The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, June 22, 1916, Image 8

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f (From Monday' Uoporter)
Tho past week has boon a Tory
kaary one In point of rccclpta, Um
heaviest In fuel for l In- year. Ovof
1100 worn received, tho bullc (if
Which IW fairly good quality Cali
fornia native) Evan with a MM M Ml
hammering of prt( N lb) BOyOfO, oouth
rn shipper found thll market niurli
bailor tliiin at southern BOlOtf I lie
loss wax from II to II cuts in UM
California rlnx. dWrtBI t li week
Today's market m very Blow in
Retting started There were a n n ii i
lr of InmW o( elm ' stuff on tlM
iiimir.-; I!:;!!: ff itOff of In
ferior Yf40l ami I ii i
In hlddtiiK for them Am n NOfll
prices on thll BlOOt gfBN lower, A
food run for today, over 100(1 being
received RoOBtptl of cattle HiIb
month to d.i'e total ITtl BfBtfol
for the mime time hint year, or a gain
Of 1305 bend
A few loads of choice Washington
ttteers realired $S for the molt
tmrt GfltfOfOlB grassers wild at
$7.86 to R 00 for the best Price oi,
I.. crude of MM fully ' id)
with in r laHt week. Tin hulk
of steer off tIiihs were ver ordinary
and buyers forced price down on
this class
The bulk of MM Hold v. .Ieiila
at 16 50 to 17.00, a week ago at 18.00
to 11.11, a month ago at x II
10 00, a year ago at $0 50 to 1 19,
tn yearn ago at $7.10 to $7 If, tOJOt
years ago at $7.7'. to l It, four
years ago at $6 85 to $7.35.
A number of good cows sold at
$7 00 (kit morning Several loads also
real I led $0.85. The balance mild
mostly on a range of from $4.00 to
$8 50. A of heifer got III
at 7c
The bulk of cows sold yestenl.ii lit
$5 86 to Jt; 00. a week ago at
to $7.60, a month ago lit $7 00 to
$7 60. a year ago at $6 76 to l
two yeara ago at $6.60 to $7.00. three
year ago at $0 00 to $U 76, four
yeara ago at $5 76 to $6 00.
A falr-slie run of good quality hogs
here for Friday's market sold on an
even basis with the f rut of week
The bulk of th hogs sold at f.ll
which was ulso the Iff The week
Closed with a iniple of nil el nil
leys" on the market.
II pl . In I week wen- I ,
again t . I I a week aim alnl I1
: afo Uecelpts show an increase
tot Hie month, and
1, i . tear at ti.e I
in. about :7iln head
IM) iner
.: . , ll .ila.Ut
light hog, s.ihl up
to s l lln'k of Miles were aloUIld
I '
. market r. (...lied I
break In bo " " '" ' I
OMtf undi r II. ' fflOOBO I i.ilher
i... .i
The huli. ul lions sold
jv lo $s in
he i,
ten! "in tin-
If pall or th.-
. dry
I and in
fhlf n
II I u
i otlld
under IrtiuiU
.H n
f u . uu too
, opi i itlon v, i , O
TUeae arc tho iluya tOI "
the not v. ill he indu.stiiousiy panning
"Tim Americans hold mutton in
the utmost contempt, claiming that
OhO eat It belong to the fam-
II) Of wohe " So mrnte an Kngllsh
traveler BOOM ninety yurs ngo
I'.ut should our name CiikIIsIi friend
study the price sheets or visit the
great livestock markets of today he
would surely he eonvt d that a
ml htv change has taken place In the
BBpOtltM of tho American public
l-'or lb" formerly much despised
sheep's meat" la now bringing a
higher figure per iiouiul than any
other Market quotations of Hie
past few months show lamb and mut
ton selling for considerably more limn
heir, while hogs are left far In the
rear Minors, feeders, breeders and
consumers nre paying more attcnt'on
io the mutton und lamb Industry, and
ii is at present Increasing In greater
volume than any ff the other
M IBCOOB of the livestock trade.
Strange as It may seem, practical!
ff mutton was consumed In this conn-
try a half century ago. The reasons
'for this particular state ff affairs are
ninny. In the first place, the rem
HfftOf enr was yet unheard of, and
.i mutton would not stand MM
t llko pork and beef, It could not
bo transported to the few markets
then In existence. It can he said
with conservatism that both the do
nnd export trades were de
manding bef and pork, consequent l
the meal p oduclng sections of our
country specialized In supplying these
two commodities, while mutton was
Ignored Furthermore, II kVOVOl
oped areas of th's country offered an
HOB t Iff good field for wool pro
din Hon Wool, with Its high value
per pound, small labor requirement
for production, together with tho ease
with which It could he transported,
made It an Ideal frontier crop. It
was very reasonable for the farmers
of the partially developed Mldde
to emphas'xe wool growing at
the expense of other tpyes of farming,
which were not so adaptable f the
eri.noinlc fOBdltlous of that time In
addition, the light, stringy carcasses
of the flne-wooled breeds did not pre
Kent a very tempting dish, and were
not conduslve to Increasing mutton
Whether Ihe niiiltim I BOOB I
H OOOMBd for mutton ff the fO
in. mil called the Down MfOdf tO our
is a matter of flfOjOftOXS
Hut, lievcrthokMB, Jut a tlM farm
ers on the high priced lands ot t .
Fast complained that they could no
li n "t th Ihelr brothers
on the We tern Ironller In BfOdOflBl
wool, the miitlon sheep CUiue to II ftf
. . lie
I'HIV VII tl'll l. Is MI I)
"Hf)TJ V . II lelhiw with the Idle
' Right tills wuy and ftH '" ' in tin blliig it railroad, fOVOtOf
Ing an Irrigation district . building a
power plant BflldtOfl a h : mlr. de
l elope a in i It i li K ilUH'Irt Tal
p'ck from these good things " I'.di
ii. BoooOi Drowff thu
'.'he abOT appeal comes fTOM OOO
ol the leiiiole lew tOWOi in tOO hind
. niplre ol lioiwf. I too " oot
I. .11 ..II (ill .1 II. Ill, e, .11.
I I.., I plrfl on the ff)
Of Ihe Pie , liale I '.: till 'npike of op
porttinlt hie and 111 n
KllitOl He. 04
(loiernor Wilhvi omhe
private capital he in
i iie.i to Oragrn aad ho trootod n 1)
Ol Ihe burdOOl of ell-
w h i
i (IMMOV s s, (H,, i; in,.
i rroni i , Volar)
(lur railroad probletu
problan to arorlt out, and our deal bj
,1 up in it We cull null fl
He it bj nlrl) "ith t;
,i,,l I i ie ul ting them with
e arofl coliliaually better
service, faster trams eer improiiim
aooommodatlons, and Mora
ThoOf laclhlle- rest luuliei and Ihe
public should be willing If ff) (Of
them RBllrOadl are compelled lo
ff) eiit coiistanily IffffBllBJ
tar tax ""' '"' of
erat Inn e.. i, . decreed b)
I'i.iui Ihe public charailer of Ihe trail
iporUtlOB industry, trains must he
run ohOthOf at loss ,,r at I profit,
loi IhO PUbllO lau-l lie arvod Too
railroad BOB BO rolCO in Ihe matter
The people through Ihir accredited
i. ut the Inlet -tale Commerce Com
and fort) lghl state couimis
rafUlOta UlO railroad charges
When we a-suii.e to rOfUlfl
ii. w hich ineans f invu h to us
: , i, hie. our COBlrol
r. cousiriiclive and
Americanism" is a good slogan.
nui .iueriuauiiii run umu.u.,,
Km" lg the boat one ot all.
Fayette has all arrangements com
pleted for the Chautauqua to be held
there for the next week.
Following Is the program for the
different days:
('. A. Itexroad Superintendent
and mnrnlne lecturer. Lecture sub
jects: I The True Courage
2. Some Problems of I'enology.
3. America's Preacher-Novelist.
4. Love, a Cosmic Force.
I'rncrnm begins premptly:
Children's hour, 9:00 a. in., af
ternoon concert, !0 p ni . evening
concornt, 7:30 p. m.; morning hour
lecture, 10: 9 I B.j ftrnnnn m-
lur", a 01) p m ; evening lecture.
8.15 p. m. Morning admission 25c,
children 1 5c
Friday, June 1M.
Kvening Opening exercises and
1. Scenes from Shakespeare.
II "Carson of the North Woods'
Cotnus Flayers.
Admission 60c.
Saturday, June 94.
Morning Junior chnutauqua
King Arthur's Court.
Lecture C. A. Itexroad.
Afternoon Concert Interna
tional operatic company
l.ei I lire Judge II M 'anauuik
Admission 60c.
Evening Orand concert Inter
national operatic company.
Admission 50c.
Sunday, June SLY
Morning I'suul servloaa at all
Afternoon - Artist's recital Bkl-binsky-Welch
I .-. lure "The World on Kit.''
(subject suggested by President Wll
son i Benjamin Fay Mills
Admission 60c.
Vespers All Invited.
Evening Sacred concert Sklbln
sky Welch company
Lecture "lake the Sunny Side"
Lou lleaurhamp
Admisaoln 50c
Monday, June Ji.
"Music Day"
Morning - Junior Chautauqua -
King Arthur's Court
lecture c A. Itexroad.
Uterinum Popular concert New
York City Murine Hand
Admission Iff,
a i ;t and concert New
V.trL fife MiipIi.i. I. .-nut ns.lstf'.l III
DOBOld BOOOhlOr, letior soloist.
Admlsslun T
Tuesday . June U7.
Morning Junior Chautauqua
King Arthur's Court
l ..... Radiol I'rancls Lebadie
Afternoon Heading and Imper
sonations I'rancls l.abad e
Lnlertaiumeiit lllner Sisters.
Admission 100
Ifjj Lntei i.ilnment - lllner
Moling ; i.f the Mawson
nt.u. in . xpe.liiu.n. hr W A llutl
slierger, lecturer In charge
Adi DC.
M ..Ines.lrty, June a.
KOrBlajJ Junior I haulauqua
' ourt.
I:. i.
I el.iel I fOQOOM
I . .lure ' Ihe New ( ii n Spirit"
ulai eooooii la
: l.imr
id. in lotorna i i iiu
lay. .line
a Pa
, . u if
Wood llriggs.
.low Dips," i.
Admission 35c.
in; CloalBl conceit 'Ihe
Kaffir hoy choir.
Admission 1
l.lllll. PI Ml HUM I OK N
II. .
I ne grill In your eieans. .1 e a lit-
lle money, ac,iui'e a lilt!.' pi.ip.rty.
1 your childen to not be
ashamed U) nork at uuy honest labor
und shun idleness.
Avoid If possible, having them grow
up wiih the idea of getting soft jobs
from the public
PfOOOn plain food at home instead
of buying high priced canned stuff
and delicate , n upp
h the girls to make tlieir own
i. .llhes. trim Ihelr own hats and keep
accounts of thai' i'i.
Let the faniil I industries
and ctiltiiate harmless and iBtiptf
-l III II: ellH l
The V M C . Minneapolis, Minn.,
in in Just eight
lais . BOWOOOff, would be quite
lattsttod If BTB could rolM one-tenth
of that aniouut from our delinquent
subscribers in eight years.
Newspapers are very generous In
taking up the cause of organized lab
or under all circumstances. Hut not
often Is any attention given to the
Interests of unorganized labor.
I). W. Campbell, assistant general
manager of the Southern Pacific sys
tem, puts In a good word for the 8 2
per cent of all railroads who aro not
organ'zed Into unions
Cor every five men employed on
trains, there aro 25 other men at work
for the 8. P. Co., and to arbitrarily
Increase thn wages of tho five by 25
"lit Is unjust.
The managers of tho railroad com
pany are Justified in trying lo prevent
an unfair and arbitrary Jump of
wages for the stnnll por cent that op
erate trains over the heads of the un
organ zed laborers
The trackwalker, the section man,
Ihf car r.vcrpr, tho Wgifl wiper and
lie hovler are beginning to nttrnc.t
some attention and a great deal ff
sympathy when It is proposed to ad
vance the already favored class
The Dig Four Brotherhoods with
1 n per cent of the workers In their
ranks already get 28 per cent of the
lotnl payroll How much more do
they want and how will It affect the
ranks of unorgnnlred workers''
Next Sunday. June 25th. at 1 1 a
m , will he the day for the dedication
of our church building Tho other
churches ff the city will take part in
this service (ireetings will be given.
In behalf of the city. Mayor W f
I Ionian. In behalf of tho Commercial
luh, lion W W Woed: In behalf of
the churche s, Itev. C ('. Pratt: the
church In the community, Judge Dal
inti lllggs ev llrown will read the
.Scriptures Kov. Koen'g will offer
the prayer. Itev. O. C Wright of
Portland will deliver the address
Then will follow the report of the
building committee and the dedica
tory prayer by the pastor lilnuer
will he served by tho ladles and every
body Is expected to bring well filled
baskets and all have a good time to
gether. Kvening service at 8 o'clock. Topic
"The Condition of the World When
Jesus Returns " A good program of
song has been prepared for both ser
vices and the public Is Invited to come
and worship with us.
I) K Pastor
On account of uniting In the dedi
cation service at the lliipllst church
we will not have preaching at 1 1 u
m. All other services at the usual
W BJ, MOWN, Pastor.
Episcopal services w'll be held In
MaBonlc hall next Sunday at 10:45 a.
m. by the general missionary. Roi '
II Powell KverylMidy welcome
This section of the country lias been
favored by a splendid rain for the
past two days and thiv dry farmers
are feeling i-ri much encouraged
Emory Cole, deputy comity assess
or is visiting the taxpayers this week
Mr und Mrs Chus endt of
purl attended the daio . Ci Ulu)
el . ning.
Mr Waller Wentnorlh and son.
i .ii ' ii . are (siting
rolatl . tor loo do) ii bo hi to
about thirteen '.mi si .11 1 W . lit-
worth's last i cit In re
Carrol l.o.ei w.. . luronti Irom his
IB m .i. i. Sal urday
His iujii' ' iv paint ul but
I 111 .1 I. id ' Ol '
the guest of M ss Oerlrude Morfitl
over 8u
Winn Of '. Bit)
Irn-nds lor a c
.1.1 nice in the
:i hall Friday given hi
1 lean, n ItU li as well at
tended und a . iv en Joy able time was
had hi all
Miss Mabel llortou, of J.u
came up f uttend the dance l'r.duy
uiening, remaining over for lh ball
fJfOMB Sunday
The Malheur ball team played II
double game on the home grounds
Sunday playing Ironside in the morn
ing, and in the ufter,nooii played the
Huntington nine, with u wining score
Of four to three in f.iior of Malheur
There was a large und enthusiastic
crowd III attendance Malheur feels
very much elated ffff winning both
John Woodcock had the arch of his
foot broken while playing ball Sun
dai Mrs. Alice Morfltt returned home
from Lit Claude Sunday
Dewey l'urcoll returned to Ilia BOOM
ill Ontario Sunday
Mi 1 "1 nil. who Is located about
four miles west of town, was taken
very seriously ill and was taken to
the hospital in Uaker. Lust reports
she was in a very critical condition.
christian charity, however, can be
practiced anywhere except in a poli
tical campaign.
$3, $3.50, $5
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Hand Tailored Suits
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