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Vl,. XX.
NO. M.
p. .1. QALLAGHKft MKli rlTV
Idaho I'iihit Company k Time Kv-
tension fur Installation of New In
I ggglWI OH l.lKtif inc S)Mtii Intll
April I.
Ontario newly elected . ouncllmen
look office ill the regular meeting
Monday evening All o( the appoint -
Ivo city official were renamed nrt
Attorney J. W. .McCMllough who did
not seek the office of City AttonM)
In Ml place Attorney . J tiallaghcr
wan named A rl in Halary waa glv-
en t'lty llerordcr I' M Stcarn and
In the future; he will devote hi M
lire time to the work of hi office
The following mnimltlcea were
named by Mayor W K I Ienian: rl-
nance, A. U Cockrum, chairman with ,
entire council an membera of the com-
mine. Mm i couimllteu. I.. O. Mc-
, . ii - .,..
Coy, rhalrmiin, ( II hmlsnn and
I. rockrum; park i.nd ,,.,.,. ,t. lUf
Wilson, chairman. C II Ktnlsnn and
Ward r.iiimlil , wilier and light,
vt .,,, i .,.,,. .i.i . i. ....... mi. W W l.ei
Hon and I. 0 McCoy; health, W
I.elHon, chalruiuu. Hay Wilson .in. I
Ward iiti I l.l.l
I he co,,,,.-,. ,,.,... II- delerilll
ii.illon lo ahull. Ion I he Hiring light.
Dak-cmlicr It, and llie-e no longer
lll' Oregon street. The
light . nun, lit. . , . pal led i .1,1 Hi'
I'ower ipail) .l.-ii.. I an -l. union
of lime In which lo install II, I
system ami thl was grunted. April I
wito II, .- dale Ml lor the iiiuiiKurulion
of the new Hervlce.
Tim council conlli ine.l I In- budget
for next year aa previously published
at 117.370.
II. W. Oanluer l Kuc-eeded l J. M.
l.ri of Caldwell, Mr. Oartlnei
....-- lo Halt l-ikr tit).
Uffectivw ihla week wa a Thl
In the management o( the Malheur
Home 'I'eh.phono company. K. W. l,o lor il, paat four yearn
haa been In charge of Hie local oiii
paiiy liu heen promoted in I lie IM
vice of the Mountain State Tele
phone coiupanv mid leave next week
it Lake ii.
Succeeding Mr. tiardner I J V
Lewi who for heveral yeur hax MM
In charge of Hie lulilwell dixlrlcl lor
the Mountain Sluli'H .ouipuii Ml
I.owIh will arrive in Ontario h'riitaf
aud a oon an lie MMH aciiiuinl
e.l itli local condition, will lake
cliarge ot the husine
Mi l.ewl i a telephone mull ol
long experience and while In I'ald
well I, a been prominent in local civ
ic 1 1. hi.. Kor MVMTftl year he wa
prohlileni of the raldwell'commercial
club and a leader in piihlic work in
that city.
Mr Uardner, the retiring uiauagor
will leave many frlenitx In Ontutio
while ha ha been in charge of the lo
cal iliatrict the buinea and m-ivi..-have
been greatly exlandeil and Im
proved While regretting to leave
Ontario Mr ifcwdiiei- I going "hak
home " and lliat elemeut ill the change
I of aotirM agreeable. Mr Ijardiin
expect to leave next week for Salt
Lake where lie will join hi fauiil.
Mr. Gardner having been called there
by the death of bar mother two waakl
H U rockrum leri 'edneila
night for the Dalle ami from there
will go lo ii. ml for a brief MtffcMM
Imhlpi, ml -lunfurn Distant Oregon
I'olnts To Hetiil I , Morr
limn 2IIO ItlnN In ..II trn l.l-lnl
Komi --.m I.HI..H Tonight
In . i.iriiui i. .ii.- which leave no
room fur ihnibl I niiei rnlng the HNM
of the noise supply, 7 5 rooster, arc
- wr. . .......-. ,r. ,
mingling "oil i..ll- nf Mm- Ontario
roiillry show In the Monro block thin
wwk Anr ,,,. n)ann,.r Momp
hundred hen are adding to the poul- '.
try aymphony. while solo number
offered by ouack of gerw. ducka.
ind the gobble of turkey
The hIiow did not open Thursday
owing to delay hut Judging start
Friday morning Judge 0 U Wher-
Iry, of I'uyetle who rated I tie laat
ahow la attain In charge and will pas
on the 207 po linen listed Thura-
! Tho the exhibit were not formally i
opened Thursday there were many
'Vlailor at the aliow and more are'
expected today Tbla evening al the
,. ........h! club mom a meeting will I
, h,., ,, ,. ,,r,M,He of forming a I
I permanent poultry iiHaoclallon
On Saturday lo cloae I he hIiow I
there will he an unci Ion ol all the'
chicken offered for Kale.
A vlall to Hie how In nnceaaur to
gel an Idea of I he class ol bird
'"" W "'"" "" "M"
(Continued on PM
Meatiest Nn.nt I all l m-.i-.mi Makes
Slelghing OMkI While Wanner
eiilhel It. '.lilies Need for
The Snake river valley I MjOjrtBfl
I he het eghlliK of I lie MM l-airly
III the week I'hlnook like mIihIm
rhaaed away (lie xuro weather that
prevailed 11 week and gave alight
relief to the fat illinliiUlilng coal
Aocouipanylng the warmer weiiltier
cuine a heavy fall of hiiow mi Hun gf
.Wedneaday there was M eight
luclie of the heaullful oerlng the
, landx.ape The now wa hailed
with delight by the rancher who ee
in tl HUhHtaiitial aid for good crop
next KUinmar.
The city resilient-. alo u Iiiiiih.II
ale pleasure an.l culler and sleighs
were very much in evidence Tbe
women of the public school la.uh.
ha, I a Mleigh planned for this even
Ing with no mule escorts ami ,.tl,-i
parlies Mill he held , luring llie week
After an nines of several 'ai.
Mr II K Ncuuiiin, who lived Juat
weat of the I -ny died last l-'riday
leaving her litlshanil ami font MWll
children Tim funeral look plaee
Saturday from the llapnst chur. I,
Kev. 1) K llakel oltl. iatlng
Mrs Newinaii Mil will, her luis
baud aud children lo Ontario three
1 yeura ago from Aherde.-n vYMklag
loii, la hope that the climate lien
would prove ol benefit. Last sprint;
their youngeai child wa born and
sin.e I hen she I, as been el y ill. A
trip to I'ortland waa taken for treat
ment which pi oved unavailing and
she relumed to Ontario thl fall
Mrs Newman was born at landler.
North Carolina. 2M year ago and
was married in Mr .Newman in I'm .
abort Ij afterward Hoy came wei
Bealdea her husband and -children
the leave her father, two brothers
and three sisters lo mourn liei
, death
One Rancher Declares that Dead Ox Flat Land
Is "As Good As Anybody's Country," and
Points to Record of Ranchers During
Past Season.
There has alwaya been a question in the
niiiiil.s of rohw of the rvaidenta of iln section
eoneerning tlM ability of the hiy region to tin
iiiiitIi and litirtliwtst i.r Ontario, known aa tin
Dead d. Flat region, tn i;iis- good crope under
the dry-t'nnniii", method, Beeauae stiini' raneh
era have not achieved the results anticipated
this aceptk ism continued for many years, but
during the pant season men hare one onto the
land who have demons) i.itnl what can DC tlone,
and their sneeess shoiilil (liapcll 1l doilbta. Here
is what some have dene:
"Good Aa Anybody's Country"
"I want onto any place laat apring," aaid J. M.
Velh who lives in what is called .Jaeohseii's
Gulch, when lie in Inwn las Saturday, "and
cleared what land I could and rnised OTghum.
I know from the yield of aorghum 1 raiaed laat
year that a man can raise nil the feed he wants
on that land if he just tfoes in for BOIghum.
"I know, too, that it will raise wheat; it is
.1 iiod wheat country under drj Farming meth
oils it the man who handles the laud knows bow
tu dry-farm. Ves sir. the Dead Ox Flat is as
good as anybody's country and the ranchers up
there now are proving it."
The Following is what two other Dead )
ranchers did last seasen:
Robert Raiuej raised lwrli that win ."mi
pounds tii the buahel and 12 buahela to the acre.
hw iiiinu 1" buahela fmm Hi aerea,
l'eri I la den planted rye and vrheat, on the
former he hai vested 21 buahel" per acre mid his
wheat ielded 1H bliahi'la per acre. these lllell 1 .III do on De.lil ) l-'lai otll
ir ranchers rail aeroUipliah li iisiii, iroier ,!i
faiuiiiiu inethoils.
N'exl week The Argil will
Mahed by le.-.llng a flock here
There wa a general change In the
complexion of court house al Vale Mil
week. The old off her bid good Ii) e
lo the somes of their activities dur
ing tbe past two year and tinned
er the affair of the .ouuly lo the.
sful candidate hi 1 1 - Nmein-
ber elect Ion
I'raclically the enure lore. In the
court house I- now democratic. In
tbe political MMt at least. County
Judge Ueorge Mcknight, with Ilia
aaaociale J K. Weaver and M It
Kelley. and County Treasiin r C Q
Mueller, lire the -ole I. B I
ol llie i; o
I'lie dean oi IM Memo. -rat;. I ouu
ly officials Is II. n llrown. Sheriff,
who was re elected Count) Super
llllell.lelll l-'a Chirk Is "' I In
point ol service The new. offll
aie It W Sa;ler. .oiinl alioruey,
Who h assoi i.lllnll Willi big pl'd -
or. ' II llrooke. became familiar
with the duties of llie office.
The olliie ol Hi" i ounly il.rk too,
i. in llie liand of one familiar wilh
ll,e wi.ik of the ollice. for Aiihin M
Moody was for yeurs deputy cl.-rk uu
der John llusion Mr M..,nl took
aJUMoM ot Ho- oilne l..s w.ek li.oing
worked during Deceinher at d puty
following llie resignation ol John
The only inn lee In llo- (MM "'
,, .iiiiiv ..Mi. .- holiliug Is Mori'.,,, Cal-
Ule who sue. I.. K Hill Mr.
Carlile has MM tl Vale for m,:hc tnie
'gelling fi. miliar with hi duties a
has Murray Morluu wh kg I
named as deputy assessor
The ineelliig ol Mie board ol direc
tor of the U aruisprings Ii ligation
distiicl will be held tomorrow to re
celve propoaals lor the I7S0.09Q Bund
lasue liiiin which llie reservoh and
I. II uli.ii ., -1 . , acoomp
HiIh i,,ii
w e.iue-.iuy morning wlien the
hoys ami girls ol the High School ..ud
Uramuuir school went to classes iln-v
were greeted with the Joyful new, lo
lliem, thai owing lo the freezing of a
beating pipe al the heating plant
Ihere would he m. heat for Hie lilllld
lllga Coliseiiinlly wlthoul heat
there could he no school an.) t hey
could go home
The pupils hore up under (he sad
intelligence gild went then several
ways Imping that n would lake a
week lo thaw OUI the pipe M (It'll lo
I heir regret however, the plumbers
Completed their work hfore noon and
llie chtsscs resumed Iheir work all.-i
lunch nine
I lik l.v i ii PKHIMHKM
i linn i:rosi iti. in know
lllaine May, a lioiiu st.ader living
ileal J.icohseu's l.lll.'h dlscm.led t he
hody ol Jack l.v ml: an old ho si., id
er of that region. Iro.en to death In
Moore Hollow. Wednesday May
wa on Ills way to II. J BMMM'l
ran. Ii VMM M found a hat in ih
road anil Ibis led him to the disiov
. i ol the hody
I. uih had h. en in Oiitaiio las'
Kriday relurniug from Itoiae an I
started to walk lo his liom.v.iea.1, nm
helllg of robust health he could nol
make the Irip and died alone on tie
road Ills only known relative a
sislei living in Chicago Cm
Cay lie had Hie I .... I v brought lo On
lario and prepared for inleinent
lllslribllling sy .-ileni is to he built
Severul firms will liavi repri -
lives pieseni to make offers for the
bonds ami ii is believed that one of
these will -be iccepted
THUIStNlls ol Uis slWlilM.
on i aiis iiiiuiis si i
i.vki; in AND iiKi.i'Kit
ont.,1,.. IN-.ilrrs KeieKc.l II,,.,- hi -Iom.K
II, K Week i:.l,,in.. Sllua
flou Here No foul ,il Ne 'l.
nioiiili In Three Week.
With 2,127 car loaded with N5.-
UNO ton of coal Htanding on Hie H.n
ot Kin (iramle ldetracka be
tween Bait like t'lty and Helper,
,1 lull, the coal famine In I'IhIi, Ida
ho an, I Kaatern Oregon continue to
he iterloiia. Thewe car, many of
(Ii. -in, ii. cording to the report of the
1 lull liiventigabor received hy lo
cal coal men. have Iwen loaifol for
. eral week hut have nol heen
moved. Tbe real reaaou for the aerl-
ouh Kltuatlon la apparently a lack of
inollve power on the t. at II. O.
The Hltuatlon ao far aa coal .on,
I Iok froin WmhiiIiik mlnea la Homewhat
VIiiiIIh r ilio there ha been a alight
llUproM l,,i-nl II, lh movement of
coal Iroiu Dial hccIIoii.
Ixcally the fumlne h not i,ill aa
ariilH a It waa laat week Three
car of .on I were received I hi week
hy Ontario dealer Inal.le of IS
lioiirM ,iriT Hie cur were ipotted l
Die Mm Hi. were unloaded and IM
preclou lilnck illiiiiionda were hoard
...I h lot i uli.ii.- 1'iMtomer
H.I.I II llllB he, 'II II,.' KlIIIHlloll III
Ontario ii. in baa bM raMlji Bora
forlilliule (Ion, II nelghiiori .
i I .11,1 mil. I .Hi lulge hlxi
Mill, i A III. kens mi. I I Italics Culler
Take over Ti-uili-tV Ha l-iooi
lleil t heel. oi I'lan I nliil'ne.
me,. I of Scope
Miller : Dickens of Caldwell and
Carter A (ileiin of Ontario will eon
tinue the Traders' Day a.e win. h
was stalled here In September b
lleil Wheel,,,, wlio left laat wek for
lluru lo take iio'i llo Harney dun
t Tribune
Messrs Killer ti Dickens are I he
best known auctioneers In this
Hon of the country Thru ih.-lr ef
fort Hie Caldwell sales have h.
com.' the biggest tiling ol Hie kind in
the west Then pteeuc. in Ontario
should assure the locul sales of greai The work ilone so far
lie been largely of a pioi,."i nature
and Hie coining months should den,
onsirale what ..u, lie done will, a
Ira, bis d.iv here, when the raiich
Mi h-'Kin to si.., K oi -pi iiik work
Chrisiimi day. II.H.. wa the hp
plesl iliT had. Ihallks lo the gener
osiiy of former patients aud kind
friends who i back IM Utile
I socks, crammed full The Sisters i.
..ited enough to buy encli pall. Ill
an Individual present
Tin' Christmas Iree. which stood
ill the corridor of Hie lirsl thiol was
..i i ullcalh decorated lit the Sislei
ami nurses unit llie main Christina
presents which liunr Ironi il tn.oie
il a picture ol limni Tor Clnisi-
lllas tl.iv the lilies ol dielelb s were
1 forgotten and Hie bed ee
.l..isaiitlv sin prised when Ilia nura
es lirought lb.- usual Christina turk
ey diiinei wilh appropriate trim
I'allenls During Decemliei'.
I'he lollowiiie were admitted to
Hie hospital for tiealiiieul , luring the
month of December: K I., (ino.lvc.i.
lieu Cruininell Jr., ('
K. McClain,
and Kvereil Colley, Ontaiio; Mrs
John Vandttrpool aud
Mis. A
i I on I'Hgc two )
IlilMiK I.N TltXINS Willi II I'KR-
Ntn DAiii aavtvuR ra
hum: vmiwhihiiiui.k
Stoik fun Vow foe l.o.i.e, ever H.iy
Will, certain!) that i'.,i,r.ii.H
M lie Mmle with Main Mn
Willi the inaiiiiiiion ot the new
train aervlce on the llnmedale branch
and the Oregon Kaatern laat week
nine expreaalon of approval from
all over thn county Ii la the unani
n. on, opinion of all the ommuuiline
aerved that the new aervlce la a vaat
Iniprovemcnt over the old achedule
Thn following I a few of thn com
ment from Hie varlou papera lo
the county which hown Jut how the
people feel about the new aervlce:
The new I aln achedule which went
into effect on Monday la a auccea
from the Juntura atandpoint ao mat
ter what It might be from Vale'a.
Oi M leave Drewaey at a reaaon-
ii I.I" hour In the morning and make
I he train i omiortahly, or return from
Ontario and l lie outnlde In time i.
reach l)rewev at a neaaonahln hour
in the afternoon Juntura Tlinea.
It Is reported that considerable op
po ii Ion haa developed to Hie new
t rain schedule over the llnmedale
brum h and a si rung effort I being
tiiiute lo have It repealed. A daily
train service over Hit line 1 a great
COIIM'llicllCC to the people of till BeC-
Hon mid will stimulate the
farming IndMtrj mnlitoii to it.
l-'ll I1IKI sen,!. I . . . nol gel
It out on the main line in Mine in
eateb I he --tuck egpreaa to Portland
Mom II iinlliigtii'i llie new -ulm
I .. make II pro Ik aide to go out on
Hi.' llo dale brunch allor Hie Br
utal oi Hie Ponies and return In
li in catch the faal train Mat.
i people mi, I tho.e along the
line should make a vigorous and
(III (It'll .11.11 I to keep the new sched
ule 111 ciiy Journal.
Ontario Handier ullli r..(ie
llll-tls ol lllgh Dejlt-e Demoii-
ii. .1. - ttllal Ihese Xllslo-
. i .1- . .... do.
'that il pay lo cultivate Hie own
ii nip oi hens of high degree ha
MM d.-iiionslraled by A. B. f'aln
whose ranch kOMt kl Inst west of
Ontario on the Itnubvai ,1. Mr Cain
la one ol Ihe eglllbllon al the I'oul
trv show and Is Making pupal. illoliH
to in lie recently
purchased a hit, im g be tor aud a
brooding alove so thai hi till M Ml
of Ihe luce. I poullr.v I. users ill this
auction before long
Tii is is lb.' 1. 1 onl ,i a flork of
chick, ii M .mi Hie fam
uli- lain re. I i Kent V.
itigtou 'I'h. i ' single comb
mie l.egh..' i' il He liilli r
pari of March 1911 and began laying
Seplemhei J7. I 1 li These late. I
29 ilo.en egg! during October, w lien
eggs sold al 60 cenis per doen; 3U
dot eg during Nov en, I, er when Hie
prlOM wa tile same and ."i ': doen dill
I i. .ember when t:gs were down
to 40 cell I h ntaklag the total eain
ings for Hie three laying iminlhs
:',u 70 Ml Call, kept track of the
co.i of fec.lnn; .luring tin three lay
lug mouths and ti.uiul the following
n nils; wheat 1 mi, corn 11Q; dry
mash II .SO and sliell gril etc. .Hi
..ins per nionlh making Hie total
ni-l p.iiiioiilh T. II ol J2 .'.U fcir
lli.. Ihree inoiitli.
Tile etoillls ol slum ills wlio clime
lo Ontario for t lie holiday season
lielian last week wli-u llie I lilt.
it ol Washington student, Ml
Neva IlilliiiK-sl. ami I'ariii.r I'row
hli for Seallle.