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NO. 52
After Rcilevilng sli nut Ion Councll
men llelleve That ni I'linil Will
l'ii for Within Lite of Howls
t'ontplete plan- mid specifications
for an BfMiMta wain gyataa for On
tario were iiri"in'iMl tO llu- PftJ
I'ouncll at a special session last
Tii ii : nlng by Engineer Loala
('. Kelaey Ol Portland
Mr. Kelsey's pinna as In- explained
them in detail IN OBBOoitrod. with
M ill. iimt uliliiiiitely the system
will li' i-alli il BR to furtihh water for
4000 n npli' mid to wiilcr Iho Iiiii
and garden . ithln tho sit) Umll
to 198 The tntiii iimt, as es
timate l B) Mr Ki laajr, Is given at
199. fiOO. Thin nf nun i- I- for mi cti-
Ural) in
toKi KnUre It?.
Mr. plai .ill for a sya.
r -in Miii- lnl,.iii
. ho ladoi
Him hlch
Mr Kalat ' "iiiiiliu: all Un
read! It) Umll
dared thai Bol mure iii.m M would
he nion- llimi luilf a him I. inou I
water main mother feature ol ne
btobo a hi tl mtojbj
which i for n clear Boa ol
water thrnoul the lyatoni. ihero
wiTt-be no "dead 'nils."
Tin- ulnna for I he yi lem Mi
Hey BtUUOeee. with Hie maps and din
grain- 11 1 'i i he o v hall, and a
study ol tin-in convince- Huii Ow
tarlo's need would he adeiiuately
cared lei under them .
Wilier Coiupmii Wnuld Sell.
Sim the receipt of Ml K 1 B)
plana hy the i It? council llu- ,,i ;
of the Ontario Water ciunany havej
made formal offer lo sell the preeent '
system lo the city. What hat theru'
Ih any BOaat.blltty that the preaent dla-
Irlboiing gyetem can lie harinnnied
with tin- Kelscy plana and hy doing
'eo prevent an BBOOlOtO Ioh to the
- i-iiipany la a question to I
Nvsicin Will l'a Hi I ''
In u rather exhaustive study of the
altualiun and the probable uher
of users on the gyateni In year or
two th- uieinbera el the council ex-urt-HHed
the liellef thai nol onl?
would Be 'stem pay lis operating
and inaiiii. n ime charges iruiii the
atari aal voaM provide tin- sinking
I nml neciaaary lo mv llu original
cost within the life of the hoiul-
lie Issued lor lis original aaal This
la eape-lall true n the ciiv aa water
i.uiipuiiv .i. to i harge Itself at the
present rale for hydrant rutal and
a a iiistiei of fairness to the water
depaliiienl ere, In ll with that earning
for fire protection.
Ii.. (aai Willi lincl.r
Another thing which the svsleiu
aa proposed woul.l do which is of
great importance In the city viewed
from Hie health atamlpoiut H
would do away with the need for
open Irrigation ditches within tin.
elty limits N'ot only would thet
work toward (he tieaulllicalion of the
elty but would do away with stag
nant wler hreedlng places for dlea
and ' nios.uitus and promote the
health f i ne luuiuiunily materially
la order thai the residents ut On
tario, may have a cnnipreheiu-iv .- Idea
Of What the proposed plan is the
Argus is, In aaotber column of this
issue, gllng Mr Kelaey'a report
, v n i Hi fiuin tii-i i - i - i f inn JP i s
Manager JeQutah of Oreamlaiid ra- wrg,.rs is the crying need -of the
niliad word this luorniiig that In the tl(j , roiU)
1'ailie rllins for Sunday would,
be a compute ahowiag of the aw fat, MM M edneadaf
Olaaaiar Ibal reeked Halifax. Nova jnjorlllug tuT snipit where abe haa
ftcolta wbea the uiuailloa etUp. Moat Meapted a position la one of the Jan
Jblaa' exploded ,-uon .'Hy hanklag houaea.
I In' moKt continuous fog. as well
mi tlii- taMM "ScottMi Mint" t tint
has v hilled thin section for year has
enshrouded the Snake Hlver valley
fur BtVOfa days. It haa BOM a gen
uine linltiitliin of h London blanket
mill Iiiih heen the subject of numer
hub iniprecntlona
W li lie It has been foggy overhead
It hn also heen muddy underfoot to
niich bii ratal that Oataro has not tn
beat nppcnranre of which he In Cap
able ll' tlllH (line
Unpleasant hb thin condition la,
however. Ontarlans do not kick
hard when they read the dally
weather reports from Eiisiern mil
m iMi.- VNatan points. nub-iero
waathor haa m appeal tor lata.
tiler I ailing Ontarlans to ltol-- to
. IIh in lo Inaugurate "I iihIi
noil Cam" I'Ihii ltlikni-ll
change ro-.ii ion.
Willi the 101 Idaho merchants
oi Malheur lounty. wh"
an- operating under the direction of
the Idaho ott t iho National PSod
A.liiilnlslratloti w.-re. tlguratively
p. akliiK. "up III the air" Tor several
IS H." s
II in f their ascension was
the last minute change or policy rclir
Hve to husliu-si, methods on the part
ot the Idaho a.llulnlst rator. II K
lllckin II The local merchants an
al a In- lo determine the change ot
u Mr. Itlikti.-ll:, part, who
Just a few daya In-fore in llolse was
moat emphatic In insisting that Hie
depart ill's suggestion ot "Cash
ti Carry" he literally interpreted and
rigidly enforced. They were, there
fore, greatly astonished when the
.lail? p. ii-. is of last Saturday carried
an intern,.' El MakMtl in tin-
effect that ilu depart uiriii had
changed Its Interpretation of the
"Cash and Carry" to mean, payment
for goods every SO daya and one tree
delivery each di-y
llowei.-r. In view ot the i.i.l thai
Ih.-l had previously Illl.lollllCeil to
usloliiers Unit they would lol
low the administrator's request and
inaugurate the first plan, the majorit?
ot tin- (Intai.o no i chsll's have also
siKiiihed their nit 'iitien of again fol
i ..iitlniied Jrom page 2)
fU)l W(h Swr,rr,i ,!,. Maf-
Uei- and Wiisllels j-at- for
atttap ii.. is
The biggest shipment ot knitting
lo leave the Ontario Chapter MOBBJ
fur Hie soldier hi.vs left this week
In the consignment were the fulliiw
iHK " 34 pairs of aorks, Ii mufflers.
IT aweaters. M wristlets and lo Inl
meuls While this indicate that
there are BOOM industrious worker
in the chapter it doea not greatly re
duce the supply of yarn that could be
seemed hy more knitters. An ad-
1 additional 100 pounds of yaru arrived
i his week and the mambfre of the
! lied croea who are working every
I day feel thai iwui who have not, aa
helped might turu some of the
material into garments that would
f.jrio .iiu siiUlur ir uuilur Unru
Andrew Robinson of Prairie ell?
I'liri'lmm-s Ontario fold Storage
i iioiinii and Hill I'o-
lai-Kr 'u pacify.
Ontario la going to have a cold
storage warehouse and a wholesale
produce company. This nnnomn -
nient wai- niinle this week following wag done following a vote of the pu
the purchase of the Ontario Cold plla so that they could start lln-lr
.Storage company's plant from J. A
Williams ny Miurew liooioson in
Prairie City. Mr llohlnaon has taken
over the plant aire, dy and Mr Wll
Ilnms Is to remain with hlni for H.mie
"of course my plans hnve not heen
sufficiently matured to give defl-
mi.- aiinoiiiici-i it com e riling theiu,"
cald Mr. Uohlnson to the Argus
to, lay. "hul we plan to enlarge the
preaent plant so that we will he aide
lo hi. -idle the produce grown In thl.i
' I have applied to Hie railroad
company titr nddltlonnl spare on .'-.-
right-of-way and will erect at h "
with 500 tons capacity and
plan to hrlng In he made frrm pin--
ii'ililn lake water. The Ice Is lo
, nine from aliove N'orth Powder In
Maker county. In the in "aniline, of
course, we will continue lo hand;.-
artificial Ice It needed and develop
I ther hranehes or the husliiess.
"To start with vvc hope to provide
a iiinrket ror the prodilie of thin re
gion it. r.ire hnyiiig Mr wiU
Ilnms arrangemtnts were mad.- for
tl BBJOBQM of Cie lliitalo ProdUl
company and I have alp.dv h-cun
lo purchii-e p-mltiv I' local ram :.
ii With Increased capacity and
lh Blaaty ui Ice I.. protect Ho-
gnnds I hupe to he In position next
toll te i-v. iiiiiaiio that v. hid, it has
Ioiik vvMiiled. an ail'iiuate culd slor-
.,,... ,hinl "
i. en. . .1 KimIus of ( Culver
sit) Students ,ctiii- loiuollovv
one I ew ilil In I hell-
Tliu axodua ot Ontario's yuiflig men
and women who are alleudlng I'.e
various slate ulslilutlons hegins to,
morrow and according to the rah,
rah linv i i.-v are not too anxious lo
d Into the w.-t ill-t.
have not enjoyed a . n here
Ihe 1 njverslty of Ureaim and t.
A. i . us usum isse i u ggesi ueie-
gatloli with Hie 'Viirsllv getting Hie
tulluwlng Mls-ses Itena Adaata,
Sage. Irene Itader. l.altue
Mlackahy nml Itnberl a, l.ees O A.
c will he the ilHstiiiation of Misses
Nettie I'eiersun. Neva llilliligsley.
'I'h lusla Wells mi. I Arthur Onck
I inn
The Cnlversil? of W.shing.on
Sl'Mlllll Wll 111. III. I , I, ll.fl I I III
' '
Marcus I'inu.v and I'aul Van Pot tail
While then- ii.iv,. h.-en no aoulal
I unci ions planned solely for the hen"
lit of the sliideiils during the hull
daya Hie dances in Ontario and I'm
ette have furnished sufttrient diver
sion, together with Hie usual Christ-
mas gatherings to make the break of
college life enjoyable
Ontario is to have- a Junior K, ,1
Cm.- I i: M lirelg, Secretary
uf tin- In. al chapter I- organising Hie
firat Juniors at the schools and Hn-memli.-rs
are starting work with
a will
llu- boya of the manual training
department are making the packing
l boap for Uie ahlujents which leave
Ontario and Hie girls of the don
'arts department are to make night
shirts for the soldiers. There are
:C. girls In the depart nient and I
I will turu out leas than KU garim
! eaeh month
liver in the grade .. buUdiug the
to db something too ao they have Reee. Uu tteich. C K Cuunlrviuan
agreed to provide for the care off olC A Johaeoa. i H Oaan and Mr
Kelglum hoy ui gnl jTeunison.
Popil of llluli S I I and I le,ih
nit- lo Work aa that Vaca
tion Ma) Begin May 3,
llic npenliiK "f schools fol
lowing the Christmas vacation the
High lOBOOl and Eighth Grade went
six day per week plan. Thin
j vacation on May I Instead of Mm 11.
linn v,iu ciuiiue innii 01 in.- (
lo p.' to work on the farm In tlmu
to M of real use to their parenta.
Neiv Pupils In Schools.
The opening also showed ml ll
creased enrollineni showing thai I
nnnih. r of fanilliea have i .
onlatl.i slme eajMol started in the
full. In nil ll BM students war
enrolled, most of them In the grades.
iho the High Srliool showed an In-
crease Hiid ha- readied the highest
enroll nt for Hie year. I all. In Hi-
grades there are more Ihnn tfil
pupils, making the total enrollineni
In the system ."4ft.
Mr- W I' Unman, formerly i
ineinher ol ' faculty
was elected h? the hcIioo! hoard to
cotnplrte tin- unixplreil term uf Ml--
Jennie Whllaker who left durlnir Hi-
holldavs to accept a position In the
schools or Klamath Kails, Oregon.
following are the new puplh
In Ih- ''" frOB)
which th-y .nine i.- a and Ke ii
w'.-ik, Botat M-in... 'im md Dftl
Seen? . 1-erKUs Kails. Minn ; lana
lOI C'lkln--. I Ionic .t.-a,l. (Uei;,,.,:
.los. Slier, .loeph. Oregon; .lack
Uriint IpokaaO, W i-h ; Klls C.aiclu.
limn, v . . V
Wells, Idaho I - l.ilinsnn. I'nrl laud
Oregon, llrundage Sherman and Kna-
rtf'rn-aAi-i.rd. Ontario.
Kills llarcla. one ul t In- new pupil '
la a voung man whose home is In
sunnv Snaln ror this Is the address
he gave of his pn.ui ' 'm noll.m i ,
Spain," lie Is Hie only illen pupil
In ih.- . Iioni
nl in. mi Celehrales Nevv ear
In llsluls, en iuniii-rs
Has Mali? Inoovallons Will
II. ild 7n ,.
The largest mid nin-t coinplotel)
urage 111 Mnlh-ui cniiniv
opened it-, on Sea
duy when Mamiger Krhie Hay.- ,
tlt, y ,n agency greeleil cuslouiers
, n,,- nevv plan- nl husi-i." mi OrO
K,,u street al Colora.lo .ivuiie
--, ew garage is atlraciim. i
K,',.B ,,,H1 ul iillentluii these days,
for ,, lUH u number or lunuvaMui
,u, muke il appeal In tin- .iiHn uw n-r
tllll ,,, ,,,urse Hie slm- ot tin- mum
,, ,mrklnR Bp.ce Is the thing that
1 ., ...... ..........I....
is an mirm-miii
tti.ler Ih. lug root ,o,,- .nun r .
csrs .an be parked. llu- side wall
apexes take care nt z cans wune in
the eeni.i mbM :" 0B1 he, added
without calling on the ma. hnie simp
to aaaiat. Already a large port inn oi
tli, . ,., .,,,,1,-d and Muuager
Hayea anticipates further demands
fur room
of the features of the parking
seclli.1. ir a ledge along each wall
which ads as a bumper fur the cars,
stopping Hie wheels at a safe, dl
tbe all prevent the
crumpling uf mud guards aa tl
wail Baaldea tas the. Koor of the
(ConUBiu ; Two.)
ery day new names are added lo
ietof families within the j,.
i.T Ontario Chapter or the Keil
iv nieiiih. 1 la BUM a
pr ol th. bapur i
lag names froia the Valley View
r reported I his week. O.
Aiiiidou. Heary C Mueller. W. ,S.
i rim r, tai
W li-n I'ncle Sam gets around to
regulating the Uvea or his people to
make them economical he will find :i
fruitful e,., i.g Angelea and Hnn
Kninclsco aavs K fl illlnv
returned from a sojourn In the tour
IbI (owns Sunday.
'Von would never helleve that the
Call font tfl lii.l.l ii,, restaurant keep-,
ers had ever heard of tho war. That'
true of the majority of thai
tourists who patronize (heir estah
lishmcnts. Waste In time, v , ti in
fod. waste of everylhlnn. seems to
. t,,. Callforniii motto." sai, Mr
ffm warn , Sot,rll , .,,.
forna , r, Uulley h-D that the
f,.,s ,.,,. ,lv ,lll( m, ,)M( ,,,,, ,1(,,
moe, ahum .i. It does In tlll.irlo In
Portland laOBaf) ' I I
lit calls I
BadO, B0 MOM men will he drafled
lion, OrOBJOB or other slates hOtora
l-'ehi u.h v I. v ill ,iiestiouiniii's
- npl.ied before thai dal",
inl.- Will gtva men tai ttajT, 0
eepl such r.-w as ma? he u led prior
to i HH vaoaneua
advanti ge or the new . la IfteatlOB
Very r.-w men would have heen I
tal.en rroin (iregon in any event prior
In'ilo n,l draft, which It Is nnvv mi
Bdunced will nol I arller than Keh
rniir? I : This laoue of only In atOtOI
that have already rin.-d Hu-ir aaiotM
In Hie rir-u draft, luirrlng a few va-
i ,il hv iijiciloni; at the
training ,. ninps.
I'mnr Ii ill qaOtOI are to be Ill
led in i Iioni Class I, comprising
men wii hum dependents They will
he drafted from deferred classific
ation only when Class I Is exhaust
ed, thai maUing ll necessary In go lo
Ho- in i . la:, fur enough men to fill
up i ii. goota
n exception to this will hu made
In the . ierts and men highly
skilled in ,.i i unit .in- or Industrie ll
Is announced thai the (!ov
( l eufa
mill , ,. . . .ui a mrgc .ii.iiiu. i 01 iiu-ii.
Tl... w III I,..
taken i needed for (his special wink
i la-siin aiion i he in n
have ti. ii . anted
A limited lillllihel of men in. I now
in itl i retired affll -rs
lii.goM National tiuard, who
are physically HI and l.eiween 'he
uuu nt ''I ii. .l Af urn ..llifil.lf. 1',..- ...I-
' . ..
..i...... , il.- ,., ,
. Jmuuuty ,.
M ljs .
! IIUl II HI' II' "I'll I
nl the next officers Iruili-
been received h? John M Williams,
ailing idiutant general, Iruiii the
i Ho- llureaii of Militia Affairs
ion, Willi the reiiiest that
II he given publl, il?
'pplli itioiis lor the camps hy such
inn i be appruved hv the llu
reau. Those qualifying at the camps
whn h will he held in Soul lor n Cali
fornia and Hie Southern Statea, will
ii Urns of Nysaa, meuiliers
family which gives On
ii. ire have
i at Parma this week
are aaiouiug a atore under the name
i..ima Traattaj OOOMUUf. Tfco
j av Idaho' iakUtutaan will be In
I ' ne past
!'' '"' " Vale
i .pany.
Hue to the Illness of Kan 1. 1 (Irady
aad Marliu tlramae the forea at Uncle
8am ' place of baalaeea had a buey
eaaaloB with ihe mail yesterday.
tl i n I'll sr di t)N T.Miurs
PORT To toixciii.
til? Now Haa ! lire llidrante .
New Sisten- I iiIIb for InstnlhitloB
or III llydi-iiiits Would Supply
.Million (.alliins Dully.
In order that the. p oph- nf On
tario tnav have BBiofB ilnni In detail
Hi" i-'puri oi Kngl: r I...
sey on the City's water problem hit
report to the City Council la given
herewith eomplelelv . The snhle, t
ovi-r.-d In the n port and Its
Impi.rtmi. to Hie hciilth mid pro
porlly of the , Hy alone iiimnund It
to the earaful study ur every res.
denl. Tl. , i what Mr, I
To the Honorable Ifaj or and
coniu ii. Oatartoi Irogoa.
Oentlemen i
ordanca with your mitimrUa
Hmi I ' ligations for
dOtOI nihliig il I- apply
ui .nil- water In
iiumitjl? (off ihe pre-ient .nul future
i da "i i Ontario, re-
l.poil th, i .
of slip-
Of deliv i wiili r to tin City, u
folio '
of pure qualify i Hie wcl-
taie ami ol
an aooaptad facl ladependeoi ui th..
Importanl eonalderatlaa of prouoi
thO I'll I'll, health, ever? cum iniinllv
slinulil Ii.iv ill M, i.ii f waler mpplv
under pressure for hul h BfOBOBjl Bad
flltUfe 11 .'.I , ul hie prill. . IIOII.Hllsl.-
Ilig sewers and paved It reel!, I..
and sireet sprinkling, ami i.u .ill
KOd municipal pui
The unsallsraclory charact.r . r tl u
supply is common
kllOVV J.'dgC to Hit- vv .11 .1' coll-Ill:
and lo oihei" who have become t.nuil
mi w iin tin- palatial oadltlt
The new .-v .-i. in has heen plana. ,
In adom ti siiflii i.-nl supplv su Hmt
Ihe use nt meters will nut lie needed
The pull, v of Ihe city i- in ncuurage
the growth nt liivvns and gardens,
which r.-ijuires a large uninuiil ul
water, much gi , Mcr.thsn thai
estimated III Other ha. ,ll
. Hell-Ill
Kroni in inve 1 1-,1 1 !. iii . I hud i iii 1 v
two availahle water supplv s lOi ll ...
I II v of I III! il I In I i ccpt ..I an H
slvej expelirtltlll. I thill. Ulli be
stdere.l, tamel) ,d th. Snalrif
Well supply.
Proa my uivcstigutlons 1 rind that
Ihe supplv from wells Is limited, very
hard, and In iniu.1, ll not all .,
llic water Is coutaiiiiualed This
facts pram, ally elluiinale wills aa a
supply fur voiii i it v
Irrigation Supplv.
Ii is ndvantageoM la nave nif-
flcleul supplv lor lirlgallng BOJgV
and trees from I In , r, i du
away with the unsightly dltel - p,
(i uhliiiurd on I'ag. I uui I
To expuse the careless Ignorant,
aa well as the deliberately seditious
and pro Herman Individual who seek
to Injure the It.-d Cross and ot
war actlv H .ling the mo.' ab
surd falsehoods, the Seattle Star baa
offered a eusli prize of iiiOO to any
one whu ran prot 'rue a single case
of graft or offense of any kind com
milted by thi Wt
offer is a broad oae and If any
Ontarlan haa any evadence to oiler
an excell.i, i opportunity la given to
make money by producing ll Need
leaa to aay there will never be any
one in take dowu Ibal uBei .