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THE RULE FOR OREGON NOW nr.nv ta cm nm
Hod Croea Rooms Open Now Rat
Twice Each Week Appeal Madr
for Ton of Clothing; for Re
fugees Cm Yon Help?
Owing to the scarcity of material
the Red Cross roome are open now.0 now , jfOU uks government oon-
but twice each week Tuesday anl
Thursday. Ontario la not alone in
thla for Portland, Spokane, nolae and
other cltlea have ben closed for lomo
time, completely.
The bis work that Is undertaken
Just now Is the collection of refuge
garment for Belgian Ontario has
been asked for one ton of clothing.
This la sn unususl request, for owing
to the scarcity of cargo space on the
ships the Red Cross can scarcely ee-
cure transportation of this class of I
goods. Csre end Judgment should,
be exercised In the selection of the
goods to be offered The following
Lai ansa - ..Wawavvsa-a a. - -
letter of appeal show the worthiness
of the cause
Seattle. Wash, March s '.rtialr
man Of the Chapter: Herbert
Hoover lia asked the ited t rose io,work Bf,cr d,rk .ome Bfhu anr) each cltlxen subscribes
Isnd the ms.hlnery for Its organ!.-; , , f After1" be classified
atlon to collect for the neigian rte-
lief Ooaamlealon from the people of
ine I alien msies s certain amount ui
selected, used and surplus clothing
lor the relief work of the commission
In ocupled territory of France and
The Red Co, speaking througn At 1:11 you are working. They1
Mr. Davison, haa agreed to do so. blow retreat at ::i0 p. m and recall
The oampalgn will cause little Inter- at 1 l.r. Inspection Sunday morning
rupiton la the regular worh of the at a m , with no time oft Saturday
Red Croea as the mechanical details to clean up Oae, I have thot lots of
have been reduced to a minimum ' time of bote I used tp abuae that
aad t ha expense involved It small bed In 2.11 Moore Hotel (ed to
Chapter will collect such artlclen s!slsy In It till X, . 10 o'clock lots of
are desired, Inspect only to the ox- time. To tell the troth. II I a
tent aanaaaary to eliminate worthless whole lot better over here than 1 ex-
article and those which cannot lie pected. I am surprised at conditions
uaad. Pack In any way which will or courae some or It Is pretty hard,
aeeure aefety In transit and ahlp Ft) but nothing lo what I Was looking
H, care to tha designated ware- forward to. I bav It pretty easy -on
house of the commission
Thla division la aaked for 200 toua
of used aad aurplu clothing We
assume that the greater part of thla
will come from the cite and large.'
town, and have already allotted
moat of It on thla basis. If you snail
tk.a mmb JK.a.aM .u. a. I i I i I, . tha.
(( uH -
collection of a too or lesa of uaad .
clothing as pari of thla special cam-
palgn pleas notify me at once, and I
will send ful nstructloun for tne
rwMawj do not undertake the work
until you have received the Inatrmi-,
ttoaa aa thla la not a regular Ked
t'roos activity except for thi special
ooeaaloa. and the Red Crosa will have,
no use for the clothing unless It Is
collected In the manner prescribed,
and shipped and reported according
to dlerctlnna. I should be glad 10
hava yon wrlu to me definitely by
return mail, If possible, stating
whether your Chapter wUnea to un-
v'ertake the collection of vae ton or
Itaa of used aad surplue clothing to
help meet thla special demand.
V icy truly yours.
Director Bureau of I", elopnien'
l' 1) Slln.s.-n, Division Manager
until r HHk
At the prsaeut time Malheur couu
ty la the tgll-ender of the counties of
Oregon in the aale of war stamps and
thrift stamps
But next week. I. , March Itth to
23rd. ia tha week iel apart by the na
tional committee for a house to
houae ' canvaaa, aud It Is our hope
Hint every family In the county will
be waited upon by a patriotic solicitor
who will appeal to them to "lend a
hand' to I'ncle 8am and buy a "baby
bond" and also start the children
with thrift stamps
Thla Is la no senau competitive
wall Liberty Bonds, but they aerve
the same good cause, and each form
of loan haa Ita advaatages: with war
atampa you get your interest In ad
vance la the ataiup la redeemable
Jaa. 1. 111
Every civic society, every patriotic
league, every organisation of any ,
kind that ia calculated to help wiu
the WaWr for Democracy, should vie
iu the race and make a showing for
our county will VOC do your tart'
Organise- Work' Wan)
County Chairman VY. a
to a letter to ftergeaat Fred Cm
fluid, received this Mk, Herb Paul
declare life in France la pleasing.
He say.
With the American Expeditionary
Force, Keb. II. Dear Fred: How
are yon and the old O. 8. U coming
Ar you .,m WOrglng for It. and If
lroiT dc,.- lt make much difference
In your work? I would like to drop
la the old freight house tonight for a
visit. Wouldn't want to stay long
tho till thtt war Hi over, and then I
am going to giilM real Visit. Just
going to rest for about a year before
I even think of dolug anything, and
be I let e me, I am some little renter.
I am golag to see "Slip" tomor
row. He Is only about IB mllea from
here and am going down on a truck
will aere be glad to see the fellows
agsln. as It haa been some Ittle time
Hlncc I saw them. VTwuld have been
,on therejsooner but only found out
I . a . .a
i 0rtBV where they are
vv e are mulcting a new
field Here unit are pretty bus)
li ,,.
prPtty nicm tno ,, w, ion-t i,.V(, to
work .,, w. h- do fo ,muM,
our(,,v. Is to walk Into town of go
,Q DP(j Ve arc
; ,,, 5 a m
allowed to alay
You know when
you hear that bugle blow reveille.
"It's a grand and glorious feelln'
Oreul stuff Then vou so lo chow
account If being supply sergeant, tho
aomeilme even I work
anialtllng In the V M. C. A.
writ tig this It la a big tent with a
dirt floor, a few benches and two
board tables Luckily I am at one f
tiM tables. They got In a piano last
l I. . I. 1. lh. V... Imtt,
((((ill nil II IP mr in. i " ..-w
heard alnce December One of th-
boy I playing "Yaka liala" aud a.
bunch of others are around him ;
alnglng It and I am keeping time
with my shoulders and have about
on aad one-half foot apaoe to write
'" That la one of the hardships of
"an American soldier In Frame'
VVhes you feel Ilka dancing .,
haven 1 ares goi room to Miak. your
houldrs. to 1 am Kulng to bed.
Write sooa and tell me all the
new A always.
" lAI1-
P K - Feb It Might also add'
that I was about frose that night and
right now I feel Just Ilk a man feela
Juat before he freeaea to death Aw'
golug to mail thla now and tbeu go
get dreaaeo or neo too enow.
gloves, helmet, overcoat ana an ",,,. ,,, Mka .,.!.! Hie Dreamland Ibr.tre oa Mar. I,
other spare .lollies tnai aawneoouv
els. .an t u.ln. Urea, da,. .d ,
plece of fudge ami aa American rtg-
Pweta by AimrMH FT As. IsMaa
riaadier Oenerei Cksreaee N. Bdwaean.
in. sanannn.
7m f
awaw?wnwawa Bnwnf
V jsnn V .afnTUal sVasa.
I snttJI
n nrl bVsb1 bS
.AS PWal I
anl bbMbbI
Mom lag at Vale Wednesday AMeatd-
cd by Men From All Over OevMw
ty Cnlqae Campaign ta
Be Waged.
Malheur county Is going to be
combed to the last precinct for the
Third Liberty Loan. The drive for
the great cause scheduled to coal
esce on April 6, the anniversary of
America's entry lato the conflict. Is
to be notable Indeed. There will be
no srrapafJry for the slacker
That waa the message that the
many Ontario, Nyasa and Dead Ox
Flat men who attended brought back
from Vale Wednesday -evening foi
lowing the conference called Iby JL It
Blackaby, county chairman, wplch
waa addreased by J, D. Zurrhwg of
I Mr. Kurcher stirred his hearer
with his message of service He im
pressed upon them the need of mak
'bg every msn come forwsrd lo lb
limit A compleu record I to be
kept and published showing what
and every
Hlue cards
will be given the loyal cltlaen who
does his utmost or approximates
that; red carda will go to the man
who I. half hearted or ub.rlb. !, ' ,'' ""' " ' '"'"' '""""'
grudgingly, while reliaT eard. .Hill! 2JHZ? .!!"?? ?
go to lho.e whose actlona suit that KZ '"'?! ' " . . " ..T"
Bam Creem Is la have charge oi
the publicity for thla sectlen, Frank
Radar la chairman of the drive la
the elty and vicinity Mr. Ofeaui
announces the following as speabjar:
Ontario. Oragoa. aad Immediate -wl
clnlty arc W. F Human. Tt W
Bwagler, W. W. Wood, W. K les.
H It Douglaa. C K. ' MrOonlgal.
Judge Dallon Blgga.
Person available for apiahitag
tours to various parts ef the state.
J. W MrCulloeh, P. J. Uellagher.
1 ' .
Fr..lilblil,,a lsi Candy He....
Willie Mooter Nays lsa Hugai
""(Mi Brew Supply Hie .1
, I world but amuse Ibemaelve, bidding
What do you know about a sugar- 'goodbye lo their husbands lb the
lean candy' Juat aa much as most ef morning and spending the day hop
u used to know about a meal lees P'a. lunching, matlneeing and tea
day, but then we are getting wiesji'' " " b"!1 beee worklnic
sow That la what I H Taylor at ,or n'e Hed Croaa and aiding anllat
Mali Lake told hi-. fcleiMl r 8 Walsoa ,n They're all Hie liapp ar for It.
the other day when he dropped late l"
Ontario to sell Mr. Wataon some of "w srs a Uiau I would like to
the "Kugarless Nuggets. ' Hie latent i b '" lb aviation corps Ilka Mr
liooverlted confection sent
McDonald a of the aalte city
"Candy eaters oat la thla section
dual know how hacks Hisy are. "
said Mr l'.vl..r f..r o... ... .1.1. ...
- whan 1, w... ... atop. O.I
here we ima m. in iu.r .1 n.
MnlsTMr aYM IIMJad Kill t l.aa IU......
- as - -, erwas (vose i un wiriu
land Idaho bees furnish the deficit j
The new
asdy la made from houey.j
(corn syrup and New Orleans
lasses, but It la
the Oregon houey
that counts
"Due of the blggeal probltma the
canity niMli Lava I. I.. .....Iu .1..
j ' - -- " "we, .' iww
ing demand In all the dry states. This
'has beeu most marked In I'tah dur
lag the past year. Just aa It waa Iu
the other states, yeara ago "
Mr aud Mra. A K Browu I Hsr
gey couaty urie liriuwn V Is week to
do their sp;'ag shopping. They re
port that their von Ule:in who ia now
Iu Km ii-.' writes that he ia Iu goad
li vallh aad e'ljoys life In the arg
Mr S ii elalay of Montpelie, M
veiling her daughter, Mis J It la-'
The Wednesday Bridge , lub a)
his wsek at the home of Mia tat
Vlue HlllKh
Mr and Mr Floyd Hag
H. are s.iiag ' tj.e bug
Mrs n.ier'i parents M. .i.l
Lea tan
Mrs VV 1. Weeee
luartteou aba assan erl.
Maple strnai
Contract for Nest Year Mowed t En
tertainers Give Frew Program at
"-rmlanJ tanasnaj Whack
Ontario's Brat Chautauqua waa a
pronounced hucceea. The number
were thoroly enjoyed, especislly the
lecturers Despite the handicaps of
Insdequste heating the crowds were
enthusiastic and nearly 100 signified
their desire for another course next
winter so a contract waa signed.
On Sundsy aftenoon at the sugges
tion of H. C. Smith of the Moore
Hotel the entertainer gave a con
cert for the benefit of the Ked Cross.
It wa Oral announced for the hotel
lobby' but later changed to the
Dreamland at the suggestion of Mr.
Jaqulsb A the result of thla en
joyable affair the Ked Cross Chaster
Is 1102 20 richer Following tho
concert the entertainers were the
guests of the finance
committee of
Meaar and
the chapter Including
H Whitney. K M
Orelg. W W Letson. K A Wilson,
A. I. oik rum. H. (
I.. ... .... .
lloyer. and W
W Wood.
Trlis of Total Kcllpwr
Perhaps one of the moat Interest-!
total eclipse of the sun which will be,
visible here la Ontario June
avail viiii tin vi.iviki
, The war. dapllrable as It Is. wHI
benefit Antericsa women Just a It
had benefited their Kngllah sisters,
stated Mr ernoii Caalle, whan n-
tar viewed In her dressing room it
the bg Paths atadlo 1 her opinion
tha Ideal of aarvlue aad discipline
hid. war brine, forth eanuol rail
to be of service To women ....nv of
wbom Lw le7dt.mTe. sd aTlfl.1
whom now lead almleaa and selfish
lVM l ,
rnia is particularly true ol New
York women," the famous actress
Uer lias
lu.... M.. 1. .
sni 11 a
here of
te years that women of the wealth-
I ler 1 lasses have become surfeited
I Willi llias til
life. They
have thought only of themselves, and
that liu't good for anv hod?
"Why. many of my friends, who
formerly didn't do a thing iu the
Caatle. No muddy clothing or Met
) 'ru standiag In the treiicbaa
oul ltM UJO' daring and exciting of
" "' "M,, ' the war"
Mrs Caalle'a latest and beat PatLe
-.-IpUy. twnvlet MS,' will be shown
M. C. T. t'. APRON
At McDowell's Uxcbange store on
mo-'Haturday. March J. the W t T I
will hold an aprou aale
the data, March SI.
li. Iiirlnh.l
The W f T I' will
meet uext
Tuesday afternoon alth Mrs Dick
Davis at hrr home uu Hie Kuat side
L ad
M' 1
B t aanwatl
9snw)Dnf "Twbi
I i
failiann Jean as MUliyioawar
Thla is what the Ontario merchants
ware told thlt week by Foor Adminis
trator Ayer Read it over and then
don't blast van yam hare to pay te
st. In tho r resident proclamation of
January 1. followed by the rulec and
regulation of the Food Administra
tion, all aales of wheat flour were de
pendent upon the buyerpurchaiug at
the same time fifty per neat of sub
tttules On account of the acarrlty
of substitute In this tate, the Foor
Administrator in Washington per
mitted, temporarily, a reductlno in
the quantity of substitute must
be purchased to ont poind of substlt
utea to three pound of flout I aro
now In receipt of a fiom Mr
Hoover, Fedeal Food Administrator,
stating that on account of the Impcra
Ive need of the Allien, all atate must
begennlng Monday March 11 conform
to the fifty fifty plan.
Therefore, all miller, wholesalers.
etaller and othe distributors of
wheat flouer !n the State of Oregon.
! are hereby notified that beglnnlnit
Monday. March lvth. they must con
form to the rule and rugplatlnn -
Mated above All retailer. vvhuls-
Isalera. millers or other distributors
of wheat flour elllng to consumer
must sell one nound of substitutes
with every pound of wheat flour ,ld
I The public should und.r.tand th...
on account of the limited amount of
uhstllutn the dealer has on band
may be neoaaaary for I
to aell flour In the" c.
mm le necesssrv for him to rafuaal'
an r - m w
a .
'l""" h"' Pnd.
'and to aell only in small quantities
I fully elite that tha enforcement
of thla rule : going to cause could
jirmlil., Im ,m va-iiltnr 1,1 Ilia t,,l. i,l
... . ...
this stale due lo I lie . hut hkc of sub
t. . ., . , ...
alltute. but the people of mosi of the
other atates are equully Inconven
lmnrmA .. M..p .. ,, , ' , " , ,
lenced. and alter all It Is not much of
a sacrifice compared
III I IlKM the
. . " ..
" ' 'r' '" ",Ml,,n' or "'"
dr"-"on ""0" f K"l "-,. D1,ieutlv. mid when we
l "
think of the condlt ou- Unit
msi in
Relglum, Serbia l(i.-l Poland and
.,... . - -
.. .1 , ...,.i ..... L,...,
rilllKIHI. "V f .11,111111 U((rll 1IIT1TJIIUII
mm -,.....u. .uM.p...... ...,
that Is placed upon us. rcllzlug that
wa arc only dolug our pait to win the
t'ordlally yours,
W. i AVKIt
Federal Food Administrator for Ore
IMKI Head Hold Ij.i
Mated for Neil Maturdat ami I.Mt
for Hie I ollovv lug Momlai
Many Itrgixiiv-rd tuimala.
lo la beoomlng a great agdiaa!"
aa the result of Hie efforts of !
Hales company and its
At the sale laat weak.
which waa transferred lo Ihe Pair
grounds, SU0 head of sliak, Includ -
lug many reglatered bulls, were aold
at flgurea slightly over ttu.oou
Anions the buyers wire A. B
Mearham of Preston, I.I ho, who
bought three carloads. Jt K Waaat
of Vale, who look 76 head and a
uumber of Idaho buyers
HMMI Head for Next Halunley
For next Saturday luuu bead are
listed aud among them are 20 regla
tered Durham and Hereford bulls nwvanl Fred Otgli 4 l.-ii frnln)
IIuvvih from all ovr Kasleru Oregon eveuliiK Im HOUSION . u, nil. r
and western Idaho are asuMMtad :"'udln b big U. II)
This will be the biggest sale ever at .
tsniple.l in ibis section On the ful- Mr and Mrs (J v ,!H rei
lowing Monday a special aale will be card on Honda) lnllllt of tin aaii
held of W., bead of stock f one f",1 "" ; " " . (i '
1 ; a a. . a a -..... . I
vassw-aw -,m ...,, .no
I bringing his cattle here
. -
Mrs. Baruelt waa ill lbs first of
i the weak at her home ou HI. hardaou
I afreet
i it v I
Front Fair grounds or from carrel
near stockyards Sunday night two
Durham cowa branded Jaws harp on
left hip, one Dark am wis branded
I circle Y ou left rib aud ou Hereford
cow branded inverted a Barter dele
and bar ou teft hip Fu.der Plena.
.notify A M. Williams or Carter bare,
Offer Is Indefinite No Price Plu.c.i
tn Piano Beck Arblt ra
tion Board.
O. G F. Mar-ut. goaeral sipeiln
tendent, aad J. F. Orr. division man
ager, of the Ontario Water Company
were in Ontario Monday to i"' ml an
Informal minting with the Plt.i t'oun
cll. when they proposed selling the
present property of the Wutar com
pany to the city According to their
plan the city would Install the pump
ing plant, filtering system and main
pipe line and connect with the pres
ent distribution system of the Water
company. Maine could be installed
and connected to the praeent pipe
line to aerve other parta of the ally.
!Thu would Insure s good water up-
P" "' "l " minimum coat,
,u,, wou,d' also stop any com petition
' " lh r bualntrs, a rted the
v'lng "fflclsls
nr """"era oi me nider company
wewttrwi that a great saving could he
made ny t aRlng over the . resent
Property ana using its distribution
"" um.i prices oi
avilulii linl I nrlnne .if malr J am
-"'IP'"""" " normal
bj ate.!... -.-.. ... .. .. at... -
, "" wwa ... u ... prwawres
(of " wr company hut a proposl-
on . a submitted to the conn. ,.
"' -PP"t ". h. Water
P"X "PPX' - '" ' 'l'
'two In turn select the third and that
ithebe three determine the price at
..t .. .. ..
. wnicn inc cuv touiii u- lie uruni
i -' -
property. No action ess tskea by
the council, which ht
I under adv.semeat
the matter
AT MKI'lloltlsr I HI II
Theo II Oahorn known aa tha
moo. n. tiaoora. kuowii as ing
iiri111Br Vvnaii.i ...., . r.
l,ru,u,nr fcaogell.t. began a re-
, . . . u,..arAMW . ,1.. u.iii.uiui
-k .. a . .. ., .
"'"" " ' "oiuing services every
vanlng except Haturd.v lie Is ad-
vertl U a hard hl.i.r and that
.. ..-.- Z . ..
uei nui uruni 10 iiu mm jnniice
oeboro has beeu ou I lie American
putform for 27 yeara aud la a sue-
wpw. wur iiiumi iifMr 1 iirui 10 Miiif-
c,., ,,.,, r r- ,Bi.,, n , r
,hu ,itm ,, N vUnlM tm . radunie
of h Naw Kngland 1 .mservatory of
Musi. Mrs Theo Itoeu t uilahan
plays any hymn Iu th books gg soon
a It la called. All she aaks Is the
key it ia wiltlen In Hhe Is training
a booster choir which will sing each
Friday night and rehearse each Mini
day. Wednesday and Friday after
Itev Osborn s ci mous are more
Ilka Wealey. Whllatleld or
Ha ia a atory leller Prof. Kern
and Mr t'allahari. who generally
travel with the parlv. air not snrl
I uls makes double duty for these two
people I hey tan only slay a short
i lime aa they are called by I ncle Hum
to Houston. Texas Wc arc looking
for great reaulls, but Onhorn says
tills meeting will be Jusl a hat the
Uiiaislera agd good people of Hie
uich wake It Pershing U s great
hut h n success' Is what w e as
soldiers make It. uml If I'm I. Sum l
w"'"u "' "" M,r ""-"-"
'dld It. aud be sure your .In will And
ou uul
KAItl. IIANNA. Pastor
Mra Besala ltMlique uud bat
mother unaided aanwasded In eallu
gulahlug Hie tire which Marled in
their home on tin- skwawas VVedii.
day uitei iii.oii I hr clolhes aud bed
ding of one room wen i. roved he
fore the women . omiui i.-.l lie blase.
,, Adam. who h... h.-i, III ,,, i,
past two weeks, is reported ..
proving graduall)
L "m ''"'"-o ol IVel ai
Sunday with relative here
Mr and Mrs John lleder ot i.
stopped off here on Ibeir wa liain
from California to visli nn M
Mrs Frank Hader
'Ihe Ontario Mudi dub Kill hold
Its regular meeliag Kalurda. after
tsawTn iHtoiHt.itiUM.i.
Tha Men'a Brotherhood a III haw
lhatir liia-xrttklw muallnu ( at lav. .a a..
d ,.,,, wu,.,. :,,, Mr.h
j Sotti at the church Dinner at i .:
lp m