The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, November 09, 1916, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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r.:K mm
(Established 1896)
'.1 O, K. M KI .
Published Thundss 1 Ontario, Oregon nnd entered ai
the Ontario poi I or ditrib itii n si 2nd class matin-
- 00 Three Months
,60 Single o pies
One year
Si Months
All copy for display advertising should be at this office hy
vveunesuay noon. I insure position copy
this office on Tuesday.
Tin: i:i,k Tinv
All doubt a lo who will lie presi
dent of llMM lulled State durltiK
l lie next four tear HHH to da u.,1
-,l TIip people. Iiyt lii-lr ballot
lia ii.iiu.mI Woo.lmw ttil , the
democratic nominee a ilielr chief M
..nine lie In therefore the prcsi
dent of Ikt whole people.
Not In the memory of tin- present
Reiteration haw their been u cainpalKii
wherein the result was M Inns: In
doubt While Um ArffU no I'-h re
great the defeat of Cliurlc Kan
IIURhex, who It hellcvc Is the most
able candldatex the party lias BVOf
preBented to the voter for MUMW
atlon nine Lincoln, vet It Imw grow
fully to defeat. hopInK that future
CM'tlt ma) IBOW It In l;m
I n in
rror concerning President IrllOM
Thla la no time for the siiliuilsslnii
of alibis TIM vnl.rH npparciitl) de-
termned to accept the doctrine .,f
peace at any price with Wilson, in
evperlnii'iillim with Mr lAghM
It la a strnimc commentory ur
A uiei :. .hi pooojg tu ililuk that In the
eaat where both men were known
beat, that the defeated candidate
abould have received ko xtrotiK a pie
i. i. in.- Stranger Mill Ik it that the
defeated candidate should have mil
i.nh won In his uatUe slat.- hut In
that of his rival as well
There are. however, xevi'inl fea
ture of Hie election from which .1
westerner ma) druw some i, nut,, it
Kroin this nine forth Ihl elloii of
tin- lull, I Stales will rOCOlVS -nine
coiihlderutioii from tbe polnieal no
tfiils itl the t-'.iisl Then the
i.. ..... i i... i .. ..r .I... i..... i
"on,. .- ..,,.,. .,,,..,...,.
vote should dixanear for eo-r fmui
Ainericali poln
iin t. lie vi i.vmi
,.rl.l's series 111, i , nine and go.
Oroal lialfbucks may hang their
11., nie s iii the foot bull hall of fame
with sensational much duwii, but
alter all once each lour vears their
luatre Is , 1 1 111 in .-, I hy the great Osi
American game of poln
n,r all, the right rr i,,hu,iil
llnnnrs i,,r part) perlenueiit and pu
xltlous uf power at the hands of the
people has all other games nl chance
and skill -. 1 1 1 -.-. t i,,i aorta wrecking
evct.iueiit and intense thrills of ex
ultation at vicIiim and depressing de-
hpnlldt-lic) ill
However, thank to the saving
sens., of portions possessed by the
Ainericuii people these ties end
with Hie counting of the ballot I'n
like our more mercurial neighbors,
the 1 eject Inn nl ,1 t.nured part), or
the return Of one to power is ijinei
ly accepted No thots of 1. -01111111111
or effort at reprisal are entertained !
ieinrv or defeat Is Just, "a part
of the game "
If this were not the case popular
gn et unit-lit, as we know It here 111
the lulled States w.iul.l not long ex
11 Thl would he another Mexico,
torn h) anarchy and internecine
tott II.-
in the defeat nl Coin- C Hill a.s
Mil) aaaoaaol lha rotors ol Malbaor
Mill) vin.llcaleil themselves Ih.)
eiuph.iiically placed then Stamp of
aUaaaproval on ins ojotbod ol dealing
out personal IrORgMOa 00 thus,, who
incline, I his ,hsta,,r The) establish,-,
I, as it should he. the principal
thai all men shall I before
the court of Justice.
The defeat ol Mr. Hill, for w I10111
the Argils has no personal dil I. 1 .11. .
but with whose UlOthods , could
Hot agree, will 1 vslablish ihe credit
Of the county with th. im 11 lrnin
whom Its people 11. 11 -I secure the
nee, le, I muds lor Ihe ,1,-velnpiueut of
1 In- unused land
It I now up tu Morgan lai'lile.
wlui has MM goloctod in suce, ,1 Mr
Hill to delimllsl I. lie that the VOtOI
wt ra wlaa 10 1 h, ir selction
a, trovolitig
uini 1 1 ug.iit of tin- OrogM
Short I.luu was m Ontario Saturday
Interview ing looal shippers .,11 Ins rW
turn from trip into the latOtior.
Editor ami Pabllshtr
should be in
I'lmtltiinil from page one)
It was a Jolly, but Intensely ser
ious crowd, wnlu ill, that uui In-red at
the city hall IhkI Tuesday evening to
read the bulletin secured by the Ore
Hon club M they appeared N tfci
board Ax the result became more
doubtful and each aide felt Mm cham
pion slipping there win but little
hniitorlim back and forth Hot h
jrfpiililliiiiis .in.! democrat felt too
deeply to jolly about It. and tin. gag
corn wa bravely banlnhed, or better
wax apparently illsposril of. deep
, , - .. . ,...,,.,. ,..,.
of all
HOWOVOf tills did llol prevent Ihnsc
present from enJoyliiR a pleasant o -enliiK
with their neighbor and the
waits between meHaaRes were lille.l
with brave attempt at wit and ban
ter During the CM-niim, ion, the
women of the Kplscopul guild serve. I
waffle- an. I coffee ami this latter ele
iiieni stlniiil.iied the jaded neros nl
the audience, if the) needed all) slim
illation, so that the rrow.l held on un
til 3 a m
While there was a ,,., n III
teres! in the olllcnllie ,,t the leitnin
.,r as Hie e.nmlv ..ff' uefe
ouocor I it whs so overshadowed In
tl,.. i, I .. I p..i..r.. . l. -
' ' "' S ,,,,,, I,,.' ,-
,. ,.. . . ,.i
si,,, meain s,, si,,w in cnmllig that
no tabulation of the ,;,n l,,.-i
in. elnct wax mu.le, however, most of
the Clllll ,.l k, pt ,, lliclltul
lit a mental
tab nil the result.
Hsavy Vote
is Cast Throughout the
New Vork. Nov K Kslr weather.
Scleral throughout the cuuli, ex
cept in the upper Mixlipil valle)
and in wesiein Colorado, in oiiipanlrd
h agreeghl,- lemperatiire. brought
nut the oiling hoxlx earl) todav lie
ports from practlcall) all sections In
di. ated that a beav) ote had been
cast, and sum. ir.nls reported ihat
the bulk ol the (lite was III before
Iu a in
All Hie New Kiigland statea Iu their
earl) reporls of the oiling dwell 011
the he) earl) hallotlliR Prov nl.-iice
It I . reported that tbrougli.iiit the
stale it was the lieu, lest eer known
New Vork state and other nil, 1,11,
Atlaiilic state reported an iiiiuauall)
large earl) ode, and similar reports
came from the weat and south.
Rsturni Art Widsly St Vininci
Trend Towards Wilson.
Ilulse idall.i Not X The . DUB I
Idaho 1 ex. eptiuiial
ilU slow Scatter
i.leiv ..I variant
lug return are wi
but Ihe rota 111 the stale capital trends
towards Hughes
lloweo-r, iiuomplele returns Irom
the slate at large show President W'll
aun leading In a substantial pluralil)
I'nr tile goo-lll.irsllip, Wevallncr.
deiuo.ral. leads In a narrow ui.iigiii
o n Da is. Hie r. puhl , .1: , id ,1.1
)u exceplionall) laiii,- rota was
,si all o,r Hie state
iii aouthwaalara Idaho Woaart N
Dunn is Klrongl) in tin lead 111 the
111.11 pariisan race tor latlM Of th.
supreme court C A HlOsOf, It '
tar l.u Ih,- 1 . publican slate leulral
c littee claims 1,1,1,., for both
Hughs and Davta.
Rsprntativs Mann Re lctd.
Chi, ago. Nin X .lames It Maun.
minuiii, Ira, lei of Ihe house at W'ah
iiiglou. 011 win, 111 a vigorous fight was
made h) the .leys of the .xei oud lill
iiuiH oongreasioual distn. i wa alMl
ed b) an indicated pluralil) of I0.06C
Michigan Goes fac Huyhe.
Delr.ui, N.n X Democratic State
Chairman MtaVBMM con, e,le ktichl
gan 10 Hughes by "a normal icpubli
can uiajoniv Michigan is noruiall) b) tun mm
( tii in ui-il from paga 000)
for Hltuhe and most of
01 lUttT w. nl fur
M i in I ) maturities n great porportlnn
gtol) as llmse in the I
Mtlio'.mli Hie in. IrOpotttM new I
papers srhleb have support! Pn
drill VYIIOOD I'llll. eh'.l hi ll ' r til"
.1. iiiiiiriiMc nMMgt r Inelatof that I
iitnriiH fr mi ih. w est w mil. I
reveres tin' trend Which steadily seem
e, t,. up the lliiihi s i olumn
nmi.rrlla HH ISO
Rl ni. inher gtf.M wn the predic
Hon of the democratic publicity till
....I, Which n"iite. out that In that I
memorable ..i.i.-i IM reied returns
1-1 - - 1 OrWTtf t'l.ncland In the whit,
statement was issued b) the dem
ocratlc national lommlttee i lalmlng
that with the loss of the following
state, who h it was not lielleved
Hughe hsd larrled. President Wilson
was still reelected h a majority of
two Tote In the i lectnral college
Callforiila. Indiana. North Dakota.
South Dakota. West Virginia slid Wl
The eoinnntlce claimed that even If
these states were lost. It will glvt
'reident Wilson a witc o( :8 iu tbe
elertorsl college
Vance M t'ormlck. chslrman of the
denioiralie national lominlttee, claim-
ed the eleitloii of President v ilson
with L'Tii ones in the rle.toral collsie.
Republicane Claim 2g4 Votss.
The repiihlnan nstlonal , oinmlttes
in an official statement . laimed tall
forma. I'linne. tlcul. Delaware, Idaho,
lllliiol. Ititliana. Iowa. Maine. Mary
laud. MaMi.aibiii.eti. Mulligan. Now
llatnphirc, N w Jem,, New Vork.
North Dakota Oregon, I'ritiisvhanla.
Itloule I s Iu ml StWth Dakols. Vermont,
Washington. VoMt Virginia and Wia
That made a total of :'X4 electoral
votes with more than the neeeaaary
2(t for an ele, t ton.
Mil wax tin orriclal indication from
thl republicans that the result would
, be o .lose. The republican inauuKcn-
roalllOd that u sudden xwiiili In the
stah s in, .I i.l, i,. nr ttahtart Irom
might liicriH.1 the Wilson figur,
hut Will Mile the later figure would
1 add tn H .. in were i luliuing
Progrssslvss Returned to C. O. P.
Political siporta are baaj bMtei h
ulalnlng Hi, i. turn to pnw.r In the
, nation ol (he republican purt Men
iin 11.1111 panns agree lliai llie one
..j . ... .....
,howS the prt 1, vex have r.lurn.d
n. ,h. ; u fold wh.h ,i wn
sou nmi hao- held some ol Ihl vote.
1 . 1, at 11,.. 0I il v ol the v 0I1 rs w bo
four vears a... rallied lo the support
01 Mr linos, oil. ap arcntl) cast their
ballots lor Mr Hughes
Ihe vital Important,- .,1 M. .i.
sie ode ma) be gained from a tud
nf thn llgurex four earx l. ..huh
resulted III the election of Mr Wii
At that time th. ,,unhliicil vote ol
ROOOOVOll ami Taft exceeded that of
W llsnn In I .LI 1.444 Mr Wilson'
oile was 1. .',.1,1:1. Taft 01
and, ell s 4 1 11,607
The big light of botli partle wax
waged In what was regarded a the
four iinii, , riant .Inuhtful states of New
Vork Indiana. Ohio and Illinois, with
a total electoral vote of 111
New York Vote for Hugh.
Now York s if ele. loral vote will
be cast for Hughes and Kairbank
Ihe letuin Indicate that Mr Hughes
carried the state by a substantial plu
ralit) Karl) returns from the state
were closely watched In several of '
Ihe upper counliee of the stale, par
liciilarl) Krie and Monroe, voting
inachlnr were used, which facilitated
prompt tabulation of the return
When the , omplete returns from Hut
falo gavi Hughe 40 65:' and Wilson
:t'.H."., it wa regarded a certain that
the rrpuhllcan preaideutisl candidate
hail earned the state Karl) In ihe
evening the leading New York dallies.
Including the papers which supported
Wilson during ihe campaign, conceit
ed Hie election of Hughe
limeriior Whitman was reelected
In a large pluralil) and William M
('aider republi. .111 candidate tor I in
ted Statea leualor was also elected
The in called "solid South. Ala
hams Arkansas. Florida. Louisiana,
Mississippi. North Carolina. South
Carolina ToBBOaaOO. Texas and 11
giiua. winch have .inifoi n,l cast their
electoral votes for the deinocrati,
presidential andldales. in still s,.lu!
democratic. W ilson ami Marshall null
lag the no... I Usfgl inajol ".ties.
If the complete revised returns hear
nut earl) imic .u,, ins the present dem
niraiic inajuni, 111 the ,,,r house of
coiigr. ss will he .iipe.l .nit and (ha re
publican part) will bo la .outroi
While the roturai nidi, ale there will
he a largely r. iluccd majoril) in the
xenale it is 111,1 helieo-,1 ihat the dem
... i.i 1 - w ill luse , nntrul
Seth r Rhode, travollog paaaoog
Of BfMl ol the () S 1.. ariiv.d in
Oatarlo Jriaturduy to luuw attar the
preliminary details of the excursion
Florid for Wllion by 15,000.
JgCkMflVlllOi I In . NOV, I. Kelitrn
I imti. aie w llson inajorlt) will bi
Mississippi Qlvl 75.000.
Jackaoo, Mat., Not, miiip
pi M)orlt) for wiImoii probabt win
reach 75,000 VM membtri ol the ON
M ,i, ;. ,ii, n were re I
without opposition
Arkansas Larger Than Usual.'le Mm k. rk , Nov K Iteliim
lad . v.-;: Mct
than lour year into by I'd per cent.
North Carolina Is Wilson's by 60.000.
It i eigh. N '. NOT I liemocratlc
majnrltle apparently are maintained
In all district, party leaders claiming
46, I to r.0.000
Alabama for Wilson by 60,000.
M,.blle. Ala. Son I Itctiirn In
dicate Wilson inajorlt) In thl stale
Will he Hi' lion In I'M.' it waa 60,019.
Qt&rgia Strong for Wilson.
Atlanta, 00 No. I lleturn In
dicate that or 136.000 votes caat
throughout the state. 100.000 were
ileniiM rath
Tsnntssss In Lin foi Wilson.
Meniphi. 'lenn No N Tennessee
will go mrrwhrlniliiRh for Wilson for
prr,(rnt hut there Is a i lose race
I between John W 0erall. republican.
and Tin, n.
r Kye. ilenioi rat. for
Louisiana far Prtsidsnt Wilson.
Si w ml, xiix Nov N Keturn In
dnxtol thst President Wllxun ha
carried Louisiana b) tin, ' Demo
crats elci ted eight cougremen
South Oskota for Hughaa.
Sloiil l-'slls, H D. Nov N Indl.a
tlonx are that Hughes hss carried
Bou Hi Dakota bv a plurality id
The pridiililllnn ainetidnieiit was
adopted l, .ii.Uiiii and the Riiffrage
am. initio in In iniiiin p. t.-r Nord
be, I- ire, I will will for .mcriiir h
The la. lies alll no. ft) of the I'llll
Rr. c.t i. mill . Inn, h will hold a ban, I
t I -i ml .ni .i towel haaar In
tb" imtaii.. I urnltiire company
WlndOWS I', ember I and : Itc
Jaw Il.y
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aalggVgP' WB WSf. V A Jlas - ?1 I I a ggggaaLi gggghl I t J
,aaaoBMHosaBaMssss Bsv7sBaBB 4e '
Single Tax and Boer Amend
ments Appear to Have
Eccn Defeated.
Portland. Of., Nov K (haih'H K.
Hughe probabl) ha carried Oregoa
for priHlilenl b) n pluiahn ih n inuy
rcaih I..
lliH'he I lending Wilsnn In Mull
nnioah . .mill by a narrow margin
Hui'.he h maintaining a Reed had
In moHt of the up stste .untitle lie
"inr to have carried RoatoB,
Clackama. tTalxop, folumlila I no.
Crook. Ollllam Hood Ithcr. Khimalh.
I .mi' I .In. nln. Marlon. Hhcrmiin. Til
lainook w mini. W'axhltiRloii and Yam
hill eiiiintlei Ilia lead In CtMkMMM
Is small
W'IIhoii I leading In llak. r. DmiKlas.
Jackaon, Jefferaon. Linn. Morrow,
t'matllla, I'nloii and Wallowa BOM
W (' Haw ley haa been reelected
representative in congreas In the first
dlslrht and N .1 Sllinott in the sec
nnd district lloth are republicans
t' N M. Vrthur. republican candl
date for from the Portland
dlxtrhl. Is maintaining a . .insistent
and sppsrentl) ssfe lead for re elec
tlon over A W l.afferty and John A
Jeffrey the democratic nominee
Men W in... tt haa been reelected
secretary of state
Krank M.mre of Columbia oun
ty. and lieorge II Murnetl, of Marlon
count) hate been reelected Justices
of Hie supreme i ourt by substantial
pluralities Moth are rapubllcana
l.,hn D Mi, klr ..f Portland, waa re
sir. te.l dairv and food commlaalnner
The single lai amendment was over
whelinlnslv defeated BlOfJ count)
repotting haa given a dei Islva vote
again, t It
Th n
anowol under The marg'n asslnst
IS Isrge iu the nuthlng comities
The absolute prohibition I, ill Is run
nlllg close npxi.ii. uii, I S result on
this meaxiire la ni doiiit Ciihs
.Miillliomuh OOHBl) BOM heat II)
against it. this hill win. I II pro
hihlt Hie importation m I ., i ,r. ma)
W W I III Compel, m ,i for
general bouxework Mi II, ,1.)
1 .,, Uruiii. phone !tii J. lim.,1 ..
lar.. .raw Ltii Hiim
Wtut Wtul
Select Your Corset
I 0.
Ltsd Is
ItlW ,
I is..
I m. led .'"""'
' , 111! st
""n Din
ill i .i.lilin Wn,
" " i' an is ,.
' s I. ml I.
N' ti, .,- i.. ' ""hr
wax i,
. i
llm lies h ,i "' skiu
. i
"" "'' "'I. l;,, ,
""' '" I
''' ,r "trteta rraglaww
""' "'""' "' tJ2S
1,1 ""rf-1"' - I nus, ,
Utc. which Hughe. wrW'hJJ
:i:iT. slthoi.Rl, ,, wa,rirn'
, I I . '' V,
1 1. a n
for Rovsmur two mn I
than 19,1.1,11 ui,.k. .7 v
gain also wore shows .. s ! '
Hyracnse and All,,,,,, ,hf "'
Motion cities of the mt,
PrOOJ relurim rsostsai 1. .
ont that Charles s w,,,
n reelect.,! mn ,.rnor
Besbury. his g-.
William M rslder. nf Br
mer representative to coirm,
""'"'l l'1' I H'stM ,,
Wllllsin H M, crbs. forsat tkte
msn of the drmorrstlr siUsmI aa
mltlee. by a large majority
lleturns show,, 1 that tkt rwpool,
cans had gained tins rontrsaaiii
i)ur new Bunday and awtswla.
rursions solve them. wr iilsati.
00. re finding out or rtua in
cheaper than using thtli -xii ran
Ask about them Afttl 0 1 U
' ,l Utlllj
Daily Cadillac Stage
Boise to Ont.irio -Ontario
bin likewise haa been Kaffir. Star. MiddlrloR. IaHIu
KuIkH Sltirc. New Pljaouth
and I t u,i:.iiiil
I.rav ex liaise N o'rl.xrk a. a. irmo
tint arm I o'clock p. B.
I .ocx Ontario I n'clsck p. a, fJSJJfJ
lloi.r N o'clock p
1 .nl 1 1 In. I : ik In PassrRtrCir
Starl from Hotel laas
Starts Irom Moon Hotel. Usliru
lleginning Monds), Mr. t
CsrwJ Hmk