The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 05, 1917, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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ii it ti:st i n:uw
PlMrt PafO. I
Fleming Egg Preserver
Store your EGGS for
By the best method known and
pronounced so by leading ag
ricultural colleges of the
U, S. A. No crocks,
no water, no jars
used in storing
Guaranteed to keep Fresh
eggs 10 months in per
fect condition.
For sale by
Address all correspondence to the
Fleming Egg Preserver Co.,
Box 2(il, .... vaCi Oregon
A Inrn portion of Ontario'- popu
lation took tbe ' .irlv mnnitiiK tniln
h Pony for iiotae to i I I ' i
habitants' of the Idaho capital with
t'i'lr . eledratlon hut many of them
retiirtierl tin the evening train.
Tire en aUenapt .it demonstrate
of pat riot lam came In the evening"
wbOn Hi'' Imn.1 .1 .in en lovable
rlotlc wnwrt In the park . By
that lima the temperature had mod
erated nd Mr. and Mr Ontario
;md the kid ventured forth to enjoy
the evening's music. Later a large
crowd gathered at the Opera House
to dance, and a food time
i c on tinned from first rage.)
conrlder the appointment of a sue-
e :ror tn ( iinncllman I... O. M'l'oy,
whose resignation had been accepted
early In the evening. W L Turnr
watt tl.ially determined upon and was
pp.. in tod to the poaltlon.
If on; inner) from first Pane i
a r III IK'll ol I in:
lingular Bervcla: Klrat Sunday of
aaon month I.ow Mssa at 1:00 a. m.,
High Maaa. 10 00 a. iu.
All other Runrisy lll(h Maaa at
10:00 a in
Hospital CbapaJ Mas dally at
:I0 a. m.
Baturdaya ('ale. hum, 300 p m.
f, II A. I'AMI'O.
llN(.IIK(.ltl(itl, ( Ml'ltl It.
Sunday School 10:00 a
Morning won hip ut 11:00.
ilng Praia Servlo at 8:00.
Th patriotic service laat Sunday
at 1 1 o .-luck waa well cttciided The
aarinim on the topic, 'The American
Klag." portrayed the tact ( K
stood for IIIhtI) in ull phase of lit.
The question wax then naked, are we
frao today, when every railroad
bridge, tuuuel and warehouse of not
are guarded by our soldiers' TV
Willi many oilier things were ills, usa-
I in the autlafartlun of all nj
The union aarvlo In the evenum
waa a auocae. The houae wn aboill
lull. Tba auriiion hy Itev K.irl Ii.uim.i
waa a very prsctleul one. dealing with
the .-..Million leiin. "tinsaip."
Topic for next Sunday morning.
"TN Wilderness Wooing " This will
be u v I address iinrl very
I .1 The puhllc In rarj torilliilly
Invited to till.- aarvlo. The church
houae will he oool and r nuifurtable
The union evenlug service will he
at the Congregational church and the
undesigned will apeak, from the Yl',,n' uu '" ",H
Tb entire burden la put upon tba
ppoiil rroni the ruling of the trlb
uniila la proldel f;r In the regula-
Aa outline, I In the rule, the follow
Ing are In the atepa loading up to l to
ordering of the men Into camp:
A local exemption hoard of thrp
i M nihera for approximately aaat
oiiiio of population la aet up. Moat
or theaa tribunal are already formed.
They ar .-.imposed of five man of the
highest standing, and known aa dla
irht or appelate iHiarda. Any mem
ber of either hoard may be removed
hy the prcHident
I'nriU Numbered HerlHlly.
On it day to he aet the lower hoard
meet and organlie. The registration
curd are secured from the registra
tion ho.irrlH which then ceaae to exist
The curd are serlnllv from
our- up anil the nai.iea anil number
posted (n a puhllc place anil given to
the pre for publication At the
aame time, a copy la sent to Washing
ton When every card I numbered and
posted lii every precinct In the nation
the atage la aet ror the actual draw
Although ihe in. -I hod l led I.,i
..imiI her proclamation. II Is kunnu
I hat Ihe ill iw Ing will lake plarc In
After the order In whL-h the nun
ure callnl up lor seivl.e la determln
od, the quota that each stale must
armies will he. an-
'topic. "I'm Pentecost Be llepoelerl nouncod.
The service will begin at M "' Paof0 ar diraotad
through the moiithi of July and Au- lo divide the quotas among theooun
l.t avoryhody attend thla aervloe.
D. B. BAKKK. I'aaior.
0. R. Peterson of the Circle Mm
1. 1 in h cam out from tba Interior Sat
urday for a abort viail with hi lain
ly her. The warm weather has he
Kim to cur the wild graaa vary rap
Idly, aaya Mr. Peterson, but the atand
bad reached a point where the needs mall.
.-vt Ihe
tlea and cities on the basis of popula
To Or aw the Number,
Then nu in hers will lie drawn In
Washington Karh number drawn
will strike (he men of that number In
every precinct In (lie. nation.
Theae number and namea will
again be pOHted and puhllahed and
Ihe men .ailed will be notlne.l hy
Your Dollar
What's It Worth?
CJhe Value of a Dollar. The aver-
age dollar is worth approximately
one hundred cents. This is the ordinary
commercial dollar. "YOUR DOLLAR"
that you made by careful planning and sav
ing is in another category. The man who
must constantly have his few dollars in
mind, that night shall not find him poorer
than when he commenced work in the morn
ing, has a conception of the dollar that can
not be embodied in the term "one hundred
cents." We have worked all day, and a
long day at that, to earn, "one dollar" and
we know that often the opportunity to save
on one small order the amount that it took
us days to earn is passed by those who do
not consult us, and learn our prices.
Did yu ever work all day for a dollar?
If so you are fortunate. You know what
its worth is, and are probably among those
we serve.
It is the aim of our service
to make Your Dollar mean
The Best Value To Be Had
of men dim hurged and thoae not dls liont will en-ale a national hoi. id to
charged to Ihe district board
them naniea ar posted and a
aU to each
Claim tor exemptions upon u tune what gmeral
Again hear the occupation!, I appeala
notice' The regulation give tbe
I rulhorily in , iierrnliie Irom lime to
lug wa heavy and therefiu. u ..
rang la In flue condition.
W Save Waste
Jit MvjxirinoFood aLL-
P. I .-.lirnikage by at tl.e
nlo money (but
i j lit M.iiiii roast
.ni'ity will
io-.ri.rer furl than
'ou to Cook )
tricity? I j
ower I
I ' ' p "i ' hi . i i ih , ii , ! i iyi ij , ,,,. ,i
- ' ii. i-ai - '-r-- -n "i i 1- T- .iii bi .
honor men" will lie aum-
moaoo for pbrateeJ examination be-
inrr. tin- lor-al bourd. One member of
I hoard Is a phtsii lun lie la or.
' dere.1 to make the examination in the
j presence of another imIi.t gf the
j board.
To guurd against any unfairness iu
tire phyaicul examination the tt
.lent makes an Inrtciiious provision
In .. N Ho .hyslcian rlealgnatos nr.
in. iu until the board will call h.
lotktOf physleian. He will make .in
other examination iu igiioraur-e of the
, !lri report. If both make the same
rllugnoala, a certificate of disquali
fication will be issued Membere of
i In- hrird are barred irom paasiug
iip.ui .tn i.-l itlve'a oaao.
I ... i. - r ..iirf Next.
After the physn g el mat Ion are
'I'n l . .1 ih.. board will lake up Ihe
Hon Of Ihe classes spur Itied In
the rn,
A Cluiiu oupport-.l hy altldaiits
i he made by men ueklag exruip
'ion r'l-.inis upi.u ocr-iiputlonrl
rrroiuids mual be made lo the dlalrict
ho ir.l.
In in. i k Hit; a claim for evcmpiioii
on the of j, ,,. pendent, ih.
. -Uiiuunt must I'uruish aa affidavit
thai (he inir.ine lor I ho support of
the dependent I mainly from the
fruit of his labor and not derived
from property He must hriug an
other affidavit from the dependent
affirm lux the dependency and another
from a head of a family stating the
same ground
in three days after the affi
davit are Mid the local board must
make It decision Kit her an ahao
lute, conditional or temporary dia-r-hurrc
oiay be granted
Tbe local boards nail rp0rt list
pat tonal grounda iiiu-it be made to the
district board within live days after
the maa I notified that he la drawn
Hurtled rru Claimant
The burden of redouble proof rent
upon the claimant They must prove
that the Induatry in whlrh they ar
engacad I aaeaanaar and that they
ara'iudeapandakle" to It Mesaaotal
The regulations provide tha- claims
may be made upon these premises
That be la actually engaged In a
particular Industrial or agricultural
nler prise neconaary in ihe mainteti
i the military establishment mi
Hi national Inter.! and that hi con
tinuance therein is neoeaaary to the
i .ii.i. nance of that :iHI rau
not lie deapetiaed with or teplaacrl
without substantial niatcrlul loss ami
l.-t rllnenl ol the . ulerprlae.
Each clulm uiiisi be suppon
When, in the opliii.,11 ,,i ihe Ixraril,
the loaa rrf the man lo the industry
out weigh the gain to 'the military
x.-tabliahiiiHiit a certificate of 'dis
rharge will be Issued
Claim for exemption may he made
by wive, parents, children, agapfct)
era or any other person or the man
Iu whom they are Interested.
Too boards are empowered trr lu
veatlaata affidavit and claims (or eg
inption with any mean at their dls
To ltr lew A, .(veals
After the occupational claim are
passed upou, district boards sjtj) ueit
the appeul troru lowrr
I pen these appeals' the'ir decision is
i nil Wliou It ip adverae ihe man
sill be drafted into the srtny.
tter all appeals are derided and
occupational claims settled, the dls
tri.-t boanl will redort its '.1st of elig
ible to the udjutaut geueral of the
state. Teas ar the men ihst are
to b summoned to the colors in the
fall. They will be notified by mall
An appeal from the dun,. ,.,
in occupational claim to the pi.
dent is provided for Hut, pending
the decision of tbo a ape I, tbe
1.1 BO be . ..,..
the preal-
.1 Indus
"" in- iM...sary to u.antonaac
of the military etahl.hmnt The
will i. .mi,, i, ! by pi. i. kj
ms'l'i.i. Tlie clslri.i bosrrl- aie or
nicilo aacer'aln the existing coudl-
tou- of induatry Ir. their dt.trlcta to
aid in making equitable exemptions
Another proclamation to follow
within a few days will make thu
law governing the final step of the
draft assembling the men snd call
Ing them into the camps
tin any disputed derision of the
board a majority rule. Members ar
haired from taking any part in any
h taring that concern any relative
closer than second coualu.
Ilrorlll or Ih.iihl
III rase fjf doubt in physical txu
Inatlona as to whether tlie maa btav
It. the governueot I given th. as-
fit of the doubt and the man I rr
lled aa fit."
Trr guard against partiality, !
oaao of an exemption by s a)
board Is appealed a ut run all. illy O
the upper tribunal. Unless a (
donee I presented after a short liar ,
the higher board will affirm Ih.
clslon This method give th
in general an opportunity to rrs
evhlnur-e favorable or ouuoainx io
Havy penalties ar lurnorasl
making false atatements or any ear
slon of th requirement of tierajvj
1st Ions Imprlsriameut for not
than one year without the sit
of a tloo, Is provided for va
BUSINESS and the
"iov"l '
AxLtntA .
A Federal
Kere Beak
ie sack of th... Citis.
ctIa'L Rwve BIIi'1 8vn WU
CTaoted largely to protect and benefit thoae en
ttageu m industr , commerce and avgrtcukure
i-1 ILr"1 anii "PkyeV Ita rnatn purpoao
to help thoao wbx borrow and provide cur
fancy more reaponaive to buaineaa neoda.
We are membera of thia ayatem and you cn
care ita benefita and add to ita strength by
Stop in and lot ua tell you Juat how it means ,
your particular notda.
jaotaAL ftcstava
First National