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m WNTwn aJtotil btaaato oiubgon, thi iuday, atium is, iti
Principal Event of the Weelt
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
Portland annual rnae show will t
Id Thursday iind Friday. June in
Tbe Oregon Banker' aaanrlatlon
it Saturday at (tend for UM IMI
(annual i .intention
A three daya' picnic and rem Inn i '
jLltn county plnra waa held t
fcrnwnllle, ending Friday.
0 R Hpenre. of Oregon City, waa
reelect. d tnaater of the Oregon Hlntc
A total of U.Ul motor vehlclea were
registered by Jiim 1, tata year, aceord
tuf to a statement leaned by Sacra
Ury Oteott Tee toUt feea received
for the half eeer war 40t.677.t0 M
compared to .18.242 vehicle regtitared
for the flrat aU mnntha of laat year.
and 152,459.&0 Id feea received for the
ame period.
Pendleton waa aelerted aa the next
in 'tine plare of tbe Oregon Hotall
Jeweler' aaaoclatlotl, whlrti held ita
annual reinvention at Salem, the dates
of the convention to conform , with
Ihoae of the Roundup O. A Mart
man. of Salem, waa elected president
und f M Krenrh, of Albany, re-elected
m I ri tary treasurer
Ilenewed Intereat la feadag token In
the black aanda at the mouth t the
t iilniiihla river. While the peculiar
magnetic quality of theae aantla ha
been known for many year. It waa ;
only recently that UM) pmied their
Qranae In aeaalon at SaMin
Tba eleventh annual ! MtltO ,,r ! value tn ihe hortn ulturiil duel., pmcM
ae Oregon aaaociatlon of Title MPn , of the community The new cranln
as held Friday In Portland
I ll
LmW m
IVftf J
. --;;)
Labor on Coo hay I about to be
ttlonlied In every branch If the locnl
labor council movement terminate .
It ll expected that the atate lime
beard will aak the emergent. t board
for a deficiency appropriation of HM
Initead of tlli.linii at Ita next meeting I
The depnrtinent of Orep.u;.
Anttilah War Veteran, arc plum.
to held their annual en ampinem
Convent Ion nt I'ortland .lillie 21.
At the nnnual coiiuni in cinetii OSA)
else Of the (irexnn normal MfeOOl '
Monmouth, to be held WediicKdei
June lit. :iB graduate will Neat!
The tnli hlnhway commUalon haa
been aitthnrii d In tbe capital bJMMO
lomtiitliee lit Washington to laaue nml
ell at iiiiii another $Mi WW In I.
taay homlM
Not Including 12 coiiutlea. whli h hu:
not reported their registration. :i4.4
Oreaon young men who have become
21 yeara old alnce June C nf laat year
have registered
An ordinary "acrub" hoc brought
!l:ifi when anld at auction at the -t'i
len . :iHk diinv at l.a tlramle It
waa purchased and redotiated to tin
Med Crnea several time
The lawmlll of the Klschrr l.uin
bar company, three inllea back of
Mi. ..i,i on the Muhawh branch of MM
Southern I'ai Iflc. I mile from Ku
gene, waa ileatroyed by fire.
Kleven carload of flour, returned
by patriotic Oregon householders and
dealera for ahlptnent to France, ha
been paid for and takeu In charge by
fned diiilnllrallnu official
Prank Katiaoin. of Portland, who for
eetcral inontha haa been aervlng In an
Important poaltlou with the lumbei
coiuiiiiiiei of the war Induatrlea board
Induatry I the beneficiary
Commencing thla week the consoll
datlnn commlaalon will hold hearing
at Salem to determine what bnarda
and cnmmlaaiona can be abollahed and
(onaollilated IIoI.Icm It will thorough
ly probe Into the expenditure of all
tate department with the view of
determining If they can be more gt on
omlcally and efficiently conducted
The rail for the new mnnlclinl
railroad from Klamath Kail to liulry.
2d mile eaat. ami the flrat link of
the great Htrulinrn ii in which I
deatlned later tn dctelop the ureat
Inland empire Of Oregon, have reached
Olene. and It la i.. .ted that active
operation mer thi part of the line
will be inatltuted at an early iatt
To dlacun the new freight rate
-i tn iliili-il to pa Into eflei t lime OJ
under the order of William Q Mi Vdon.
Inei I r general of rallroada. and the
licit -in li tin reaaed ratea will hate
upon the grower and shipper m Oft
gun a public conference with grower
and shipper will be held In the pub
-.he commlaalon Thurada In
The bAdy of I)r John W llarrla.
Oregon pioneer and prominent phy
alclan of Kugetie, who myaterleeejj
illHBppeared following hla Indlclinenl
for manalaughler in ceiinecllnn with
an alleged criminal operation, waa
found by a searching party In llend
rick park, on the outaklrt of the
city There were no eldelicea of mil
cide on the limit
relltlona In the fulled Slate ship
plng board are helm: circulated among
employe of Aatorla ahipyard asking
that the half holiday Haturday be de
(lured off I he petition slate., tbul In
order to haatcn iirinluctlon of slilps
the men are willing to work Hal unlet
Harry A. Wheeler, of Chicago, re
cently elected prtaldent of the Cham
bar of Commerce of the United Statea.
Salem. Or. A conference of the
public er Ice commlaalon of Wah
Ington. Oragon and Idaho Is expected
in the near future, probably at Port
land, to fen niulate a plan for the pro
lei Hi, n nf (he Pacific northwest lerrl
tory agiint palpable unliilrneaa In
the proniei L'& per cent lucreaae In
freight rate
The Washington commission pro
poed iu h a conference by tnlegraph
to the Oregon i nnimlsloti
The WushliiKlon mission aaya
It la preparing a protest In file with
the Interstate i umiiien .- commlaalon
again! the percentage lucreaae on
fruit ratea. particularly on applea and
i mined good eaatbound Commercial
bodies of that atate are Joining against
the method Increasing the export and
Import ratea and other lucreaae
S W mm mmmn in
mm lln 11
m Wm mmWn
' f'JmmmmT I I 01
Will Welcome
a pouch ol
Real GRAVELY Chewlno Pfl
Any fftf from ho folka back home mia
a lot to tbe boy. ....
Whan you ae-nd him tobacco, let it ba
good tobacco tobacco worth tending all
that rons way-lba flt, comprattad plug
of Real Grayely.
Glee an men a chew of Real Gravely PItaf . and
he will tall you thmt't the hind to aend. Send the
Ordaaary plot I falae economy. It cotta leaa per
week to chew Real Gravely, becaaea a aaaall chew of
it Cat a leaa while. .... L u
H yee. amohe a pipe, lie Gravely with your hnife
and add a little to your .molting tobacco. It will giva
flavor improve your amohe.
A roiK-H or urn avelv
it hi 10. Mlm A S t.
3pn iw
.1 o h.m
TV. P.l PamA km U Fnk mJ Clm and Coed
M k ml tomi Grly mitkmt nia fieaictaia Stat
BatehHahadl tail
DhIm all arauMl he. crrr II hi to. until.
wtl aw) m hale bai baad. la Ti.Uuaa Cm c Si
vTyA. t.- "ever uW" wtlluk I
Town Topics Tersely Told
Jease Kandleman waa
Weitfull vlltor Sunday.
Himtliiri Homer Maddux, formerly of tin
Argua staff. Is now working on the
Miillett ranch
I K Onkea of the llrogan On
Mr John Napton of Moniedule aat
ahopplng in the town Tueaday.
to ahd A. it. Kox, the rancher
T. Johnson arrived In the .i - -- i .
ri i- in. mn iii.iii i:i- iiii.iiim .iii.ii.i.i.
city from Puwhuaka. Okla . Hunday. j o
0 James- tiraham of the (Iraluim
Mra C II I'pinn and daughter ol Pro at Weal fall, and Albert Mucker,
Portland were x tailing In Ontario this the atage driver, were In town last
"" Thursday.
Mr. Agnea Murphy and daughter,
Mlaaea Margaret and Mao, were vlalt
Ing friend here the paat week.
The Mlaaea Murphy have Juttt return
ed from spending the term lu school
In Maker.
Mra. W J. Weeae, Mlaa Mcm.i
Mlggs, Mra. John Dunphy, and the
Mlaaea Cora and Kthel MiNulty mo
tored up to the ranch iind pent Sun
day with Judge and Mrs Million
lllgga and family.
afternoon on straight lime
Drafted Men In Camp Lewlt Are Made
Camp l.ewl. Wash Probably the
moat momentoua event In the paat few
week waa the naturalization Haturday
if I nun alien soldiers numbers of tbe
Niii.u flrat d! talon
VII of Hie men were given full rlghta
a elllxeua following the ailmlnlilra
Hon of the iiHlha In Federal Judgea
Jeremiah Veterer and K K ushni.iii
who held aaatfal session of tbe fed
The re I '' l',lrt In the library of the One
Already In Kngland the Y M. C.
A I caring for wounded men, teach
ing them a trade or giving the her...
trained Instruction ao that they will
be aelf aupporting In aplte of their
Mr and Mr. W It Andernon and utile Alice Morman left for Pn.c InJurlea.
son of Klvenclde were visiting here land Haturday night with Mra I. I
M""day. on and will vlalt her little friend. . . Ielim AM Kit MAN HOI. MIKIt
o .Uwendolyn Newton, there John H Mowarth. a Y M.C.A war
A. K. Mrown of Venator la In town I o Iwork aecretary In Pari, writes
attending to aome hualaeaa matter Hilly Joneg. banker and alms II n'er at which place he la
11 praogaj !. ha been down from Junturn re stationed, ticciimmiidiiilons for
newlng old acquaintance during the "n "r" l baud, that Mra. Theodore
Arnold anil paat two or three dav. Mooaevnlt Jr., haa charge of fifty wo-
Mr. and Mr Tom
daughter. Mlaa Alva, have gone up to
DntTOO- on a vlalt. Mr and Mrs L. C i bell ..l
on of Chicago wer st of the
Mr and Mr. K. Sutton of Moore- Moore hotel during a brief sojourn In
vine were vislMng friend here Ontario from their
Thuraday and Prbhiy Weatern atatea.
men workera and K. S. Kdmonda, a
Philadelphia lawyer look after the
business affalra. Me say the Amer
ican aoldlera are clean, cheerful,
n army uny
li li thru the wholeaome fellow and
nation might be proud to claim
haa tendered ble resignation and I v
.cis iii return to Portland
'I bill Hi in iiue luduslri t lli' r. ,
llig riulli tear yeur In I'nlk iiiuuli
la prni en by a aurvey recently taken
by county official, when It wa tit
com ml thai there are uow 3.12(1 acres
of inline on liarda In the county.
Oregon sml California railroad land
In the Hull Kun turret reaerie will
In withheld from entry by the romim
sioiici of the land office until legit
latlon ha been paaaad by emigre.
taking It in. in general tutry . thua pro
teciing Portlaud'a water aupply
Since the beginning of tbe war ihe
fir and spruce produclug mill of Ore
gun and Washington have aupplnd
the got eminent with 4S6.0UU.UUU levt
Of lumber, etrlualee of the airplane
prui e manufactured by the golem
inn I own plant at Vancouver, Wash
Abbott l.awreuce. pupil lu Ihe aei
mill trade at Weatport, bold I In- in
dividual reiurd for the .ale of llinft
Ktainps sun e the opening of lb
aaiing campaign iu the acboola. hal
ing snlii 1 4 (tin worth, according to a
report i. ceiled by Huperinleinlrui
linineiiae sum aubacrlbed to llberiy
loan, hair mil affected bauk deposit i
which, on Mn IU. Kiiiniiiilril in M
HI HJ II in all of Die bank and trust
compaulea nf Ihe atate. or an increase
ol aMTf.ettJjO oer Mai I. 1 S 1 7 at
coi.lint in ii K I fin. hi letted. Iii Sun
rriiiiiiiil.ii t oi lianks lleuuetl
The lowest flic In., leinrd n.
land for U. tear waa established dur
ing iiu rural u mouth of UM floral
year idls Ihe lire Ins for llils at
nml was M471.'i. Thla sum ) ill
lualh iiue half of the fire loaa In ilin
first six n ibs ol Ifll when the ag-
gieguic loss totaled 1114,411 4;
I In. in 1 ideiita were rABOrt
d to tin industrial accideui nun
misioii lei Ihe week ending lillie i,.
OUt ol ll Uuttl ol .', '.' .n 1 nlenls le. n,l. ,
Tin- latgU) iii.iii. d wnrkineii tfArt
in., it Kowc. siiminei rodglt V
li 1 Inn'' h. I'oi'llaud. shipbuilding.
Carl : 1 llaad lalobulldliu
n me llnil ov elm Ills are I
m.iiie .it I lie klalakauuie riter
iiueat are being algued by nearly all
men employed there
Jame T Ctioiiiioek. auperlnti ndeni
if water il.iislon No I, 1 mprlsln.
vounlle. weal ol tbe Cascades, haa re
algued. elfeclitc July If. (lovernor
Wltlitcombe ha announced that he
will appoint Percy A. Cupper to auc
reed Mr. Chlniuick Mr Cupper I the
republican nominee .mi now assistant
atate engineer aa well aa aecretary of
the deaert land board.
Tba public aervice 1 omiiil.alon ba
Merited noilce from t A. Prouly.
dire, lor in Ibe gnteruuieiii railroad
department, that hereafter the freight
bualuea of Ihe railroad must be put
on a atrlclly cah bail Freight may
be ahlpped out or be delltered for
established firms wilhout I he mouet
being III band the order polnla mil, but
tbe ca.h iiiual be cullecled before the
close of the day
A plot possibly to murder the jailer
and permit eacape of prlaouer from
...,1 I the county Jail waa fruatraled at (taker
when Sheriff Anderson found conceal
rd lu a uialtreaa In one of the calla.
Hetrral large knlvr with hlude about
lli liicbea long lui e.ligaiiou deloi
rd that (1 II. KliMk. who follnwing Ins
indictment, toluularllt appeared at
the tail and tate hiniavlf up, had
brought iu the knives.
Iln.e In public utility isles gjaj 1,,
ouilneiided to Ibe publli sen Ice
mlgaloll by Ihe wur 1 inline corpora
linn tor all utilities uii.mpling to bor
row uioiict from Dial . orporallou, In
1 a letter recelted lit II mil III Isslnll
The tsoraarallao decltret that it doe
not feel us ihoiigh il should loan
1110111 nlher lliau on kooiI security
and a utility that la otlQ inouet I
not ooatlaered aaod tatartt)
Mots and girl ut ihe stutc Irainitig
si liool will be eni lulu i li.- country
to the berry patches und lor oilier
light work, a fur as possible this
t. .11 Matt 1 iiusiiici Ka ui
sin li .1 mote .11 a meclnii: ol tin boaid
ol ioiiIioI. and Hie gatat Ol lal in
siiiuiuin suid Ihcy would lall in line
Willi tat idea, a tar us tottlhit Some
Of Ihe hot. hate been working lu the
onioli lields with exiell.ut IUO0OOA
Iluiidred suit aixth depot brlgtdt
The aoldlera were all naiurallied
under the provlalon of Ibe amend
mi nl to Ihe ii!irull:uiioti law ap
proved by the president May It. ami
under which all alien aoldlera. not
nalltes of coiiiilrlis now ut war with
the I'nlted Stale, could In . nine cltl
aen without going through the usual
There are about Sunn men in camp
to be naiurallied and this will lake
the neit three or four week.
Polish Leglen to Fight With Allies.
Waahingion Word reached here
from Prance that the Poliah legion of
l.'i.Ului men recruited in Ibe tinted
Hlatea. together with some ZOOV Poles
drawu from Mouth America, will take
Ita plate with the allied armies
Though they serve with the French
army aa a separate mile the Polee will
carry their own flag, and some of tbe 1
compaulea from the lulled Hlatea will j
display the Stars and Stripes aa well
They are all outaidr of Ihe dralt age
or ineligible aa enemy aliens for aerv
Ice In the American army
Red Creaa Fund Over Subscribed
Washington The tnericau II. d
Cross second war mercy fund now to
tala IIM. i ,'.i wiiii iiulicaiioua ihsi
when all it-porta Iroiii tat drive of a
week ago are tabulates!, a ITUIMm uiio
oier siitisci ipiiou of (he lllHl.noil.tiOQ
goal ill be shown
Allied Air Raits Demerallie Germane
Washington Allied air raids oil
Herman town are di moralising ihe
Dental ataatj Mrtoti la the otaat
depariineul aald that the tffet 1 tpoa
the populations of cities boiubeil wa
far greater than heretofore reporinl
ii .' while food. , lou
Whole. tl; cracked. 74
Tlmoih), 4t per ton. allalfa
a. in .in lull belt ihe Hsu coiumis
tlottor itieiitly acquired some tddi-
Uoaal ' "id and idau. to eipeml 111 ihe
I '--i In. oil of ITIUKI in bellerineuts
'11. 1 nisi work to be done will be
to Increttt the uuiuber of rearing
pi lids so ihat at least lu.Uuu.uuu flajj
1 . Ii handled lln- coining season
1-utcr the building will be enlarged
and the capacity of tbe plant lu.rcu.ed
to approximately KO.vOO.OUu yuuug sal
atoii annually.
At a tutting al 1'OO.Ullla it waa
leclded b) on overwhelmlai tote to
itiiuicdialcly inaugurate recall tfi
lug againat County Comiuiss. -ners
Philip and Anuatrong ami Couuly
Judge Wataou A nieciing this week
will .elect candidates to oppose (he
three officials Aruiatrnug wa re
ceiilly defeated for renoiuinalion but
It IS proposed to cut out the balauce
of bia term. Charges made allege eg- :
Inxagance tad tucompetency.
i la is
Ituttei 11.. .linn 4tic pet lb.
iogs Hum ii m per daaoo
rwlal OOP l ' I - pel hundred
Pouliit liens broiler. S3
C -t . rooster, Mf ITt,
BultOf Cnameiv 43c pel lb
Kgga Kuncb 44i per do., n
I'ouliry lletia. heavy dressed. Sic,
light Me; broiler. 60c. roaster.
dressed. Mei duck, live :llk dressed.
34c. geeae. live. If; dressed 36c. tur
Aaya, live. 2lj)3Ui', dreaseu 3j4Uc.
Halt the Hun
Provide the boys with . things . they . need to make short
work of him.
linns, cltitlics. ;tiiii;itt. I'lHitl, iiiiiiiititnis and the ships to
net nvtT with. TlitM-arc tilt- thiiiKH the Iiovh iiei'd, itml
1I1. i-ust in. met hunks of it.
June 28th
National War Savings Day
Tl i- ipooe ttMtrilMtisi f 11 tin
WMii.iiijr ol tlie Wailiy
First National Bank