The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 20, 1916, Image 5

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Mr i. I'd-; Ikik noiii' (0 11 il I'm
an OtItlBI
I! W Ki'lldKK Ik hoini' from ii trip
to the mill
l.l" Vol- llllM limn llil' I r,. : i v
ervlrii: uinr pen,
Clair O'Neill, oi Riverside,
for ii alight operation
I DlOB Ml i ICW 111 I In- W ''Mini: lit '
tin' i 'r i ti-riiin chare!)
A Bon wiih horn to Mr utul Mr
Ili'ii rniininit mi the 1 4th,
A scni .i. Inirii In Mr nml Mrs
A. J. Stover mi the LI to
MIhh fihiilya KiiiIhiiii Is VtSttlDg I
with retetlvea in Porttaai,
Dr. and Mrs. Prlnzlne: an- at lira
Tamil! Ilii: wi'll plc-nlc today.
A il.niri.ii-r wan hum tn Mr. anil
Hit I llowluml mi flit 14th.
MIhh Hull liaH Konn to I. a I ; it .il !
(or a Hhorl rent and visit with friend
Mr. Chaplin of Payette wan operat
ed o' for nppi'iidlrltlH at the hoKpltal. '
W. W. Howard In arrangini; to
move Into one of the IIiikut house I
Mm. (lallagher la home from a
trip to Itlveralde and other Interior!
Minn Helen t'rookn wan a uui-at of
MIhk Marvel Cayou'H at Vale Wed-1
Mm II K. farmer of V lie will
"'iik at the p.t nt rtm c. here rt
11 a. m.
Charles Peterson and Vean Venat
to have bought the holdings of
Mlna Fraud Copley, of Marenito,
Iowa, a "Inter of Mr Brett, la here
on a vlalt.
Everybody Comes Often to Boyer Bros. & Co. During July Special
McCall Patterns
August ami
nt pattern li
fashion I ls
liiitiin nt.
Great Showing of Wo
men's Newest House
and Porch Dresses
60c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25
$1.50, $1. 75 and $2.00
All well made and fashioned n
tlninty, comfortable models, 1'i i
UlWns, privities, voiles, uiiihams,
sonic trimmed, others tailored.
100 New Summer Ladies' and Misses9
Suits, Coats, Silk
Dresses Reduced
i beat garments aresri new, fie.I
and very smart, great variety of
styles and all sizes in tliese eliann
iiitf models. Tliis is ji j;ood oppor
tunity for yon.
Come early for the best selection.
Some specially good values in
Bummer Millinery, white black
and all the favorite shades,
Greatly reduced prices.
Men's Cool Underwear
and Sport Shirts
Lot us show vou the best lint
town at the most reasonable prices
Mlaa Kle Orcutt wa up from
Welser Monday vlaltlng with the
home folka.
Mr. Crooks and daushter, Helen,
are at Parma for a few daya, vlattlng
with frlenda.
state officer will be here August i
IMrd f.r leen'i to fill up Hie Ore
gon rnr.punlt
Mlaa Jennie Hall, of He Molnea.
Iowa, la a gueal at the home of Dr.
and Mm. Ilrett
The Malheur County I'mnmia will
Col. Taylor ha gone to Kaatern
Idaho to look after aome of hli pro
perty there.
Mm. W. W, Wood la vlattlng with
relative at Canyon and other (.rant
i county point.
W K l,ee made an auto trip to
Ni'viiiln till week to Imik after Home
legal matter
Itohert Duncan, the Vale attorney.
waa here several ilay tin week
clowlng up aome legal matter.
At the meet ng of the -uv.v
c'.i.ige at llrogau next Saturday W.
K. Drown, proreor of horticulture
at the ag'li 'iltural college, Kill r.ake
the prlnripal wldress.
The ladle aid of the M. K. church
will nerve Harelwood Ice cream and
hone made cake at the park Satur
day evening, July 22. The ladlea
vlll be pleased to aerve you.
Many of our larmere are hegln-
meet Saturday at Urogan and a good nlng to realne blue graaa will J
time la expected.
Mri' Ackeraon, of Cow valley, MM
down suffering from appendicitis and
wait operated on.
Mra. Kenton ami the children have
pMM Ifl BMta Harhani. Cullf, for a
visit with relatives.
Mr nnil Mr 0 C DtfNM are
ho from a two weeks rest In link
er and other count n
V ll.ill.unl lins tom to I
,,,,, , .i, Bf mi outing. Hi'
went in by l'ueile Lake.
I I'liinu Inn, relume. I nml II
slightly disguised, bill most nl lib
grow on land that Is somewhat alka
lied and It I tkM about the beat
pasture gras II. t we have.
T ' Mlcbelson wis here Friday
'lid pun li ii d nine -, ; nil', nf rnnui tr'iin the Oregon a Wea'er I
Ciilmii.iomi MsfU) I land-
re mii-ll. i:i i:.istirn ll.ii - i-iinty
Mi nml Mrs Sagler have pOM
east. Mrs Swnttl.T will visit for
SBM inn" with her nl Minn.
apolis and Mr SunKler will go on
to Philadelphia nml otbet .-.i U ra
cities, returning In u lew wei
e: in in :i Clark Is home from
.i. .i.inii vnii.i. where tlM as the
,,i Mi Kobottl i"i -i oonple "I
friends can rerognUe blm
Mr Mnllell has wlnnl t lint win ;.i U,,,.K, MHS ch.rk rOfOTU I MTJ
, n t Til b.isl N , r acre mi in hum ...,, lhll. ,,. KMy of
ed laud. riling certainly pay. ,.,,... ,.. ,..i. m.-i there.
Mrs I II Norwood, of l.os An-, Walter (ih-un HUM Ml Suiurday
gebia, a lter of KM, I'aul I ,o.,u Ul,m arl.y (()Uty mi li.D horses
I vlattlng with the totally at Vale. , ,im mu,. He says that the sup
Mr. Dupre. of Itiveralde, was here piy H getting short of desirable mil
the flrt of the week and bought 500! mats There la plenty of young Muff
ton of hay at 17 a ton from T. II ,,n,l hlnuiisbed animals, but noi clean
M,,r. of the right age.
Mr. D. M. Taggert and son, Max.j The tennis tournument has got
have gone to the Willamette valley tu (wu playera who will fight it out
fo- a abort vlalt with relative and n,,s evening. Dr. Payne and II I.
frlenda ivterson are the two bet player,
The Knight of Columbus will bold if tl Ilinlnulimi loni.sts are to be
their pin ic at Waslioe on Sunday j relied upon The crowd till even
next, they have a p'ngraui of games ing will get a good run for their inou-
und sports
Kpiscopal serucs will be held In
" - hull next Suuday at 10:45
a m by the Hev. C 11 Powell K -ervbody
Raker Ball I home from Omaha!
where be took aeveral cars of cat th
and caught a good market, realising ,
good prices for hi atuff.
Mr. and Mr. A. J. Brook, of
Urogan. returned from Portland
Tuesday. Mr Brok going on home
and Mr. Brook topplng over for
a few daya with friend.
Secretary af State Oleott ha an
nounced itn ,be Bowr'' co,u-
ina to the Malhtur County Kalr from
the 1-20 of a mill tax levied.
The paint gang ot the Oregon Short
Line are buay here thi week at the
depot and freiht bouae, giving ev
erything a freah eoat of paint.
The bathlni eaaon la at hand and
we may expect to hear ot the usual
number of drowning from careleaa
neas. Even good swimmers hould
exercUe can
The grain crop are all looking
fine, but a little later than uual.
The aeene.d cutting ot alfalfa 1 about
fifty per cent more than the first and
1 of good quality.
ThU l the season when many hen
get broody. One means of discour
aging biddy is to place a small clock
in the ne.t with her. The ticking
eema to make her nervou and she
soon changes her mind. At leant
that is wht Max MuJIer say. about
N.'iw is the tiini- to have your .... k
rel capoulxed if you MHJMl Kood
n, .,!.. for (licni tins fall Vou knuw
that capons bring much better prices
than roosters or hens and they are
much easier to (atten and get in
marketable condition Max Muller
will do the work for you aud uot
make any charge. Call blm up.
W H. Dlvera. of lllverlde, "was
here the first of the week and was!
telling how be had aome land seeded i
and the crops up, when one night a
band of sheep were driven through i
his place and the crop destroyed and
be was unable to locate the offender.
There I a law in Oregon that makea
It finable offenae to pasture ueep
on private land and the owner I en
titled to damage for crop destroyed
The member of the school board
held a meeting last Thursday even
ing and elected Everett Trouadale a
a teacher. Mr. Troudale Is a grad
uate ot Keed College, In 116 be as
sisted in the college courae In gener
al science and elementary school con
duitit tor the children of the faculty
members. He Is a member of the
American Pyhslcal Society and in col
laboration with Dr. Karl T. Compton
has published article In Science, and
the Phyvlcal Review. He taught last
yeai In the high school at Cottage
Do not junk your old auto Ores
until you see ua We make a good
tire out of two old one
Only $1.00 Puts This New Hoosier
In Your Home on the Famous Hoosier Plan
When This Allotment Is Gone
Before the rjnmirtg prices take effect, jrom may
eliooHe between the new "Hooaier Wnndei" pic
tured ni iv or ne nt' the other celebrated Boos
iei-s "Hoosier Beauty' "Hooaier Special" or lie Luxe."
The terms of this Hoosier
plan in our store
New "Hoosier Wonder"
Advertised In the National Magaxlnee
Read About These Conveniences
In the "Hooaier llraut)" that won t be I...I.I MimImI at tin- Piiimiiia-I'ail-fle
I ... sin, ,n, San I'lttlliisi o.
I'luces for 400 articles at flng-rs ends
Pure Alumluum or Pocvjdlain Table
Top that slides out und afforda up
to 42 x 39 luche. of working apace
Flour Sifter that shakes out the flour
four times faster than the ordinary
sifter that grinds, lint can't paas
through sieve aud It won't wear out
Hemovable Metal Hugar Kin, auto
matic feed.
Condiment Cupboard over flour bin
Pantry Shelf holding 40 or more
Cupboard holding 70 or more dishes
Crystal glasa tea, coffee, ami spice
Jars with air light aluminum lids.
Kevolvlng aplce Jar rack.
Mra. Christine Frederick Food
Uuide and Salad Chart.
Wide Cupboard uncluttered by par
tition. Large Sanitary Self-Cleaning Flour
bin with sliding glaa front.
of household ac-
blork , also cutting
Simple syst.-m
Kood rhopper
Wide utensil drawer.
Iluse cupboard lor pots and pans
siniiiiK bottom brums out satire
Spt-cial sliding shelf for lids and
shallow pans
Kxtra shelf for packages and fruit
Metal linen drawer.
Metal drawer for meal and pastr
flour, sliding lid.
Metal bread and cake box with self
cloaiug lid
Life lime construction Inch goldeu
oak exterior, finish water and
White euamel Interior In upper sec
tion lis II Bearing Caster.
Come and examine all the new feature Vou lucur no obligation. But
you ahould come early so you can atudy them all carefully. Our atock of
Hooaier pattern la limited You may be too late to get one at the present
price and on the Hoosier Plan, if you delay. Come and see these re
markable New HoOBiers.
300 articles we will sell for 5c
Saturday and Monday
$1 puts the cabinet you choose in your home.
$1 weekly quickly pays for it.
The low Cash Price fixed by the factory ore
vails strictly.
4. No interest. No extra fees.
5. This sale is conducted under the direct sup
ervision of the Hoosier Company.
Only h r8SpinK tliis opportunity at mice
an you lie sun- f utt inu your cabinet on the
lb'i'icr I'lan and at the present low prii
Yiiii realise of eourse that these tern is Hhould
imt be offered except on i rr limited iiiimlier
of cabinctM,
Why Prices Must Be Increased
."ii.iMMi eabiuets the entire ipriiiK output of the
Hoosier factory were sold si weeks after the
annuiiiiced their new models. In some cities
women have been unable for several Months) to
yet this must popular it Ic
Now the factor has made up 20,00(1 i e for
July aud Augntd sales. The next lot, after these
are gone, must be sold at higher prices. Tins is
due to the increased cost of all raw material
entering into their manufacture.
Our Sale May Close Any Day
If all the Women who Heed the I lousier should
conic for it tomorrow, our full allotment of
Hoosier Cabinets would be taken before sight
and sale would close. This happened in some
towns during a similar sale two eais sgu. Vet,
if women delay, the sale may last a week or
more. Itnt which now is lust for you to take
chances and miss this opportunity, or come t
OUT stoic tomorrow W yon can find out about
this cabinet and decide before too late I
It need not take you ten minutes to decide,
once for all, whether you intend to buy now, or
later, after prices go up. And you are deciding,
remember, whether you will save many dollars
and miles of unnecessary steps that you now
take daily in a hot kitchen.
Every Woman Has a Right to a Hoonier
Sooner or later yon will probably get a cahi
net anyway. Then why waste money why
waste your energy, health and time by waiting
till the prices go Dpi Vou should without
fail seize this chance at once.
Ontario Furniture Company
The Only Place In Town Where Hoosiers Are Sold
Harness o