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to hihi'KIsi-: (now us that
will 4TTEED hiiowh.
Addition of Malheur Count) I'alr lo
Km log (In lilt Insures spcctacu
lar llacea lllg Attendance l-l I !
CrowdlnK upon each other o fait
II,., i Um fair authorities are alinoHt
Mwauipcd the lint of exhllilta to be
, nt the Malheur County Kalr,
. ,i. -hiIiit l!t to 22 already urpne
nnvihing the fair association haa
known Tlio Hat of x li I lt I m now In
the lumdx of the ofrieliila insures th"
lurg. t and iiiohI varied exhibition
'it Hinged In Enateru orogoa.
im. . of UM feature of Um grow
Inn Hat of dlaphiys la the wide vari
ety of ofrerlng and UM territory
oororod h ti ihlbtton riant i
OOiat l the latent section heard
troiii iiml It la iisNiired thm I In- grout
interior county will he r i i ,-.- 1 1 1 1
by a wonderful exhibition of what j
can be grown In thai section Hnr
in', a coming right Into Malheur
county t ilciiionatrate that It "haa
the good"
Aluinhim e of I I
While UM principal ol.Jecl ol Hie
talr. of aoaraa. la to d loaatraia tin
It ..I mi ragtoa aa aa ugri-
culturul, fruli mid Mock BTOWiai -
. ,...i.i i... i,
linn, , , ii i -.i ii in ,1, mi in. ii
aoMal of the gue-ta at the fair.!1"1'" u'"' ' "' " "f Uwrobrad
The two purpoaea are going la ba '"u " ' tta ""' "'"" '" "
mleguately attained b the imn.ugi '"'" ' : lh" "w "'" M'"" '"'
mem thla year.
There, will he entertainment galore
for eeryone during the fair week.
The fun burrell will be opelied wilh
i in- flrat day and will not
until the laat vial tor Liken for home.
There will be aomethlng doing every
minute, and a lot of the event will
not be on the ached ule either.
Kaat llonww ( oioIiik
llealde the 100 fat harnea and
running horea that are uiaktug tune
till week at La (Jraude and next
week will lilt the dirt at Maker, there
la aolng to be Introduced a lot of
apeedy ponlea from Ontario, Nya,
Vale and the territory adjaceut to
thoae cltle. The race program I
declared to be the beat ever run In
the went.
N Amusements Contracted.
The allow of the Mid-way will he
held In the down ! dltrlct every
night and Hie carnival company
which ha contracted to bring the
shows ha u list of attraction which
tor novelty uud clus cannot be Mir
paaaed anywhere. The ahowa will
I,,- new, iiini the event HtartliiiK aad
ili'Ciilcilly dilh iihl lioin uiiythiug 111
Ihcrto shown i
Itig racing events und wild west
sporls at th Malheur County Agri
cultural Fair lit (Intaiio, Seplcinher
19, L'ti, It, and 22.
A hundred pacers und trollci.s
Willi records of S us to r4 will he
here from twelve different atalea to
make thia a good a race umi .,
waa ever lield wist of Chicago. Two
high clans thoroughbred running
races every day. A hunch of the
wildest horses direct from the hills
will be here for the buckaroos to
ride Yearling colt for the kid to
tackle and mule colt for the older
A three mile buckaroo saddle
horse relay race, a pack horse race,
novelty race, trick riding and dare
devil sport. Boys and girls saddle
horse running race and relay races,
motorcycle races, team to wagon
races and Roman races, acrobats,
trapeexe performers, street carnival,
a continuous show of rapid events,
thrilling, amusing and comical fre
quent happening that are not on
the program, something doing every
day and night.
The stables and pens will be full
of pedigreed horses, cattle, sheep
and high class poultry. The main
(Coutiuued on page four)
widkhi'hkad intkhkht m.i xi-
r'khtkd in oxt.iiiio'h lit-
kht ihhixkss vknti kk.
List of Horses mid (attic to In- Of
lorol (irovta Dull) TlinroiiglibriNl
MoHl to lent lire Lot- of Mn
chhieiv to he Hold.
That Ontario' Monthly Trmlera'
day, recently hiuncheil la taking
hold wna nianlfeateil during II
week by the number ol liuiiilrles re
ri-uiil l,v Manager Hurt Wliiilini
The Innulrlea were of two klnda,
tho I ! tiiic from men wiili horaea,
cattle, hoga and aheep for anle unit
from men who are In the nun
buy audi commodities The- variety
of the Imiiilrlea iin well na the variety
of MOM nrtereil for the flrat aale
furnishes iiinple aaaurance I 1i;i t the
flrat anle will he a moat prODO
Ic the iiHiial advertlalng fen
turoa Mr. Whoclon hua Instituted
letter writing campaign to big d.-il
on In Oregon Bad Idaho Bad baa had
re ponce ahowlng that many M
will be preaent.
it,, iii Harao) aoaat) aamt
ussitruncc of BOBM regl- tend horaea
'""' other atock Ironi that MOttOO
" M Twwjr of Um Oragoa P
M iPl ll"" '"i la taralah
'' '' '"' """ "r ' "'' "' l'1' '"l""
neii of t) r. I.iga tor irh ii.niilhly
, kiiouii .. i which the lcM ol
stock can he aecured
l-uht Term Aibl Few Srusatlonal
Trial l ....kill I ..I llurliig
Tills Session.
Judge Italton Rlgg and District
Attorney W. II Brooke 'with attor
neys for various defendant will be
glnlng September 11 wretle with
the criminal calander for the fall
term of the circuit court.
According to the calander the fol
lowing Is the schedule of cahea: Sep
tember 11, State vs. W. A. lioyt and
( harli-s Smith for burglary Smith,
however has forfeited his bond ho
Iiml alone will be tried. On the
BUM BBJ the case of the State vs.
tieorge Hart for the thief! of a geld
iug is set for trial On the follow
i li K day Hie only feat lire case Ik that
of Hubert Smith charged with haul
ba 1 iif nor. improperly BMTBOd I
public highway win ha triad, Thla
I the first case under this provision
of the dry law to In- tried In the
state and may prove an Intel ,st inn
lly turning Jack Harry over to
Parol Officer Joe Kellar the author
ities saved the coat of trial in his
case and he was taken to Salem Sat
urday. The civil calander include the
following cases: Richard & llaga
vs. Douglas B. Smith et al a trustee
of the Willow River Land and Irri
gation company, for attorney' fees;
Frezaka vs. Independent Oil and Re
fining company for wages; Bigelow
vs. t'oiikliu, action for ejectment;
Klinefelter vs. Anderson, action for
collection of account; Burk holder vs.
Cox, action for damages to proper
ty; Blackwel vs. Wood for damage
Merchant Visit Hoie.
Lee McCoy. J. T. McNulty. D. M
Taggert. Ray Wilson and Irwin
Troxell made a trip to Bonse Mon
day on business.
i. L. D. Morrison of the Crane
townsite company was in Ontario
last week on busineaa.
Owner Has Never
Which He
W. L. Wllaon of Maine. Minnesota,
im me owner oi leu HIM u." KalfcMI
hi. .11, it. no i.'-.t. i 'iiini in in- ...,,.
never en the trarl for tie bought
II on the recommendation of friends
and on ih.. ! rPiniiMiion of
- " "-T ' " I
thin region
nd he will not regret
hla purchaae when he leamn what
the land did Huh year under the Ml
tlvntlon of ('. K. Secoy.
tttorue) .1. IV. McCullch and Mr
Will .1. Itolxi-ta to Deliver Id-
(Ireaaea Other Number.
At the high school nudltorhim In
day afternoon September It, the
flrat meeting of the Parent Teacher
association will lake pi,,,.
The nddreaaea which will feature
the gathering are to be given by
Atloiio" .1 Mi, ullocli and Mrs
win j iioi.i'it Mra Roberta' ad-
ilres will I ii the "Alma of Var
olii Taai bora' I " laUoa, und the
Obligation of lis Members." The
BBJOOl ol Mi Mcl'iilloch's address
has not been announced.
Baal da Umm addroaaaa there win
be an Interesting literary program.
I.lres, ol welcome to the teach
er will Ii" given h) Mr. In n,
all, pre I, I. in of the association To
this ml, In.. Mis. Hevllu Head will
Mn loal number will be given by
Mlsa Htell i i urry and l'rof I. I.
Cull, ei ton A gOBOral levitu'
iiinl piitrons of the ,
is aafadad to Um meeting
Coach I. L. Culbertaon and Cap
tain Joy lluated isaued the call for
candidate for the foot hall team on
Monday, soon after the opening ex
ercises at the high school. The re
sponse was gratifying to the coach
and captain who secured a line on
the material for the year. With tbe
addition of a number of huskies due
to arrive after the fair Ontario Is
assured of a foot ball team and will
uphold the honor and dignity of tbe
city to the limit.
Aa yet the schedule makers have
not started their work but the local
team 1 assured an excellent aerie
of game and every effort I being
made to bring the championship of
this section to Ontario.
Al Heron of Jaiuleaon wus in town
on buaine Tuesday.
-Carter In New York Sun.
Seen Land On
Will Get Fine Crop
The land wan seeded to alfalfa
' ,na ,rom lwo cull,IlgB ;,,,;, m,Jo
. ... , .
na wedded five ton per acre nil
WUn U" ,Mlr1 rr"P ll wl" n1"'
total yield of at leant aeven ton
which at thi preaent price of ha
will furnish a mighty nice Income
i 1'inii were the liiveatiui'iit
per acre.
I'. iiini is IHssolie ami Welaer Man
( omea to Ontario While Or-
' oil I.'"'- to Wets, -
i. ange of Importance
took place this week whereby W. A.
1'iilkeraon, who ha been In charge
of the O. K. CO . Ltd , store at
Welaer took ODBplOtO ownorahlp of
ii" i nt. ii re of Hi i
ill, who had charge
of the comp. my's aloro here took the r Men Til'' trnnafer
wii couMumated Sunday and the
change took place with th.' opening
for biiHine . Monduy.
Mr. Kiilkcraon who BBBBaet
sole owner of Hie local store la well
rcclon, having for
paara baoa a protaiaoal baatai
Icy for the local store under hi man
mi t ba local - :ore BBdOf hi
nt Mi Palharaoa amphaaliaa
the fart thai lie BBa SOBM to make
thla city I lo-iii home and
will carry a cla ol m n hundlse
MOOad to none found in thl region.
Monty tiwlnn formerly of Ontario
but now a resident of Boise waa In
town on Monday looking after his
local Interests, and encouraged local
bUMlne men by hi report of the
boom which Irrigated land In Idaho
are enjoying.
"Right now In the Twin Kails re
gion real estate men are having a
hard time to meet the demand for
laud by settler from the eat They
are scouring the country for men
who want to aell.
"Ontario Is bound to feel the ef
fects of thla soon for the land here
I superior to that around Twin Kals
The climate Is better and In every
way this Is the superior region.
Than I a demand for land now and
Ontario should go after Us share of
uew setilera."
" &. - -Lfl
irnAiiiMt ( i univivr ix
tirade Schools Shoe, Slight DacTCBM
lint Large Increase hApcitctl I'ol
lowing the 1'nlr lteiiesl Maile
loi Niw Courses.
,.,, an enro.imeni on ope,,
ing nay or ll I pupils WO Ontario ,.,,., Hl,,,.wlllkH 1II1(1 ,,.e rnR,ruc.
high aahool thla year a.irp.,...l nil , f uterwer connection, foa- a i.tlemlani. I.asl year ,,,,, h.. sesalon of t he c Mninnl
during the opening week there were ,t , coun(. c)iall)b,r Tuoaday er-
but 121 pupil enrolled. nnf Tl0 M,SH01 w ,1Pd on
To the lurge intinber who have al after an adjournment waa
ready matriculated Superintendent uiken on M Ia on anouni or the
I Q BallO expect to add aome 20 fact (hat. that day waa a legal holl
er 30 more following the fair, when day.
many or the young men mid women ti. menibera present at the ad
flrtU com,' Into town from the inter .uiini.l session were Mayor W. O.
lor. The oui tan, i in,- roatara al Um rloraaa, aaaaUiai aram, Kra-
o far Is the large niim ,.,. patOI on. B0rhai1 Bad MoOai
her of pupils run tie interior or Wfttheat attoadod dahata tho aaaa
Miillieiir county und llarno roiini, ,, granted the petition ot Judge
liilly half of the hlgli acohol enroll , IHkkh and other BrOBOrt
ment la from without the iinturio
school district. Thl Is a remarka-
bla tribute to H ffMaaO) "t tha
local schools and daOIOaOt 1101 that
Oatarlo la. In a way. the educational
center of this section of the state.
So groat has been the InerOeOl In
the high school enrollment thai tM
Bl mlininl'l ration ami the lioard
may be called upon to upply addl-
II. .mil teachers. Thla la due in part
'.. the numerous roqoaotl on the part
ol . in i.i Bad PUpll lor
not now Offorad On the reliirn i,r
ident Krank Under of the school
board tlM BMtter will be taken up
for settlement
III tlM grade schols Ihe at t. tid.iui
showed a slight decrease over last
i .1 due t the removal of u number
of famlllea whose return to the city
Is expected, and In a few weeks It la
mitlclpated thai the grade school en
rollment will at leaat equal last
yeur .
Pioneers' Reunion and Annual llaby
show al Count) Heat Attract
Many Visitor.
Ontario is at Vale this week. That
la a large portion of Ontario ml
grated to the county seat today and
more will go tomorrow to alien. I the
festivities in connection with the an
uual Itaby Show and Hie I'lumn.
l;. union fWJ
Judging by the number u!
In attend lioin Ontario, Vale citi
zens will have their hand lull to
,., i. ior their uu.-sh Fndav when
il big celebration lake, place
The vale cmen an- proparlaa
big picnic dinner for the "old Inn
Hi the iiaby Parado,
which is alvvavs worth going miles
to witness is proving a combination
that cannot be resisted.
lilt; 111 NDIIts ill HOLD
lie annual good time picnic and
run, inanity fair will again be held
at IIik Mend. September 15. This
will be a delight to Dig Bend's many
friends for they are assured a day
full of good time.
The program committee has been
busy for a week securing music,
speaker and everything that gue
with a picnic. The other commit
tees are also busy strawiug road,
cleaning up the Community park and
arranging fr the community fair,
which Is always held lu connection
with the picnic.
Thl I to be one grand big day
and everyone Is invited from all the
towus aud countryside. Bring your
basket and don't forget the date,
Friday, September 15.
it lal'irrs II, ,, of (Mil Account
Not I'ald In Tret Ions Council
sewer Syateni I '! n i - I t-'or.
v,m,,n BBkn, for ,,1P layn of
owners seeking a cement sidewalk
extension on tho hill, ami conalder-
ad a number ot pending petitions
which had been brought to the at-
tentloii or abora but not rormally
rn,., laptBBlbat 1 was the dale set
for heuniiK retnonstrancs for these
A pillion wu received signed by
W. T lninpkin, C (' Miiomaglll
and nthora for the const ruction i,r a
laleral eswer to give a connection to
tha Main sewer on Nevada avenue.
Since this petition conl.inplited nc-
Hon under lag lln.i.ilt law the pe-
llllon was referred In til) At ton
nev J W Md'ulloch for review and
' OaeallBaBli
Itepre .entu.g the ontiino Hand
" " ,r"M bpaarad botara the city
father reueating the assistance glv-
en the band during the summer be
continued at least until January 1
when the new council takes office.
Mr. Draiu told the council that tbe
Commercial club had recently de
cided to continue It uppoit and
said that this with the assistance of
the city would make possible the Im
provement of the hand, which, he
ald had proven It utility to the
'So long a the band continue to
practice and improve, 1 for oum am
willing to help It so far aa polble,"
said Councilman A. 1. t ockrum All
Hie other members present agreed
with Mr (ockrum ho that when his
motion lo give Hie band $"i per
month for the bulauce of the year
was put It carried unanimously.
Old Hill Ileal .1 lioin.
Mr i 'H on ol UM l' S Plumbing
Haatlai eoaipaa apoarod baton
I hj IB! il '-king iniormalioii con
lg II.- i .-ons for vv huh a bill
of bl 1(1 VM
not paid Ha declared thai Um
count wa-. due tm moie than u year
and a ball anil wauled the matter
II e( Since the hill wa - lonll
. I hv I prei ioii council and had
baoa rejected tor no tha
members pn aa) Knew aol what, it
was determined to refer the matter
UM mutter to Councilman McCoy,
who was instructed to aee ex Coutl
, 1 1 1 1 : ., 1 1 Hover who had llni work
The Council al.o oldeleil Itecolil
er C. M. Steam to proceed to col
lect the past due i -.-nieiil on the
various sewer district. The meet
ing then adjourned
It.- ideiits of Riverside were startl
ed by a shot In the clear ulght air
Monday. The bombardment i re
ported to have been directed at a
chicken thief prowling in the neigh
borhood of a residence in that section
where one of the women kuew how
to handle a rifle. An examination
of the ground revealed no blood aud
no wounded mati ha been seen by
police official so the result ot the
shot la unknown.