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Then 1 1-1 1 ipofl the houne a BUd-
ll' II gloom
A shadow on tjiosc features fair
and thin;
Anil softly, fnim that hushed and
darkened room
Two Angels liaued, where hut
one went In.
A shadow of gloom spread over
the neighborhood lam Saturday morn
Ing when th message passed mourn!
t nit Org, l he 'in.r daughter ot Mr
I'lid Mrs JaBI Waller, hud pass
ed away. Always kind, geoOroar and
loving, ponwnwl of n henutlful Obll
buddlBI into womanhood
Ker death will be ni nil mod by all
v ho knew her
The Boulevard Womone' Club met
, in. Mi i i i hompeoo odi
limenti v.
ed and a pleasant afternoon spent
i meeting will he held with
Mrs. Donald McPberaon
Ed I'ntton of Utile Willow was I
taller at C. U. Stovers Monday II"
was returning from Vale where lie
had taken Mrs J. A Keefer who Is a
p.itlent at the Dot Springs sanitar
ium. Mrs. ('. IT. Stover Is spending a
few days In Ontario helping care for
her father Mr K. .1 lierr; who was
Injured by a leu r on the rock crush
er east of town, one day last week
Mra. Joy McClelland Is a patient at
Holy Itoaary hospital having baan I
operated on for appendicitis the flral .
of the week.
C. V. Btover and Arthur Maglll de
livered a bunch of beef cattle to 8.
Dlckerson of I'ortland. Monday.
Ouy Stover left Monday fur llrogan
where he la employed In the Urn
drover shearing plant.
Miss Kdlth ('apron In spending the
veek with her sinter Mrs Harry Mr
Pred Hut lei lth a party of friend
ii otored down from llolse Sunday
Smith and family were Sun
day visitors at Sherry la
Words fall If CD) I 01
K alltuile to the i '
hors who so kitnlly
dearly loved ilaiu liter and
during her alckin also
for the kind sympuiiiy uu.l heiiuttlul
flowers given. M.i limls rl
blessings be yeu:
Mlt AND Mil- .1 I rTALTI
Optometry Means Kye Servk-a.
Our specially Is making weake vis
ions strong, poor eyesight batter. We
fit glasses and do It right, exactly
90 percent of headaches are oausad
by soma character of BYB STRAIN'.
If you are affected with headaches
have your ayaa examined. It will oust
you Uut'uiMt auu KM uiy loara MU4
tiling about them which may be to
your advantage.
We change lenses within oua year
without any additional cost to you.
providing they should need (hanging
We are registered In two states.
Idaho and Oregon, which coupled
with an experience of IS years makes
It possible to care for extreme rases
We make your town regularly
every mouth Call and let us get
Will lie at Ontario I'haruiaoy oa
Irida), Hstunlsi ami iimU Ttiree
!), Mm) IH, ID ami
uiv. 11-11
Notice Is hereby given that the
Board of Director of the I'ayette
OfOflM Slo.e Irrigation District will
meet beginning ami on Jum- 6th.
1917, at the offi. e ol tha Di-triit
win. k in the pumping plant '
wtthln thi M t. fur the pin i
of equalising that oartslo I
aabeaamuut on the l.,i i wilaJll
rial iiioi,' p:r tii Hi. ii i
as fcillowh, tewit:
A special assaasmeut to provl
llll I. ,1 I. . B Mill KllMd
and ll,lll ou for the
which said umum.i- In lieu of
the regular 191t
made pursuant to a ,le r mi ba
eral Court of the D e dis
trict tor Oregon ami under thu laws
and statutes of the state ot Oregon
Seviii.w- I " Kon
Slope Irrigation Distt.
AJv 18-3t
NT.U'i: Ol (llll,(.(i HIIOIA
MU.HKPH COUNTY, a Municipal
,'orporatlon, I'laintlff.
i RED J drown. MUSI ii. ;
ions. CHURCH OK s CH
i IIAItl.KS ' VUTI'll. II .i
I) W I' AI.DW Kl.l,. Til ,1
'... V 0 DUNK1K, W M
I RDAY, .1 R, DUMl a .. r. I
i: 1' W HKK.LKR. Id''
UAftl viua lUBBnl-MlDVf
HAMBLOCK, T D im- kvma.n.
MARTIN hvii.wi:. DOB
II N PORI), A. 11 I. A
l.V JAM I 'in:. JAC
n Corporation. J. D, OSBORNK.
VOGUE, P. A riiwrii
II w RICHARDSON, N 0 whitk.
BJUsAHO, 0 A It Ml Kl. I. Kit. AND
Pred J Brown, Jamee Plagens.
Church of Jesua Christ. Joseph P
Smith. Trustee. Charles Carter. II
J Helicon. It R Caldwell. Tlllle E
Pierce, C. O. Dunkln. W. M. Easter
day, J. tl Duncan. P J. I'almer.
Place, Bin-
ford, Howard DavU. I K W'iiaaler,
Rowena Freeman. Nyssu Improve
ment Coinpsin, Mrs. Lulu M lloxle,
Mrs P E Ollmoro, Prank High,
High Brothers. W II Hamhlo, k. T
1 1 Honewiian. W'm Johnson, Albert
lewis. Murtln Echave, Dora Lassa,
win c R a Mortis, H N
i ',,1,1 II ii" :.'t. I. A McNary,
Jamas MaOllaTO, Jacob Stouecker.
i Kelle, Isaac Iteada, Sadie
Willow Rrvtf I-md and
Irrigation Company, a corporation,
l D Ooooro, Jasper Wettfall. John
all, Salby,
Vogue, C A Powell. Henry N. Btlck-
i E Stausel. Jose Savala. I. B.
Pengra, II W Richardson, N. O.
John C Miller. Wm. H.
Isaacs. Albert Sherman, W'm J Mc-
I I s II Shepherd. Mrs R J
ii. Edith I) Taylor. A. E Rob
luson, Mary E Robinson. Mrs. Julin
Martin, Clyde C Robinson, D. U
HiitherUnd. O A. It Mueller and
OP OREGON, you and each of you
are hereby notified thai Malheur
County, Oregon, Is the owner and
holder of Certificates ot Delinquency
for unpaid taxes, due and payable
to Malheur County, Oregon, for the
year 1911. and also for the years
llll, lilt, 1I1S. and 1914. Issued
by the Tax Collector of Malheur
County. Oregon, which certificates
are hereinafter sat forth, showing the
numbers thereof, together with the
tracts of land covered therby. tba
amount of taxes, interest, and pen
alty and accrued cost included la said
certificates, date of issuance of and
rate of Interest on said certificate.
also the amount of taxes due and de
linquent on the tract, of land cov
ered by said certtneetee for the yeare
subsequent to the Issuance of aald
OBfMSoMBR together with the rate of
Interest, penalty, and advertising
cost thereon; which amounts are a
hen on the land described In said cer
as, In which is given the town,
if town property with lot ami block,
and the legal subdivisions, with sec
tion, township and rauge, if rural
property, after the name of the per
son to whom asaeaaad, the oaacriptlon
of each of winch anjraral tru
laud are given ui numbers 1
to .;u borate.
Aud you are fajrtko OOUlOd that
there Is due ami delinquent and a
Ilea oa tha several tracts of laud,
taxes which are payable to plaintiff
(or tha years net forth and assessed
to the persons nuiued herein upou
the lands In said certitl-
..t dallaquenc) or some portion
thereof, each of which several
amounts and the sums with Interest
thereon are due aud delinquent from
I. tViul.iuts to plaintiff upon I
aald aaveral tracts as herein given
said aeverai tracts beiug described as
(Key to Abbreviatiens: D. C. De
linqnemy i 'ertlilrate: !'., Penalty; A
I'. Advertising Cet: Tr . Tract: II.
Block, i . i.ot. No., Boctloi
alp, IlK . Range; S , South, R,
W. M . Last of Willamette Meridian;
Ir l .. 16 l 16, B. 69, Green's
Add To NfMk, A. Joseph I'. Smith,
HI 1) I 1072. r,
it. 7-1-18; 1911 1). C II'IO,
$5.96. 1 per cent, 7-1-16; 1912 D.
r, $4 49, 15 per cent, 7-1-Ki;
i 'i.: it. i lit?, $a 10, 15 p(
S-1-H-. lilt, I1.M, LI per cent, IV
lie, '
Tr 2. Boo, 17, Tp. 16 S. R 46. B.
Tlri acres mora or less In a
pa in su inrtier of
NRfl ! A to II .1 lloll'.oll I '.' I I' I1
C. 107.1, $ I ,-1-lt,.
mi D I ILLS. $24.90, 15 p.
M I II .
Tr .:.
C 1141.
I i I
I. 11 . .74. City of
A Tiiiie I Plana; 1910 D.
. : i LI;
II - 2.S. II 4. Had-
leya Second Add. tp Vale; A t.. R
M. Enstorday; 1910 D C Iflfj
i ". POT lent, 7-1-16;
Tr. 5. I. I, SHNWtt, NV',SWV.
SU'.SW',. Sec 2, Tp. 30 8.. R. 4';.
I w M . . w 14 W'M, Sec. 11. Tp
10. B., R 46. E W. MA K .1
I'almer; 1910 D 0 1076, $45 11, 15
imt c ent, 7-1-16;
Tr. 6, NKV4NEK Boo. 86. Tp. 19
K. R 44, I W M ; A Howard Davis
& I-. P Wheeler; 1910 D C. 1077,
$1.97, 15 per rent. 7-1-16; 1911 D
C. 1140. $2 00, IS per cent, 7-1-16:
1912 D. C. 1229. $2.17. 15 per cent.
7-1-16; 114 D C. 1713. $4 60. 15
per cent. 8-1-16: 1915. $3 77. 12 per
cent. P, 20. A C f.Oc;
Ir I II 2R. Teutsch's Add to
Nyasa, A Sirs Lulu M lloxle; 1910
D I 1079. $17.46. 15 par cant. 7-1-II:
Tr. 8. SEUBEH Sac. 16. Tp. II 8..
R. 47. E W. M ; A Mrs. P E Gil
more; 1910 D C 1081. $14.09. 15
per rent. 7-1-16;
Tr. 9. La. Z, 3. 4, B. St, Origin
al Town of Vale. A. Prank High &
High Bros.; 1910 D. ('. 1084. $52.90,
IS par cent, 7-1-16; 1911 D. C 1161,
$64.46, 16 par cant. 7-1-16; 1912, D.
C 1238 $124.94. IS per cent. 7-1-
16; 1914 D. 0. 176S. $18.70, IS
per cent, 8-1-1$;
Tr. 10. NHtNEUBEK Sac. 86. Tp.
17 8.. It. 46, I W MAT D. Hen-
eviuaii, 1910 D C 1085. 14 32, 16
per cent 7-1-16; 1912 D. C. 1241,
$4.23, 1 i" 1 .' in. 7-1 16; 191'. D C
10. II per cent. tM1
llll 11 c hi;;, II 4S. if. pet oajrl
8-1-16; 1914 D 0 1762, $9.61, 16
per ...lit. 8-1-16; 1916, $4 47. 12
per cant, P. 45c. A. C. 60c;
Tr. 11. NHNEI48EM Sac. 10 Tp.
18 8.. H 47. E W. M.; A W m
Johnson; 1910 D c 1086. $59 34.
16 par cant. 7-1-11; 1915. $8 14. 12
per cent, P. 31c. A. C SOc;
Tr. II. 8H8EV4. Sac. 89. Tp. 40
8. R 40. E W M.: A Martin
Echave; 1910 D C 1090. 113.22. IS
per cent. 7-1-16:
Tr It, Beginning at NW cor. of
L. I, thenoe B. 600'. thence 8. III'.
thence W. HI', thence northwaater-
ly along the reservation line to place
of beginning In See. 19, Tp. 41 8., R.
43, E. W. M . A Dora lJiaaa; 1910
D 0 1091, $16.48. 16 par cant, 7-1-
16: 1914 l) c 1I39. $14 67. II par
ceut. 8-1-16;
Tr. 14 La. 17 II. B. . A La.
IS A II, B 10. Hope's Add. to Vale;
A. A. H. Chester; 1910 D C. 1092.
$8.87. IS par cant. 7-1-16;
Tr. 16. 8WU8WV4 Sac. II, Tp.
II 8.. R 44, E. W M ; A. L. A. Mc
Nary; 1910 D C 1094. 11.94, It
par caat. 7-1-16; HIS D. C. HIS.
11.41, IS per cant. 1-1-16; 1114 D. C.
177, $28, IS par cant. 8-1-16;
1916, 11.40, 13 per cant. P. 14c, A.
Tr. 1 NEVNBV. Sac. 12. Tp 14
U, R , E W. M.; A. Jamaa Mc
Qulre; 1910 I) C. 116. 1141. US
par rent. 7-1-11; 1911 D C llbH.
$3.70. 16 per cant, 7-1-11; IRIS D. t
1858, 12.96, 16 par cant. 7-1-16.
1918 D 0, 1396, $4 60, 15 par cant.
8-1-16; 1914 D 0 1873. $8.89, 15
per cent. -l-16; 115, $2.50. 12 per
1. at P., 25c. A. C. SOc;
iv 17 WBUMti l'c. 85, Tp 16
8 . R 47. K M M ; A Aunabel Rel
ies 1 '1 1 n 11 r 1 1119. $: 1:1, 15 per
cent, 7 1-1(1; 1913, D. 0. 1
1 8-1-16; 1916,
,ut, 1" $10.86; A.
Tr. 18 Undivided 01. half Inter
est in I. I Sec. SO, Tp.
II . R 4:!, E W, M ; A. Sadie
llreollovi ; !910 D C 1100. $13.84,
ceut. 7-1-16; 1914 1 C
per cent. P. $1.70, A. 0. 60c;
Tr. 19. 1 acre lu BW cor NW,
JO, Tp IS 8 . It 4?,.
I W M , A J. D Osborne; 110 D.
C. 1097. $4 20. 15 per cent. 7-1 -16.
1911 1' . $3 32, 15 pei
7-1-16; 1912 D. C. 1262, $9 14, li
,t, 7-1-16; 1916. $1.17, 12 per
ceut. P 17c. A. C. 60c;
Tr. 30. NWKNEK Sac. II, Tp 27
S. It 46, I .1. Mc
1910 I) C 1112. $10.80. 15
i.t .opt. Till',. 1911 I) C. 1188,
. II per cut, 7-1-16; 1912 I).
0 Ittl, $10.71. II percent. 7-1-16;
i C. 1420, $20 40, IS p
I I in; 1914. I) C 1974,114.66. 16
. . t . .' t i i . . 1915, $12.96, 12
l"i t. I' l ::'. i r,oc;
Tr I.s. 5. 6, 7 & X, II X, Kld-
rldge Add. to Vale; A. Mr, w .1
II'IO n C 1113, $21.55,
II per rent, 7-11''. I !' 1 :.' I I
I per i i,i. 7-1-16; 1918 D.
C. 1403. $33. K 4, tl percent, SI I I ;
1014 I) ('. 1905. $11.16. 15 p'-S-l-16;
1916 $10.1.-., 12 per
J I 0L', A. 0
4.-,. K W. M : i'Mtn I. iayior.
1010 D. C. llll. $21.00, 16 p.
R. 47. 1 R .lolm c
Kim 11 t M
I I p.r 0001
P. $1.31, A. 0, 50c;
Tr II - V I Sec. 15. Ti. II
.. R 46. I R M I A H II toSS;
1910 D 1 ! ' 10, $1.88, 15 per cent
7-1-16; 1911 D C 1210, $190, II
per cent. 7 1 It;: 1912 D 0 ll,
1 i 7-1-11; 1913 D
C. 1803. $2 M. 1" per cent, 8-1-16;
1914 1). C 2049. $2.10, 16 per OOBt,
l-l-ll; If 12 per cent. P.
20c, A. C. SOc;
Tr. 25. La. 11. 12 13. B. 263.
City of Ontario. A I II 100.110 H
W. Richardson; 1910 D C 1141,
$1115, 16 per cent, 7-K18;
Tr. 26. Via MRU Sec. 14. Tp 19
8 , R 44. E . W M A. I. E Stausel.
19HI D C 1110. $56.00. IS par cent
7-1-11; 1911 D ( 1206. 132 1
par canl. 7-1-16; 1916. Ill . 1
par rant, P. $6 21, A. C. 50o;
Tr 27 8VNW'VBW4 Sac. I, Tp.
30 8.. R. 46. E W. M . A. Joaa 8a
valle. 1910 D C llll. $80.40. 16
per cent. 7 1 16.
Tr 28. La. 1. 2. 8, A 4. B. 88,
Hope 11-.!!. ,11.1 dd. to Vale, A I
Powell; 110 D C 1105, $11 00. 15
ir rent. 7-1-16: 111 17.11. 12 per
cant, P. 73c. A. C. 10c:
Tr 39 NWHNEH Sac. 11. Tp. 26
8 . It 44. E. W M .; A Henry N
Stlcknoy; 1910 D C 1106. 112.63,
16 per cant, 7-1-11;
Tr 30 I. 3. II. 8. Jordan Valley.
A CI) .le C Robinson. 1910 D
1102, 115 72, II per OOBt, 7-1-11;
1911 D I 1179. $30 05, IS per
c.-iii. 7 1 16: 1914. D ( 1867.
ceut. 8-1-16; 1916.
$89.94. 12 per cent. P $9 00, A. C.
That the following numed par
sons are the OWMfO ( the legal tit
lee of the eeteral tracts herein ih
Tract No 1. Jos. ph K Smith.
Truatei o 2, II J Benson.
Tract No I, Tlllle IMerce; Tract
No 4. R M Easterday; Tract No I,
IV J I'almer; Tract No. 4. Howard
Da via. and E. P Wheeler; Trad No
7. Mra. Lulu M. lloxle; Tract Ho I,
Mra. P. E. Gllmore; Tract No .
Prank High and High Bros.; Tract
No. 10, T D. Heneyman: Tract No
11, W'm Johnson; Tract No. 13, Mar
tin Echave, Tract No. 13, Dora Laa
aa; Tract No. 14, A H Cheater.
Tract No. 16, I. A McNary, Tract
No 16, James McUulre; Tract No
17. Annabel Kelley ; Tract No. 18.
Sadie Rreedlove, Tract No 19. J D
OslMirn; Tree No 0, Wni J Mc
Iod; Tract No. tl. Mra. W J. Prae
ton; Tract No. tl, Edith D. Taylor;
Tract No. S3, John C MlUar; Tract
No. 14, W. H. UaaA-; Tract No. 36.
I B. Pengra and II. W. Richardson;
Tract No. 26, I E Stausel; Trait No
17. Jose Savalle; Tract No 28. C A
Powell; Tract No , Henry N
Stickuey; Tract No 31, Clyde 0
Robinson ,
That all of the defendants above
named and all parsons Interested or
whom It may concern, are hereby
not (tied that plaintiff will apply ti
the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon for a decree foreclosing the liens
sgalust the property above described
und mentioned In ssld certificates sud
each aud all thereof, and you and
each of you are hereby further sum
mone.l to appear within sixty days af
ter the first publication of this sum
mons, exclusive of the date of the first
pollination, aud defend this action 01
pay the amount due as shown above,
together with the costs and disburse
ments herein and .0 1 ruing Intere.-t
and OOOtO, und In ruse of your failure
to do so, a decree will lie rOBdarod
-Iiik the liens of said taxet
. penalty, costs and ex
asalnat tha saw n of land
above de
Date of flint publication, March
29th, 1917.
All process and papers In this pro
ceeding ma Ot upon R W
Bwugler at bjg office aud post office
address at Ontario. Oregon
Ben J Brown, Sheriff.
R W Bwagler.
District Attorney.
Pirst Publication. Mar 29. 1917
Last Publication, May 31, 1917.
I - il. NO! If I S.
III. I It (tl ATI.
HI I oiinlj, A Municipal oor-
loo, I'latntifr,
(' W. Allen. Nl II. Anderson. .1
0. Anthony, I. BOOT. II II liarton,
s K Begh-
lol, w. I. Ii tini'H. M i, itlelman.
BlObO, Dim llliikcnhlllor,,
Sam lllakenhlller, Louis It BoOtWtck,
Wm. 'I n, II K Bowman,
Inane N. Brady., 1! K. Brlikner, E.
,wi. I'. W. Browning, Ora K.
Ilruie, August J llruhni, J. A llr
' let, O. M. Col
' Karlson. 11. T BriCKBOr, U H.
J BAkOt, O K Ruck
land. L, L RltiKamnn, D J. Cahlll,
John ii. carny, c n i orponwr
,oti. Bart H. Cava. Bert II 1 BTO,
Ralph Christy, Matte Christy,
S It Clark, II M
Merle L Columbia Roy C. Crablll. (
inter, Owen W ''math,
1 reek. Buckland, R.
1 t rool, Mrs. E. II Crln. I V I ntn
1. C Q t'liiitiltigham, C. 0,
Cramer, Plora (i "lydge, J. P. Crlt. h
low, Ralph Christy, Edward Connell,
W'm B Di.iunlk. A. O. Darcy. D C
Davis, Danhl I DktlOOS, Denis I)'
Aulenll, A CkM II Doorley,
I) Q Downrt. Stephen Douglas, John
Doyle, Sim Duck. Jeun II Duren, H.
roojr, August Dahl. Win It Den-
. Noah Eggers, Jr., Samuel
Kalor. R L Kaulkner, J I. Kelgh
ner. J C Klre.- Kred P Kllllon, John
Klemlng. N W Pletcher, Hattle M.
Kerguson, Clara A. Plynn, W v
Glfo, Geo. Gllbertson, M. 0 Gillette,
Win I t;ihe. Mrs. C V. Goforth, Ole
Orooder. Charles A Gordan, John E
Hamilton, Mary E llatnlltoti, Pred E
llauklns, P. S Harlan 0 I Hepler.
Estate of Pat Iteslln, Jas. W Hesman.
Ida M Hodge. W'm Hovelter. W A
.1. II II Hudson Mrs Nellie
llu W I Hewitt. Lena May Hast
ings, Albert Helling, Anione Jacob
ton. Richard Jeuklnson, J W John
son, Alfred Johnson, Charles John
OSS, J R Nell Jones, Paler II. Jung
l,s, W M Kanoff. Phil Jurlsh. I I
KluiUoiler. ('has W. King, 8. A.
Knecht, V J Knott, Frank Lsn
bourne. W D Kanoff, Arthur Keu
OJOtf, J RS haao. Mrs. Ida luidy.
QOO W I ..-1 k I t v . II K l.iunon, Leuh
l.lclitenherg. Chus , Lmss, Jno C
I.urke, Churles A. Muder, Jno. J. Mak
R .1 Manlal. ,Marilti,
RoodjOfg, J II Muxneld,
Mlllon C. May, Mrs. A. Mllliourm.
S.imu.'i .1 Miller, J R Mil. lielj, Km
ma Laa Moore, ('has. A. Moore. A. C
Morrow. J. 8. Mundls. J. I' Murph
. Mayer, Orr,
E L. McDonuld. 8. P. McNew. II I
M.Nutt R I Negley. Mary P Nev
Ina. T. J. New comb. Walter Newell.
Herbert Newell, North.
. 1 L,l.. h.H.-,li ohrlner, Newell, I. rt ODay. Pred L.
Olmstead. O W I'almer, Kremonl Pat
ten. Joseph O'Brien. I, M Peterson.
John I I'.teraoo. O. P. Phillips. Man
uel porter, lslle C. Poor. Mattla
Preston. 8 G Reed, II A. Itelcheu
Imiich. H It lled, I C Reynolds.
C Dewttt. John W Roland. Wm. K
Itosenburg, P. N Howe, Anions Sadl
er, Harry J. Saline. 8. P. Bandera
Serahey BBSS', J ' Sbaford. Jose
phine T Smith. J W. Smith, Bertha
Hmlthhlsler Carl Honntaa. Guslave
A. Spanlol, D R. Htandley, A. T.
Stewart, P. W Silvers, Nick 8Kms.
Pred 8. Tarbox. D 8. Sinlthhlaler,
George M. Smoot, Louis P Siulthhls
ler, Geo D. Salyer, Thos. M. Bhoahan.
George J. Smith. J I Trmnler. Wm
J. Tucker. M. E. Turplu, Evelyn M
Tyner, J. C Thompson, L. Thorsel
satb. A P Van Dlnter. Tbomaa V.
Vaugh. H. 0, Votaw, Theodore C
Walker, Eunl Walllue. Roy N RJOj
llngton, (' K. Werseen, It H Ws(,
J 1, It While, P W Wlelsud. K J
Wllklns, Sarah Wlnans. (has 1:
Wood, ("has. P. Woodward, DoMtOft
A Wright, Jacob Wyler Ins It
Young, Ernest Koeller, Jacob RTvtOP,
A. J. Weelergreen. Blanche RTSOi
ward, Asa A. Wallace, L M. Young
Oregon Valley Land CSOSPSB
porutloii. Jame, I' Amh 1
(' W Allen, Noll H An
11lh011y, 1 II II Bf
ton. 11 1 ' R Beak, s K
lleghtol, W I. Ileun. It, RdO L Bfc I
111 ,in, Jo-ipli V BlObO, Dan Rl.iken
l.iller. Sam' bWII r, I"
rick, Wm T Boowortk, I f
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hill, John H. Carey, C. N. Carpent.i.
Caatto. Ao-
derson, Bert H Cave, Bert H 0Sw
Ralph Ckrtety, Maile Christy, 8. R.
Clark, II M Clemens, Merle L Co
luiiihia, Roy ( rahill. C 0. Creamer.
000 W (Tenth, Creak.
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Bucklan, I: I (real,
Mrs H Crln, K. , Cumhorford.
Cunningham. C. C. Cramer,
I'loi.i t; t lyd;e. J P. (TltchloW,
Ralph Christy. Edward Connell, Wnm,
!'. 11 .mm vlk. A. O. Darcy, I). C.
Davis, Danhl J. Davison, Danla D'
Autenil, A. Difanl. ('has. H. Doorley
D (' Powart, Stephen Douglas, Joht
Doyle, Sim Duck. Jean II Duren, H
1 1 Hi,..-. v nun . Dahl, Wm R. Dee
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Clara Ptyno, Rfa A,
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man. Ida M. Hodgi w m Hovelter,
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Nellie Hum.'. W .1 HOWltt, l.-tin May
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Ja. olcuii, Richard JooklnaoD, .1 W.
Johnson, Alfred Johnson, hurlea '
Johnson. J K Nell ,loii"a Peter R.
Junglei. W M. Kanoff. Phil Jurlsh,
T. 8. Klndsedar, ('has. W. King, 8. A.
Knecht. , J Knott, Prank Lan
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l.l.liienherg, ('has. P. Lucas, Jno. C.
I.ticke, Charles A. Mader, Jno. J.
Makln. J Mantel. Marti.
Borders, J. B Maxfleld.
Milton C. May, Mrs. A. Milbourne.
Samuel J Miller, J W Mitchell. Em
ma Lee Moore, (has A. Moore, A. C.
Morrow, J. 8. Mundls, J. P. Murphy,
Myer. Orr.
I I. Mclioio.1,1. s P. McNsw. H. R.
MoNutt. W E. Negley. Mary P. Nev-
Ins, T. J. Newoomb. Walter Newell,
Herbert Newell. North. .
Clyde, Joseph Ohrlner. Robert New
ell. 1. ft 0 Day. Prad L Olmstead,
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O'RllaO, J M Peterson. John E.
Peterson. (1 K Phillips, Manuel p,o
ter. Leslie Poor, Mattle Prae-
ton, S. G. Road, Il A Kelchnuhaurh.
S It Reed. I C Reynolds. C DOW-
Rt. John W Roland. Wm E Rosea
burg, K N Kowe, Autotie Sarher,
Harry J Saline, 8. P. Sanders, Sersh-
ey Rros J C Shaford, Josephine T.
Smith. J W Smitli. Bertha Smith
hlsler. Carl Sonntag, Gustavo A.
Hpanlol. D II Smiidl.-y. A. T. Staw
urt, K. W Siiwi ., Nick RtOOO, frOU 8.
TarlKix. D. S l urge M.
SiniMit, atah I' Si'ilthli I D
Salyer, Thus M, S1 '..urge J.
Smith, J I lilnnler, Wm I Toj
ar. M I 'I'm p. a. Rroi)
j c Thomp on, 1. Tl . A
I' .111 I Mill. 1. II
0. Volaw, Theodore C. mil
Wslllne, Km. M I I.
Werset.11, R II RTOOl J I. White,
r R 1. lot 1 1 J Wllklns, Surah
Wlnans, Chi. . 1: Wood, ('has P.
Woodward, Delhiit A. Wright, Jac
ob Wyler. Inn II Young, Ernest
allar. Jacob Wyler, A J W'eatargraan,
Blanche Wood anl Asa A. Wallace,
L M. Young. Oregon Valley Land
Company, a corporation, Jamas P. An
You and each of you are hereby no
tified thai plaintiff la Hie owner and
bolder of CerOOrales or Delinquency
number 8072. for unpaid taxes. In
terest and ousts due and payable to
plaintiff for the year 111. Issued by
the Tax Collector of Malheur County,
Oregon, on March 27, 117, and cov
ering tracts numbered one (1) to 13
inclusive; and that said certificate
of delinquent y Is tiled in the office of
the County Clerk of Malheur Coun
ty, Oregon, and Is a Hen and charge
upou each of the several tracts here
in r desi rlbed and for the sever
al amounts hereinafter set forth, to
gether willi Interest at the rata 1
15 per cent per annum from the dat
of said oprtlflnoU TOR are tin ih,
notified that there is now due. o
ing and payable to plaintiff and a lie
and charge upon OOOb mm eral trai
taxes for years subsequent to 110,
lu 1 he several amounts hereinafter
each icveral tract,
together with Iniei. tl ih icon at the
par 1 'Hi I" 1 annum from
April I I'.H ' (ill bj u ul
I'M 1 ,,11, 1 11, ii. is I 1 for
for the year 1911 gad f "''"
Beptombai I I, 1SI4, ,u"
I :i I !; and Iroin Si ptOUDOr 1.
1915, for taxes of the war I
Iroin April of
the year llll, and thai there i al
so due and pa is4
charge upon each of the ol
upon oil 'ml
IB ROM '", '" ""
apootfytai ' "" ,n-
each severul ii tollOVtBI ul-
are used
Tr mc. 1, irait No . Tp nieana
TovBoklp; . h, It meauo
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