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    tub Ontario AROUf
I ill Corset Announcement
To the Women of Ontario
Wo hnvp just received the new 1916-17
fall and winter cornets. The linea of
theHC handsome J. C. C. corsets are
not only hcnutifully styliph hut Rive
comfort and elasticity for walking,
working, motoring as well as evening
wear. We gnurantee fit and comfort.
An examination of our line will con
vince you.
An Added Supply of Hats and
Toques has been Received
as well as the most exquisite line of
fancy work just suitahle for Christmas
Millinery Art Store
After Short llln.-. Prominent and
Itexpci lel I'lmiew ONI to .loin
the Urvt MnJnrM
The Week With Ontario Citizens
KriiNtii- rtley apent Sunday with
friends In Welaer.
V. II Slaplcx came clown from
Vale "ii 'I ii'- !.
Born to Mr. and Mm. Kay Tar
aona Tueaday, a hoy.
Bob Cavln Iftft on Monday for the
Interior on bulnea.
Mr and Mr Krecl I'latt ware down
from I'armn Tuesday
II I, I'oorman visited with rela
tlew In Welaer Sunday.
c K. Kenyon of Welaer wati In On
tario on bualnes Tuesday.
Dlatrlrt Attorney V II. Ilrnokc
waa a llolae visitor on Wednesday.
Ml Mary I'lnney la home attain
from an extended aojourn In Port
land. 0, C WIIhoii, UM Nkhii attorney
Wbh In Ontario everul day ihU
W A Kiilkcrxon wax a W.'Imt
vlallor on Sunday, returning M DM
I'ony Mond.n
Mr. V H Hrookmor In nunibetid
amoiiK Ho' rr-"'iiil reported lixt of
typhoid rletli
w q Uam I'-" ihD week '"' "'
extended vllt with relative In hla
old home In Ohio
It K farmer of Vule, county en
glueer waa In Ontario the lam of Hi"
week on hualuvaa.
Mra. tl. '. Hoyer waa numbered
anion a the Indlapoaed of Ontario thla
week. She la better now.
Adam Murray, the well known
i I in of Ho- Intel lor wc ill On-
turlo last week mi bualiieaa.
W. A Kulkersou waa compelled
IIiIh week to leave hla dutlea at IM
alore on account of lllneaa.
II V. Jenne, who has Iiv.-iI west
of the city for aeveral year, left thla
week for North Yitkliuu, Waah.
Athur Moody left on Tueaday for
Willow river I" locate voters inl"r
eated In hix canvaaa for the clerkship
of the county
Sheriff lien lirowu wax In town n
Monday on bustnex and incidentally
to ini"iM' roUfi ftetlti to hla
candidacy for re-election.
C C Mueller of Vule wan in On
tario Tueaday etirouic It distant
parta of the county In hla canva for
the county treaxurerahlp
,1 I) Milling -h-v went l" Juutiira
WMMft4ftJ on huxine.i." II" expeclx.
to hrlnts down a lux band of aheep to
feed during- the winter here.
Frank Mcliuvern of John lu spent
several day.-, this week in Ontario,
th" gin- t ti Ueorge Klchaon. Mr.
McUovcrn has Juxl returned from an
exten.l"l tUU 1" Ml "ll1 lli""' '"
South DakeU wlilch be "uy lb aafe
for Hughes.
Kplscopal service will he held In
Masonic hall next Sunday at II II
a. m. by the general mlaalnniiry, lt-v
iv II Powell Everybody welcome.
Mra. W. It. Shlnn of tirandilew,
Waah., accompanied by her daughter,
Margaret, arrived thla week for a vis
it with Mra Hhinn'a parenta, Mr and
Mra. J. O. Staple-.
Mr. and Mra. Thuma Kahoul, and
daughter, who were the gueat laat
week of Mra Kahout'a alater, Mlaa
i.u ine Smith, returned to their home
in Ionian Valley Tuesday.
Smith Crane the Hum borne Inn
er was In Ontario over the week end
on business. He I shipping a big
hunch of horaea to Caldwell thlx week
and left on Monday for Junlura.
Mra. M. K Newton returned Sun
duy from Portland where she spent
Koine time recuperutiiiR from the re
hiiIih of Hie u ill ii iiccldi'iit of which
In- wa the victim a month .no
Idv l K Maker, lefl SiiihI.i even
iiik on No 10 tor Salem, to attend
the annual scxxlonx of the Oregon
llu'itlMt atale conwnllon He will
return Saturday for the Sunday it
Dr. and Mix D C I"'" "in Ikll
week for Hoxwell, Idaho, where they
will lxlt for Home time before leav
ing for Arlxona or Sonthi-rn Califor
nia to make their permanent liotne
On leaving the exprexaed regret at
having to aever friendship formed
thru three yeara rexldence here Or.
Ilreti xold hi practice to Mr Fry
J It lllackaby waa the boat for a
motor party which left early Sun
day morning for the country above
Welaer. The car xutfered from "II
glne trouble In the Maun creek re
gion and It waa neceaxary to call for
a tow back to Ontario The party
reached the city eurly Monday morn
Ing. Mr. Hlackahy'x guests were
Mr. and Mr. Karl lllackaby, Mla
Clark, Mlaa Whit more Mlaa Margaret
lilackahy ami Miss It tit It I lniii.iu
Tom W tlalldrty one of the heat
known Mini n p'li'd Of Malli'in
county ' tkMMf cltlxenx IM Sun
day morning nt big home In Vale
The linnii'illat" cause of deulh wax ,
heart RftllVN Mr Mnlllday luivr
to mourn hix departure hla wife and'
two children Wilbur llallld.n "l
Itaker nti'l Ml rtonot llurhrldg"
of NyB..
The death of Mr llatllilay calm- ftl
a-distant ahoc.k to hi many friend'
for I ho he had not been well for otne
time lils condition Ml not deemed
aerlotix. The funeral took place
Tueaday under the aup!ce of the
Vale Ixxlge No 142 A K and A. M
Service were held nt the Mnlllday
home In Vnle where II I,. Mllllgan
of Walla Walla delivered a eulogy
on the life nnd work of Mr. Ilalliday
The body wa brought to Ontario for
Interment The eateem In which the
dlxeaxeil wax li"ld by hi fellow- cltl
xena waa eloquently teatlfled to by
the many who cam" to thlx city to
pay their repecta. Member of tin
tario lodRe of Manon met the train
and formed an excort for the funeral
rortcge to the grnW' The pall hear
er were c W Mallett, JudRe t'axltl
Itrown, V II. Staple. J P Duna
way, C M. Crandall of Vale ami Mr.
Modflnh of Nyaaa.
During hi realdence In Malheur
county Mr Ilalliday waa one of the
tu'-ii who hulldi'd for the future and
Rave of hi time and talent to the ad
vancement of every forward atep.
He waa In the hlghext aenae a pro
Rrexxlve and uprlRht cltlxen Id
nerved the public a aherlff for one
term and for two lertux wax county
treaxurer He alxo deyeloped one of
the flnext farm In the vall" PM
mllea wext of (Intarto where he lived
until four year ago when be moved
tO V .' I'
Tom W Ilalliday wax horn In ln
6S year ago and when but a boy
moved lo Arlxonu Later he went
to Si i lair, Wwula. where In 1 US t
he man I'd Kinnin M I'erguxon, who
. i him Soon after Ihelr mar
rlage In IN82 they came lo Malheur
county and took the hometead
which toKi'lher th"v d"V"loi"d Mr
Ilalliday wax alxo ptoiiiiii"Ui in fra
ternal circle he wax made a Maxou
In Accucla lodge of (initio and hit
er transferred hi iiieinberhlp to the
Vale Idoge He wax alao a member
of the Odd Fellows lodge of Ontario
the member aud offloera of which
were prexent at the funeral winr.
here oil Tuexday
Fur Trimminja:s
Just Rec i td
MndiTiitily Prii'-'l
25c to $2.00
The Yard
on will find our lin.- simply
AggMBaaavaV - J
Nowhere will
you find the
showing and so
reasonably pric
ed as at this
Ilpfore you buy a wult ee
the New Fall line we have
lut received and our pec
lal low prices.
In thene day of high l prlcoa
till More I the logical placa lo
trade, heraue we have no rent.
Our expene moderate and pur
chaxlng power the bet.
tWI ob co on I m 'U
Ladies' and
Misses' Few Fall
Suits, Coats
and Dresses by
Express this
IDAHO M(1U i intvi'
H Xl.r
Madden Cronln guard
Itoblaon Overatreet
I'M Lo xl.
Price. Skelton Itrown
I. it end
llrexhear Holland
Turner Chrlatenxen
Itight half.
Cook Maddux
Lew ix, ft ix liurhln. I'lnney
I. .-It half
Heferee, Vance, umpire, Saler;
heud llnexman. Ilreshear
iiwt.i.H oi ttMCAD
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Mr and Mix Claude Kurd of Pay
ette .p.-nl Tuexday at the Clyde lluid
W I'ltgi-ruld or llliaa vlaited
the I.. J Meeker home
Mrx Tom Harri returned from the
Onurio i". Tueday. She la
slowly improving.
t) l.ooii"i is"d liotne
iruiii tlie hoapltal thlx W""k.
Chax. White, Win. Wlitle uf Nya
s.i and A White of Mountain Home
were called to Salem, Oregon, last
week by the deulh of their mother.
Mrx Italph Joii" and two children
of Mldvale are visiting the John's
Mr Shumate of Nampa republican
candidate for aherlff wax a caller laat
Why Should Oregon Vote
Pendleton $125,000
and one -twenty-fifth of a mill for a normal achool only 21 utile
from where the slate own a good plant at Weaton which requlrea
but one-fortieth of a mill aunual maintenance to put it in aucceaa
ful operation? Head page ii of the voteri' phamphlet; and if you
want to avoid needloa taxation, vote
309 X No
Paid advertisement- Clark Wood, Wexton. Or.
tartly and in Whitney hnlda him
blameleaa for the condition which ax
ial. "A a matter of fact." aid the
Health Officer. "It waa the very an
Itary precaution which Mr tlrlffln
employed that may hate cuuxed the
trouble. I believe the trouble luix
lome thru the wuxhiug ol the cowx
uddera with the water from th" m
reeled well Tlllx "ll I only 30
reel rrotu the main xewer aud being
a xhallow well It may U- nnhnl
the infection from the sewir Thlx i-
po-nilile and I a condition over which
Mr tiriffin had no control lie did
not know the water wax coiilamin
ated. In voluntarily cloning hix
dairy he did all that a man could do
to protect the cll
li i potalfclt 1'iat Hi" loiilamuut
lion wax - .i Inraii." of the xaul
tary uianiier in which Mr Uiiffiu MM
had the udder of hix cowx wah"d
helore milking, a few dropx could
thu eaxlly get Into the milk, Itaplt
the tact all th" hollleg .Hid milk
contain"!, were constantly senlued
he milk would xllll carry the germ
xeciiii-d g Hie time uf milking
y t M lian- liad no report
Iron me city water apd oth.r -am
pic M-nt tor analyxis and the .-.uppo
xitiou Ui'i .1 I" accepted tliat I li-v ii"
alright or " would hav.- luard liom
thi'ln If ihoh" taking care ol . i
tleni.- ai" careful, I believe there
will be no further apread uuleaa it
be among people already gffacted
but eiery precaution xltould still be
lluiiiiL; the we.k the doctor ha
been I'll y vaccinating cMBmA to
avoid trouble children
rying boiled water to
geueial clean up of lha
- Uo. tV.
C A McCreary of I .a Q
ored from hi home to i 'r,
his return Tiiurudxy wax
ed to hix home in l.a Urana
Juatine Clark, who will viat
look. Ion ly of Vide, U the Ulg
I actor foi' lilor ulbei Ixoii'x
Men I xe I oruard Phxx.
luahillty on the part of llo- i.ntir
of the line to hold the plunging of I
the Caldwell liackx during the flrat '
half of the game coxt the Ontario,
high xcliool fcMithall team Ho- game
at Caldwell laxt Friday afternoon
The final xcore wa to ti In favor
of the Idahoan.
Aa the MM Indicate the teamx
wen- "wiily mulched In fact during
the second half the local held their
own liy ue of the forward paxx. In
thlx departui"iit of the ga Maddux.
waa the xclntlllatlng tar of tin- mi
taiio team and netted a large portion
of the gain made
Coach Culhertxon' protege learn
ed MM utter the game started that
they were In a real battle with the
Idahoan depinding almost iniircly
upon old atyle foot hall. Thlx wa
Mi!fici"iil lor xleady ganix thru the
line When tli" Idaho hue held the
local plungerx a cliang" "I iMllM s
trod .jiccexxfully In Hie xecotnl iiiar
i.r wliUdi rexiilled in a touchdown
On the punt out the hall wan drop
ped and Ontario lol I chain" lo Ii"
. .,i.
"in III" M-ioiid hall. Vltl lb" hall
on Ontario s two yard lui" M ''
tempted punt out ax lilocked. the hall
going over lh" fence hack of tin- goal
pontx wli"i" I Cald"ll play i Ml
on it Owing to the ohxlruclion the
referee allowed but two point
New Pluyeis t inning.
The locil hoys Iff mil di-' oiir.igi d
by the defeat and are working hard
for the game this week with lioix".
lli" lui" grtll Ii" stn 'iigtlii-io'd lor tills
context Joy HilMed will be li.n k
in th" game and a new man, I'n i"
will lie III the line to -tretlgtll'-n III"
wiak xpot. TlMM i.'lilltionx lll ill
i ,, ,. .1 .i ii il powil of the
-.tin materially.
One Hung the liui - l.-.n n"'i ftl Calil
well wa that Cook, the old Vale star
was the hext mall on the Caldwell
team and hia plunging waa hardest lo
The following wax the line up of
lh" li-ainx:
Caldwell Ontario
Huelt Human
Might end.
tarenneinun Moore
Hlglu tackle
Bbovel Kerachner
Klght guard
k)ng ii) Mcculloch
ItooTI.K.I.OKItH Hit V
i.i-orge Hoiiuldxon ol Kiwi-hlc and
M Hart of Juiiturii on pleading
guilty of hoot legging in their rexpec
tlve town when arraigned hefore I'o
lice Judge, C M Stearns luexduy af
lernoon were handled a neat Utile
package In the xhupe of a linn fine
tieorge McLaughlin who work"d ftf
lioin.ldxon ftltg adiulltid (.-.Hill .iinl
wax axxexxed $..
Tin " nun !' hroughl to On
tnrlo by Sheriff Ih-n Mrown on war
rant! lanued by Dlxtrlct Attorney W.
II llrooke to whom nuinerou com
plaint concerning Illicit Ihiuor traf
fic in Klvenlde and Juntura had
been made.
Iloth of theae town have h i ii
XOIirce of trouble 111 lh" peace offl
,.,.ri. the dry law went into
effect, but owing to their xltuatlon.
and lh" accural" oh. nice inform.!
t Inn sent to the W"X "lid of the coun
ty hy I' i.ii' - whin tin' aherlff
or hi deputle xtarnd wexlward It
i,.... n alinu i ImpoaalbM to aecure
.videuce uRalnat any Individual.
In puHHlug entenc" on Hart and
Honahlxoti on In. d.n ludK" Sl.-ani
informed them that he look cogni
zance of the fact that they had been
Mlltf "i hieuklng the xtinutea be
fore the dry law wax in iiti-cl, and
ao far a hi court wax c -crned ha
wlxhed not to mak" any man an ex
ample hut to Mirii- ice lhat the
,iiil would not p.. ',ili hy xui h
But if you want an Auctioneer I
would like to be it. For a date
phone or write me at my expense.
It pays to adver
tise your sale well.
I like to help you
get out the bill.
It pays to get an
auctioned- that
makes auctioneering
.his business.
It is a business by
itself and not a side
Auctioneering is
My Business.
It pays to be
square with the pub
lic on all occasions.
B Baal
J. M. SWAN80N, Auctioneer
Phone 118 M or 6 W l'AYEITK, IDAHO
In her old home until Tut