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iflljr (ntatia Arnna
(Established IB!.)
GEO. K. AIKEN, Editor and Publisher.
Published Thursdays at Ontario, Oregon,
Mid entered at the Ontario post office for
distribution as 2nd class matter.
. . - - . i
SUBSCRIPTIONS: One year $1.50. Six
months (fl.OO. Three months 60c. Single
copy r)c.
The Pledge. I pledge my allegiance to
r Plaff mimI to the Republic tor which
make an offer of the plant to the city. Ittfj
proposal for arbitration was not exactly inj
ooint for the citv council would not have)
been sustained by pnWio opinion if it agreed
ice that three outside parties
placed upon the company's
property. The company did make offers to
sell nt various times but so Indefinitely, in
the council's opinion that no serious consid
eration was given them.
1 1 iid the company placed a vji I nation
on its plant, and a selling price there might
luivc I n i point from winch negotiations
oould have worked. The tact that an effort
was made to Influence the officials of the
t stands: one nation, nulivisinie, witn noer-j'(.(j(,.;d ,.,.s, 1V(. district to use their intlo
v anl justice for all. rnri with the war securities committee,with
- out letting the eit ottlcials klloW ot the ef Children.
..,. ....,,1,1 ,,.,t fnil t., result i.tlirr IllMli it lias.l The bori Blid girls also ri,ld devei
NO. 10
room celebrated the
. . ., .- U . I'l M R nUMlI IW.'i"- v. -
The school grounds 01 um.r.u ... -.- - (',, ll.rf Jim Hr tlie snl,il,r h..
err bare and derold of anything to birthday or u.u. , -..--
tot , uu u I M.rih T(,e piiro comnioni-eil found lilm.
afford amusement to the ltfJjJ PonpP,nes by j On night Jim and another oM,or
pop,e . . ... .,,., , nwar Thev host of the went out on listening posta; It was
Moat of the arholara look upon (Hlu ll-n .onwav ,.,,, ,in,B ,.t M.....I,.,.
party rroHon on nw - .- - - -- -- -..-.,
Napkin ami K" "'" ian.l bskp.i ii." niiiuiei now ,ur u wan,
lillilrxn I"'' (!"' ' "Tliri'f or tour .uinnrcu yarns niori-
cation as a dry and profitless routln.
This Is more apt to he so In r Khool the tahlv
where tli-r.. I nothing to do In the passed to I
treee, especially TtttJ
some klrol ol xwiniss for the
,;,; tin- answer Jim was alrwdj
tired of (Tropins; along on his stom
ach At last tbeqr war almost it
up and down
on the Hldcwulk
Kllznlx'tli Wllltmnre
As iroes the "Id saying, "It's an i
that Mows no one rood", su it i 'I'''' ''"' "' 'hoards with the city
Mfi4 I'edi ral reuiihitioii of issues lias wafted I No citv can afford to he unfair to its
the n""l of the Financial situation toward Iconstitutents, and the Water company la
Ontario. As the result, or latin r Oontribut- such ill as inueh as it is one of the taxpayers.!
ngtti the result. Ontario's water bonds Sdld Bill it is likewise true that no public service A1((P xtormu and I ent on n.o
boVC par. Corporation Can alTOra TO lie lllliail To Till' Treasure and Trlnkot rirh,' Sutiird.iy
municipalities t serves. I he public, the
ArgUS believes, would he willing to see the
citv huv the present distributing system for
. . ..- or.,,,.,,1 a was- awfilll KOO'I l'" """ '
bar. mmir school noMfl m ." mtam - um """;'
lllir IM'IHHM ft . M ., .. ..,,.,,,,.,.... i f I...W.1, .. i
need ioirhln the too. m . ,.-.,,..... ...
mail I tharnk Osj jlgjil ii .-.! thai mm nir,"- Qaraana coming.
'and "Wlnilinlll ". t ""'"" ! "tUca m,'' wan t ho whispered torn-
which thai int'd '" '" v,in" ",' ""' "i1"1 t0 J1U1 " "'" "hurl "ul
li, , ,'lilldien march. Hllent hattle and Jim and hln frl. n
g thelrlrame oul lth only a few flesh
wOttBdi "Shall we search them,
" .' ' u , , oPWIr muaclos a great deal more In en.-nalnnon. The '""
in creating a feeling on the part oi man) ymwinn , ln ,,,, , , , goog orM nu.-n
wind tiu, t the company has not dealt above the n9A(l tne ll0h0O, bulMtaf or walking jtmdr iu iiaf
This was soiiM what of a surprise to Qiosi
of the citizens who have been following the
Situation and have known of the opposition
which was tiliictlv brill" offered to tin
mi I
ie saK
The vuiatloli Is ggttSal
lalail The Germans arc advan
..., i i... ,.i- .i
Such discouragement an we did Ik,." cIi.k steadily toward ran-. .., -.- xumu
.i... o, nie .i.,,,n,od the door In the efforts of the Kngllsh soldier t.
our far At one olaco we wen. t It look- very much like ti German . The Kren, h turned the Oerman plan
ithn houfe and said as nicely as will gain IMrls in -non
Jim asked "Well, maybe we had
I, dter" the other said. One of Ger
mans was a captain and they at onct
searched him. Some papers were
found In his coot pocket and when
a light bomb they saw some army
plans of the Herman written out on
The two crept back and
unlckly gave the papers to the Major
The on the Gorman who were taken
. . "..... .. .i line noiiKo ami sniu n nn-i " "- " -- - .. i
issue. what it is Worth to the city as a part "I tliei ,, . .,., ..,, ,,.ll, e.,ie In England, i.owever take this, by aurplse that the first line tr,
f 1 1,.. 1 1 1 In .nds however. IS uiuton iil:on.cil and that ill view of the ! .. . ,i ir..,i,.,i nn.l Hie as a matter of (get, and are very cool naj, taken
I iiii I'- " - i -..- - -. , t i , ' s ssi - ...-. ...... --- -- 111 II Uainill im oi""""' ....
an excellent example of what is transpiring health question involved is all that the com answer we ot mm um woman h in reaj-,i t,
in the financial world and a review of the cir-'panv can expect, tho everyone is willing to "i dont .are if you are ,, Mts TWg M
eu.listal.ces indicates the position In Which admil that the officials of the con.panv are .ny..,.n l.ere;-.nd she slammed tu-
ii lie
rix THIK lt
investineiit hankers find themselves.
The federal capital issues ronunitl
has decreed that issue.- of more than 1100,
(MX); unless for ahsoliite necessities shall not
he floated, so the bond hankers and the in
vestors who seek tax-exempt securities must
.seek their purchases in the smaller fields,
,. ..linn i. :.. ..
t'snecia v earniiiu' utiiiiies. micii iik in
servinir the interest ot their emplovcrs in
trvinbT to kc1 allthe rawMfun, However
it Days, always, tO play With all the cards on measles, and of course we did not
ton the table. This applies to all who parti-! want them Kvni after our hardship
. , we beat the boys We got fit 1" he
cpate .1. am JJJ fj JJJ uM w- f(n.
Isl.ed our work at noon and were very
KEEP COOL. I tired and hunary.but happy
o the Ml
til li.. we will nae in "
buy more l.lle.-o ll,,nd;
.l..n ' &.. I
Aoqt. more inriii mamps. uwwi.i
At another place the lady said tint may find tlie Germans marching Ul Tje b(kU,e ,,, u rMDg now on a
the mil) thing that she had was Ihe Washington flrty nl)e frM)t R the decisive buttle
rrank "" ''"-" ,of lh frm, war. Aerial obrta-
tlons have been made and it has heen
found that from (0 to 10 division of
The Seventh grade Is planning to
the Oerman army ara waiting behind
the German llnaa to ba called The
Ikiixiii.r tli.iui. ilnvii vv-ll.. li tile 1 ii r 111:111
l""'K I II. .-i .1....- ....... ..u
Lino's water ssvtem. To keep their custom- horde is makinc its supreme attack on the
en supplied with such papi i the bond men western front of the hattle lines in Rlirupe
must coinh the market and thus h coinpet the Anieriean people have need for all tin ir
inj; as they did here Monday niht they fortitude and courage. It is no time to silb
bruig np the market value of issues for the utit to misiviiis and undue excitement;
smaller localities. that would serve very well the purpose of
There was in the local issue another fea the Hun.
ture militating to the city's l.eiiefit and that; The thought! of cvci-yiinc be een-
was the fact that there was a very lively tered on tlie work to he done lure nt Home
p..ssihilit that if the bond buyer did not The war gajdftat must be eared for and ar-l
td'fer a u"'l price for the bonds the council railgelBOltta must he made now to p'odu-i
would reject all hids and sell them here thru the mveatest crop of foodstuffs the nation
the local hanks to Ontario people as did the has ever grown,
directors of the Malheur Dminage District The strength of the (ierman anny indi-
'I'h. h I men did n..t like that possibility, cotes clearly thai the task which the allies I
To get such a practice started ucneialiy face la a gigantk one. All illusions St t(l
thru. nt Ihe state would not he healthx for, when the war will end must he dispelled be-
the l I hrokerag hnsiuen fore the task of preparing to feed millions of
The third element, and this was not Americans in r'ranee and their allies "over
third in importance either was the fad that there."
the vote iii Favor of the 1 ds so emphatical At the same time, too, every loyal eiti-
y demonstrated thai the issue was popular Ma must increase his vigilance in watching
with the people and that the plant would re for the enemy at home. No I. Y. V.. DO I
ceive the unanimous support of tlie people, pro (ierman. must be permitted to .sow
And lastly the element of C petition treason here at home. The temper ofthel
between two of the buyers, ftecler Bros, of people is fast reaching a M.iut where drastic
Denver and Portland and the Lumberman's metiutdsal will satisfy and silly seuti-l
Trust rompani had auincthing to do with ment must go by the hoard to make way Eur
the size of the premium offered. Bach of adequate method of treating traitors.
these companies appareutlj was anxious to
gel the issue and i hose who watched the hid BEATING THE SUN.
diiiK enjoyed a real treat Two exponents Ontario will be among the eummuui-
of great ind pastime could Uoi have cam ties in the Tinted States that will heat the
OUflaged better and the council and specta, sun. after net Sunday. Mut th the new
ois s;iw the game pla.vcd to the end glad that daylight saving plan was not needed for On-
the situation was just as it was and that the tario the city will fall in line with the rest ul
hv.stem would lie hunt with a punt start the nation to unserve ine regulation.
It is hclievcl that the first element
which raised the mice, iianu h the federal to sun now. hut just
Supervision of issues, will als., have its ef- mean to the husiuess men who work by I'ouv
feet on the price at which the work -will be time. Our neighbors have sometimes triid
contracted. There are many contractors to jolly Oregon street men tboul getting
whose eiuiiiiuieiit is now idle beeause eauital down to business "with the I'ony." but
issues for new work are not how permitted, they'll have as change their tune for Ontario
will he there when tne time ciianp-s iMinuay
mornim; e can all pt used to it
celebrste April Kool's Day by giving i ,,,, ha? ,aCceded In holding
Alice Her, In wienie roast
The children of the room kept their
spelling grades for a month, and those
who received an average below 0
are destined to give a party to those
Those called upon to "help" were:
Hicham" Adam, Karl Secoy, Karl t.u
ehrs, Guy Secoy. Krank Vanl'etten,
and Hoy Shaw The room uverage
was found to be ''
their trcnchwi after a rotroat of sev
eral miles
Wa, the Allien, will havo to win Gil
battle and the war tho rltUetis of On
tario ran help Is to buy Liberty Bonds
in Ho Third Liberty loan drive whleh
Miarts on April 6tb.
Blchard Adam
ri'i.... i..., ,r. ...l ... .1 . ......II ......r,,
I lie I .III IICIII I llll, Mil O' lll, .-,111. Ill l,'lll-,
aul maintain their organisation than to per
nut them to be idle, and thus Ontario ma.v be
on the right side of thi wind antl get the
gttod from tin blou
The belated effort on the pai-t of the of
ficials of the Water coinpam and T II.
Moore as private eitist'U CO retartl, and if
possible stop the issuance of theeity 's inuni
eipal bonds is to be regretted. No good can
result therefrom.
Whih the coinpam is within its rights
When it ; l tempts t . . sell the present system
to the .it the method taken is not one caleu
lated to promote that fii line, of friendly eo
opera! ion which should evist between the
citv and ous of its big taxpayers. 1'iior t,,
the election for the change of charter, before
the election for the sale of the lioiids. preced
in", the sale of the bonds proper, the com
pany had three distinet op ort unities, and
as manv more as it might have Bought to
A alec game to play.
And one that will pry.
In aummnr when it Is warm.
And the bees are In the swarm,
Is to use the apace from fence
to fence
To rats food for our boys and the, was found to be M Laet Friday a Joint debate came off
French. will have a good time at the between the Seventh and the Eighth
Thejajwde are the Huns, j noted pan patch, watching (or tUe grade TIM Oral Use the Seventh
Knenilea that are on the run. different species of bird", hunting (on best th E'ghth but this time It was
. When you appear with the hue Ipansie.. and eatlna wienie, for the other way. The question for deba'e
To meet the terrlhl' foe. lanswer we got (rum the woman wax was "Resolved; that the Monroe
I..-.. a.. 1. 1 Foxl Florence Hale' Doetrtae should be abolished "
March 30th, 1918, at 1 P. M.
Steers -150 Head - Steers
Three years old, coming four.
Yearlings Head Yearlings
One-half Steers One-half Heifers
COWS 70 Head - COWS
Cows and CalvesSpringers and Dry Cows. !
Bulls - 7 Head - Bulls
Some Registered
These cattle are in jrood condition nH wpII hwx rmsses
ed'l'Hieorntmiul'riutof Durham and Hereford, and will be sold.
Of course this will make but slight dif
tVrenee to the farmei-s. who work from .sun
ii sun" now. hut just think what it will
According to the ejhranee inlmaaalfani
in the hand of the committee iii charge of
the convention of the Kastcrn Oregon Cat
tle and Horse Raisers' assoeiatitui, Ontario
will he calleil ujM.n to care for ."SHI guesta
iut month. That is a big task for a city of
this size, but Ontario will make good.
, "iiii
Uig of gtMatS is still to lie solved. If you
have means of supplying a bed. let the rtxun
committee know at one. fall Mrs. W. "W.
l.i-t-ion on tin- I'boiic and help tlie cans',
Ontario is Id have a new water system.
It also need B new spring die', and a fine
new bonnet The only way to get them is to
i;rt them, and these things bif eitj mean
a clean up. Ontario netnls that clean-up
badly. Who is going to start
Regular Junk Sale Day
Will sell Junk at Carter Garage at 1 P. M. Cattle at Fair
Grounds at 2 P. M.