The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, May 31, 1917, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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aUjf (Ontario Argiw.
(Established 18!Ki. ,
GDO. K. AIKKN, Editor and PwMUtm.
Published Thuradaya at OaUrlo. Oregon, ud en
tared at ilia Ontario post office for distribution as 2nd
One Tear ... $1.50 Three Months - I 0
li Months 100 Single copies - 05
All copy for display advertising should be at this of
ee by Wednemlny noon. To Insure position copy should
a In this offlco on Tuesday.
thk. im.kik.i
I pllK- m allegiance l Uir '' ''"' ,h
Republic for which It Maud-; our n.itlon. sssMMM '
Im'M mill nisilic lor nil.
pursuits. Each of these nations is tuniiflh
mu men and Inoney to the allied cause. 'an-
afla has been at war for nearly three vars
and is dow enjoying a Larger measure of
prosperity than ever before. Business there
mobiles are being ptuchaaad than star he
fore, whieh in itself in ample proof of the
prosperity Of the people, vet Canada with
hut 10,000,000 Mpulation has sent over
100,000 men to the front antl has loaned the
allies $000,000,000. in proportion to its pop
illation and its wealth Canada has alreaih
gone fart her than the United States will he
sailed ujM.ii during the entire war, in all
probability. When Bayous starts to draw ..
gloom) picture of husiness conditions here
on account of the war, ask him to explain tin
prosperity of 'anada.
Confidence, that most potent of human
attrihiite,uever was in greater demand than
today. The American people with all their
reputation for courage and ability t Beel
situations need to demonstrate t.. them
selves their faith in the ultimate success of
the present war.
'!'.. .r,.t rlnvm to "brass tucks." what
reason is there for airy slowing up of husi
iiessherc in America toda.v I All of the great
manufacturing centers are swamped with
work, wages an higher than ever before, the
conaumers an betti r aide to purchase great
quantities than they ever have been; the
larni. is are getting Letter prices than they
bare dreamed of securing. vVhj thenshould
there he any holding hack .'
The nation to perform its pari of the
war needs money. It also requires that p -pie
behind tin arm? be able to stand the
strain of war. and that strain can not be
withstood unless husiness continues to be
There is not going to be a return to
hard times during, or for scars after the war.
There ean not he with the distribution of
such vast SUtni of inoiiex flit war materials
and for the r. hahilitat ion of the devastated
regions of Europe. America is going to
anjoi good tunes surpassing anything the
country has ever known.
Ill view of these conditions there is no
eall for the boarding ",- monej . Idle money
will not win this war. The nation's wealth,
like its people, must he active. It may In
active in the ci.ntinuancc of husiness as well
as in the purchase of a liberty hond. The
owner of money who keeps it idle at such a
fuue as this, while his fellow men are giving
their lives to protect his Wealth Is most
Ullilah. to characterize him mildly. He Lf
unworthy of the protection which lie is ft
aeiring, .it i
Of course it does not follow that the SpO
pie slioultl he wasteful of the necessities of
life. For a great portion of our crops will
J needed for t he saving of Out allies But K it ,M.,1(MlV,.s H, phaaea of busiiu to
The present higfa prices of all kinds of
commodities Is hound to create a serious
problem for the people of these United
states, it has the possibilities of serious
problems for the stock men ami ranchers
about Ontario. To the solution of these
problems the best brains and patriotism of
the community should he addressed.
Already stockmen are wondering what
is t.i happen this fall when it will he neces
sary to buj has. Despite the lad that they
are now getting hitherto unheard of prices
for their WOOl and mutton, tiny declare that
if ha) getl ton higfa they will he forced to
sell their stork and go out of business. They
declare that they can yet g 1 prict
their stock and tluv will take them rather
than pay more than 10 for ha) ,
The case of the stockman is answered
h the ranchers who declare that their i
ini occasion for alarm on the part uft In
men, for the increased pricei thej air n
ceiring for wool and mutton justifies high
prices fur hay. Furthermore the ranchers
assert that the slurp and cattle men raise
the same argument every year, and hare
done so in the past when they wanted hay
for $3 per ton while the ranchers w. n auk
Only those who are thorolj conversant
with both industries and have a wul.
mmwnanding grasp of the facts ran ade
iiiatel .solve this problem. The Interests
of hoth the ranchers and the sheep and cattle
men are identical. Kadi must depend on
the other for success. The cattle man can
not hear down prices of ha and grain to a
point where the rancher will stop growtggj
feed for stock. Of the tock man Would he
forced out of luisiiicss. In turn the ram her!
can not hull the prices fur feed to a point
Where the sheep and cattle man cannot profit
or bo will tit Ik r sell hil flocks and herds or
seek other feeding grounds.
In the meantime the communities which
have been built upon the stability of the
stock and ranch husiness will suffer. Then
if run Intend to hudd a house, and ham
Dimmed ou doing it this year, go ahead. If
...i, i.l il to I 1 1 a ranch, do it ROW.
"" ........ . . . ,-
..ii contemplated a uew suit, new dn
Urt it. if you planned doing anything that
rou would naturall) dn under the reign of
peaceful prosperity, don't change youi
plans, stick to them, go ahead, do it.
'How is the war gong to effect the United
States," the besl reply is to point to eoiidi
tioiis in the hoininioii of Canada.
The situation of the two democracies of
the American continent are almost parallels,
lu a large measure they have tin same
natural resources and eugagt' in identical
together for the mutual safctj "' the ti rri
If the sheep and attlr men cannot uct
together with the ranchers to arrive at an
equitable price for ha) at which hoth can
make a good profit they ma) HnU that the
government offieials armed wiih cuicrgeney
war powers will perform that service for
them. The nation can not permit the lie
lletio uof the meat and wiil siipph . for that
is the greatest service thiaeouutr) can per
form in the battle against Prussianism. it
is to he hoped- however, that the lutervegf
tion of federal authorities will not be uecea-
Buy a Liberty
Loan Bend
Liberty Loan Bonds an the safest investment In the world today.
They are issued h the - iio.r:iment and are a mort
i on the United States of America our country the richest
country in the world. The) are inch- Bsm'i promise to pay, and
be is worth 1225,000,000,0001
Libert) Loan Bonds pa) -' -'. interest and the) may he had in
an) of the following denoniiiiations:..')!!. .no, i,rKI, ifl.iHlli, .j(."),(MM),
glOgOOO, .".0N), and 1100,000. Von can make a tirst payment as
low ai on.- dollar and havr until August 80 to pa the halance.
Most big husiness houses will accept Liberty Loan Bonds same as
cash in pax incut for merchandise.
Wars cannot he conducted without money. It Is the tirst thing
to he provided In this war it is the most immediate help the
most effective help that We can give. Wt must not be content with
a .subscription of two billion dollars we must ovcrsuhscrihe this
loan as an indication that America is stirred to the depths and
aroused to the summit of her greatness in the cause of freedom.
I.i t us not endanger success h complacent optimism. Let us not
satisfy ourselves with the reflection that some one else will sub
leribe the required amount. Let every man and woman in the land
make it Ins or her husiness to suhscribe to the l.iherty Loan imme
diately, ami if they cannot suhscrihe themselves, let them indues
somehody else to suhscrihe. Provide the (ioveniinciit with the
funds indiapensabl) needed for the conduct of the war and give
notice to the enemies of the United States that we have billions to
sacrifice in the cause of Liberty. ; p"i gt
"Buy a Liberty Bend today; do not put it off until tomorrow.
Every dollar provided quickly and expended wisely aril shorten
the war and save human life."
W.G. M'ADOO, Secretary of the Treasury. I
Ask Any Banker, Postmaster, Express Company or Merchant for
Application Blank.
the pride of tins generation hi main
fating Its dfMiOi.u in i li-ii iliui lino
he no gaps in the ranks.
'It is essential Uiat the day lie ap
proached in thoughtful apprehension
salV and that the DntiVC patriotism of all ,uf its iKUilicance aud that awor.l
,, i , , l- . . I .. .1. ' to It Hie houur and the meaning tlial
eoiiceiiicu win iiiiinio .11 oeo .ion .-Mine mr
uNM'li I (il s MOMI VI
Notliing wlili-h tli.' pre-ol.-ut lias
ever written dnnoiiKt rales In- mas
tery of the fcaigllah language batata
tliun Ins prociaiiiatioii of ltgltra
(iiin Hay. In il he takes the oppor
tunity of pointing a leaaon in patriot
ism not only to those who must rag
tstor but to those wbese serrlees are
aeederi hi oilier lieida. la pari his
eliiiiueni message said:
"It Is in no sense a min.orlpiu.ii at
the uu tiling, tt Is rather aeleoliou
from a N'attou wliich has volunteered
In 111S1.H It la no more a cliooaiug
of (iiuiie a-io shall march with the
colors than It is a selection ot those
who shall serve an equally neeeaeary
and devoted purpose la the industries
thit !U betu&d the battle Ilk
The il,i here iiaaieit is the time
upon whirli all shall preseut them
selves for asslguiueul to their taska.
It Is for that reason declined to be
remembered as oue of the most ion
nplcuou momenta iu our history. It
is nothing less than the da apon
which the manhood of (lu- muuiry
shall step forward iu oue solid raab
iu defeuae of Ibe ideals to which ibis
nation la consecrated ll ia Impor
tant lo those ideals no leas than to
it deaervea. Our industrial need pre
scribe that it he not made a tech
nical holiday, hut the stern sacrifice
that Is before us urges thai it be car
ried iu our hearts as a great day or
patriotic dewuinu and obligation
wheu the day shall lie upon every
man. whether he is himself to be rag
istered or not, to see to It that the
name of every male person of the
designated ages U wrlttea ou these
liats of houor"
A recent taaae of me Hums Times
nanus aarnaa a M,.r Df Um aro on AAA irionro nun
!-' " " , i a!l ,,llul zu,UUU LlALUlo UNDER
houses lo establish warehi,ue ut
fraue. By tins means Hi.) mii-a.i
to capture tag busmen 61 tag latar.
iO.OOn I...ugUt..s 'llder T,e jj
There Is m, tllat c
tarn, with it., distributing rates bj
the logical muni iron, which bust-
Jules Vnms fauioUH prophetic story
" lllmi-il. ami u geuuiue uuder-
ea photoplay Is the result. It will be-
, Iflli on ......
BOM to that section ould nso.r-n. "r, . -"-"B",wlu ul "", nreauilund
orlginste Oauno has an immense mlTZ ' "" " d '" T"8 "ub
advautage over Balaa. ,,,.,,. .. ,. ' 'u"",n ,u wl.loli are shown
li , 1(.
a .iu miies trom a main Hue ami
silly miles farther east than Oularl.,
If it will pay bois men to put ware
houses iu Crane it will py to wUu.
llali originating distributing house,
here in Ontario. Uuise has one ad
vantage, established house aud cap
Ital willing u, eagaae in the business
of distributing on a scale which per
miu expansion.
Ie .ni.l wmiriam f Him
ep are the results of the gratesr
""I of motion -photography.
i "- show, a l.uutiug trip taken
under the guidance of Cupula Nemo
ho leads his companions out of his
submarine, Nautilus, on the floor of
the ocean The exploration of the oor-
, ra and the shooting .. stark"
"o'm latbU remarkable big feat
ure film.