The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, November 23, 1916, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Mies l.aiim Walker wi 111 i ni;i.irl l.u .-. :: . ina M I lark 9t il" piil. v iiii ill
Mullein III I" I I li'l" "I l el ' IxTI
arfth bar brother, Wm Walker fwn- Mr
llv. while lu iilliinl court ul Vale iik I .! Iiii
t-iijrl stenograph! r Mr. Olive Wal
Wit went inrr Tliur i!;. Mill minim
hiiiI Mm M M Hurst
Mr, anil Mr iMk H;ill.iT.
Mr a nil Mr J I W
uii-l Rejt, .111 i Mr Om W..I
In,.. I in I'.iiikk i.ilhi .Saturday ri'lurii
1na Siiinl.i. win-;. Hi... rlatted Mr
ini int. II K Hurwt home. Mr.
I llollenneca at tne Muuntttiu vm
; ranch.
Iil evenli.g at eight o'clock In
high AChMl n'rmlil room .1
oonamaalt) Mating will be held tor
nil County Superintendent Mls Z
r.i router win pk upon the "Kn
i.ii M '' i Probte ni end rhvir PrdM
I'lillllli A tr r i.-u : nrl W T
Ulllei. all I umiK
On Thur-day Mr. II It
Kirkin a i ,m li lo .i mutt di-llght-ful
affair Whkh wan n ahnm-r In
honor of ber fri"ini unil neighbor,
About flfi friend"
ii Mr Beyer, she
Ihlnki: ''ini ill
Hi v hI'1
i from In o'clock to 10;30 ami
uk In tin' morning to II nil
fur tin. w Inter gtoathi
I'll" meetings wlilrli hue I n In.
mini till In Hi,. Bret hern ehuTi li
Ml anil Mr- II K Itohltiftoll en-
I'Tt.i il Mr anil Mr. (. t . atom
or Pajrojtte ami Mr ami Mm I-'. A.
I. iii'i' mill children Sunday.
Mr ami Mr Mi'lvln Carpenter en
tertelned landa) Mi nmi Mn Bee
i ocl Sllllllllj
Mm N I' y oi ki') pi'iit Uii wi'i'l.
nil with Mn S M TIhiiiiuh
Mm W K. Shaw arrived laM Wffk
ami will upend the wlntet with her mgggil at Cryatal
b Rei Oea Mlehler wire elneed i Banco of CtyeUI Mel Uh L i (ar-
S'ui im ereatoi itm ami Mr i. i poatar family
i r i. 'ft Monday fur Portlaad The .i c Stealer (naitly bnd a
hi Fill minion, meeting! The ihIk gui-il Sunday Mlaa tEhel (Healer and
bnnd "f Hi" llnHiirn I'liurili (iiirdncr I'limon. of Cnldwell. the
irerj lat area! lag end halafal fail Tneelni fnillj mill Mi nnd Mir
the gw ii tn leave they muHical program siindiu evening Arthur Orelntl .mil baby t Payette,
Ml Bayer to the dining Thankagttrtag they win no to Welaerl
i on Mul in lu . Hit "inlier 2nd, a re-
repllon will he Riven In .liiinl" V
MeCall will fpe.iU mi "Co ni aoelal time Mi.. i-"t-i. inn
or Itnral retire Snort talk', wit. letueil nfrel
il i. li. itlteii h It..) lluru'i "Tin
RenHim Why we Ilulld S bool
ii) iiie get 'id'Mit nf 1 1 . ' be i board
Mt M.n kiiiMoti. by the pre i. lent 01
rmiiii where sin wiii ii.hl Unit thoand Rive it In the church there.
Man) parkagee which mured the ta- (Inn Davl ami Mr. Stewart of
Mr, Mori Phllllpi. and
nnd Mm Zack Walker atnpp d Bl the r-in . nttttlve of th" Mothera cirrh . ble nil belonged to-her. Nee l'l iikmii h rniitideil up must nf
g Mm Walker' IMer, Mjm , ,,,. ,, the nigh el I and Be 01 ! i la) afternoon Hi" Wii-line their cattle which have been out mi
Hi- grade laankera and h a meabei eighth gt de airin rni to play thejtka hiiin near tfaoew and hrnuRht I
i; inlinr
M M llnrHl anrehaaid a Kurd lant iii Oi.. motor claa. v l..ini i. . ell Krtiltlund elnlith rade Rlrla a Ram- tliem Into winter pnature near Kalkn
week. In- kiw ii to the upeaker In honor ni of hanket hall Tin- smr.- wu 12 to BtOra, 1 it weak Mr Stewart In
l.e.ter HiM.ker froin tl(. visitor In the doinllr science ti In favor of Waaho. Prof, lad- nliort nlnmt N head while Mr. Davla
II Sunday where he han bOM room I'rof Nell-u.n will have tin niun Bled the Rlrls ! Is nliort uhout Is
Kemp. Oregon state nraaMMl of the
W (' T V at 2 p in. In Mathodlxt
churrh A ri-Riilar Inislm ., meeting
will niun he held at which aha will
III .lead of tile till
Kverytiody wel-
MIhs K.tliel Uelaler and
I'amons of Caldwell nutoed down Sal-
onluy In ine i ary lusnuia noin. lh, Ml , ,,.. W1,rkii ,,i, a music In hand Remember to atteuil Mr mi. I Mrs Wm llol.lnlierk were' If Jack Krost hml nm l,e..n e. i'
Mr and Mra I'iiiihtih of l-tha j gfg, gg)4j gffg Peter I Johniui am: n,i, nie.itlog. hunt and honlee Mto a dinner mrt tle last week the M It 1'owell famltyl '
vlaltml the L H. Rich limne Irlday ,wn,jr uutod to HIr Willow Hun i'rof II A llayniaa of the C. I Siimla) The cue-ts were Mr and Would have feeated on ripe atrawber-1 Skatea hollow ground and aharpen-
Mr. Pomeroy waa a Krultland bual- diy , ,hl, w A yr ,one Mm ut Caldwell vlalted Prof. Cotton ggeltMra, II It Russel and Mary of ("aid- rlea, the vlnen were well loadd wttu'ed for good akatlna for 3.1 renta per
Rive an address.
IowIiir Tueaday.
. Ayern rlurned with her daiiRhler for th.. nchool M In aitcrnoou well. Mth I I Hunter I Mr and Reed alied brrlen
the wee.k. The Couitn unit) Olee club met Muu Mm (lias Rich and children
I Mr. Yaaer of llllnoln, who Is ilslt- jy nyroioR for their flrwt practice The II Y. P V. held their bulne
Iiir her hrother, I. II. Khey and lam- t u under Prof. Nellaoo'a direction and nodal meetinR at the Hev. I".
Ily. la vlaltlDR the Sam MlRh home at Uil numbers II metubem llurti h home Tuenday evening.
neaa vlaltor.
Mlaa Lucy Kifllamler returned to
Unite Monday.
Oeo. KwIiir oi Ietlia vlalted the It
W Grover home Sunday and Monday
Mr. and Mm. It. H iiuHei auioeu Nw iylU(y,lri ,M, Mk. o,, hundred and fifty fntdlna The ueen Kithem met at the llurx
from Caldwell Saturday returnlna i A)lu, ghamherRer returned from chalm were received to be u.ed lu home Tueaday evenlna Martha Wll-
Sunday Mr. Rumtel beKan hla work Norlh y.Rin,,, Krlday Mlaa Sham- the aaaembly room of the hlh achool on wax leader.
lo the aaaeaaora office Monday. R. berier haa beeo away worklna In the one hundred dollar worth of ow Road Commlaalou II J Puchart
f, Madden, who waa appointed to fill frul, 0(ut three ruontha In Oregon reference book were reoelved for (InUhed the road between the Wheal
the vacancy uauaed by the removal of .Bd Weahlngton. Hi library don and the Weir corner thla week.
Mr Chronopher, will remain In of-; MrH ( j Bntllli of Payette U with Mrs II. R h'roat eave a aurnrlae W. II. Veatal. road commlaaloner. fln-
her daughter. Mm. 7ane shubert. 'party in honor of her huaband'a birth- lahed graveling the road from thai
Crank Richard of (dea. Nebr , ;da. Tueadar evening. Mr. Kroat'a Carnlflx home to the entrance of the
enroute to California ntopped from 'parent from gg0. South Dakota. Santa Roa ranch The road In and
Saturday to Monday with hi friend were preaent. A very pleaaant een- around Krultland are now In good I
th B. K. Tif-lag family. Dg waa apent by the gueata Mra shape
Mr Roy Sparka apent Monday Kroat erved lovely refreahmenta. R. C Klelder la building an addl-
wlth the Kred Hard family at Pay- Arnold Walker, archltet. from tolo on to hla houae giving them four
gajg Mr Kurd who I Mm Spark fayatte waa a bualata ftaltor at the morn rooma.
pair at Mamden'a ahop. 4S-47c
flee until the flrt of January. Mr.
W fun YtiHtar
Tailor Made Suit
There la a peculiar dMtlnction
In the fit and workman- tip
which put It In a cla by It
aelf, and the wearer In a cleat
by hliuaelf. with other Utlor
garhi'd men
When we make It your ault
la made to fit you, end not a
wooden dummy. No two forma
are eiectly alike, hence no ault
patterned after a dummy will
give you an exact fit, auch aa
you get when we take your In
dividual measurement
$20.00 to . $50.00
And gggj where between
Oppuaile PnatonVe Phme 105 W
Expert Service
Charges and
The kind of uvatiiicntSicaily
custoniors deserve Is the
principal upon which we do
. ee carried for
kinds of CATS.
Gasoline, Lubricating Oils
and Supplies,
Ontario Auto Co.
Phone JM
uncle presented her with a Shetland
pony and colt.
N. 8. Hunt of Kmmett. spent the
weak end at the Grant Klaher home
, He als. vlalted the II. H. Kennlon
and I.. II Khey home.
S V. Yoi-t waa taken to the Ontario
hoapltal last Wedneaday.
The I. M. ('apron family attended
Mra Capron'a father. Kd ilerry'a 7 3
birthday ennlveraary at hla home at
Ontario, Sunday. Nineteen member
of the family were preaent. Mm
Ilerry'a brother. Henry Olfford of
l.ovel, Wyoming, cutue a week ago
will make hi home near Ontario.
Ill nephew. Arthur i;iliur.i, thiiw.i ,..., r.
The aniioun. ement of the marriage
of Mlaa Florence Dale of l.ln.'oln,
Nehr . and Nellie Kline of Mampton,
Nehr last TueHday, hai. been received
hi Mime of her friend Mlaa Dale
wiih here with Mr (Jeo Child 4
.il ear ago
h i has aller went to Payette She If ft for Pendleton, Or .
I in -ila. Mr. .aller has emplo-
iiient there.
' Mr and Mm Wm Pratt of Welaer
autiieil up Suuiluy evenliiK lo attend
'the serviie at the llrelhern church
Mrs ltUHel and daughter. Kilith.
of Ontario and Mm Caffon anil .l.niK
liter of Kmetl ai (ended the line feast
serine at the Hrctheiii church Fri
day eening
The Clarence Kaufman fainil of
New l'l iiiuiilh spent Silliilay at the
Milton llower lioine
Mr and Mrs A I. tlorliain ainl
.Mr ami Mi- I atgggfgg gf I'aveKe
Sunilay gueata at the 1). I).
Boliagar bogaa
M,-,.i anil M. -.hiiiiis Will, anil
llerhert lloiuaii auloeil In the Allen l.i.ine near New I'lyinuutli Sun
day Mr New hou ut I" Fruit
laii.i bnaiaaaa rialtof Icaii Ttteadaj
Mh oi. l ill stle sileure
teaehai Pgyagta rlattaf s.iiur
Mrs N I' fOCal to I'mni.i
m visit her parent. She
will attend the noant) Innday Mhaol
loiiMinion ai Oaldwall on Tknradaj
.mil Fnilay
K.-ii (i.-il mill ltnni" I. in n
of I'.iiiiie weie Im uMai visitors at
Kllilnett llll III'
iii it ii Roblaaoa aatortalaad
ul, o ut g ilozeti of her friends and
netgbbora lo dlaaar iat Tharaggj
The iadiea lied and tinlehed Iwa
'con, ioii. Im Mm. Robinson and en
joyed the social afternoon.
J W Haya of Glenns Ferry came
gej up Satirdav (o ist( Mr ad Mrs O
' Kev. Ford Hunch moved Into the
H It lllack house near the M. It
Powell home laat week.
Mr and Mra Roy Spark moved to
F. Taylor house In town thla
Roomer home Monday.
Mm A. It Klnewalt of Huffalo.
New York, visited Mlaa Opal Croud
Mr. Knberg spent several darn last the 8
week with her daughter. Mabel, In week.
Rolse Joel liayer haa the cellar dug and
The freshman agggg gave a partv I lie foundation for hi new bungalow
In honor of the sophomore claaa at waa laid thl week Mr liayer will
the Grant Fisher home Friday nvnu build a neat, modem home Grover
Ing. Abont alxty were preaent. The McOee ha the overaeelng of the
evening was a most enjoyable one building.
with pantomime and game It paased At the Methodlat Sunday school
all too quickly Profs. Cotton. Hall. board meeting laat week I. 8. Mack
aud Kenlaon. the Mte While andllnaon waa elected a auperlntendent
Nlcoley were Invited guests lively ggj the reelgnatlon of II. It Rusael.
huieiit of sandwiches, ronon. The hour for servhe has been chsng-
To Points East
Tickets sold
Following roundt trip f:ei apply
from Ontario
Dearer $.".! 50.
Omaha or K. C. IS4.00.
St. I.oui ii.:.
Memphis 174 HO
Chicago, 173.71.
Minneapolis or St. Paul $70 tt
Oct. II; Nov. 8
Itec. 10 and It.
Limit 10 day
Ask O. S I..
Agent for
M, Ml
oiliiu pulula.
low ratea to many
"'a go back east to old aceues aud
old frleuda for a good old fashioned
holiday rlalt."
Madal M-
$795 - tim 795
I. o. b. TeUdw iI WlfC5 Mad'' 85-4
aw an gWll SCgfl BaggkaW
fa Oe b. ToUdo
These Tremendous Advantage
More power 35 horsepower motor.
More room 112-inch wheelbase.
Greater comfort - long, 48-inch cantilever
rear springs and 4 -inch tires.
Greater convenience- electrical control but
tons on steering column.
Bigger, safer brakes g vice, 13 ; sx2 ' ; emer
gency, 13x2' .
Better cooling you never heard of an Over
land motor overheating.
These are tremendous ad... over any
thing to be had in otlur . I for
anywhere near as low a pi ice.
And they make it hard for us t; keep tip with
The factory has never yet caught up with the
You OUght to own one of these cm nothing
so big and fine fin the money.
Come in and order yours now.
The WUiya-Overland Company, loledo, Ohio
"M.d. la U. 3. A"