The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 22, 1917, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    THE fiNTAIilO Agggg, ONTAKIO. OH EPOS. THURSDAY, MARCH l'l'. 1(117.
YITE invite You to
" inspect our new
quarters opposite the
Dreamland theater.
Our New Spring
Shoes are arriving
every day by ex
press and it will be
a pleasure to show
you the new ones.
The Week With
( Local
Mr and Mfl D 0 Hooth roturuod
-1 ii )m week I r 1 1 1 1 California B hero theil
pont the winter III Los Angeles and
afler spending the Inilan f the be-
1 .1. .1 prills at the Moore hotel will
ii. h we-. ,, town The)
lad not planu.'d on reluming north
go Boon hut ho impending railroad
strike and the ponsbllll of being
Mranded in Laa AajaMl Hi i" P
peal lo llioiu M Ifcaj hurried home
i n-ii c.iliiornlu lias foil Hie rigors of
,, i-ol.l iilnli'i- lm thiil e Hon. sal. I
Mrs lloolli Ion the How. ! and frull
trees were In bloom or In frull when
they left.
J II. Seaweard oieull purcliUsoil
head ol registered Durham Short
horns for which be paid 11109 and
lth these as a nucleus of a herd Is
going Into the registered slock bu
aiDOas Tho stock was purchased ut
Caldwell but Is from I famous short
Horn farm In Missouri
Mrs E J llerry outeiiMn.-.l .h
dinner Sunda The guests were Mr.
and Mr. II. un lilfford. Mr ami
John Stiiilohakor, Arthur Gilford,
. ,,,'ll.e mid Italph Oyer The eielil
In honor of Mi Cirtnrd 's hlith
d.iv Old mends and neig I. U.i 1 Bl Ml
and Mrs J It Ilia, kahi ,M,. i
gelhor and made i i ill on iliem I
,la . BBtaaf l "oi leln nations
and hear uboilt the latteiV i. -. . ni
I- ip lo llouolulll
i- and Ml Will Mahel ol JM
.Ian Valli'y pas, ed through Onlain.
.sandal on llo-ii way home Hom the
, i where i hoi havi iidlng
i inter,
.... ...... .el.,, has n vis-
til s I (,,,i j.,,.-
. xj.u niu.tUa re-:
ning her mother Mi ii.i"
i. t-.i.. ,,,,,, law
turned lo hoi home in VBla Minilajg
i. i,.,r aa I
lier mother accoiupuning her for u
"cl w" Mullotl was recently named
. , , .nre.iors of the1
to the board of direitois oi iim
, ,, ,niri,t to
VV.irnisiii-liia's lrrigutlon dlsirni in
Warmspili.g. " "
I he taoanoy Caused by the deal ii in a-
i- Trow
. ... , ,i,w
Miss Kvelvn llrown ulio La.
near Vale spent the week end with
her mother alter attending grsmi
opera at I-
Ontario has tackled it.- tklrd coal,
shortage for Hie winter, just w h. -..
,.,i. ,,,.. ih.i ucli a thing impossible
Ml K M Grelg is r.coterlng fmnC
a severe attack of grip und is able:
ti, ho ii ho lit again
Mis Paul OBJJPM aajdj daugliler.
Martha, left today for California A
vUlt iel
... 1V.W...W-.
J W. MoCullocli is confined to his
.. -.. . .......i.l
home with a severe attack of neural
8 la
.Mrs. Arthur Moody of Vale paaaed
thru Sunday on her way from Boise
Dave ktagHU ha gone d'p to ktaad
wa to look after cattle.
Ontario Citizens
Personal )
Kdltor iiiul Mrs 1' MoPurllu liough
of the Midvale lli.p..ini ..Mil l.n
tiny in i Oil. ii in ii oi in ami
Mrs A 0 Moor.- Tliev wer i
route home Ii a w Oil. i i ,o .ill. hi
in California in. I having boon i. ,
,i inn ii ii. lm- mars ago ,
stopped io Malt friends.
Mrs Herbert I. IMngston ami
daughter arrlieil Monday from Cali
fornia In Join her hush. mil it ho was
leienlli in Mailed apslor of llo-
giegalloiial ili ill ili II..-1 are hollo
In the mails,
II II Seawvard of llarron Valley1
'ought lo Oiiturio 'I'uosday for
me Ileal uttenllon He will robulily
have to undergo an operation for an -u
bee as
S I) lol in.. n i e.i: Iroiu
his third session with Iho grippe for
this season aud declares that lie lias
h.ol enough for one wtul.-i
J. A Wallers of Cairo was uain.d
load supervisor of tills district hi the
iiiiinlt court and Is assembling crews
for tho spring mud work
The elhodlst I. ado , Aid mil give
a Sllier lea ut I lie api'souagc TV4M
day. Mar. h J:i To this tea et.rione
lloiiie) John W Blggg "I Bl
In Ontario Ihls teel, on loisii I
io mi in LOCAL iilHDs
L'ader tka taoAaraklp ..i Mn Tartla
Head and Mi- I. u. y IVi social) for
... , ,
lie study ol birds bus been organized
the members being those ol their
classes in the grammar si hool who
ired to join At the initial meet
"m ihla a olhc-is .,.- . I. .
'"ll"- I'm . Hugli Higgs; Sect.
Mary lackey; Trous , Claire Clirls-
j r.
,,as, The first held meet will b.
00 Kridav ulleiiioou alien the stud)
of llif bird In III naiuial haunis will
''" lak''' uu
Mrs. Jacoh eiiienained
W . flati da avataOM la honor ad kaw
daugliler LaOi'l tenth birthdav 'In en
n lour little boys and gills enjot.-.i
themselves Willi gillies and mil If
lealure ol tho ret reshiiienl s wus a
big birthday cuke with ton candles.
Up- blowing out of which caused
much excitement
The Remnants met Monday even-
I1IC 1VVIUUWMM. .M ...s,....-.
,nK wl(ll jjr BIld Mrs Krank Rader
. .....
Mrs c
It Km Mini carried off lite hou
Star chaaiar, of.Egstera 8tar ai
aatertain with a nodal tonight
(Thuriidgy i Husbands of members
no do nut belong in ! 1 1 chapter and
ho local Mucous anil their wives will
M guests. A proRriim will bo given
and rorn slitnenlH served
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Wood enter
i a I n oil tlio Cariintlons Tucsdny even
ing. First rliow wore won by Mm. K.
A. Krnaer nnd K. ('. Van I'etton
Mr'- .1 II Kortlor wns hostess this
wook to I ho Wodnc ilav llridgc rluh.
Mi II ii luiiiio won the honorii.
Mrs Hen. Kellog entertained the
! Tuesday Bridge rluh this wook. Mm.
(I II Tout carrying "T "rat prize
Tlio Chant. iiniun circle met Tuea-
.1 .1 . it llli tluu 1l.iV.1i1l
lire CiiiiiiiR tTiinn "'"' "
tin- horn' of MIhh I Hi (Mow.
i t aAh srru vj.
( I'or Publication I
I -I NO III S N ( null'. I V
.1 1 . OroRon,
March Itthi I
I ml ih Ii o-miii of unknown
addreaa, Md nil other unknown
in of Elljn H i o n, doroii od,
Von aro herein BOttftad Unit Alt.'
n out Sutton, who give I'.i el i -. In
ho, as lilt piot-oltlce .nlilri"', did on
ith, 1917, til.' In this olll.-o II,
roborntad application lo 000
Bd ti anoellallon of
lloinestond liniii Sirlal No n h D
lilllde Ith. l!'l I. hi Ell L I'
'o in mi. til-roused, for NVtNWVi r
M and i -I Son Ion IS, Tom.
ship 17 South II Will
. Mori. Han and M Rrouml ti"
"'. i ho iiMorom that "tho said
ntrymuu KIIJu D Cosnian dlod. loin-
lug no widow or rhildron, ahoiil two
inn un, nt Iiriiliti f rirwiiti.
of Paotto. Idaho, aiol Cl.rl-t.M.ho,
H i osmaii. formrrly of Payette, Ida
ho, the heirs at law of said enlryinun
have abandoned Iho miI.I homeatoad
.ntr and raawrad tho dwelling,
",l"'1 toptawamenls That
..ih II OaaaBM and Christopher
W. OaaaBM are liriithcrs ol outrvinaii
mid 40 yours old and upward Thai'
hiild iilmiidoniueul was not cuused h i
roiiMin ol any military service In BM
niTlliin with operullons In Mexico, or
along the border-, thereof, or In mo camps elsewhere or any
nivul or milltury service In' the I nit
od Stales or the National (iuanl ol
Hie seveial Stales.
Votl IIH Iherelore, lurlhel III, lllle. I
that the said allegations, will be la I an
.".I, and i laid .in i w-lll
l.i i-.iin.-li-, I ult hoi! I lurlhel right in
be heurd. cither before this oh., ol
on app. a I II ton fall I" M m this of
III , 11 llhltl I ueiilt - ..It.l the
KOI Kill piildnalloii ol I HI in. i,. .
as show li lielon, loin an iter, in
oath i ..ill. ' i "io nog to Hieee
ullegation ., oonlesl, logothor with
due proof lliut you have served a
copy oT your answer on Hie said , ,m
loHtunl either in person or by r. .
lered mall.
You should state in your answer
Hie name of the post oftl. . to which
ton desire further nolle- t,. be sent
(, B I
Hate of lust publication. Man I
of second publication March
Hate oi third publloatloa April -..
1 1 1 T
Hal. ii I, on ih piih licali. Hi Apl ll I -
otii K in i Rl niioits.
Noli, , Is hereby glten thai the un
Igaod kaa b. . u apaolatad aula-
iir ol th. .--tale if Arllnir W
Trow, ili-'-u.i.'.l, by order ol the I'oiin
ii Court of the Stat.- ..I Oregon lm
Hie Count.! of Malheur Ant and all
.us having i lulins against the.
' estuie are li. -relit notified lo
i.l i in the same, duly terified uu hy
law reunited, to the under. igued .id
iniiiistraloi at his resilience in On
lalio lllegon, wilhlli -It inolilh- floin
the dale ol I he hi ll publlea I loll of I
this lei
Hone and dated and Rr t iuhlished
liiis 9th day ol Man-ti, 1111
Adiiitnislralor ..i ih. .'state of Ar
thur W. Trow, 1 1. . .1 i
en i pulilii.itlon March 8, 1817.
I .1 piililiciitioii April ".. 117.
IN TI1K cot n i Ol I! I Of THK
In tka niaiier ol the Rstat- of June
i Put. li. Iieioused
in sliow cause why Order or Sale of
Ileal Batata Should not be made.
ll appearing lo thta court, by the
petition this day presented and died
ky Edwin J. Patch and Wilater D
Patch. the execntore of the
estate ef Jane 0 Patch, deceased.
Thosn little biIh. aro road hy thousand of want seekers both' lo
buy and to soil. Prlco por line, per Insertion M. 1'hono 49J for
(Jrlffln Sanitary Dairy Is tlio rlen
ohI dairy In Knutorn Oregon Out i(
thlrtv-Hlx dalrioH In Knstoni Oregon,
Including Iho elf's- of Hakor and Li
Urando, (Jrlflln Dairy ban tho highest
M'n- llo got I II 14 points- out of a
possible 20 on olounllnoss In milking,
bottling, wnHlilnR and bimdlliiR IiIh
milk. Whin mi Mil loan, rich
milk, phono (irttHn Sanitary Hairy
SB It. and you will Rot It !' tf
Eggs for hutching from In;
fully ill . led p. n of While Ply
mouth Recks, l mi por In eggs.
Mrs (' M l.aokei . Kootc I, Pi
Idaho PhOM 7 2 I . 1'rint laud Kx
hiii .
PMtTNElt WANTKii Win, $i.
IM I i PHI u.itir on inn ,,,,,
oi ,i.., loio.inir ah land Dam and
ditch lilnl on Addross
' H tar, llnrpor. Orogon
1 1
ii i ..ii m .mi ii potatoea, Bhaolata
ii and pan . Nattad Qama Bnd
l: in ,1 I. A. ) 'liniii. I'lionr
IIIhb. I tr
, for PAINTINO, Paper hanging.
and t'atclmlnlni i ir-i (las Work,
Prtma Raaaoaabla
WANTBD Vou to Kn.. we aro
euulppad I" h.indlo ..our Joh pilnl
ing, and raady at all tlme- lo give
ou the most reasonable prUea poa-
ron nmm Hv" r""IM '"'" '"
! RUpkM Bt MHOO Adi In It
KOIt SAI.K -Hay.
mlloK est of Ontarln
A. II (an
7 tf
yuH KNT KurB)lh,d ,u n.
nmlroom. Inuulra Copo iho Tailor.
,,,,,. , k .,,, f Mr tH
ch; f you want Ice call up J.
W illiatns Phone 1 I 2-m.
: if
Wauled A few stands ol boaa.
address llox 474 Vale. Adv. 21
KOIt SAI.K H ' While Leghorn
hutching eggs A II Cain Phone
I I I ti
I.M.AI. Miiil'l.
io list for an order for BBla "t rasl
estnto. Hist it Is necessary tO soil lie
in, .!. oi the real estuie of said .!
i -.l.-nl In order Hull a final till
and distribution ol suld estate mat
h, made accord lug to the terms ol
llj ol the suld do. eased
It is therefore, aaajaagd by this
Court, that all persons limn- n-.l in
Hie estate of said deceased, appear
n. i. .re Hie said County Court on the
.'1st da of April. A D. HIT, at Hie
hour of ll o cioos in me inrn. i m
'1 d". "" 'n '","'1 r ""l,i
t'ouuly Court, ul the Court lli.ui in
he City of Vale, Counit of Malheur,
Stale of Oregon lo how cause why
i order should u B grant.. I III the
,l,i executors lo sell the ll 1 1 e I II .1 1 I
;' MPlbad real BaUU ol 11 ''' Ul
. . ,i. ami w..i, b sini ratal a ' I
" r1
i sw ', oi BRVi "i
BR ', ot Bat lion 'J, Township
! . South. Hang.- IT K is! ol II
it. viei Id Ian, eontalatni
,,, i, ll. ll' III tl,:ln or
1 Olllllt - III lllegoll
',-'y 4y .ti vVSBy" nvf Sewl are properly t.n, cd in
i!Mujj0naR EMI thin ti.suc p.p. i i..s- I lay
-' - "" WS gcrniiiiaie uii kci and In lier Jf
Ajk .j-" -ffe bacauet the paper absorbs and
'','x sB BobJa moiaiure, Theyai sSu
( :i keakhier and mora beauiifuj ,(i
lV jt,-;, il. mis, uioic even itanil ami ,.
LfB line .Iraighl lows. Then in
lo9 adiliiion, there ia a great av- jSf
M ing oi time ami labia you S
9& plant a whole low ul a time, ' -I
H ami no thlnningeaui is nacaa. ,',
M aary. Aiuairuii get expert ra- 4H
I suit with fskio rdtape. ifc
M Sed'. ii adf, t'" SI
111 B9H 7IWMttt4a .NtvVwfc MS
I ut IMAttt One fggflT en.. Ui .isi y-urdl jtg
j 1 7T laai , j ,1, p,c, ac par jlAi Sg
EOH SAI.K (i two liarnuia and
ono our l::rnoim all atMl n'ltotii.itle
fly shuttle rarpot looms, iiIiihihI new.
Must hoII by April Ilk, Mia. 8.
Burkhardl, Wyoming A
Omni M . Ontario, 10-ni
KOI! SAI.K :i Reed young BlllfM,
coining I yours old
also sonic mam
niolh Unitize Turk. Cobblers. A
II. Uunioy, I 'ru It In n 'I RachBBgQ. 8-31
KOIt SAI.K Modern house, six
rooms, '.. r oonnoi-tiuii I, v .-11 Im
proved, paytnonts llko ronl. small
.I . dm, n Call at this office.
POR SAI.K 100 tons of rholco nl -
falfa hay. four miles south of Nya-
mi Fred Wood 2tf
wnuAun unroi urooa aow ana
six pigs. J J Ward, four mil. v .
of Ont.irlo
dv ll-tf
tTaal iiouii'i
N.. ..7 1 Mind ! ontarln
1 n no a in Hulh i'i"ii Sunday;
Arrive Vale 10:19 a in.. Jiiniimi
L' 99 p in ; Hhersldo :: p m
Cl'.i: II
Milt ! i Be, ore
7:110 n in i i.l Sunday.
Itlverslde 9:19 n B. Jutitura
1" 91 I to. Vale till ! m. Ar-
rive Ontario 2:00 p. in
Hltot.W lilt Will
.So ITI MtMd I . Ontario 1 : SO
,. hull l. vi. ,t Sunday. !,eave
Vuio I :n in , .Mthc iirogan
. in
No. 074 Mixed Leave Itrogun 1:90
p in . BM ii.. in , Arrive on
lario u: . p. in.
Extra Mixed Leave Ontario 8:15 a
m Dally Kxrepl Sunday.
No. 36.1 Mixed Lento N'tssa ;25
a. m. Dally Except Sunday Ae
, rirOf Hoiuedule I0:nri a. m
ill Mlx.-d llomedale
10:11 a. m Dally Kxcepi Sunday,
Arrive Nyssa 12:0a p. m.
EM ru Mixed Ail He Ontario 1 I ::n
p in
LKU t. NolHKS.
Also an undli tiled one hull In
I Hi anil lo the following
described r'.l properly BttBttta
In Malheur Count) . Slat. ..I Q
gun. slid described as tollous,
i., .ut aii oi Lata I I
M4 as Hie same ap..n- on Hi.
..ll rial plat thereof, a. cottllng
lo MM se, ond stirvcv of I he
Towiislle of Annex, Miilheur
Count). Slulo of Oregon
And It Is further ordered thai I
copy of Ihls order be personally
seried upon the heirs, and devisees
known mid residing wlthtu Hie Slat-
of Oregon, and it Is hereby further
ordeled I hat a copt ol this order he
published lor four successive weeks
in Iho Outurlo Argus, a we.klt news
paper pilule. I and published in BM
Count! ami In general in. illation in
.H.I I olllllt
Dated tkl hruary,
D i ii 1 7
I Olllllt I
iti -I Piihii .hi. .0 Man h ' '. 1011
I ... I Publican. ni .i 10 i
Ontario, Oregon
onion In New Wilson Hlock.
Office hours 9 to 12 2 to
,.,, u. ,, ,.,..,,(,
Wilson nidg.
Rea. 1173
.1 II. KAItl.KY PlUnl dlrorlor
tad M kal BM ' I.ady assistant. Phone
111 -W Ontario. Oregon.
Tit si Kit
PHK88 ,
Moot nil tralnn. J
a) ii BROOKB,
Miornoi at Lav,
II on llhlR. Ontario, Ora.
ii,iriiov nt I
Will l'i mi.. In Ml Courts
Notary I'uMii Offlea Otw Paatottot
LESLIE J. m.i i;
l. u , li;
I Koom , first National Dunk Illdg
oiiiailo, oi.mui.
Mill I III CM A. WOllll
llootiiN l' I Klrst Nat I Hank Illdg
Ontario, Orogon
Alloraey at Ijiw
ItooiiiM , 14, 1 f, Wilson Illdg
i n. i rlii
law V Kit
Itooius In Wilson Illdg.
Ontario. Oreaou.
Expert Service
Charges and
Tin- kind of treatment Steady
custonioi-s (li'Sfi-vc Is the
principal upon which in do
Accessories canifd for all
kinds of ears.
GMOliM, Lubricating Oils
and Supplit's.
Ontario Auto Co.
rhone 134
Tht Stiiiildry
BcirbtM Shop
Is tka place lo gal .mill t,.n
si, I l,i ui-i-d H.i,i' d a - 'tell
o- plana I ike
pe i loil.i ni neb and shuv
,ni' in. ii, rial l.i. o!, i,.
Revolt iiik sign vini
Inn new bath ROOD!
lhe xStinittiry
Biirber xShop
I'll! Islelisell Bma . Pi "I
Whisker "
The attar effaota naiattaMa
are worse than long whisker.
We make a specialty of the care
of your fa.. i Qjtva in a trial
a aad If qot Hulisued tell .
A. K. JOHNBO.Ii. Pmpr f