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Tin- Frances Will;. Pi V ('. T. V.i Mr. and Mrs C r Stover oi Mor
bold n meeting at th BMM home rill, Kansas, spent from Wednesday
IiimI I'rjdii) Mrs lir Drake who HlM Monday ns guesta It tln H I Nil
visiting her daughter Mrs W. 1 (Ml home, enroute to coggt point,
liryadale at New Plymouth, gave ai Saturday BfttTMM the) nii M
splendid MoMM to the union whhhand Mr- Wilton vlstled ri - Bl I
HHS IT'Mlll Klllirif'lfltl-d ll t llle . gliril ..MO I'm OH I H . niUlll'IIS)
Mr ami Mr liny Spitrk gaVO
family dinner Sunday at tin Ir boBII
in honor of Mr Sparks' parent. The
Fred Kurd family of r.iyette, and
tln ('has. Iiuell mid A II I
fninillPN 4Ti' tt
Tin- Farm, i lllti h i ii Tint S.iinr
lay at N v Plymouth ind n ,.. t,,i
the old hoard with Hit- v it l ri of
tirant Fisher who takes Mr Haiti.
won pirn p M tl" hoard line of the
hoaMi"-! votes cant In year waa cast
nt this iiipitlnir.
Tlip coril famine In r rultand was
Minipwhat relieved Inst Tuesday morn
ing when a car nt coal waa received
lijr the llolse Payette Lunilsvr Coin
pan) A general rush waa made hut
all were allowed onl tin y"h pound
Johnson and Son put up an Ire
bouse Inst week, hack of their store
11 ml havp put up a large quantity of
I. D I arpi'ii'iT Mild a team to Mc
Wllllama the ktfM MJN r of Ontiirlo,
which in- delivered Monday.
Mr and Mrs llcrnard Young moved
to the Henry How em' houae In town
thia week.
Sunday the lloor families gatheie,!
at the J W lloor Iioiiip and gave
Hrandpa Hour a big aurprlae, It In
Iiik hla tilth birthday All wlslii'd him
Ml iiiorc happy ones
N. S Fell house ahlppi'd four sin
Kin roiiihed Ithotle I mind !! pen ker
ela to the Hulae Poultry Show
An elertrlp light on a pole has been
In t.illi'.l by tin h liool hoard ni'iil the
renter of Hie si hool ground for liae
ni meting and socials li .-1 -1 In Hie
Hl'liool llllllsa' i' enlllgN
A ilano' was given at JohiiHon's
hall Friday night by Til Itainey The
Ontario on hestrn furnished the tnii
sir A iiiIiIiiIkIH iiipiiI was served at
the llot'Khli v re laiirniK
III spite of the Inrlei it weather.
a large iiutuher alleuded the Mother
'(roll- uieeilng IiihI Thursday Koine
visitors coming troin '.il 0
lilnddlsh gav. ,i li .. ill I r ll I bass solo
n.v Kcllv . head of iln IN in i
h depai 'iiueiii ai Moaeoti university
gave .in .nldress on "The i.ilinxof veg.
I'liihles In the diet " dcmi.ustrntiug
the looking of same, and gave talks
HI Ten showing samples Mild il'lll
iinslrutllig the making of lea Miss
Nit today's rlass of Freshmen girls
sang, "A Japmieaa love Song,"
dressed as Japanese iiialdens Then
I hey served I hose present The Circle
now has 140 member who bate
paid due- This Is tripling the last
'..ii h uieuihership The meeting for
February .'ud will he a patriotic meet
lag and will he held in the i veiling
A romiiiiinltv iiieiing was held at
the school house Frldr.y evening A
Urge i rowd was out and u trie iniisi
'Ml prog l. .in was Khrn Mrs Hansel
and MUs Walker gave a piano dm-i,
aud solos ! Miss Wilms llolliriKer.
Mr. I, use Mild Kdgar Vestal were
greatly enjoyed. Sides were chosen
aud an old tashloued spelling malch
Was held Mis Win llollenhctk, the
drib's .III. lent president
longest i Wilson gave s.v.i.,1
line select ions ..n the school vtclinla
Popcorn was served to all and the
rial expi e-.,., I Hi,, I nun,. Ineellllgs
iMiiinp Mr and Mrs Flckcn eiitci
I the I wo fainlllt'H
K I. Miliowi II of lint: I la I
Monday at the II. K. Wlltong homo
Helen Maxtield lias been III
and illtlihlc lii return to her -ih. ii. I
Mrs i i llollinger and daugh
ter Mies Wllina attended the mil
ding of Miss i'earl Holllnger of
Fargo The young couple MtOffJ
punled tin in home Monday tTMlBfl
llalph nting is Improving from
tonsilltls and erysipelas
Mrs llighy the eighth grade teacl
er Is having Hip la grippe and her
alater, Mrs White, baa charge of
the grade during her absence
Mrs It II Daharsh who ha been
listing In Kansas returned home
Mr. and Mrs DufTen and little
Mr and Mrs Dana Jones are .at
the ( him. Winters' home bemuse of
Mr Jones' slrki
Mr. and Mra. Jack Walker spent
the week end with the J. Walker fam
ily at .New rtyinoiiih and with Mr
and Mra. "are of Falka.
Mr and Mra. J. N. Hill and Mr. and
Mrs. Win. llirdaall spent Sunday at
MM II) i on Hood Iioiiip on Ontario
houle n- d
I". i Mises Kprn KincK and lleriha
r.liud :iiiime. I t iday 10
Falls to their school.
Tom Urown waa taken late oun
day night to the Ontario Holy Itosary
bo ihiiiI wheie he underwent anop- ren.
eratloh lor I ppi iiillcltls tion
The whole community waa shocked
Friday morning when It learned of
the death of t'ha Henggeler, on
Pennsylvania Ave, one mile south of
Mr Henggeler had been alck but a
week with erysipelas. He was born
May lat, 1854 at Ober-Ageri, Iwttfr
erlaiul Up waa marlisl to Miss Marip
Dllgenhln in 1N7R in Switrerlnnil.
who died In 1884 nt Conception, Mo
To thl union were born three child-
Mrs. Mary Schleher of Com ep
Mra. Josephine Knodel of
A few member of the Methodist Schwyie, Switzerland and C. It.
rallies' Aid met last Tuesday with Henggeler of Frultland
Ml Cotton and hound the rugs
they have recently bad woven.
Itev W J I.uscomhe of Vale will
prom Ii in the Melhoillst church Sun
day morning at 11:30 o'clock and In
the evening at 7 :o The evening
service will lie a union service of the
Ilaptlst and Methodist congregations
Kev Walker will fill Kev.
lombe's appoint meiita at Vale.
Mrs Katun who as a mlslonary In
India built Halleluiah Village, will
speak at the Nnzorlne Church In On
tario, Sunday morning at 11 o'clock
and again In the evening. Mrs Katun
will have with her a little India wid
ow of 9 years of age, who when her
aaugnrer or Hiieuev, man., nre visit . -
In. the Frank Hall, home on ll. ' '" " '" N"
Harper ranch
Mr and Mrs I' K Sllkett visited
their daughter Mrs. Leonard llussel
and family near New I'lyinouili on
Mrs Oi I. Smith of Ontario visit
ed the M. A. Smith home Saturday
and Sunday
Nurse McDonald of Ontario vlsted
the Lackey. II, inly and l W. Itlch-
ardHon homes last week and this.
Clyde Mm klnson sold his saddle
pony last wek to McWIIIIama of Ontario.
Itussel Hooker and Albert llrace-
weii of i'o I came home Friday re
luming Saturday lo Molse.
Little Kern MoKnown who baa
been III with ivphold fever Is ennva-
Mr anil Mrs ll W linen of
team boat, Colo., ami Mr and Mrs
I, 11 Cordon from hevonil Dntarlo,
visited ai Ho- I McHee home on
Mr and Mi - I N Hrassi ,.l Minn,
Poll, .M III . are visiting the II M
Lewis Inline on their uav lo Caln.i
Mr and Mrs James Heal
Sun. lav at the II e.lcn honie
I he lh n Sl.i;.il lauillv ..I New
I'lv nioutli pint Sun, I. iv at the Win
II. .in, hi In. me
M. i Si. II. i An. I. i -nn of I'. ii in., la
Vlstlllg tile II II Sllllelhe, k ho
Mr ami Mr Ii nik Sluiw of Pay
ette spent Sunday at the I. F Shaw
Senator II I. lugatd weni to Ihnse
Friday lo attend the Stale Legislature
w lilt h con veiled Monday
Clinton Jones of Mario MUM last
week to visit his sister Mrs I'ord
Kit 1 1 Ii aud family
Grandma Itlchanlson reiiiMins very
poorly lliiih is improving
Mrs T F Harry's many mends
will be sorry to beur of her having
to undergo an operation The last
word was that she was Improving
Miss Hael Smith ha. I tecovcred
from the measles so that she could
let urn to her school on Fildnv
Mrs. I'has Hlch aud baby have
MM sh k the past week
Miss Anna Hupp is Improving from
a vei) serious attack of erysipelas
Mrs W F King or Filuiore, Calif ,
Is vlstlug her sisters Mesiln ui.-s P. A
i rtJJM and II II Stravvn
Nurse I'uclieii who has MM Mtl
Naerlne Holiness school will return
to her country as a mlslonary.
The (J, K s will have their busl
iness and social meeting at the Prof
Cotton home Saturday evening.
He was married to Miss Franrpe
Von Flue at Conrpptlon. Mo , ami to
thla union were born six children.
Pauline, Martha, Melt hor. Anthony,
Fellcltaa, and Joseph, all of whom
live here Mr Henggeler came to
America 40 years ago, and lived In
Missouri .10 years. In Ftah five years
and came to Idaho January 7th, 1909
The funeral was held at the house
Monday morning by Father Nnnln of
New Plymouth, who conducted the
service. The body was then taken
to dntarlo where Father t'ampo ton
ducted the service at the church. At
the grove at St. John's cemetery In
Ontario the laat rites were said by
Father Ilasll of Ml. Angel, Oregon
Knight of Old.
The knights of Hie days of chivalry
were so Hell protettnl by their armor I
that they were practically luvln, Iblc
to all ordinary weapons. Uvea wlitu
Of this kin. I he ha, I
I he Fa i 'iiiei Mutual
is again itiiprot lug.
IV!. plmne ; Miss d.ulu llayer rei uriied limn
l o which was to have met last Tiles Denver Friday to recuperate from a
ilav ilhi not have a uiajttiitv ..I i he ' tract ured wrist.
mi.. K in.i.ii i s i,. pi e-euieii so adjourn
ii until Sauinlav Ihe liltli I he com
paliv lias had a most siliiesstul veal,
having bull) lour ami one fourth
miles nt new dolliile wire, two .mil
one loin I h miles ol poles Mini have
evainlheil the entile -vslein The)
have issued wolih ol new an, I have hail ill II worth
Of stock turned hack The) have i,
A card n. nn Miss Mil, Ire. I Si, el
man s.,rs she is leaching at Sv.inev,
Molilalia, aii.l one troin Miss Church
ill sa)S, she is teaching at Ml.eiiuu
i ,i Assessor II li Ku-sel came
down from Caldwell Sunday. Mrs K
I iliitiiei leiiiruiug iioine with him
lo spend a lew ilav-
Knnl S li mill reiurueil in Mo '..
aav by the mlseriei-rllt, a thin dagger,
which penetrated the joints of the ar
mor. In more Ibau op battle knight
fallen from their horses could uut be
kllUd until their aiuior had beeu bro
ken up with aiea aud bamuera.
.i, .i .i . .., , . .....
The Lutheran Ladles' Aid will """' .'""" " " mjureu
ineei with Mrs. Allreil Johnson all
I'avetie Friday, Jan 19th
The Men's Olee t'lub under the di
rection of Prof N dlson will give a
ennevrt Sunday afternoon, Jan. '.'1st,
at 3 o'clock In the High School as- j
senility hall.
The second annual hamiuel of the
Fedell class of the Brethren Sun
ilav school was held Frlduy evening
at the T I) Schubert home. Twen
IV seven ItnBliiliers nt I tin ehiuv anil "Never. Vull See. llie Clllllllll't IllpSSe I
few friends enjoyed the umptlnus
live course dinner served at seven
'clot k After which an Interesting
program was given Air Slelner of
I'avetie favored the guests with sev
eral guitar selections, which were
iM.iitlv appreciated hy all
The Reasen.
Patience- There was a time In her
Ufa abe could bare married neatly any
body ab pleased.
I'atrlce And yet b baa never mar
ried? Never. You see, she couldn't please
anybody." Yonker Statesman.
A Mattsr of Clr.
He (of Yale teniui-Yes, our family
dates iMick In Hie VtfflMUM Itlue lilno.l
mum for llniii;. She It wont
MM unii h ciiii in. He's a Harvard
mau. -Hoii.ii Trans, rlpt.
The Fashions
Of ionise tin- men will mil read an ad about fashions,
so tills one is written lor the ladles. It's the latent re
lent about the tashlons in husbands
There Is reall) notiiiiich change Husbands may be (si.
skinuy, bald, tall, short, lean, and even have whiskers.
Just so they are decorated with large bank accounts, deeds
to lands, prolitable business, and ability to bustle These
fashions in husbands haven t changed much since your
grandmother waa a girl. Show this fashion ad to your
hiishuud or your prospective, husband and tell him to
come to our bauk where we will help him to meet the fash
ions the ladlea desire
First National Bank
Ontario, Oregon
(clveil inr . i.iiiniisslou on lolls and , Wednesday evening
telegrams IIHiHT. Im bOttOrtM I Waller Schmid and I'luis Mitchell
""hi I I I I in l.u wiie HI ii , i,,r returned to Idaho College last week
poles , i, ii., i,,eip. Hill. , The llaphne Mi Keow ii. Fan
total disliurseiiieiiis HI1I.I4, II..1 ny F.acock. Holdie Uells and Clara
"'"' ''" lli HIT, '.T 9. Out-1 Koysiou leiurned to I., wist, in Salur-
atandiug notes $49 7.' 'The coiupanv
lo -how their Mplile, I, ,ln Hi i the
aplcmli.i mirk .l,,n,. In ihe manager
Mr Shuheil pieseiileil hliu Willi
:H OH for , ,,al ami Miss Honker with
a gift ot tld mi
II A Urown. Fi-,,1 i rtHr.
Maiieiiian II K Wiliung, piii,h,,,i
some toroilghlued llaiupshile KM
ol Mr Slanlleld
Kev I. Hi Khy spent ii,, w.ek , ml
at Kininiil
day .
Mrs llaiiv 'lav lor was calltsd to
'Veiser last week hy the serious Ill
ness nt h.-r lather. Mr. Sleelwcll,
who has pueiiinonia.
Mis i ai mux mother, Mrs M,
iov, nt nine, 1 to Ontario Sunday
Range and Alfalfa
Land at reasonable prices
and on 10 years time at
6 per cent interest. We
have 500,000 acres for you
to select from. Write or
call on A. W. Trow, Agent
M I. Lin shall went lo
( Boa Nebraska, loal week.
Miss I. my Kullaiider who has hi en
i helping hi i sisie, Mrs II Urov.i
nan- t, ii ihe childieii during their
MM Annell.i Vaig.r of Lena. II latVkBOM, went in U eisei Saturday
llnois is vi-ung he. nn .i Mrs T II I M M llms, , ,- .. ..,;,,,,a husiues
Sl ni. en ami i,n iil() I visitor Monday.
Oregon Western
Colonization Company
The Best MotioiUPictures
are made
O f .P V
PJiOltonla vc f
tn C,
l try
and th
Shown at the leading theatres
Ml i:i i.ivk
-stx 'l.iTION
I M tltV IH-ittl.
i siiiiv niik k now
I IM lt Jlii7.
Kcurlons via
i I nmii I'arlflc System I
January I. 10, IS, 1 and 17 Lim
it, January :ilal
Ask U. 8 I. Ageuts for rates and
further details.
to I ai tugrlrs ami Iteluio
JAM tit) HMIi.
(I'Mlt.N I'tllHl SiMKMh
sti.r not tk
man ukttAJMo
I'lopoi 111111..1. I) low rates returning
via Kan Francisco and Portland, will.
The Sail Lake Koute will choke of steamer or rail, Los Angel
operate special train service M to San Kranciscu, aud low special
out ot Halt Lake City, Janu- alii ,r'l, 1-oa Angele lo Sun Diego
.in II, 1 1 1 7 . in mniiiviioii and return via rail or water.
with excursions from Idaho.
Oregon and Wyoming of the lllb, in. lading riillman staudard
sleepers, Observation Car and lilners personally conducted
l. S. HK-iicer. i.iurnil I'aaa. gt.,
s.ili laibe tit), t tab.
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