala. about f 4B.ion Ml a
year would be required lo administer
the rationing ayatem la this rountr
Control of consumption bv high
prlcee waa obviously ton unfair to
merit consideration In such a country
as ours, meaning ss It must, enuservtr
tlon for the rich at the expense t.f the
"The volantsry system, bssed upon
oduc.stlon and publicity tthe third al
ternative), waa aeleetad beeaiiss of
the moderate aapease Involved, aad
booause of tho opportunity It afforded
to use the great dostes of loyal Amer-
to serve their country
NeeolU Ineeeseuo
"The results of the voluatary roatret
Intensive training ' m r" "' " erssoua " sue.
or tae isiT-is wneet crop, oases
..I..I - wmll ....
ui MM..a Tk.u ...II ..- -..I.... ... I -i wwwmmw
II' . .1 ....,,. -w I .l.'J -, ... nw.l..., ...
posts as patrols In the wheat country
during the harvest and hauling season
The tale of luil.0011,000 feet of timber
on the Klamath reearvatlon of the
IVHcaii Hay Lumber company haa Juat approved by Ibe government The
price paid waa 11.88 per 1 000 fee'
Thla 1 1 ml.' lies In the northern Mount
Sinn unit, and la directly sdjaccnt lo
I.01M1 feet of Umbel In the
Crater lake and Paulina national
forests bought two years ago by this
same company
J. I' l.ogan. who has operated tbe
Kings Valley Flouring mill on l.uckls
mute river In llenton county (or 80
years, snd who more ihsn half a cen
tury ago built dams to furnish water
power for the mill, has Instituted In
jiimilon proceedings against the
Charles K. Hpauldlng lagging com
pany, of Haleni, and the public service
commission, wblcb will test the con
.t Ituimuallly of the boom frauchlee law
passed by ibe last Itgliltture
A price of ft 10 a bushel si Portland
for wheat of the 1818 crop, as agalnat I
81.06 for the crop of 1817. has beaa
filed by th.- food administration. Al
'owing for the 18 per rent Increaae In
M.OSf.OOO buoueta If the prestat
taste of saving by the Amelias people
ssanateuee wo shall bo ask lo dsilver
8a aar h Wan frees this erss nosslbrp
8as.0sJO.ote hushets of wheat, of which
t8.000.ee0 will repreaent the volun
tary savings of the Amerlrss people.
This delivery of wheat haa enablsd tho
Allies to meet the store immediate
aad praeelng breed seeds of their peo
pie ami to keep up the bread rsiloa
of their soldiers
"As lo our exports of meat, the re
sults of eonoervatlos are even more
eeensraoOls The analysis of figures
In regard lo hogs Indlt'afee - that we
wore 8.000,080 to 7.088.000 hogs short
the sonsorvatlon campaign was
sterere the war. the average
r sstjoet of hog produets waa
shoot 88J88J88 fonada pa March,
18U. we eeperted 808.SOO.-ao pounds
and ona sag ur way slser with the
seeing aad production, la go
at thai rote tor as ladefleMe
peeled esters 1814. were export
l.OOO.oee it Jafa8(8f8 pounds
hth hs aura.
ar soajaa. tMa wee U u.
I 18.8tte.8a4 per month.
88ow sep ore esportktg at th rate of
leW.ssM.oas pouSMt of hoof pet month
and with the roertlBustlon of oner
TMsuIm M tjje
nam tho aeOeiopmeat or
ha ess
Wisi for United Htatea senator and
eorge M Brown for attorney general.
Itepieaentatlve Hlnnott has Inlee-
lur-ed s bill authorising cltlaena sf
Malheur county to go over luto Idaho
o cm timber for fencing and firewood.
I mler ili preaeni law a settler living
la one elate cannot cut limber for do
meellc use on public landa of another
To provide for the welfsre of the
men empioyed In tin production of
snraee for airplanes in the logging
-amps and sawmills of western Ore
(ou aad Washington, ths war samp
umniunity servbe section of ths Foe
Iteh commission it planning an ener
anipalgn In co-operation with
Jte staff of Colonel Brtce P. Dtaque.
-ommandlng the Portland beadquar
era of the Called States algasl csrpa
eailsn and nredurllos thsre it no
the freight rate on wheat from the tWanoa te sasathpate a ateterial reduo-
.i to I'oitlaiiil the farmers wJl . aso -itntMl sal Jt
till receive shout l rentt t bushel i 8jVt4H asWenofvf Nttdtd
i i lor ilnlr wheal than they did In
the paat aeaaon The new crop will he
si least lo ii mo buahela larger than
thai or 1817 and the added Btsggtss that
will go lo the grain producers will be
ilsiui "i over what they re-
1 1 load Iggt
tirade on wheat and rule covering
corn giadliig are allien. Id in a few
particulars in a now ajgdkg ksanai kj
ill' service commission
lug the grain Inspection depart lit. io
i In new order will bccoim
Jul) 1 ' The principal change relative
o m in hi gradee covers hard red spring
est Jsp
greet elfea
IgSas oa aha part of the tlelteS
That oifeaalve must lacludo
euppllee and foad Wtta
te the site of our trnr,
there la a nocsssary deereaae la one
prskdeetlve oooecily Narveale assy
t-'itd to vary with saaaoaal cendt
tens spa
' The only tafs procedure for us and)
f i iilaa is t't provld uraioae
reen.. .to.-ks of staple loods. both
here and In Kurope. to meet any suit-
geuns which msy srtse la a lalap
peiioii ol be war to have lo step its
a ci II leal nhaae .if If ! tird-r In sat
-d.cai -hid, under th- preaeut rules, ,., .u.phaele spee agrti ultattJ
Is subdivided Isto four rlaaae. but I nroduoMon. might he fatal te our final
new rules will be divided tun ess
There must ho no letdown la tba
program of eoaaervatlos until the new
bar. est fleer teats) hy our tueeeaa
aad by the tparit of devotion end self
soerkftee shown by ths Awerlcsn poo
pis ws mast go abend more than ever
nanvinoad of our reepeaatbUlty to
theee who right with us aad lo these
aettriaati p eaglet who look to ut
aa the eeay soorso of the food supply
Into hut throe rlasaee. tin - being dark
noil hern spring, northern spring and
red spring, the red spring huiupbei k
,:tade not in uae being eliminated.
There accrued to the atate of Oregon
on Monday 8118.088 11 from tbe United
attatee good roads fuad, making a total
of ti, .' U'4 ..' to the credit of the stale
from that fund. Noae of It has yet
been used, but projects have been np
in m ui i ailing for an estimated total
of Htt.fft tf Theee prelects will not
in affected hy the recent saaouuc
hf the United Stslea hlghwsys
ilisi oursglng new highway un
Ii rmklugs. as the prej-ts approved
are deemed to be "vitally important
i ward the winning of the war or for
'vciio'ut of esaemlai cominodl
lee." The federal aid road ml pro
I ded a tiind of 878,887.37 for the state
..' Oregon in 1818, double thai amount
for 1817 and treble the amount for
1818 H.-veit projects have been ap
on. In five of these
t. del si participation U io be 88 per
float, hlle In the mini
pariielpetlnn Is for s stated amount
something less than 88 per cent. The
preect cover a total of HI miles.
In Prnaee and InglanS
"The Amertoaa lease Missloa lust
boms from London, waa apuoialed by
Pveeideat Wilton te make a alady of
ana It'iona in aeglseS and PYaaoe Of
Ita uissteeu st am Sees ait sre from
the Amerteoa Fodaraiioa of Labor.
two af whom sre women. The etbere
tearaeeal every souisl etemeut of ths
Amerteoa people 1 bis mlttloo mads
a csmprehesslvs ttady ol c-ondltlona
te the Allied eounseiea. snd hofora
tenvusg London lor Amerma. leaned
th follow mg etalemeat legardiag
ast) eoadtuoas
gstare leading is Caglaad all mam
bore of the committee have visited a
number of ciUes snd uilervlowel s
large lumbar or pe.pb- i ding the
aanxt aitsaiiuu, aa well as other mat