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The season for Fall and Winter Suits, Coats, Skirts, etc., is now here and our Big Store is filled with
new stuff of the latest patterns and fabrics from the best manufacturers in the East. Now is the time
to select your garments before they are picked over. We anticipated an advance in prices on all
lines of merchandise, and placed our orders early and with manufacturers that we could depend up
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New Suits, Coats, etc.. and shipments arriving daily. You will not get the best it you don't see our
stock before buying your fall stuff.
The Week With Ontario Citizens
Mm Joe Carter returned to her
home In Jiintura on Wedneaday.
A baby hoy waa born to Mr. and
Mra. William Raver on Wednesday
Albert Moody, who haa been III at
the Parley apartment for Home time
la recovering.
Episcopal eervlcea will be held Id
Maminlc hall next Sunday evening at
H by the Rev. ('. II. Powell.
A new aidewalk from the city hall
to the corner of Nevada avenue will
noon grace Rlchardxon atreet.
Mr I.. Adam and daughter, Rena,
left for Kugene Thumday where Ml.a
Adam will enter the unlveralty.
Mr. mid Mm Itlrhard Dearmond
came In from their ranch weat of
Vale for a abort vlnlt thla week.
George V. ('ox, the popular mer
chant and pom mauler of Rlveralde
waa In Ontario thla week having
come down to attend the clona of
the court at Vale In which he la
To protect their holding from
traspaaaera the Oregon-Weatern 1
nnlxatlon company thla week ent a
ranger to the weatern end of the
county with notlcea to poat and to
watch the range.
V II Moore la faat geetlng the
new confectionery atom equipment
W. W. I .i-i miii took a trip Into the Inatalled In what MM lo he the lob
Interlor on Monday and expected to by of the big hoatelry. The office
he abaent from the city for several Iiiih been moved to the Idaho evenue
Mra Sarah Ulaaacock accompanied
by Mra. Logan of Cryatal. Idaho,
were In Ontario visiting frlenda Sat
urday. Mra. Lucy Pox of the public school
faculty who apent her vacation at ;
Oorvallla and the Dalles returned
aide of the building
Prof I, L Culhertaon la receiv
ing entrlea for the lenula tournament
to be ataged during fair week. The
court expert of Vale, OntarJo, Pay
elte anil Welaer are maiilfeatlng a de
alre to get Into the game.
Mra. T J. Anderaon and daughter,
cam leOAO or MM IT
H. M. Duncan and Mr. Oakea
of Vnle renrhed Ontario today
to make arrangement for ex-
hlblllng a whole care load of
fruit from the Rrogan region.
They declare that thla exhibit
will open the eye of Ontario to
the poaalbtlltle of the Willow
creek region.
Prealdent A. W Trow of the fair
aaaoclatlon received word today from
La Urande that on Wedneaday
In the 2:17 trot the winner broke
the record for thla atate over a half
mile track going under the wire In
2:ltt. In the derby for a mile
and a Klxteenlh the winner negotiat
ed the distance In 1:62, which alao
la "going Nome "
Hecretary Waddell report that
100 horaea will come to Ontario
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home laat week. Mlaa Mennette or IteiuldJI, Mltiueao
A Venator of Venator wa In town r l""1' " ' """
on Monday with a large .hlpmeut of , "' ol Mr. and Mr.. Ray Wll
bucka which he bought In Idaho to " " on Monday for their home
add to hie big band of aheep. olng Ma Portland and the Northern
a I... Pacific route.
Prank Rader accompanied hie
daughter, Mlaa Irene, to Portland on Mra. Dlckeraon of Pendleton, who
Haturdey where Mlaa Rader entered liaa boen the gueat of her daughter,
Bt. Mary'a for the achool term. Mra. Waldron, waa taken auddenly
Mlaa Irene Paublon of Mallett war I ' Saturday and waa compelled to
operated upon for appendlcltla on undergo an operation at the hoapi
Sunday at the hospital Report, of Dr. Priming waa the operating
u .ii.i ,,,,ite . r.old recov- surgeon She la reported to be mak-
lil ..--
building will be filled with product
for the farm, orchard and garden.
The achool, fine arta, culinary, need
le work and flower exhlblta will be
unaurpaaaed The great game and
flali how by the atate game and flh
commission of the Ktate of Oregon,
of liaelf, will be well worth coming
in Ht
Altogether the fair will be educa
tional a well a entertaining, pro
fitable and Intereatlng. We guaran
tee thl will he the beat fair alnce
the fair wa atartcd aeven year ago.
The first day will he a full pro
gram and a good a the heat.
KooniH at reaaonaule rate will be
provided for under the supervision
aiming them being 25 running horaea, 0( ,, Commercial club. Railroad
that with a flooded track record ,.,.. r..,t i,in. nn. ., ,,,,. i,ir,i
i e
will certainly be broken here
The management of the fair Im
mediately got action to flood the
track and aunk a well which I. flow
ing 300 gallon per minute ao that
the track will be put In excellent
With ao many horaea and o ex
cellent a card the management pre
dlcta that the flrat day'a racea will
equal the beat of the week.
To booat for the fair the Ontario
baud will give a concert at Prultland
main line and alngle
round trip on the
fare on the
fare for all
branch line.
Don't fall to be on hand the flrat
Malheur County Agricultural Aaaoclatlon.
Harry Pratt of Owyhee came lo
Ontario Saturday ao that two of hla
children might undergo operation,
fr the removal of ton.ila and aden
olda. Mr. Parker of Parma, accompan
ied by her uephew, Herbert Walter.,
came dowu on Tuesday from the
Iron.lde country where they .pent
the aummer.
Mra Fred I Sheet, and children.
who have been vl.lllng at Jo.eph.
lug a aati. factory recovery.
See tho.e beautiful pattern hat at
the Millinery & Art Store. 3
The second number of the Crane
American haa been received and
duly welcomed on the exchange deak.
Aa the name lmplle., the new publi
cation haila from Crane, Harney
county', railroad town, and la not
W. J. Shaeffer, who live, four
mile. Mouth nf llii' illy railed ul the
wii nhs UMtrjl hi ikii. it
fcfJMHUM tomorrow night
There will be a meeting of the
Woodrow Wllmin league at the city
hall Friday evening at 8 o'clock, for
the purpoNe of planning campaign
lunt. for the next few week.
Inii-iiMliis lor College lloi.
In honor of William and l.altue
Hlackaliy. who leave today for In
Argua office to follow up on Argu. .Bne re-enter the uulver.lly, Ml.
.... . .. . . ... 1. . . ... . . ...
Oregon, with Mr alien, mi. , inoculated wmi au hyphenated hac
und Mis A 9 Sheets, relurned home rill but ia alroug for the atar. and
laat Wedneaday.
Mlaa Veda Murfitt of Malheur Is
numbered amng the Ontario high
chol atudent. registered from out
atripea, the American eagle and other
emblems of our beloved country.
The American', flrat iuaue. pres
age Ita success for In typographical
want ad and to give a demonstration
of the kind of unions that can be
grown hereabout..
The four onion, .howu by Mr
Shaeffer, when placed in a row men
aured Just 17 Inches The average
width of the bulb. wa. four arid one
half inches and their average height
wa. two and one-half ao there wa.
appropriately 21)1 cubic luchea of
breath producer In the four, while
the combined weight of the quartette
waa Just one pound
A. willing to Mr Shaeffer the un
ion crop tlii. fall I. good uuil the
price, indicate that the onion grow
er will rival the owner a "War baby"
if hla acreage I. large enough
Lavlna Smith entertained at dinner
Wednesday evening. -The guest,
were Mr and Mrs Karl Hlackaliy,
Miaae l.eona Itader and Dorothy
Jaqul.h and La Hue and William
with Mia. Lavtna Smith. stance the American demonstrates
Mayor and Mra. W. F. Homan re-' that It I. entitled to the un.tlnted
turned during the dual storm Batur-' bupport of the business men and clti-
day night from a delightful trip to tens of Harney couuty In general aud
Portland and North Beach where crane in particular Messrs r. j
they spent their vacation
Miss Florence Grant of llaker, who
ha. been visiting at the home of.
Donald McPheraon, was operated up
on for appendicitis at the hospital
Saturday and la doing nicely.
Mr. Angie Murphy of lleulah waa
,.,,,,.,. ,i.. Wednesday on her way
. .... -. -... i . i ..m. Plunge Part) Haa Big lime.
nome .rou. " V" " " I Plunge parties at the Vale Nata-
pauled her daughter, Margaret, who
, .. .... ., torlum are becoming the rage with
will attend school there thla year.
I Ontarlans these days, the largeat one
A E. Brown returned from Salt j of llie weeW wt,g that lied Tuesday
Lake Monday with a number of theevenlng w,en m three carg the fol.
prlxe bucks which were offered for ,owlng maile ,,, lrip. I)r and Mrg
(iallagher of Ontario, and Geo. K
Carter, formerly of thla city, are the
publisher, of the American and
should prove a combination which
will win both for the city and county
and for themselves, for their work
will merit success.
ale at the big auction held there
laat week. The meeting of the Wool
Growers' association and aheep sale
waa a great success and prices were
blgb, waa Mr. Brown's report.
Teh ladlea aid of the Congregation
al church will serve hot chicken din
ner up town every evening during
the fair from 5:30 to 8. Watch for
announcement of place later, adv
Jacb Prluzing, Messrs and Mesdanies
E C Van Petten, George Kellogg,
Harry Anderson, Morris Lamb, J H.
Fortier, Mrs. C K Eiuison, Mrs
Head. Mrs J I) Hilllngsley and Mr
Howland After the session at the
Natatorlum the party adjourned to
the home of Mr. and Mrs Paul Cayou
at Vale where refreshments were served.
C. W. Thatcher, who is known
from coast to coast as a Komi
booster will be In Ontario Friday
etening for a meeting. He inform
ed James Lackey of his coming and
wants to have an audience greet him
He I. traveling from coast to coast
In a big pathfinding car boosting for
better highways.
Our supply of school books and
tablets are larger than ever Our
values thl. year are really great and
particularly In quality. Everhart
Drug Co. adv
I Ililcl l'le-ln lei Inn
llllile i hi. ul at 10 a ill Preach
ing at 1 1 a in and p in Christian
Endeavor at 7:1.1 Special welcum
to strangers
W N BROWN, Pastor.
This Is to advise the public In gen
eral, and the people of Ontario in
particular, that I am now the sole
owner and proprietor of what was
formerly the "Lampkin's Cash Store'
and later known as the "O. & F. Co ,
1 have come among you to become
a citizen of your town, to allure with
you prosperity or adversity as the
case may be. It is my purpose to
try to make an honest living by giv
ing honest service, ami honest mer
chandise, and in so doing I hope to
merit the continued patronage of the
good people of this community.
Land to be Sold at
Public Auction
On Fruitland Bench
On Saturday, Sept. 9, at
2 p. m. . 3-4 acres, 1-2 mile
west of I i inland, the ranch
known as the Berry or Sam
Bartles place, will be sold
at Public Auction. All in
fruit, berries, grapes and
garden. Six room house,
cellar, fruit house, stable
and other outbuildings.
Time on $500, balance
W. S. DAVIS, Owner
J. M. Swanson, Auctioneer
William Uixon. of the Toggery 1 IJ g v m-e L- I
hark In Ontario from a three week' JL. " "I kyAlV
trip to hla old home In Iowa and I aMMiiHHHH
confirming the continued story of the
pro.perlty now reigning In the east M Durham cow;
Iowa farmere and bulnemen,' One Jerecy cow, freah In Nor-
say Mr. Laxon, "are rolling In niber;
wealth and thla la a fair example of Dm good family borae. buggy
what I taking place. The day I M1 hrnM;
hi lived In Iowa a report waa given One "Del.aval" cream separa-
out by Ntate official, that there waa tor;
one automobile for every 13 Inhabl Turkey
tanta of Iowa and the day before I
left a second report waa out allow- Household furniture
Ing that there wa on car for every
eleven reldent of the state
"While Iowa la proaperou and Kor Particular call or phone
liUNlnesa ia fine there Ontario look 203 N 1
pretty good to me and thl la the MMMMaa , t M
place I want lo live."
See those beautiful pattern hat. al HfQWarfl MCnOU!
the Millinery An Store. 36
The value-giving policy, which is the
biggest ;isset in this business, has never
been better shown than in our present
lull stock of
For Boys and Girls
Reinforced at toe and
heel and with triple knee,
this is the play stocking
supreme. Snug fit,
guaranteed fast colors,
accurate sizes and moder
ate price are other reasons
why we recommend them.
H My)
mm f MlTi m jSYmm jA s4