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NO 1
rr.niM.i wn.r in, kki to ok-
fmOWl VMIMM OH not
tii: r wukhs-
tkm to OOI n itv.
Ilnl Ntp Neccssnrv , However, In
fluingc In tin- Charter to I'rrmlt
. .of a Higher l.lmli (or Bend Issue.
On Wednesday, January 30, On
tario will etermloe whether or not It
hall hnild a municipally owned
water sratem t'oncurrently It will
determine whether the city la to be
healthtul and a desirable place In
which to lire or whether or not It
will contlnne to ally MmM with the
typhoid epldomlcn which have annu.
ally visited It for the pant two year.
The placing of a definite date for
the election wan determined at a
meeting held Inat evening. Before
the date could be aet It wan neceaaary
for the council to pan an ordinance
providing for a means of amending,. . . - . y. ..,
." I Portland, a niece of MM. J. D Bill-
(he City Charter and to -Milmiit to the
people llie proposition ol SO changing
the fundamental luw of llie munlel
pallty ho Hull the proposed bond Issue
will come within (lie legal llnill ol
Must lmlle Meant).
I'nder i he pri'Meiii charter the iniiii-
ell will submit an emendment to the
uonn me my lo a greater sum man:
15 per cent of the valuation At the
present time, too, the bonded Indebt-
ednesM of Hie city is 875.000 and
under I he 15 per cent limit (he city
rould i.ihie only an additional $58,.
000, or some It. ..nun less than the
sum needed lo hnild Hie proposed
wster system
To rrnied) this condition Hie t'oun
cll wll Isiibmlt an emendment to the
dinner permitting on the approval
or the people the raising ol the limit
of banded Indebtedness to 26 per
rent of the valuation Thla would
permit of Hie building of the syslen
without reaching Hie new limit
in il I ii.iu i in., ii
When Ihe question of submitting
tbe lo propositions lo t he legal
voters can's before the Council at
1 t.el
each of the sessions. Mouday and
Wednesday oeulngs there was not a
dissenting vote On Monday evening
nil of the louncllmen were present
while mi fl'ednesdey uvenlng Council
man c It KhiIhou waa Ihe only one I
ah. in There waa no debute on llie
uuesilou It was merely a matter of
l-t. paring the proceedings so thsl I
rry step would be legally STTSel
The Council hoi for months been of
Ibe opinion thut tut adequate walet
system I- needed.
M.illieiii I'ouiHy Is . In. lulu I for
. i.n.i. f, l.,-ii( for Sol-
Iter Hoy,
,1.1 IIIUIV lia.B iu ymj m i-nun- inni
I' J Oallagher, leudlng knight of ' "'' nie v P" on ireater In
tke Hnake River inui.rll of the '"i' than 82000, with an added sum
Knights of Columbus, announced' exempt for each child,
this week thut the drive for :',000. Willi u representative of the gov.
the county's quota ror the national 'erniunnt In each county Is the United
fund will start next week. Statea wilt be uo en use fm anyone
The Knights or Columbus fund Is . not knowing the provisions or the law
used tor recreational hutldinga and . affecting hint
work smong the soldiers along Ui .
same linea as the Y. M C. A. war
fund, ami the recreational houses'
are open tn aoldiera of sll denomlns-,
lions. It is not the purpose of the;
local Knights to solicit funds among ,
those, who are not Catholics, but of
set fer theinSavbefith encmfwyetaeel
course in their efforts to reach the .
goal get for litem volnutnry sub
rriptioaa to tlio lend by suy cltlien
Will be appreciated The local or
taSyation will be perfected this
week and C C. Defrete will be tbe
treasurer, any coasflbuttoaa may be
given to him.
W t f I' wlH meet nexi Tues.
day afternoon. Jan II, t th heme
ef Mrs lSi Arwoku
Of Nsllirv of I'ulnltt. In
n Family Him Week of
Ortef-OMag Kvcsits.
On the heel of the message tell
ing of the depart are of one member
of the family for the war tone In
Kurope, and the calling of hU wife
tn the bedside ef her stricken mother
in linker. II C. Hoyer today received
word of the death of hia brother
Howard at hla borne near Moore-
head Montana.
No detail of the accident have
been learned. Oren Hoyer leaves
tonight for Monrehead and It In not
known, aa yet, whether the body will
be brougbt hare for Interment.
Howard Boyer war the fourth of
seven nona of Mr. and Mm. A. F.
Boyer of thin city. He was born at
Vancouver, Wash., .12 year ago snd
came to Ontario with hl parenta
when but a boy Until eft year ago
he waa associated with the Arm of
Boyer Bros, and ha many friends
here who knew him aa a boy and man
of energy and ability. In 1910 be
I marrlivt MImi HnrMtiv driven nt
j Ingaley of thin city
To them three
, children, the oldest seven, the young
eat two yeara, were born.
With his brother chelsoy Mr
II Hover went to Montana to en
gage In the mercantile business In
th" lilac Hole llaaln country This
business they sold Inat aummer and
antMaj ,u ra,,e ,ual
A K noyr flth f ,h. ,.
M , , TM ,n mmnerK ,
hr ,, h . --,.-.
where Mrs. Boyer Is, ror she planned
in leave Moonhead. Monl
has been viaitlng tor Texas, this
1 week. On account or this fart, to
gether with the absence of the three
brother In the srmy and tbe uncer
tainty concerning Ihelr ability to get
rurlougha, no arrangements hsve
I cen made ror the funeral '
It... I. to Tell Mm h Hi What
,u I srweil BbssJsbb tut 7 Wilt
He liert- Jaeumi) an to Ss.
'' " r'" of hay. or
'" ",l"r wor ' ftr "S.
P '"" ur "" duilng Ihe year
.1 mi? ' If so, be prepsred to tell
"de Sum about il iwmie time lie
'tween January j io ti rtgni in re imuo n0 know whether there Sre any
,On rlo. ,
d'l- i were rscelv I today o II
ti ;'o kritnt from M it i A Miller,
lollecior of Internal revenue ror thla
I district that a repr.-ieuiallw from hi-,
ufflct i HI be in Oaiuiii irom Jan- :
rv :'ii ,o z8 sunpils ". witii t'.' tie. et.
I ...nks lor Ht.' return Imouie
He will he an authority on the In
.nine tax law and his advice will be
expert on ihe subject
The urovlslons of the law are u
omplicate'i roil in s general
e ' ingle men will incomes of I l nun
. .... s- a. m .u..B.klU m.u
The annual m.-eiing of tbe stock
holders of the First N'ulloual beak
was held Tuesdey afteroon. Tbe
meeting waa a forn'sl rutin, ation or
Ihe work or Hie directors and a re
election of all the officers and direc
tors as follews: A. 1. turkruui
president; T 'I nrnhnl WMnorevllle.
lee- presided i . II lr ("ockrum.
cashier, c W I'latl Mssllant cast-1
tlr: I
ad U
Blllingskry. C
. . SBBS X
e Kenyan 1
Ceokress, direorers.
u Tn-n noio u! fl.u
wAicit vmmb new Mr
Not a Case for Debate Now Must be Done, Declare
Those Who Are SeerXhis Week Further Delay
Fatal City Has Suffered Enough Already.
In an effort to get a concrete) Idea
of the attitude of the business
men of Ontario the Argua this week
tsrted a campaign to get an eipres-
sion of opinion from as many cltliene
aa poaalble. Of course not all the
men oould be reached this week bat
with s few eioeptlona all were Is fa
vor of Immediate rctlon.
There was not a person Interview
ed who did not believe that the city
need" a water ayatem. The saint
that one or two raited waa that of
the advisability of undertaking such
a work at thla time wtien prices are
above normsl, and labor scarce,
"It la no longer a debatable eics
tlon. Ontario muet get a good supply
of water." A. L. Cockrum
It la too bad that we did not go
after the situation three of four yeara
ago. Of course the city needs a good
water aupply, but before I would
m" aisiemeni on me nesssssjew
plana I want to see them and stndy
i be specifications" W E. l.eea.
"There la nothing to It, w can't
let the situation continue Th City
la suffering, as the result and s now
wster system Is needed." r,. Adam,1 W W I.etson
"Oat It as soon sa possible. Have "A purs aupply or wster la ahao
It built Immediately. Ontario can't , lutsly necessary. There la nu.dnubt
go torwurd until II hsa solved the about It." 8. I). Uorman.
water problem." Frank Under. The Argua will continue Ha can-
Ontario's neighbor's are seeing vans next week, ror time did not 01
to It that the water situation hereout 'mil seeing everyone or the business
where sheladvertlsed and II la time, certainly,
that the problem Is solved wHh an
adequate system. "--P. J. Gallagher
"U is alright with me." -T. H
ftrrgim I inm! dmteUli i..i ttrialla
IVrml'.'.liin fm Hh knell lo Rate
I mi, I 4 snipslicn Hnr
Cause Mpm-wlsl.
Afler a turhulenl few weeks under
the edniluM ration of It F Hlrknell, I
r' Food Adiulnslrutor i"
Idaho, Malheur nunt uierchanls
sre again under the Jurisdiction of
Ayers. udmlnlatralor tor Ore
gon. Advices lo this effect were re
ceived Sunday
Am ,. reult the local merchants
rood regulations they bsve to obey
They do not know, "where tbey are
at." to uae tne slang expression
But In the meantime they are follow
Ing what thei believe lo be Ihe gen-1
erul policy of ihe food administration
us they interpret from the publl. s-
Why the chuiig" hack to Oregon
Why the chung" back lo Oregon ,
was tuuuV tin- In. al merchants do not
know Tbo.e who expressed them-
""i"' Hectare tt.ui since noise is ko
inui h nearer, uud can easily be ;
reached by phone they preferred the
Idaho connection, however, Ihey are
willing to do anything tbey are told
by the Oregon administrator and are!
awating his orders
.ii ' i '
IH TO UK II Kill tMI IMIIIII I M .11 M 1 1. . or .!e, linn Weiluesduy, Juuusry .In, 1 V I
I'luce I Ity Hull.
Tolls will he upHii trniii S I iii to i iii and from 1 p tu lo 7 p lit
Purpose of i led Inn First tu (iiiMfUpon tu uiiieniltiienl tn the City
I liurler providing for un Increase in the limit of bonded Indebtedness
which will permit of the building of the proposed water system
Second, to authorize the issuance nf bonds in tbe sum of luu linn
wlili whtcli tu build and operate u tuuniclpully owned we.14
Who can vete: Kvery legsl voter resident In Hie t'ity of Onlurlo
i un vole at this ele.tlon The ownership of properly is uol m-i eassry
to lusllfy sa a legal voter in Oregon, ulaee last June, therefore every
legal voter can vote at the coming election
Tbe officials of the election will be: Judgea: ri F. Taylor, ' T
Harer. T M N'lehela: clerks li I' Dearborn. A H Melnlosh
How determined A msjorlty of the votes osat Is necesssry to de
ermine ths election in tavor of the issues persemed
If you want a new water system
v adequate aupply of pure, soft wster,
"Ontario Is losing every day it de
lays In getting a good water system.
The demand for modern conditions
la seen every day when people come
to rent houses, snd Ontsrlo la suffer
ing for the need ef them.'' H F.
"Ontario will be like Ooldsmlth'a
Deserted Village, abandoned to the
jack rabbits unless It solves the wster
and sewerage problems Get the
wster by all means' M. M. Hush.
or we don't do something and do "'' a further adjournment until Jan-
It quick, Ontario la killing Itaeir " I nary 28 Wltne-sen and Jurors,
Hugh Allan. therefore, who a ere notified to be at
"Many homeeeekera will stay lnvkl" on January 14 and later for
Ontario is we ran furnlah them good I Jsnuary 21 are now untitled' not to
water ThU I know from ex p res
stons msny strangers hsve msde In
the i. ore during the nest year''
8 Watson.
"This la a esse where It hss to be
done" Hay A. Wilson.
"Can't get along without It' W.
I-. Turner.
I had rather do without electric
i lights, telephones and other convent-
ernes and hsve a good wsteor aupply."
men But If the ratio is mainiaineu
thruout the city the water bondi and
charter amendments will carry, Ian
'to one.
" ' '
Ws rll kitiisu Here, Having ItVen
Will en i Here far More II..
Twenty Veers leaves
Wll. ml Two I tilloVru
as a result ol complication, and,"" " '" b"", "ry '""k'-1 ''"
ether pneumonia rnllowlng an nrs
i,,,,,, for appunll. Ills. It l.ockeii lirlf
dn fr.ry ,,f thl clu. died In i
;..i.. hospllul li Siitnrd.n IK
body saj IhiukIiI to llnurlo and Hi
mnnral services were held lure Mou
dsy under the auspices or Hie
Knights of Pythias, of whlih the ile
mused was u iiMiiulier lnliriuent
MM made in tin Ontario ceineler)
The news of Mr. tJtiflln'M death
SJM a dlsllucl Shock lo Ihe irisl!1 h """ MM Wr h' " ''-
of friends of the family, for both gjg
and lii lle numbered Ihelr friends
in Ontario h the circle nf their M
quuiniuin I
was generally be
Orlfftn was going to
Hensl that Mr
recover from Hie effects of llie operu
on ,, M, lulllll pr,;rcHK had been
made tliui hla nrmher, llenrv ilrimn.
giade Hisl Ms in oili. r
whn was culled lo
Ilulse to lie with
Mm. had returned honn h -udilen
wus the relupi-e nultererl that the
brother eon Id uol reach the bedside,
before the end unie The deressed
leaves besides hla widow, a son
Wynne, aged It, and a daughter.
t continued on Psge Hlx )
ror Ontario which will Insure an
vote YKM on boOi propositions
Wire From .Imlge lllg Train
further limtMne Sitting; Judgr
lntlcrson ipen tNiurt
mill Adjourns.
Vale Or. Jan in Only one In
diriment waa returned by the Orand
Juiy during Its brief session Mon
day morning. Foremnn HI) Mc
t'oy reported the one charge, that of
arson against Noble 1'iillen, who Is
charged with burning his father's
hay atsck
Word was received today from
Judge Ilalton Biggs, who la in Waah- '
Ington urging the appropriation of
funds for the Warmsprnga that he
aill not be able to return In time io
hold aeselons of the court on Janu
ary SI, as he had planned and order-
preaent themselves at
I "eat until Jsnuary 28.
the county
I Judge Anderson convened
t'ourt or Tuesday and heard argu.
incuts in a caae transferred from
Harney county In which the Pacific
I. h est nek company sought lo have
modified the Injunction granted hy
Judge lllgga restraining the company
from taking hay claimed by Htiillh I
The number or attorneys present Ontario National, flrat as a private
was the feature of the argument ,..nk hi Hlophen A t'urver there was
The P. Ij'H. Company snd Us co ,. nth.r hanking Institution In
appellnnt. Jonen k llowoll, were rep-; twentw. odd ihniisinid squsrn miles
resented by Kdwsrd Tresdwell ol 0v known M Mulheui, Harney and
Sun Francisco, John Itund of lluk.-r. i;,nt cuntlcM llaker was the near
John W. Biggs or Hums and Brooke ir,, ,.,,. ,t- trt . bank, snd
s Oallagher or Ontsrlo; while Hmlth Caldwell divided Hie buslneas or sll
A Hon were represented by Mcl'ulloch tl ,. ...ti,,,.
H Wood ol Ontario.
The arllon grew mil or Hie pur
chase or a big piece of land near
Harney Luke by Hmlth (t Hon during
a foreclosure and while they held '
ths sheriff's title to the lend they cut
750 tons of hay The land waa later
icdeomod by Jones A liowrll with
I money borrowed from Hie I' I, H
'.ompaiiy. which united wild Jonem
A Howell tn demand the hay Had
this been a hard winter ami each of
he interested parlies been dependent
on thai hay, serious loss would have
resulted Hut In spite of that fact .
iij the array ul legsi men here asseui
Inn llrlil Couiielllmli Hlmis
Kesri Week U.n.le-, t ,ns
I, I is
This is Hie blgge-i mil 1n the Ms
f ((. 0rlo ,(.,, , ffm
,. , . ,.....,,. ... i -. ,.i,... ,,,
.,,r.,-1, - ,., i, ,.. i... ,.
liiululiilln l ho fur The luhles li.iw
been more nearly filled every dsy
Ikua at any I inn in the past
Next week Mrs K M Orelg, sec re
lury. plans on having a reul .'otnpell
lion with every da Hie crews en-
ileuvorlng to surf-as thai of the day
pi ii
Inm. Iter In Head III Mom.
H M HoucTier. principal of the.
High School, has lie. n appointed
i halrmnn of the school se. Huns to or
I'UIII.e the lunlor in this. I. t inn All of Ihe school work
ers uud their officers cull report lo
I ,iini Is-wls Hants Sinks.
I'rgenl requests for more knitted from the division head
quillii.- iu Seattle The ollliluls
IN urging the chuptcis to oeud
ii in.- ..Men and not wall ror lis
seiiii-miiiiihiy shipuienta. The res
son lor thin Is that the men si t'siup
l.i wis are Iu need or warm clothes.
In spun or the fad that this la a re.
in 1. 1 breaking week the local chapter
has much to do for of one kind of
small bandage sluuu il UiUat produce
1 4 ii ii per day lo make a regnlsr imou
Ihly shlpmen't
fhere Is therefore
- -.-
still a arest dSSxasS Idr Worksrs ssS
v.m F1RNT nwu ivf i.i ism n
MtniK ow mmi n:
Ontario ami ll Tills Section Use
OHwl Mast Ihiim, Herlare Threw
of ilHirinnl Hire, tors Who Are
SUM tctlve.
On Tuesdsy the Ontsrlo Nsttonsl
Hank celebrated its twentieth birth
day I'realdent J It lllsrksby mark.
d the occasion by giving u dinner to
hla associates on the hoard of direct
ors, the employees of the bank u a 4
the local newspaper men, at Flfer's
As a historical occaalon In the life
ol the hunk the gathering gave rise
to reminiscence" or the early days
' In Ontrrlo and Malheur county In
which Messrs Hlacknby, , Adam.
J ninsnan mm c It Knilson each
niilrlhiiled Ihelr Hhare of Intereat
Ing episodes, while the more recent
arrivals In thla asjatlOw mlileil to their
.lure '! liiformniloii
Ollle-I II. ink III llie ( nlllili
Annum the other farls related by
the Inn. t mill hla assoi lutes was thla
At lite lime of the founding of the
Today there are 15 hunki In the
three inunlles In which more than
If. 000, 000 Is deposlled. Also from
lime when the enure force of Iwe
used lo sun llseir sU afternoon wslt
Ing tor liuslnens the local Instltullon
niiw , all inld 1. 'mi accounta.
iicHides rentttM n"' growth or the
hiuiklnt liuxlnes of this nctlon On
sajguxeej progress of the inunty and
,V waM recorded, for prartlrully all
u. buildings now on UjM rtsl of On
t,,rln hae been hulll clni e Ihe Irst
t,,,nt Hlurled v
I MHII Willi lUek.
II was recalled thut Ihrse of Ihr
hoard of directors, Messrs
Blsrkaby. Adam and llromnu. an
nil iicilw In Ma maniigemenl Aa
related sImhc rtlrphi n A Carver was
lie founder ol tin l.islll ul'on and
John W Lynch wai lis llrsl rushler
w i . ii ii ajpsjsjgaj ,i ;. inn its h.nik In
188 In 1K II liic'.riiuriilen
iviili the inii.iwiiii; nrfleers agol di
Htephen A Curni. in est
d. nt I It lllurkuiiv, vice in. stdent
,.UM I. Mlaie, T. J
Brosann, J I. ' .'i"' Fred
II tm- .1... '..r- Mr C.iwr left
Hoi insllluli IIIU '. Hid Mr
Blui'kuhy buCUUK UTt Ideal uol '
II Knilson. e.isMei . Isjtl f ' I
Kinlsni "i IV r
Hi man look t i Ion In
mr whet.
..!. I.e.
. . t.ld and tin have
j "ontlnud M page Six) t
Mrs V H Mil., i.r alilwetl h Hi.
f.yel of Mneoi- m! him tinnier
Kss.iiei e Many
Mrs W M Itlliy i .'uldwel' ;i
I'a.-n 'Irani Worii.v Maiii.n tin
Hi ' Stars, Is Hie in lullin.
offl r al I i' iilliuli'in of Si t Chs -ler's
Officers for I Vis, lo be held this
evening Mrs Riley arrived un 1 1, .
Mrs W W l,etson, reilrmg Worfliv
Mstrou of Hie Chapter Following
Ihe Installation ther. will be un In
Itiston and later n Hie evening a ban
quel will be served
The officers tn be Installed are
Mies Margaret Dunbar, Worthy Ma
U'un, otass 1'gullue Billliigstey , uasu
elate matron, Mr Hugh Allen. W
1 Mrs W. F HoMss, secrctsry
and sster . M Farley, treasurer.