The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 15, 1917, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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I- K! itlva Oommttteo Hocks I
MM iiihI All Omit l- Uottteaj In
l.lno for Mntcmeni., OrOfOB, March 12 lir
W. I). Wnoil. senior mi'inher uf th
Ltgtolktlv committee r Kight, np-1
poind'ii to ri-prr-m m Mm ' it" hagMa
turn In preparing tin- iilllcliil uricti nx-nl
for the mail bnnil lilll, Iiiih - n I 1 11
mooting f Hull icilll Til I ( t ' to III' lli'lll
at Hi'' Imperial Hotel, Portland,
unlay, Marrh 17
At that i i .iw (lip committee will
Klvo furmal consideration lo propos
alR tliat have come In from all parts
of the iitale, asking the commit!
an the official body reprc . -Mini: Hip
legislature In Hip bonding art, to call
a conference for Hip organization of a
state committee or nHHoolatlon which
can establish nil Information Iip:mI
qunrtcr for tin bonding campaign
Such u conimlltpp would in. I nI
representatives of loml good roiulM or
ganizations of all tin- counties of the
Bnnatnr Wood views v. Ith fawir UM
roovPH InltiatPil at AHlorla. Eugene,
Medford. I'endlc'nii and Uislnmiiil
to nrgiinlrp shite highway MM
lions or district good roasfi MMtal
1 1. .ii
"TIip main thing, ' In aid tod t
"la to hap some ln'udiUrt) rs to Is
nun Impartial and authentic, Inlorma
Hon such an la being rp'UP"t d h) the
different county organization Kliii
er Hip different iniucnu lit I lor
associations M Jolm-d In II -..
teres! of pconoiniral maiiugpiiipnt of
oiip henduuiirtcrs, or liny cm ml.
upparatoly If Hip people promoting Hip
different orgaiiUutioiiH mi pi.
Thorn W plptity of work for .ill lo M "
"It l Importiint. however, in hate
oin on or committee Men l
loolii'd lo M representing all the
ii ii .p ' . it liorli In fur
lllHhlng htutlslicjil inaltpr and lufor
million to I In' pi III ( mum and con
lliliipp and ri'Kppit. Sin Ii M "
ill Ion should p '"
Irolli'd hy delegate from nil thai
pounii. Mini boa Id not man
i loo ol till
in vim Mm Ml i OMFAX1
niM itK. MORTQ (
ii oiiHnipd tri.'ii I ,: T. i
mortgage, each covering a pnriion of
the proper! n. liioluded in the new
mortgage, have been relaaaed or Ml
OOllOd mid all bondx IsMiieil Hipreun
(llT llll.e III 0)1 'I
i i iieaMT Rhror Powar omponj
I IHMI OH. Ill.lllO I'HHI'I l.lgln
I'ompani Mm '" Idaho I
l.lglil K I'owi'i' oinpany. I
000 00. II" Rll t i
Cinnpali' I . ' "" "" tl '
Stale l.u:lit .'. V ..
ii I :
Mffl !BpuWNF I Til lr Irmll Iml ' '
Twin iiiis Wetar Pow-
10,000.00 . Southern
tdal o u i .:mi).-
!' iho i Power
r, Ltghl . on
puny, 1 10,000 00) Pi 0 itl llo Townr
ti Irrigation CoOipt I 00
Total, 1 "it
iihv not tgoga in in affect, a hat
' onii' to In- I lOD n M nil
opao BJOrl .',- in I Imt II DfOI Idl t"i
contlngonataa and pomIMIUIm that
liuiinii lm foroaecn. While an ulti-
iniito limit of linn, oon. noo Ik tixed,
It In not anticlpatPil Hint am Ii limit
will pvpr Iip rparliPil, and while am
pin provlKlnna are made lor future
bond lasues to iiippI Hip dpmanda for
iiiipiinomiiitM unit extensions, yet
many strict and detailed provisions
are apt out In the mortgage ho an to
prevent any Issuance of bond othpr
Hiiin on an entirely conservative linn
In which will not lesson the value of
I Iip bond theretofore Issued1 under
Hip mortgage Among other provi
sions I Hip limitation Hint new bonds
Ih'uipiI again! ImrovementH and r
tensions. Khali not he lued for more
than SO per rent of Hip intnal cost of
niii h MMNMI The lying together
into MM system of alt the Independ-
pnl power plant In the Hnako lllter
Vnlb'.v Ih a grpat nihanliigp to Hip
I M of power. I'liiplally to irriga
tion . nnpanle. a It gmirantpe con
HtiiiouN service In making It possible.
In esse an nccldcnt should happen to
oiip plant, for Hip powtf Hi .taniaii'
OMtj lo lin luriilshcd from nnoilipr
Me round a Fine Priie for the Friend
Who In.ulUd Him.
Alexandre Iniliia the nliler, the
great noiellst. bad, in. I well known,
HMO b'"' k blood In In i pin mid WM
of an inifoigltliig If mil almost inel
In Ids pinller dnj lnimaa rei elvril a
dire llisllll fii.m one belli Iip 'ailed
liU rr.end To tin- lUrpt I f l ho
knew lit ii. Aleiin. he look no appiuvnl
Mtkg of the ivnnig but Instead up
plied himself lo looktag earefully after
tin- welfare of his suppose,! filpml
Hi I. ultb him Inti i. Intro
dm id bun Iheie. presented blm tlierp
. oniiii". , r..i ii 'ear, at
Hie end of w lib h lliiie be -t od n
iieit ii. an ' ill h, (in i. 'I . linn '
The iroddtef fM I I ttal ' Itnlisl
die DMM "ii' leaving I be
i. Iwii mi in iiialiilain'e Jollied
Ii 1 in nnd iih tl.ii wall. ei along naUI:
"I have often alfcbed to my how I
lime wondered at oiir iMeal kkMMM
(u M. X.. wboiii we have Jtml aeao
inuiind on bae I lie most forgli lug
ml in Hull I luni'i'ii'l lili'l Willi lie
IiisiiIIpiI loo gio--i MM Jem ago.
ml p'ever ince you hare devoted
youmelf tu hi MMjlMM and at laat
a I loin logrt IIIIH
'That'a Ii pMetaet,' PM II I M
mas slow h. wHU a Minister i bin kle. "I
tliilter mi -elf lluil I b ii . gtri n linn tin
lm. i lurioiiH anil l.i ii niii luolherlii
law in tram i'.'- London Telegiupb.
rtojrorol and jug
rile ol
, i. Mrs l( Q
Frulllnii.l. Idaho PI 'H
in M
s i tit 1(1 i jfc i c if :;
m ::
RtaMMta of lliulparil Appreciate
Ulllli utiles of Mull Currier
Kheop IImihI llpglif Moving.
Ii Anv PattOfl nrrivi'il from Mob
iiiw univprslty Saturday evening and
vlFltiil bin grandparent, Mr and '
Mrx K. Merry until Sunday wIipii be
went mi' lo (' I' Stover h and vlHlted
a few dayn hpfore going lo hia home
at I it'le Willow, Idaho.
TboHo who braved the severe storm
Krlday evening to attend the party,
given at the Orange hall In honor of
Mr and Mr Adam Hose of Kemlrlrk
Idaho, felt well repaid, about 40 were
Wp all apprpplale Hip faithfulnp
of our mall arrler who linn iiihiIp his
trlpa regularly In nplte of the Htornm
and almost Impassible roada.
Mr. Rarah Calloway Ipft Hunday
for n few day vlnlt with hpr alatiT.
li ion Wright nfler whleh be will
go lo her borne In Portland.
.1 1) llllllllgse move, a band of
noun woollies SiiiiiIiiv from near Ar
eadla to their feeding ground which
of Cairo.
W lumping iinigh whleh I real
fashionable now. is Hie only nlgu of
Hprlng we have aeeu thua far.
The MIsspm Maud, KIomsIp and I
vernp Keller were euieriaiinl at ('
f Slovera laat Friday evening.
Mi Harry MrCurty ret hi in. I M
Tlmr-day from n weeks
I'ultland with her parent.
John MiUregor and wife moved
Friday to "' old lib k lluvls rain h
near tin Malheur river.
Mr ! Wednesday
lor a Islt w Ith lelatuis and frh
along Hie lloiili'Miril
Mrs Ivan Arnold ol (iiiinrlo was
u Moniluy night guest at J A Wall
ers 1. II I'.itton sold IS Ions ol ha
last weak for I If.. 00 ppr Ion.
Harry Jones lost one or his driving1
horses laat week.
Nation's Tra.iic ;teu to Work
With the Army.
Oarmany't Vast V.d, Built For Stra
tegy Uu Only. CtcU a What Muat
Bs Provided Damsl Willard Chair
man of Comniitts on Transportation
and Communication.
.i at. iut lo put mil
Itarj nan .. nation i ml . ommunlca-
,o I Ihe t'itlted States on
i ii w :'.li lb. d ol ail) i . ui a i r. In He
i.iiiv . a here thej
inn allied iho highest developmeui
1 1 ..i Ihe pin ram for
hip ii,"i.ii.znii..ii .r lb - of the
nation in llase of arar,
The Initial sie.s were taken ipiieih
and alin.'-l M Iwtlf in Koi M I
liiini.'l V ill.'ii I. I" ah "I ol Hie Haiti
iimii' ami Ohio railroad and ' liairuiiiii
II I Wl! Mill.
of Hie advUur) couiiui i"ii 'ivuiiil t
aid too Council of Nutluiiul l
In ii. in v i made
in "f I In- i ti trans
, "Mali hi ami i nmuiUlili at lou,
it was w. i; lie ler, president of the
i llallrond of Sow Jpiej nnd a
c of i be e.. rotlve i ommlttea of
b Ameri nn Railway ii i latli n,
i i ro i i .ii ill i be undertaking
i I ' Bald Iip:
it is Hi I machinery whlok w
i ibis eoontr) for oo ordinal Ing
anil bandling Iho various phases of Ibis
problem, Ilia only piece of machinery
which can make Itaelf felt thronghout
-i country, Hi" only oraanlaatlon
who a vniee will b" iieard ami obeyed
rhrough it Hip Munition In Hip far
west, I In' far Houtii iiihI Hip north enn
ha ' iinliolled as easily ami as readily
us enn (but of Hip past. Througli It we
-an be aaaorad that tboro win lie no
' "iillli I of i e or of efforts.
"It Is the obvious solution of the
problem," continued Mr. Boater "Thpre
will lip a tiemeinlnus lot of detail
work to hp .lo ne, and I don't know
how else wp pu Id do It. 1 have never
had any, faith in associations of t ili
zpn. however patrinlie ninl eiiprgetii.
when tliey iiiulertiil p w.rk of Which
they haw no know b "Igp. This work is
work that needs Hip greatest planning
hy MHr Irallle men Kvery niovp nmt
Is- lln .light out In iletiiil, ami tiieie N
lump to do It o well oi the association,
"for Instance, I have friend who
have told of tipping ill Ucrniiiiiy liuue
fan -h iss stretches of track Just wilb
ni Hie Herimiu border. No tiallia were
on thetn. o factories were near I'bev
lay in wasfp atrplches of country or
country thai tnul Ims.ii leveled lo let
Ihesp masses of track lie In a plain.
They were Hip lerinliil by aid of which
(IcrniaiD has Iippii ciiablpd to move
gl'piil masses of IriHip, si'ii.lily and
wllbout i intrusion.
"Tiles,, hllelebes of I n . I, wele laid
at place which the Herman board of
strategy has conceiveil lo be turning
pOMta in Iho evenl of the war Hint
iiiue Now our military cs-rt will
...l.i Just such Hlrateglp Hilnt for
the "inelili iillon of tnsis wllbout
loiilil and will ilcinaml the Installation
there of these fan shaiHsl termini.
Therp I no tioiible moving frplght or
Ins. is We .an move all we shall
ever lip gske.l lo move. The trouble
Will llV lit I be lelllllllllls "
(Continued from First Page i
pastorale of thla church. TIip church
is changed In lis iiilien-lilp and In
itiiil. Inward senile Kellglon
I i liallglllg. A tin obu-li al liook pub-
i , ant i.iiate.l A
church en-cil a few fgMM oM I- out of
ilale " The "old II religion", he
-aid "was not good enough for lilm"
because religious thought and life la
coin inually progressing. The King
.lam.", ler don of I Iip IHIiIp Is not
good enough because language cluing
es." TIip speaker lold of a copy Hint
he pine i.ei of I be III si I .III loll ol
the King James tralisatlou and de
clared that highly a she valued it, be
would ii' cut II as a reward lo any
one who could read It So great has
been the change in the Kltif
llsb that Its language I
worse than OrM to lb- Knll-h read
er of I.
"lilll tin- II.-. m ril F.ilh.i and Ills
Kiln.. loin, " Hie pn
rl.l'U ( '-( It (.s I l l
r tiii: aim. i s ui i ii t
tu our cuBtomew intelligont, un
etUe iintl saiir.n-ini execution
of ilicir orden. We'll lt- proud
to ibow J ni li" ' 1 1 i will benefit
"dhi not chnngi goal of all
human progroas, the high itandard o(
Ufa In hrls .lesus does not churn'" "
"He Is Hip siiiii" " t"r.lay, today and
in all pol
in ills loro, ills irrlMi nis powor to
sine He is the sain" today lis II" n.
day as lie in ...i h. nn
l;l. .'Ii ' ( .mil I : e new III" to men
I., opla i"i 'lead i 'hrlst,
in I cliaraiter in history, but ihe
real Christ is ancbangod, Up I bs
near to us loilav. I BOtMl to serve
as II" was In the Mrs! century.
Tim ROT, i has '. Mason was In
troduced us the patriarch of the ion
ferencp. having been for nlnpteen
ypiirs pastor at Moiinlaln Hoiiip, Ida
ho Mo said that some year ago It
wan proposed in a meeting of the
lloiiio Mis-don Committee to aban
don the work at ntarlo hut that the
now life and Interest in the church
today, the perfect harmony and spir
it of good will In the congregation,
Hip Imprest lining shown by the peo
ple o ft In- town iii this broad-minded
religious work was proof positive that
the congregational church wan need
ed in this city. In hi charge to the
congregation llev. Mnson urged the
necessity of following Hip ipndpr
"TIip pastor must pull," he said.
I wish to announce that I have purchased the retail meat mar
ket of Ihe (Iregon Packing company. Also I wish lo tell the
many fornipr customers that the same measure of serrlce,
the same high grade meats, sausage and other meat products
nil at the market In the past will bo given them.
Thirty years ago the t
through personal Initiative
a necessity within the reach
ness had bul one telephone
that business has service wl
nent broad, and every bran
ery other by an Interromuiu
The telephone baa earne
x. 000, 000 Hell telephone
L'li. 000, 000 talks dally.
Kvi-ry Hell Telephoiu' i
Malheur Home
Willi. yOH Ii tl In i In 11111
ami mi will ui'-' I'Vf th It "I
iii,iii iinliviiliiais in till in bar
niiiii iiikIit ciiiiilili' (liicitidii.
'I'liis. iriiiciili H'ac1irall, applied
in our printing iiau( ever d
iaitniriil and proOi'U BOlrf VulU'll
li i'aialllc lliail.-l-rlHilil
- CJ t i i' a n l
i . . .S Ii, ii "5 ZV i ,1
'bul t ' " pOOpli i push. "Hi '
"I ih" necessity of
prompt and a'l".ii it" Miani'lal sup
port. Il" Arthur .1. Sulh I uperlntpn -
dent of Congregational work in (ire
gun nn. i Southern Idaho dolrrarod
.I Ho called
POO ROI I .i i .1 i . .ii to live up to
and work up to bin rlghtriil place 0
iiilliience In the coiniininll "The
tuistor of g church." he dotlgfOii
"li"ld a pirdtion that Mtltted bun l.i
tip of greater HalpOttMM I I ' I II I
of tills I'll than t lm Mayor or i luncll
men or the superintendent Ol elt ,
All Hip Isitors expressed gn .
isfacilon with the condition of the
church and held high hope of ll
fill ure progress.
We want oo much to put one of
our electrically operated Apollo
riayer-Pianos la a home In dntarli
that we will make a big discount oa
" first one. knowing that enough
orders will follow to warrant the sac
rifice. It plays hy hand nnd podali
also A letter of Iqulry will do na
harm. Or you may ask Mrs. Wom
In Ontario. Wise Piano House.
It.. I-p. Idaho. 7tf
elephone waa a luxury. Today,
and private enterprise, it has become
everybody. Where once a bust-
with a limited talking ranee, today
Ih a range three-quarters ot a coun
cil of every business Is linked to ev
nlcatlng telephone system.
d Its rnsDonsible Dlare and there are
a this country, over which go
;t Lonir !i liimc Sliilion.
Telephone Co.