The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 21, 1918, Image 4

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tfifp wttiano irguB
0 K. Aiken, Editor Md rnl.IW.rr
Published Thursdays at Ontario.
Oregon, and entered at tho Ontario
pout offlro for distribution a 2nd
alas mat tar.
One year 11.50. .six mouiiia $1 00
Three montlia fiOr. Single copy 6c.
I pledge my allegiance, to my Finn
and to the rtinlllo for which It
atandn, one Nation Indivisible with
Libert' : t ii el Justice to all.
landed In Prance. Men arc scarce
Therefore more than ever before ma
chinery In to play a (real part In the
operations of the world today.
Now machinery haa the unfortiin
nte falling of breaking parts Alao
parte wear out. They muat be re
paired Moat of the repaint for the
farm machinery uited In this aectlon
MM from the Kb! That also means
time In transportation and lahor In
the ame. The scarcity of both pre
iroiilib' for the men who do not
take good run- of both. The moral of
thin la, look over your farm machin
ery now mill order vonr purl", for a
delay may mean dollara lost
i iniiiier. A week's delay may
cost fur more. Do out tempi fate
i in minw x PROPOSAL.
Wb ell will It be for yon Aght of
pin ' Thai queatlon faei
American BOW, Mid "III until UM
Third Llhartj i ..ii hi
tilt '
Unit thi
i,oini. I,... I aloni linn
but in i' .cli or thaffl tha etialleni
tbe Mi II. I nr I'm
The. i'd to argil' i
ceexltv nl Hie Ihmii i It
i In. nl. I i M i.' ftd l:i' I ll i.e..
I here in - In. .ii . Mil in I he i I Hn 'if
none of patr The) kdBll the
Jnatlce oT the iillleil Ml rtn-
recognize Mini the people ha
lulled States Mac to siihscri I bii
Ibev think TNI OTIIKH II I i.o
In Home I nr ue manner ll I
pi., i .... . .... . i ii. 1 1 i
allure ot Hie burden In Ihi I Iht
duty of rttlaeaahtp haa m.i at
nine p i ntllll
Wen l.atimlle HI;. I 1;..
. it II e Mil "i H" ll
ii .in i i.i. in i i he) iil not era I
They oil. red I liene alVl N Tl
and i hej foui hi iin I. ii" m Jual
the, i. 1 1. . .1 ...o loo. Inn a Iiiiii
dreili. nt nut Ii in . sacrificed for the
CUIIse nl l.lhcrlx
Hilt Hint In not nil It) I. i mi oi
the war. ami h) It alone the BM
pi, of I ..ii ol i hi i
HI ale I
peilu The pricex which hare pre
railed . law I9H
cult of tbe war. If the government
were to eomaild that every .l.illnr
altore the ordinary rat aw vara la
i in uur bond-, it uoulil n
anklmc loo nun h Hlnrr this a true.
ti.ii. i. n,i raaaaa h ktalhevr
i nun' . uota should not he
propoxiii of thi Ontario Watar
. in ipan to tha eonnell for the sale of
Hi, i iimpauy'N distributing syateni
ra of nieiii a pit h the
council n dotal wall la lafea lato est
nl, ration vVhethaf or nni tha mm
nl, i take iii the proi Itlon ai
ted, la a mailer for that bodv
i. determine and that trill nol lM
inn without , niitlderliiK tha merlin
frOID ewry iiiikI"
Ii Ii true thai under war i mi, 11
AS pinple iiri' refraining
from constructing needed lniprne
men (a, hul ihe council haa detertnla
id Hint a new water ayMlem i i
nary and Hie i pie have eloquent);
approved of Hint proposal If the
yatata which tha company own can
.1 as part of tha I'lv
ami Hie couipaii) will part with It at
.. oniible figure the purchase la
hie M .1 inaller of public pol
icy. Neither the city nor the com
.Inuild desire roinpetltlon In the
water ha Ine Najthar mb afford
U tat Into a i nimverKy How
ier whatever Ihe ooaac i does thaw
i-i bill one delreil nl till '
u an adaquate sappl) or para fit r ll a ill noil ii" dlff, rem
rhether MBMa from the praaeni
.,i,i p. pi t her l he pi '
or I be eolim 11 tn III r In, i. I lie
'. ihlenesa of the flgUM
Are you ready lor Hie Liberty I. mm
In, I vim nni,' Hint the rnhhlua lire
Um ii.
Crop "I rill, 11,1
VII I i mi.
In the effort to ln the war food
la one of the (real agencies Tn pjaj ,
that food across require men. iroei
Mlaaee Mary ami Para Alhertod
pi ni siimiay wiiii ibeir parasti Hi
I ll.,l I, . ' lilt lull
l.lttle Hilly KiiiIhoii hi sun. rto
I rom trniilde with bin ears.
Mm Arthur Van Slcklln of aj I
loriiitirly of Ontario, waa operated
upon Sllinlil In Hie Wclscr reneral
hoapllal for acule appendicitis
Or J Priming waa In WeLer Hun
day on bualneaa
Emergencies Demand
that you order
parts now
Mr. Rancher do you realize that week's tit-lay
on account of broken maehinery may cost ytu
Dig portion of your crops this yearf
lk you realixe that the treight tuiincstious. th
labor shortage in t'aitorv ritirs, and other cause
directly attributable to the war arc making it no
possible for uuu'hiiii'i-y men t necuiv deliverii' f"
Even now our shipments arc long delayed. What
will they be durini; the tteaaonf We cannot tell.
We will try to solve youi maehinery problems if
you'll get your order to us as shu as possible.
I Ontario,
To al) partlea, acalniit whoae
property there era delinquent
aaeeaMaeata for Sewer Inatall-
4 menta and or sidewalk construe-
Hon, notice in hereby Riven,
that during Ihe flrat week In
April, 1918. a levy will he made
on unci! property to aatlafy amid
delinquent oeaeanmenta. Coats
and penalties ran he avoided by
the payment of the aame on or
before March 30th. 111.
4 City Recorder.
1 - 1! -
NO. 8.
To the Kepubllinn votera of Malheur
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office oi ''ounty Judge of
Malheur (oiinii nlijeet to your will
lit the primary election, May 17,
, rriih'iev in i lie County's
InmlneHH, tinned on biiMlnei4i prlnci
plea, will be my all i In office if
nominated i.nil elected.
liood roinlii tO DS I I niKlderi'tlon
for all partK of the County
Nyaan, Oregon.
:'7 tona Third Crop Hay for aale.
C K. Keen, Ontario I l-2t
J. tfoaklna is tbe owner of a shore) As to the responding to the Idea of
digging the open drainage ditch about meatleaa and wheatleaa days, the
a mile and a half north of Ontario, marketa are now no full ot meat that
Ore. They are using a large ma- the food admlnlatration has declared,
ohlne with a yard and one half dip- "There will he no more meat lean daya
per. They move the machine by until the markets are cleared of their
means of a track that reaemblea a aurplus meat."
railroad track. The car la 15 feet Although there la now a shortage
high. They have dug about a quar- of wheat, we have mipplled our allien
ter of a mile. The ditch Is 29 fe-r with nearly twice an much wbent .
wide at the top and nine feet deep the anked of us. They orlsinalh
Making garments for the Belgium
babies in getting to be a part of the
school work nearly everywhere. Some
of the girla enter Into this work with
a great deal of zeal, while others
spend meat of their time talking.
Thene nre shirking their work. They
do not mean to be alackern. but they
(ininot noe the need to work hard at
The holler la broken now but Ihe ma ankrid ua for elghty-elKhi million bu- i'1'"-
chine will noon be working. aliela, aid we have already mipplled
The third grade In taking up bird i i,.mii with one hundred nnd flltv
A Hractions
siiinlm. Man Ii 21
Mi if I I Ii HON
I'rHlii I- Itii-lmian
I'athe News
study. They are studying the differ
ent kind of blMU, their linhlti ami
their fond They tell miint blnl
at sight
The first aradc bus an alum
feet attendance There are 42 enroll
ed. This Is the largest enrollment In
the building.
Tbe eighth grade had a Hubatltii"
yenterdny afternoon while Mm ClejM
was in lioise The substitute waa
Miss Abide Wlnegar. K. MeCOMB.
million bushels of wheat
'ITils very large scale of conserva
tion has come mainly from the volun
tary effort made by our true citizens
nnd patriots to help our count i ; ami
our starving allies..
If they were talked to and this
woii i ! espial ned to than and the
great :ioed of their work they would
he more enthir i.i.-i '. about It mid be
more willing to sacrifice more of
their time to this great, wondcful
Cbrl tlnn work.
Monday, Man h 2A
EIOHTI.NU Willi Hi Mil
1 1 1 1 hi t Khw It ii. i hi ami llroiMile
Comedy. Konntalu of Trouble
Lie I,,,. Mm, , -(in,
out ok the wnarK
( iiII.Imi Willi,,,,,.
Ilray I'h tnRruph
Whi.n two of the reporter if tin
Junior ArgUl Itmulreil of one of the
men working on the dredge noiif'.i
weat of town If lie had any news for
their paper, he replied that he did not
Know aiiylhiiiK The reporters tool
It for grunted Hint he knew what be
waa talking about
on the rlKhi hand Hide of the main
track south of Ontario, near the wye,
they are building a double Irark and
have It nearly eSMplatad This will
be a big linprovcim nl over the old
WrrineMla), March 117
lien. lUhilll
Burton ilolmea Travela
'I'liursilny. Mnrcli UM
Hiyanl Wanhhiirn
Patha News
Erblay. vniinl.ii, M.u.h 211 ami M
Tin: M.os
MaajpMHM I ink
Kluvurl oiiiud)
Mrs. Roman's room are making
oulllta for the babies for one of the
outfits for Belgian liable.
t -.I: rocim ruma
I liereh aiiiioiniieinent mysell n
camiidate for tha offiM r County
cbik or Malheur County, Oregon.
subject In tha will ot Ihe voters of
tha iteinn. ratic Party at tha i'o
runrtes, May
17th. 1918.
1 1.
Hurry! Hurry Hurry!
Don't stop to wait
The other fellow will get fill the alee pattern
Big Shipment of New Wall
Paper just Arrived
B t-
(ict here Firtt and have first choice, going fast
McDowell's Exchange
A. L. McDOWELL, Prop. Ontario, Oregon
Fruit Growers.
Do not be mUled by the uinufai turer or dealer who baa
aomelhlng "Just as good.' although be may have a product
which la called a lime-sulphur lu some other form
Due manufacturer has advertised that 8ft pounds of Ibelr
'dry" llme-eulphur will accomplleh Ihe same reeull as one
barrel of the liquid form This statement, as well aa other
statements In their advertising haa been made lo mislead Ihe
growers, as 80 pouuds of ihelr material will make, when used
as directed, only 4ft0 gallons of dilate spray, while one bO-gal
loa barrel of "KKX" Ltiue rtulphur Solution, when used aa di
rected 1 1 gallon lo I gallons of water), will make nol less than
i .e gallous of dilute spray, aud when used al 1 lo ft, as most
growers um it, will make &00 gallons
, .EPKU'IKM'Y and COST are the only standards by which
spray materials can be compared
ft pounds of tha "dry" repreaeate the total combined sul
phur and lime In Ihia product, of which nol lo exceed II
pounda can be aulphar. One Ift-galla barrel of "HEX" I.IMK
sri.riil'K SOLUTION ooutalaa not lees thaa 184 poaads of
SULPHUR, or a total of 194 to ill pouuds of combined sul
phur and lime, par cent of tbe amlphur beiag in a sulphide
or efficient form, and the tola! of 194 to 111 pounds being
soluble or tn solution
As 8ULPHUR Is tbe EKPH'IKNT content it is hard to be
liete, and atill harder to figure, that tft pounds of aay product
cau or will do tba work of 194 poaads ot ihe Mate material
when tued for tho aaaae purpose.
IP you would um 194 pounda of their "dry, aad If tha total
194 pounds eould go iato solatlon, then It Is our opinion, the
194 pounda would equal one 10-galloa barrel of "REX." How
ever, as It DOES NOT all go lato solution it la necessary that
aa excess of 194 pounds be used to equal in EFFICIENCY one
iU galloa berrel of "REX."
After well considering the COMPARATIVE EFFICIENCY
let us hgure lha COMPARATIVE C08T.
"DRY" coals, f. a. . Payette. Ho per pound Whan used aa
recommended 100 pounds will make 60ft gallons of dilute spray
at a coat of 111 00. or lft.011 par gallon.
"REX" costs, f. o. b Payette. Z0c per gallon. Whan used u
recommended & gallons will make iftft gallons of dilute spray
al a cost of I lft. Oft. or 10.02 per galloa.
If tha "dry were to be used at EFFICIENCY 8TRENOTH
EQUAL TO "HEX" It would require aol lath thaa 114 pounds,
at lXc par pound, making a tout coat of 18134 for 100 gallons!
or ft.48ftl per gallon of dilute spray.
It Is traa a dealer mo make a greater profit selling tha "dry "
thaa ha can by elling the liquid; tn fact, ha cam make more
thaa 10ft par Mat greater profit, but can you, a grower, afford
to risk you season s work and your entire crop to onabla him
to do M?
Um "REX" Lime-Sulphur Solution, and "HEX Arsenate of
Lead, paste nr powdered, the materials which the Natoaal la
eotleide Board. Waahtugton, D. C HAVU vi i m mwu
1S H.V,B,R8E VISION, and you wVlf mm.m ,h" rlS
'"USSSSl 'IV,D' ", nd will be plaaEf
- ..... laHiiurr every aniUM of
See whirh they aetl mBm
R8X" Sarwya are seed h
Idaho Hde A Plumbing Ca -....RelM. Idaho
0 J dlaMl Boise Idaho
Merldiaa Spray Mfg. Oa. - Meridiaa. Idaho
a. T. Stepheas Natapa, Idaha
J. L Beardsley a Co. -. Caldwell. Idaho
t'aloa Ioaa Co Parma, Idaha
ldaho-Oregna Fratt Q rower . Ailiahltloa, Payette. Fruit laad.
New Ply most h aad Esamstt Idaho
T. a liaoc
Daaay Co
Cryatai Praae Ore wars' Am, tclstloa . . .
A. T Penalagion
" A. Bowers
ogdea Comnnsstoa V
Distributor for Utah
ii Payatte. Umkm
l-ryatl. Idah
WeMer, Idahe
FraiUaad. Idaho
Ofdea. Utah
Payette Valley Rex Spray Co., Ltd.