The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, November 30, 1916, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    UR81A V. NOVBMBRn 39, 111
mft yu .. amMZT' TFIH ONT.WtlO AR,,,-,
PAG . 1
"" aaaaaaaiaBaaaUi.aJ Ez S25?" JauBa " -------"-"
f - . .. nxoaaaa SaBaaaaaaxaaaaaaaaA EaanaanaaiMRBuS jaaawaMMi I aCS?Tw'"" 1" timt T y 'ranaMB iMBMani ab
MliTOIt (Iriinl il cyllmli r , ,
iMiga I" hor.- I -.trnke
f M en MM ami upp.,
I nlf 4f crunk .1 .. ,i i i,,i.
overhead MlfM Kxlni la rue
hvirlnK surface- In-.iiriag mini
miiimi i'iir nn nUr operating m-
...uilsin Water GOOM, tl
i '.mi :'iti
niuh siiwr Drop fbrgvd,
ml ulloy Hteei. l-jt-it" iti.intaUt
Three lnre heurlna:
PfMTnmi Very llaht I'lire,- rhiKH
i.i nidi itii in cirmtattaf iiun
r pump driven off rani shaft OK
li'.i-l Indicator i,ii crunk case
IIMINt. OIMM llellcul. cast iron
uxaiust steel
I ltllt IlKTOIt ItWfcfg, Isilled
directly In cylinder h. id
H.SiriON It. nijr Spf.-liil Automatic
firant Ignition drive by iiplral
rivirn off cam shaft Manual ror
r.'.il,, euntrul fault lean Ignition
.it ill speed
sTtllTMl W.iin-r .'-unit Martlot
and lixlitlliK mm Hpeclallr de
signed for Orant Six motor Wll
lard BSttSfJ
lit WSMIHHMIV Selective ll.lln.
near Three speeds forward and
ill TTII 12" leather fared, preseed
steel com- Thro adjustable con
t'd clutch cushion spring Clutch
i. ' il adjustable Hall thruat ti.
of tlirowout, noUeles Clutch
hr.ike Insuring easy unr changing
I HOST XW.V Drop forged. .Stand
ard "I" beam, mw. heat
treated Steering knuckle pm-
liiirdened and ground
ansa itrm rm Moating. iD
third member mIMi round rod.
Iirlie and torque tuken on roar end
(if transmission b means of spher
nil Htoel stumping, mill llii' axle
i nf three point i uspcnslon. whli li,
In i onnei Hon with tin- th ret point
Mi-pi-nsliiii on tin- motor, absolute
I eliminates .,11 ,, Chilli) Of dl
lolrttoa mill iiiliilii:.'un'iit of tin
I' l;i; IMS- Ini. .., .M,undliig an. I li, nli. ii II, :l-. I lui
Bmkt ill ii hi . I ." diameter,
liroad fai
KTKKRIMti UKAM tnwwiwht.
worm and sector type Adju-u
'I.- iv wi4i
'iVTItlll. .,.ft ,ad drive On
UkT runtrol Throttle lexer under
"heel Peel accelerator
uuwininiinH isum tgi
anted on rear Hit-Hurt Va
cuum r'eed System
M'HINt.s IVont; seml-elllptlc. 4"
'"UK. H4" Wd Hear IS" long
'!' Tt ue cantilever out ',
elliptic npeclul ulloy steel Duh
In Mm thn-e puiui MafMSatM ! Hie
til, BfaTtaga are entirely reliew I
"i ilrnliiK MfmlM, thu Invurluii
l" ' i. i i .prlnn actlun
M'HKNii MASK til,
I III vii :, inch.h
HUilt S.e illu.Mratioh HIk. coiu
inrlalile the puNhi'iiger. Iloep, wide
tilled cUMhioiiH Heal upllolnliT) .
ImiK pi my , furled hair
I I S'DKHH lleai ..tumped cronn.
Jniiieil to .ili, minimi entered ruu
miiK hoards
H'MUUal :tJ", Klrentone demounta
I'h' rlniH.
TIMta ::u'x3 i " all around Hirudin
"hie tjpe, iiou .ik ids on reur.
VMMiSIIIKI.U I'late KlaH Two
piece, rain vIhIuii. adjusluble to
any poHltion Curved base cou
liirmuiK lo h.m I
itu THHBIMtT 11"
""' One man mohair with mohair
lop slip, in ,i,.- , u,i., in
I. lOHTh Double bulb electric head
llahu hlecti k tail and daah llsht
Also electric horn.
pi ensure gauge .speediiuimelii
uiumeti r Imitrument lamp of
large sl.e
Klfctrk horn. Complete tool equip
iiieni 'lire carrier, etc. fully
i 'lUippeU
The first Light Six priced below a thousand
dollars-first at the price-still first in value
Flic Qranl Si. inproTed nd up ti tli-
mimitf, .l.arly indicatts rftloei simjily un-h-ard
of in ;.nv car priced below :i tht.usaiitl
And th- Gran is a NIX ami an Ovcr
hfad Valvt- Six. It pmentfl ;tli Um Qtsi
bility, all th. inarvildiis nTWUCM of turquf,
all the perfeet balanet of Um birii-gnde
Six, aJl Um ouiek Meeleratiou of Um Six,
ll th- sniiii.tliius.s of the Six, with utniust
An a hill t'litnlirr Grant Six is unsuruass
d. In hand ami mud its perfotlUUMC has
boon rated renarkablo. Tt has wt to be ex
It thmtth s down tn Two Miloo an hour
on hiih and smitls iiji to i'il'tv niMO ami
Ownon irerage 90 mileo to tbo nllon of
ii-.pnif (inanv sav tiny get 88 milts) and
BlKl In il'mi mile to the gallon of oil.
It, iruiiiiiny iii tht usf uf fin I, lulirii anl
and tin i backed up l eoouoniji Lu the
need of rcpuira.
c iii-iii vr tin Qranl six has the moel
beautiful IkmIv linen of an eai'eoatlng load
than a thousand dollars.
Grant bodieo are painted, trimmed ami
t'inisliitl in our own simps. Nut fur t In
sakt of economy, but because want to be
M 1,'K of j;ihI tMiality.
Tin salt va tu stiiiintf valms is to
eornpare. To Know that the Grant six of
fi'is ymi the groateat six Cylinder value in
the world you have only to ootnparo.
Beeall thai Grant Six haai
oagner Two-Unit utartiug and lij:htiiip
m stem, seeiall built to Grant 'S
Bpecial Rem1 ignition, s. finely adjust
ed anil laiilt to meet the eomlitiniis of the
Grant .Motor that it gireo perfeet Ignition
at an) siieed. Vour motor operatea an fault
lessh at two miles an hour or lis as it does
at fifteen or twenty as flawlessly at tweii-
tv-tive as ill rilieeli. A.1 .in sjieeti, wtu
mt perfcci iKtUtion.
means. oniare
. i .
'iii know w hat that
Grant six offen jron Btewart raeuum
paaoline System the beat 12 gallon tank
in rear, t kanpare.
Btromberg Carburetor.
18-inch Steering Wheel.
Pull-floating rear axle with brako equal
i.ei-v and 12-inch brake drums.
Big, drop forged front axle of standard
flefjgn with strong, ttout iteering eonnee-
tittiis. Compare.
clean, ii- at. simply arranged Instrument
board. Compare.
Extra wide, comfortable rear seat Ifea
mre it. Ample leg mom In both front ami
rear compartment, Long grain, bright up
holsten. Deep cuahiona, First clans
Double bulb headlights. Real alumi
num oovered miming boards. (Exception
ally hnndsoine fendew full si-,., ami beau
tifullv finished. Guards, fenders and h I.
finished in Hirer iiat of Mark enamel.
I'nit I'.iwi Plan! with three-point iim
I" ' '1 "il plt'NN1 pump. 'ulvt Mnii.r with all the extra
power an I . bnt Overhead
valvi lie an.
1 ion real ran-
tlh rcr, nivoted in ientcr and shackled at
both ends.
And the more carefully ytu read the
specifications, the more you will be surpris
ed at tirant Quality for the price. There's
nothing comparable with it.
Is there any ear that offers IfORK than
tin Grant forthemonevl s there ain ear
that offers as muehf Just eompare,
NY belieee Grant six t.. he tin- greatest
Six value of the year regardleas of pries.
Our eouelusious are arrived at by compari
son, Noll Will eolivillee yourself by the
same method.
There is m royal road tn better values.
The oiih way to have them in the ear is to
put them there. Ami we are proud of the
Grant six not heeause it is the original of a
type, but heeause it s. , fully justifies those
who believe it to be the very beat ear of that
Delivered v L 5 Delivered
After many ream of sxperiueee lu the autoamblls business and i earsful study of the latest
and best autoinol'iles we were coiiviiieed that we QOUld not select a better ear than the
(iraiit Six to build up a siihstftiitial business; whieh ean only result when those to whom
we sell are satisfied with their purehase. This we know will he the feeling of every Grant
buver. All we ask is an opportunity to demonstrate its many superiorities over ears of
its elass and pric-
'all for a demonstration.
The Grant Motor far corporal inn
now ha n capital ol 14,000. 000 and
taken Hi, place M one of the Mit
proilucer.s Id UM Induntrj The , llM,
pany Ihim die ueceKsary Htrengtli tn
finance Mfl proiluctlun Tin ... ,n
we will bull.!
Ielierie, K be made on a uniform
bAU Dealci- who .-ii the Urant
SIX will h in a pu .Hi, in to aupply the
Grant Sales Organ
ization Includes
over 1,200
xltuated In all parts of tha IV 8 and
i ar.i.ia and lu all forelcn oounlrle.
i:er Orant dealer benaflta from the
lir.v.tlt., of I Mi nplendld or(anl.atloti
The iukpu of the Urant Sn haa been
awaeplns and decisive It la baaed on
two principal facta, 1 1 The Grant
Ml Is precisely the type of car that
most buyers want. (2) Orant Six
haa alwaya offered the greatest value
per dollar of any automobile Invest
ment We l, nil.l the car rixht We
put the value into the car The deal
era are awlft to see It there, the pub
lic Is eijually quick to see li tirunt
dMilers do not have to make explan
ations or excuses, the) nnpl hate
l,i n,iit tu tie- llrjiil Stl .iiul Miy inn
Word I'liiup.ire
In On- I,,, of IiIkIi fuel c, i ii
pu lo r-tii-in ! r tirunt Six
BWMN aii-rii,
20 miles to the gal
lon of gasoline
some say 28 miles.
900 miles to the
gallon of oil.
Body Dimensions
Width ul -imi tn in
Depth of front i-cii I7.. bMnVM
Tlnckn, . ,,i cuslilnii ul . inclies
'I'lii, km i .i.-i inn .it i ron I s mil,,- ,
DttlM iron, irmit of front seut lo
da-li, L" incl
HcikIiI ol -i ,ii I'roiii flour, 14
Wlillli of rear MAI, I I incln
li.pil, ul i. .11 seal, 1 S I... Inclit
Tllilklles- ill trulll of Cllnlliull !l in,
Tlllcklie-s ul n.ii ul i 11-1,1, .11 li III, h.
IHstauie Pari, rear seat lo hack of
front seal . 4 ! f Inclies
lleiKhl or rear cii.-lunn from floor,
14 iinl,.
Willi!, ul n .il iluui 1 'i inches
Width ol in. ni door, III Inches
l.enftli car over all, lop up, I. VI In.
l.'iiKiii ui cur over all, top iluu.
U7 inches
Kxtreme width out all. 66 inches
llxlxlil over all. tup up, 80 luclie.s
Th way to make a success In the
automobile liiisiui-ss la to build the
type of iui Hie pulilic naiits and
then iim- jii.-ii as mucli us you pos
sihly cm tot tli.' money.
That is tlie I. rani idea. It works
splendidly for Ilia dealer, work- l.ei
tur for tlie lin.wr, and il per
niaiieiny lui ilia inaiiiiluclurer
aaW ' " 'gft' " " " "" I