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ONTARIO, lAi.nii u nirNT, o KM JON, Till kniiu . cm r. in. mm
M Mill- I! 41
nncd cniruno m unnii-w iulliul m iwiuuni iu duuin lu uimu
iwTKIt riniii'; hHiiiniiii
IUt"- Offered In ViNirs lor
,,!,. Tourist iHiunn iri. n
k.1 lliil r-MKl lK crown i
i im.i itit. BMTWRRN I. II :
m death 0u tuun i.i.
ACTION taken u ,i, it.
ralcbralc the ip-nlii(t if 1 1 -
Ills Into I ratio and Ihe interior,
It thi' bond of friendship ex-
i.mii this city nnd ItK nelgh-
to tlr westward the Ontario
lal 'lull I to hold big
to Juntura. Riverside, train
Sirna uii Hunday. November 6
Hound Trip for $.IM).
at ih- trip will be tin- biggest
Ukes by a delegation or on
MUM! la assured from the fart
Uni-r, In recent yaara at leant.
i rllruil rate been made no at-
It will coat but 11.00 for
Mid trip from Ontario to Crane
tarn Aa P. J. Oallegher pot
i meeting of the Commercial
day nt lining. "That la cheep-
i Healing It."
Osllagher's sentiment found
boui approval with all the busl-
pre -ni and arrangeiuantn
made to oara for fully 200
oiliin to leave Ontario on
booster special
Will Tako the Hand.
enliven the day. and to aalt
intartalnmanl of the people In
towna, aa wall aa the ex-
iWi themaalvaa, the Ontario
will be on of the features
tota will be made at Juotura.
tad t'rane where concerts
held and the boosters will ex
h food wlahea of Ontario to
I nred to Make Trip
i ticuralon Ih not to be a Joy
I for the men of Ontario, only,
i aumen are Invited, especially
vVWhier I. i Tolls I in ii, ii ,,i ,
on tin- lli.nlrr- Tl ks Thtin
for Continuing I'm thnk.
I riml. Mearr's fur l Hiii.t-licd I, ill foiiiintttcfs Nuniixl i.. I rui Hutliling
li-i iiimnl- NMagai Stilus lni. irl. v
lli'iMlllKlit.-. Ml tint.
of Ituuil I (i Huccor reek .mil for
lU-ller I lain Sen lie to II , 1 1 -. 1 . I .
Lingering hotwi-en life and death
If hiiv Onlnrlo Ih.v want ,
of what It means to he a aolilni aa,
the border these day. he ran secure, unconscious from a fractured skull
a fine Idea by packing r.O pound on Hag Kr,nk Taylor at the home of la
run rises anil atari running up and , n. Kiel, on l-ennavlvanla avenue a
Emphasizing the fact that Ontario!
hatidli'iippi'd by lt present con-i e
0t.KI..SS.M AN N. J. NINNllT
I liiilriiimi 10 (!. Ilullcy of I ho
r oommlttea
nsterday thul
riiiiitri'HHiiinii N J Hlnnott would
be In Ontario for nn addreaii on
Saturday, November 4. Arrange
nient are being perfected to run
special trnlnH to the city for th.
rally which will be the blggeat
held In the county during the
;;:;:; ::: : v: w
til Mil i IS I ill NTV
nectlonn. both railroad and by wagon
road, to Jordan Valley and all that
estlng Informallon conveyed to lhe(llrh home alKiut eight o'clock Hun
member of the Ontario Plre lie-1 day evening between the motorcycle
partment by Wllmer Bnyer, a mem
her of the department who la now
Number Id, t'o. I National Ouard of
Idaho stationed at Nogalea, Arizona
he was riding and the automobile
driven by Krank Weaver of the lloule-vard.
According to the veralon of the ac
me lener waa written 10 rnn me cljnl vwn by Mr Weaver he waa
member of tbe danartraent for a
cheek aent him for hla aarvlcea, tho
he ha been on the border for aome
time. The department voted to con
tinue the pay of any member who en
Hated la the army aervlre and Mr.
Iloyer voice hi appreciation In no
uncertain worda.
The letter waa raid at the meeting
of the department Tueaday evening.
Ilealde hearing tha latter the firemen
added two new amber: Major
Moore and Loul Hirtle In hla let
ter Mr. Hoyer eatd.
"You ran Imagine how aurpiiaed
I waa to get the Mg ll'i 0 money
order and how I appreciate what you
boya are doing for ma. I cant find
worda to thank yon boy for aome
thlng I Im.en't dea and aure wont
vou to know how I appreciate your
klndnee toward I poor un burned
aoldler boy dowa on the border,
where It le only a few feel from h
when It come to halt, but the night
are alwaya pretty cool.
"We Juat got back from another
hike of nine day up and around old
Kort t'rlllenden. We fought a two
.- ...., .m ..uii., ,ur a roup r ,,. H(llltll of Krultland The young region In the atiuth end of the co
u-7 ..... ..,.-.. mu.mi, wo,, an ..peri milI, , . ony aerlnualy Injured the ('oinerclul club at It meeting
"l'lnl"M victim of a head-on oolllalon which Monday evening took alepa to bring
Thl wa one of the bit of Inter-. occurred In the dark In front of the I about a change.
Two distinct, tho vitally connected,
step were declared neceaaary to
change the preeent mean of getting
to and from Jordan Valley to On
tario and Vale. Theae were first
brought to the attention of the club
hy A. R. Prater of the club'a railroad
committee when he auggeated thai
the club take up the matter of getting
better and more regular aervlce from
Onarlo to llomedale.
"At the preaent time," aald Mr.
Praaer, "tho train for llomedale runa
three tlmea per weak any old time of
day Some tlmea It leave ahortly
after noon and aometlmea It leavea
after dark. Aa tha reeult of the un
certainty of arrival and departure no
one use the train who can avoid do
ing no. and of course It doea not pay
the company for keeping It running.
"The railroad committee ha been
working on a plan which It would
propose to the railroad company. It
would have the Rrogan train leave
Brogan In the morning and run thru
to llomedale and back to Ilrogao
each day. By that arrangement one
crew could do the work. By a dif
ferent arrangemant of the achodulea
of the Juntura train, also, better aer
vlce could be given on the main line."
Meaara. A. K. Praaer, H. C. Boyer and
J. It Hlackaby were appointed to take
I his matter up with tbe railroad company.
J. H. Hlackaby further supplement-
flraaof ihe eicuraloulata Ti.elday aham battle with the I'lah bat-
oatara who entertain, "hope"
iKrmllted to bring the phytl-
Hly nf thoae hope along anil
hud time will be the order of
Hhudea, traveling paaenger
( Die Oregou Short Line will
rge of the exnuraiou and the
Biuuiitlee which has the ar-
la in charge Include. P. J.
Mr, chairmau, W. K Human.
frtaraoii. B, ti llalley ami U. K.
... . .,....
"ry. Hie flglil was ibiu'ii u.-w
hut we claim the victory (naturally I
ruunlng slowly toward Pruilland to
secure a new headlight, hla having
gone out, hut the oil head llghta
were burning, when auddenly hla car
wa hit by tbe motor cycle and Tay
lor hurled over the car. There were
no llghta at all on the motor cyele
which also waa running on the left
hand aide of the road.
Ho violent waa the impact with
which the car eame together that
the motorcycle waa demolished and
the radiator, one mud guard and tbe
windshield of the auto were crumpled
or amaahed entirely, m
In the car with Mr. Weaver waa
hla wife and two children. Jack
Weaver. Mr. and Mr B. Reynolda
and daughter, Carol. Carol Reynold
waa the only occupant of the oar In
jured, ahe being slightly cut by fly
ing glaae from the wind ahield.
Aa son a the car alopped Meaara.
Weaver and Keynolda carried Taylor
to the Itlch home. In front of which
the accident occurred. Ooctora Prin
ting of thl city and Dr. Dryadale of
New Ptymuth were aummoned to caret
for the Injured man. They found!
luiu aufferlng from a fractured sk ull. I
cut about the head and It la bellev
ed from Internal injuriee
Able Aildrewi K-Hnator 1te
Broken riedgn and Wabblta.
I'rartiree of Regime.
THt; rtuiMs AT
II Ihe patient Iu the Holy
hospital during the ftrat
If October were the follewing:
' K. Olaon, Drewaey, and
llum Church of Welaer, oper-
I (or appendlcltla.
rranciaca Hoffman of Pay-
Carrln ia Buffering from
Ron of Portland and John
(Boring, Oregon, O. W. R. N.
Weat, Harper, Oregon,
fated upon for gall-atom-
o Zgah. la Buffering from la
Ki Ml Hoffman of Ontario la
" patients.
1 Kroeasln of Ontario, suffer-
typhoid fever, also MIbb Eva
Slutery returned to the
if the winter.
'Tin Hopkins has returned
"Be iu Juntura.
I" II .t.kltt.U.... !......(.. U.AB
..ii..iti, , i.i., ,ii it. nan
'on fur appendicitis.
lellla Ruppert from Hurna
Kva Stirling have both re
1'foiu aerlous attacks of ty-
rMnd have left the honultal
I "Willi
Pc returned tu hiu liuuiu In
!"e firBt of the week.
Fom Harrlg has returned to
In Krultland after a long
illness of three months
ed Mr. Kraaer's remarka by urging
While he 'that while urging the Improved train
If you peopl. think ita a dreg lm(1 no, rB)l.ined conaclousnea on j a-rvleee Ontario could make that Im
pull off one of these two day VVedneday he appeared to be gain- provement real by assisting In bring
ing strength and they entertain hopea
for his recovery.
to pull
fight Just put futy pound on your
back and take year old shot gun and
double lime up sad down Malheur
l.uit.. for two asys then you will ajajajjraj (gjj b To STl'RY
know what It la to be a aoioier ouy mRI('K,I MtH'TH AMKRK A
The Ontario Woman club ha be-
in blue down Is Ariaona wiin i..
heat about 110 .. wh.l nromlses to be a vory pro-
It is darn ood i,retlng year, their
course of ludy being based upon
Bryce's "South America ." They
meet the flrat and third Thuradays
of each month at Hie public library
"But even at that
eiperlence for I fellow.
"All the reglmant here in Nogalea
have been ordered home but Idaho
ami it will sura be JoyoiiH day In
Iduho camp wh we get orders to 1, nOH, xceneut muterlal rela-
move a we cams down here to shoot
greasers and not run over the hills
for there are liHIaat home.
"Nearly time for drill so I roust
clean my gun or eaten h - Tell all
the K of P bof hello for roe. also
the fire boys. All of you write to
Trow went to Vale on busl-My.
At the regular meeting of the On
tario Parent-TsacliTB association to
be held at the high -chol auditorium
Prlday afternoOO pr'cPl (ue"
Hon to be dts will be that of
Among thos. who will take part In
the program will he Miss Mame Ben-
ge who will present a vocal wswaaawwi
Mrs 8. D. Dormsn will discuss the
subject: "How to Prevent Colds"
L L Culberuon whose subject will
be "The Value ot IMiyslcal Culture,"
O. K. Aiken will discuss "The I om
mon Work of the Press and Schools
Miss Leona Rdr will discuss ' the
Advantages of the School Lunch,
a... a i.nuish will give a vocal
Ullll . sr -a--
solo. An earnest Invitation Is ex
tended by the 1-areut-Teachers asso
ciation to all who are interested to
attend the nieetrog
W R Swagler was a Nyssa visitor
on Saturday and on Weduesday left
fur the Willow creek region iu the
interests of bis candidacy fr the dis
trict attorneyship.
Otto Miller of Dead Ox Flat was
In Ontario Wednesday.
live to their work Is available not
only from the home library but also
from the state library. Mr. Dorman.
loo. Is making arrangements for
special South American reels to be
produced weekly at Dreamland, add
ing much to Ihe pleasure and Inter
est of the club.
( ..mention leaeat Rrlum.
Mrs. W W. Letson and Mrs. M.
K. Newton returned the end of the
end of the week from Seaside where
the went as delegates from the On
tario Woman club to the State Fed
eration of Woman's clubs in session
there They report a very enjoyable
As guests of honor t Ihe session
of I'ayelte chapter Order of the
Eastern Star, a large delegation of
members from Ontarla'g chapter at
tended the session at Payette Tuea
day evening Followif the exem
plification of the work of Initiation
which was ellicieuny ? )
lodge women a; miiuuei
tl. Idaho lodge women m.
w,a served and Informal tdresse
wen- made by numbers of the visit
ors Among those who went from
Ontario were:
Messrs. and Mesdamea: W. F. Ho
man " ,lleJ Dve Dunbar. J.
W Mcculloch, W. W Letson. Emory
..,.. .... Lackey. 0. R- Segulne, E.
w 'van Petten, Dan Purcell, Mrs.
Rett Payne. Mrs J. H. Farley. Mrs
Ed Test and Mlu Margaret Dunbar
Ing about betttr connections by road
between Jordan Valley and Home
dale, and on dowu Into Ontario and
"If the county court will view fav
orably the proposed road up Sue
cor creek." aald Mr. Blackaby, "it
will provide a means whereby Un
people of the Interior, around Jur
dan Valley will be able to get lo Hie
county seat and to Ontario without
leaving tha county. This they can
not do now, but are compelled to go
thru Idaho to Caldwell and Hume
to Ontario and lo Vale.
"The propined road will nol be
hard to build and will serve many
people. The entire cost, according
o the estimate furnished by engi
neer will be 12,000 and the grade
will be greatly reduced. Instead of
climbing an 1H0O foot mouutaln the
road will rise but 600 feet In three
miles It will be practically a water
grade road.
"By building thl road and by fur
nishing regular train service to
llomedale the entire lower end of the
valley will be materially benefited
That section of the county i M "'
the richest area! In the county. It
nays a great deal In taxes and is en
titled to consideration and I believe
that the Commercial club of Ontario
do itself no better service than to en
dorse that road project and send a
committee to the county court to
urge Is early completion
H. C. Boyer, M E. Bain and Thos.
Kohout. the latter of Jordan Valley,
vn In detail their views of Just
what ;he building of such a road and
the securing of suitable train ser
vice would mean not only to Ontario
and Vale but to Jordan Valley and
the interior as well.
In order that the matter be pre
sented to the county court by all the
communities interested a committee
consisting of J- R Blackaby, H. C
Boyer and M E Main was appointed
and Secretary 0. M. Stearns was In
irnpt.i to communicate with the
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Before a big crowd In the Rex the
atre at Vale Wednesday night ex-Sena
tor Charles W. Pulton riddled tbe
preaent administration In Washing
ton, D. C. Nearly 100 Ontarlana
were numbered In tbe crowd which
applauded tbe telling thrusts of the
The only regreat the Ontario dele
gation had wa that It could not re
main to hear tbe end of th address
Warning whistlas forced tha arowd
to leave to catch the train home.
Tho he talked for mora than an
hour Senator Pulton used vtt min
ute dissecting the record of broken
promise on tbe part of the demo
cratic administration. Among the
things which the administration bas
done he said waa to Increase the cot
of government 1 150. 000, 000 per year
It ha Increaaed the number of fed
eral official by 44.000. it haa fall
ad to reduce the high coat of living,
but during the 10 montha of the
democratic tariff, before tha war the
balance of trade In our favor waa
wiped away, builne waa at a stsnd
till and 346,000 freight cara atood
Idle In June 1114. before tha war
alerted. In 114 there were 11,400
firm that went Into bankruptcy and
0 per cent of the railroads of Amer
ica were In the hands of receivers.
The only thing that prevented a
more horrible panic waa the war
During these ten montha the bank
clearing dropped twenty billions of
dollars and 3, 000, 000 men were out
of work. In those ten months the
Importation of woolen goods from
Ivuc l.iii.l alone Increased from 1,900,-
imiii yards to vino, mm yards, inus
flaking from the wool grower, the
i woolen mill worker of America his
market and glvlug it to English wool
growers and English mill workers.
The present prosperity, declared
the speaker comes to America fright
ed with tin- blood of millions, the an
guish and tears of helpless widows
ami orphans uf Europe and not by
reason of Hie present I'nderwood tar
Different Valuation Has Himmi Made
for Each District Trail Nolil for
nilMI.IMMI Assessed IW Hut $11,-HHI.
Total Cases Number K.T Proprietor
Held Itlauieleas for Condition of
His Well Water.
While the total number of typhoid
cases Increased during the past week
City Health Officer Dr H H Whit
ney believes that the danger of fur
ther apread of the disease is over.
He qualifies this statement, however.
with the advise that every ciuxeu
use all means possible to maintain
sanitary gMdttlOM and "kill all files
for these are carriers of Hie typhoid
iL.lwu.i.n IImI.I llluoieless.
. . I . . 1...1...1 il.ui n Ions.
From the samples of water seul to ami nae ai - -
.... .i.iu i.ui.iurioloirist one definite other weleru
report has been received, namely that
declaring the water from the Griffin
dairy bad. Prior to the receipt of
this report, however, Mr. Griffin had
discontinued distributing milk, volun-
The reprt of the committee ap
pointed at the meeting of the taxpay
ers held at Vale two weeks ago to
examine the tax rolls and report any
caaea of rank injustice Is self eg
planatory. To the Taxpayer of Malheur County
Your committee appointed at tha
nieotlug of Ihe Malheur county tax
payers at the meeting of the Malheur
county taxpayera to report on the In
equalities of the aaseaament roll and
classifies lou of land throughout tha
county, beg leave to state as follews:
The limited time given us for ax
aintnellon of Ibo roll and Impossibil
ity of doing anything to relieve tha
kltuatloa, believed to exJat. on ac
count of closing up the affair of tha
Equalisation Hoard at an early data.
prevent our report from being aa full
aa II ahould be In order to do Justice
to mttry one concerned.
There certainly exists a very large
number of inequitable aaaeeamenla.
few of wkleh. Illuatratlve of the
general cendltlun, wa will make note
Laying the foundation for a brief
resume of the roll, we wlah to flrat
call your attention to the varied claas-
Iflcatlon of laud within the ceunty:
Owyhee lands are classified at 140.00
per acre making the auppoaed value
on a forty par cent valuation, 1100
Sluii-itring ditch lauds are classified
at 115 per acre, making a cash valu
ation of $37 50 per acre. Dead Ox
lands, under the Payette-Oregon
slope system, are classified at $16
per acre, making a cash valuation of
J.:; .ii per acre. Lower Malheur
lands under the Nevada ditch, are
classified at $30 per acre, making a
cash valuation of $76 per acre. Lands
under the Mill ditch and on the Upper
Malheur, between Vale and the can
yon are classified at $20, making a
cash valuation of $60 per acre. Lands
on Willow river. In and around llro
gsu sud Jaitilesou, are claalfled at
$20 per acre, making a cash valua
tion of $50.
Cultivated and uncultivated lands
are supposed to be assessed at the
same rate, similarly situated. Dry
farming lauds geuerally are suppos
ed to be assessed at $3.00. Non
tillable laud In all localities at a
, II per acre. While your com
mittee cannut coucur In a classifi
cation which make lands that will
readily change hands for $100 per
acre ami upward pay taxes on a val
uation of $15 per acre or about It
per cent of the acknowledged cash
value, tho Inequality thereby estab
lished would not be so glaringly ap
parent should all land similarly alt-
. . i - . .UuulfUJ
uateu ne asseseu eaaciiy as uimiiim.
Again, real estate In lowus and
cities, as analust a sixteen per cent
valuation elsewhere would not be so
glaringly uuequal. were property aim
llarly situated under similar classi
fication being equally assessed, which
Is not Hie case aa may be seen by
some few comparisons herein.
Also persoiiul property, stocks of
goods, etc., assessed at 2 r. per cent of
their supposed value, as against a
sixteen per cent valuation of lands.
seem to be over valued, but If Owy
hee lands are taken as a basis, ara
fairly valued
The question of mortgage taxation,
arising before your meetluK the
... ----- K.. ..iiiilr.
committee uiifMismm '"
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slates fail lo ahses
mortgsges the result In Oregon would
be certain to drive capital elsewhere
ami compel borrowers lo puy double
taxes. Of the Board of Equalisation
two members object to mortgage tax-
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