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vol. ao
MM r n
Will Go on the Stump For
Him Purine Cam
paign. When the committee of the pro
jtrenslve party met in Chicago Mm
(lay to take up I lie matter of a prest
dentlal nominee a letter wan read
from Mr Itnosevcll declining I lie
nomination and strongly endorsing
Mr. Hughe for tlie plare.
hollowing are mimi of the po ntx
made In Mr. Roosevelt's lettii
The result of the lerrlhle world
war of the pant two yearn have now
made It evident to all who are will
ing to nee, that In thin country there
munt he and industrial pre
parednenn. The progressive movement han
lieen g von Innalcuable Impetun hy
what the progressive party hai done.
It han beoome entirely evident
that the people under existing con
dltiona are not prepared to accept a
new party.
It remalna for un, good liumored
ly and with common aenne, to face
the nltuatlon and endeavor to get out
of It the heat that It can he made
to yield from the ntandpoltit of the
Inlereala of the nation an a whole.
The present administration, during
Us three yeara of life have been
guilty of ahortcomlngn, more nlgnal
than those of any administration
since the dayn of Buchanan Krotn
the standpoint of national honor and
Interest, It stood on an oven lower
level than the administration of Uu
clianan. In my Judgment, the nomination
of Mr Hughes meets the condition!
forth In the statement of tae
progressive national committee Is
sued last January, and In my own
Iiiiler existing conditions, the
nomination of a third ticket would,
In my Judgment, be merely a move
In the Interest of the election of Mr.
I regard Mr. Hughes as a man
whose public record Is a guarantee
thut "he will not merely stsnd for s
programme of clean-out, straight out
Americanism before election, I in
will resolutelv ami in good faith BUI
il through If elected "
He (Mr Hughes i la beyond all
comparison better fitted to be presi
dent i han Mr. Wilson It would be
a grave detriment to the country in
re-elect Mr. Wilson 1 shall, there
fore, strongly support Mr Hughes.
I do not believe that there should
be a third ticket.
It is my deep conviction al thi
moment we run serve II III... ,.,,,,,,.
tn only by sunnortlne Mr Hughes
Mr HllL'll..' kIiKPUAImP 11.1,1 111.
whole course of conduct in nubile
uffalr Justify us ln the assured con-
vlctlon that the fact that these men
(the iDphenated ' Am. M i. ..,, i have I
for their own pun UPPOrted
him will in no shape or way affect
his public actions before or after
Ills entire public life is a
of' tlllg
In Mr. Wilson's case we do not
have to consider his words, but his
deed. Ills deeds absolutely contra
dict hi words; and, for the matter
of that, hi words absolutely contra
dict one another.
. The continued existence of the
German-American menace at home I
directly due to Mr. Wilson's course
of action during the past two yeara.
Members of the republican nation
al convention were Induced to nom
inate Mr. Hughes primarily because
of the belief that his integrity and 'company M from Salem and the On
force of character and his long rec- tarlo boys are going to try and get
ord of admirable public service would transferred to his company Pre
inake him peculiarly acceptable, not parednes la what counts, It is two
only to the rank and file of the re- thirds of the battle. Be a little bet-'
publican party, but to the people gen- ter prepared than the other fellow j
erally. and tiiere will not be any fight.
Mr. Wilson has been tried and Koosevelt has offered to raise 12,
found wanting. 000 men for the Mexican scrap. If ,
Mr Wilson and his party have in lie I not busy with the war he will
actual practice lamentably failed to take the stump for Mr. Hughes dur-
safeguard the interest and honor of ing the campaign. He is bound to I
the United Bute. They have! be doing something.
brought us to impotence abroad aud Oan Gallagher came in Wednee-,
to division and weakness at home. iday evening from Minnesota where
They have (the democrat) taught he was married on the 20th to Miss
us to put "safety first," safety be- Helen Kaubhuaman of Winona coun-
fore duty and honor. ty. They will leave In the morning
Mr. Hughes has shown In his ca- lor their home at Juntura.
reer the Instinct of efficiency which Tho. Kohout came over from Jor
will guarantee that under him the dan Valley Wednesday to get a new
government will once more work :uto. Tom Is having a hard time to
with vigor and force.
We have the alternative ot con- of
tinuing ln office an administration
which has proved a lamentable tall-
ure nr of putting into offlM hii ud
m'lilHlrntlnn which wn ha vo every
reason to believe will f unci ion with
fur the interest an.! BOBOf
of all our people
After a thorough dlncunnlon of the
letter and the entire question It wan
derided almost unanimously not to
place a ticket la tfet fteM.
Mont of tlif members and leaders
el the progressive party have Hated
I that they would work for the elec
tion of Mr Hughes, believing him to
be in accord with their Idea of what
a president should he
Mr. Roosevelt met with Mr.
IIUKheti on Wednesday nnd will do
what he can to liiHiire hi election
V It
Wlllcox, of New York Iuih
been named an head of the campaign
I u cure who liven about seven
miles from Welser on Monroe creek,
wan in Welner and reported the ntrlk-
in. ..t ii i- n i. i. j.mi
- -." " ... ,n ...... I, ,n 'l
h'e ranch at a depth of HO feet. He The Americans made the bent of
said It was only a small tissue but the fight while their ammunition
the oil was heavy and black and lanted, when they were compelled to
covered the surface of the water near seek safety.
the well. He was drilling for arte- u ( not yet known how many
alan water and atruck the oil In a WBr killed. Captain Uoyd and
dry hole. Mr. Cure aaya that the oil i i,,ut Adalr were among the miss
has been seeping out of the ground ,,, MVenteen were taken prisoners
near there for the paat four years. ,na ,r, confined In the Chihuahua
"" - penitentiary. Htraglern are still
people who wish to locate there and
go Into business.
I I. re ure three lumber yards and
many other line are n-prc ented.
hut there Is still opening for several'
more store.
Buyers are conilne- In who want
Iota and others who want so,,,,- f
log Hume) i oiiiity lands.
J. F. Orr. the local manager for
"'" Kh-ctrlc Investment Co, had a
W'TV narrow escape a few (laVH SCO
hjgfUtMl H'e Hues .low,, the
canvon below 1 1 mil nicicn when tils
. . . .. i
"r '" "ul '" oruer anil started over
" ,'1"" "everul hundred feet above
,,IH rU,r
The car was wrecked and left The
'' ' I I w!.h a few bruise
nd some of them will probably have
" l '"ore gray Imlr from the scare
,,,y ot. It seem almost u miracle
thut some of them wen- not killed
The boya who took the military
training given in the high school now
are getting the benefit. We under
stand that Prof. Hall is captain of
keep an auto, when he gets one some
his friend get stuck ou It und in-
M in I "ot a aeUcl,melIt o'llose their entire force, all the boyn mother npurrow had got into the car U'opeland. Harper; Dean Goodman.
Ia tMNtkaft n soldiers will be sent after them. j)(,f anxloua to leave, but they fin- while they were waiting for the rail lone,; w II Doollttle. Ontario No.
were n mm t rane the new ,f wM ,(oth n pflllceful ond poI.. u)T conipromlsed and the two enlist- laying gang to get the track In shape I ; I 0 Halley. Ontario No. 3; Tom
,Thevarerl."hlV n k7 I mlsalble mlaalon In which the two led. ao they could pass and there being fJowgUI Juniper; K. H. Conklln.
. j ' , ,'.!" , , troop of the Tenth cavalry, com-1 Willie lies. who went a the man- few passengers Imd cinlud.d to ate) Calroi tt Miller. Snake Itlver: T.
'.. i,.i,-.-','W"U.n V shape ,,,,,,.,, lV (upU i-harles I Uoyd, D0 of the I'av.tte company got ills and make that her home The train W, Clsgett, Kalr; A. M..Mose, itock
sist on having it and then it la up totory of old Virginia Justice, at the
Tom to go aud get another. Dreamland Saturday evening.
.,, . nil
About Iwenty American Soldiers Are
Murdered and
A nquad of American soldiers wore
nmhuahed by several hundred Meil-
,:l" 'roups ln"1 Wednesday and a
number were murdered
S x companies under Captain Uoyd
and Captain Morey were sent
out to pick up nome bandits and run
against 7no Mexlcalnn under General
Comez The American commander direction except north reached the
gjfced permis Ion to ,, llirouglt the ""I1 dltlonary r,,r,. tlM Ml Ml
town and this was grunted and ey-i'iK north gradually. In expectation
erythlng seemed satisfactory, when ,nal ln" Carranilstas would occupy
nome of the troopers noticed that'""' territory evacuated, and police It.
.. .. .
the Mexican troops had movod
'round them and shortly after tha,""" on either side of the American
" Mexicans turned loone with ma-
'chine suns
coming Into the American lines.
About twenty are still not accounted
ror, ana some ot tnese are undoubt
edly dead.
President Wilson has given the
Metlcans until Wednesday evening,
the -Mb to turn the aoldlers loose
were engaged wlien they fought Car
ranis troops at Cardial last Wed-
uesday, according to the view ex-
pressed hy officers today with Gen
eral I'ershlng'a column
It was peaceful, they declared, be -
cau " tho llted States troops,
campaigning had been done In ex-,
This section waa visited witli the
l,evll r' ht"rl" Sunday and
Monday known In several yeara. A I
lurge number of the larin
JU8t "nlshed cutting hay hut thelUI on and the ;n th. hal ph,,. .
uamage 10 nil crop iu ne sugui
wliilo the rain was a irrent benefit .
- - "
x" ""' Krul" u'"1 new h,',,,,l"" of
A ,are w""' "'""" """rr''1 '""
the llMlkc Ta,H'h " Sll"r ,'r'",'k "'"'
Mr ,Hattc """".d quite a heavy
loB"- the ,lood k""nK ,tevt'rttl l,ea''
OI ""' """ K"VKV "u '"" "",R
. hesldes washing away some
i .ti in mucninery aim several tons
of hay. Succor creek wa the high
eat ever known at tlyw point ami
washed away part of the east ap-
proach of the bridge K K Kant
man, who is farming the Hall ranch
.. i .... i ..i
suueieu him iu ui Kinni mi "
corn. Hoinedale Press.
EsssBbsl BT ' anBssssl '
' ftB 0 '' sftaV ' jH' A....
t rQJkBBgHsiHrsaakw r 0' j(sssT ' ssN jfisss! ssassw BBsai
UssflrrHB?Va75sjlBsV'v ' sflaBSB TH 'ij
rSBrF -40 SSSBr 3' . I SBB1 ISVi J 2tEr f V .7
"i jk'- 5C W jhiiLTsssQ JL JAssssI ssVpsBBisM
Eea IP U2fci2sW3fcssw3M 1 " llffl iV iWjB
11 Cb ErJBsssssaZBss0BBSs9Bssft 1 ' ' ssssBsssssssssssI BsssssssssssASsBslgfsi '-
zSmfS . ' . rY HliiMassfl
JHK .T tnaVassMsBsFSsHsssssHH
"The Majesty ot the Law," is a
War Probable.
i pectation of co-operation by far-
ranzlntan and permissible because no
limitation had been agreed upon by
(so- two governments which would
restrict patrolling hy the Americans.
When General Jaijiito Trevlno'a
warning that his men would fire up-
on American troops moving In any
i ln m meantime, patrols were sent
Polumn ror protective and obnerva
try purposes. They moved In
whatever direction their immediate
duties required. The Cardial pa
trol was one of these.
Ka'da on American ranches along
ithe border continue, men and wom
en being murdered and stock stolen.
Several thousand of the state .
troop havo been started for the bor-
der. One battalion of the Oregon
Iguard started Tuesday evening and
Ithe other will be off In a few days,
The Idaho troops will not get away
hefoffl nnt wek
Several of the Ontario boys have they found that a sparrow had hatch- pointed were:
Joined the Idaho troops, among them ed out a family and the young were! J- n. Palrman. West fall: U U Sea
Wllmer Tloyer and Karnest Staples, about large enough to leave the nest, weard, Cord; John Imtnerman. Ilul
liotli from lloynrn store. It looked The conductor had nothing to say at ?: J ". Hose, Ironside; Porter Colt,
at one time as though Iloyera would first, but concluded that the old "a 'in. I K Venator. Crowley; 8. It.
gusted when lie found the troops
were only going to the Imperial val
ley and dropped out, arriving host
Tuesday evening,
, ,PS not seem possible that a
'declaration of war can be averted In
view of the cont iiind outrages be-i
log heaped on the American people.
There was a real baseball game
here lust Sunday when the local team
played with the Payette hunch
The Payette boya nave a good repu
woraeu wuii iiiem .shows Hint we
have about the fastest loinili tt iil.i.
'era in tne leugu.
The Ontario nam was ahead until
spin his finger and even
""'" ""' 1''l",,' '"'- '"' ' "'
one run.
n"' of the team need a
""', " ssssst miming aim
tlien they will he fust company for
ine oesi oi mem more than forty pounds of butter
The attendance was small, not up'im during the mouth of May. Twen
to the average Ontario crowd and tytwo of this number made over fit
those who did nol attend certainly (v pounds, while six of them made
missed a good game j better than Lxly pounds of fat dm
There will be a game at Payette m ,lls milllt. ,)or(), ibis is an
.i.A is,. ....I. ... .I.. i..i i.u.. ....
" i"" j-uuim uu ... .i io,.j.,..
go to Nampa on Sunday next.
Valeska Surutt in the "Soul of
Broadway" at Dreamland Monday ev-
Judge King Is about an good nnt-
lured a man an we hnve In town hut
there are nome thlngn that even dln-
" Mm ' "
his nelghhor'n hoys went Into his
stable nnd ntoh i Pttlng lien aad
and all the nest eggn Another
us; liiey Biuin ft targt !r.t Of WUSU
iiiid ho han about made up bin mind
"l!l1 ""' proper tiling to do is to give
'"'' '"VK short term In Ja:l and has
posted the constable to get the hoys
ami oring iiiem nemre nim wnen tney i ate, got the committeemen In the
M,,'nl nnytlilng more There are sev-inev.ral precincts named and at work
eral otper boys around town doing a nnd are doing what they can to get
"",, stealing, most of them arela thorough organization throughout
known and they will be brought up tbn county
asawoing on uiene nays, noyn i ne name action In being taken
w '"' rl" " "w' ",M reaped fot tin throughoul II late as that there
rights of others and who are not will be a strong vote polled for Mr.
taught to renpect thene rights by their Hughen at the November election.
Parents should be given a good stiff i I W Hope In arranging to attend
i.ii .. u,i.i. - -- -- - .i ..t. - - - -- .i . ..
'"" "-""-" " im.ui. .n inn
"" matter over
conductor Cayou says that bual-
neaa In good on his run, but the evl-
dence Is against him He came In
the other morning with a young spar-
: row roosting on a lamp. When
ome of the passengers investigated
crew divided their lunch
wllh the
The Canyon-Mallieur Cow Testing
association la now going through Its
second month of usefulness, and
results of the first mouth are avail
able. Mr. Macklnson, tho offhi.d
I tester Is Very enthusiastic over the
result, In thut he hits not only local-
ed some Very fine cows, but alsd bu -
i e he ha found out the hypo-
WlU thai the tanMM thought were
llo will not he able to
tell all of the good cows from the
i..i,.r i..u. il... ...... i.. .i... 1.
'" " """mi.ii,
but the results are conclusive lu
many case. Mr. Macklnson Is hard
worked, for he Is testing thirty-five
herds in twenty-five day, lesliim in
ttM 420 govs, The testers usually
tet but twenty-four or twenty m,
hru to gel this number or more
sixty-eight of the 420 cow made
eelleut record. I lie folluwlng I a,
list or the Malheur county dairymen
having better than forty pound m.
J. A. Forbes 4
II K Sherwood I,
K. M. Dean :t
I'ete Tensen 2
link I en-en 1
K II McDonald :i
I. OlbsxM 4
0, 0. Hunt 8
1 W ii, iio. i 7
These men are Nyssa darlyiiien,
and they have made a fine rocoril.
especially when we consider that
most of the herds ure small. This
lieiially true In the case of Mr
Delloer und Mr Hunt, for Mr lie
Boer lias but ten cows, and Mr Hunt
less man iwemy, nun ii i 01 11..10 Harriott defeated Harry t'ockrum
young cows. Mr. Hunt lias the si, M K N,.wl,,n won from It W.
ond best cow in the in. Tl i
cow mude sixty-eight und ftM-kaM llrvun .Whli won from ( m k
li.iuiid- oi tit. halafl 1.,'iii'd only by rum,
on" of Mr ii h Boomers purabred
that made seventy-two pounds.
"One word always hi. I to an
other," whether it is in the llihl,' or
With the small white hean selliiu- a f'""y Jr
at more than II cents w holesalc. II
-i. . ... ...., . .. . i...... '
nut too late to plant some and lake a
chance. Means will be worth money
next winter I
Early With Organization
Plans for the Cam
paign. , TM rnniiWIrmM of Malheur coun-
ty are going to get organized this
campaign for the first time In aever-
al yearn.
Tlinv have held two meetings In
me siaie meeting in lornniui on me
th of July
The county central committeemen
elected were:
(lis, M I-ove, Heiilsh: C. C Hunt.
Arcadia: J K McDonald. Jordan
Valley: Frank A. Cole. Juntura: J.
K Hill, Malheur: A W. Trow, On
tario No. S: J lloydell, Nyssa; T. M
I.oe, Owyhee; Duncan K. McRae.
Klverslde; O. W Voak. Krogan : C
ill Oxman, Jamleson, I. W. Hope, N"
.Vale; J It Weaver. 8 Vale; Harry
Hrown, Grange; James Morrison.
Watson; II. It. Hatch, Dig Rend: J
W Weaver, llnulta
I County central committeemen ap-
vllle; A H. Grotli. II
Vdvlsor) ( inltlee
W Hayes, Vale; C. C. WIN
son, Nyssa; tieo w .Mcivnignt, vale;
.1 I- Weaver, Ontarie: Mrs K. H.
Conklln. Cairo; W W. Wood, Ontar
io; P. A. Cole, Juntura
With the general use of auton
there ha been a general decrease In
,!'"' demand for harness and the h
''al "rm of Kroesslu Iiuh made ar-
rangemeula to get into the new him-
uoi hale made arrangement so
lliut Dicv .vni li.L. tun ..1.1 tlr.iu hii. I
""" fogelher in such u way
1"'1 "lore If sTIvfal tbOWUt miles
"t good cm,, g th.-m
Another machiie n a d
'""' Oum h) Ntalf ftUlO "!
ftMi Bpbol lery work
uiner isswarea win prooiuuy ne
add, d until ih.v hue an outfit that
will luge care or ail tne repairs that
"" '"' made to tires and 0f
LllmiJ I IMI LlllJ
aasea mi i --x
'I'lie tenuis louruuiiient Is uttract-
iuti much atleiilion among the local
iayrs. Tliey are running each ev-
,,ni1( Bt the different courts I he
singles are being played this week
gIlj tie doubles will be started us
soon a t lie singles are d, , ided
tj PetereOB won rrom 'l'hos.
Dr I'ayne won from C. Fields.
W Swugler won from Hoy Smith
Hichard I'erry lorteited to Sam
I le, '111
tin Wednesday evening Kpbruliu
. .. . .
Unfiling through lite is ull right.
but thinking twice before you sturt
will save you a world of Jolts.