The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, September 07, 1916, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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(Prom On- kyflH.)
Miss Jones, a gueit t llM Skinner
home for several weeks, left Thurs
day morning for Drewney, In Harm
county where she will teach this fall
And winter.
Mr and Mm Kohout and family.
Mian HtuPticI and Mr. (lain visited
Mr. and Mm Kill at thf Gd)conda
MM '"' a"nAmr MIm Stoeuel re
mained at the camp for her vacation
Mlae Amy and Alice McDonnell
are expected tomorrow from their
home on the Owyhee, the former to
go to I'ocatello, where Hhe haa a po
altlon in the city schools, and the lat
ter to her school on lower Cow creek.
A portion of the machinery for the
Dlackaby company's new elevator hai
Pete MacDonald, teamster for the
Clrcle-llar ranch, came In Sunday af
ter a load of iiuppllet.
li J. Maloney the Irish mining
king of Mill croek, South mountain,
wrm In thin week after supplies.
Mr nnd Mm. Harry l-ooney return
cd last Saturday from a week's vialt
t Iloliie and other outside point
Mr. and Mm 1 It Hagler of Mr
Hermit t were In town Tueeday morn
ing, en route to Vale on a business
Jens Roberts returned to the Juni
per last Sunday, completely mte
red from the caae of blood-polnson-In
In hlx arm
Hay Skinner of llerkeley. Califor
nia, la visiting hln lirotlierH In thl
valley He wan grettlng old friend
In town thl week.
t 'hurley Strode came up from the
Ruby ranch lat Sunday and went
out to the Juniper to take part In
the fall round-up.
Hrummontl llrotlier brought six
ty bead of home down from the
Junipera the firm of the week, driving
to Murphy for Hhlpim m
Misses Frances and Klalre (Hover
were In town Sunday. Mi Klalre hat
a position In the chool at Vale for
the coming hcIiooI year.
The grain harvest I now on in
thla valley. The crop ha suffered
somewhat from frot and le than
an average yield I evpected.
Mr. and Mra. Harry Scott ami fam
lly will return from the ranch to
tlielr town Lome to be ready for the
i ii i ii k of school MM Monday.
IUiu Hums
laat Monday evening a barn be
longing to Henry Hcbranim and oc
cupied by Frank Carter wa totally
destroyed by fire. Home small chll
dren were playing In Hie building and
it la supposed that they Mtarted the
fire Two Spun i-li women obmrinl
the Miioke and rushed in and res
cueil the little ones, Jut in time to
avert a tragedy I'rom ia NBMMI
to Hie ii hi r m given by the firebell
and buril work indented a spread of
the ii.iiiii-- to uiljolning buildings
A atrong wind wan blowing al the
time. aajaj m
II. I.I to III-III. I I nil
At their preliminury hearing at
V.ihipu lut Mnniluy J N Mcllride
mill MM Acvedo were In lit In IM
district court on tin- thai go M having
liiiior In tlnii possession, In Onla
lion of the laws of Idaho McHrule's
bond m mod at IttNi in delimit
of M ll It'll he Was lilkcll (II J.lll Hi
Caldwell Aeedo secured hull in
the xil in of $1000 uml (II released
The llnise Ki k-.l
Mi .mil ttft Suiiiei'v illi- wen
in Ironi Iheir lunch thin week Huve
hail iiiili' .i iiii in ins gait. IM li'
Mill nl .in argument '' liail hull wilh
one ni his oldI iiinl gentlest IHfaHi
during IM (OHI "i which IM I.uier
emphasize, i big ltd ni Km I'l'iiiiiu
ersy by landing both hlud feet with
considerable force on Dave's right
hip and arm.
Society Note.
The Indian colony was substantial
ly increased by the arrival, a few
days ago, from out of the somewhere
of other dusky bucks and squaws,
who pitched their tepees Just a little
hevnnd Chief Jena Wlnnemucca's
wickiup. The newocme's who are
headed by Chief Sugar Bam and bl
nqunw, Sugar Susie, are not altogeth
er ntrangern, having boen here fre
quently during the laat thirty-five or
forty years. Sugar Susie la, In all
probability, president, or chieftain
vs paln-ln-the-fare of the society of
ancient I'lute damns, or something
like that, and the other squaws of the
party are evidently ancient member
of the name society. No extra no
dal function have as yet been announced.
School did not begin here thla
week owing to the delay in arrival
of a Waterman Waterbury heating
plant The director hope to get It
Installed tills week so to open nchool
September 11. Moat of our high
school pupil will attend the Ontario
high nchool this year.
The W. (J. Armntrong family ac
companied by Mm. Harmon, Mr.
MrliunlaW and Jolly Armntrong
spent Wednesday visiting at the
Crane ranch on Dead Ox flat.
LMM week Mr II Oft' father,
Mr. Fee, arrived from Mlnnenota to
spend the fall and winter with the
Ofta family.
Miss N'lna Maker, who ha npnnl
the lanl two weekn with her counln,
Mrs. Will Drown, returned to her
borne in Ontario laat Thursday.
I.lttle llaxel Hall, who ban been
III during the last two weekn, in rap
Idly Improving.
Mm. (Jus Itelch spent Saturday af
ternoon at the W. 8. Itee ranch.
Jolly Armstrong of llolae I visit
ing his uncle, W (1. Armstrong, for
a few days this week.
Mrs t'haa. Johnson and daughter
and Miss Anna Armstrong visited
Rev. C. C. Pratt and family In On
tario last Saturday
Mr I A Williams of Ontario vls
ited her daughter, Mrs Will llrown,
laat Friday
(irandma Keen spent the week end
in Ontario the guest of Mra. Helen
Mr May Kenney of Ked Hliff,
California, was the guest of Mra. A.
II Friisier a few day laat week.
The Mlase Keller called at Wll
lard Hull' ranch laat Sunday.
Mm. Itutli Harmon and duughter
of Itoise, accompanied by Mm Har
mons Mister, Mrs I) McDanlal. and
duughter of Nampa are visiting their
parents, Mr and Mrs W. U Arm
ntrong, this week.
t F, Hees I unending the sessions
of the circuit court at Vale this week
Several hundred of the ranchers
about Frultland were badly disap
pointed laat Saturday because the
film for the free picture show fail
ed to arrive. They will not be fool
ed again, if the association can help
It. At a meeting of the association
last Monday steps were taken to pre
vent a recurrence of the delay which
was due to the fact that the films
were shipped to Naw Plymouth In
stead of to Frultland.
Hereafter the plcturea will come
one day sooner and go to New Ply
mouth later. The business men
were more wrought up over the mis
take than the ranchers.
i ! of Money.
The surest sign of prosperity ever
given here wan the action of the
Frultland state Dank returning to
County Treanuror Sarah Handy, the
county funds on deposit here. The
reason for this Is that the bank al
ready has no much money on hand
on which it has to pay interest that
there was nothing to he gained by
holding county funds and paying two
and a half per cent Interest thereon.
I iuiiIhii'I Man Inventor.
It F. Tusalng of this city Is a full
blown Inventor, or will be when he
gels letters of patent on an apple
slier he has evolved during the past
year. Mr. Tusslng sent a modal of I
his Invention to patent attorneys In
Washington. I) C . for filing with
the patent office, laat week. The
model worked perfectly and when
placed on the market will be a means
of saving fruit men large sums of
money thru Its automatic operations
which formerly required many hauda.
The mix-up between the county
rnninilssloners and the commission
ers of the road district la still unset
tled. Uovarnor Alexander made an ad
dress to a large gathering at New
Plymouth ast Sunday night In con-
.xtftli.a u.111. ,1... It' ' T IT ' -
, i. , it'll null in. . . . . R"u" I
Ing. The governor declared that
Idaho's prohibition law waa the best
In the west but should be strength-'
ened by a conatltutional amendment
so that it could not be tinkered wilh
every two year.
Alnike or a mixture of clover can
usually be established following
druiuuge, and the roots of IMM I MM
will uld in making I siih-soll, thus
aiding rheuiii'ul and huclenal activi
ties. A short rotuiiou should be
gdopfd. -ui'li M clover, gram ami
cullivuted crop This rolulmii
including the use of closer and mi.ui
use once in each three years, should
Insure yields that will couipurc rggj
favorably with returns (nun natiir
g) drained Mills nl (he same region.
Tins after drainage cropping
is recommended h VY I. Towers, the
O. A. C. ii ligation and drainage IMC
j lallst He says that drainage will in
lias ji nit larger return.,
I From Pioneer Sun)
Cha. Cranmer and family were
visiting In town Saturday. Their
daughter. Miss Mulile, had a very
narow escape from serious Injury
laat week while driving a hay rake.
The horses became frightened and
ran, breaking the tongue out, depos
ited Miss Mable in front of the rake,
the tougue entering the ground drew
i lie rake In the air over her which
caused her escape from injury. Mrs.
'i. miner ami children called at this
office while in town
The stockholders of the Drewsey I
IJecluiiiatinii Ditch Co held a gener
al review meeting last Sunday audi
refreshed their memories of the con-,
ilition- of the (.ast uml present audi
future, etc Till ditch covers about
:1000 .i. 1 1-. of Oregon's richest soil.
The bountiful crops of ha. grain j
and vegetables now In view speak I
elo.iienil for the removal of the'
sage brush stll launder said ditch.
. . r-a E-TTTsSJamS- m jSBSlE"
ik' r aV aVsai
at ismMR L-M.tggWpi B T H.T-
gaT ' A I T ' M (i glV
iJt m m ! ll vlliA l
. L aH WT '"J mWP
ggggggggglggB ngaal ggggB T 1 t gaggggggga M gggaVV
gggggWsgfl aVTieggfll Fji H g&V
fl W RgJagV agS HI
V9 pP jriiitg"j
m 39RafttogggggggMM?
l'erc M Johnson, the hustling
land man of Vale, who with ('has.
I.eMiiiue, are scouring the mountains
north of here for "Mowich," cume
down from I he camp Tuesday even
ing after more becon ami beans. He
SJ ii taken solid food to keep in
sight nl fresli tracks of the deer lie
says ('has. prefers beiuui to wild
meat of any kind and hunts for ex-only.
Rumor bus it that a bunch of
cattle thieves unit brand Jugglers
were caught near l.awen last week
with the goods in their possession.
It is hard work for some people to
learn eolution. or to git an old idea
out of their skulls. That kind of
raw work is out of dale in this re
gion many eas oarg nihiiih nih nih in
gum many years ago I'loueer Sun.
Frequent use of our Sunday and
Week-end rates will add many miles
to the life of your auto tires. It
makes a nice change, too. Ask about
our cheap excursions. Agent O. S.
I. R It. Co 33-38
Scene from "The MaaqiMTadJara" al Difiiinluml satunbn, Sieinhei Dili
lusfiuclor in I'iano
Teachers Certificate from Cin
cinnati Conservatory of Music.
Phouu 170 K
7th Annual Malheur
County Agricultural Fair
Sept. 19-20-21-22
Fastest Harness Races Ever
Held in Snake River Valley
Twelve entries for the 2:10 pace
Six entries for the 2:14 trot
15 horses from California, 12 horses
from' Montana, 6 from Colorado, al
so others from Alberta, Utah, Idaho
Washington, Oregon and Wyoming.
Over fifty entries in 2:20 class. Also
fastest running races ever given
here with many entries in each race
Novelty races will be pulled off be
tween the main harness and saddle
Something doing every minute from
the sound of the first gong to the last
State will make Fish and Game ex
hibit, said to be the best in the Unit
ed States.
Stockmen are going to have more
and better animals then ever shown
Fruit, grains and vegetables will be
there in abundance showing what
Malheur county can do in an off year
The ladies are especially interested
this year and have been working so
they can excell all past displays.