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NO. 25
UNJRM to imrhup. to pill
julv aa.
July .1 Will Witness Hcpertarr of an
If Mil tonal fill Mm .mil July BB,
90, or 107 for One Month.
An additional 38 men will leavo
Malheur county July r. unO on July 22
there will he OH more cut mined,
making IoIhI or II? men to leave
the county In odd monlli. by lar llM
largest nuinher ho far.
. i-alla will entirely deplete
Class One In fart there will he :
ahortree of II for the Mil of July 22.
How i MM this difference Ih m p
leni to which Sheriff Hen llrowii add
ree(l himself yesterday on Ml return
from Portland In npenklng to the
Argue from Vale yesterday he declar
ed that he had nol determined what
what course could lie puraued hut
(hot that Rome of the Class Two men
might Imi called.
He alao mid that there would lie
a alight chance for getting the defi
ciency from the raclaaairioatlon of de
ferred men, alnce that waa up to the
District hoard not to the local board
He aald that the local board bad re
commended to the District board the
reclassification of a number of men li
the county
The call for t'lana One men do not,'r a fire ntarted from a cigar. Me
Include any of the hoya who register-
ed June 5, 118. whose aerial number
will be drawn In Waahlngton noon -n
-- ' ------
Ssaaue Hayakawa. the well-known
Japaneae screen actor, a eaat of aup-
porting player, aud his director.
(ieoi" H .MeHoi.l. naotitly pelll
several weeka lu thlnatonu. BjM
Krauflaco. where they made the e-
tsrior scenes for Hayakawa'a newest
Paramount picture,. 'The (all of the
Eaat." This waa written especially
for Ssaaue Hayakawa by Heulah
Marie lx. Tsuru Aoka. .Mr Ha
akawa'a winsome little Japanese wife
in one of the leading women, while
the other I Margaret Uoomla, whose
real name ie Uehua Wnipahu and who
made a sensation aa the Hawaiian
girl lu "The Hottle Imp" with Mr.
Hayakawa recently. "The Call of the
Beat" la to be ahown at the Dream
land theatre on Prtday and Saturday.
July 6 and (.
Wben the train ou which the fepjsj
ware to leave arrived the station plat-
- .... afc m M lu knUKUB.d .
ior.u w.. ...ruus-u -..u ...,
rh nflr town turned out to wave
them farewell and aa many of lb
boy declared, "We will never forget
the time Ontario gave us.'
Mrs. Francle C. Aatell. ha seen
premeted to the chatrmanenip el th
United lUtee tmploy' Cemaensa
lien Csinnuunn.
" - -en en asn i -,
Mftmj lt . VRVP W Jav
BaL !ay A
ass. iBm . iim
sBHaBalasftsBm aflaVa. Wfc. IH
A. J. H ii. i To I'm- r i m-:
At a meeting of the Hoard of
Hlrectora of the Wiirmsprliigs
Irrigation District at Vale laat
Friday Engineer A. J Wiley of
Holae agreed to prepure plans
for the board to HUbmlt to the
War Securities committee. He
declared that with the data on
hand that the plana and report
could be completed within two
Although no definite contract
waa entered Into it Is believed
that Mr. Wiley will accept the
board'a offer to become con-
nulling engineer. With the en-
glneerlng queatlon solved It la
believed that a big advance
step haa been taken toward get-
ting the project started this fall
no that the reservoir will he
ready for tine In the spring
BUY W 8 8.
Rlaae Holy Inland Claims
Portion of Hay Crop Wrtlaew
' day This Morning Mantorrt
Home Bursa.
Wednesday, Juue I, waa a Jonah
day for the Doty family, who live on
the Inland near the railroad brldg
atub they loat a large portion of their
bar crop.
Early this morning a fire atari I
In the home of Mr and Mrs. Chf
ford Sanford. deatruylng the bsu
i onipletsly. The biaaa started
1. SO a. m. and the itouse
smoking ruin by S:tl.
Mra. Banford la a slater of Mrs.
jBU,.w Doty, whoa home waa threat-
Me1 n tj, aftrnoon when the blaze
on the Island took tlslr crop.
i cause of the S. iimril lire Is a
mystery, for it had a great headwuv
before being discovered. The family
i0 fitt n,d to flee for their Uvea, sn-
taping with little more thiui the:r
(Dt olothea. Borne furniture waa
wived after the family got out or ti,
building. I
The bouse belonged to T.W. llrou
or iduuo Kails and was partially lu
,urj xhe Sanford hail no In-on
,, un their furniture
Kilt MIW. M. H. IW l i It
Funeral services were held We.l-
nesday afternoou at lue uiideriaklng
parlors for Mr. Marvin Sealer, who
AimA al llta liAunltut ! .t eloek 'I'lf-
., 7 .J .
day morning. Her deaih was caused
by typhoid fever. Rev. Chas lilom
conducted tha services. Burial wan
made in the Ontario cemetery.
Hssel Viola Wataon waa born si
Haloes. Oregon, lu April. 117. She
; was married November 29, 111 I, i
. Marvin Healer of Payette, She leave
behind to mourn her loan her im
baud and baby daughter, two sisters,
one of whom la lu Alaaka, one
brother aud her father, who live In
- HI V W.B.i.
Will Oniario Women Furnish
Malheur County Boys Will
HM Pairs of Hex k.
Hill Hxeaiers. Ila-fore Hepiaiiiber I
On the d. iSniKiimenl Infill the Winn -II ol Die I'h.ip
ter from Dead f Flat Ontario. Botll
iHVard, Willie Seltlenniiil. Valley l. -.
Cairo, N'yssa. Kiiigiiian Kolouy and
Big Head, will determine s
or nut some soldier bov will have
freeslng feet, or .stand chilled lo Ho.
marrow for Die want of a sweater
The call la for sou pulr or
and HI sweaters All this mat be
flelivereil hofore Seulember 1 II s
ft (lit, bjjpnjj yUola ever give (
,. . . ..,.,... .....i i, Kittam t s
the local chapter and It comas at a
time when Had Cross interest apps
' eiilly 1.4 ebbing Will Hie woiusa and
While Ontario anil Vale and RJM
Ail- Ifi F.schew Frsllvitirm, Nelgli-
MM Offer Opportunities.
tlrogan is to have a Iwt-plv velebra
tlon on Independence Hay The Bea
pliable people of the Hrogan Valley
are aendlng an Invitation to their
neighbors to Join wlt'i them in mark
ing the one hundred forty second
anniversary of the birth if the Culled
Statea, and alao to Join them In ded
icating to i im .nubile the big new cotn
n'unlly hall whim they have M
Iteslde the det'ie itorv oxen-bcs Ud
tile patrlolie spe lit which will ner
ve r.s the central portion of the pro
pi. in, there ban ft en arranged an In
tf ruling aerlen of alliletic event; in
clu-llng home rates, loot races, nov
i ill races ant! -ill thai sort off thing
Tlie lirognn prom. mi Ik an afler-
jnomi wild evenin : affair 'I'lie "klck-
infl ' will apses, nt i p m. ami the wind
up MM linn- til inotnlng after I .1
Klier will he o if I he
;a Hie patrlotio' unit the . .
til', lucludes u iilg
llrog.t i Invites thr whole.
tointy to eni.r its lalmy valley In
t in ufternoon and loave after lliey
. . , ., ....
Ii.iivr nail me Mine oi itteir lives a a
jlmd. t". W. itrodtler and ,I,a Ken
n u are the tn i-iiargi
That it will be a good Hin therefore
i aaaured.
Arcadia I oiks To I'lcnU
out at Arcaoli they are going lu
I (if a regulai KourtP of July plcnh
'.It program will he Informal for It
Is kg he a kin I of family affair under
the shads of tl. banut'lul trees of the
Arcadia grove.
Hlg lt el I'm I flrbrale
'lit people of Hlg Head are to hold
a t.'g ton. I " t . . ouve an
Mpkajrate progrcm nsdy anil e tl t
v of music and oilier fselsl fen -
will enter ti themselves . nd
as many of tlt-r tielghhorn as can ,ti-
tU K8.
An urgent t r: tor nu. Inn tawks
r'ril sweatera (a the hoys who will
If In camp ill- winter, either lu
1 tanca or In 'In- Statea liu- ansM I,
the Ontario (il Cross I'itapter lib
it i. an- come a urgent u Mil tor
' eaters
Hr: l Al. MllllM.i on
AT THK HAPl'Ikjl- III lit II
Kvangellsl II A Hunt of hi
I. ouls. Mo., began a special Beating
at the llaptisi church 'liiesds.v nigh..
Mrs Hum. who Is a specially Malncd
musician, will Join lilm lu the wor' .
aud have charge of the singlug. V
very eoidlal in II .it ton Is egteadsd lil
all to come and i.'iijoy the servici -The
evangelists use no 1 ricks or clap
lrP methods, but bring lb messag
of salvation from a heart full of In..
for manklud and as s result of ran
of experleu. I
III 1 W 8.8
Different members of Hie YV C T 1 , 'evail.i. Moudu Brim, al1 i in i
met at four different pkspgsj In thl TtaJI r trieiui In (Ini.i . a.
city yesterday and uaed Hie time q loaaf am . "i t Ittiy BaNall
working busily on the rnmforl kltsU) i !.;-. nm
they are making for the It.. i ml wli went to ml.r - iiieil.
The places uf meeting were al Mis vielt wit i no broth. -r in Baa ad i M
lliiigiiam'a, Mra. A. L. UcDos and Mrs stP will renin to their
el'a, Mrs II It liilck's ami Mi- II !. home in I'utailo no.ii II.. m.ddb ol
I'oorinan'a .-epiembei
i tin Kin., ti.i theaa will be guodi
iintai to .nol U i n irons im
r.iMid. deliver the good?
Thai is Ho- 'in
lag the dire bars of ih. u
chapter Will Hie Oniario Chs)
fall down'' Il has i ye
present order I
Ol ion or the women
It I a personal app.
luotiier. ami every lle .
,d of a Malheur eoulit) boy lor
Die order I barely enough I
the needs of the boyr win, have
recently trans ''" -county
Owe lauarii for Uili Man
Tha army autboriites pinacilUe uaa
dosen pairs of woolen socks for .
lr. I'apHtian Will Oive Ss imil l,e.
tnif at Itieninlnntl I ilfla Kven-
Ing f AtltiiisHloii to
He Charged.
No autllence which has gsthcM-.l i
Ontario since the war began to learn
of the real conditions In the warrlnir
countries haa been no well rewarded
an that which heard Dr. M. (J Papn
lan of Alntab, Turkey, at the llap
llnt church laat Sunday morning.
Dr. I'apazian will give a second
lecture at Dreamland Friday evening
nntl those who lulled to hear him Snn
dn are doing themselves an injustice
ir Hoy are not present to hear the
ntury he has to tell.
Dr. I'spaalan In a gifted Pratoi
Ills style of address is del Ig it tf til i
i" point and the grip .n
which he held Ills Sunday gsdlsgi
Wan a profounil irlbnte to the fa
hla appeal.
in - oiirae he Is aided by Hie won
derful advantage he posse
sonnlh Itnesslng the crime of t-
menls so he haa a real story to Mil,
He announced Sunday that he would
elaborate on his Sunday address on
Friday making In fact practlcsllf i
entirely different lecture.
People la Ontario Appareatl) Hair
Palled to Kesilse the lniMrl
of the Campaign.
As yet the peoph ot Onturlo lone
'failed to grasp the full Importance of
lbs War Savings Stamp campaign.
The effort no far made by the Klre-
men and the Honor Uuard, wliile
they have beeu partially successful.
have not met the rnapoaa necsaaary
to put Hie district over the top.
The quota for the campaign Is
equal to that of the first Liberty Uian
drive, yet many people are taking Imi
a fraction of what they subscribed
Two in Limit Club.
Mo far there are only two Outarluns
eligible In Hie Limit club, whose en
trance requirement I Hist of a f lnne
subscription There should be at
least ten in that club here, belle.o
the manager of the cauipalgu
While the drive Is to lie held in
morrow the purchase of the st a 111,0.
cover the entire year. Kvery On
tariaa should consider the question,
even If be or sin has alsajgdj sub
scribed, and make au effort lo gej 'I
the lotsl to lioilDii for H. hoi.l Dl
irlct Nn. I.
Bin ss.
Mr. an.' Mrs I aiidall tagW tad
doUgbte.-- lira)--e aud Alfut.Mi n
luriim) K, I heir i)i at Mit.ii.nill.
Their Share of the Socks
Need this Winter in France?
man in the .irtuy. and ..i
It. I I mill e
llisn IM hois ii, Mo anii.i lioiii t.o
territory within Hie chapters Juri
.1.. HoB, SO thai in being askeil In In.
ulsli Kit) pair of sot kr Ontario and
leaser are bai.llv .dim (or
:iu own boys will
The ...rn lo furnish tbh
toti. will give the iinauclei uf the
i a Job for li may be nut .
Dining the past yea l Ihure lian
been comparatively lew knillii- g
Ouiatio i he nut hint, sections bare
had more, proportionately, for On
tarki women specialised on surgical
nigs 'I If
4 The hlg pumps which will fur-
nlsli Ontario with water In the
future readied the city yester
day and will be Installed during
the coming week. With the ar
rival of the pumps Contractor
('. H. Helmer breathed easier, as
did Engineer L. C Kelsey, who
inln now that the sys
tem will be In working order
Advices have also been
received Indicating that the
chlorinating plant will be here
Saturday so that It, too. i-mt be
Installed shortly.
With the arrival of fittings
all the pipe on the Kastslde was
laid and the first line of mains
on I lie Westslile of the track
went in today.
Hoard I'toi.iU With HeOsisI Sleoi
lor Aiiiiual i:lilbilloii Hlarl
Work on HuIIiIIiiks anil
At a meeting of Hie Pair Hoard
Tuesday evening a atari waa made on
the plan for assigning business men
to handle Hie Fnir thin rail.
President A. L. Cork rum named
the beads aud personnel of several of
tha coin in It tees for various depart
ments. To cure for Hie Improvements
and repairs nn buildings and
grounds, C. It. Kinisnn was named
chairman of the commute- On pro
gram events for the Fair. I'. J. tlsll.i
gher waa appointed
The ootiimlttes on music for liie
Pair was selected as follews: Byron
Turner mill II O Diui.i . M publlilt ,
t: I. Aiken. A F Kiddle slid Hugh
Other committees . ill be named
later, pending further development
of the board's plain- 'litis week es
pecial attention Is being given to the
revision of the premium list tnaVrl
tary Stearns, aaalated by II K.
Douglass, haa this mutter In hand.
Irving I'roctor aud Ills mot he-,
Harbara I'roctor, arlved In m
tarlo a few daya ago and are visiting
with thei, cousin and niece. Mra. A.
1 B. Cain. Mr. I'roctor baa accepted a
position with the Cos A. Hunt garage
Mrs. H. C. Whltworth and Mrs
Ueorge Kellogg of Weiaer riuua over i
Tuendny to attend Ho- meeting of the
Tuesday Hrldge club held at Mm J.
It. Hlaukaby's They were gue. ts of
Mrs. Prank Boats ' hHM ' MS. il
thai day.
Mr and Mrs Karl Ills, ks by
proiiil parents of a little son. born
Weduesday. al Hie home ol Mrs.
IMai kaby s parents, near A-l Isn.l.
1 J. Dnkliisnu tool. I party of old
soldiers over lo Pajeit In hi Ml
for Old Soldiers U
these were I'm le-H.. . Hall, It V
Cos I fit Mild J. V Jaiuf-on
Junior Red Cross uud Hie scho I
Klrln old enough lo nl Ho- knn
needles will i
o aid lu Ibis g ..I oi
not in session it win be bard lo or)
he campaign so ib.n lb gi
can be delivered by September I,
volunteers will be
iau not kult go to Hie Bad 1'ro
rooms and arrange for laatruotloi
Il la or will be made available
I In emergeiicy Is urgent, worn
and girl of Ontario anil surroundin
ansae. sallies faa do not wain
fall the boys al -be innit M voliu
tecr to knit and do it now
l'.iileitliinuiil Parnlsbetl st Ihfain
lanil Dining Kveuing Magaalnea
Clgsrettes and Other Tokens
Ontario turned out entuaase to bid
the Jim ntltii;ent of 68 Malheur
County and 28 Harney County boy
who left Monday evening for Camp
i'iis Tim gaenonati i Ion accorded
thM wan geoond Bat ha that given
the first voluniei i' who left In April
lu the isiafatloa there were fhe
llflllllo llos. i mil Orriitt. Ilugii
clement. I'lf'o Moore, II Nelson,
a nil flordou Shufrer l-:ihert Johnson
who wan called with I lib. conlngent
went to Portland the week previous
and Joined Hm part) there.
Plsnsfo-tho farewell were mad
at the City Hall Sunday afternoon nt
a meeting called by fir II II. Whitney
and 8. P. Taylor The business dl--trlst
waa divided and solicitor gath
ered the funds necessary to pay the
expense Monday morning. Mm K A
Praaer took charge of the chicken bsn
quet served at Hie Silver drill, aid
ed by Honor Ouard tllrls who waited
upon Hie young men.
Attorney J. W McCulloch prenld
ed at Hie dinner and he snd R. C Van
Patten made brief talkn to whh-'i
ponae wan made by Haul C Miller im
Hie Malheur County boys an. t Q
Belle for the Harney boy. The appre
ajatlo. of Hie men was aviUent aud
the bunqaet and worked for K sut -cess.
more than repaid those who arranged
llefore leaving the banquet He
boy were given Hckets to Dream
land for the eieulnt DM e.imj
beside they were given partinv fert -enta
of cigars, cigarettes Mid mag, i
sine. And that In. ppreeint
ed waa nol doubtful.
poim l.AH sivt.FH OUMH TO CANT
Jaa. (1. Smith, who kaj mien ea
terulned Onturlo gallilrlugs alth
pleasing sougs, lefi last Saturday
area lug for Kur ue to tske the train
ing course for men preparlUK '' -the
srint erli.. .1 ihe I'ltlversliy
L. M. Kates from the Xlsumarssag
raueh mar Waal fall '.nee down as
Hie cur Wednt-i dm lo allond In onf
.11- ne.b matti I III low I,
conduct..! TUaa Ota im-'i l i'u
lello, was ih. eat al "'"
Irlentls uf'l SiiiiiI.i.
A ualoi . n thilirlo v
from Veualot. iii on. Monday.
utiiml !.c.,ir Berasvic.
i mandsr el th Auslro Hungarian
tioups which fsilsu IS mir ousnn
isn tha Italian Irani.
. "' ' --
ic. Pie W
kwaasMaJH .:Jm ifialffi
x-JaBe?sFr?3lJ'. wali.i'Aii
Ill V W I S
i '