The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, November 23, 1916, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    THI K.-UlAV, J.:, lilt S
How Billy Was Sent
to His Mother
Can We Help ?
One of the best 160 acres of land on
Dead Ox Flat.
Eighty acres fenced, part plowed
and more cleared.
Good one-room house with lean-to,
small barn and horse lot. One mile
from water.
Locate:! in good dry land section,
This is the best buy on the flat and
For.information call at Argus office
The. ravlfal mention" .oolluue
unabated interest Muritlmll ll til
lag strong gospel mill above the
ordinary Tbera I no clap Imp
method In hi manner. Thru- have
been nine conversion- up Tuesduy
Mfti 411.1 women are thinking and
a iClili'd thai matter MVW hrfor.
Thr mi-etlugi. will continue over Sun
,1,. Mill llllei- M elllns I'll SUU-
i,.i.i. - ftttm - sun i.i.- yii.
unU) ' Zacrheus." riunday, 11 a. m.
tobacco 'Jmtk
- - V-T
as you
could be is yours ro
coiniiumif quirk as
you I' . oiiu- Prince
Albert and rire-up a
pipe or home-made
Prince Albert gives
you every tobacco sat
isfaction your smoke
appetite evei bankei d
for. l'liat's because
it s made by a patented
process that cuts out
never thought i f Jaaaafl.
bite and parch! Prince Albert has always
In in sold without OOUponi or premiums.
We prefer to .ve quality I
has a flavor as different as it is delightful
Ami that isn't strange, either.
Buy I nint Albni .
whir fotSui.o i. ... tn
lopf' 'td hiit 5c; ttjy rrj
tmt lOt . aanafaawa pound,
and Ao -pound tin hutnt
duit and thut rui Ming in
pound . rv.tii l,'.!.. Auili
dot i. th oftfitfr
lop that kttpt th (jtuiiu
HlimlJ.irrlnni aluuft
, iie..troyiug ftMM '" P- 01. "Two
Jull Hlrd"
Announcement will be madr Sun
lu evening for the week
Tbaa MMM or from our who
jhea given Mm In-art unit I Iff to thin
I work, mul Mi whom Uod lit using la
Hi work, mi J everyone will do well
i.i hear i-.. A hearty Imitation
a attended io on.' itnd all.
I K. HAKKIt. I'attor.
imtiii fm nrmttAM.
Itrv. M I I'linii ot Spokane. Ili
up.rluirniient of ml HlMM lor Ihe
I ..f llui f'oltnuhla. mid lire A.
IT Hemphill of Welswr will speak at
a special meeting Friday at 7 ;I0 p
U Member ami udlif rents or the
- C' 111
C! &f' ' -THa-'a
- On lh fvrm ml I ImXSR I
you ul i'J ' Cf.i V JLm f
mm Albert
the national joy smoke
You never
Men who think they can't smo!;e a pipe ur roll a eigau
can smoke and tWJJ smoke if they use Prince
Albi 1 1 And smokers who have not yet given P. A. a try
out certainly have a big surprise and a lot of enjoyment
coming their way as soon as they invest in a supply.
Pi nice Albert tobacco will tell its own story I
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO, Winston-Salem, N. C
oogregntion arn urged to pr.-seut.
Everybody Invited
W. K, BROWN, FMtor.
Ouumm. na a Varb...
A an liifrhltle vrb tlWNrlali
lM' will uo duu'ii br pilloried gf pur
Ian a u undealrabl allu but with
Hill rAV I for It ha iMg lie M been
eoi aelr.-inl for MVal MM
though It tia tint yet gained . holer
tic .ot' "H like lb irb lo wire,
now in general ue. lliU paitli-ular In
niu.ui.e m, doubt . ouie. fiom Auier
Ira. wh.-m ii I. ouiuiou I" Hi up" aa
appointment with aome our wlto may
"fall M tuatei lallne or wait for a mi
feyauce (bat uj!lehate lte!f la a
alaillar way - Loudon I'breoicle.
Job work at The Argun OfflM.
tasted the like of it!
r. !'( iilc ii July
.y t!.. 07." wkj ii "'-
likrtl MNuP.Pt AND D
"Tom." said J.imr.i Oowan t' tln
rim: i lii rbargr of an tffMM Ml that
waa nbout to I piilliil "in. "lirrrK. n
pa'kaft I waul you to carry to Mil
foril I'rnlrr "
liowan ill n but h'i.'.i llnrr
f. long by .'iKhtr.Mi Inrlir broud and
drop. The Mil li liln!-l and bold
gfaafa ly a hook and atapli' Ttir Ih
waa prfomtd und nrirls.Hl IVriab
a'llr Thla ahli up with .art'."
"I Stat tak II," aaid 1 1 - iMirr.
man. "You must put It llWIj iIh
MbVM In tln rntular wav"
OoWM tixik i Irn dollur bill from
SU ki't li.-ok gJ put It In Tim
M'lrphy'a hand.
'I m." Mai '...wn. " It " inv Ihit
in:iy hi. Matter wmI h Mlltonl
' ililflgj. .ii' I I "f t i"avc kMH
it ;: nauat la u: notbvr,
n 'a tan vntutfl to tn H 'H" and
ll CompUkJ w-oili'l . 'i I -r
. i Mil ! aliii in
111 IN) n hi" Ii 'i i"ir, and 1
a. I l.'l I'l.-'ll'IV .mi ll- ui-
i iwaj i i in let iii ii alt up .
i hr'f"
1 1, ;:' tr it .... ' a .in, Jim, but
I want your t"
i t ..ii. lip- '. m lai ti
rmr, iiitmi tii- i i i" i . -nrii iini
M aro i.i i Mg f I'li.T . ii.' k
"Billy, i"U m ;t k"-;. irrv .iilir un
r . Mr Mur.'tiy pfaWI IEa '". If
an DM bMfl yMi in Ibr Ixii yM
l w.,.1 I K.'t a "
n." .tii i. 111 i n"t.'t ''
Will giN.iy Clvr moth.'r kl"
tor in.
"All rUln. dad ly."
"I'll ekMf MM lid fill thtraln I. off
and I ar d.xir CMM Itefl Mr Mur-
pbv will l.'i you out."
IrTtM faib-r iiuwiund hU aon anna
Willi ii kit, .'lowd thr lid. allpiiwl thr
book ihi'iiuh thr alnp'r anil Irf! tbr
ar la a frw monirnta thrr wn a
riuittiig and a giindlug of wliw',, and
tin. train pullrd out. Tha lid an again
, llfir.l. ami 'l".o Muic'ir ii.mxI looking
' down at with an arauad anille.
' U It tlnir tn gt up-'' aakr.1 the Ix.y
"I ir.-k.iu I'll let you get out for
twenty oiliiutet. Then when we atop
at the atatlon you'll hava to gel ba k
again "
Hilly tat op. and Murphy lifted hint
ut onto the floor of the car. Billy
' looked about him wouderlogly at tha
noxaa aad p kge pllad hi a. id
their HeeluK a Irl.y.'le, ba wa oiu. h
Imareated and wlaheit to ui 011111 It and
hava a tide. Rut Murphy oblerlril
s lieu Ibe wliUlle aounded for the neit
alallou Muio'ir aald
Now Hfllv you mntt gel harg into
rour crib and keep rery iuln until you
bear Ilia door ahut and Ilia tialn mora
on. '
Wliru ibr train alopiei a apaclal
gent of the eipreaa I oupatiy got la
the car. Ha lold Murph be i going
Io Ibr neil -nation an. I won!. I ride In
the 'ar, Murpby auggeated that ha
would le ui.ue .'onifoi 'la'i'r In pa.
aenger MM a, but be wa. not to ir dlt
auadrd fellllug blm.elf on a bos near
Rlllv' crlh. be lighle a rtggr
Wbrii Ibe I ruin Moved OS Mm pb
i mil. b dl.lurbed The ueil tloo
would not li.- m. re for half an hour.
In.) be fearr-l Hilly wimlil not be able
to krrp uub-i ... lung Kill Klilr un apprn laled the alluatloa, for
he l prrfr. Ur .llll Thr .pr.-lal
agent, who wa. a iiiei'vlor a well
i.M.k .Mia. Ion a tv io Murpby ibil
Ihi'i" bad Imvii luau.v of .hU
i-hiiii'iI b tin- 1 'OUip:iuy' agaata thr
rtMMM for win. h bad gone into the
aaat p.. ki-l Me bid been .01 Ihr
wal. b for lack and bad raugbt nrvrral
aacnl In Ihr a. I Tlu-v bad m oii.e
bi-i-n ill barged While
iiig ilil. la. I In l..oki-d nlH.iit ti 1 111. Mur
nil. ihuuuhl. iili a vlrw lu .11. over
llig au.'lhrr ra.r.
Kluall.i ihe 'iiei vl.ur gut tlird of
Mtklai mul -ui"'. .''I lu r. Slid
d-iili In- roikiil hi. bi-Mil on one aide
and 'Wlened. Wa lhal Home one
aPMtMM I I'e not up from til. t.-al
iinl .till..-.) .1I...111 Irving 10 MMIg Ihe
....i.iii un in- liuaii.i .i.ipH-ii baagUag
rat Hllli'a crib. He dlatliiclly beard
fin- .'.11111I ..f -.nil- urn- lu.'Ul hlng hi
alaga Muipln Wg at a rude ilck at
111 i-iiil of th,- .;ir looking 01 i-r si.uit
Vgy bill Hi- hark u. Io tbr aiiper
rtaor, 11I1.. uiil...iiki-d Ihe lid uf lllllt'.
bog, and. luting it. ilirn- all Hilly
...iiiul Msl.'i 1 ;i;iu. ing at Murphy,
tin- auewrvlaof mi he wa. imi ob-
ai'l'i.-.l II.- I for a 111 uin-nl with
hiv MM Ih-uI on ihr boy . I11110. i-ui
fa. i- Irraaolula, iinm goltly lowaraU tin
lid. A fi'o luiniili's bitrr Ibe limn .stopped
at tin' iu'i M.iiioit.
'I'.. in. " ..iiiii the auparrlaor, "ail 1
wuut li'.iiu you la 1 hut you hnu'ift
iiiiiih-uiiy iii.n.'i thai propi-i iy baioagi
to tin-. ouipauy."
1 b.iu-ii 1," imis T.un'.t reply.
"So ini- mi ha ici'i Hie Mr.
Aa aaou ga naw atari mis inad.
Tom arid io Hilly 1.1 i.n bliu oul of tola
hog. 'I'lii- 1 k aaa not in Ilia ttaple
id- w.i mi . I,,- ii 1,1 pin it then nt tin
:;ivi stop only ihe aanarvlaor could
ha. 1- rein ". e.l it.
Time lu -.! up. Hilly." sunt T..111
ralalug llta lid
"Ale a8 linn-'- .isl.e.l Hilly, wi.l,
1 vv al.c.
'.No, bill ill Hie liel sl.1ti.1u I'll turn
you 01 el' Io your in.. I her."
Inn the it. in, .'.l up at alllfon
ii-ulii- Hilly :.s si. lulling ;it the door
of tin- car. Hla iimihar, who :is aau
lug l"i him. sua nun and ran toward
hlui When she .aula near enough be
apraug into bei n BM
(.'an this bank be of an Assistance t" youl Sure
ly wo cannot if you do Hot uive Hi the opportun
ity We assure you W are willing to do our
that's the kind of bank we ere conducting.
Our satisfied customer will tell jrou so. If there
is any way We an be of SSsistanct to you, do not
hesitate but come right in and tell us about it.
Evet7 official of tin- bank will be glad tO meet
you more than half way . What givei an insti
tution a right to liv iii a huinets community i
The serviie it renders to the community. We
know that. Come m an.s time end put us to
thai test
First National Bank
"A 0000 HANK IN
A New Line Just Received
Pleased to Show Them
Prices Reasonable
Idaho Power Co.
Range and Alfalfa
Land at reasonable prices
and on 10 years time at
6 per cent interest. We
have 500,000 acres for you
to select from. Write or
call on A. W. Trow, Agent
Oregon Western
Colonization Company
A. W. TROW, A Tent
Thirty yeara ago the telephone wan a luxury. Today,
through personal initiative uud private enterprise, It has become
a DlfiaMltJ within the reach of everybody. Where once a busi
ness had but one telephone with a limited talking range, today
that business lias service with a range three-quarters of a conti
nent broad, 4nd every branch of every business is linked to ev
ery other by ail inten .miniunuaiing telephone system
The has .'.lined its responsible BUM and there are
now S, 000. UUU Hell telephones in this country, over winch go
26,000,000 talks daily.
Kvery Itell Telephone is u Lsag Distance Station.
Malheur Home Telephone Co.
I a