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    Business Directory
Ontario, Oregon
Office in New Wilson Mock.
Dr. Harriot Sr-ara
Dr. Pan line Noam
Graduate American School of Oiteo
pathy, Kirksville, Mo.
Wilson Mock. Telephone 164 Blk
V. II. Hi hi. k-, Attorney at Law
Wilson Bldg. Ontario Ore
C. McOONauill
Will Practice in All Court
Notary Public. Office Over Postoffic
DR. W. O. HOWE . . ...
Phenes: Office 111
IH D. C. lilt I II
Office 2nc door East of On'.rl Phar
macy on Nevada Avenue, Near
It. R. Depot.
J. H. FARLEY -Funeral directo.
and cmbalmcr. Lady iissintant I'lmne
132-W. (i nt in i... Oregon.
Room 0, First National Bank Bids
Ontario, Oregon.
Mcculloch a wood
Rooms 1-2-3 First Natl Bank Bldg
Ontario, Oregon.
Rooms 13-14-16 Wilson Illdg
OnUrio Oregon.
Hl'MMEK. i .
If a h.,re could talk I... woul.l ' ''"' ' ' '" wlioroln Nicholas
liav.. many tiling. In t whon sum Krl"' M PlBtUf, rtOOTWtd jiuld-
,,.,. ,.,, ,. nrat against u. n. Doollttla and Ba
u .. 1 1 . ii i , i , i , "" Doollttla, husband aad wife. J. H.
Ho would ten i, in iiriver thai he ,. , , ,.,, ,.
, , ,, , ' oik. traatM, Mia M. Sproul and J.
feolH Hie lioiit mi a very warm day i . . , ... .
,, . ' J. IlurhrldRe an defendant), for Hie
unite as much an If he coil rem a .. ,.,..., j . , , .
., sum of three thoiisaml four lium red
Ihermometer. .... . ,,
fifty dnllarf). with Interest thereon
ll would ta tiive me a little ifrom Mav 7 ,916 at ,hp rn,,, ()f
mil many i BMa a day. when theippr r,.nt ,.r annum: and the further
heat Is. Intense. Ml nut minli nt a of three hundred fifty dollars at
tlme II I am warm: if you want mivrnPy fPP; n,i ttir further sum of
to keep well don't water me loo tai.iiiv-fr.iir .ml fin.i on ,i,,nr ,,,(..
soon after I have eaten." N.(llrp T ,
M would say: "When the nun Is n tho 22nd day of July, 1916, nt the
I hot and I am working let me breathe ,.,r f i ;in (1P arteriionn oi said
once In a while In the Hhnde of some flay at the main entrance ioM of the
house or tree; If you have to leave, Court House In Vale, Malheur ooun
me on the strew leave me In tbelty, Oregon, sell at public auction to
Bhade If possible. Anything upon the hlgheHt bidder or bidders for cash,
my head, between my ears, to keep the following described real property,
off the sun i hail lor me u me hii to-wit.
cannot circulate freely underneath Tne , alf of th. northwe,t
" .quarter of section twenty-four, town-
lie would talk of slippery streets , ship eighteen south, range forty-six
and the sensations of falling on cruel E. W. M. In Malheur county, Oregon,
city cobblestones the pressure of together with all water rights appur
the load pushing him to the fall, the tenant, therein;
Coming to Town
,OST TOUt AMI TIIINOS Irrecoverable and even more iireolon
The opening sentence of the pen- n,ve, been lo"t 1"
ultimate te which Lansing sent to ffrnW "ui us $60,000,000 worth
of her products during the ten tumuli-.
I arranzn on June 20 revealed the
ended April I III r. During the first
constant factor of dllstorlness which four or flve IIlonlhH of the WBr, ,,
whas rhaiarterlr.ed the enllie conduct I August to Novemher, 1914, traita was
of foreign relations by the Wilson completely upset, ocean tonnage was
administration. "I have read," says short, and enormous drafts were
Mr Lansing, "your communication made on the belligerents to place
P. J. ) l .1. K.lll R
Rooms In Wllron Bldg.
Ontario, Oregon
22 bruised ki and wrenched Joints. , Taken and levied upon as the pro-
'nI the feel of the driver's lash. perty of the said above named defend-
TRANSI'ER, BAGGAdE AND EX " wniild tell of the luxury of a ants, W. II DoolltHe, Resole Doollttle,
PRESS f'y '", "hen at work and of a fly J. II. Cook, trustee, Ella M. Sproul
Meets all trains. blanket when standing hIIII In fly nnd J. J. Ilurbrldge, or as much there-
JOIIN LANDINGHAM season, ana" ol the boM to him of of as may lie necessary to satisfy the
.nil. in thl labia to keep mil the said ladgaiaal In favor Ol Nicholas
Insects that bite and sting. Krles and against the said above mini-
II.. would nlead for as cool and "' defendants, with interest thereon,
comfortable a stable as possible In "' " nd dlsburse-
whlch to list at night after a day's
work under the hut sun.
lie would suggest that IMni: tin.
a warm night In a narrow stall neith
er properly cleaned nor bedded Is
which was delivered to me on May
It took the state department four
weeks and a day to make reply lo a
note which Mr. Lansing described In
his answer n marked by a "discour
teous tone and temper" such as to
cauae "surprise and regret."
It should have caused, Instead, In
dignation and resentment; slid It
ahould have provoked an Instant and
vigorous retort. What was the oc
casion for delay? Surely, there was
nothing In the situation In Mexico
which would lead to even a hope of
better manners from Carranxa. Sure
ly, there was nothing In the situa
tion which could provoke even a re
mote notion that better order could
he secured Surely, there was noth
ing In the aituatlon which could war
rant tho belief that the I'nited States
could further postpone the duty
which Hi long-submerged self-respect
Yet Wilson and Lansing waited
four weeka and a day- and then sent
a note couched In language such as
the fllea of the stale department have
I in. in- ill.-, in a stte i,l prepar. dins
During the ten months ended April,
1916, France performed prodigies of
valor on the field of battle, and In
creased her exports to the United
States 27 per cent, or to 184.000,000
For the same periods our exports
no nts that have or may accrue
D '-'i at Vale. Orosoa. this 17th
day of June, 1916.
BEN .1 IIHtiWN. Sheriff.
ltOSS A. SOWAIUi. Deputy.
First nulillciitlon June II 1!1(1:
suffering for him and poor economy pubHcaUo July 20, ,,.
tor Hie owner. .....
He would say that turning the
hose on him is altogether too risky
notice TO CTUnHTOM.
Notice Is hereby given, that the
a thing to do unless you are looking underalgned has been duly appo.nt-
fnr a sick horse. Spraying the legs ed administrator of the estate of
and feet when he Is not too warm on James J. t'ozart, deceased, by order
a hot day he would find agreeable. . of the county court of the state of
He would say: "I'lease sponge out Oregon for the county of Malheur
to France Increased from 1277.000,. ,my ymt 'nd noM ""' dock when ' All persona having claims against the
nna fr i i i ' i t i - s nun nun r.,r iiiu in ureii will uusiy i nigni, snu aald estate are nereny noiiueu lo
116. The thing, w. sent France""0 ff me Uh '. cool pr...t the duly verified M
war. I.raalv munition, of war. Our w",rr """" ,"e lo""r ",,u """"" "' required ny law. to me .am a.iiuin
mo nsriisns. , utrator at his oitice in tun uniario
National Hank at Ontario, Oregon,
HI ilNIi I'TIMTY KKCl'RITIKH. I within aix month, from the date of
normal exports to that country ran
about $160,000,000 annually. The
Ihlnva t-'rinrn Hnl lis wr lint for
war purposes They were the prod-' " ,h" D,,e " ""ured of Hrat publication of thl. notice.
m. ,.r ... r., l.lHvr nf Kr.nce Uon'",t "P"""n x P"e j)a .nd dated and first publl.h-
of the cheap labor of France , , , , " .. ' K
Ing into competition with lhelv,ce "". I'B Po-; ad tbi. 6th day of July. A. D .1116
luct. of American labor which K- P" ? lh.T W ,Ve,t '" J R B'A('KABY'
reives the highest wage In the world,
or goea Jobless If foreign competition
becomes too strong.
With the close of the war our ex
port, to France will drop below nor
mal. Hut her export, to u. will In
crease unless the country possesses
that which makes the American wage
possible a protective tariff. France
must sell more and buy lea. in order
I to make up for the losses sustained
ii ft-i n.. . 1.... t
Administrator of the estate of
James J. t'ozart, deceased.
public utility securities.
At San Diego an Issue of $144,000
consolidated gas and electric com
pany slock at seven per cent ha. been , NOTICE OK HALE OF ONTAHIO
subscrlbed by customer, of the cor- JftWU IHIUGATION OMI'ANY
poratlon and not all could be sup- HTOCK KOK DELINOl'ENT
Thl. i. complimentary to popular Notice Is hereby given, that IS'v
local management and also to Hylles- .shares of the capital stock of the On
by it Co., the Chicago and Hoston Irrigation company Issued
company that handles public ut 111- 'to Oordon H. Houston, will be sold at
,1.... MM ,. I........ M.U u-ll. uUllfU Bllklll. lll.lliin 1,1 l.lM MvllMM. llllllllT
In this war But. dearly as we love " ," -.. . ". , ,
' lor r.Bii, on im ni u " .
long since familiarised u. with. nd I rlM n(J our Mtm, , ,.Hlll, ,n .ym
added to theae word, a precipitate
call for the mobilisation of the Na
tional Uuard. Four weak, were
lo.t. Indeed, more than three year,
have been lo.t. If Wilson s.'d Hryan
had acted in 1913, Just after Wil.on
came into office, in the same manner
that Wilson and Lansing have now
acted in 191t, just after Wilson has
been renominated, the whole Mexican
question would have beeu settled. We
would have aaved the lives of hund
reds of American citixens, we would
have spared the American flag In
numerable Insults, we would have
preserved the purity of acores of
American women, we would have
maintained our prestige among the
nations of the world- -for the unhap
py results of our dealings with the
belligerent powers of Europe are In
direct consequence of our manner of
dealing with Hie revolutionary ban
dits In Mexico. Time has been lost,
It I. true. Hut other things quite as the greatest blows
There Is no reason why public ut II- 1916, at the hour of two o'clock, p
Ity atocks ahould not. under fair m. Said sale will be made at the of-
woou i.r... mm -..-u. wwmmmmjm , , f regulatory bodies, flee of the secretary of the said com-
,l . "P "e savings ol the people in mis lor im uuruu-- ui "'ii ..
rseis i . hb1. -,..i.
her rehabilitation? If the In, I.-.
wood tariff law enables France lo
Increase her expor
while bearing 0e
what can she not do lo our ma
when peace prevails and her entire,
army must return lo gainful occu
patlons? And what Is true of France '
Is true of nearly all Europe. Com
mercial preparedness should go hand
In hand with military preparedness,
and to Insure the former we must
return to the protective policy.
Godwin's Weekly.
ui. liner
quent assessments against said stock
amounting to $208.87.
The purchaser of said stock will be
entitled to have 19Vt share of the
atock of the aald Ontario-Ny.aa Irri-
Clean your teeth and then expect
orate in the washbowl?
(unit lunch to reduce weight and Ration company laaued to aald pur
tlien overeat at dinner. jchaaer, and th water right which the
(in to the country for health and aame represents attached to and made
then .leep with your windows shut appurtenant to any lands designated
,jglH? oy saiu puri-iiunrr
Wonder why you have earache and
Give any man a ahave and a hair ,, b,ow your U)M, w(ll y(jur mullt; President Ontarlo-Nyss. Irrigation
cut, and he looks almost as good as
new. A woman can turn the same
trick with a curling iron and a little
i. ii powder.
ii ui
"The character of a town has It.
Influence upon the character of the
ajsj who grow up In It; but no town
Tin-re's a lull In the storm on the wag ever so tough that a boy cmild
border, but the lull usually pr.i.di- , K,,w llp atraighi .md ili-.ui If he
E. M i.i;l n;
Secretary Ontarlo-Nyssa Irrigation'
Notice !s hereby given thai the
Escape the hours of kitchen
drudgery, the dirt, the heat
through the
Is clean, convenient, econo
mical. "Makes life brighter and the
day's work lighter."
Electric Investment Co.
uiiiiinl Id. iiiid mi town watt iVir so
go. it a boy couldn't go .,, the ut ''""' ',""r(1 r ,he S,"tH '"'
dev.l in it; if he was hound In head "''"' '" "'li' " ""Ul
,,lut wa ., in no o'clock m , AUgUal 2-'. 1916,
' for the following deMTihcd lands
J.ile Is just what each person makes
it. lull Mime are too buy lo do the
llsslKlIl NOTIt KS.
Notice is hereby given that a at
ilng of the land owners of Malheur
Drainage District is hereby called to
meet at the Cairo School House in
said district on Tuesday, Hie 1st day
of August. 1916, at the hour of two
o'clock p. in , for the purpose of
electing a board of Three Supeivi
ors for said district.
County Clerk.
Done and dated at Vale, Oregon,
this 19th day of July, 1916. I Ml
By virtue of an execution in fore-,
closure duly issued by the clerk of
the circuit court for Malheur county I
and state of Oregon, dated the 16H.I
day of June, 1916, In a certain M
tioa in the Circuit court for said
T. 19 ri. It 39 E. XW qr. NW jr
S half N half and S half Wm II Wmm
all Sec II,
T. 19 8. It 41 E, all of Sec. 1 ;.
T 0 S. It. 4 1 I . all of Sec. 16.
T 1!1 It -ii K, all Sec 16; N
half. HE qr , half 8W qr and SW
qr. 8W qr. Sec. 36.
T. 22 8. It 41 E., all of Sec. 16
and all of s.
T. 3.K 8. It. 39 I , all of Sec. 16
and all of Sec. 36.
T. 25 8. R. 40 E , N half and east
half SE qr. and N half HW qr. See
16 and all Sec. 36.
All bids must be accompanied by
a regularly executed application to
purchase and check or draft for at
least one-fifth of the amount bid.
The board reserves the right to re
Ject any and all bids.
Applications and bids should be ad
dressed to G. G. Iran, clerk State
Land Hoard, Salem, Oregon, and
marked "Application and bid to pur
chase state lands."
Dated at Salem, Oregon, June 13,
Clerk State Iand Board
Last publication Aug. 17.
Then don't fail to sec my midsummer showing
nf white fell hats and large white trimmed liats.
Colored Hats ;it less tiuiii e.usi. Discount on
Hair Good and Flowers.
Successor to Grove & Riley
It serves von everv day in the vonr by enrine fur
a a
your money, thereby preventing its being lost j'
frittered away, it not only does this, bin it pays
you for the privilege of doing so by paying Hve
per cent interest mi yoUT time deposits.
It gives, you the free benefit of expert advice
mi any subject Involving the use or iandlingof
it will loan you money at any time on ap
proved security, and aid yon in its investment
.Hid advise yon In its management, if you so !-
It will aid you in many other ways if ymi
will give it the opportunity.
We invite yon to open an aeeoiint and become
I regular patron, ami pay your hills by check.
It is the modern hnsiness way, and it is the
safest, wav.
We are here prepared to buy your
Hogs, Veal, Hides, Poultry, Eggs, Etc.
I am for Fruitland, Idaho
Telephone 37 I Fruitland Fruitland, Idaho
The Mitchell 6
of '16
Is the Greatest Car Value
the World has ever Known
:- JB'"
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overalls Keep Kids Kleen
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white hickory atrlpaa lor all tha lear wear, and In Ugblt r
wHighi fali olor oialerla) in dark blut. radel blur lanordaik
red tor summer war All gaiiornU truuuird ith Uat clor
salaiaa. Me 1 to a ui. AafM Wa tVaM Fiua r.r II
Look lor tha Tae Haraa Laaa.
no in a-- is i.i ne without It. If
iui ih'talnr i aniiot suuii you.
tro will aand Ih.-an, all t l-ar-ts
par aiii
prnvld on icctibt ol nrKu. 1C
M4 by LEVI STRAUSS V CO., Saa FraaatoM
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