The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, February 22, 1917, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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Tttt't A . . ifor llir "Krct'(l..m of the SraH." Is this a L -
wlUaiUi VTmIIB postage of m littlo value that the people K
, ,. . ,. i , ..., , who today are enjoying life, liberty and (he IT 1
hstnn islin 1H!h. I .. ,. , ' e s:
I pursuit ut happiness, wmilil throw them - -n
Ma K. AIKKN. MMW anil I'nbllthii-.
r.lhll.ili.t.1 Thurmlays at (Intiirlii. Oregon, itntl M
t nil at lln Ontario port oflMt for iHmI rlhution as 2nd
las matter.
away at the behest of any foreign crown, of
because of fear for the consequences of a war
to maintain them i Y think not.
(inn I
,.i Moat ha
f i to
i oo
TliriM- Month
Slnptli- oopl
Ml OOP) fur illKplay ailv iti i .mi- Hlmiil.l I"' it thin Of"
Nothing Hint the Ontario Parent Teach
era Association has ever contemplated has
so much merit as its proposal to establish
medical insuectioti in the imlilii- schools.
' I 1 "l I I ! I I I" - Ml I tl I i I I"' I I I I I I 1 f I I , , , . . j I ' 1 1 111 1
I . .Hlnrla noun In Insure position OOP) il.l I HIS IS SI illlcT 111 II", T II.'IT SlHUIIU 11,'lVt' iH't'll lS-
If.t in UlMoSMl on Tm.mI.m t ,i I i l-lli( Ill'IV lull", SgO,
lii establishing such a measure for the
safeiruardina of Hie health of the scl I
I'ehr 17. 1011
our'ifL It. I .In I laaiia , ..,,. r.. 1 In .... I
I ' ii i i lilt n ill Ml i ii i ill l -iWII III ICirii'iMIIUII ..
on declitrlnK r. la N MsdOBOt rail. I, tl.ut I muni ask CllllUrWl tMIUinn is lliaivlll- tin e icrilllcllT
you In lo. .milinc Mini r In DM It Ik JmhI UM 111- '"it is llll'l'th' followillU wllilt llMs liccll (Iclll-
dilHlrlnl. tint bunker eml Jim t, t liu ilo their iitnioii to ollstiated ill llllllll I'l'lls of cities to lie of
( into I ruiilil... in order In pllf up SOBIS MN ninney "r;t valllc to tile ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ) 1 1 1 V.
i'llnk oT Mi-Klro. Nliarai-na n ml even Kiiropt- of inilnv , .. ' ',. ..
. . ;, ,, .... bob all s product u ls impossible tn place a limitation up-
rKiK i'knskv "ii the benefits winch arc bound to accrue
with yean of such a ivstem. All these are
In a iiat f 100,000,1 people, there '"., """''V ,l"' nprovrJ2on "' th." hea,th
re of curse mam vicwa ,, public ones- ol ,'" '"hire,, ether. are found as
turns, and with a wider freedom than w ac wrU '" ,l1;' ''''l""V' "I their metal de
. prded the oople of anj other hovi niment w,,l,mw,t'
irtifler the sun the people of the United Many children unknowingly suffer .from
stjit, g permit a man t.. hold and to express 'n'ganic imperfections which retard their de
thorn views. In the exercise of that riurht of velopment The most numerous of these are
tree ,., ,ch ami a free oivss the Aiirua on, it '",""1 '" the eyes and organs of the nose and
' ! the editorial to which Mr. Tenseii takes
w ,i ,, , i , ... ii , , i , i en (I deficient, when in iialit 1 1 h can not
e io nt UlmW. siee he has Hot stated ,, ,. ;. , ,
i .... P..1I. ,. I..., i.. i i ii see or hear a well as their lellnws. and thus
IU- I l f I I -v , l,ll III. II I.--I 'II s tl,S ll l'
rae are. , dn know, however, that
I'll ii I ID in III lf I in I nil, ,1 M ,1. Is ;,
I I. ai l llol a Mili1 i
cii .
throat. Children are found to be "back
ward" ill the studies and therefore consul
dn nut reecvie the same I mi o lit from the in
st rnei Ion of the si liiiiili in.
In a Kchoo ith
ss hell medical
The Cleanest Coal in the World
When you shovel Rock Springs Coal
into your stove or furnace you know that
hose glossy blrrk chunks will soon burn
into red-hot coals, which will make your
home warm, cheery and comfortable.
For Rock Springs produces intense heat.
It is free from soot and smoke.
Rock Springs
makes I fine, white ash which is light to
carry and there's not much of it
There's not a clinker in a ton.
Taking It all In all, Rock Spring It a moat
satisfactory all-round mat it uvea In time,
temper and money. Duy it of your dealer.
Rock SpfiMgt Cool form hriirt i,lm thrrr It o lilllt Rock
. ataS mu.J i.i.i ii,, has
Expert Service
Charges and
The kind of treutmentSteady
customors deserve Is the
prineipul upon which we do
Accessories carried for all
kinds of cars.
(msoline. Lubricating Oils
and Supplies.
Ontario Auto Co.
Mmm 184
pic del, i;,m "
. , 11111' I
: i It hcl
it,, i
. 1 1 .i .. nil the ills of the hod,', put
, I l
Tin aid
. while the untnld
h, i i lit win.
nuaiiii i ini'ect H.iis disea.-' lient epi-
ivpuh -..'...h .'"- ",l"1' dH(i'W to thi i ilth of a
I. mil. , . .v mi Il.n " inmiiiiiiA . maiM ii
i i runt iiei a
KVHteiii be adopted. The ran m Tea'ei7
,i s,., i,i tn in is to lie ci hi -rat, dated oil tlUtillji
si, eh a movement.
H-k. Hamilton and tin1 : nth , patri
uii the ciiriiersiinics u ith the IiIimmI of
t ie i lui ... :
'i a- well as aimtlii' illtioli
I ed h man. Tin- In ln t
I tile w ,, ; nniel ll HI
1 ' u " In the iNiMHinuof W. Tmw, Ontai-io
..ii ,i i i i.. ':. . ' ........
' ..u in nlarh . ami all ui .Malheur .-. n ut in
" rtam U1. ,.,;, law Hiiffered n rii i Never
tl it'll ni i w iinan, .leu i,.lv .I... .. ..!,,.,
M'llnlll Mr.
us i, a iniii
lnlllill si i illi.i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ills an e V lil'esslnii ii l-e
- iii i . i
'' " '' ; ennmue, hiiicc n in ,.,., . the death of a citiawn. (Vrtaiilh tin
ini "I""""' eoncernniK tlll'ir ,jK,,.,. tributi miuld be paid a man than to
lmipnaln to the present (piv H. tlina frti-Mned bi Ins 1,11,. u citizen w. en
1 "W'". '" t!"' 'N'-epti.ui s, mial to the w.'ll.nv of tin ,,, inn, unit in
If the p.iie which Mr. Tiiisen would which he lived.
I .ne us follow now.lif klH'llill mir supplies N( ,,,.1,,,.,,, M1(., ., rtaiidiUM. With
. Ik.iii. . had In, ii I. .II.. wed Ir, France In. in lls rdkiWl without earuiim it. And lew in-
'"''," l7Wtl i ii would liave been no I nit (,.(., ;ll.,. tn.v wUt t.un( Vl..u.h ,),.,, inlll ln
lHtat'Moi An a and Mr. Tiimii, living n. si,..rt space, ,i . iuht year for Mr. Trow
Malheui i.iiiiii Or,... i, wonld have been HH.UM a eitUwn of Ontario and Malheur
Hiibjeet t,- the Hritiwh crown, and if loyal to canity just eight wan ago.
I irnVCrnniCIlt S,Ull,l been the ,' '. . , , W. , , i i- FT
1 ... iii It is nut eiioiih tn nay that A. . I row
UVOWCC eneiuv .l the natinii he Winn iinw , , .. , , ,, .. ,. , ,
.. . , , . . .. was a man who did tluuijs. He nut ,.nl
.s rve witli his keep our ships at home pi. i- ,. , ,, . , ,. . ,,. ,, ,,
iii did tluiiga but be did thingM well, lie was a
builder. He builded not for himself but for
If this p,,ln had boeil enforced from the oommuuity, and while he may have
lsiij to lHti5, there would have been, not one trained in the doiuir. hbi oeraoual intereMto
v,,eat I nitcl states nf America but two ua-
tiniis within tile limders tiver which iinw
t'nats tin- Stars and Stripes. For does nut
Mr. Teiis.ii and thOMC wlm adn, ale Ins . . I
Kiniw that in tin
he siiliniercd in his desire to serve the peo
ple who live here now and who will live here
in ears tn eomc.
Vo chronicle all that Mr. TroW accomii
miiiw ma, ni liu- revoiuiiiiiiarx w ar i.i,..,! .h, ,.;,,.. I. ;. ..n ..... i......r .......;. i ;.
I ranee fdumied to VVaahinrtn'M armies the Ontario woidd be to rernuit .-ill the nrojrwan
itilhi'.v, the munition uml mpolieti which that has been inarkeil here for veaiu On his
. ded III trceinu the n,lltee,l ,,,.lles ,,,n I,,,,.,,! sltllldeS lie , ailed t he ' lesp, ,,sl u 1 1
i.e ,.,,. ,,t li.r.l North tyranny, tiea of manv enteruriaea. A Mavor of the
Professional Men
What would the wot Id d,
..d mi ii. ii.-. doi torn, law
in id utliefs in prof.
Take the doctor ha i s a in ile. Vi.ii don't think
ill, Ii about li, uii
til vou happen t.. need him. Th, it ; mi in . .1 hint
and need him badly. It"-- much the same ua
with the others. K. u the banker niiirhl be Iii
eluded ill the profcfwioUtll list, but Whether ti
uiisidi-r i 'iir Jul i a profcMriional one, or jiiHt thai
of a plain da laborer, our raluc to the tttuumut
it rests upuii tin; ser ice we render, ho the name
is unimportant The professional men arc aiuonu.
mir most reapeeted eiiMtomera and we are glad
tn In- uf service to them in v er.i wa Naaible, as
well as tn all others.
Oltll.os lSHI lt i:i:m II
SM iiniiiiil
No. ITI MK'.l l.i'BVOM Ontario
1 0 nil :i in Ii ilh i" r. pi ,-imiiliiy;
Arrlvi- Vnli' I" 10 ii in nullum
3:00 i in : RlranMt :: p. m.
I ii in Dully Kxi pi Siuiilay,
Inn, nru
. . r-
. ' .i
UOM a; m ll
it a,
I 9:15
.. in fall) I i-
i Me. .i , .,.. Hob .i.'ia
in . . .i in Kxi pi luAqr,
ArrlM- NjrtM 1 1:01 i in.
IMi.i Mi... I it!.. 1. 1. '.ni,, 13:30
i in
First National Bank
Ontario, Oregon
A Flying btart.
An tin- i. linen ml mi u Ii- i
t-U In liliu l.v I. ..Ill hi father uml iln
j.'ii.iK uniiniu uf UU tin. I.e. a ccrlalii
fOUIIl """ li'' iili'il " I ill ll inn u luu
kuf aliuiv kuiuu tiiturcat iu bUal
,,.ii. aimi. kmiii uu io iiiu Kiri ouo t, liuuvi,.l kiud ol inu, hi i. r
...... .. it u. i hiii realty y-'ini; lino mibi
nein iu OMMOti -Muilu a lii'tiiimlng al
really loJay."
"OikkI! ' exi'lalimil M.illy n.l
Kiiut Hun ilie UOM of your Htart V '
"1 ui.l.-ie.l ujv tailor to make uia a
uuiiiesi tuli. -Nfii Yolk. Tluiea.
M itsm: m i him: ami
itKCiit snoc
. . M,iiilen, Cntp.
W I .In .ill kiln! ..I 1. ,.UI Mill k
friilii .i p.ilr uf cl .r in tin-
iiie.Mie Kopturiai U wtll aa
Autoiiinliile Murk vm- can aUo
pin inii BBI;iii Iu good
' . iiiiililiui.
I mil Miutei l.iliuliiiK Sh- ImII)
Down Town OHice
i , i i H...J .i . i .
"" ,!'; "'' Kl"" ' l;" '"'' "U-iiKirie ie ,.it, for ix eeaiH lit- Htm-ted its relmiltiiii
'.:"." ' ' .N""h !" "' the laetun-s ,,f r ,j t to a thriviiiu rural eitv.
i iiuiaiitl. rraiiie ami i.erman iniiisie.
Gantla tarcaam.
A nmiijii liud fi.r'(.Ueu to order
men I for illi.nei Slit) ruslnil (.. I he
leh'plioiie. .ailed the lueul uiarkel
1 1 ' "ii liHliH.rv uml ill. I mil in. llli,- iiln.
was talkiiiR u hen . .me one auawered
null I ho HIUl llelUi! "
"lliee uii uu). hruiii?" tlio woman
".Una, iio," ihe voko at tliu oilier end
of tlie lluu replied. "1 am only u poor i
leaclier. liidiunapolia Newa.
Tilt, ufter elfoet Mllili'llliii'H
' are worsn tliau loin wlilakera.
1 We make a apeclalty of the care
' of your ttm Olte ua a trial
' and if uu aatiafied Ull ua.
A. K. JOHNHON, l'i,,r
l,iies Iii the I'llloll '. Dues lie nut all. I
i ius( who like liiinaiuue for such a policv
w that ('i iinany, prior to tins war, has
I'cei, the nation which profited usad iu the
lie . l i lea tli i lea lim; instl'IIUH nt n. uatioUS
at war .'
To linn the coninninitx owes the Ail
vaiieetnent 1 1 i i. n iuiniaii. the Onlariu
ssa Irriat mil diatrict, The Count) fair.
and in no small degree the Holj liosar hoa
tiital and lastly the WaruuipriuijM rriaa
tion ilistiiet was organised largel) thru his
t lit less elieruv .
With all ( Ins 1 1 1 I m n 1 1 I, , I enei'a) '"
worked for the upbuilding of the eonimuni
t' he ailuiitttl alter t'oinum fiuin his uhl
iii lit
ic liat
And while w ith Mr. Ti us, n. wt
war, the Icmsoiim of button art plait
iv instruments of death ill war have prom
I I I I' 1 IS ' I l 11 ll'l ll S . I . . . . .1 . . Tl... I ' x . 1
- . U....I. i iii . is iii i i, iii if iu . nine si i a u here ui' i:ir s
: .it luii ,, lienl inaviiitiiile which was nut l,..,.i, I.., ..-,, .,. ., ,.;,.,, ...... ;,. ti...' ;...,i. i
luini in the travails ,,i war. And this ,s , development of the STortb star rftatc. His
t ..ill) true ol the I mted states ,.c Ajneri work was n,,t ftuished but fot what he did
ti Oncut tlm.n thuitfs the aoUliern and accomplish Outario will hold his name in
bailors oi the thirteen original cokmiea grateful remeubrauoe, and friends h the
rougbt for at) soon alter gaining freedom icores will unite with the lorrowing wife
from 'taxation withot i-epi-eaentation," was an.l aom in grieving for his departure,
"B'air uiedilale.l the iiuin:.;ier. "Su
HI . lull. i In h.ite Vorj U i Uii. uiit.ii
of u ln,t dlM Ml "
'Well," rt'tiiriiotl Jeffersou Hamlet,
'pt'ili.ipa ..ulit M menu. hi Ihe fuel
that 1 iiiu Slightly .leaf, Ihe lemilt ot
ao inu. h ipplauaa, ...u know " New
York 'i
What Counts.
"'Iui.uimii es tltOf CMOS,
"That a due. hut remeinliei-, my boy,
thai you nt til., t wilt about Ihe eir
I'Uluataueea II you have ihe luw ou
tiui, -nle t .i-iini-tiiu Sur.
A Cuittle Thruat.
Mlai Oltlirirl I rpmenibaf when the
gtrhl man ... l ... ... h youaaaf ihuu they
tlo ii..t ,;in erl .-. ., g.aiiduia
tolls Hie - Hull Mnei .
Fair Supposition.
Tba I.ady-And i your father work
Mf. lay illtle uiau? The l.ittla ilau
I a'pose ao. mum The judge said 'ard
labor. Luuduu Tttegrspa.
caaCJlWaBBaPjkai fcw paaj QH
Titan 10-20 The Tractor That
Will Best Fit Your Farm
VOUR farm if you are tilling a hundred acres or
more. Titan 10-20 will honestly fill your power
needa. reliably ad economically. The year round it will be
working for you. It has power and atrength to handle your
everyday held work, pulling plow, disks, harrow, drills, hay
machine, gram machine, doing your hauling. That's all
drawbar work. It reduce the number of work hores you need.
.l ,1ft,tl,"r;no doub.t you wi" havc be't work enough to keep
the U 1 1. 1 . engine buy when out of the field. It is the right
ize to run light machine with economy. Cutting silage,
hredding, awing. grinding, threahing. pumping these, and
other job that your horses cant handle, Titan 10-20 "runs
away with, a they say.
Ontario, Oregon.