The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 16, 1918, Image 1

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NO. 19
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I, ftr UMtr mission
tesd they & "-
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Motlier Assert Trial Previous Rffnrt
IUt Bm Mate to Capture He
Daughter Owm Nn'i Hlory IMt
Preside Wood row Wilson and
Mayor W. F. Hemu will be called up
on u gat )uww ana to punish the
Mexicans whom lira. Loo Montgomery
alloc kidnapping bar daughter Nai -rises
fluella Ram Ires laat Saturday
and took bar to Odgen. with to pur
poa of dlapoalng of bar ao that abe
gat poaa Ion of the fortune valueil
at 116.000 to which aha la the hair
tH rirat day of Ihelr from hmf uth ifajajaa Ramlrex, a
wvan 01 in" ni..y , Huhv Vallev Nev.rt That
ytjaj M
lT irw
they hava
Foar of thaae
wan tha declaration of Mm. Montgo
mery when ahe left the attorney 'a of
fl. e veatcrdav following her return
Wat. io " Vale and w(th nef. daBf nw. from Ogdeo where
Htrvey Test was ihe WM ,Bf erc6plwl Dy alhorltlea Mon-
rajarh mi to join hi Q njJ h,d unU, n(r ,,,. r,tcll.
K mia of the On- m thmTt
wMtbaaceond Vhmn given an examination before
atoUa the party .r.. h4 MMrM AorM. the flrl ,, ..,,
i Offlcar H I'. Allxood; i ., ,. ,, ,lnr, Kin kit
(. Ounnrr I Ma'e nlippd ,, WM WBlkln on ,,.
Mo,Pul Appr'n- ornla atraat near the city hall last
Saturday 0 Mexican, four of whom
Metal iHal the nine waIkd smd pf hr
..a I a aiata
p. m sw..v. -w- . .
ItJtttll. Inert r Hrhuitxc,
Ikaawcia Karl w mi
j.a H Tpl ami Jot. K
Manager E. W. Howland has his Teams
Ready and Waiting for Signal
to Start --- Monday Will
Be Volunteer Day.
a oar
Ai cording to her veralou ahe waa
lied by them, drugged and taken to
a train, she doe Know how or where
for the flrat thing ahe knew ahe waa
on a paaaanger train nearlng Pocatello
And what waa atraager atlll, there .in
'that train, In the aame car with the
Mexlcana waa her double, a girl who
la Just her age and looka like her.
In explanation of thla thriller the
girl and her mother aald that other
Mexlcana ware trying to kidnap her
and marry her to eonie Mexican
or dispose ot her ao they rould get the
fortune to which aha la heir
Oarage Men Puncture Romance.
Charles Cox and Allle Simpson how
ver told the District Attorney another
tory that punctured the romance
Aciordlng to them, the girl hired I
car at the Cox-Hunt garage SMurdn
morning and linked to I drl-cn lu
Nampa and Mr. Simpson left her at ,
the Nam pa alailon ahortly afternoon
Saturday Both man poaitively Iden-1
(fled the girl aa the gag who had hlr-
i1 the car and had ridden to Nampa.
After hearing the atory of the gar-;
age men the Dlatrlct Attorney held .
that the girl left the city or her own
volition and no prosecution could a
had and that vaas the occasion which
brol lrealdeot WUaon and Mayor lli.-
man Into the eoeaarto, for Mr. Mont
gomory lift the office calling down
all! hold u lmpn ruilone ou the Dlatrlct Altom-
UM aii Ti....i... .i,'. i,..,! S!ii uvnlnniitlnna however
11B uuthoMi I. .,n ... - ..i, ,u.,,.ia ,,n Khr itie alrl
Ii " "ill ill) Minimi ".... .. v
T l-fir iliriln. . ft ... . haa ik. .u i i.a.a . i... ..ui nr in
m m m ICIOCK BO l" IUUIIVJ IVi Hit" inv v v
"" wi liiin. ,....,, Iu,.'iluv , I... ticket iu Elke: or how Mrs.
After Hit. ri- .i..j ' UAnMn.AHU'B illnAiiM nmuirl with
" uro- Mumivwvi; iwv., p-r- -
Ul eral liucreat. iatolan. aa ahe clafma and numerouai
f J" r'U'lu.nt nun othor intereatlng aldellghu of bar tor- (
I . tliki! win b fuiiuweii rlblo experience a related to the;
'Weveau ,, Uav -uthorltlea.
M of ,hM luml
I llafl IMa.. .
-.,,Inl ,, ,
'at btM.r 1...1.
".i i, ii up
. .Ontario Red Croea chapter worker
are ready for the aignal which will
tat them on the Second War Fvad
campaign. The local chapter hn
IS, 600 to ralae The Vale chapter
haa 4,600 aa It goal. Of the Ontario
Chapter quota Nyma haa taken $1,600
aa It ahare. Thla dWIalon waa ner-
fected a meeting of representative
of the vartoua organization on Sun
day with A J. Klrod, aaslatant atate
MomU) It Volunteer Hay.
Monday In to he Volunteer Day In
"i, trio, and the drive by soliciting
iteama will uke place on Tuesday.
The downtown office for Monday'
'contributor will be the I hulldlng
tore where Hay Wllaon haa erected
a big clock which hand point to the
$100 and to the 11000 division of
Ontario quota. Oet early In and It quota without
make the clock handa move. The
worker at tha headquarter will baTe
blanka ready for donora with the re
cod of laat lear'e drive to guide them
and the donor, for Ontario quota
thla year la greater than laat. Rvery
volunteer giver will reduce the work
of the solicitors Juat that much for
the card of givers will be taken from
the list to be handled by each team
before the drive atart Tuenday.
All Chapter' Ointpllineiited
While here Sunday Mr. Klrod lr-
Oregon Voters will Heleet Party Can
dldatew Only Wight Interest
Taken Ihae to Krvr
With the war and Had Croa drlvea
pushing the primary election off the
front pages the voter are taking but
a alight Interact In the primary elec
tion which will be held tomorrow.
The only con teat of Interest on the
Republican ticket are the races for
governorship, senator, repreaentstlve
and county judge. For most of these
one men's guess Is as good as anotht.r
tho It appears tha scarcity of vote
may upset even the most conserve; Ive
1 I'call P J uallagh'r has tl
lead over C. M Crandall In the fight
for representative, for Senator the
race between It N Stanfleld and '
N. McN'ary In close; for tlovernor. Sim
All Young Men Who Have Bamme
ai Since Jean S, 1917, to He K (-
laterad for Service Data to
Br Bet by
Portland, Or., May 14. Hegpt ra
tion of the young men of Oregon and
other states who have reached tha
aga of SI year alaoe laat Jane 5 will
be required on a day noon to ha eat
by procUmaf Ion of Preeldent Wlleoa.
This day will be sat by the Presi
dent aa soon aa congress enacts ne
cessary legislation, now pending.
That is expected to be very soon.
in the meantime the taak of or
ganising Oregon for this new regis
tration of men for mllltsry service
has already begun under Instruc
tions from the war department.
These Instructions emphasise the
need for perfecting beforehand a
WMiycombe and Ollcott taa4 working orgnnlxstlon so
that on the day set the registration
will he 100 per cent strong.
On Isst June 6, nil men between
the sges of 21 and II years, luslua
Ive, were required to register for
military seivlce. As the number of
men now In the 2 1 -year-old claaa Is
Crow C. Wade snd
. Vsle
l tii opportunities '
i.Nin haa to offer Knslgn
su till M made In the
fore (or four viirs
leril tor lbs duration of
tr.'D (be ages of II and 35
Iglw I utrO of sound
)Nr'Ucil luoditkiu good
lOBVtrr .lit .Me tu read anil
pft:! ire ell-1
(htacMNsKl service men.
taieue from their
MifcuailMi rhxihle for
IktartliM. of tin- t, ,, i ,
laawar Mt opKjrtunn
IMIkM luxe to uualliv.
mi higher ratings
nmbr aaaiau brsn. h
at i.mxned lo'
rtat stven )
t "-mi Nye..
May 17. 1117 waa ordered to report Chehails, Waahlngtou
dared that there really had been lilt1- over their three opponents. Anderson.
need for him to come to Malhcir (t.rli und Miser,
county for he had found that llM II I. I'oontiHti, ' C. Wllcon and tl
chapter and their auxiliaries w.-c - McKnlgl.t Imve aa Interesting con
ss well Informed end ss completely teat on for Counts- Judge concerning
ready to go thru the drive aa wit. the outcome of whi. Ii ..pinions differ
Portland He said he would repot i The one democratic contest of lu-'
that Malheur County would go ovitr terest I the! between Ontario's well estimated to be approximately only
ilnulit l,.,. ,.ui. ,, i.i.i.., win ii Kii, one tenth of
... i , ktuil ev (invernor Oswald Wul for th,MM, u,k Ul'"
(iMT.llilostl.Ks toMiMW is senatorial nomination Of course jf"''
TO IIOIJl BIO KgllPMKNTNAI.K J1" King will win Malheur hand i , ver. It will be heavy enough
Tha Ontario Sale Co will hold an- down, hut Matt contest Is doubt- lo 'o.-lr 'be most alert co-opera-other
big sale next Saturday. Muv 2',. ful. tho neither candidate haa waged lt,,n on ' 0,r, "' "' lol bo-rd-a.
,1.1. . ,, .. . ..-..I i,, end of stste, county and city officials
At this time will be aold the property's hard fight.
... i .ii i ii . iiixuku
The responsibility for conducting
registered then.
will not lie so
Dr. J. Prlnxlng who volunteered for
service a yesr sgo In February and
was commissioned a First Meutensnt
In the Medical Officers Reserve Corp of W. F. Doane, who leavea soon for
Different, Palmer Trow und Itowlutul Koeitig .
fo duty at Camp Iewla on or before kinds of farm machluery will be aue- returned u tew days ago from tbf
May 30. The surgical work In whlcti Honed off, also boraaa, cow, and ot'i
he haa specialised will be taken care er livestock. A csr In good cundl
of by his aaaoclates. Doctors Weese Hon, having been used only a yeur,
and Fortner, particularly throat oM, will be offered to bargain hunters
waa for five yeara In general praith There will also be the usual assort
and surgery In Dallas. Taaaa. meat of Junk on hsntr for bidders.
University of Washington The yoaug
men intend to enlist lu thu nsvy soon
Mia Hoslnu Clement and hrr
brother, Frank lenient . spent Sin,
day In Holae
si. iniipunl-
'"fcsstaaud miii
Zy"'"1" There
Te? "" "-"
' '"" farm mm bin 'Hsiiool
" ''UHi. poultry,
10 weatloii i.. . ' '
iuwi.... '" l":
iii .
r m hU ... .
""'IM et ween
"JJM y your pr
""'.foerb",,'","J'HI"U tor US ..rnu !.
ICl'Z"1 '"--'-) of the
J7 'ly. May U.
o " '4 ).il.u
"" J T
4t t'V mU kt "'
Ul,.. '"" 'ver.
Mha,..,,, a"1- lu
SlIiBa f.,. ..
- -. aume time
Peiagrauk Pretty tXavtume Ku
IuihcsI by Hetllug.
Ilufore a larae crowd gathered n
11 Pint at bs)ballthe High School lawn or seated In
many autua the children of the grade
school preaeuted the Ural May Fele
glveu by the schools Monday evening.
The program was postponed from Fri
day uvenlug due to the cold and wind
of that day. Monday the wethtr
waa Ideal for the occaalon.
Tha various games and folk dances
from the Sunboonet Babies of the
First and Second Grade to the Milk
maid I'sutowlue wfft watch wllu
interest.! Against the background
of green (he quaint euetuiue of tha
children, white and pink and green
presented a pretty picture Indeed
ICvaa tha boy ware good to look up
oa la the wer-ails or sailor suit R
was evident that Iks) children enjoyed
tha program a much a did their
aiders. During Iba progam Super
lntendant H. It. Dougiees mad a brief
addraas oa the purpose of reereettoa
and play games In Ilia de elopmeul of
the cliildreu
usld from
r ' uaBd.H u. :. ".
'tri. "' u" etas
? JZ
V X;Ud " msmber
American ,- eJsJk i L .
Red Crocs Jmf-r
aaV WAR 8 MAP fJ- NC TH mWJ.f (
V CfsvXjmJ j -? ika sVtJBHr' r -I nucsiA
-st . aj a, aa BR 1 1 T TB J T'r MwhaW rv '
"dAaa $ J-' 1 1.243.845
$500'00SVt1 'CJJ I Ml &" Lmb
Jam? 3'7gp75Jy S s2OO,LO0
Cyf ATLANTIC 41; OCBmanv v,
f A? fGZJ 343.;c-r pj ,
--' Y$S OCEAN , o, V'---V ..y austa K
f'TuWra-rax.Waw-rtjarJk $, ) ULOAgig jg-
ofif C Jj I X$!i,--ijyj!'m
fei woaiuio.Ta.aa MQ-j aBMsj jP iHTtanaTwnax C?, 1 y - GffUf
t Jj rwaoev r auaauu wLf a MD CNOM kj lltW' djkfaSW) XT J4
V aVr r i oa '" Nt?4 sea Jg
a see
The American Red Cross, whlcii
begin next weak a great national
campaign for 1100.000,000, ha Jut
Issued a statement of the condition
of Us war fund ou April li, llll.
Up to that date the Red Cross haa
expended for war purpose tlBMaa
1100,000,000 snd yet bad over 10,
000.000 loft tu spend.
This was because the wsr fund,
with interest, amounted to U0.
134.10.47 All (he balance of flU.000,o vlll
have baeu expended or allot ted hy
June 1.
This is why this great app'-l W
i he nation has gone out
cross tiiiOiKlii.
the reglatrstlon will full on
hosrd la all dlstrlcta except those
of 30,000 population or more, where
the mayor I responsible The Im '
boards have been notified to prepar
immediately llts of the reglatratlo.i
pJacea for Hie new reglNtration, lo
hare these lists posted, and to lak"
all other necessary irnllmlnar
In the city of Portland, which
alone aaM under (he ,10.000 ttaaaj
flcuiion. Mayor lleker will have la
responsibility for thes.' ireiaratlon
Iteguhillons will shordv he htauc.1
aj the wsr department providing for
the reglatrstlon of men In p Tson
aud for tha registration of absentees.
Aa waa the rase last June 6, the
registration Is to be completed In a
ingle day.
Kvci) raaaa awa vao has attall
d his 21st blriadav etnee laat Jul-
ins ..ill ,i iilei t Ion, shOUl.l
keep wall posted as to the day flxerl
b thu Presideal for (I..- regislrulloi .
for Igoorsncn m the ;, -.Jaitstioi. dale
will uol be accepted us an excuse I..
lallint (o register.
Mason Jolu With Kasleru Slurs in
II.. in. i Muslee of liuills Ixiilite
Win. Inn-- ..niii.t.n W. in
lag fur In).
Clluion F. I'row, Maaler of Avaeia
l.udge A K A A M was lie' honored
glieal si u reueptios al Ihe ,M ,0111'
hall Molidav gvaaJai uml M iiitlii.
token ot the esteem lu which he I
held bt bis friends aa given a hand
aoui rial watch, und heard many
laaM (, .,..ri.H.n solrilar snd for the lalladlull Ib-'l
Frwch soldiers- nearly :!.UO,000 .Palestine $:s0..J0, I'ollsn cblldr blush producing speeches of apprecl..-
for reooBsiru.tiou of Ullage; nearlv JlSlo.oko; while IMI.W aM kaaa (Ion f... .be ork be has ,,..,e for Ik
3 000 000 for refugees aud relief, lavenl for relief of American p. laou order.
including the UO.SlBI or ll.OOO f-r ... tieimany, principally M j Mr. Trow re.elv.ul ..i.lei- bit we-
tlllg supplies logellet ho ll.ey win 10 leave naiiirnav i .i iiviu. i
reudy for the areal uiimbei of Amcr 'Virginia and icpori to the .naarl:.
)1 iioo. hOu icuu i.iis.iners enpeiieii in i.iat coun depart mem
Mm nun .... i,v Mrs W W
Dies; over mi prevention
of tuberculosis; over D.onil.oOO car
lug for needy childieu
relieviiiK the alck, 12, 500,000 un ir
I . laou p.i i lual.
uiucti mlacc
in the I lined States, and
iii.iisiMiitatioii; aud
luueou exuendllure reMl ".
iielsli.ii. receivud over $2.000. OU'I, lb" army and gaV) t-aes .iomiiIuIs
t.i.inipally iu general relief; BelgiaJI e,l $111,000.
:rc'ugeee over IJ.OOU.oOO; lu..- atadiatl
l.vOO.OMO was peiil for caleus :..' in ..r
II Iglau soldiers and relief for Itdl
If. in children
Ii -tl v received
Nearly $10,000,000 was spent on ' presided ul ibe gathering ud leu
due. i i i s no lading J.W M.
' . i. ''! I'urlH Irk-k Itu
I be pre .entul k. .
0'.. i and Mayor W. F II.
Ml I'l'iuau on behalf '
, . d Mrr l.etsoo trttt
a I'S'J Mi. dun's Jewel, assisted tv
I'.iul of over $t
.. i. .... n.l An In auuuh ""
OOoTwMch Portland , .MM iZiLTtSU
uwv' Kuuuiania over -,0.00, Ssrbu
$2iO,OIO. ..,,. ,vt. aaaurast kritaa tl.l4.M ln-
... . .k.... IhM. n..rl I ""' wvm-iw-ww, - .
I lie jg --
000 waa aiaadad la Frano, aad that
Includaa a.r $i.0.M ' d
rraa hoaadtal service; nearly -
00.000 tow Bad Croa surgiral dreea-
. rvlae: over $1,&0." " "m"
' - si aOO.OOO lor can
ou uur"'. -
sweaters, and the aaattl I
Ited I I". - ' iiiivtilesTe'.l ;
j ,i ver 7,o00,000, while $ i V
Oi.i'i .ooo of the uatloual fund 1 held
. .Milking cspltal for the punawe l , Mgrgiirat Itunhar
of supplies in Ihla country. numbers were faralalien
A detailed statement of all rt-Tu Mrs II I. Peterson. Mrs. K Vg
Cross expeudltures ' au be obtaiueil Petten, Mrs Joe A.UoltH, Mr. Jas. Ii
. .. . -. . .... !l!...l- ..-. . .. .. ..
cludlag contrlbBlion lo the BrIUak at the uesitsi lieu t ro.ji ooapaer. imsn tun i.s .. tuum.
ltud Cross of S,14M0, nd 48d,-the above laeludea the meal impor -j Mr" Tro is t , . . nd wsuiber af
04 to defrayiag the eipeaae of thefuut aunts ellotted. while a rowpre- j I be lodge to eullsl mi as i tonal ki
work It la dolag lu England in buy- henslv Idea, of jast how these turn vice The flrat member vtu MB
the American Hod ' were dlMiiuuieu cau uv uyiaiu raiwrauu sou oi .itis it. i w
ins suoDlle for
-lcrB. Armeaia received $2, 000, 0 ; from the map herewith