The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, January 18, 1917, Image 1

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lire, .nit show Tlml Ontario Ha He
relcl Moii- "ii Than in Previous
Neurs In taMPta '.tr- -Ib'tn iii.I
is UnM Ihnn Kver IWnrr.
Ontario Ik In the throea of anolhpr
I 'i l famlni In spite oi tho fact that Inatla nnlved this week
there U still a paucity of the precloua
heat produce.-. However there In
relief In Right, a car load for the city
In due tomorrow and will mtvc a num
ber of famlllea.
Mayor Human announce that alnce I
the city la getting the coal merely for
the benefit of the people and hand
line It at no pront payment muat belnBm by m of ,, (o ,5 OBUfo
made on delivery. I ne my reieiveu
one car laat Friday and divided It
among nearly 70 famlHea after car
ing for the public hulldingR.
In answer In
Inquiries concerning
the amount of coal the railroad baa.
delivered here during the paat month
iir compared with previoua year
Agt. II O. Urn ne on Wedneadsy ald:
"On going over the record I And
that Ontario had 17 car during De
cember 1I6 a compared with 16
during December t !i 1 :. and that for
the entire year the receipt were 113
tarn., ,,iiiiiired Willi 101! for I 'HI,,
mi Hint I lie railroad I delivering more
rum than usual Tl xlrcinc "Id
I in r shows Unit ii N .i gn all
num. I. rather ihnn WHlkW Miiilv
Hint Ih
uiRliig Ihe fhortag.- jiiRt now
The iiiohI terloiiH Munition whlih IO .1 III ill I, I hum wen nun ii
NllOrllll'e ,! , . il ,il III) li.iKpitlll I III
ill.., .1 II III II .11
were'l I'll hi li I". ill III colli froill
the school
Tiie Ontario High hsalMl Ml kxui
will have an opportunity to demon
Mlrale il claa with one of the heal
learns in Kaatern Oregon next Tliea
day evening when II meel the l.a
I'luinle five on the haul floor Man
ager I'aul an Pet ten arranged the
game with the l.aUrande box Hit
'.erk and Piped ine of tl." faatet
saiii.'B of the year'ramle la out
alter the Kaatern Oregon e'i:iniloi'
hlp and Oiitarlo '.. put a
I'rlmp In the aspiration r( the vii
tor. II will cohI the local hoy $:to to
bring the l.aUrande team here bin
believing thai Ontario waul troml
taat gamea Manager Vanl'etien think I
the cltlxena will aupporl the effort A vihllor tdny, making a round up for
good crowd of rooters will help th lo nil.,. f gelling eien thing In
cal team put Ontario oil the basket M,p.HhMp,. ,r Ho- coming If id W int. t
l,u" '"'I' Kxcurslon lo California which I
Idaho points January .tilth.' In.' Suit
Lake liiiuie mil ,,p. tut. aaveral agi
IIK.II .SCIIOOI. -VKWS XOTKS. ,.,, ,,, , , SllU .,lkl. , IU j.lh
' uary Slat, In conneciion wlllt bual-
nass rfotu north. th lluh, Idaho. )
The next meellng of tin- l.n.ri.ri omfng nnd Oregon for till event
Society will be held on Friday, the ()i .,,.,., f ,,. V1.rv .V1 r,. w
lth All.r me n.ce.ssury business ter whlcll ,,, prevuiU.,, throughout
has inn coiniui led the i, ill,, wing pro- (lie BtarmoBnUI aacttoa during tho
gram will be giicn
Song llojs' yuuri.M.'
PabjiU Ites.ilie.l that Oregon
Kliould Adopt Kaaentlal Keaturea ,,f
Klaiidatd Hill for l.ahor I.egtslaHoii
I'lano Solo Nettle i'eleraon
Heading -Ralph Dr
Song Boys' Double Quartette.
High School I'aper Ituth lackey
Song -Glrla" Glee Club.
The High School ill.-.' Clubs are
practicing hard In preparation for the
concert to lie held 1 huraday the lata
sweater exams were held last
Thursday and Krlday and the school
x.i.r la half gone
The new aubject for the laat ae-
ntester arc Commercial Correspon-
donoe aud Spelling. Commercial Uw
and Civics.
The Student llody took up a collec-
lion last week to liay for the High
S-'hool picture which will appear in
tha i uiiiiai Nawa sp.'iiu aari monih
O. 8. Johnson of Ontario won
the handsome allver loving dp '
offered by Governor M. Atexan-
der for the beat Roie Comb
Ithodn, Island !( I exhibited at
Holae. Tho h.inilRomn piece of
' silverware arrived thin wk ami
Mr JohnRon paced II on 1 1 il
at the Klrat National Hank
The bird that won thin cup
wan one of a flock hatched from
a $10 setting of ejjgH and the bird
la worth $100 now while a fine
flock rop with It.
OflMi- Kmmeti In a Henre of .11 to
UV riai Wct-er Here Nel Krl-d-y.
- .. . .
L, pimjm MM fm Frdy
night when the local team won from
put a well balanced team on the floor
which played consistent banket ball
It can hardly be aald that there waa
any Individual Mar on either team for
l( - cn BM , , ,,
Kmmeti la represented by an en-
ln,y nfm r-m , yMr Bd ano
they fought to the end they were
handicapped by their lack of know
ledge of the gam.
The glrla aao had an lnleretlng
game defeating the Krultland girl by
a 1 3 to It oorc The girl have been
continually prnrtl. Ing ami exp.-.t i,.
have a inurli heller l.'inii than lant
yaar. They have not fully decided
what their llii.-ii will lie Tl .
ekpe. ling a game next l-'rliliii Inn are
, Hure of one yel.
...u . .,., u., m.v '
I I Milikln. gunrriN; Huge and
.... ,,nier (irllli
1'iilnler mill
l(l. forivurd
' I i Ida) , l 1 1, i tularin
will Mil in--,. one of Hie heat gam. ,,i
th aeiisMii W'elser will he here mill
.mine I.. Hie tnel T I . t li.illl hMgM are
practically Hie us lanl mmh.
Hie giiliie will he a iiiiihI .,n
I I v.ii I lie I mi tenuis played to
n tie .mil iiniurlo uoii only afler Ave
uiluiilen of extra playing
Al both team have great li in,
proved lite game will be snappy and
full of ginger all the way thru. The
line up of the teams lust Fml.ii wa
Kmmeti Position Ontario
t'lark Forward Urainen
Whttaell (Cap. I Korward
Kldd Center Madilui I Cap I
t'rahlree t'uard Dunrmi
llurke. Uuard lluated
Seth Ithoiles, Traveling I'aasenger
A(.el 1f (he ,,regoll short Line wus a
last few week, Mr Ithodea slat -a
Hmi Hie adi anc. reset i allotiH Tor lite
b)g ex,.u,.Hl,m ,,, ht. luml f sunshlne-
r'rult and Klowara are very gratifying
ulu lll(ic.BliOIll, re t,a, tle excuralon
tt,,, nea, u nr-vi()UK ,,.,.,,,,1,
Ah (lere ((i H ,rill lhlli, ttoiied
for kUj , ,he mifui sumerlun.l In
aud t , (W AnKeei4 ullll Smi1 Diego,
j ot t(, i)e nfsjrad at that many
C)f liur ip.foik, will paaa up" a
few buJ ttlllU,r (U)S ,.,.,. fr thls ,,.
vtMll(.llt ,., ouling wnicl. is only
two nights run Irotn Idaho points
1.1 K.N'.ADAMM.
Monday afleriiooti at 4 HO u clock
i'hilip J I.ynn and Funny May Adam
appeared at the llaptist parsonage
w'"' 'riends anil asked that they he
Joined together us husband ami wife
After the ceremony the h.ipliy gOBjaJa
return, d lo their hOI
MM mimihjim i iujkd
to n manoiT.
it ni . W. Trim Hill rn.iu.hi
le line r.r-rlev Hon Willi
l'oslhle Development "Here ln
i rvAoeil Activity W anted.
That the t'ommerdal cluli nut i
awaken II net I v it lee and ge'. busy wan
the general tenor of rsmarka at the
araalon of the organization Momliv
evnlng What the club will do gfffl
he determined at the annual mrxtlnr
In he held next month.
The demand for renewed activity
whs aounded by II. r. Boyer who de
clared that aa at prevent operating
I the club waa not meeting the delre
i of the nii-inber and nrged large i
I tendance at the annual meeting.
It I understood that I'realdent A
I W. Trow will not accept re-election to
the presidency lnoe be Intend to de-
i vote hla entire lime to the affair of
Hip Oregon- Weatern folonlxatlon
Many of the member feel that with
the development of the VSarnisprinr
district and other agricultural devel
opment In proapeel for thiaeectloi
till eaon that the club should pre
' pare for an active year I'an will be.
discussed nl the annual meeting
I o.l. use Tr, liter's I hit
The iiteliug Moa dnnylght endorse I
the 'I'mders' llui
a coiutnttl.-e couHlslIng ol II c II. .i
r, A Kiuser unil A I. Coekrntn t
to en operate terra ciuirler c urrer and
II V t I. in. tit In tmihlni; Hie iciiiui.'
a success
The i lull a I mi discussed the gen. rill
siiuuiion oi Hie . uumy fair.
W It. Taylor of Athena I niatlllu
county arrived here tills week with K
C I. in us wlio has recently engaged In
handling Malheur county lands After
Inapevllng the W It Thompson ranch
of .120 acre X miles above Vale Mr
Taylor purchased It. The ranch la
one of Hie beat in Hie Malheur valley,
tho only partially developed Mr
Taj lot who in a successful whuat
rancher expects lo develope the en
tire holding a an ailalla ranch. He
also aaya that there are other t'ma
lllla men who are Inlereallng llieiu
selves In land in till section and will
anno here a. on.
Judge lllggs arlved home We.Vnes
d.ii eiening Irom Vale where be baa
been holding court
M Krnesline and I'uiiltn.'
litiiiiigsij vara Itaaaaaaaa Monday at
cuing at a charming party given in
honor of Miss Nell Halt, a bride of
the near luture The evening waa
i-pcnt playing live hundred. Mrs Ion
ningsen winning high honors Deco
rations were in the form of pink
hearts and .'lipids. Little Donald
Wood, a raithful replica of the little
hlllid god, played the purl of i lipid
entering witlt a wheelbarrow Iliad)
high willi gifts from the other guesla
to Miss I'lalt, after will. Il delicious re
N .slim. nln were served Mrs II C
Whltwortli of Weiser and Mr. Krcd
I'lalt of I'arnia were Hie out of town
Tta Ontario Music I'lub will enter
tuin Kiiesis ut the houiii ol Mrs
I. H liormun on Kriday evening, Jan
uary IVth Mrs Eugeat Woors and
Miss l-'reucli of Itakcr will luiui.-h the
'.i I) II '!' t .'.as hod. I tol Hi
T'tes li ; llriilg Slab tllia w
I mitli wus :
' BURGLAR DRAWS LONC TERM II) re I omul l.ii.l.i ol 4ilihliii
(rannar) lleliu an Old Offender
He Draws Klie r..i, at .State
I'l'iiiiii.-iiinii i
Kltner Ilorey iias rttt. .1 t IM in ah
and 15 day In jail while M Town
send was given it $8'u and 10 day In
Jail by Judge Dalton lllgg of the cir
cuit court at Vale Wedneaday. Dor
ey's sentence came after he xva found
guilty by the Jury while Town end
entered a plea of guilty lnce Hie fact
In the case agalnat him were the same
an that In the Dorey pronerution.
These men appealed from the de
cision of Justice of the Peaoa O. U
King who when they were tried In
Ontario lal month fined I hem hut
$60 each.
Thai a Jul I aentanc accompanied
the fine wa not anticipated hy lite
defendant and It la believed will
furnlah a nalutory efferl discouraging
(o bootlegger in this section
Heaweaiil lterlsee.1 Not Hullt).
After a hard foughi irial for ev
erl day lut week the Jury which
lieard lite rae of Hon Heaweard
barged with cattle larcny from the
tones I. nn. I .V l.l..s..ik compini n
Ittrned a lenllrt of uot guilt. Ml
t 'alloc i a Wood of ilils rlty appeared
lot Mi rd. w I. lie I' I (In I In
gin t pr 'Hi,. i iti itctio'i
S' li" I Ol ll.ui
ey litre who li.uu.l guilt) ol
hnlavK i. ho k-nilii Irotn DtBse Hi
Klat gratiiir.i and since he h;"l I
prei Ion- prison lei old li.
,i in, i nteni ui Itslatn
Among the huppy li.mili t union
enjoyed recently wi.a thai which
hi.iughi logelher Hie Keen family al
the home of Mr and Mrs Win It-
'at Valley View on Christinas Huy
More than 20 year have pasaed sin,,-
'the family were all logelher The
day wa a rar one for tlriiiidmn ROM
'lin enjoyed the presence of her
children ,o Hie tiimosi. ,l, , taring ii
Hie liiippicst day of her life Thoae
pnmeul n I It her thai day were: Mr
'nd Mrs II K Keos, Kerndale. Call
forula, H I. Wees, l.tuincl, liliiho.
I). A tag . JnleshurK Colorn.lo, Mr
SOU .il I n . r., . wit.. ,.i i n
Win Keis, Mr and Mrs W II
Sherwood, Mr and Mr. I) II llrowit
and famlli . Mr. and Mrs Win lirowii
...... It.. , L' I...... II. ....I l .
'and daughter i, ml Mlaa Hudie Claud
tatartaj kftaraoag al Ita home ..r tha grip vletlnii of Ontario a-i
Mrs j Prtnalai an Oregon atraat, a ansa waa so ovara u to raqalra ims
rarj i"cii parti gitraa la honor aHVital aara ita raspoadod la in
ihe inn hri.ies 10 lie. tta MiaaM Nail 11'111 wall thai ! arlll bt into i"
IMatt and Kmmi. Clark I lie hOaM n'lurii to her home
wa profaaal) aeaoratad with red
,,...ii and ruphls Two baskets ih. DHMIt III Mil
vara m paaaad la tta aoorwaj and IMMN i rt:iMM
at tile appropriate in Mil tilibou.
wire luulllpulaled which caused u itcl II K linker was inllcd Ul
shower of iiaiidkerchieis lo fall from Njssu Sunday alternoou lo couilin i
thetii on Ihe heads of Ihe honored u funeral serine lot Mrs Amanda
guests Kile hundred was the game ,e Hunch who with her husband
ol Ihe allei noon, Mi- I onuiiiKsen und six small ' hlhlreu alined n,,m
winning lionors and Mrs Van Ivii.ti Arkansas a few dajs ago Slie was
second prize. Mrs Kiel I'lult of I'ar slsi.-r ..I Wilej und I lee Snow of
ma was an out-of-town gueat.
e a
Mr and Mrs C 11 Kmison wen
hosts Monday evening al a dlnnei
given in honoi oi the approaching
inairtuge ol Mtss Nell I'lalt and J It
lilackahi llesides I lie hulioleil
puaata ttaaa preaaal aara Mr and
Mrs Lew Adams and Mr and Mrs
Karl lllackaby
Tin- Carnation Oluh wal Tuesday
evening i Ihe home ul Mr und Mr
PAl honors to DBW1
Tota) wliriimr tho HtarH Bml
Stripes float tin; colorH m
half iiui.-t In honor of Hip Adniir
al George Dewey, who dli'd Vi il
npnday at hi honip In Waahlng
lon TIip whole nation mom lis
for tin- li'ro of Manilla liny. It
la therefore lit ting, lnce th"
American people have never for
gotten the servlie lie ri'iiderrd
the nation, that lit line tl
paid hln ineiiiory.
li. ol Ox I tut Hoard IN lures Hint it
Has not (nine on llnnl.l In I ui-
or of Vl.i.iuli.nlnn Irrigation.
The nenlv .h.te.l dlnclois ol the
Dead Ox Klat Irrigation district, J.
II MiKliinon, K. ('. Ilelknup, Krnesi
K Sullivan, C. A. Itlce. and
I'esrl Crane assert that the atate
iiients win. ii huie i n made regard
ing the policy they will pursue while
In office are premature In a signed
statement lurnlshed the Argus this
week they declare that they have not
pledged themselves to any definite
In furl hr cxpalnlug their position
the i grantors declare they Intend to
InveHtlgate the proponed Irrigating
systent lot Hie district mill if II I
found II can h.- Ilnanred they will
report Hie t. 'suit of their InvpNtlga
lloiis lo the mid i. v, tiers Hint Ihei in.iv
lake Whatever nil Ion I hey deem lie, i
I .incil lltllK Hie illsMlllll loll of III.'
Biatrial the directors nsserl thill Hil
ls a inatl. r lor all ..I tha IiiihIomii. t -in
il. lerinlii. . and ind the dlreciors
iioH.ier, tin- i ii saejaras n in-
i. nd to proti i tl..' Intaraal ol tha
laud ov at b iidon nut -
Ihlug ol lulu.'
IH. I V ItO-tlU lltlsl-l I l
u .. r Metier of rrultland
was rushed I,, i . h,,- pi. 1 1 . i
.in vaataf araafg ska gadarwanl an
ODI i .illiin lor iippindicll Is
Mrs J li Harris reiuin-d to her
home In lite ilty 'edne . d.ij ..ii.r .1
two weeks' slay during which ab
regained her lieulih
Miss Kia Meade of Nyssu so lur re
cm nd from her recent Illness I hat
sin- wns shl. to return to her home
on Salurday
Mrs Turner if I'ajeiie is coins
laaaiag from ihs .nets of mi opera
Hon peiioiiued two weeks ago and
will he uhle lo rejoin her I. .mil
T M llrown of Krultland Is re
yaiuing hi atrenglh and .,.-ils to
gO h.ick , i. loss the tli.r willilu a few
Mr M.i'l.ini who wa forced to
huie ,,u. i,t Ik- I, i" .iiupiilaled htal
week lins lie,, i. led from tiie shock
ol th. opet.itlon .in.! lite wound has
ni. nl, such progress low '! recover) ga win he gbla i.. reaaJva lil
disi iiurge from the hospital in a fan
Mrs Coile ol Ontario wa one ol
Njssu She had nieasles and plieu
inoiiia The I uncial was held from
I he M 1 i liurch und interment in
the Njraaa aanatar)
Ml Uolldj lei' I Moll. I, IV !,,!
I'clidletoll where ita VII called hv
i in- death of her husband Tta body
was brought back lo this city and luii-
elul were held flolil Ihe
I'tiited I'reshjierinn church We.h
day afternoon
l! ' Ducdale the nttrali
,i. Ontai io i ues. i
iItoints iemmitiit: to as-
OIVK Oil A HI l I K.8S-
Sen Una lllg hist of
I. .. ...Is uf .ill Kii.N, u- III.' I a Dig
tn. ii of S(,k lor Sole Next 8at
urilni, January 117.
Ontario'! Comraarajaj club got
..Hilly hehln.l I he Trader Dsy Sales
it the meeting laat Monday. Aa the
result the next sale, which will be
held Saturday. Jan IT. to b" f. attired
hy a lunch given liy tho club. It I
the purpose f Carter at Clement, the
manager of the Ontario Auction rom-
, pauy, the new title of the concern to
I make the sales here equal to anything
iln thin section. Dlcken A Miller will
continue t l cry the sale.
Since the new firm hss the big
Moore barn In which to hold the sale
It ha plenty of room to care for stock
drought here before aale day and
announce that the stock will be
, cared for at lowest possible ratea.
For the sale next Saturday a long
Hat of atook an well a a large assort
ment of farm Implement and other
goods ha been listed o that the aale
will lie I lie largest held here.
II.. is no. I (.Ills luhs I nltS loi lulll. i
I'erloi iiiiiiii. lleuillogs ami lu- Number tlso.
Neii ii, iiimI. . i nini al Dream
land Ontario win huie itc iirst op
portunltj to iooI
lulls 'ihe i wo inn e tl organ
Ions bine developed lo mm k. i
degree I heir ahlllli iluriiig lag p I I
three months under the dli.clion ..I
Mi Mayiue llenge. iii i-i. supervisor
and ii,. ii pel mi i, e w ill sural
their many friends
llesldes ihe glee . lull numbers (here
Will he . horns numbers sung by 20
voices from Hie two clubs In
nl Ho cluNa there me Iti lolls He
sides these there will lie solos hi
Miss Kthel lleslup mill ln-1 1 urn. Ills I
numbers by a trio composed ol Miss
llenge, Mls lieslup mid Alfred Hol
land. The literary readings will hi
gtvea by Misses Kditii Raver and Iti '
la Milllkiu
The enure program win ha eraJI
liaianced, lllleil wltli dash und aplrlt
us well SJ hulniollj so Ihul llienrta ol
the school will enjoj nil el.lllng ol
well rouiiilel plea me
i 1 1 m imi hi i in tutor
lie, I Kle. who lias been I -in Ml' 'I
n nit a i Johnaoa In tha mauage-
iiicnt oi i lie MOOI hotel barber aliop
lor son,.' tin., sold III Intaraal tbi
weak t.. Mi Johnaon Ml Rial
mums In I ha .hop lor the present
having, no i, ieu .,i leavini Ontarln '
I one
11(1. 1 k til I l I ix
Thll week Hie i e,
I htc mall sucks Riled with goi
eriiin.iii from Conii'
man N I Sinnotl ol iWi disti let
Tl,,.. . e for ii"' rem
of Ita Argus und iv e waul inn
lo huie III. -Ill
III old. 1 tOl lo In' disappoint
ed we llfcgest that voll call cur
i II i mi can not I ome person
ally send jour liov or rlil with
u note raauesilai Ita paakafi$
or packages . I sired There are
ihr.-i different aaaortnieata a
follews: lir-i peas, be. I let
tin e luuskni.'loii. :
od corrol. leltuce, musk in Ion,
radii n, baralp third IUu
gsaorl Bl made Up of enndv
nut, oureopala, morning glory,
n. i t nit i ii in and poppv