The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 30, 1918, Image 1

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' "' wu
diiatm iiv rtmouM IN
IN l Tl HMu.S
sinews House Close During Afiei-
n.M.n Nirli of tin- li.n Cnitiieril.
lad t'pon by M,. in flilxeni
I'l.KIM.l; KltR I ttvritiv
Hefere leaving hcIiooI fur
their vacation tlic pupils of IN.
trade organ lied a Thrift Btumi
aoclety for the purpose of pro-
miillnr patriotic Interest In dm a.
war aavlnga campaigns Naar-
j all till- iiuiiIIh mini Ilia llilr.l aV
grade up joined (he aoclety. the
number of names totaling 178.
Bach member Iuih pledged hlm-
"elf to buy at lnmrt one Thrift
NO. 21
ON f AMU BOI iiomikmi at
, Plans for I'iiiaiiciua- Hun Niirinn
IrriiiMllou District to He Present
ill In I'll Iron I., '..minlliee
intarlu paUHed today to pay a
Ibuto to tliu Nation's honored ili.n.l
kin afternoon the hnslne of the
y la nt a standstill while sorvlon
i being held at the Baptist churrh
keeping with Hie occasion
The flrHt aarrloa ol tha luy wan a
Pacini celebration of High Maa at
Catholic church A large con-
tcgution wan preaent. Ret i'i
iinpu preached a brief Nermoii on
le Hiicnlflcaiice of the day.
During the morning Ontario h Bin
Iterans of (he (i A were driven
auto to the cemetery where lb"
' Ol 'lid ' mriiili h v. i
led an 'I n xnlin . fired
Tlila Hfii moon u p lea ta:
ling held hi the ihipiiat rhureh. ud-
lataag being made by Ret Living
mi. Ret, lllom and Rev. llanna
While tha day wan with without n
real demiMiHlralloii. on evert hand
being dli iiHHf.l the tact thai the
Inilier In whone memory Ii will be
Mahratad la vaare to name will i...
Ill) ntcreaeed With such (hot
be i mile have marked ilia day with
utcr spirit than lu raaatrt yeara
Stamp each week thla Hummer
By the time of the first week
after Labor Day In September
they expect to have Invested
! KOI In tha itaaipa.
I Tha namaa of the taachera !
whoaa pupils have Joined are '
Mra. Lucy n. Fox. Mra. W. K.
Hotnan. Mlaaee Ruth Pur.cll.
Hoy del I. Itena Rlgga. and Mae
John Bernard's mule, with John
arnad, Jr , on Ita hurricane dark,
irkad Into tha north plate glass
Indow of McDowell' Kxrhunga
ton .it II p. in. Sunday ctcnlni
ta window waa demolished Th.
Her deck of (be mule waa slight 'v
ai John Barnard, junior, waa no
un It Ik aald that tha coat of re
hiring the window will uke $)'.
o it la declared thai the mule in
rib lean than that.
According to Kmory Hill, who wit
Instil the procedure reaulllug In tha
ranking or Hie glaaa, tha Mlawiurl
Mr was lied to the Royar I
Itch rack from whence the rider
Fa lo mount hlmfor (he return fin
his (he mule objected with all aj
P i of hla mullah nature
Hulked aal be burked. (lax.
'egular Malheur County Kalr . t
Mill, a. In fuel Tlila proceeding
A lllm In tile nan If r nt drum,
unit around the to the-rlght
Tliere another idea bin,,, j
Ilie mule s hrain and he lacbe.l
III by-east ami headed fur n...
Moniim evening at the Mi wait
hall the memberi! of Amclu Lodge.
A K. A M . and Star t'linpter. O
K8., gathered lo glva l)r J I'rlnxlng,
a pant master of the l.odre a rn 1 1 ,, ,-
farawell One hundred aaaia late of "'' U' '"""" '"l hn
tha Doctor worn present Dr. It ')
I'ayna. set lug master of Acacia,
eldad. Addreaaea were made b i
tornay W W Wood an. I t; K Aiken.
i presented the Doctor wllh i
rimntalii pen and silver pencil as
tokena of the eateem In which he in
held by Bin lodge friends. Th I
tor responded
During the availing a pleasing hrin Die mailer lo a auaoaaafal
. I . , I llll.l.
musical program wva an in includ
ing numbers ht a quartette composed
of Hugh Allen, A. F Kiddle. Ilyron
Mrs W. J. Weeae and Mhw l(ei
Biggs l.lxht refreshments war-
aervad. Dr. Priming left Tuesday
evening for Camp I.ewU t
Attorney J. W M.rulio. n. H. tl.
Hoyer, A. L. (ockrum. J. R. Black-
aby, and W. W l.etson ware appoints
ed at a meeting of the Commercial
lab hist Friday evening ta taka
charge of a mlvement In Ontario ta
assist in financing the Warm Spring
irrigation district under the new
plan which la under way
i lie committee had a meeting
wedneaday evening and aaaurance of
local support waa received in . few
day an active canvass will lie mad
to secure subscribers to (he bond
issue hare.
I'nder (he proposed plan the peo
ple or thla section are asked lo meet
I In' proposition made by President
W P. Davidson or the Oregon-West-'in
'"limitation company and uh-
Trlbe II7R.000. eiiuallliig hie uh
sitlptlon The people or Vala and
vlclnlly have already aubscrlbad over
II HO, nnii and I campaign la being
sirled on in the Agency valley and
uppar ciiimin with prospects ol In
ireKlng tlmt amount.
Willi the start there Is assurunr
raised If On
tario docs It share, as II undouhte.;
ly will
A 'be ling last Friday Ilex
Msruuls anil Mr Mci'ulln.h explulti-
"d the kIiuhIIoii to the members of
luh present and tin msitei waa
dlacuaaeil tn verv angle. It being
tailing aentl nt that the city
stiould leate no effort untried to
and Mrs K C. Van I'eltei, of thla ' V,t HIH 1 1 ULUlIUL
av ..-
Ontario Chapter to tatea g. .Vfontblv
lo BrtMiklyn Hospitals ttregon
and TVvas Vie for llonoi
Among the Important meaaurea
passed al (he Honor Guard meetlna-
Frlday evening waa the appropriation
of t0 for the hospitals In Brooklyn.
Now York, where (he Honor Guard
does moat of Ha work in taking cam
of tha wounded soldier returned
rrom (ha front Thla sum will be
sent In monthly payments of f r. em h
While 160 will not he n grenl Ualat
MM financially for the hospital
the total from ail of the guards ol
the Ntate will amount to a rather
larga num.
Each member pIcIk.-iI lifg ..-ir i i
buy at leaal one Thriri Slamn eai ,
city, waa slgiially honored nt the
I 'niierslty or Washington n
cenily I'nmi the large number
or cadeta there he waa one of
thirty chosen to altend (he traln-
Ing camp which la to be held tor
college student officers hi
Francisco this summer He will
be In California for some time
hut expects to return to Ontario
later In (he summer.
CXIll TO MKN I ROM , VI. Ill i ,:
tM IIMiM , , o ,,,s
Ontario W. Q T. V. eu Ka. Ii
!) With Handy HouapwlTtw
Tvo Cam XetyJad f, lielegatlon. .
OiHurlo h h.r' In ,..
.. . iiiiii nciii in um ErHf n ihw thai nu
week this summer will, monev aavatl " " """ """ ""
.i.i "lrl ' '" "'age on Saiurdav Inn.
Ih.iiugh denying herself son,. ..,, , ' '
Plans r,,r . f . Thla clly Is wllhlll the hoilllilliri
I inns for a future ipeinher hip , .,,., ,. . . ,
1 '"" (he hand of earth cxtendlne
palgu were discussed and the ,, ., ' "" lr" '
.. ,, , . ' loiitawni Plorlda to Wlllapa H
pgtlgn will start in a week or so. .... ,
nt .11 th. -...-.. Ha-li. ..v.r which the miiiin I
-" r -imi-w in ine i niii.i
ast a complete shadow Tl..
gel your smoked gUsses reml
Tin. Ini nlll slarl Hh , ,.
otlM Iii i -nil iii the , hi tx in rlslnu
"" I ' HI pass between the sun
:";'"' :' :" jftymi mmnOi RUN
Pt-re raon and a piano doef by w
Stales Oregon and Texas "n.
first place, according to reports frn.n
the national lioadquartet Ti
riintiH have (he most mmliatLi. tln
hae ralaed more moue . and lain
been of more aid lo the worki I ll
the Red Cross. I.lberlv l.nun mmd
War Slainti campaigns than an
other slate In the I'nliin
At this meeling Miss Ruder gaw
(he de(alis of her Hip i,, PortU id
and read her fimu i. aarl
her aciouiii or the convention v., . . .
I phenomena smoked It asses are
learmd thai not on y Is the slat a.
pi'Min on Ilie face of the planet Ml
HI luh.. Inn a (. in. mi. Ill
and Is -i In -iiuied for shoniv
11 f Of ..liout 2:nl Tl,.
OllBOl will last hut a short tl
'''I I ll "Ill cover a
I" ''" I" i ' u good lew of the
tit) four stalwart minx of Kustern
'I led Wednesday for Fori Mc-
i low. -ii rant or theae 42 wara
rrom Malheur and 2t rrom Harney
Their ilepailure was inadii tha oc
casion of a Impromptu patriotic oel
1'iailoii arrniiireil for hy Mr. II. .
Wnllney and I K lajlor and In
illlihil beside sses In Ilie park
"irnei I W McCiilloch. Hev
, l.ivlugaton. Mayor W F. Human.
and in Whiinc. dinner at the 811
W "rill Th- iiiipIi was furnished
b) the Wienie i
was ruriilaheil t lag . nle 1.1,,
I-. .11. . wine tl d.lreaaaa aach of
- ' '" """' -T-rMBt TTHIII 111
Hie earth and Ilie darkness will tlla hnvs was pie-ented ullh a handy
manager from Corvallla bin also i in
state treasurer and secretary.
"Treat! Km I tough I. M.HI..
sMeel I Malry IfiaxMla
in l-Vaatr Kotta.
i I.
Rprague Adam, son of Mr and Mrs
I.. Adam, who left Ontario o.-r
year ago (or ( blcugo Is now irainiim
With th "Ugln Tank Corps ,.i
Camp Colt, ReHyabwrg. i'a. in .
iutereallug letter to the i.
lellt or the rfVrk they are doing us
fat Iowa I
Jim Dgtkht of S i -trail had a tare
well party prior to his intended de
parture Moniaua. The friends hi
gathered around for the parting iol
I'l'ed a mlKctdlaumius aaaurtaw'tt'.
including ha rum. Iiltterr, and b.,,,,,
and prnceeded to um.. Ihe m
lure Then tha fun started.
Thus fortified Jim and his friend .
Louis Hess mid Joe Kriwarda, pri
ctteded to shoot up (lie town" III
good old Wnatani sty, made fash
billable of I in lit in uk r.,iil,,,,,
and hla movie friends, hy passe bag
in Malheur count)
The Igal two reels or the U -it fail
Inns' -.bow failed to make a hit and
the sheriff office was notified, with
III- reaiili tbut Me tgnk. in .
h aaaii.irln .mil ale.i Um
joe io aia, wiier Jmii. n t
Lytle levied ti' and msis. l,,i.,l
i: In oil ea. h ol the hail men '
District Alli.riii) Swaalei nr...
Blaine McOee. aged JO, said in hg
(lie leader of a nu.ii Dial lias worked
Oils st. ii.. i. aaj( maitl.ielly during
tha past winter, waa arraigned befon
Judge ti. L. King Monday and enter-
ad a plea of not guilty. He waa er
reeled Salurdu .'t-l,i I., I',,cein I
J. II ll' nliliini
After hearing his ploa Judge Kluu
held McUee fn the k-i ,n I Jury un.. .-
flOUU hull, which was not furnished
ami (he boy was remanded lo Jail
Two similar afcangM tin-' him In r
ii.- county, for Welch In was 1.
leaseil i:i,..r HI h
Mr and Mrs I j III. kmi a. id
Mia Jeunelte Kvana motored to 11,.
Reaeriolr above llrogan Wednesday
and spent a niuple of daya trampii..
around and flailing.
I. H. Haaeltlue, Vtli...e HLui,i I .,,
era UUI. Domain, .
heur I oiiiii) U, IM,
In lie llnlli
la trip ended, however, when he
held his physiognomy lu Ihe glan.
I did not like hla looks and turned
I back (hereon and reveralng hla
ars backed Into the glasa.
Witnesaea telephoned Mr. M.
iwall ol ihe ocruir.-iiie aad lia
pi in ihe attire thai night.
,KTI(U IK. ill-, MMI THi:
"I left Chicago a lillie oler
inonih ago In (be employ of I'nde BjU- (i,
Sam and so far I am not a hit irr .
... ... vary in.ere.nng nr.n. Umvm sfrM1 ltVKH.HyKS
. t the service and we have ihe dis .
llucllou of being known as (ha "nul- " J"l",HO" raJBad a card to
clda" Club Our motto Is Treit A$f from his sou, Kmmei s Jolm-n,,.
Km Rough," and by Ihe time we gal telllirg of hla safe arlval'wllh A K K
w... t.... c w.u ne sine io no ii c.intiugaiita iivw aaaa
i a
I'. D Dow nes of Portland, who ha.
Hi in Ontario thla week declare.,
it ihe day of ihe old keroaiiie lamp
the farmer and back breaking
rk loi the furmer's wife Is a thing
mm gaat. Ha la demonstrating
g fa to be brought about this
If al the Troxell liiipk-mt-iu
I, where he has Installed a laxllv
t plant thai is yi raiting a greet
Of attention
r. Dow net, declares lliul on
I rip to the Hawaiian lalaafjd ho
len carload" of ilu-.-t- pleasur.
ucera lor the planters of t hut
don of Cncle Bam.
i'C Uncle Dick Rutherfod Once Was
Confederate Bank President- Yes? "" "-
llvu, il6 aud IIV
We are an entirely enlisted organUa I
wwir ani.-.i on lot- cai.J
Hon and we signed up for ...
overavas aarvloa.' We aread
avarylklng a man can ask ror
have a rbance lo talk to Dad I
a lui of tha things we have Sin, ,
he left we had our Dual anganllilg
and wen- Issued razors, lowt-la. mir
rors, tootti paste, toot powder anil i
Ueal little pa. kage of "bug powder
Wi- look In be BtSI to faiup Kbit,
N. J . very soou aud then from tinue
we will go lo Knglaud (o he tsslgiu .1
(o Tanks I wifl keep you niioriin .1
aa (a my address, hut I think I will
mi. in hate a pi-ruiaueiii addraaa.
a iin-i, a r. r
J II illennlsi Hart of V
bad firty uuarlr or elghi-.nar-ohl
Craw wblaket lu hi- possession n
Wcslfall hot we- , It ! ,, In
court house al Vale and Karl baa a
fine of " "ill. a good le"iii on good
cltlxeuahlp. All Oils he accumulate:
I Ii. Ilaeltllli ol link. I, il.put
tlalc game warden for Mallo-ui Hal
llaker, Oram .md v I,. . i. , ,.,,,
ilea, a district larger Hian the Majs'IaM, Harper; John Hodges, Orvlll. .
Knglaud sia(es. was in Oniarlo Mo, Floyd
da) Tu. aday. ' Hoas.
ire. the prodticl of the skill
and palrldllsm or Hie ineinhers or (lie
P ' T I rlo
lh. meinl.
from Malheur muni . g .
('Iwiiril Hart. . 1 1 l. Charles
A llli.wli. Nun, pa Kl" It, .He.-.
W.-lser; lss lit inn,. a tl- j,,,,.,
M lte Kmnieti, (ilenn William
Hrooks. Jordan Valley; Arthur Id
ry Rehm. Ontario. 0u Charles Wise.
Kaniiiis City; I,, hi, en Turin i
WM ! Mavrel Jay. I .sir. I Hhelton.
Malheur. John T lands, Oniaili.
carl Woodcock, I'eudielya; i.oaard
H. Keller. Vale; Frank Peter Andm
,in Malheur.
RHmond Aualln l.amb, Rockvlllc.
.Hi. II Ro) Morlt t'armi. Ilut-r.
Iowa. Baker: flan-m-. ii...,Hn vi.
Id wall; Barney Leater Bull. On
tario, Kdwln Dillon, Vale; liar..
Hugh Mulr, Weairall; (jeorge Weal, v
l-ockwood. Vale, Juan Ooti oeche ,,
Jordan Valley; Don Karl Plan. Iron
aide; William P Hicks, lordan Val
le ; Joseph Kduard Tiin-on. Vale;
John A lloluiaii. Cake. John laigsii
Thomac, I'oriland
Hylvesier Rose. Irouaide; Bin),
mln Sfarllnir. Wesi,,; I o,
RIcharilMin. iintario, Wuine Klloer
Mr liaxeliliie is Inllowlna Ihe .at.
moil ruu lo see that Hie fish irei a
chame in reach the high.) natcr
While hen- he arranged wllh Hie .
ii.lors of ihe N.tadi Din I, t havi
a fish ruu ,n tin ir dlvei
slim da I, i near Vale He also ga
I poltsllil II In I. .id.ii,. ,,n lt .,1V
(hay poaaesa in taking the aalgaguj
Baaterdav. Vale. Wllltam
Parma: Ray Francis WI
Ironside. Joiiu I Mti i i jki, Hh-i
lay R ricrogglu. Jordan ,n.t
rank llald. ", Ml Dei nu;
(iailaml i onni.r I'sl.ll.
M any, Wm Ifall;
li.n ii. i Count) .
Anionic Weaneanfeli, K
I. .eat .
derwe.-r, t Church. I i. ,
wlien he waa taker liefore Judge M
Knight al Vale on Wednesda) ll.
pled gulllt In th.. charae whan He.
No details district allorav) p.. aeuit-d tin- et
ii. nu the streams He left Tuesd.n ""- Hufus Qaorga '...II Miller,
for Junlura and othei Interim points I. Foaler. Win Kn i,i..h. 1
. liiiinally, K I. W., llmry laxr-o
has Kunard Kiiiiihii s III.C. , ,
l.lojd lllli; 11 Sine hull, Itoy I
J II Dflggers. Homer II llml..
Win II llarh.-r, W l ll.nnell
Mln i- ill Ilie a.,e
I'm I.- Dick Km her tor.l. who he ,
e.l liullil Mallo-ur llulte and ..
id 'lie plunilux uf the firal Ui
lini"h in tin- Malheur Valla)
hank iifi-siili-ii, m,. . aJnoal
The Institution it fwwlwad ll I
i -."Wttaai
waa g war-lliu
Misa Krnia vun II. a, i, hi nt the iin
tarlo High School, has fust r. i
w.uil thai her eaaay in Hie sta.
lest on "Our Debt In France" re
Three priies i.i
Uteit we i'i
offered ami hundreds ot essays from
all over Hie atale were submitted lo
lie lull.-" Ihe first an. I ........ .1
- Ill I would investigate
, ll,. .... .. ..... 1..
V '". .-. ... me t,. w - ---- -. rm i
foui.d nrlap, new hank i.i.iet. unslxi - "'"' " """ by I'oriland pupil"
ad or N " danoilaailai 'r'' ''" pup"" ttmm (be hath
lourse " imCiliii aaag ,.!,, , ,,, atdiool hen- thai tried in the aoataai
-et.... ... ..... ....
IniiK i i.i I I I a. p ,i .1 ,, ,e, I1 .
1 will look lor ym u.i. r s.a.n i.- .ir.
v.w , . ...
now and a Hue from you will I Memorial day aa he racalled i
tuu. n dinri lairo i pajcaay faagay ga wore
Sam's army
Dr and Mrs Johu M. Taylor ami In his own word-
family wara dowu
Wed II
lea run for a t lo the tutu at n , gud all
lie IlL.tlljiliiii, ,,,,,,, . . ' v,.
ha laid Ihe ur own , B
Ill in ;
( 1 1
as I.!. . ml Km
or ,-. k i , d, e
arsday. May 30, lite dgV tdB
k by 1'reaideut Wliaou a" in.- na
il day of prayer for peace, was
Hi., I In the Catholic chufttti
k Maaa Tbe Cougi. ,
hodlat aad Uapttat c-tllUchtM kald
ii.. a .i , nt ui the afternoou at -t
ly ware dowu from Boi.e
u.isdaj lo 1. 1, g,..i... i., Mr Taj
.at .-teujajg for ia
in, k tale
of his filial.. ,l all
Ugiilag i nay
,i sj... m l
..,.. ...
H K Cdtrk left for Juntueg th
morning for traaaa Hag aouie ban
aaaa matters ti
lell Uasa . rt
I . , I, ai a
(irr a
i baii
wl.ara I aaw
In pick
it 1
marching ryr Mo,
i . i
lug I jr M. .
.Stopping .hi. nlgl i
raaga, T.-aa.. ara w .,-
r ainae m.i
Kb I went into an II
iking bouts
iv birl
lilara In all i. .
. ii. xi few days
Mill into loan one day wher-
waa a store run by a Utile Jet
Bawd wi
fk'e all
Mils coiiiest was held to ulaaa ka
I. .it- Ilie Allien, an mind the d.-lu our
II Jd lull ll U,ua It'atu iin.. ,.... al... .!..
"w-.w uw- tgagiaa- ii itii) in- ttmy ,,
I l, la . i . i '
ii ih in iiiiuuy iir until t.ii
lirmtful unit-
Itl.l kltlllli III Kill M. I U.D.,1
"IDIiliild Vl lllltll I M.
There was Irouhh unong th.
ers al Orestllle. am' the muster nf
Hi.- mine- -n( gpj .-.r.lary to
-Ira I hi en mutters mil The young
man attracted Ihe t-in ,ty of I.- ,
Hraxiiu. tl.. tilla, . I nil,, whirl, h.. I
pi.-ti.,ii it . .-in. .. I rui j , .
tin. -ii. .in ..I il mlm I.I
ll chap mil 1 ii
QtaMa, in gt Itil a . i .i -,i
h bar i liau i
..ii ,, k lit drunk, n Lain hi n ,
in through hi :,,),!,.
Ii. i. with her I'I,, i, ,
'i. n in th- trbke of fan
... hers.lf.
III when h.-r tin.- i.. ni i .
I Her father Owned
...iiiis an ilri-i overt it bis lost child
i. liila '('altera gained a devoted lm
hand in Hie happy ending ol ,m mi i.
Bev W N Brown baa reaiauail as i-ili.a flit .t.a. ... i , ,
croeded up to the coun i Daator of Ihe c.ita.i Ban I i i .....
, . ' -..,....... tl . li-iu. Ill lln- role of I
B.1 Iteauil .llltllj., lllllliea Ol WlUe. . K I . ll.r. ll Ilia rMUu.... .. -!.. .
'" '""Bliua iris, in I!. IJne. I,
Maara an. I i.utel.Aa a..H .1.1... a a.. .... -i .....
- ' a "a", -aa ...a. ins piana were mi inilefln!.. the l.reainlaud ll.ealr.-
gild paid Pie Jew wllh .nil. ,. , .. uwlua to Mr. I.,...'. Ill ........ i ., .
up iii-
waa sure
Mtaaa. tflo,isii,s and paid tha Jew wllh coafedei h-i owing to Mrs Browns ill health tha
i ,UB4,U . laiaiaa I. m ,tmt g.-mug in txci.auge gold, .i, he felt he would not be abe lo -
ltra cr it rielUurl .. f aaVn m aad - ut ... . r. .., iv'"i i.iuiiaa ,lurn In-re Irum Callforula
nil Jut
Ion the arrival of lllueliinl
will be algoullxed by 1 1 i i i r.ilg. -v
satisfying enlerialun
nnJByjBraWWABIBvBrrWfOffi jyjJrMa1dtgy jMaMnMajaaaxyaMww-ajJaMMMan). ..