The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 07, 1918, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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I . . I . '
Town Topics Tersely Tojd
First Spring Showing
. u .1. an nurm vma In
Country Con
,.. Ag. Byder or Vale w.. 1. J 55 from
Ontario Tuead.y . ,h, cotrct for tha eon-
Sea Ren
r,turned from .tructlon of the Crane to Burn, road
Charl RT
.. .. .I.n.ll Hum IK IV u."- "
::rrr.r,'. :.t.-.. z, -. -
.1 Rat hd ued for w
.... .. ,h. Aaat rear. It being 1 I"
Married Folltii-' dancing par-
.mammr l. " V !& .fgmY j . f
fammar I gamml MW ' naf GO" J Ltaaamhaar
OuarantMd Gm
Our first Spring showing of Millinery, Waists, Silks
by the yard and other Dress Goods Friday of this week
First showing Ladies' Suits, Coats
Dresses and Skirts one week later
Boyer Bros. & Co. Dept. Store
Two Cars of Exceptional Value
The Great Nmk SixThe Powerful Nash Truck
No motor car values offered in recent years repre
sent greater efficiency, greater strength, greater
power, or more handsome linesthanTHENASH SIX
which achieves the
f 4- f,a a " 1 lk
gaftgftgal gaammW "V " aammBBBBBBmmmmi "
Economy of Operation, Flexibility of Power
Comfort in Riding
It i-the car d;s;riminat-ng autoists. those who have owned cars for mn,
plai-r-d their stamp of approval and the demand for the demond for tbtw
machines has demonstrated the wisdom of their judgment.
i ' 1 t3 rlH TBI I lf
The Nash Truck
Built for Dependability and Service
Tht- greatest Edition of the man power of the nation in the great war wa
the introduction of the Nash Truck. No matter what the load may be The
NMh is equal to the task f trenr-portinf it. Hundreds of these great cars
informing wonderful feats of strength and service over aU kinds of
roads, in all kinds of weather. The result is a vast reduction in transporta
tion cost, great saving in time.
E. C. PROPST, Agent
Salesroom. Old (.olden Rule Buildinp, Ontario, Oregon
,-,. ecllon tor in p.- , . --- Oregon flub roomt lairt
tM. -'out dividing w r eouple- MN pr.-
Un ? YZ O L King ant .nd the bll.rlty want to the nln
held before Judge O. L King .. .d
in a-miww wi - - w
I.oae Hayed P until ne cio-iua uuiw.
Mi, Ienora FiUgerald
iJTL hMM but -ho ha, until r- A. th- r It of the gathering II
121 -2 " "- Pn. d.terlned to repeat th.
Up t. Oat. Lata)
a umiHi Ptrtar (
f Wrwig tirtiiiM,
Apa Advtrtiaia
lOoprrthl ini. kr
Kitaa n-.- aniaa.
wind. Tbf Bi.-thodafBy
rdr bauae ta to aai
ami MnUi wluj rlpr i
MttM-l Bl ha. acep,o,i . port- In the near future
M bookkeeper at the Ontario o
I Mr and Mn I. ft r r
i1'1 iUnd (IB( from tha Bench on P-.M.miia. .n a.
TTTr Friday .r,tB to attd the 'Married -fErr""u1
. n
attianatuD of local
0 Etmi tlla rmtmlnrm-mi.
Amont the Klncm.n Kolon. folka atlrely iwrdapa. k
who cam. In to attend the auctlou laat .tiraiy
"mi fean Oreut' i ba"k at
Broa thU weak r-etln. h'r frfndr Folk." danre
after an eitanded Taction dinn.
? I.
ha ha. improrea trruj
-.irday were Mr ?nd Mrn
V. ' owa or (i
. eo'Miuli KiiwrlaM akfl
. Miner of Harper ,t my gggff ,,3
at tv. II ,r on Tuad.y to ba planted In th Bin Ban- h)t
t DM M ore o'wiw i prlBf rrfM lhat f ji,- pr.i . acoamla aai il
- - - - - wtmifi
Mr. F L Sheeti ani aaugnier oi.---
Njna came to Oti'arlo Wedaedi
Mr and M- E Terk of the Big
oo me ranaar a ad
One atone taa
of tba catalogna It taail
M onult local pbrriCUUU fr "' ' ,, .... , .,, ,,,- olt mt onlrlntatMM
llttl. girl WU hM h-n 111 for mt B-nd were In Ontario to attead th. JJ
llttia gi". wnj H(Mj (roM tur(on I,,, g,turjajr and
Ml. Bernlce G!oer will enter
tain the member of the M df
.ome bov Vale Friday after-
'noon and tTenleg
Red ( ro
do vitnf general (hopplnc
. tr' C CttM ' - erv 111 at hU
homa of town but i reported to b
nan ' r
111 for aorce time .pe nil) umanders
Farmer niiniiaiiB
The farmer U aat Igfl
O of gvnolae laai: Mafl
H.rray and Webb Otla of the Big Umt hr rti fc, ajJJ
Band cam to town Saturday to be pr- Attar awe good anal
ent at the auction and to ae about wary of catalogua MkM
bla mab Dooatiag lalj
porttag boroe merrkowt'.
aatl tbelr warn "I.,
aeTtr band their pta
guU dlaguiaag ailnH
Trailing at beat n a'
auppllea for the ranch
Hr larob Prlnxlag want to Baker
Mr Trane who ha Friday to attend in aeaaioo 01 am
of Knlgbt Tempuar
alnre their return from apandlng th which bald a .ermonlal vaaaloo Prl-
wlnter In Kanar able to be
da and Saturday
w.iile Jamea O Smith of the To
try wraatltng with the meaalea maalea ar able to b out agala, ant
f.mer Orcutt la aaatatln. William
Laxon In tba atore
K i McGlnnla of Gooding. Idaho.
bow employed offl lal greater
at the Moore hotel
ter of loyalty ta baaaka
a matter of lodrtirfwr
Brery one la boaaii kp
Mr. D Oorman and daagbtf . ' mnntiy- wccaw
Ali.e who bara bean 111 with th1 CI ! Net Ma ,
Tb mall raar aaaalH
... bA. ha ... . (h rilB V TV bFHIIH
.-r.F .- -.-" llt.i do lit It la wt I
a-r-.1r rtnrmiii lViik ! rtfl Wl IflBT mm
. .... .......... . .. , ppr 17,
ani apain uniirr lot anuin iv "" balonga to irJ
er.l day, but la about
o l( U la Ik- i
Mr and Mr f 8. Wataoa and ' gn.r.ineed
family hat moved to the cot tag va-
Mr- c C Hunt of Nyaaa droe tolr.ij by Mr and Mr. Earl niackahT
Ontario Monday to eacure rcaterial
Kct (' II Powell, general mlaatoa
ary of the Enlaeopa rhurrh la the
di-lnct of Katrn Oregon, will hold
for the Red 'roa worker of tli.
ne ghhorlng city to the aonth
guaraate. pe
ta jmarrav
t.atr are ItWIwal
In all pmrlara
Noma to Piatm
the rule of dotaio
lutelllgi-nl i-eopU
Mr and Mr Frank t'larf of the
AUord ranch wera In Ontario Satur
day enrou' 'r . unit ti the'd ally welcome
out-'. world
aervlca. In Maaonlr hall nan Sunday and proanerlly ir.1.1
at 10 and 10 46 a. m Alt ar cor-
Mr- H 1. Anderaon and Mr- K
W u.od of Ellanrtturg. Wa.h . rag
ore Sunday.
Harry Roger of Biker waa an On
tario rialtor on Monday.
Mr Jacob Priming and daughter
Lal. and Oorothy went to Bolae on
Baturday to apend tba aay
Mr W. W Howard came down
, Rrogan Friday evening to apend
, 8aturJa and Sunday with her
Roy A Judd of Council brought
1 4d0 head of fine Hereford tock to
.Ontario tht week to b fed
J D I :iingt bought a hunch
of eattl. from Henry Blackwli thin
j weak.
Hn returned Monday
The girla of the Siitb and Savaath
gradet ar Dually angaged making
layattaa for refuge aablaa undar tba
direct ton of M ra. Herbart UvlM
aton Tba local chapter baa baa
Ub-J Mm. ..1. A mm -I 1 A
m larru a ot ta is uaa
aaar future A Mart waa mad by,
Mr J ; Barasln of Nyaaa. who aaat
a handaorua one to tba local head
quarter, tbia waak and which hag
beeti on exhibition at Wllaoa Broa.
There ha ban ooaalderable com
mant arouaad In reoaot waaka
clalh among tba kalttara. by
of the ut that a faw young man of
tha city ara wearing knit w eater
made of tha khaki or gray yarn aaad
for aolili-r and aallor awaatara. Fig
knitting fortunate! hae not baaa
from Caper Wromlna. h. h.!4""!. uou. here. I.ut In Tlaw of tba "?"""''
,pent the a nter It . "the heat I ,re" demi4,1 or . a damaad " th, r.raaw-
town I have ever n." according to' ' "l ,n'' "' " -" BOt
'Rarvay i UPP'.V it. makaa the wearing of anch
The gam. " i
up any new
luar of their owa
belnt t kp
Juat now i bey r
orer Ibe rwl ma I
affectt tbelr
Driiitad matter
By making fralgMm
trll.utin cnta (
Inatance. they awl
ansa rataa and
tba farmer eipamaai
fruuj the bom pam'
taming order dial I
.1 iuul gaaaattaaa.
Af ikM. la ika l' "'
- w , .....
At Srat ! ub '
mcudoua datfi "
b.t But iber '
laft in tba aacaaataW"
tty braiding
It aim tirrr
catalog ta and e awj
almpleat conaul
At una tine lay I
waa welcomed by tktl
malar of
baa changed a.d
IHna bagiunlitg
a iwraina In ' ogl
aaca when ll ru,J
OOAI. ;iS KXPlmiON bi-r.
awaatara s.em atrange Indeed
Another auxiliary waa formed dar
ing hte paat waak aad Ilka tha other
Mra 8 F T.rlor relv.! . i-.... arajaebe haa atarted worh. tha new
from her daughter. Mra E I Brogan ' m'Dr u kt at Ploaaar acboot
of Seattle laat Friday, giving detail. : hottM on D"! Ox Flat, where Mra
of the painful tho fortunately not L,t McDob,q . named chairman,
aarloua experience aha had under-1 Un 0r,n 0h.(ilar. treasurer and
gone but a day or two prerioua On ' Mr Uoyd 8,u,,h wUy.
tearing her home for a .hopping trip' p w "
aha bad .hut off tha afturL, ,,b;r, WM month.
haaklng tha fir and when .he oaam-l.? wy. r tha ChapUr.
ed tha door on her r-..r- aw-i "" 'tm mm ,ur"
coal gaa arplodad. burning bar - ,' DUTia' "
rarely about the h.,M .-a " u"'"n. war received
Fortunately her
head and arm
clothing did not
Hugh Allen, flit; Mr. W J
!ay. t5: Mr L. O Olaon. fl; M. M.
catch fire o aha eacard mora -H.""7, ". . L
oas burn oore. ; d, commlttaa. $418
". KKIngman Kolony Grange. i! -
A larta urt nf tk. -.da "" "wgOB
lab Mla.tral, $141;
Th. rarlllMT IIOWI
reliable farm J"
booba HU roal
aat coaaaed "
lllMIII' l'u "-.
big miiltiolorm"
.- ..iaiikiaaat a
arraaor. but t.m '
arealually end.
-. thi i M
lag. end lmo! r'
turad la biiua -
.... i.i I.- ihroimh I
Standard go
taaaat la ataadara
ratio, while la
la aml.iltad In g
laaa Ammrmm. Wit
.. kt make
mora aubataotial a
ph-tuiwa of ?,
i.. -- tthagay
111. i no '. k
. aw nnhtlr tkrP
"" . . aba
Htarerure ad -
. t..M niiliHC
- -ra. par. oi tne world I coming p.w ' --..-.. ...; t rjri.( -- j
1-to the poaltlon that Blium I. In ' I, V "" ,U7 U; touJ onTteaTor q-W
and haa been In; coming to the Mate Z J "d"r' rt ttclaa dad a
wnere the primary and all Important I """' 1-'" ara cheap waw-(
Muy lOfap a
thing In life ta enough food to keep
alive Herbert Hoott
liberty Bend now in our hand
for delivery.
Thla week tba Kingman Kolony
"" aaat la lit, which
big price.
FOR RENT Modern houaa. clou.
1,1a. Apply to Ontario Real Eatat.
prooaada of a play given thara teat
M I h r
' gawk.
A ahtement conaUilag of It awat- her '
- o pair -ocha. 4 muffler, t male
wruulau and three heliuala want for-
. .( f'
ll.QII- ' -.
- .-Am aa
that """'M
to you " '
.. i. on J
wan. - "7 -ml
But I i" '-
ward to tha North-
-N. dear: a "Jg
arMch ' P-laaal
No. 1-tf
aatarn head-
ciuarter. thla week
very mu-r