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(Man &rgtta.
1 1 '
NO. 20
MS s T- II I I I I SI 1
'FLY TO RED f :;!)SS
Again Demonstrate What li
pin Can to Kingman Kolony
the Fore Solicitor Have Kay
falheur county exceeded it quota
the Second War Fund drive title
k. That wan anaured on Monday
len Volunteer Day win celebratd
Ontario and a total of $3,100 was
liscrlbed without solicitation
; ,.,
There were positive sign
Ire In the fare of the hundred who
mo to the drive headquarter Man-
May to eollat their fund for the
cause. The aplrlt was contagious,
too, and everyone boosted, and that
was how Ontario chapter had uch an.e'owds on It atreet than were pre
eay time making It quota. To telint Wednesday. The ocraaalon waa
all of the little heart Intereat events " V'H o' Al O Harnea animal clr-
of the campaign is Impossible There
ware some who came to give that
looked aa tho they might br'ler h. what Is mora to the point the per
boan receiving than giving. Than, forroancee from the free atreet parade
let it bo said to their sorrow there o the last number made good th
were some who from llielr wealth
save so mnaaerlv that had ihelr
spirit been the predominant one the formed by the trained unlinala. froiu , provide entertainment. At noon of
nations soldiers would never get the Pl" to see Hon waa truly remarkable Hie convention day thay ware the
aid they deaerve. Of course, there ! pleasure of tba small boys guest at a oharmlng luncheon serve I
ware but few such and their exceo- wa equalled by that of their elders ' 'heir honor at the Multnomah
tlon Just proved the rule that the peo-, Every section of the surrounding hotel.
pie of this section are wholeheartedly country was represented In the hi-1 The purpoae of the meeting was tba
patriotic and give aa well is hay tendance and bulnes wan good in alectlon of the officers for the coming
Liberty Honds. Ontario Wednesday The llama rar and the review lug the past year'.!
IW7 Voluuteer Otvcr. performer will be welcomed tw work The stale manager of Hm
Manager B. W Rowland, Ray Wil- should the come I his wy again. ," 117-18, Mia Luclle Dan fori.
son. K A. Kraaar. Prof and Mr, for It wa a show (hat waa worthy , realgned on account of a trip to lion
Douglasa, . M. Orelg and other of Hie patronage it received li is olulu. which she has since made, and
workers at the Headquarters Monday
received subscriptions from 357
workers. Of theee 387 were city real-
dnu or transient snd JO were r ml.
dlXZ v " r" '
The Honor Ouard Olrl opened rite
day with a 1100 ubcrlptlon. Hm
Woman's club equalled thai amount,
the Oregon club gave a portion ol Us
surplus, and many Individual gavo
from 121 to 1100. In fact t In- mini
ber of large gifts this year perhups
exceeded that of lwt year Msuy pen
plevoluntarily doubled Him Hiuour.t
they gave last year, few roiaV i I
their gifts
One of Hie features of the giving
wua Ibat of the boys suit girls w Ihi
came, some or them Just little (ols,
and many children from Hie grade
schools The Seventh grsde pupil-rw-
in. for example.
I .ime Portion in t'asli.
I'ullke last fgar'i drive, tblg 'line
two-lhlrds of Hie Iota) funic sj
subsi rlplloiiK and only mie-tlilril in
pledges The total for the l lt lit
was given u quota or 4aTI on Thurs
day morning waa Iti.UUii ItfMea up
proximalely aa follow
Kingman Kolony f .101 on
Nysaa 1 1
Ontario. Cairo gad rlolalt
and I 'pper Dead t)
As r! no report has bot l
iron, ItiK Hud 01 the Lower Dead O-.
Witli these in the KuMicrii Mile of
Mullieui 1 ounty wiil pre:
or lust 11.000 less than !
entire . ..unt v i quota
Vale Di-lrhl Sate.
.I1111. 1 wa . divid, d Int '
18 gartlnng and Chulriiiuu II 1
ham repotted Wad
ports had not been
oi ih. 11, thoaa reported bad gll -
qaotaa ami
chapter would go over Hie Ul
,1 effort,
ml the quota ami I
while manv had 11
her of large donation were mnu 11
A large crowd altei huiue-
talent play, "Mile Standisb.
tain of Ply mouth. ' given by the 1
Olett players ta.-.t Thursday ew-i
at the Dreaiiilniid iheaire tin h,
efit of ih- if.d Croaa ami all
more thai, pleased wild III. entei 1
iiieni one ul the -p.. ial feature of
the eveuiiix was Hi muusic which was
furuulie.l liv .. I.M. i.l.csiru (hat
accompanied the players Joel Hurl
the four-minute man from the mill at
it'eutiaaad oa Pag at
Vale bank are Hating sub-
4 ecrlptlons for the propoaed laaue
of Warm. urine bond. An lg-
ua of f ISO, 000 or which W. P
Davidaon of the Oregon-West-
ern Colonliatlon company will
Uke half, It the local people Will
take a (Imlllar amouat, la being
offered. The fund thu aocur-
ed will be uaed to eecure the
reaervolr aite and build the dam
It la then propoaed to aell the
balance, 1400.000. to build tba
diatrlbutlng system Already 0
sorue $00,000 ha been ubcrlbed
by people In and about Vale, and
! an energetic canvas for the bal
ance. Ih ti he made. Mr. David
son vii here tbla week and con
ldered the ituatlon with men
Ontario ha seldom seen grtutor
cus which had been widely heralded
thruout tba valley.
per roriiiujicc promise.! mm eiajfUPS
enjoyed the show. Th
estimated thai .f0 people saw
two performances here.
riiri llfTI I ITCPT
NltL VfttlV LAIloi
,.lir.,.i.l. (Ml foe Oregon Dm Ian
Imvcrumciil Men Now I
Time In t. I
Porliajid. May -' ii:aiilxallou,
of men and women, from fligajibari
of I'omn .ice to club leil.i atloiia. are
being in :v, i i, I'nel Administrator
Holmes to tuke an a. live, part In
"Order Your Kuel Karly MTook,
whirl, . ill he niillouullv ol
During the wi i me in asked
to pill !u llielr luel order and remit) I
other to do Hie same lly.iln
uieuus. dei hired Mr HoIiiion i..,l.i
i he wood iind oooJ doalara will he lu
poaillou to secure Hie luel lor early
delivery and OrOSJOgllaM won't have
lo worry shout boallOM da netl
The need of securliiK i-uppllea a
BOM a- possible has been mail.
""," urgeqi n the golgaoa of Hie
; eiunieni to vim.. mid im-
porlallon of California ftyl oil in;..
OfOfJpa 1 urtailiumil of oil will m
r") II m-. essarv to -liio
ol coal above
Hie norinal deiuainl lu addition,
thousands of extra 1 mils of wc
I by plants uow employliiK oil
u, .old greatlj 1.1 Ho
demand oa ibe 1
railroads for more cars, ami groatl)
Mr li !itin-
daugbi r left Thursday, lakasp llli
lie reiurii 11 1. 1: - John If.i
:idreli to spend lie
ml al Naiiipa
II II. Douglass plans for upc-li.ii n 1
.. .1 garden
'ling a -.uain-.. 1 w.ih Outark.
Mrs A v
ml uer
Mi Palmer, tl ' pocking a, an.
nuk'lug other p. . i
ing la a few djv - for Albert I -
l.'v.u Mr anl Mr-' K M 'Iri .g w
). . upy Unto boa - while the. are
Mian Unu Racier Riwara With Rv
port of State OoavwnUoa Ktrst
Year la Notable la Aohtovw-
Aa the reault of a financial meeting
held Sunday afternoon at the Library
the name of the Olrl' National Honor
Ouard appeared flrat on the Red
Cross list Monday morning with a do
nation of 1100 Thia decUlon waa
quickly reached, after the meeting waa
once uder way, tin- member of the
Honor Ouard deriding that In no
other way could the funds In the
treasury be used to better advantage.
Although there are several amounts
as large, or perhaps larger than this,
yet the donation of the Honor Ouard
Is significant when the ages of the
members I considered for there Is no
girl ovr 17. Also the number of ac
tive members Is not large However
they still have a rather targe sum
In their treasury snd expect to make
a good showing when the Y. M. (A A
drlva cornea along
At thl meeting Miss leona llader
made a partial report of her trip to
Portland tba weak previous where
.he attended the tate convention of
tli (lirl's Nstlonal Honor Ouard Mlas
Radar was very enthusiastic over the
reception given the delegates by tba
Portland Honor Ouard Olrls. She de
clared that every means possible waa
per-'taken to Insure their convenience and
.where she will lie uisrrled In the ner
future. Miss I. lis Do hell of Corvalli
who ha had plenty of experience It.
lenitive positions, was elected (o xui
eed bar.
tine of (he Important measures en
acted at Ihu conventlou waa the one
which made t'urvalllc the new head
quarter of (he Ouard Portland
was ihu former center of government
Another meeting of Ihv Honor
(iuard will ho held Friday evening lr
I he library at which ln Itader will
give (he completu repmi
KITH Kit Ol OM'tltlO ol i
1. i' Wann, uged 70 years, lather
of Mrs Frank lirilieuhain. Mrs K
neat A. Allium and Mr Itoget
Ion of Ontario died at his home In
llcikclv, I uliforiilu. lant week Tim
iMidy waa brought to Ontario arriving I
Sun. lav ami was Interred in ih.- (in
lurio ceineiry by the membem ol the
liimily No servhe was held bjafl
The diseased wa aTO Known h pa
several years ago when he resided
Pt -.1 1io.1l NOTKH.
The Seventh and Sixth grades have
jiisi . ompleted their examinations
for Hie term; the Seventh in geo
graphy, Hie Hlxl li In physiology
Th" Klghtli grade finished all their
exams laat week and are now OnjaVj
lug their vacation, a their school was
out Friday
Physical examination are lulu
made this week in the public school
The most pron 'to 1.1 diseases I.
up in tlii- 1 1 in.- are enlarged to
ami taxing, W -
Kortner, and Wall I lot
MiSH Margaret (irlffin of thi
dual ill 1 lass has ... ,
Hon us leai her at 11) viae, 0
Miss iteriii. . 1 ,
lass will tea. h I
1 .-riu at emu, e 1. Washln
Mr II It Douglas, si. : 1
,,,,, Bra ,,. two g
Hence in the city
W. Aberna'l.y Is 1110. Ing to
.. . . -
Mr I'aul Cayou motored tluvu
fiom Naaipa Thursday, taking Willi
her ou tbe return trip Mrs John Its
muasen and children la spend tlm
week-end at N snips
Oatarlo Beat Musical
nr Years Hpeaker,
Idahoaas Give
Heea Here I
Aa aa aiaraaJo of neighborly kind
ness as well as anaual musical ability
the performance given here last Thur
day evening by the "Captain of Ply
motuh" caat has naver been excelled
In Ontario
The play Itself, full of many amus
ing situations was welt presented, and
prettily staged. Tba chorua work
waa far above amateur standarda and
given with a dash and pep that re
flected distinct credit on the perform
ers and their coach. The solo parts
were unusually good and the crowd
which taked the Dreamland evidenced
Its sincere appreciation thruout.
Between acts Joel Hurd of Kmmett day evening while he went whopping
gave a Red Croaa talk that was differ- Ror Johns and John Ktintlr
ent and proved ona of the events ofhwlt the car and ran It over to Pny
the evening Coming a free will elte and later abandoned It uear Wn .
offering from the Bmmatt folks the hoe. They were apprehended by
concert aod ewe 1174 which rcsult.'d Marnhal Marlon Jones and Night
therefrpm tins certainly appreciated
by OBlarlo The money went to thi
local Red Croaa treasury. Judge W
W. Wood of this city made a brhf
talk expressing the appreciation of
tbe local people.
The heavy frosts of Hie paat week
novo severely damaged the fruit crops
In this action. The area of damage
varies and some section appear to
have escaped but taken as a whole the
valley badly hit and a short crop
ia the proaoooTr
While the fruit ranchers will suf -
for tlut wurxt the alfalfa farmer I
having hi troubles, too Owing to
water shortage uud the cold weather
It la estimated that the hay crop of
the Malheur valley will be only flf'y
per cent normal. Pari of this Is duo
to the fart that a ronsiderabo acreage
has been plowed up and put Into
m v ohm. o ktk nan
('resident W P Dsvldmiii ol the
Oregon Western Colonisation i
lull was lu Ontario Monday en Mats
to HI I'aul after a trip over to
lompauys holdings While here be
H potted thai mi Hie trip he had algu-
ed lonlia. Ik lot the sale of '.
noun lo block i lii Crook ami II. u
untie- The I lor grai-
llig land continue, ho aid ami
My that i- d.i . of II.
tauge k gflflrHi ami passing i .
DKPtltllM. IHHilllt HONOltKD
Mail) enlellaillluenls ale helllg giv
en this week In honor of lir Ji
Prlnxing. who Is leaving soon to lo!
low the medical profession in the
Sunday evening Mr and Mrs K u
Hwagler entei tallied al dinner lu lion
or of Dr and Mrs I'rliiln T ie
1. 1 Li-- 1. 1 oiiiHous were cbarmlnglv
carried mil lu llatrs and otbei i.n
nil. emhleins lo suit the lie ,i Ion
Mim. lag Mi and Mr. J 1
..,ii Prlnxing ataro laa honored gnaats
at a dinner glvOa hv Mr uud Mi
Krutik Kider Mr and Mrs A. ..
..lid lir g .:
Mr an. I
-I ' M
1 l .
Mis 1 1 . i:. .1.0111 ami lll'le
daughter left Thursday for Jorda 1
Valley after seeing the
Miss Orley lleiisley left for Porl
laud Sunday eveuiug where she sa
cs I led by the serious iliac of
Judge O. M. at earns haa bean
appointed register for Ontario
and will have cbarge of the Hal-
ing of all the young men who
have become of age since June
5, It 17. Man to whom the law
applies- should Uke notice, for
they are liable to punishment
thru failure to reglater. Regie-
tration day Is June 6. the annl-
veraary of the flrat registration
Ira Hall, raiioher who live south
west of Ontario left his Kord on the
Ntreet South of the Post Office Hutu.
I'olleeman J II Deunlson and taken
before Police Judge ( M Htearns
..u much ihkiu , .. ,, am. assesseu for ,n a,,,,,,. whB W,r
15 each for damages to H'e car. ,,,, wm be the standard bearer for
Thoy took all of the loose tools In the ,n- D0moor,u w opposition to Oov
car and otherwise damaged It ernor vvilhyoombe
Judge Hiearn also sssassed hls In the county Interest centered on
ususl fee for plain drunk on Krcdithe conleal for the ( ounty Judgn
P. Bailey who ran a pool hall here for! ship snd In the right between P. J.
a time rollcemsn Dennlnon found Oatlagher and C M Crsndall for Hie
him In the pool ball "loaded' and legislature This lost nsmeil contri
put another man In charge while was In doubt until (he vote waa off!
liiiilcv went lo court. loiter llalley
eft the illy
Jacob Piiuxiiig of Priuslnu,
Weese A
I miner, la I ll-l I leu -
I . h. . li. lawnajg
'vl VA eilne-ilai
Dr Jacob Prlnxing. who -nlM.-i
In the Medical Iteserve corps and tne
coiuiulKaloned a first lieutenant on
May 17. 1117. ha been called i., n.
color and will leave Ontario not
week for Camp l'wl The doctor
waul to Porlliiud Inst week where le:
Horn Into the aaaTvaM and niir.i
.. I ave ot absence lo clear up Ills
1. u mesa here prior lo reporting for
active servi. .
The departure of tin- Dodor will
make no 1 hauge lu lag -ole ..1 th
Him. for III accordiiiice v. III. Ih-
polls) laid down
by ' ! an
Me.iiiai prufeaaiun I ill
on IiIk ,oik ami hl In lares tl
will lie protected and lie vill 1
il.c . ..1 1,. 1 in,
polliy was ad. h. tn. pro ..llowi-d hv phvsiciaii- ovi tn-
oiintrv to prerenl others from pro
num. hv the unlislmelii ol .1.. '
, I..--
I he .1. pal I ill. ol III Pi inlug elll
11. in 1 break lu a 11 111 urn-
couililuailon of medical men in 0.1
tarlo No other town of Ontarie:
- ihapH, has had a firm like It,
and 11
inui h tin .
Innounceiueni mis wee.
lhal In
W .1 '. ill Dr K S
Kortner will between Hieiu, tuke up
. die. I ..rk w Inch l; - hllhel I,.
lir I'm. 00 pi . . ami
.1 1 ;,em has ha. I inuiiv -.. 1 - ,,-
training ag em In I hi
Hon of 1 lo 1
' I m . 1 .1 .,1 si
id 1 .1.
l-il.n Hop
,r .; year and
an al Si 1
..a City. In 11,,
..1. I ollimi sloll II
Ul 1 tu oniurio ami bars
I has been u gsaaagaM gl Um firm
Prlnxing A Weese, later Prmn
Weeae &. Kortner gjaag 1
Dr K H Korlner i like. .
graduate of (he academic departun I
of tba University of Missouri, folio -Ing
which he graduated from Ha:
. 1 on Page Kive)
Gallagher Win Nomination Thru III
Majority In Harae Coanty Mr
Knight Haa Narrow Km ape From
Those who take an Interest In such
things are still tryvng to figure out
how it all happened laat Friday when
the electors of the County went to thu
polls' to select candidates for the gen
eral election this fall
In (he atate Henator Mi Nary dn
fested R N Htsnfleld, Oorernor
Wlthycombe wan re-nomlnsted over
the field oppesition: Mr Arthur snd
and Slnnott were assured of re-elec-
,, , 0ww,rt Ww(t ()4.rMtsd w,
R. King for the Democratli nomlna-
clally canvassed Tueadsy and Mr
tlsllagher declared the winner bv g
majority of II voles
Mr Gallagher's victory, which was
the only one wherein the Incumbent
waa displaced during the closing
weeka of the campaign and the vo-..
showed pec u I Is rl I let. lo the ntudent
of the situation Kor example, ac
cording to report received hero. Mi
Uallagher tarried every precinct In
Harney county ami had a majorltv
there of 17. the role being 311 to
III; while he lost Malheur county
by 71
Judglili MurprUa.
Perhaps the biggest surprise mg
ihsi occasioned by Hie closnesa or
the race for County Judge. In wlu.-i
oeo W MeKnlghi raaaatvwd t$
r Wilson .101 and II I. I'oorniuu
147 voles The present Judge .
rind comparallvelv lew piccln.l- an I
his vole lu manv .. ii.ui. was a ill-
unci rouprlac
No IWmo. talli oule.1..
The democratic electors had 110 in
iajgasaaaj to vol.. tor ihere were 110
contests on iheii ti.k K n
Test, for louniv .luds.-, I..-. Hag ...r
sherlll. 1lhu1 Mo.ulv loi cl.rk, II, 11
Klchoi .1 ... fot utuiiiiaaloni
tilenn .,
nan 1 M
an into the ballt
. 1 hm I- 1 understood 1
not aaallfj
Bag wa- ive tba llaaabllajt
miiiiin .Hon for I .. ami c 1
Miielhi vas unopposed on Ihe l.'.pu
llcan Hi kit lot li.-... 1 Ki,,
ihe well known s! - man
ah.ive Sale, was i. .!. Ill a . ' I.) I .
K. -pul. In. 1. I roi 1
In the cininiv Ih-- v..'. un 11,1
ntOtaUla Ml gaaBfl
1 Coventor i . 1 son , 1
IT; Manor nail I
Simpson :-4 . U ill,.. . 1 ,. U
. 1 1
iloft III; Pluuiu 1 an 1:
1 1 .1
couil I ok.
V llllain
111 I I
tit. . IHM
II lit. I I I
if I I I
. I . :.
. Hon
proceeding will lie stait.-.l Ig 11
lath. 1 .t 110 is
1 list , i .
1 .
. Ml here
Ha Hits
laigan was down Hm. B