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    THURSDAY. AUOU8T 31, 191
1 Anion tlm . pn 'tit am: Misses ent had a Jolly good time, and re
I Alice nnil Bthtl Fenwlrk, Krnest gritted when homo going time in
llnnk Uallard anil Pal rhc.l I'he residents nf Valley View
Miss Kiiliy Fenwlrk and are hoping Brother Pratt may be
Ki'ii wlrk.
Mrs Jim
Parks Joined the bunch
IK ioki.w yai.i.i.i.
Mr II II Wnters of Hoisc, oaten
manager for llM Klectrlcal Invest
ment company of Idaho, wan here
Wednesday looking over the field
with a view to the extension of hln
mmnanv's power line from Del.
mar to thla city. Mr. Watera had
visited the South mountain mining
districts and the new camp on Uoul.i
lUnodhounds Placed on Trial of Jim rr rrp
O.uHlei Who h Midline In Mow I Mr mil Mm Kohout and daughter.
Ulna Klwllnx l I HHW I-eiul Katherln, returned Wednesday even
ing from a two-week's outing at tne
To Husplclnn.
(Jordan Valley Kxpress)
laying hare a carnival of crime
which has aroused the people of Jor
dan Valley the Jordan Valley Ex
press tells the following story which
would furnish ample material for the
wildcat wild went moving picture
When Hie hlg alone ham on the
Duncan ranch was burned a few
weeks ago It waa generally supposed
that the fire waa accidental. Short
ly after the calamity which cost him
eight good homes and a lot of har
neas, machinery, etc., A. II. Oroth
received a letter telling him to "On
ahead and work hard and put Up
voiii liny; II lll go up In nokc the
aame aa your barn did."
Tills letter was unsigned, hut was.
evidently. In the aame handwriting
a a threatening letter previously re
ceived by Mr. (iroth mill signed h
Jim Coiirdet, a Frenchman who had
worked for (Iroth Nome years ago and
Willi whom he hud had some troulile
Mr. Oroth brought these letters to
town .in exhibited tl in the author
ities Courdet had been si-en In this
vicinity about Die lime of the fire
and Deputy Sheriff Muinfonl MM
eonii on his trail, which led over (he
line Into Idaho. Securing the as-
coast. They came home In a splend
id car, '17 model, and were acenmpan
led by M. K Haiti, late publisher
and editor of the Ontario Argua,
who will visit here for a ahort lime
Jess Hoberts has almost complete
ly recovered from the case of blood
poison In his left arm. and will soon
leave to resume his duties aa fore
man at the Circle liar ranch
Hob and Alice McDonnell came up
with them for another year
Little Jimmle Frasler Is on the
sick list again.
W T Penn spent Sunday at the
Moffett ranch near Arcadia.
Mrs T II. Downs called on Mrs
Parsons Saturday rooming.
Hm ' K Pratt and family visit
A V.ll.v Vlaw friend few dava
last week.
Last Friday W. 8 Kees and fam
ily took a trip over Into Idaho, going
up Little Willow, crossing the divide
and returning by the way of Big
Willow They found It very dry
thru that part of the country with
short crops and little dry farming
Oregon'a alfalfa fields looked good
in i hem upon their return.
Rev. P Koenlg will have charge
of the church services Sunday, Sep.
tember 3.
August 29 --The home of (Irand
ma Mas on Thursday, August 24 waa
I III.. Uf...... ..I .. I. ....... 1.. -t I. I .. . .......
from their home on the Owyhee last"" - - - " "-'" -""a ww
Frld.v evening and scent Saturday I'1 w" Urandma'a she does not.
with their Barents Miaa Alice will i "nl-me-lo tell-blrthday
teach (he school at the Axcuenaga
ranch this coming season.
O. A. Newman, prominent slnck
man of McDerinlll. F l Bprague,
cashier of the Qulnn river hank In
ihai hustling burg. Frank llongna,
owner of the Oregon Canyon ranch,
and Sekunilo Achahal came In Tues
day evening on a business visit.
Mrs. McCain and son, Tom. started
Tuesday morning for rorvullls, to ar
range a home for the fall and winter
term of school. They will he Joined
and rela-
I lives from Payette came out (o make
her happy. And (hey did
Ire rn urn and rake, pumpkin pie,
and many other good things helped to
1 make the occasion an enjoyable one.
I ln-l manifestation of love and af
leiiion by her estimable daughter!
and son made Hie day a happy one
1 for grandma
(iruiidma still returns youth and
activity of both mind and body and
though not as young as she used to
be -he atill seems much of the Joya
about the middle of September by : ' f,,r "
Mlaa Us. Krnest and Cecil. The1 Chas llerr's birthday falls on the
young folk will al luiteud school. MUl day of August also, and he waa
Mrs 0 D Joslyn. after a brief presented wl(h one of Grandma I. las'
usit with her son and his family. ' fmous pumpkin plea.
lefl Tuesday morning for her home Miss Jessie Lias left Sunday for
in Portland. Trinidad. Colorado, to resume her
Miss Ittihy Fenwlck Is now In the duties In (he high school of that city
alslance of Sheriff Hock of Owyhee city. She will have charge of the -""' .... languages iter
county, (he man was followed (o u primary department In the school! !l"ter. Agnes, who visited her n r
rand, over at Three creek. In the this fall and wln(er. '"' rll,,r "' " d -'
rn pan of Own , where he F. B Cross came out from his '"' alir..rnla lo attend summer
waa captured. ' "nch in the Junipers Tuesday and normal Is back In Trinidad preparlug
, . . left for the nearest car-line nolhl on 'or ''"' school opening.
Upturning, (he par(y wus within " r mi m ar. s. car line pom., on
four miles of Silver CKy. lusl Sun-!,,iH w lo """"j on business August 3 -A surprise parly was
Mrs. iiuiiseu went lo rmerty Mat given at the home or Mr anil Mrs
yesterday after her children, Welilou Cual last Saturday evening In honor
and Fern, who have been visiting at of Mra. Haul's birthday Some "0
I In- home of Mi anil Mrs Prince odd neighbors and friends gathered
ll.iiillsty In and a general good lime resulted
'"ley H i. iii Sundi.i . id. ofjua Kerr and family visited with
get up and that was the last n '" cootnpanled by his chief expert Mr. and Mra. J. It. Langley Sunday
roper, jess ur.min. to nil ou. u.s ni.s Ll.a. mother end sister. Join
crew for the big rail roundup, which curM(o , ,. K,.rry
will begin on the 37th. SumUy , rBporte,, ,, ....Joyal.le
V I I I I V II l
lllgelow Of MOSCOW
day evening, when their car went
to the had and they stopped ui I ion
win. nl rump for the night. Offi
cers and prisoner wore sleeping in u
tent, the latter with Sheriff Hock,
When the prisoner made an excuse In
Miss 1 1 it i. it li llrown visited her
i. i .inilparents, Mr. and Mrs SI. pr
of him.
I mihlc in gel trace ol their man.
bloodhounds were brought from Nam
pa, hill seemed unable to gel a defin
ite scent to follow, and the officers
were obliged to take up the chase un i
I.Im.I Iiv III.' lIlIMM
. wood, for a few days lust week
y The burning of the barn is only Mr T j j,mnMOII BUie to De
one of many crimes charged to the ,ut MfMl1 ,,,,,. ,wo WM)hl, ujtjma
fugitive Mr tirolh lost nearly all Thomas Kennedy and family have
Ilia horses a year or two o, pre - 1W., jllo n,e Woods house, re
aumahly from rabies, hul it Is now , (.,.ltly ,,,,,,.,1 , Hie W lllukely
Ihought lliei were poisoned l. his ,1M,y . m V ' f '
vengeful enemy A.fler the lute Of Christine Fraslc s, t Satur
tirolh Hiouglil he still had one horse lluv .., ,,. Slllll,,.v vu,ln. Mi
. r ....... ,
left, a two le.u nl. I nlli out on Ihe
range, but this annual was found
ileuil .i lew il.iis luiei picMiiuahlv
Supplies half armed for the poi
office at the Hum. in mihIi, on ll.e
ruer 'I'liere was an olllie .it thai
point some e,u ;.go Hi A II
Oroth is the new poslmaslei They
call the office "Koine'' Just why
It was guen Mich an imposing
has been at the home of (has lierr
the past week Inspecting her laud
Mr. Kerr has had under management
the past season. Instead of sage
brush she found corn, wheat and
barley covering almost the entire 120
acrea In his charge. She was highly
i pleased with the results. She re
turned home Monday
Threshing la In full blast ou the
Invade Taylor '"" "" nere ure inree ouiius
Ml and Mrs D II llrown we re work and the Job will not last long
ii-ilors at W li.'own's last Satur- "" year.
day The little 25 Inch Case of C O
Last Saturduy Calvin Taylor and Douglas driven by his gas tractor
mother. Mrs Taylor, and sister, Mrs. has proven a graud success aud has
McKlhenny, of Oklahoma, went to been busy ever aluce it arrived.
Cambridge. l,Hho, for a few flftjl Mr8 Join i,,,!..,-,....! called at the
41 "" Chas. lierr home Sunday during their
Chas Johnson is suffering from , i, .,.., n-
an attack of rheumatism
I. as. i .tin silay fifty four happy
Dlsfit name our reporter has ehen ranchers met al the W (i Armstrong
...i.ilile lo leain iranili, will, well filled baskets, ue
Arlhur Dunniug's ranch is the cream freexers, etc The occasion
scene of much merry making tloug'wai .i farewell reception In Itei C
with the haymaking these days k ralt aud family Kierynne pres-
Mis Welch, who wus cooking for
('. O. Douglas, returned to her hus
band ill Seattel recently aud C. O is
again without a cnok
Itoht Itaney and his sou in law,
Herbert Thomas, ure busy with a
heading outfit trying to keep out of
i the way of Douglas' thresher.
sKdsssstf F ffl P' 4
mSBtm '; If
In the fair premium list the fol
lowing premiums offered by the Wo
man i lull of Ontario wus madid
lentil omitted For the best display
of purple asters: First, 12 00, $1.00
The entries for this prixe may be
made thru department "K"
School books are sold strictly cash
Our supply of school books and
tablets are larger than ever. Our
vulues this year are really great and
particularly in quality. Kierhait
Drug Co. adv
Heeue from "The Yankee OUT' at me -..,. I..,. " i-t - Siud.
Instructor on I'lauo
Teachers Certificate from Cin
cinnati Conservatory of Music.
Phone 170 K
7th Annual Malheur
County Agricultural Fair
"Sept. 19-20-21-22
Fastest Harness Races Ever
Held in Snake River Valley
Twelve entries for the 2:10 pace
Six entries for the 2:14 trot
15 horses from California, 12 horses
from' Montana, 6 from Colorado, al
so others from Alberta, Utah, Idaho
Washington, Oregon and Wyoming.
Over fifty entries in 2:20 class. Also
fastest running races ever given
here with many entries in each race
Novelty races will be pulled off be
tween the main harness and saddle
Something doing every minute from
the sound of the first gong to the last
State will make Fish and Game ex
hibit, said to be the best in the Unit
ed States.
Stockmen are going to have more
and better animals then ever shown
Fruit, grains and vegetables will be
there in abundance showing what
Malheur county can do in an off year
The ladies are especially interested
this year and have been working so
they can excell all past displays.