The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 13, 1918, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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tt Ontario Aintm ovtahio n rrcov. thitwday. Jinac iji, lam'
Rex all Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
Nyal Remedies
Walling Garage
Agency for the Overland,
Willys-Knight, and Max
well Touring Cars and
Maxwell Trucks.
We carry the largest stock of parts, ac-
. . .....
Hupplies of all kinds tor
Gasoline, Oils and Lubricants.
Wines, Manager
A. V.
Society News
MIhk MitrKiiri't Mlarknliy entertain
All a number (if her friends with n
lawn party Friday evening In hiiiui'
of lier friend and former xclioolmate.
Mlaa Tlielma I ..imp kin of Payette.
The yawn win hrlnlit with Japanenp
lantern and other decoration, and
when the time raine to leave everyone
declared that they had had "a per
fectly lovely time."
Thoae who were preaent were
Thelma Lumpkin. Dorothy Oram,
It nth (Ionian. I'hylll, Margaret and
Alice Win-on. Pauline Jaqulxh.
Treaaa Young, Margaret Itlarkaby
and Hub and Alphabell Wllunn Minn
Margaret Drane waa Invited hut m
unable to come.
Harney U Hull, Hr , celebrated hl
Keventy-aeventh birthday Monday
-ymlng, June 10, at the home of lit The Paul Cayoui. of Nampa motor -ii-pli.-w
and niece, Mr and Mm. C A ,.,i (Wn and took Hunday dinner with
Kii-fe. Forty of hla friend aldeiTTn Mr. and Mr. J. II. Kanmuawen
tlif relehmtlon and everyone present
had a Jolly time There wan no one Mr H. W. Clement entertained
there that felt more than ten or Hie llrldge Club Tuesday
iIimmi yearn old and t'nrle Harney Mrn K. C. Van Petten won the prlie.
hlmnelf acted the youngeat of all.
Among thoae preaent were thre old Mr and Mrn. Hay Duncan and
Holdlern. Pncle Harney, H. A. ('oaten Italph Duncan came down from Iron-
mil Stephen Calkins nlde Tuenday. On their return they
.took Mm
way bef.iro June 14.
Mrn Mable' Harvey of Twin Falls.
Idaho, arrived In Ontario thin weak
and will make a vlnlt of never!
wnekn with her non and daughter,
Mr. and Mrn. Uen Bender.
Hubert Hinder resigned hla poaU
Hon In the Ontario National Dank
Oilman', mother and nln-'and left Tuenday evening for the,
L ('. Kelney wan the boat at ater. Mm Andy Lackey and Minn Hen
merry phnl. Hunday which wan held lab hack with them to apend the
near Montpeller. Idaho The trip .niimmer
waa made In Mr. Kelaey'a car. The
guentn for the day were Mayor and
Mm W F Mourn. Dr and Mm II II
Whitney. Mrn. Lury H. Fox. and Mr
and Mrn. R. M Clrelg.
Mr. and Mm llemchel Hrowne en
tertained at a birthday dinner Hun
day In honor of Joe Daun, who I
leaving midn for the navy.
Mm. K. W. Larnon and baby
daughter, and her mother, Mrn Marv
Jonen. left Hunday night for Mm km.
Idaho, where they will vlnlt for a
Of tin Ited Mnn allotment of IflO
towela end dlnh clothn there have
been only 21.1 towela and 24 dlhb
clothn r""lted Tin-Mr mul he nent
Commercial Hank In Hi. Anthony,
Idiihi. where he wan formerly am
minis to s(ii. i hi.. its.
Mud nplanhed and hobnailed, E. H.
Sothern, the eminent American actor,
recently gave a awlectton from Ham
lei before American nnldlem In a V,
M ('. A but In Fram '
Kefugeen from the battle front
pouring Into Parln were cared for at
the American Y M 0 A. Hotel Pa
A NI) WIN, is our motto. Every
American must do not merely his
"bit" but do his best; the people of the
freest and greatest nation of the world
must with their money, food and fight
ers, confer freedom on the balance of
the nations by giving them liberty.
If you cannot buy a Liberty Bend, buy
War Stamps.
Auto Satisfaction
Is the Nash Guarantee
niftE. laf P :' '
Every man who owns a Nash Six belongs to the
Satisfied Auto Owners Club. He secures his
membership because he knows that he is driving
the best car at the price. For it has class in opera
tion ,in style and performance.
- e -yTtami"
Agest, MiilhiT aad aUraey Ootuuiaa la OragMi, PajraUw Do., Idaho
A Sweeping Clearance
Before the Price Goes Up
i t a
f :m illDlPlS,
i . ' "at ' T taBBai
,-. .. , f . 9
It M ) JrpiW. i.i m hBR
V M " IN i
i fc, VtoiB
tt Houiiti BmuIh i
Delivered for $1
The Celebrated
Only 30 to be Sold
TUH Hooeier Company lias just served HI with
notice of a general raise in the price of Eooaier
eabini'ts. wholesale iind retail. We have ex
lii.iiL'lit at rlic old time price. We uoiild put tin- new pi jr,
nil them and make an extra profit on every one.
Hut m-l.ii.l ol that, we turf golug In our i u.lomei
till- urn m tnl ailag. V, limr llniil ii our cut In-
stock ol II In-, lo uii .'.i sale Iiiiiiihiiiii itl I In- aid
low price!
When we open our doom, the i i -1 i" women who eome
in and pa ! will get them. Then the minute this allot
inei.i of Hnueien is taken THE HALE WILL END!
Special Terms of Sale
I'm) only SI ttlicn u.u ili k oul your H..-i. i
I'll) the iMtlmui' $1 e, kli mil) .Tar a iik-mJ.
lour nioiiev luH'k If )u are mil dMlaihtMl.
mMr iure otrn at M m.ih Ioiimutoh iIiim at II p. in
Hair rod Uh lnlnl .'Ml HiMmlem arc Kae.
No HiMmlrr onlrrx Miitnl lit t4iKiae.
lieeanse it is the largest and strongest maker of eaiii
nets iii tin- world, tin lliiusii j ooinpaiiy lias been able to
the last to keep its prices down. l(isiiiLr costs of lalior and
raw materials have finally forced the maker to announce
a general raise. Hut even at the increased prices, m other
1'ubinet will lie aide to compete with flimsier values.
At the old low prices, we offer in this sale there's
never lieen a haruain to equal them.
i'ome earlv be one of the luekv "thirty."
Ilo.i.irr Hr.uly
Hla4 Dw, M Hull II... .
The Life-Time Helper
That Every Woman Needs
IIooMit Klirliiii I'.iliiiiii I. a Lalior SuvInK
Machlno. Kltclicn Synliin unil lii-rin proof loml
i oiilalnir i iiiiililiiiil
It aavxii i I uihI mk li t ynii
iIiiih tor Id-il Croat Kiiiiiiiik uinl oiloi i mirk.
Mm Kr.m k Ainlilii I'Kttlnoii. t li - mili-il lioni-iihIIi-
Kllii n io v Kn -h.i-i r.louiHl lliui -alk-
Iiik an uvi-ruKi- of '.' nillra
TM Sliakrr Klnur Slllii mi lloui ( I lue-u
fatter than umM
TliH Ovit-HIik Hum- Iimk H I" i MB) 1.1 r- ifpara
for potx,,uiiH.itr
Tlio Two-Way Hufe-ar llln IhiIiIh iwiih onlln-
ary amount
Tim KtmiUiiiK Rgal ol 7 Alr-Tlght. Iiuki
I'roof riplwi Jar In almi hxiIikim-
The Motion IftMf ArraiiKcmi-nl Ik M rf-ull of
nrlnlitlfl niiillo nit
Tin- I in lliui n .1 I u.Im,,ii. kim'" Ul'i' 'ill
aviran wurk-nparc
All fnaturuN hava Ilia eartlfad pproval of tlia
IIohkI. r i iiiiiii il of K If elifii Hi c lliui" ronipiiMcil
of li-aillnc liou ' 'uilil autiiorltlaa.