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    THEOYl .moAR. LRIO, OREGON. THtTftSDAT, JULY 5, 1017.
Live Stock
And Dairy
CHAMPION DAIRY COW. Fayne Johanna. Whesh Produced
Fifty Pound af Buttar In a Waak.
la Fayne Johanna, a Hntsteln
a. by Oliver i aivaaa, Jr., one
nf lintrnlo's fm phi. i i liueiiieu tnon, to.
day I world'e champion, havlm
duced In an nfflVlnl (oaf tin. miiIi nlfnt
ur in tr nfiy pounds ..r nutter la ......
week. Tbe (ot w i ndnctaxi under
the atipervlalon of (he New Y.ui, fits to
1 1. 11 it in 11 1 college of Ithaca, and the
been forn
mt l.'il In tlir ..til. i
M"lM(ein.PrieHian Aeaodatlon
I p to this (hue 1 1 1 -i 1 OK .ir nn.v
.1 ha been alii.- to ailuln tin. tlfty
od murk. ,1 .1 t'g re, .ml f.,r thr
seven const utlve gajg u aaajaj t.i
i 'iin.i, ..r bulbar, ami aha pro
tu i'ii in the aaaai ttaaa Taoj posnoa
...' milk. The argrage butter fni par
. ii.iue wa (UH7. Tin' pravloua high
ramrd was made bj a own earned hy
aaua rav.aie juhui
M I Hmllcv ..f Belle Fnurcbe, I. D..
ami Talla 3.MI pound' h-dow Hi. maik
at by the new (tampion
The oaran day leal began Hoe. 38 at
1'lae Qrere Farm. Mr. Cabana 1
try place at Fluia Oagjtwr, V . On
tile strength of flu- aanTwuhl made It
area d.-Wdcl M aUaaaasUU rlir .mvisi
leal III the boH. IBM of r. nrlng the
i.iiny uay mm win .11 in., rml ..r Imo
eeka the follow log ngtues were ra-1
Bu,,c 111 .iii,(i.
1 ij,; pr
rent fat. foui 1. .
.egla Fnv 1 . ., 1, ,,f nle jgj
type of tb. M pHllfaal olsck an.l
in.- aajaaiaa Beam ( ln-r pruiuHiuced
rturaclrrUlic. toying bat deep barrel,
square udder, well .la. cd teata, re
markable develupiiient of the mam
man relua and her rl 11 an.l rag
gd dlepoeKion. Nbe waa allowed to
gU lry Ibree asUUtha baCafg frr-'
He. ! laal and at tl.l. timr had run
her weight n, i 1 , aaaaafg , .
normal weight li U; pounds,
ATO' '
O.aat Value of leg umlneus Rsughagee
' In Feeding Cm.
I'lr'i cMinot .liur.i
mi-, uf Hi.- iiaual , haractei
auascsoM matter to nirci I In
I'uanda mado b heavy aailk (,i.ln,
Uon. aaya the Kaiw.i '1 his
. ri. lualiMi baa been reached hy t.ntil
tbas e4rt at the din., ogpOflgjaajl
atatluo after la.i yeai WvOOtlOJUloOal
rttti mwi v wlill iik lartje guaiiiliie of
Tlu-oe aa U I i-u a alao aay that even
auioo i.ia.lical talliaia are
rl'h lajge amouuta of
calclngj carbonate and bone flour (he
cowa atlll give off or use In milk Tio
ductlagi asara llsae than they ran dlaeat
tr,m their ratloaa To ajaat thla de
maaal fo heavy milk production the
'.era oeoag draw upon the mineral sub
atoaee af their akeletoua
Further attempt la being made by
the oaa of more readily soluble lime
ta to learn whelber a cow can ah
aorb ga amch Hate aa abe glv-a off
during; heavy milk prodortiou
The raonlta obtained thus far empha
otoa tha rnlue of leguminnua rough
area lu milk product l5 Without III.
allowaiw-r of an. !i Ttaala the loos
of mineral from the hones becomeo
e(.aatre aad predhqtuaea to dlaordera
lavs the Alfalfa Leaves.
"Tw.. Hi feeiling islue of
the alfalfa plant la (he leaves" aaa a
!.e Farm and Klrei.Ule. if
t ' leaves are lout In curing 01
mint of the feedlug value retiiaiua.
Ti.ia makes it iin...riam that alfalfa
" und aii aa lo aavn the leaves.
means that the alfalfa iuUmI Iw
,uto wiudrowa before the leae
. will fall off Th.' ulfalfa
t. Mild bo raked into wiudrowa nn bOH
1 after bring nil Tbos not only
the leaver, but also keeps the ai
fa. fa 1 tbs thivor la
Keep Rom Apart From Fleck.
It Is ate tba
' ..... .
Bgfflla the tan)
M.slu be
II. will sisa
III , oil
willing. If be la a I
will great!'
as a grain rutin
aa a fOvVatbnua Will hoop
alfalfa si
as Ua ram
apltusjld ahnia '
It may be well to feed I
ra 1 logo ofgaoo
ta AUui Cold Frame.
of a gutel ggidru
doing aw a.
' ! "" at ' f"r l"'" '"a
I ' Uf' nii whU" ' '" """
fri-.l H.'iu.tmii rnoie lu, ami I asked
him to alt down at the aubej with m...
H" Mil o, and I eongratulnted hltn on
hi . iiKtitti'tiii'iit. af wlil.-h 1 hud hi'anl
OWe tlm ' before Hi. ill, In I look Ilka
I Who had Jnat Imhmi nuide happy
y a girl, but I recki 1 Im hud passed
11 f tin. seventh heaven stage and
eras wondering how bo was going to
' I 1 "1 11 a - - he bad
pending entirely on hltmtelf.
"II off." 1 ipptahl.
it'a the trouble 1" I .1
.11:11. Pro bod nil 1 want
f kill-. Tli.'v bava no aenae of hoawM
null a man bn Ka.t la lherv
DOtblUI ,,, pjobtO III I'lU
it ii'l .Villi; .if a girl llk.' ao Uiuclj
I 11 fellow aud play
him for a fool
. what Maltie
waiili-l u I'll mi- '
' V'Mi hgroaCl yi-t K.t to tin- cauao of
. n h "
' hOil, Molly and I were out at a
dan. e I pad my nntno on hi-r i-ard
for I'ti-ry alternate dame, leering liar
:i MM ullli oii i-iae for arery
with me That waa oboot rsjbti
waant If Boo "hje-'tcd. I told her I
thought olio In two waa enough for
(he other felloivn. an.l lie ald abe
thonirht that If afee danced with m
two or three times during the evetdng
It would be enough for me. I told ber
that If that waa all I wgs to git I'd
go without ant And I a. rat.hed my
J name off ber rani entliely. Do yon
L11..W, the glil nile.1 bar card w'tlioiii
my name betng An It and was the oier
rloet girl lu the room "
"Very iinf. tnlnln.' '
0 mean rary aVteaUbas." 1
"XVIki ill. I ' vi . '
"Why. 1 irft taafWO the dance waa
fin I. 'id and left her 10 . home with
& "."
"Ob. yo" OhJI
aooaa 00)O or the rellowa abe hail pre
Tom t..i 1 iiidr
"Yhfl hud taken bar to tba dance,
had n t I
Sf '
"What did alie do ueltT
"Noihlin; "
"And you?'
"I wrote ber a note saying that If
every oilier fellow had inn ti right
to dams wlih her aa I we'd better call
vnd abe?"
"Sin. hasn't dcliitied to send me a re
.feminine." '
be aald. I. Mailing, "thet'e tbo
.- uaod that eiprea
aloii I d like to kngw jrtjdj )M fJOOg
used It Ironically, rred ."
ii..i,i. gri
The girl a.te.1 Hke a girl
fou s. ml like a ulo,
he knew rrj well Ibat b had
made a guy Of himself, and when I
1m. re wltueaa lo the fa. 1 Instead of gel
ting u(. on bis ear he collaiwcd Me
I ill, tn I aay a word fur awblle. but bo
I looked Ilka a man who had rviniulllrai
- and bad Jusl realised that the
werr alwiit l fall uu blm
; Ilia Ural wont. nr
"I've knocked the bottom out of taw
I universe "
Oh. no, you haven't
Inn don't ihluk auT' eaeorlv aad
w lit a lieam of bone
"What shall 1 doV
'Take a back track as Til' k aa mag
.an "
"iu lo ber aud aak ber pardon TV: I
ber that you've made an aas of yonr
aelf sud will never do so any Mora"
I think Id rather write
are the mnali- like a
uau Writing wool. I ua)(j !.., half
hearted ieM'iilsu. e hi-e. li Is Iwfter
than ink any time and in an. h aajM
le ludnliely battel What s rl leu 1
U .apableajf various Interpretations
lu Sesklug one has (be advantage Of
I.. -king his meaning 1 11 w riling there
evareaalon of auy H
I abn avou'l 000 I
llaai -I tin be does."
I ..ti.poee ahe aeea atte. hill turua
me dowu"
Mans- 011 all the tig',
He aat delllieiallug IVe-ntly I,
looked up at tue and aald 1
Jim. I would rattier attack a fortl
II sluglu handed la (here UO
oilier wa oiu 1.1
ro wouldn't he f..r aao If I were
In your phv
Miothei aaaoooj of oerovhsat up of
courage, and lot f"- from hie aeet.
(,. ,k ln hal aald
Urn if I fall Km aae
I know Just bow
UjyeeU '"
ied Hke a
l donkey "
.wing tale
pla.e lietweea hbu
. all rtght
nu forgiven?
DM abe aay that you ha
a naughty
ThOU amag bud la not lu the
1 lu MoUfs
a booth with aao.
old man. Muck
A Detective
had been ambitious for some tint"
to try my baud at dedvtlve work.
. no nn. 'I.- who wan at the head
of 11 detective bureau, I persuaded blm
to give in.- 1 trial. He said b would
a noon a bo had a almple Basati for
since I wa not atJkttWncad he would
ii'. ( tru.t ui" with a difficult one
lii due tiuit' be called me to his oAce
and aald to me:
"I have 11 letter from a woman (bU
n.oriiiuR to aay that Jim Murker, a
. r..l we have been l.xiklni; for. la to
leave the ity by a certain train to
morr .w. We hav.- him corraled. but
he la ajajajaj i muke nu adempt to
break ftlfOOgb The reason given by
t)n iaform -r Is that he la going In . gaajl
itli :inth.'i nuan. who la her
rival. Mn li .'otuniuiilfftiloua may be
or thej in. 1. bo tricks to cover
a rctr.Mit. I cflg ghe. you a man I" a
nlt you If yon like
11 . 1 in ., -1 to m unit ir 1 were hoc
cawsful mi iiaalataut would . laim the
credit, ond If I failed lie won; :
oot where, 11 I bad lareu mistaken I tvi ehoeOO gM own helper and '
took with me Frank Walker, a bum of
mine who bud written a detedtlve atory
rt-murkjlile for Ha Ingenblty Be
1 bare been glad of an opportu
nity to show that b- could do aa well
In real detective work aa In latin had
bo not considered tbo case beneath Ms
I had been shown a photograph of
darker 00 die In the roguea- gallery
and noted Ida features carefully, filing
tlieui In my mind f'ooae.pieutly I hod
110 dluVulty la recognising him when I
law blm lu tba station In ouipauy
wlih a flgohllv dreoeed wotuau, wdb
Ixdrayed ber antlet for blm goUfciaei
ly. despite her efforts lo conceal It.
Walker from tbo star) manifested a
disposition lo lake the moat Important
part of the work Into bis keeping, leer
ing the unimportant iu to use.
J think we had belter divide the
watch between ua." be aald "Tbey
are liable to autairate, and wa ahonld
have It arranged which one you will
ehadow III take the man. If you like,
and you take the woman "
I auggea(ed that we had belter ir
ret (hem lailh at once, but Walker
a.-.n.d de to make souietblug
dramatic of It and remonstrated, urg
ing ibat we inusl first get them wlatra
old not get away. I yielded lo
blm, and when tbe fugitives entered
the car we got lu too.
"I don't uuderatand, Frank." I said,
"why tbe cr.iok la leaving; town with
out diaguMtig himself. He la oa ei
ai duplicate uf hla plitore."
Kg what spoils the Job." woo
is reply. "It's altogether too
dead easy "
A woman aal lu a seat 00 tbe other
aVI 'he aiae from oa who seemed
to be tuteresied la ua. 1 whispered to
Frouk a caution aot to appear to be
watching our quarry, for I suspected
this person of having iioii.ed us doing
eseutly Frank went to the end
of (be car ror a drink of water, aud
while be waa gene the weasaa op
posite cease lo use end said la a lew
koa you're en to J las Marker
I as the party that gave (ho Ihfntoio
tlon en the bkjbo. Xwa't try lo take
him unless you're armed aod got bias
where he can't ohoot He's a deeper
ale aua The weoaaa with him ts
waaled. leas, but of you got hlos vyoefll
a veeti Deatt try M
By the Uaae Waikea
Ao we appmarhod a lowa of laspor
am a jest before ore pulled lnt. the
etattoo the woaaaa with Marker got
op aad weat to the aaloee. which waa
at tba rear of the cor. A asoaaeat later
Uarker boiled to the frool ear dear.
Frank daabed after hlos. aad I alerted
to go In the other direction le the as
loon whan the wnasaa who had given
uo tbo luformoOoa get la mghway
e jrou gotagr- she
Dou't you or that
asaus kai
"Lot aae pooo!" I aald angrily "My
la going after aim. I'm to gat
she retorted btaataaaff-
'n tu tbu Ihlag. aud I
to have it spoiled by ,
1 toil yen Juw Hacker
la the ethos- dire, tlon '
then let me go by When I ga
1 found U empty Tbo
out by the rout door.
en to the puiiuraa. but there
many persona mooing hither and (bath
er that I loueg aot omtlasralao bar
aaaussg them
oatheug our ate 10 do
tHil waU f'f Wa
half aa hour he rnaae
1 rank bail arn.
vv 111,.,.
nUh bis
g pUhr of t (be taller artklra
being now uu hi al.urf' wrksts.
"I got blm. anid Frank, evidently
very proud eg aeaaeeii
"I'm gUd v.u dhtet get kisted an the
repHnl "MaM was tve amor
fur m
k back wfcth 00 le 0
police etattou
What are yon girt' ajar oaclnmig
the sergeant. That fellow ie mode
He was uaat only oaado uu. hut ho
turned lajlkissa w sauna anplnnT. kg
tear deue of the cor
Frank." I aunt to my saaantaaa,
eg had bertor otk.1i i
- worsuBi low re not am to
to the ,
I went
wee so
She ikr$M $radeaU2tome
Ontario Stores
The man who is willing to advertise his goods, has
good goods to sell or he would not tell you about them
It will pay you to invistigate the goods sold by these
firms who use these solumes. They will serve you
with good goods, at the right prices.
You Can Get What You Want in Ontario
v Ilk
III a ImhI ( ....iilrv
Capital and Bnrplus imo.oou
Beds Stoves Furniture. 1 Metier
Now cid Seaiii.l Hand 1.
' Bought and Sold
M.IMIUI l.l.s I II .l
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Lavrgo None loo
Hllvei ItHIM.
The OroO)
Ml ut TnMa N i nanWl
prtoo at I
FH1NT1NO at the
Tbo Argua OhVcr
The Soil Robber and
Coniinunily Rodder.
SOME FARMERS ROB LANO. Is the Qeoator otabbar, lha
Fsrrnar Whs Rsbs H tod or the
Man Who Rsbs the Community? A
Qls-is-a Aisir.iin Pr v. legs Timg
ts Pause snd ConS'do'
l' is J gollivsnl
There sre la Ig ndaof
robbers loose lodaj in th( land of
uiei.n tint perhapg tbe two must uu
popular of theii 1. i.lwi and
the coromuiiti) raybbM Hk- farmer
ha hla tar.,! ,( 11, ii.mii. Ing
I who robs
' fill v of Ua dollars.
The high ki id.- uc. eafui farmer la
the one who in. reutoa rather Uiau ill
miniabes (be fertllKy of hla land Kv
ery year he ib.-ingea his rrog with that
one object In rtOU lie auucrbea for
and rond'v rorj carefully the agrirul
Is. paying psuli ular alien
tlon to the reirt ou eiiterlun-nta made
by advanced sud oiogresalie farmers.
""J He knows
Very well thai II would lie useless to
plain good aeed In mgamem soil It a
his wish and liitentiou (o moke a profli
on Ida Investment In aeed ami labor as
wmi as la aou. and (his. or course,
could not bo accouipllabod if the null
were not fruitful
Sleoding Home Cemmuo.i,..
Today there sre humlreds of thou
sends of Amerlraa Htlarno who are
Waabtng Ihelr borne cummoadttos hf
Uking out of the cneaness of
Um money aooded to tra
lug It to deolors who
do not and who cannot by aay pooot
return ll lo do Ua proper
17 work In local buelueea
Tbo big caty mall order beams- thai
oell goads at retail tarvngb too modi
uau of cataloguns to fanners and oth
era all over tba country buy aalhlng
from their CuaHmara. Tbey lavarlabty
OMMSgw goods for money, never
far goods They employ no
where their
II ring: they
buy no farm preduct: they owa aa
real astute, tbey pay aw lagan, they
have ao money aa deposit la the local
: they da aat advertise la the
newspapers I boy do not give
; they da not even pay the freight
Kvery wnt taken
by them out of the eommually la par
y lost to the hiielassa of Ibat
Tbeee are all plain aad avMeut
truths, are they aat?
We would aak tola very same farmer
I who would be Insulted were he ebarg
) ad with aaglectiog le keep hie soil en
rtrhod u tbe blghsmt poaaible degree.
, le eiplalo hew ho rae oVMberatrty
I rub big community by bnylag bis guuds
J from out of lowa coacera
Former Ptaetod In Cewimur -The
former plants seed la tbo soil
1 aad at ardor to produce roeuHs ho mnal
beep tbut aotl fertllbuai Being him
' aelf ptaated to Ihe reumuni(y. bo dura
hla trading to a foreign Hy ami
I by aasmts hi. . omn.uuMy la t acsniteg
Why should (bis farmer bavn grant
or respeci fur the eesd wbeh be plants
thau bo baa for hlasaelf. bis family ur
bis neighbor?
There w a rommnully lu Mloaeooto
to tbe center of w be n ma 1
bracing about hUium people, and It is
, conservatively oaUlaaatofl that swan
thing ore thou eVMtunU annually Is
'rum there to u, , - order booses
tor tbo ptif base of goods
Jmst aa veil L
Tbta aatuaato hi aaumd oa toe Bgur,
aa in the
it the I -anker
tb BaaAaanUola
the espr
oaa agent
the answer to the a
man hva a right
1 ,f eases It la hie uause
tog. aud he has tbo rtj
iuk aalm
inhae to the rommnaMlm
Ontario Stores
V H 1 ti. I
Aoeao atria 1
tin t nun OAK ti.t
F.rlile Heine... Mitnaiger,
Agents for ror, I ,.i,,r Cara
lng I'rlnilug
Aini.ieur FtaJthlng rn,
uu 111 mil 11. WIV1MU
KnlargiiiK lnK
'Mey drain
Saaks. I'oultr) Huppllea
(AMI! (.litis 1 mil'isy e
MA( MAI.r (Hi
A S Brown. Agent.
It a An Ideal far
Hreaillng Hto, k I n inlalora e
I'uullry Supplies
tiMllIKi I'KOIM 11 i 11 .
Ooo Howe. Manager.
Wliideealarw la I'uullry and Kggs
' i o
Shining Parlor
riol'lJV PftKMMMti
Win Tailor Prop
I -ml lew and Oeuis Isllorlng
Work (luaraoloud
Hleam Hot Water. Air Heeling
I N I'l, I WHIM. A III l(M.
I'luroblng and Sheet Metal Wurk
Indian Muluruyeles and Huppllea
All Kinds of hnouad Hand Hoods
.. I IlllVklllll
Hough I aad Maid
Sncond Hand Store
Sea Our Bargains
''loaning. Pruaatog. Keparlng
OITAIIIn Mtililliv HnanUuVUII
V t Heamguard. I'rup
Suits Made lo Measure
1 orixaia Art Noodle Work
oil I'alntlags. Noviliie.
Mil 1 1 ai I AKT HTOHF.
Koyal Society Good
1 ail Again'
u I'honograpbi. Sheet Mo
K'.1 Ketnto. Mentals luaurauop
Sjaa 1 Mmu Rnaaafdj
riioti I I IMPI MUM ' o.
I Mas lev 1 1.
.m Ma l.iuery.Wogoua
HIM I It lit t K-
la Mai
vli I 11
lill. -: "
dy at all
isias to guato prlaao wa ail uur
,i.. 1. uiuat
I O '.
alien .
iwi, l-''n a
(he reel