The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 20, 1916, Image 8

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Out of a List of Many Values that
You Should Profit By
Every summer suit
High Art WW
,, , 777" Z J'X K
Make retaihne" tor- I
merly at $22.50,
$25.00 or up on
sale at
Every summer suit
formerly retailing
at $15.00 and $16.00 on sale at-
" w
Alexander's new special $3.00
shoes, Goodyear welts in all lasts
and leather.
Alexander Co.
(Proa Monday! i
irnl.o'l market lipcneil Willi .11'
Mher nuiil inn ut rallle. ie.u.
head in tor tin- iin-iiin ..
i i i .. i thing MM -hi u
Stead) 111 lllflhll) xlli ll ,i
Monii.n linh I l.i .hi i
II- lull S.H I
I lIU 11 III .11 ll II.
Todajr'i run o
i rlvad cli total
i ii
(I ly, moatl)
mi in iii i i oanti lower
Kuiiii- i-.irl i i. ...... .
Mi'.uii on i" Mm' i ti i"ii.- i. iii iii
.we. I tin- In-,-
, for t in- -ii i
nil (in- .. from in aaata inn
er. owlni ol
ltcura her fur tin- lu.-ki-ml mar
Sunn- n-i good nil) i in i
Dfered. The best In.n1 sold at s II
, lull- the hull, went al $7 II to
There win- a iiumlier nl luail i
,1111111 rattle here today which
mo ih 10 to 1 "i eeuli lower than l.i I
Week I'llllie heavy Mi el-, ale 111
good ilehiaml, IouiIh Wllla at
Choice iriuie tiiflit steers
sold nl to s Ui The iiieiliuiu
grades of H t u f f sullered unite heav
0, I he sold on a In cent
loner luisls There whs an extra
lieu otter. ng of Hi's grade "' sieera
lure loda)
Friday ' mark) opened nii 700
head in Kw-rythiug was lak. n earlv
on a load) lia-ls Hulk nl stuff
g I ri 1 1 1 Vnllei iionils Tim 'l
tradini: clOOtd wUli -1000 heail on the
i I , M In. I ' the
d.i i went at $8.80,
Oil -ias also l ,. .-
l.-i l.i .1 week wen- 1000
head agulnai lOnO , loui ei i.
which was the lightest week's run
of tie ) aai
Today' trading opened at another
I. t'T I'll' '
Ml week, which put hngH to III
i iii. irk . u iii To, .-ohi today
Up lo t It, ahlla Ho- I - III k went ,il
$9lii I I'll. market have been
on a ilei line the lust few d.i
hulk of hogs sold u week iiko'
at s.;t.' io is so. a tuouin ago ut
ll.uii to , a year ago at 1
to $7 4'.. two aKOl at s to in
II " 'i .in at . l.i
$9 :!.', four years ago at mi to
Hood River, Jot) grant I
:iiK of Iwh iii-.i twardi as lln- i
ol the final compilation ol aal
on i arlae wlanai nl the I
e ipo ' Inn i noM "i n bleb
i 'u i I.. . i. . ,.iv,-.i i.. 1 1 I i
111. ol ll, IS (11 . (I.l.'t ol I
cnltara lot 1 1 irogsa m M m
ii i -i ' ner shanking
ovor i he dlanuyi ol nil states and nil
iiHii.ins. tiri-Koi: has been uwarded
the medal of honor for the goaaral
Ii in ol the displays of dell
i lola ii hi
A Mllaborator's medal has been
awarile.i Mi Itavliu because of bis
..oik In eollei-uiu; ii ml display
Anionic the iutiiwdual growers si
i-uri'ia medals. was i W Coble of
New lirtdge for his apple displ.n
Westeru I Make ,, H i;.,,,
lor SenitluK Miiuej to Soldier-.
there has been a considera
ble demand for the transference ut
money to men uith the guard at the
border bus been noticeable at t'n- h
ial Waters I'liion oil:..-
Instructions were received Satin
it at the Westell i I'nion tliat will
make It easy to telegraph in
the boys at the Under The ah
nouiiceiiieut was made Dial until
further notice the company will make
telegraphic transfers of money to
.lenihels of the atioll.ll ilnard who
Inen into the feder.,1
M at the Mexican border ut om
hall' the usual charges for such ser
vice '
Truly the Moat Remarkable Money Saving Event Ever Advertised By Thin Or Any Olhcr Store In Ontario
Lampkin's Semi-Annual Clearance Sale
Of Greater Magnitude then Ever Before
There is a whole lot of satisfaction to you and to ourselves in the fact
that our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale makes many new friends as well
as cementing the bonds of friendship with our old customers. Those
who have attended these sales in the past know that it is not a sale in
tended to induce the public to buy inferior goods at cheap prices, but Ifi
a means by which our surplus stock that we cannot afford to carry
over for another season may be disposed of, to the buyer's advantage
In spite of the rapidly increasing cost of everything pertaining to Ladies, Misses and Chil
drens Wear we are ahle to quote extremely low prices on the same quality of goods we have
always carried, and from a money saving standpoint, this is the most important event held
in Ontario for years
1 1 ii nd rods of Articles In Our Ready to Wear Dept. In Sensational Sale
$15 to $30 Suits $5.00
Ladies' Skirts Come in white
lurU. white sports ,'iikI inch
stripes, the latest tiling in
summer wear for ladies and
missis, priced for the Clear
ance Salt
.SI.-).', Jpl.Ho, o-.'.',
$2.69 and $3.98
Crepe Petticoats
learanee Sale pries
Black Sateen Petticoats
learance Sale pries
Bungalow Aprons
( 'lea ranee Sale priei
Ladies' Dresses Linen sport
voile, beautiful flaxous and
pure white, some in the latest
st Ii s and wen- will worth
their former prices up to
$i:.7.", Clearnnee Sale price
$4.48 to $8.75
Beautiful Breakfast Suits Mill
tins Mid caps i" match, some
thing thai even vuinan wants.
to BO at
i nly
All $1.25 House Dresses and
Percales Come in fast colors,
ideal for summer wear QOf
Clearance Sale price , .JFOC
Silk and Fancy Fabric Suits -Come
in this spring's stvles,
these -.nits formeriv sold to
:lO. Villi!' choice
at t 'learance salt
Ladies' House Dresses -- o mi
ni prettv lawns, embroider,
trimmed, a fine dress for sum
niei wear. Clear- d" pTA
ance Sale price plOU
Ladies' Dresses Lawn and or
gaudies, priced for the Clear
ance Sale
$5.00 to $10.00 Articles on Dollar Table See Bottom Panel
Shirt Waists
Oh! Joj ! Look what's here
for the hot summer days
There will be two months of
hot weather and much com
fort as well as satisfaction
in quality and style can be
found in these shirt waists
ami middies,
Middle IMM i '.hi. i- iii tlsM up In
1 ' li-.t r.iui i- Sali- iiiki-
Ut-i.liu-r Pure l.lueu WmIh(k Ju I
i In- tliliiK fur tin- ri-inuiiiliiK !u'
of summer,
( leiiraiire Sale pr'.oe
Sport Stilied Middle BloMaa Lai
I .-tvles,. Qfl.
i .line Sale price OC
1 ii-m- de Chines .in. I I'minees A
bargain nl twlaa ii.i- prion wt an
.i-kiiii;.. n JO
i i. -..I. in. -i- s.iii prlei 4'. tO
tftVM I n-l'i- Hid sldn s,lk iss
i nine III 1 1.. latC I p ill' rn- ii. -.. t
..ii.l en., I. Ai An
r .ii.'.' Sale prll ' J 1 .iO
l.i. silk, VoUM mid (liKitiidies
Sale il n- jOC
Shoes Are Reduced
In our shoe department yon will find
exceptionally SJOOd values for the
whole family the boy, the firl, the
women and the men. At this time
when the coat of shoes are daily in-
ereasing glance at the following
prices will convince you that we are
now selling them at as low prices as
We have in the past.
Ladies' Hosiery
i ..niies- i .mi Hum
. l in-
I I. .nam i Sal
l.l.ll.s Silk III!
white ill' lil.u-n
Iihw Regular "'
l.iidles' mid Minaoti' shues All wliite, an
ii itiuiiall good -.iiiiiiner thOOi
1 leal .Hue Sale pl'li'i-
m.i..h Uam Slmes I'liiiipn, oxfords, kids, pnt-enl-.
ami .iieiles. rniiie Iii all s zes. tin M
slioea ure n K'md alue al regular print ami
are ut a liarKain at ai nn
Clearance Sule prii-e $l.fO
Ijidles' and UlnaM K-J.'J."i an. I W-.-Ml I'.nu,.- and
Mull .lanes Al Qg
Clear. mi .' Sale prue ip 1 .JO
kiln SlliH--- mid I 'll III llcesi I. .mi iii
I III I, a i: I Willie. CQ.
Clearaiir.' Sale pru'e 0"C
l-.e ' Mail I. Hie l'lllllis A pleltv. gOOd
iiik tn ttrnp pump, eoniat In nil
I. rolTOt, liateiil. ki.l ami calf JQ
i lialame Sale prii'i- l.tU
It.. I Si I. HI- ami l.l.i- 111 ll 1 1 li.-l Ju-I tin- tiling
for d1 QQ
I'leal'.u.i'i' Sale pli'e )I..)i7
Illy Ikio' Klki i.l. . vein uxtnr.l.s an. I
MSOa If ulliehl ThaaO are shoes that Hill
simni tin- riiiiifii wear nl growing boyi nnd
an .in exceptional alue,
t'learalicc Sale price
Misses' .shoes Sizes .' to
('learance Sale price
Men's and Boys
Furnishing Dept.
A large assortment of cool
clothes are foimd in this de
partment. The following
items are just a few of the
many similar bargains,
ileus ii. ii. rn
Clearance Kale price 0C
Ulilell. I nlnlls qa
learance Sale price OtfC
ll.s' MK, Shirts a
t'leurauce Sale price . . lilC
Btm' HMMi Hlilrts and lUiiuaa
Cool anil neat aiipeariiiK ,r
learance Sale price 4jC
Mens and Ik., s Slim, Ht,n,,r
nKiiin so cheap .-
t'learami Sale prion . 45C
S1JS and MJM .shl,lsSo,ne
ei lliese silk. ft
I'.uaiH'.' sale prion . . . 89c
DnM s.k Willi.- ami ,!,,, ,
' 'i I0e ralua, , 0
1 nil'.- Sale ,ii,,. 1 JC
- .... ...- so. ks on
ii price,
gOl pair IJQ
sdiei ii, mi., i rrllnn i i ,,..,,
Mia price.
lll.,s' Suits! , ,
ai..i noaaial ..I Norfolka, nnrgon nnd
' ' "me Villi Iw.i p hi nI
pants, I'learance Sale price
$2 98 to $4.69
Great Array of Cool Underwear
ladies' Hernial and Out SIm laulles' .Vic I uioiis Uegulai
t'an't Slip Vest Q and out siis, OO
(learance Sale price . . lJK.
('learance Sale price.
i .lilies' isign Vent r
i'learance price, 3 for. . &DC
I .a. lies I.V Vests
t'learuiice Sale price.
Pretty Dresses for the Children
liildien's Dresses i ou.e In
iiieiliuiu and light nolora,
sizes 2 to ii, uii Ideal dress
for (lie children, a mm.' i..ln
at ret a I ii price hut reduced
lor the
Clearance Sale to
HeauMtuI lie.,,1, liluKliam
llress Suoa 3 to 8, ng
Clearance Sale price . OiJC
French CNggdngp lres ( ome
in sizes 8 to 14, hs
Clearance Hale price 0"C
Many Articles Are On Sale at Clearance Prices Not Listed Here
Dollar Table
Different articles each day,
mam worth from ,. Ul) to
$10(10, all thrown nu out lug
choice for
w dBk ..JW nV .M JgggaaV dg nr m m m nB
i t. riMWM 'j.t -mj
Dollar Table
Ladies white and colored
dresses, skirts, linen M,its
children 's dresses, all thrown
OB one lug table,, ,, AA
choice for vj 1 UU
No Woman Can Afford to Overlook this Sale If She Wants Bargains