The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, July 06, 1916, Image 8

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A. G. Butterfield, Sheep
man, Covicted of Using
Cattle Range.
Wclser. .1 urn- 29. In tin dl trie)
court o Washington county, Judge
Edward" Uryan praildtag tin- Jury
IhH' Tuesday Dlfhl brought In a v.i
diet of guilty In tlic MM of the slate
NMM A. U. lluttcrfl. Id, tli M
sheepman thus tag convicted on Um
charge of herding and grazing si Mf
upon a range previously occuplt d bf
cattle. This widely known breeder
of pure bred sheep Home ItaM ago
was convicted upon the name charge
In the i ri tut t roiirl of t til k WtUt)
from which he took an appeal to the
district court where he wan again
convicted throiiKh the action taken
by the Jury after a hotly contented
trial. It In rumored Mr. Ilutterfleld
will appeal lo tlM supreme court of
thl state to text out the contraction
of the atatute aa It appllea to the
ranre In Washlngon county.
This controveray la over the gag
atructlon of aectlon 6872 of the Idaho
revlaed codes. Thla aectlon waa held
conatltutlonal by the Idaho aupreme
court In the caae of the atate of Ida
ho veraua Home, decldeil ji October
Section 687 2 reada aa follew:
Any person owning or halni(
charge of aheep, who herd, pi
or peature the una, or pernilta or
HUffer the aante to herded, gra.ed
or paatured. on any cattle range pre
vloualy occupied by cattle, or upon
any range uaually occupied by any
cattle grower, either a a prlng,
Hummer or winter range for hi cat
tle, la guilty of a mladetneanor. but
the priority of poaaeaaory right be
tween cattle and heep owner to any
range, la determined by the priority
In the UHUal and cuHtumary ue of
such raiiKe. either a a cattle or
aheep range."
The case HKUlllHt A tl llllMTl If III
la the reault of a long standing m
flirt between Hie cattlemen mid heep
men a to the priority and right an
to the range. The range in
linn mi thl particular cue extend
i in- treat ! Um In i I
petal II mil'
i and extending north a dis
tal, ,, .,1,001 Hi mile This ruuge
,-,n, , . n irea "i about algal i
lost la thl
1 .11 -in IpllMt creek,
. , ., , I.-.I.. I. title Uock
Hock Bf! ek
Thl nuige waa Ued lor gritting
horses and tattle since the early
aeveutle. It i the outlet for the
fanner In the Welaer flat mat of
U , About 50 farmers In the
Wi-isiT Hat mid ulioiit home '
era ure interested iii HiIh a a cattle
range It was on the l't cattle
and hore range Iti w-iern Idaho
for ninny years
It ia ald sheep in MmII numbers
begun lo he put on Ihta rungc in
s In Lit. I v. numbers
,,i li.-.-ii were run over tin range
I grated Hiere iii n.e spring. DO
i in- a-ay la too higher mountains la
the lull tin- aheap ware broach) baoh
and graaed on In) Tali
progt nil It aid to I " baaa toltoa
,-,i i,v i in- itei i ii n tftat raai
it i. roltabl) n rornd that 6l,lll la
,,n l,i en pal on this
range la n "'' lhal
, ioiisi ,u, i.i . ol o IB) beep
. jig there this range l ptacti
amllj daetroyed tor Um tattla and
es owneil D) the II or more small
The ease ol UM I tU against llut
i. ipel. I arose OTar II"- latter putting
. p on i ins range this aprtai n
lilting in IhO conviction of the da
I. ii, lalll on ;i misdemeanor chaig.
, oiiiiiii in i traaa Um
,lli, I r.lltleinetl III I lit - roiln'
eome so acute I In. I either UM ' I P
must he withdrawn from lliis and
. ,,il,. i in;.. ..i Hi. iii. ill rattle
i , alley! must go out
,,l lot ill. II d tl ' 'I' i"
tereet here are combined in Um r
opposition to being puehad n Um
rant'.' In thli oonl rovi raj i1
ported there are ahoul a doien Hock
tuusiei' w in. in Dm pa t Imi baaa
putting aheep ua thli rang) to
Tiiis botng wati bad with
great Interest Uj u,e aheap aad eattle
men of this entire seel on oi Idaho
. iittaa Aiieniev lantaa Harrli
and Lot L. Fell hum were OOUD
,i. Rd. R Coulter .i W ei
and A A i'r.i-.r ol Bol
fen. I. nil I OOUD ' I
EX) ii wi.i: I'm: i tO Two
fine relsdence lots, each lUlIt '"
Ontario l'ark addition. Hive p.iril
I From Monday' Reporter.)
Quite a liberal offering of cattle
here Friday. About 200 head, most
ly of thin and feeder variety. All
Ktuff found good ale, a there waa n
gOOd demand from feeder hnv.r.
Saturday, with Ml head on the mar
ket, was on the anie basis na the
day previous. Quality of stuff was
all of medium and poor type
Raaatota for the week were much
lighter than the week previous A
few head over a thousand were re
ceived, i ne in i,.i ,,., ::. -" "
A46.1 head, agalnat 5050 head last
year. Price during the week were
on about the same basis as the week
before, although an Improvement
could be noticed toward the cloe of
the week
Today's cattle treed Is showing up
very well. The choice grade of
stuff are 2.".e higher lluyers were all
anxious for good it i 1 1 1 offering
Some very good stuff on market to
day. Medium grades of cattle are
selling on a steady basis
About 400 bead on Hie market Frl
ady and Saturday. A good week-end
run An Improvement was in evi
dence In the general trend of the
trade Some choice offerings sold
at 00, with other loads from $7.00
to f 7.60. There waa also a good de
mand for choice feeder ateera welling
front J.VtSO to $8.76.
Toady ateer made a good show
Ing for the choice offerlnga. I'rlcea
were 25c higher. A few head sold
at 18.60, with other loads selling up
to $11.20. The medium and poor
grades selling on a steady basis with
ilaae of lat week
The bulk of steers sold a week ago
at $1.26 to $(.76; a month ago at
$8.00; a year ago at $8 75 to $7 35;
two years ago at $7 00 to $7.50;
three years ago at $8.00 to $8.45;
four years ago at $8 85 to $7.00.
t'owa anil Heifers.
Some very good stuff on week
end market which sold $8 25 to $6 60
for unite a hunch Poor and medium
grade ner selling steady
own and heifers today a.e Helling
steady with last week, llcst itt. 1 1 1
offerings selling from $6.00 to $'.
other grade rrom $1.50 to $5.00 A
load of cows sold at $7.00,
The bulk of cows sold a week ago
7". lo 11.11, a month ago at
$8 65; a year ago at $6 M
' mi years ugo at $li un to
three years ago at $6.60 to
tour years ago at $5.85 to
llogk. u liberal run of bogs here
I'rlduy. prices were again advanced
I He Top Mild at $8.25. with the
hulk going from $8 25 to $K :i(l Sat
urday's market was stead), with the
day priM.iii toil head were on the
market and were ..I good iualltv
Prices closed Hie week general!) L'lo
higher than last week l;.cei,t ,,r
week were much lighter
than for some lime. HI! head were
received; 2S.IU.. head were receive. I
during Jun again si , last .war.
ibowtag an increase of 7 7 7 for the
Today's hog ni.ii I.. I opened up very
strong I'n bowed from 1.".
i i iiiit close of last week
Quullty. as a rule, is very excellent
lops are bringing $S I'.u. which is
about lie higher Hulk of sales are
being inade around $S.5o to $.",.",
I'ig un meeting uili a pretty t.ur
.1. -in. in, I at an .niv.,1.., of ahoul a
qtMltf TlM market this morning
i y act ive and all offet ings were
sold oag before noon
The hulk of hogs sol da week ugo
al $s ", to $s i month ugo al
II lo ll.llj I v.'ar ago at $7.25
to $7 7". : two cui ago ut $7 11 to
ll.lli three .. ir- ago at 11.11 to
I $ I to
l.oi i. i itt i.t.iKT TALKS.
have uow procured a pi.paia Whlefa we can recommend to all
our triends as bttag splendid r.m In- all lornm of stotnacli and
Uroubtoi Indtgoetlon, bloating,
siek headache, heunbiirn. etc, und
nl t -r i ii ii from being "sick at
the stomach "
atoi Pienappla regain Oonpoaad
-.I.I on a positive guarantee of
: n Ii, Hi or in. in. buck. It la
1 1. un n. lb pineapples Juice
and pure . .ale pept mi We a-k ev
.'iv man and woman 111 Ontario and
country wi,,
atomaoh ttouide ..t an) kind in call
and . vanillic tl is splendid medicMie
All druggists and Onlario Pharmacy
lo not Junk your old uulo tiles
unt.l you bee us. We make a good
me out of two old ouea. Kroessin
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