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    'uv: two
(Established 1896)
CEO. k. IKK. Editor and Publiahtr
Published Thursdays at Ontario, Oregon and entered at
the Ontario post office for distribution as 2nd class matter
One third of Helton of the lealo-
liiturn h pant The scion have on
arii'il four new lav.- and have nearly
30U morn before llicm for oiiNldera
tlou How In the name of common
sense. In view of the almost phyalcal
impoaalbllltr of reading all theae
maaauree, ran real conittructivc le Il
lation result from a forty day kmsIou?
One year
Six Months
1.90 Three Months
1.00 Single copies
$ .60
All copy for display advertising should he at this office by
Wednesday noon. To insure position copy should be in
this office on Tuesday.
Humors of fraiidiilriil tittcnipl i to
'outer lln run'' , nccot dim: 0 Bl 1 M
iliapatclic-i. have caused Secret nr Ol
Daapita . otiitncnt.- 10 tin- contrary
li he ImsliieHs men of Ontario have
Hie Interior Franklin K l.ime to IdOWOMlratOd. their ability to unite
Withhold deslKMiitlotis under the in for the I..-H. i iii.nt m Hie dim huid
Hect Ion homestead law. next. lni.- I Outline the past fall
The decision of the Hrrrclitri I- nl with very little effort a riimmllt.H- of
Itiil linpiirtnui I to the pciiplc or Mill htiHltitws men secured $7011 fur the
I,,. in i. iimm for It Is e tlunited that Improvement or roads leadlux to Ihil
there are I.IHMI.IitHi lure, of rnllltciiti
I. in, I op. n I )f entry within the county That Incident alone lios that the
lioiiinlarli' ilty's Interests are O0M to the heart
I lure b( In en mi end i.i i"-i nl ' the bu tin men when the need
II. hi as tn what tin ajfotl ol the n i properU presented
law would he on ti tatua The trotihlc is that practically all
r thi -.11,111. "Will II .ill o,,iii in ot OaUHol kootMM men. ti who
Inter, Ol into Hie Itiinils nl iln hlit could and who do curr- the hiirden ,,f
cuttle men. or. "will It en. minute MW '"llilitilliltj iwilK, are bus) n.i n Tlio
Hinall stock raiser to get int.. the kaVW H.'-ir own lui-ln. ' utt.n.l t
business"" TkOM ." Mi, B ItOI aOJW IS. MMatMOT other tiii.l
which t ien hii are culnt; '! e iiniiter ters A ilr that which Is
.iskinr ti ''" koalm
Oil I 111- mill nine In lie's' bUSlt
ilepitid:. i he prosper! I Bl PTOrJ lOWII ' ' 'ol,' 1 1" would i lii the thlliKH that In the ossim hit Ion which Is one nl the
n ,, ,.f ti,, shnulil In .Lin. II shniild make It rocks upon which I
While It Is true that the in.i,.iit. ' 0 melmdj hu loaaa The I . .111.1 . Iii I llandl as a future protei lion, hut nl-
nt Ihoie who discuss the niatti bl ' shniild l.un- an active paid olt.'.uii.Vh pay. Inr such service . deposit.
Ileve tbOl llni hln -I'll K Hi. II will lilt I clal w hi, . ' ' Would la- lo enr i,r is ill I r III lit Ions W It h Its ow n chei 1,
mutely buy up the rlhts of the ontr r Mai louden Bf detail ol I In- work never lit mutiny as hofnro stated Such
in. n there are iithers w hn are eiualh needeil With the active support h payments always at rullna market
pi. iln. that that will not be the case uanclall) and In personal ways of the values of sunte. to Illustrate, suppi,
Tim lattOf I im mi, ,r I, in mi '"I '' ii h an would he th. , imnery, fruit evoporulor or a
whlih lhe boat their nplnlnti Hull I '""d '""' iiiniil Ihe t'oiuiuerrlitl cluh broom Illuklna estahlhhini lit had
iimf nrvrv DFPFIUFC I
The House members down at Sal
em have an earlyln-the session de
sire for economy, but wait until the
last afternoon and evening of the
laat day when the omnlbui appropria
tion bill Is up and witness the passing
of that desire.
The (jranaera find that It pays to
take a day off once In awhile to gath
er nround a fine dinner and discuss
their problems Why should not bus
ine-s men find It equally profitable''
As before stated In last week's ar
ticle, on will here ho made to
explain In one or two details tln prac
tical workings of this system of cn-
opcratlon ami tall explanation nul
to a limited extent bOOMM lack ol
space In the Argus forbids lurther M
, I. uiatlon In this Issue Now the or
ganlxatlon of an association of this
sort here would naturally be oon-dnct-d
on usual lines of prod dm.
Willi few except Inlli. one of Willi h
Is Mil, n einli t signs his i.r her
nam to the agreement In the ccrtlfl-
ciitn 1. 1 iiieiiibershlp that Is. to BjOTOf
ilein 'ml tender mnuey um puy
(or services i.t-rforund Inillding ma
terlal furnished, farm pmiltnts d. -llvcred,
or conlrlbutlOOl of BOOO)
James Lackey of this city who was
one of tbe commissioners from Mal
heur county at the Panama-l'aclDc
exposition at San Francisco In 115
this week received a handsome bronze
medal, the official emblem of the nx
position. The medal which Mr Lack
y has turned over to the County Fair
association is on exhibition at the
city hall. On one aide In bold re
lief la the tovmr of Jewels the center
piace of tbs exposition, on the re
verse side are the figures of a man
and woman The medal is a beaut I
ful sample of the designers art. Mr
Ijtckey la of the opinion that the in
dividual exhibitors from this county
who have not received their modal
awards will get them aoon
II It Andersou. after years of
faithful servpe as baggageman aud
brakiMtian nn the Northwestern, has
Ins n transferred to Ihe t intari.i .Inn
turn run, with a likelihood to lie pro
looted t inluctor in the vet i im ir
future Hi. r .mil his wife haw
left for (iiitarln 10 make their hnitii'
ami Huntington will miss two esti
mable people, but wish lliein the
hi- i m h. extended at their new
home u pthe line Huntington News
KXCTaWOM HATM ihntimkh
(iri-Kott Short l.lue we. Y end and
Sunday excursions have heeu a big
and will be made permanent
Xi.u i. in get the special low r.r
ry week all the time ask agenis
All the Family
lot the mull
MAKM nt i I' v ITRAI ll F.
the result of a slntllar Inw In Ve """,l ""'
According to them when the range
I.i ml of N'ehraskn was t In-own npen
for ett tit under shnllar cndi To pay for such an nlllclal ll..- . .m,
tlons the same ,,, ar and an '"erclal . luh should haw a men r
Invi stlgatlon was made nt th.
ten wars after the law lieiatiie np.-i
alive. The report of that lovt
Hon formed a prominent part nt th.
.I.h.iie In congress before the present
law was passed, and according to it,
lluri were a great many more cattle
tin II III Nehrasktl III the time I1,.- ill
nip ill inn less than JIM) members
And thai number could be had If
Ihere win snuie Inducement to be
come ineinhi-rs In other words to
be of service in the community the
club iiiu.i In- iii -.Mice iii its mem
bers They shnulil he enthusiastic
.ihniil It
How can this enthusiasm he real
illestloi has hi en alls-
man) Ontarlaai ttj
v. iiKutlnn was made tlnin ten vears
J nils
W ! i i .1 . the law a III dn tor
Mullii in n.iinty mil thing Is hmni.l tn
result ii.'iielv. a .se In the
prouart) n
in Hie I.u.,1 i. entered noon In six
i. torn added ' "'"
bisn started by this association and
ready to IMOtVO Its raw material from
the farmers in the cannery depart
incut the furmer la delivering his
squash, pumpkins, asparagus, peas,
beans. tomatoes, berries, apple
peaches, apricots and othara la al
ways paid in the exchunge check ot
the association, never in BOOOJ ua tin
association does not do business with
egall tender money but pays for Its
raw umterlul with checks, pays It.
help un'i clu-i ks and exchanges Its
canned good llrsl to our own home
. in h.ini .. in-i tn our neighboring
low II nn nl .ml I always at w I.
to Ihe roll I. At lll Willi
Ilium nl ! i i uiiiihl
la Iln
today ro all
With tin- Increaaad valoatloa and
ii,. i per cent Inrraaaa Until u
,i b) t.iviitii.n still
. . relti'i
. rataa in
aUlilUllls til he I ,1
III I... I.' II
III, III III.' pres. Ill
M.ilh.'in i i
loohlM. II ti Iv I COM
Ihe world. Iln. I I i
In ed nn llns old earth, owa a In Ihe opium I tiali hour
spent with one who can see Ihe hroilit
side ol tlnngH i .in limine douhl .
sod distresses ggyartl B hnuis titlh
a pessimist
It lakes a good II. ii and a ileal
coiiM-ieme lo mark a leal optimist,
ami lert.iliilv sui h a aorOOl i- QOOTfO
Ailc. w-hos. ' Looking Hack From
l-'tiiy in I'ehruary's Aineruiin will
Mind h
soclahle Instead ot bOlB open lor
a . oll I In. in ' ,, h ill, mill
:,,rilis MM ,i"1' -1'""1'1 no "I"" w. day
and ewi . i.iiiii II sliouhl
in ttu Im
Ho. ill lelh.wslnp ill -.1. in , li-lweiii
. Ill ells Ui.llhl dl
mlnai gorh foi
ant In rouimunit) would ha
lost. I. ,1
I !,. IV I I.. I n! oo,l II llowslllp 111
Ontario tin- Iniiiin. icial i luh
Capitalist 1 1 1 . I spirit .mil h ii
In till- latent .'lll-rgl nl lite .'Illells
anil all ailiw iiieni Ini si. ip nl Jen anil
iheie is tin civic problem wiiim. raa
on. dial can mil be -nlwil
How long is ii sin. e tlfty or more
Ontario boalaoaa nui Btofaaoloool
men sat ilnwu In dinner tOfJOthOrf
We iln not know hut will haurd the It hu- heeu BOOM tlllie
Why not inuugiirute a weekly Iii
aaOtU) ol llinlllhl) luuclleon where
fOUowlafl a satisfactory meal Ihe
II) i-iohleuis .an he dis. ussed and
Kie.lter lellowslilp developed
This plan has been followed for
snuie 1 1 mi- by iii.nii orKuiiialiiiiis 111
Mis nn larger Ihaif Ontario with
Why not try It I
The Argus is dwelliiiK on I
pi ni.i'ins ol the I i, uiiin-r. tat cluh anil
.pie hu
. lite the w nrst case ol lihn .
One cannot help wl rOftdtal lha ,,,.,, .,, ,, ,
atiniis ,,f Mi v.i. . w ii..-.- Kab
les ill Slant; npi lleil Ills wav In lame
being Hiaukiiil Ihal in- is nn earth ., IM1,Hlllllll .. ., ,-, within a few
jual at this time when aa HI) IBlRfl u,.,k. ..........I meeting ,,. that
'"' aOOOta amiss i m ., bffl4j mU h. U,M ttQm lh(. llm0
while to he teniiii.le.l that ""' w ,.,,.. of I he city should be
which we iegai.1 as , niiiiiioiipi.ifes ,luki1K o w ,, mm ,, llo,e , B, further show as to
Hie needi d results
today were unheard of only
yearn ago. n
s ,( teal esl.ll.' bOOatOf Ml Vie Hep I II I 1 1 I e 'el lloll A Fillies
reaches the third IMOjfW ll - in- Ol Henit lui- introduced lull lo regit
luresiitie iii.iiuii'i when he il. s( i ih, s J,(e t lie ni.iliulact ure and sale of sliutt
Ihe old pools and flow i r i o , i ed Kniiu-s mines from St I'tniv Falls,
planus , in- home .nituti that are Ulai'OBalB w here Ilk ilu siuin-' is
new lepl.ncl t) SM BOf .on- latins the casual gteetiiig ot clticiis. sn
Itul Ml de leaches ins hi ml lest t-'oi lies kunws its daubers I'erhaps
pinacle a- an nplnnisl desi rilnug hnw the i took . oil lit i .pn sental n e
Itilug in minions have hi-.-n Improved iinnk- ihe "Hone Hit Hill needs .,
.liiiuiK the pjuM BOll century One i- . oinpauinu
I ollsll allied to hellile at!-l li.l.llllt
tin- ret ii. il oi . iuniM. s thai "Uookbti Uafora kicking aboal what Ootarln
hack no in Ifty, ii s. ia iinii avar) or tha t'ommarotal cluh has not dona
.ai ha- hei n kicked lull ol dust In mi i lie ili diiriui: Ihe past war stop
our efforts In inipinw p ..ystial , nn indihmk WHAT lH 1 1 A ' K UONB1
diltoiis Nn less inspiring If his hi,
.ii ohsei i ation i'liiie is in. no broth Tha rtadara Doj sui.- rooatvod tin-
ci hood of man .' t.i i .' I baa aval bt aodjonooaool of Iko CooiBtorohill cub
fon Ihal is u.y loiuluston. lookini; Now II i.s up 10 the to net he
back fioiu lift), wat or uu w.n ' hind it too
i im . i'.i limit miii ket pi ice thus keep
ing tin i i . DOO) ii In
) it k or in looal rirriiiiii,
s.ielllhi' iln I
neigltl, bi u t kW
l iii, I as
our. lie
. d
- w ill naturall) tad Ihoff
way Into ctn ulniioti in ami
nround our Iniiu .1 ...t u ml, Inn hood
thus swilling our bona tirculatloa
ninl thin nn r- inniiey will atay in Hie
h.nik and for iiiipm i.itiou of other
lldl alsn lor other Uses for
nicli i ioaa checks are not titled
Naiut.illy thus many ot such
i. ill gradually find their way
into tlie hands ol our grocery iin-ich
nuts winch by them will he returned
to the association In exchunge for
canned goods at prevailing wholesale
rate-, the checks hating then per
im ined its useful inlslon, is . aui.-ll,-,!
by Ho- association aud returned to Its
original owner, which would be the
farmer or Ihe workers iu the cannery
Ml persons in all walks of life en-
guged in useful ni'iiipation of good
character are theieinre amenable to
More will be said on this and many
other lines as to exportation of com
modifies after all home demand Is
supplied winch should be the origlual
ohi.-it of this association. If space Is
furnished in the Argus and which will
lie widespread
We want m mil-n to put 0M of
our electrically operated Apollo
I'lnyer-i'lauos In a home In Ontario
i lin we will make a big discount on
ha flrat one knowing that enough
onbtrs will follow to warrant the sac
rifice It plays by band and pedals
also A letter of Iqulry will do no
harm Or you mar ask Mrs. Weese
in Ontario Wise Piano House,
Boise. Idaho 47tf
dotVt Oktgu , vdwr-
Roclc Springs Coal I It'a the
cheapest-in-the-end coal,
without question.
If you have never used it,
that's all the more reason
why you should. Oive it a
M your next buy.
Rock Springs
It produces intense heat.
Makes little ash. Keeps your
home free from soot and
coal gas. You can't force it
to clinker. That's because
it'a all coal and nothing else.
"Rock Spring Cost burnt h-ur when
Ih.r la a Tint Ro.w Spnn atsea
U.1..J in wiiti ilia lump."
Keatr dtmUr will supply you
llolse 1'ayelte I.uiiiIht Iii.
Van tvtteu Lumber to.
Oil I a rio Coal Co. to our coiiimiiiuty such an or
aalaatlOO would eventually become
Airs I-. Tope Ladies' Tailor and
DtesMiiakei. I'honv ill M
Down Town Office
Expert Service
Charges and
The kind of treatmentSteady
customors deaerve Is the
principal upon which we do
Accessories carried for
kinds of cars.
( ia'soline, Lubricating Oils
and Supplies.
Ontario Auto Co.
Phone 134
Shown at the leading theatres
Carburetor Troules
Keeps the water from freezing and makes start
ing Easy on Winter Mornings.
Burning or
Lasting Creases
Uniform Finish and
Perfect Shaping
Bring your suit and see how it is done or phone and
III get it.
W. ( . BKAMGL'ARD. Prop.
Horses Wanted
War horses 14.:! to 15 hands uigli, rid-
rs. cobs and artillery animals, full
gid, fire to nine yfatn aound. Also
mules. Prevailing prices. See